cmaloney_stink_: Other than WOW?01:02
cmaloneyBecause I'm happy with them01:03
_stink_cmaloney: yeah, i was thinking of adding it onto my existing access through at&t01:06
_stink_keeping the POTS line because my wife 'wants' it (inexplicably)01:06
cmaloneyYeah, I know01:07
_stink_but then getting a voip line, putting asterisk on my home POTS line, and using the voip outbound to bounce out through, say to my cell01:07
_stink_i presume with WOW it's 'residential phon'e but technially voip?01:07
cmaloneyBasically it's part of the cablemodem01:09
_stink_well i guess AT&T uverse is doing that too?01:09
_stink_thos lines are kind of blurred.01:09
cmaloneyI'd think so01:10
cmaloneyIIRC they're looking to get rid of copper to the house as much as they can01:10
cmaloneysince it's all VOIP anyway.01:10
_stink_and fiber doesn't sell by the pound for scrap :P01:11
rick_h__stink_: took me years to get rid of that01:26
rick_h_went to voip for a while, but then cancelled it and it was nearly 1yr before she asked about it01:26
_stink_so you just have cell phones now, rick_h_?01:28
rick_h__stink_: yea01:29
rick_h_finally convinved her that she used it twice in a 6mo period and got her to go all cell a few years ago01:29
rick_h_I used broadvoice for the VOIP stuff for that year01:29
_stink_was broadvoice ok?01:30
_stink_maybe you didn't actually use it that much.01:30
rick_h_yea, used it a few times.01:30
rick_h_it was ok, but kind of a pita. Had to put it outside he router and such.01:31
rick_h_and then get normal phones, did a wireless phone setup but then never used it so just ended up throwing it all out01:31
rick_h_no one wants the stuff01:31
cmaloneyFunny that, I have a wireless phone system in the house01:32
cmaloneyBut yeah, if I trusted our cell service better I might switch over completely to cell01:33
cmaloneyand just get one of those cell converters for the home phone ysstem01:33
rick_h_it's why erica is on verizon. best coverage and such for her calls01:33
cmaloneysince it is nice to have land-line phones in the house.01:33
rick_h_we hated it, she always made calls from her cell since it's always with her.01:33
rick_h_going and getting/finding the house phone was more work, dealing with finding phone numbers, syncing them, she'd use her phone to google maps a place and then call straight from phone01:34
_stink_Erin's mostly worried about emergency calling by the kids01:34
rick_h_using a house phone just doesn't seem to fit most stuff01:34
cmaloneyYeah, I'd have to convince JoDee that her dad can call her cell01:34
cmaloneyor whatever number we'd get from Ting01:34
rick_h__stink_: what's that with your house having the land line though? Your kids would be home and call you?01:34
cmaloneyor I can pay $30 extra a month on the INternet bill01:35
cmaloneywhich is not that bad. :)01:35
_stink_rick_h_: yeah when they're older but not having a cell phone... more acutely she dreams of a scenario where they are home with one parent and that parent gets injured01:35
_stink_and kid can't call 91101:35
cmaloneyThat scares the crap out of JoDee01:35
cmaloneythe whole 911 scenario01:36
_stink_yeah, adn that 911 via cell is bad.01:36
_stink_so she says.01:36
rick_h_huh? the 911 thing works and they can even get geo data I thought now01:36
_stink_i don't know either way.01:36
cmaloneyI think 10 years ago it was awful01:36
rick_h_heh, "text daddy from your leapfrog that I've fallen and I can't get up!"01:36
_stink_these beliefs are not necessarily based in fact.01:36
cmaloneybut since the cell numbers have been rising theygot their shit together01:37
rick_h__stink_: you have neighbors too right, that the kids know?01:37
_stink_oh yes.01:37
_stink_just my thought.01:37
cmaloney"I'll get help Daddy but first I have to watch this ad on Skype"01:37
cmaloney(blew my mind that Skype on Windows has ads now)01:38
_stink_maybe at&t made an ad buy on skype01:38
cmaloneyNah, it was American Express / Juicy Fruit gum01:38
cmaloneynot terribly intrusuve (eg: Your call brought to you by gum)01:39
cmaloneyBut still annoying01:39
_stink_looks like broadvoice sends you hardware.  i was really hoping for a more barebones provider01:39
_stink_that is cheaper and assumes you bring your own SIP client01:39
cmaloney_stink_: You'll have to roll your own01:39
rick_h_http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20140707/NEWS08/140709882/four-in-10-u-s-homes-are-cell-phone-only intresting I'd have thought it was higher01:39
cmaloneyrick_h_: 50+ haven't converted yet01:40
rick_h_not that it's not converted, but haven't given up the land line01:40
cmaloneymy mom is determined that Obama isn't taking her (shitty) land line01:40
cmaloneyShe's scared that if my dad moves from DSL that it'll fuck things up so they'll be (insert inexplicable scenario where they'll get worse service than they do now)01:41
rick_h_equire wireless service providers to provide more precise location information to PSAPs; specifically, the latitude and longitude of the caller. This information must be accurate to within 50 to 300 meters depending upon the type of location technology used.01:41
cmaloneywhich is why some VOIP folks say "don't use this for 911"01:42
cmaloneyeg: Skype, Hangouts01:42
cmaloneyNot sure if they'll go so far as to not complete the call though01:42
cmaloney"My phone says GPS. What does that mean? Can other people or government agencies see where I'm located?"01:44
cmaloneyWe plan to support Wi-Fi voice calling in the future. For now, if you use a third party s downloaded app for Wi-Fi Calling it may not allow 911 calls, or may require you to register a street address to route the 911 call and provide the emergency call taker with your location. You ll need to review a third party s policies to determine whether or how it provides 911 dialing and E911 service.01:45
cmaloney(was for 911 over wifi)01:45
cmaloneyYeah, they've made some strides to get 911 working well01:46
brousch__stink_: Get your kid a cell phone!13:29
_stink_here, son, your own phone. oh and let me show you yik yak13:33
brousch_Everyone has hangouts13:59
cmaloneyHangouts are not a substitute for the phone14:57
cmaloneyespecially for less-technically-inclined relatives.14:57
ColonelPanic001silence is a great substitute for the phone15:18
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Well, obviously15:26
cmaloneyor typing on IRC.15:27
cmaloneyToo bad emergency services don't understand how to use IRC.15:27
ColonelPanic001./j #91115:27
_stink_#911 ... do you think all the dispatchers just idle with screen detached?16:25
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akellingEveryone know java sucks16:42
cmaloneyWell I love that the article doesn't offer too many solutions for removing the suck.16:43
cmaloneyBasically "adopt this other framework that doesn't suck as much"16:44
jrwrenrelated: http://yakovfain.com/2013/02/08/java-is-better-than-javascript/16:47
jrwrenand remember, that is proven fact, "Until now. Though." https://medium.com/cool-code-pal/how-node-js-is-going-to-replace-javascript-cf72b588b1b16:47
jrwrenoh man, I just totally wrote off that post, now i notice its by James Ward. OOPS.16:48

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