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Saviqpstolowski, the "search" part from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/Unity8%20-%20Manage%20Dash can go away now, right?08:21
pstolowskiSaviq, right, I forgot to update08:21
Saviqpstolowski, nw08:22
tsdgeospstolowski: can you update the silo with my new branch? it has merges from trunk09:01
pstolowskitsdgeos, sure09:03
Saviqgreyback, I kinda hijacked your qtmir branches for cmake, might wanna look through the latest changes09:27
Saviqgreyback, also adding cmake-extras to the silo09:27
greybackSaviq: so I've observed09:27
Saviqgreyback, seems -gles was really behind on debian/control changes, too...09:28
Saviqwe need to do a better job there09:28
* tsdgeos does evil eyes to unity-scopes- click for not using -j10 even if told to09:32
tsdgeosSaviq: Cimi: who is reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/moreAsyncDash/+merge/241524 ?09:33
greybackSaviq: your OCD in debian/control showing :)09:33
Saviqgreyback, wrap-and-sort -at09:33
Saviqgreyback, but yeah, there's some of that09:33
* greyback learns new command09:34
Saviqgreyback, unfortunately it breaks comments09:34
Saviqgreyback, so some manual love is needed afterwards09:34
Saviqbut once it's done it's easy to keep sorted09:34
Cimitsdgeos, I can09:34
tsdgeosCimi: cool :)09:35
Saviqtsdgeos, see you found a scapegoat09:39
tsdgeospstolowski: there?09:40
Cimigreyback, found an issue with shell rotation09:41
pstolowskitsdgeos, yes09:41
greybackCimi: go on09:41
Cimigreyback, open gallery that is a fullscreen app09:41
Cimigreyback, power button to lock screen09:41
Cimigreyback, power to wake09:42
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Cimigreyback, unlock09:42
tsdgeospstolowski: i've tested that branch you gave me yesterday09:42
Saviqgreyback, ok all that looks promising09:42
Cimisee a slow animation from greeter to gallery fullscreen09:42
tsdgeosand yes, if dash is in "utilities" and i go to the store, it ends in in "all" not in "utilities"09:42
tsdgeosbut that's what scope.currentNavigationId is saying09:42
greybackCimi: please add to our bug-tracking spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheets/d/140Icn5zcZwMvg1SONrwRKXYip-Pie7jtbEARpWwgxfw/edit#gid=009:43
tsdgeospstolowski: maybe scopes-shell needs changing? or the scope? how do i debug what the scope think it's returning as current navigation id?09:43
greybackSaviq: thanks for the help there.09:45
pstolowskitsdgeos, the scope get current nav id with search request (and you can tell it's ok looking at the search results). i think what's important is what shell thinks is the current nav id. I think you can get it via a property of Scope09:45
Saviqgreyback, pleasure09:46
tsdgeospstolowski: that's exactly what i am sayiing09:46
tsdgeospstolowski: that property says it's all09:46
pstolowskitsdgeos, ah sorry, missed one sentence09:46
pstolowskitsdgeos, hmm, maybe plugin has a bug then09:47
pstolowskitsdgeos, ok, i'll debug the plugin and see09:47
pstolowskitsdgeos, thanks for looking at it09:47
tsdgeosno worries :) tell me if you need me to have a look at it again or something09:48
Cimitsdgeos, added a comment09:51
Cimigreyback, added bug09:51
greybackCimi: thanks09:55
tsdgeosCimi: answered09:55
greybackCimi: that's on phone, right?09:55
Cimigreyback, mako09:56
greybackCimi: we have that bug on trunk right now actually09:56
Cimitsdgeos, if cacheBuffer is int, shouldn't setCacheBuffer accept int and not qreal?10:09
tsdgeosCimi: that sounds sensible10:10
tsdgeoslet me fix it10:10
Cimitsdgeos, also, when we add a negative cacheBuffer, shall we set 0 or not? what qt does when properties are set wrongly?10:12
tsdgeosthe same10:12
tsdgeos./qquickitemview.cpp:458:        qmlInfo(this) << "Cannot set a negative cache buffer";10:12
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pstolowskitsdgeos, i'm getting plenty of "QGridLayoutEngine::addItem: Cell (0, 0) already taken" messages in unity8-dash.log; known?10:43
Cimigreyback, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/139877010:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398770 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Transition greeter to fullscreen app is slow (and maybe a little broken)" [Undecided,New]10:43
tsdgeospstolowski: yeah, i've seen them too, don't seem to cause problems tbh10:45
tsdgeosbut may be worth investigating more10:45
greybackCimi: thank, but I marked as duplicate of bug 139877010:46
ubot5bug 1396244 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1398770 Unlocking the phone over fullscreen app is very slow" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139624410:46
pstolowskitsdgeos, ack10:46
tsdgeospstolowski: i'll make a note here to investigate it10:46
pstolowskitsdgeos, k, thanks10:48
Saviqgreyback, hmm I broke -gles somehow11:03
Saviqcan't get the build deps resolved11:04
* greyback looks11:04
tsdgeosCimi: ok, pushed11:06
Saviqgreyback, ok it's the libqt5gui5-gles dep11:07
greybackyou removed it?11:07
Saviqgreyback, yeah, and I tried that first11:07
Saviqgreyback, but somehow sbuild still couldn't resolve ¿?11:07
Saviqbut apt-get build-dep did11:07
Saviqgreyback, the test dep seems not needed though11:09
Saviqno wait, checking again11:09
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Saviqok that's not good, apt-get seems to resolve everything fine, but not sbuild11:11
greybackSaviq: doesn't sbuild use an apt-based resolver to determine dependencies (by default)?11:17
Saviqgreyback, yeah, but not build-dep, but a dummy package (what mk-build-deps does)11:17
Saviqgreyback, hmm, TBH I might've broken something locally, can't get it to work on trunk either...11:19
Saviq*or* something broke with qt11:20
* Saviq adds the dep blindly11:21
mzanettitsdgeos: I don't think this conflicts, if you merge it with the prereq, not with trunk: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/buttons-in-panel/+merge/24264411:56
mzanettianyways... merge it neverthelles11:57
mzanettiok. let's try again:11:58
mzanettianyways... merged it nevertheless11:58
pstolowskitsdgeos, i've found the issue with current department id in shell plugin which could be reset to default depending on timing (we had a race); i've a fix, with it looks correct now, but i don't see any siblings (my modified scope now reports all departments all the time now)12:03
pstolowskitsdgeos, so it can be now another issue with navigation models in the plugin (i'm not familiar too much with that yet), or uniyt812:04
Cimitsdgeos, when you calculate displayMarginBeginning and End, you use a lot of - signs12:09
Cimitsdgeos, looks like it can be simplified12:09
Cimimmm maybe not because they are min and max...12:10
CimiI got the logic after12:11
Saviqgreyback, ok yeah, libqt5gui5-gles and libqt5quicktest5 are indeed required, it's building in the PPA now12:19
Saviqgreyback, don't ask me why it didn't work in my sbuild :/12:20
greybackSaviq: ok good. /me was also fighting with my sbuild12:20
Saviqand would be nice if we understood why those are needed, and maybe get rid of them (or at least comment)12:20
SaviqMirv, hey, if you look at the build failures in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-001/+sourcepub/4600234/+listing-archive-extra12:21
SaviqMirv, I had to add libqt5gui5-gles and libqt5quicktest5 to B-Ds for the builder to resolve deps12:21
SaviqMirv, any idea why's that and what could we do about it (or do we just wait for runtime GL detection instead?)12:22
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MirvSaviq: hmm, no, I don't know why it would change in any way from what it used to be in the past. but it would look like to me the previous landing also already had them both? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/191126103/qtmir-gles_0.4.4%2B15.04.20141124-0ubuntu1.diff.gz12:47
SaviqMirv, oh yeah, it was like that for a while12:48
SaviqMirv, I was just doing some clean up12:48
Saviqand was wondering if we know where this comes from12:48
MirvSaviq: r_salveti understands the gles packages best. my simple guess is that the "or" dependencies cause the need to specify some -gles package separately even when compiling against qtbase5-gles-dev. for example UI Toolkit depends on qt5-qmake-gles, qt5-qmake-gles, qtbase5-private-gles-dev and libqt5quick5-gles12:54
Mirvand that has been since the first gles version of that https://launchpadlibrarian.net/175113669/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles_0.1.46%2B14.10.20140502.6-0ubuntu2.diff.gz12:54
MirvSaviq: maybe if you depended on qt5-qmake-gles, qt5-qmake-gles, qtbase5-private-gles-dev, you wouldn't need the libqt5gui5-gles12:55
Mirvbut that isn't any cleaner12:55
SaviqMirv, yeah12:55
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tsdgeosmzanetti: i think the issue was that the prereq didn't merge, and thus all the dependents didn't either13:59
tsdgeosmzanetti: failing qmluitests in https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/wallpaper/+merge/242461 ?14:00
kgunnbug 136782214:30
ubot5bug 1367822 in Ubuntu UX "[Scopes] Process required to pin a shortcut to the launcher does not fit users mental model" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136782214:30
mterryCimi, the wizard is basically ready to go in a silo -- you can test it if you like, vivid silo 3 -- just needs an approve on the tests branch14:35
mzanettitsdgeos: there isn't much chance that its related to that branch though14:37
tsdgeosmzanetti: no?14:38
tsdgeosmzanetti: seems the only branch with this failure i could find14:38
mzanettitsdgeos: doesn't touch neither that code, nor that test14:38
tsdgeoslet me see if i can repro14:39
mzanettitsdgeos: I had fixed some flakyness of that test yesterday in another branch though14:39
mzanettilet me see if it got merged yet14:40
mzanettiyeah, it's merged14:40
mzanettiwith the reversible-spread branch... exactly this was failing too14:40
mzanettiactually its a bit different14:42
mzanettiyesterday it was failing in <position1, now it's failing in >position314:42
mzanettiwill dig into it, but I'm sure it's not related to that wallpaper branch14:42
balloonsmzanetti, I noticed the desktop-next iso allows you to install from the store without issue. And in general it's a bit different than the unity8 vm setup . .  Any idea why this is? I assume there is an RTM branch of unity8 as well as a vivid branch (perhaps more), but I would expect the image and installed versions to line up15:40
mzanettiballoons: I think it's related to some packagekit plugin/config which differs on a standard desktop15:41
mzanettibut I'm not exactly sure what it is15:42
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balloonshmm... I'll try the latest lxc version as well. Might be a bit confusing to folks. I'm anxiously waiting for your desktop-stage branch to land15:45
mzanettihah! I love to see one high-dpi fix coming in after another :D15:51
mzanettias of today my screensaver is full screen again :D15:51
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mterryCimi, I made vivid silo 3 with all the wizard stuff, if you want to test again.  Just needs the tests branch to be approved and we can land16:18
Cimimterry, yup, saw16:19
mterryCimi, ok I thought I sent that earlier, but couldn't find it in my scrollback16:19
Cimimterry, you did yup16:19
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mterrymy damn internet connection has been crazy today, thought IRC ate it16:19
Cimimterry, was having lunch then we had standup16:19
Cimimterry, so I didn't reply16:20
Cimimterry, but I was already having a look earleir to the code16:20
mzanettiballoons: the branches are approved by now16:51
mzanettiballoons: so unless I messed up and broke something that'll be caught in the silo review, they should go in with the next batch16:51
balloonsmzanetti, excellent. That will be a big boost to using it on the desktop. I'm sitting on a post waiting for it16:52
mzanettiI hope that post says that it's not finished yet, but rather a start of a long process16:53
balloonsbasically yes. I want to push people to using it on the desktop. I'd like to personally run it as a daily driver this cycle and convince some others to do the same. No pressure :-)16:54
balloonsfor now, it's just testing16:54
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Cimimterry, still one test to fix17:10
mterrycimi, uh oh which one?17:11
Cimimterry, test_locationHereTerms17:11
Cimimterry, could be for the " " check?17:11
mterrycimi, I don't get that failure.  is that local or in jenkins?17:13
Cimimterry, jenkins17:14
mterrycimi, ah!  I only noticed the PhoneStage::test_enterSpread  failure17:14
mterrycimi, yeah I see it now17:15
mterrycimi, am looking, thanks.  duh17:15
mterrycimi, I bet it's because assigning 1i8n.language = "fr" doesn't do what I want if the french locale isn't setup17:15
mterryoh actually, it's because Ubuntu.Web isn't installed17:18
mterrycimi, done17:23
Cimimterry, let's wait jenkins then we can approve17:23
mterrycimi, yeah definitely, it's catching dep stuff that I wouldn't notice  :)17:23
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* mterry goes afk for a bit18:13
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mterryCimi, looks like wizard tests passed, yay!  (I was worried there would be some other dep needed)19:01
Cimimterry, i'll approve soon19:07
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veebersSaviq: What do you know about the edge demo? I have some queries, mainly can I start it with testability :-)22:49
Saviqveebers, not really, it's being redesigned, so will get a rework22:50
Saviqveebers, mterry knows best22:50
veebersSaviq: ok cool, so that's both first boot wizard and the edges demo that's getting reworked? (I'll ping mterry too)22:51
Saviqveebers, to some extent, yes, wizard is being moved into the unity8 tree right now22:51
veebersSaviq: ok, one more question :-) Any idea of when the rework for the edges demo will be complete/usable22:52
Saviqveebers, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/wizard-import/+merge/242245 and https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/wizard-plugin/+merge/241912 and https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/wizard-tests/+merge/24252522:52
Saviqveebers, there's no final design yet, so dunno22:52
veebersSaviq: cool, thanks for the info22:52
Saviqveebers, if you want to have a look, here's the design docs, but WiP still https://sites.google.com/a/canonical.com/apps-and-platform-team/3-platform/6-greeter22:53
veebersSaviq: fyi, we're looking at automating some of the sanity tests. I'm keen to get something for the demo, even if it's getting changed in the future.22:56
Saviqveebers, I understand, just saying don't spend much time on getting them Right™, clean and everything22:56
Saviqveebers, for now dirty is good enough22:57
veebersSaviq: heh, ack :-)22:58

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