belkinsaskellat, we have mod requests on the lists.ubuntu.com mailing-list.  What is the password?10:30
belkinsa(to our mailing-list)10:30
skellatbelkinsa: I was trying to get rt@ubuntu.com to get that reset but there has been no movement on the ticket thus far19:57
belkinsaI know, but I think it's reset but without a new password.20:15
skellatbelkinsa: If you want to follow up on [rt.ubuntu.com #25831] over in #canonical-sysadmin that would be great20:48
skellatbelkinsa: I got the mailing list fixed, I will write to the three of you with the list password later today21:17
skellatlistadmin is a wonderful tool21:17
Unit193jrgifford: Howdy-o.21:19
jrgiffordNOT DEAD YET21:19
jrgiffordFEELING BETTER NOW21:19
jrgiffordand just got spammed by mailman21:27
skellatThe mailman spammage may not be done yet21:32
skellatAnd...I think we've got that fixed now21:42
belkinsaYeah, no requests.  Are we moving the LP mailing-list to mailingman or is that for us, the admins?22:12
skellatbelkinsa: I don't know22:46
skellatRight now, we can think about it22:46
skellatThe mailman list does have some advantages (no membership in ~ubuntu-us-ohio on LP required)22:46
skellatAnd wxl has talked about how to square using such with still using LP as your primary background provider for things22:47
skellatIt is an open issue for consideration22:47

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