Kilosmorning all04:17
Kiloshi Tonberry_ 05:04
bdukMorning everyone05:26
Kiloshi bduk 05:31
bdukGoed en self Kilos 05:37
Kilosggoed dankie05:38
bdukWag nou net vir die verlof sodat ek die tuin roete kan gaan doen05:38
Kiloslekker, maar dis ver jong05:42
bdukNeewat nie so ver nie ek doen hom mos elke jaar05:42
Kilos1600 ks05:43
bdukNeeman nie daai een nie ek praat van die een om die huis05:44
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:20
ThatGraemeGuymorning Kilos, everyone06:23
Kiloshi Squirm 07:35
magespawngood morning07:40
Kilosmorning magespawn 07:42
Kiloshi SmilyBorg wb08:11
Kiloshows things with you?08:11
SmilyBorgHi there08:11
SmilyBorgDoing ok. Settling into Cape Town 08:11
SmilyBorgCrazy work hours though08:12
SmilyBorgYou? 08:12
Kilosim good ty08:12
Kiloshi blazehen 08:47
blazehenhi Kilos 08:48
Kiloshi jrgns 09:00
jrgnsMorning Kilos09:00
jrgnsMorning all :)09:01
Kilosthat all oke never greets sigh09:10
Kiloshi charl 09:20
charlhi Kilos 09:20
charlMaaz: coffee on09:20
* Maaz flips the salt-timer09:20
charlhow are you doing Kilos 09:20
SquirmKilos: the all oke?09:20
charlhi Squirm 09:20
Kilos the oke called all09:20
KilosMaaz: coffee please09:21
MaazKilos: Sure09:21
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allhi jrgns 09:21
charlall your base09:21
=== all is now known as theblazehen
Kiloshi all09:21
charlall your blaze09:21
=== theblazehen is now known as theblaze
theblazehi charl 09:21
charlall your blaze are belong to us09:22
theblazeI needed that laugh09:22
Kilossee   all never greets09:22
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allhi Kilos 09:22
=== all is now known as theblzhe
Kiloshi all ty for that09:22
Kiloseek you messed your nick up there09:23
theblzhehi magespawn 09:24
magespawnhi theblzhe 09:24
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!09:24
KilosMaaz: dankie man09:24
MaazGroot plesier my vriend09:24
charlMaaz: danke09:26
charlbeen busy playing with docker yesterday09:29
charlam very impressed09:30
theblzhecharl, great!09:30
charli see great potential in automating operations09:30
theblzheFrom what I can tell docker is for more permenant "VMs" than vagrant, and uses containers, correct?09:30
charlgreat for software developers, deployments become a dream09:30
charltheblzhe: i think it's a mistake to try and compare docker to VMs, that's often made09:31
charldocker is a real container system and simply encaptulates an applicatoin and all its dependencies in a sandbox09:31
theblzheWell it's for application containerisation, right?09:32
charlso from a developer standpoint it has major benefits09:32
charlfrom an operations perspective too because you can simply move containers around between servers as needed09:34
charland even service discovery is taken care of09:34
charli don't know how flexible it really is yet, i think it's too new09:34
charlbut i like where this is going09:34
theblzheno downtime? like vMotion?09:34
theblzheheard of what CoreOS released yesterday IIRC?09:34
charlyes rocket09:34
charli was just looking at it09:35
theblzheworth me having a look at?09:35
charlwell worth everyone who developers applications or runs servers looking at imho09:35
charldocker is new, rocket is still *very* new09:35
charldocker has a lot of traction and VMware is now also busy with it09:36
charlit might have limitations but those will get solved in coming years09:36
charlespecially if heavyweights like vmware are throwing themselves into it09:36
charlrocket is unlikely to get that much traction anytime soon but hey09:36
charlit's impossible to know the future :)09:37
theblzheooh, hopefully we get some vmware integration. Set up ESXi yesterday09:40
theblzhe60 day trial FTW09:40
charlvsphere is ok but have you taken a look at the new xen stuff09:40
theblzheThought that was all CLI based?09:41
charlopen source xen, not that citrix crap09:41
theblzhehttp://www.xenserver.org/ ?09:41
charlyes it has a very nice gui console too09:42
theblzhewindows only management from what I can tell?09:42
charlthat's the problem :(09:43
charlthat's an old xen legacy that i don't like09:43
theblzheyeah, with VMware with vSphere server, you get web console09:43
charlvmware has been very good in that regard09:44
theblzheJust hope their web interface is better than Proxmox VE..09:44
charli haven't tried their new web interface yet, only the desktop app (also windows)09:45
charlvsphere client does run on gnu/linux too though09:45
theblzhevSphere server download almost done here09:45
theblzheit does?!09:46
theblzhehttps://www.google.co.za/search?q=vshhere+client+linux&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=nts&gfe_rd=cr&ei=6Nt-VPnPJ8eDUMPxgpAF#rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=nts&q=vsphere+client+linux&spell=1 wine?09:46
charlthat's strange, i saw some screenshots of it running on gnu/linux09:47
charlone sec09:47
theblzhemaybe vEMan?09:48
charlsorry my bad, turns out it was a wine job09:48
charlthat's sad :(09:48
theblzheah, alright09:48
charlyeah then it isn't a clear advantage over xen unless you can run a web interface09:49
charlwb blazehen 09:49
blazehenI think hexchat just crashed...09:49
charlhave you tried xen orchestra ?09:51
charlpity that's a commercial product09:51
charlthere was another good interface i saw the other day.. let me try and find it09:51
charlah yes, ovirt09:52
blazehenah, wanted to try that..09:52
blazehenVM machine at home has a buggy bios however..09:52
charldoesn't look as polished as vsphere web client though :(09:52
blazehenMight be defficult to get it to boot09:53
blazehenAlso needs support for VMs on NFS..09:53
charli'm reading this blog post about rocket now and don't get a feel they have a strong case for throwing docker out09:58
charltheir real complaint seems to be that docker is getting too complex but that's ridiculous09:59
charlsecurity is a valid concern though09:59
SquirmWe're moving towards docker afaik11:14
Squirmstill new at all of this11:14
magespawnbbl cheers11:38
charlSquirm: same here :)11:57
Squirmsat in on an online course on ansible last night12:01
Squirmwas quite cool12:01
Squirmwas just a live presentation12:02
jrgnsI think I sat through the same one a couple of months back12:03
jrgnsit's quite kewl, much simpler than puppet / chef12:04
* blazehen looks at lack of jobs available without experience.. /me looks at strength of thing where light goes out of roof.. /me looks back at job list...15:40
blazehennot really :(15:42
Kilosits hard to get into places from the bottom up15:50
Kilosspeak to graeme tomorrow, maybe hetzner give jobs that include training15:50
charlgood evening18:04
charlhi Kilos 18:04
Kiloshi charl 18:05
Kilosblazehen: you looking for work for when18:05
Kilosin a years time?18:05
blazehenKilos, yeah18:06
blazehensorry, was eating18:06
blazehenhi charl 18:06
Kiloscheck if places like hetzner take peeps from bottom up18:07
Kilosthen you get paid while learning18:07
blazehenyeah, I'll look into that :) thanks18:08
blazehenJust been looking at the job sites now18:08
KilosSquirm: advice18:08
Kilosblazehen: you not studying forther first?18:09
Kilosstudying further is rather expensive these days methinks18:10
blazehenKilos, I'll see. I can do comp.sci, but marks not good enough for comp.eng :(18:11
Kilosoh my18:11
blazehenyeah.. 3% on 1 subject!18:11
Kilosouch what happened18:11
Kilosyou forgot study study study18:12
blazehenI did study :(18:12
Kilosthe wrong stuff looks like18:13
Kilosyou get that much for putting your name down'18:13
Kiloswhat happened18:13
blazehenactually 2%18:13
blazehenDunno. Final mark for that subject was 81%, but "promotion" mark 78%..18:14
blazehenDunno what that is18:14
Kilosoh you didnt only get 3%18:14
blazehenah, no, lol..18:15
Kiloswell, imo you should study further if you can18:16
blazehenyeah. Still doesn't get me any experience however.18:17
blazehenWonder if having a basic homelab counts at all?18:17
Kilosask graeme tomorrow18:17
blazehenHe away somewhere?18:18
Kiloshe doesnt come on at night normally. 18:18
blazehenhmm, charl what you think?18:19
blazehenah, kk18:19
Kilos3g is expensive18:19
Kilosinetpro: did you find your leak?18:19
Kilosoh blaze study for the lpi exam18:20
Kilosyou should breeze through that18:20
Kilosand its recognized world wide18:21
* blazehen is thinking RHCSA maybe,,18:21
Kilosthat too ya18:22
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:31
charlhi blazehen 18:33
blazehenlooks like I disconnected.. Did I miss anything?18:34
charlyeah i don't really know what to tell you18:35
charlyou always hear of the shortage in the job market18:35
charlbut then you get people who can hardly find work in ict18:35
charli don't always get how that works18:35
charlmy first job was a personal contact of my mom's18:35
charlafter that it just went flying18:36
charlfirst jobs are the worst to find18:36
charlthis is a common experience though18:36
blazehenhmm, ok :(18:36
charla large part of it is not technical or if you know how to do things18:36
charla large part of what companies are looking for in an individual is to see if they can fit in18:37
charlto work in a team etc18:37
blazehenThink I should start and go to LUG meets and stuff maybe?18:37
charlyou never know but that isn't guaranteed to deliver anything18:37
charlunless you happen to just meet the right person, which can always happen18:37
blazehenAt least I'll have some hope then.. lol18:38
charli don't think you should discount yourself too quickly18:38
charllook at internships, even companies like google has an internship programme18:38
blazehenhmm, yeah18:38
charlwork for 6 months at crappy pay but after that either get a real job at the same company18:38
charlor simply go work somewhere else18:38
charlremember also not to get put off by job postings18:39
charlthey want very detailed and specific knowlege18:39
charlbut when it comes down to it, if you only meet some of the requirements that's good enough18:39
blazehenalright, ty18:39
charlmost of the job postings look a lot worse than they really are, especially for general jobs18:39
charllike general sysadmin or developer gigs are reasonably flexible18:39
charlit's just when you need in-depth competency in very specific products that you should skip past18:40
charlbut nobody knows everything the minute they walk in, even very experienced developers18:40
charlthere is simply too much out there18:40
blazehenalright, ty18:40
blazehenhttp://telekom.jobs/telekom_html_redesign/S_82491_EN.html this looks simple enough.. Just need to get rid of money :(18:40
charlah t mobile18:42
blazehenGood or bad thing?18:42
charldunno, they're a big mobile company but i have never been a customer18:43
charlin NL there were a lot of complaints of them at some point but i don't know if they are really that bad18:43
blazehenah, alright18:43
blazehenThought you had like a "oh.. THAT" reaction18:44
charlno just that they're a VERY big international company :)18:44
charli did actually use them in america now that i think of it18:44
charlin the usa they had a really positive reputation from the poeple i have spoken to18:45
blazehenah kk18:45

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