* daftykins bows00:00
Finetundra_how can i move files off my phone that has WP7 ?00:00
gansteedcan gtk+ do this work well? insert a html into a gtk+ layer?00:02
gansteed<gansteed> like this in osx: https://camo.githubusercontent.com/e996460609ccffc22690bee5da8ea7bc64fbc480/68747470733a2f2f7261772e6769746875622e636f6d2f4f70656e4669626572732f57595959592d4f53582d6d6164652d696e2d4368696e612f6d61737465722f73637265656e73686f74312e706e6700:02
k1l_Finetundra_: underline the word ubuntu in your question :)00:03
jmaderohi all - I'm trying to mount an image to a folder with Furious ISO mount - I select the img, a new folder appears in my home folder - but it's entirely empty (the img is not empty....I can restore it fine with dd to my device)00:04
Finetundra_how can i move files off my phone that has WP7 on ubuntu?00:05
k1l_Finetundra_: does windows phone provide a usb mount thing? how would you do that on windows?00:05
jmaderoI didn't realize Windows phones still existed....last I saw they were at something like 6% of the market00:06
Finetundra_k1l, plug it in. then windows would install drivers.00:06
k1l_Finetundra_: does it provide a mtp mode?00:07
Finetundra_jmadero, this is an older. however i believe you have the option of getting the recent HTC One M8 w/ WP8. something00:08
Finetundra_k1l, i believe so00:08
jmaderoFinetundra_: if you have MTP you should be fine, but from what I see the 7.x line does not have mtp00:08
k1l_Finetundra_: ubuntu works with mtp. make sure the phone provides that00:08
Striking7jmadero: Have you tried mounting the iso from the command line to see if that works?00:08
jsheldonWell, upgrading ubuntu didn't make any difference in the skype package.   Still seem stuck with an older version, and it tells me "no upgrades are available" when i click check for upgrades in the program.00:09
k1l_or a usb mount option like the old androids00:09
jmaderojsheldon: that just means the repository isn't updated, just install the .deb from skype website00:09
Finetundra_k1l, it is mounted, however when i try to access the files i get an error00:09
Striking7jmadero: I've never used the program you're talking about but it's possible it could be doing something weird that's messing up the mount. Permissions come to mind - it may have permission to make the directory but not permission to mount00:09
jmaderowhich is now owned by microsoft so you can laugh at the irony every time you use it ;)00:09
jsheldonSomething they did on the server side of skype in the past week seems to have broken multi-user chats.00:09
k1l_Finetundra_: ........00:09
k1l_what error?00:09
jmaderoStriking7: gah I'm an idiot, permissions made it click haha I'm going to try to chmod it first :)00:10
k1l_you had been here often enough to know that the more info you give the better support there is00:10
jsheldonWhich happens to be one of the main things i have to use for work00:10
Finetundra_k1l, "Sorry, could not display all the contents of "Storage": libmtp error:  could not get object handles."00:10
jsheldonIs there any way to suggest that a package in the ubuntu repositories be upgraded?00:10
CajunTechieHey folks, what is the channel for app devs?00:10
Finetundra_k1l, which equates to no files shown00:10
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k1l_Finetundra_: some windows phones need to disable the touchscreen pattern lock00:12
Finetundra_k1l, i have unlocked it00:12
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k1l_what ubuntu is it exactly? what phone?00:13
Finetundra_k1l, 14.04. HTC00:13
Finetundra_k1l, Titan II w/ WP7.800:14
jsheldonjmadero: i tried to install the .deb from the skype website and it gave an error message.00:14
jmaderojsheldon: best to paste in pastebin or some similar service what exact errors00:14
jmaderoI remember some dependency issues that I just had to track down a few packages00:14
jmaderoStriking7: for command to mount img mount RaspMain.img /data/temp -t vfat -o loop=/dev/loop00:15
jsheldoni was using the ubuntu software center like it said to on the skype website00:15
jmaderoI get an error saying /dev/loop not found00:15
jsheldonso it wasn't anything too detailed00:15
jmaderojsheldon: I purged skype completely and installed from debian package00:15
blackmatrix_nyhi all...What app do you recommend that would let me have multiple tabs for the terminal ? Thanks00:15
bekksjmadero: BEcause /dev/loop does not exist.00:15
jmaderoand installed from terminal so I saw dependency issues00:15
jsheldonjmadero: it just says "conflicts with installed package skype-bin:i38600:16
bekksIt is a horribly wrong command.00:16
jmaderobekks: found on manpages.ubuntu....might correcting it for me?00:16
jmaderojsheldon: purge skype first00:16
jsheldoni wanted to find a way to upgrade it though00:16
jmaderojsheldon: then install from terminal sudo apt-get dpkg -i *skype*00:16
jsheldonnot erase everything i already had00:16
jmaderojsheldon: it won't erase anything00:16
jmaderoyour configurations are separate from the software00:17
bekksjmadero: mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/disk00:17
Striking7jmadero: I never really bother with the /dev/loop part. I usually just say mount -o loop blah.iso mount_point00:17
Striking7jmadero: as root00:17
jsheldoni was surprised there was no PPA for this00:17
jsheldonI hate using .DEB files, they never quite work right00:17
bekks!skype | jsheldon00:18
ubottujsheldon: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga00:18
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jmaderojsheldon: why would you be surprised? Microsoft owns it00:18
jmaderojsheldon: they have no interest in making a ppa00:18
jmaderoI'm shocked it even exists on linux still00:18
Striking7jmadero: sure thing. I know there's a plugin for nautilus that should mount isos00:18
jmaderoI suspect give it a year or so and it'll be gone00:18
jsheldonunfortunately i don't get a say as to what a 600-employee company uses00:18
jmaderosure - just be prepared to have things out of your control00:18
jsheldonif i had my druthers we'd all be running linux and using XMPP for isntant messaging00:18
jmaderoincluding the day that EOL is reached on Linux00:18
jmaderowhich I would bet on00:19
jsheldonwell, i plan to only be at this job another year00:19
jmaderolol fair enough00:19
jmadero(I use skype also btw)00:19
jmaderonever found a reasonable alternative in open source world00:19
jsheldonif anything, though, isn't linux only becoming more popular?00:19
jsheldonnot less so?00:19
jmaderofanboys (including myself) would like to think so00:19
jmaderobut I doubt it00:19
jmaderoin the grand scheme of things00:19
jmaderogoing from 1% to 1.05% isn't going to do much00:20
bekksjmadero: the popularity is not a support issue ;)00:20
blackmatrix_nylinux is taking over...hide your wife, hide your kids00:20
jmaderoand on our side we can say "that's a 5% increase!"00:20
jmaderobekks: I disagree actually - I think support is a major thing missing00:20
jmaderoworking with LibreOffice has proven that to me00:20
blackmatrix_nymy company just went from IBM AIX to Redhat Linux00:20
jmaderobut we're all free to have different opinions00:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:20
bekksjmadero: In here, you are in an Ubuntu support channel. Not in a statistics / pool fan channel ;)00:21
* jsheldon giggles00:21
bazhangthis channel is strictly ubuntu support, lets return to that00:21
jmadero...no clue what that means, but that's fine00:21
blackmatrix_nyyea lets talk ubuntu...can you please tell me a nice terminal client for ubuntu that would let me have all terminals as tabs...my fingers are going to die from alt-tab00:21
bekksblackmatrix_ny: terminal, e.g.00:22
jsheldonjmadero: i think they're saying that we're getting too much into the mathematics and veering off the topic of ubuntu.00:22
k1l_Finetundra_: tried gmtp?00:24
Finetundra_k1l, yep00:24
k1l_Finetundra_: and again: seems like you need to remove the unlock pattern, so its disabled00:24
TinkerladAny ideas on fixing a BADSIG error whilst running apt-get update? Ive tried pretty well everything and I still get it...00:24
Striking7jsheldon: when Microsoft was abandoning MSN for Skype I got my company of 100ish to  switch over to a local XMPP server00:24
Striking7It creeped them out that their data could be so easily at the mercy of an outside force that doesn't give a flying crap about their privacy or needs00:25
Striking7So it was an easy sell at the time :)00:25
blackmatrix_nybekks, I use the gnome terminal and it doesn't list all my open terminals as tabs00:25
bekksTinkerlad: Pastebin the full output please, so we are able to help you instead answering a poll :)00:26
jmaderoyou guys are awesome - my Pi is back to life thanks to that mount00:26
bekksblackmatrix_ny: Which is user fail, actually, since you did not create all terms as tabsm but as separate windows.00:26
Finetundra_k1l, well, that sorta worked. was hoping to get a bit more than just media. guess i should be greatful though. thanks man.00:26
jmaderohad lost all my scripts (which were all in the image file that I didn't want to have to do more than mount and then walk away)00:26
Tinkerladbekks, I cant get a pastebin as I cant install openssh-server to use putty? Ill get a photo. one sec00:27
bekksjmadero: Lost scripts mean they had no value, since there where no backups ;)00:27
* Striking7 high fives jmadero00:27
jmaderolol the backup was the image00:27
jmaderoduh ;)00:27
jsheldon_okay, well, the upgrade to -1 didn't make any difference00:28
jsheldon_still having the same trouble00:28
jsheldon_i guess it's time to report the problem to microsoft00:28
* jsheldon_ sighs00:28
jmaderogood luck getting no where with that (no offense, but that is a doomed effort)00:28
jmaderoI ONCE reported a issue with Access to MS00:28
bekksjmadero: Then the source was still intact so you did not need tha backup. If not, your backup stragety is failing hard.00:28
blackmatrix_nybekks, how do you create as tabsm ?00:28
jmaderoone single time - they basically were like "this will never be fixed"00:28
bekksblackmatrix_ny: Whats a "tabsm"?00:28
jsheldon_hey, at least with no group chats it will be nice and quiet during the workday ;)00:28
jsheldon_i will enjoy my peace and quiet :D00:28
jmaderobekks: the backup was done last week but I had a separate issue on the pi00:28
Striking7jmadero: I'm going to be making a small distro that's intended to set up an automated tor node soon. Would you be so kind as to give me your IM info so you can test it on your pi when I get it ready?00:29
jmaderoso I started from scratch but needed those scripts00:29
jsheldon_jmadero: thanks for the help. :)00:29
bekksjmadero: See above :)00:29
jmaderoit was crazy, my nfs started acting up (out of nowhere, literally....)00:29
blackmatrix_nybekks, you mentioned tabsm " Which is user fail, actually, since you did not create all terms as tabsm but as separate windows. since you did not create all terms as tabsm but as separate windows."00:29
jmaderoStriking7: you can find me in #libreoffice-qa any time ;) (probably off topic again so I'll not go down that path beyond saying that)00:30
bekksblackmatrix_ny: What does "tabsm" mean?00:30
Bashing-omTinkerlad: In tough cases, might try -> sudo apt-key update <-, see if that gives any additional hints .00:30
bekksblackmatrix_ny: From what you are writing, I am forced to think that "tabsm" are different from "tabs"?00:30
blackmatrix_nybekks, I'm confused...So it's possible to have multiple tabs on gnome terminal ?00:31
bekksblackmatrix_ny: Yes.00:31
Tinkerladbekks, imgur.com/tv82JwX00:31
blackmatrix_nybekks, Can you please tell me how ?00:31
OerHeksTinkerlad, i see failed to fetch cd-rom... disable this one first00:33
TinkerladYeah, that was originally disabled, I reenabled it to try and get openssh-server off the cd, didnt work. But with disabled, same error00:34
Striking7jmadero: K, thanks.00:34
russellI really need someones help00:35
k1l_blackmatrix_ny: ctrl+shift+t00:35
TinkerladBashing-om, I tried that and it says it processed 4 keys but didnt update any00:35
russellI can't get Rhythmbox to import all of music00:35
=== russell is now known as Guest14725
Guest14725It only imported like...16 tracks00:35
blackmatrix_nyk1l_, Thank you00:35
Guest14725I can't seem to remember what I did in the past to fix it, to import all of my music.00:36
k1l_blackmatrix_ny: or just see in the menu of that program00:36
OerHeksTinkerlad, i think your keys are oke, but lists are damaged,  try:  sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:36
TinkerladOerHeks, Same result00:37
OerHeksTinkerlad, then report a bug about that server, i guess :-(00:38
Bashing-omTinkerlad: Not to belabor the obvious, you have done -> sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 40976EAF437D05B5 <- ?00:39
TinkerladBashing-om, I have, it didnt seem to change anything with the keys...00:39
Guest14725Someone's help please?00:40
jmaderoGuest14725: ...please state your problem00:41
jmaderooh sorry it's up there, one moment00:41
Striking7Guest14725: You haven't given us much info to go off of here. What only imported 16 tracks? From what?00:41
jmaderoplease instead be patient ;)00:41
jmaderoindeed, what types of files00:41
jmaderowhat software importing into00:41
Guest14725Rhytmbox only imported 16 tracks.00:41
Guest14725From my Music folder.00:42
Striking7From what? An iPod? Another machine?00:42
Striking7Aha. K00:42
jmaderohm - I don't use rhythmbox sorry00:42
Guest14725And, I have over 1200 tracks.00:42
jmaderoclementine for me :)00:42
TinkerladOerHeks, Its the au mirror. Is there an easy way I can change it or do I have to manually edit the sources00:42
Striking7Guest14725: It could be that your music is in a format Rhythmbox doesn't have a plugin for00:42
Striking7Not a problem. We can just install the right codec00:42
Guest14725They're in mp3s, and some are in wma00:42
jmaderoGuest14725: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:43
jmaderoprobably get everything you need00:43
Guest14725I already have that installed00:43
Bashing-omTinkerlad: Maybe try as : gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv 40976EAF437D05B5 , gpg --export --armor 40976EAF437D05B5 | sudo apt-key add - ... Which adds the key to apt trusted keys.00:43
Guest14725But, I can try restarting00:43
jmaderothat won't help00:43
Striking7Guest14725: can you see anything different about the 16 tracks that did import?00:43
OerHeksTinkerlad, sure, softwarecenter > edit > sources, you'll find a fastest mirror/choose your own mirror there00:43
Striking7Are they also Mp3's? Are they in a different directory?00:43
Guest14725The 16 tracks are in .wav and .ogg00:44
Striking7Also make sure that you're looking at the right view within Rhythmbox00:44
jmaderoyup it's definitely codec then....weird ubuntu-restricted-extras should have delt with that00:44
Striking7Aha. So it could be that you don't have the mp3 codec installed.00:44
Striking7Did you shut rhythmbox down and restart it?00:44
Striking7You won't need to restart your computer, just that program possibly00:44
Striking7not sure that is necessary, but it's worth a shot00:45
Guest14725Mhm, it's shut down, and I restarted it00:45
jmaderopossibly purging restricted-extras and then reinstalling also...00:45
Striking7K. Tryinstalling libgstreamer-plugins-bad00:45
Striking7and gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly00:46
Striking7gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly too00:46
Guest14725I just tried that via Terminal, and it says it can't locate it, the libgstreamer00:46
Striking7can't hurt00:46
Striking7pop open synaptic and check in there.00:46
Striking7sometimes a simple typo can mess it up when you're trying to install packages from the terminal00:47
Guest14725Let me give that a go, and I'll let you know00:47
TinkerladOerHeks, Im on a server :/00:47
MichaelPhow do i remove everything kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-active installed ?00:47
Ben64MichaelP: if you didn't make a note of what it installed, it is not so easy00:48
TinkerladBashing-om, With that command I get "gpg: can't open `' : No such file or directory00:48
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Guest14725Well, from what it looks like in Synaptics, all of those ones are installed already...00:50
MichaelPBen64, I thought ubuntu supose to be the easy distro....00:52
ubuntu14_04LTSI really want to love Ubuntu - but I always have this resize windows issue - where the borders are 0.04pixels wide and grabbing it is hard :(00:52
ubuntu14_04LTSI've read a few pages but I can't seem to find the right setting00:52
ubuntu14_04LTSI remember in my last Ubuntu 10 (before Unity)00:52
Guest14725If I really, really have to, I'll just do a fresh install to get this blasted thing to work. That's a last option though.00:52
ubuntu14_04LTSI found some where where I could change the width of the window borders00:53
ubuntu14_04LTSanyone have an idea of where that is in Unity?00:53
ubuntu14_04LTSI thought Window Snapping or "Hot Corners" were what I wanted... but also no joy00:53
ubuntu14_04LTSPS - is there an "Ubuntu_help" channel that I should be asking this question in? :)00:54
blackmatrix_nyjava 800:54
Bashing-omTinkerlad: Maybe the process is changed since ? We can try to delete the key and re-install it . I can work up a paste of the procedure.00:56
babafishMichaelP, try this link see the remove kubuntu line00:57
Guest14725Striking7 : I looked, nothing seems any different, and I don't know what else I can do. If I really, really have to, I'll just do a fresh install of Ubuntu...00:58
Striking7Guest14725: I just had an emergency and I have to jet - may have ruined a DB. See if Rhythmbox has a "refresh library" type option00:59
tojoe Audacious is good01:00
Guest14725Sure thing, thanks anyways01:00
squintyubuntu14_04LTS:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/455677/how-to-edit-the-color-of-the-title-bar-and-border-width-of-a-gtk3-theme  (or similar via google)  haven't as of yet tried it but will at a later date because I too get frustrated with the window border widths.  ;-)01:11
crystal77What order are run level scripts ran? Cant' find any guide on why some files start with S, if they're order, etc...01:16
jhon jhon> hola01:17
jhon<jhon> <jhon> muchachos necesito un ayudar urgente01:17
jhon<jhon> <jhon> como es la sintanxis de01:17
jhon<jhon> <jhon> es sobre transacciones01:17
jhon<jhon> <jhon> como escribo save tran01:17
jhon<jhon> <jhon> de sybase01:17
unopastejhon you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted01:17
byprdctis there a command to find information about an ip address? I'm hoping to grab web host provider etc?01:20
leanhorseifconfig eth0 ?01:21
neil___byprdct: whois01:21
byprdcthi neil___ was looking for something with a little more info01:22
byprdctI use whois often01:22
rcmaehlHow do I enable DUN over bluetooth01:23
rcmaehlI know my module supports it because Windows can do it01:23
rcmaehlbut how do I do it on Ubuntu01:23
bazhang!cn | leanhorse01:26
ubottuleanhorse: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw01:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:27
babafishrcmaehl, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup01:30
russellDarn it...I still can't get Rhythmbox to work right...01:33
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papachanpackage for cinnamon changes? anybody know about an update in cinnamon?01:35
Guest82738It won't import my mp3 files from my Music folder. I have no idea what to do, besides doing a full reinstall of Ubuntu...01:35
=== anthony is now known as Guest96577
klephow can I update the apt repolist without having to do a full apt-get update01:51
daftykinsklep: how can i climb this wall without a ladder?01:52
daftykinsi see those two questions as comparable01:52
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zenoliI'm having a Utopic install problem that's killing me. Asus P6T mobo, installing desktop from a USB image.01:57
zenoliDoing an expert install, CD-ROM installation is reported as successful.01:58
zenoliFor the next step, "load the debconf preconfiguration file", it hangs.01:58
ashleee22Spy your Whatsapp contacts in http://www.checkwhatsapp.com01:58
ubottuPlease don't spam01:59
zenoliConsole reports "end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 0"01:59
zenoliAnd "floppy: error -5 while reading block 0"01:59
uhelpOMG  alt-tab allows me to switch between applications -- until I use windows-d to view the desktop -- then I cannot switch between the already open applications with alt-tab BUT I can create more applications and switch between them -- until I use windows-d again in which case those are lost too.  What is going on here?01:59
zenoliLooking in a console, /cdrom indeed mounted.02:00
bubbasaurespapachan, We would know no more than you can discover, not a real popular desktop in ubuntu, here anyway.02:00
daftykinszenoli: that's... not a desktop image, sounds more like mini.iso02:02
zenolidaftykins: hm.02:02
daftykinswhat did you download?02:02
daftykinszenoli: heh it's attempting to read from a floppy disk.02:02
zenoliImage is ubuntu-14.10-desktop-amd64.iso02:03
TheNetanyone else just get spam from ashleee22?02:03
zenoliGot the same results with the server ISO, which is what I actually want to install.02:03
daftykinsTheNet: yeah please report in #ubuntu-ops02:03
bubbasauresTheNet, Show it to the #ubuntu-ops02:03
zenoliBoth downloaded via torrent.02:03
daftykinszenoli: ok i don't think expert install is what you're after, just "install" with server should give the text mode installer.02:04
zenoliAt the very start of the boot, the image reports "missing parameter in a configuration file: Keyword: path" and "gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image"02:04
zenolidaftykins: Indeed. Only doing the expert install so I could figure out exactly where the install was failing.02:04
zenoliSetting the USB mass store device to register as a floppy drive doesn't work, can't even get the USB to boot.02:05
daftykinsi think your images or (most likely) your flash drive makings have failed02:05
zenolidaftykins: Both of them? In exactly the same way?02:05
zenoliI did use usb-creator-gtk instead of the usual dd.02:06
daftykinszenoli: i highly doubt they're both doing the same funky thing, though i don't even recall an 'expert mode' on desktop ISOs02:06
zenoliAnd two separate USB drives, in case something was wrong with one of them.02:06
daftykins<3 dd02:06
zenolidaftykins: On one of the boots, the text-mode menu came up, which listed 'expert' as something to potentially enter at the boot prompt.02:07
daftykinsah not encountered that one02:07
zenoliI last installed Ubuntu on this mobo about four years ago, but can't recall if I had to jump through any weird hoops to make it work.02:07
daftykinszenoli: if you're after a server, why aren't you picking LTS? (14.04)02:08
zenoliBut, I probably installed it via an actual CD at that point. Just installed the mobo in a new case, no actual DVD drive.02:09
angelhow can i figure out which graphic card my computer has?02:10
uhelpWhat is going on?  wmctrl enables me to bring a window to the front but the application isn't shown with alt-tab?02:10
zenolidaftykins: Headless home server, going to mostly be used for media and act as an SSH bounce server. I was hoping to avoid majorly old software versions relative to my desktop.02:10
frank_oHi! Can someone help me install the latest version of ffmpeg on Ubuntu 13.03?02:11
papachanbubbasaures which desktop recommend you? i love cinnamon becasue its light02:11
uhelpIs there some pay-support for ubuntu that won't give me answers like "reinstall"?02:11
Bashing-omangel: lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ; will do that nicely.02:11
daftykinszenoli: thing is you'll be stuck in upgrade land though ;)02:11
daftykinsangel: open the terminal and run "lspci"02:12
daftykinsangel: paste it to http://paste.ubuntu.com to share it with us02:12
angelBashing-om, daftykins http://pastie.org/9757221 thanks. now how do i install the drivers?02:12
zenolidaftykins: My old server that just died was running Debian. I suppose that would be where I would go if I really wanted stable versions.02:12
bubbasaurespapachan, I have checked out cinnamon, seems nice, really use what you like. Here we are users like you so we don't have any release info in general that is an extra.02:13
zenoliUpgrading the server is a heck of a lot less annoying than upgrading the desktop.02:13
daftykinsangel: there are none available for you as your hardware is too old02:14
zenoliA friend is trying to persuade me to go back to Gentoo...deb-based upgrades are soothing by comparison.02:14
bubbasaurespapachan, There is a ppa for cinnamon, but we don't have support here for ppa's..3rd party in general is all.02:14
angeldaftykins, ohhh02:14
daftykinszenoli: fair enough, i personally find non-LTS a mistake :)02:15
uhelpOK.  I didn't fix the problem but at least I won't lose any work.  The following brings all the windows to the front so that I can close them "for w in `wmctrl -l | cut -d' ' -f1`; do wmctrl -i -a $w ; done"  I still need to know how to diagnose alt-tab "losing" windows when I use super-d to access the Desktop02:16
papachanbubbasaures but my problem is: after upgrading to 14.04.1 i have no more ppa available for cinammon02:16
papachanit have removed all my cinnamon core02:16
zenolidaftykins: You're not wrong.02:16
Bashing-omangel: daftykins :: checking as from this: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/pci/1002%3A9616/ . that card does (did ?) have certification.02:16
uhelpWhere do I look to figure out what is going wrong with the window switcher?  (this is 14.04)02:16
uhelpSorry... 14.04.1 LTS if it matters.02:17
angelBashing-om, thanks but what does that mean?02:17
daftykinsBashing-om: anything Radeon 4xxx and below got switched to legacy status, so no fglrx with anything newer than 12.04.102:17
bubbasaurespapachan, Not supported here but you have this, I have not looked at what version is in this ppa or the ubuntu repos is all. https://launchpad.net/~gwendal-lebihan-dev/+archive/ubuntu/cinnamon-nightly02:17
daftykinsangel: it doesn't change anything unfortunately, your onboard graphics will be using the open source driver and that's the only choice02:18
angeldaftykins, ok how do i install that driver?02:18
bubbasaurespapachan, Yeah cinnamon is not supported from the ubuntu repos in Trusty, it's in utopic however.02:19
daftykinsangel: it already will be using it.02:19
Guest90282hi all02:19
angeldaftykins, i have a very poor resolution just 1024px. then it will stay that way?02:19
daftykinsangel: possibly. what version do you have installed?02:20
bubbasaurespapachan, I had forgotten it was not in the 14.04 release, it has appeared and disappeared at time due to stability is all.02:20
angeldaftykins, version of what?02:20
papachanbubbasaures, oh thank you so much, you give a me great information02:20
daftykinsangel: ubuntu02:20
Bashing-omdaftykins: Yeah // but this card " Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATIRS780L [Radeon 3000]" --  not an HDxX series -- card -> http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/category/VIDEO/ . also shows it as cerified. I do welcome a correction to my thinking.02:21
bubbasaurespapachan, No problem, I was trying to give you what would help. ;)02:21
angeldaftykins, 14.0402:21
cornellUbuntu One is no longer.  How do I get Ubuntu One "off" of my computer?02:22
bubbasaurescornell, You can just have it off, it has dependencies I would just leave it.02:22
daftykinsBashing-om: yeah being non-HD makes it even worse i think. i don't have a clue what certification involves02:23
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daftykinsangel: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"02:23
cornellI have it in "Places" and I get notices that it's no longer available...  I should just ignore it, because of dependency problems, bubbasaures?02:23
daftykinscornell: "cat /etc/issue" ?02:24
cornelldaftykins: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l02:25
Bashing-omdaftykins: angel ::You are correct, per other sources also, that card is legacy, and no longer has proprietary driver support . End of story .02:25
daftykinsah ok still supported02:25
daftykinsBashing-om: ty for confirming :) i hadn't remembered the 'HD' prefix so it was definitely worth checking02:26
bubbasaurescornell, I would just turn it off in startup applications.02:27
bubbasauresyou might have to populate that list, if so I have a command02:27
angeldaftykins, Bashing-om http://paste.ubuntu.com/9351854/02:28
Bashing-omdaftykins: :) I just recalled the legacy status as " HD 2x/3x/4x-series chipsets. " .. Sorry to cause a bother.02:28
plut0loading chromium is crashing X for me, can anyone help?02:28
cornellbubbasaures: I don't have it in Applications / System Tools / Preferences / Startup Applications02:28
daftykinsangel: ah you have "nomodeset" in your boot parameters. did you need that to boot successfully to even install?02:29
daftykinsBashing-om: not at all - you are most welcome :)02:29
bubbasaurescornell, Type it in the dash02:29
cornellSorry, bubbasaures, I don't understand "Type it in the dash"02:30
angeldaftykins, no idea, i just installed it, i don't remember altering any param.02:30
daftykinsbubbasaures: i don't think cornell is using unity02:30
daftykinsangel: ok follow this guide to see if 14.04 boots without nomodeset02:30
cornellCorrect daftykins.02:31
daftykins!nomodeset | angel try the opposite of this (removing it)02:31
ubottuangel try the opposite of this (removing it): A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:31
bubbasaurescornell, THe unity desktop search top button left panel, or hit the windows key to bring it up.02:31
cornellI'm not using the Unity desktop, bubbasaures02:31
bubbasauresdaftykins, I think you're right but just playing along till we get there.02:31
daftykinsthe clue before was the "applications" menu ;)02:32
bubbasaurescornell, Well maybe we need to know what you are using ehh.02:32
daftykinsmust be ol' unity-2d or whatever the thing is that gives the old gnome2x desktop02:32
cornellgnome, I think 2.02:32
bubbasauresdaftykins, I saw it but one never knows here, you know with all the "expert modes".02:32
daftykins*nod* :)02:33
bubbasaurescornell, You on the fallback gnome desktop?02:33
angeldaftykins, /etc/default/grub doesn't contain that param so i can't remove it02:35
cornellI don't always know which versions, or how to find them... in synaptic, I have gnome-desktop3-data02:36
cornellIs that, is there a, gnome 3?02:36
bubbasaurescornell, There is no supported gnome 2 desktop, mate might be, not sure it's a fork. Must be the fallback, however there should be a startup applications in the app menu if this is ubuntu.02:36
daftykinsangel: i wouldn't do it by file, i would do it by one-time menu boot. so hold left shift at boot time, go to advanced options then highlight the newest kernel without "rescue" beside it, then press 'e' on it to edit and delete 'nomodeset'02:38
cornellbubbasaures: there is: Applications / System Tools / Preferences / Startup Applications.  And it doesn't list Ubuntu One.  It's got Dropbox, Psensor and Visual Assistance.02:38
daftykinsangel: if it doesn't boot successfully, likely you're out of luck and that hardware is just too old with that onboard graphics. you'd need to get a supported graphics card in there02:38
angelok let me try02:39
bubbasaurescornell, Run this command and see if the list is populated. sudo sed -i 's/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g' /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop02:39
Bashing-ombubbasaures: Recon -> apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop <- would relate the DE in use here for cornell ??02:40
cornellbubbasaures: other than asking for password, no response02:40
bubbasaurescornell, Did you close the app than open it again.02:41
cornellWhich application bubbasaures?02:41
acmehandleHow do I do an installed packages template dump?02:41
bubbasaurescornell, startup applications02:42
cornellThere's a bunch of stuff in it now.02:42
acmehandlefrom the command line02:42
cornellIncluding Ubuntu One :-)02:42
bubbasaurescornell, Yep, in 12.04 that was hidden, what was there were the 3rd party apps you added and their startup cammand set by them.02:43
cornellSo it seems, bubbasaures.  That command changed the population of the Startup Applications.  While it was open.  It just wasn't on top, so I didn't notice it before.02:44
cornellSo I just remove it?02:44
sophocleshello all02:44
reisio'lo soph02:44
bubbasaurescornell, I thought it did, just wasn't sure.02:44
sophoclesi just heard SR person arrested on NPR02:44
bubbasaurescornell, No untick the check box02:45
cornellAh... so it's still there, just not launched, cool.  Thanks bubbasaures02:45
bubbasaurescornell, Yeah, you have it, not sure how to kill it now but it should not start on a restart.02:46
Bashing-omacmehandle: maybe like: dpkg --get-selections will dump a list of all packages you have installed, so you can use dpkg --set-selections to reinstall them all later. ??02:46
cornellAh, the sed changed NoDisplay from true to false.  So from now on, the Startup Applications will show all.  Cool.02:46
bubbasauresit's all in the .config heh02:47
acmehandleYes, looks good.  Thank you02:47
cornellI've been using Linux since Mandriva was called Mandrake.  Unfortunately, I don't get to spend enough time in the nitty-gritty to learn, and keep, enough02:47
Bashing-omacmehandle: Might want to keep a file of the packages or for use of -> dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages <- .02:50
cornellThank you much, bubbasaures and daftykins02:50
daftykins*tips hat*02:51
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rhineheart_mhi guys! I think there's an installer before of ubuntu for windows.. does it still exist?03:02
daftykinsrhineheart_m: it is a cancer, i would highly recommend pretending it doesn't exist03:03
daftykinsrhineheart_m: every volunteer in this channel has seen it do evil things like break peoples systems, take their families hostage... sell their dogs, etc.03:03
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rhineheart_mdaftykins, sorry I have never heard like it...03:04
daftykinsrhineheart_m: ?03:04
DrRodneyMckayIm using this sed line to replace line 16 of 1.txt - My issue is, the text i need to insert is a folder path like /this/path - but the slashes mess up the sed command, I tried escaping the /'s like /\ but it still errors out, Any ideas? Basically on like 17 of this file, is a folder path, and i need to update that path with the sed command03:18
gr33n7007hDrRodneyMckay, #sed03:20
DrRodneyMckayThanks, I think i just worked it out - needs to be sed -i '' '17s|.*|/Folder/Path/|' 1.txt03:21
DrRodneyMckayYep that did it, Sorry for the hassle and wrong channel03:21
MalgorathIs it possible to make an exact usb back up of my server drive(local in my office) that I can boot and restore from? (Kinda the basic start iso)03:47
cfhowlett!clone | Malgorath03:47
ubottuMalgorath: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate03:47
Malgorathcfhowlett: thanks03:48
cfhowlettMalgorath, happy2help03:48
johnmsg /hello03:53
GumaI was wondering if any one has ised how to resize root partition on first boot after dd. I created a script that I need to test but not sure how to run it before root / is mounted. What is the best way doing it?03:54
john exit03:58
rypervencheGuma: Using LVM? Is / the last partition on the drive? Can you run "fdisk -l" for us?03:59
Gumarypervenche. No lvm03:59
Gumaone sec03:59
rypervencheGuma: Also, are you trying to expand or shrink?04:00
Gumarypervenche /dev/mmcblk0p2 is last partition. ext3 for root on SD Card04:00
rypervencheGuma: What kind of device is this?04:01
Gumaexpand to remining free space. Trying to make small *.img so can be dd to what ever card. Then on first boot it will resize to use entire. So youser does not have to do this.04:02
GumaThis is ARM board with uSD Card04:02
Gumarypervenche : imx6qsabrelite04:03
rypervencheGuma: So normally you would rewrite your partition table to have the second partition go to the end of the SD card, then reboot (if running live), then run resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p204:03
rypervencheGuma: And to rewrite your partition table, you'll need to delete the p2 partition, then recreate it using the SAME beginning sector and then the last available sector.04:03
GumaThat is what I am trying to do. I created a script that removes itself on after successful run. Not I need to place it on SD card and dd again from sd card to img file. So not when I dd this file back to any sd card on first boot this script will auto run and resize then remove itself so on next reboot it will not be run.04:06
Gumarypervenche I think there was something like runonce file04:07
rypervencheGuma: Well, it would need to run, then run a second time once the thing is booted back up.04:07
ninguI'm running Ubuntu on a late 2008 macbook. wifi is BCM4322. it supports 5GHz wifi afaik, but I haven't been able to successfully connect to my 5 GHz network. any idea why?04:07
ninguit works fine with 2.4GHz04:08
ninguit might be a range issue, not sure... but my newer mac connects to the 5GHz network fine in the same location.04:08
daftykinsningu: broadcom are terrible under Linux, their driver likely only supports the 2.4GHz04:09
ninguah, ok04:09
Gumarypervenche. Well I was thinking that I will need to do reboot between  fdisk and resize2fs . I was not sure if I could do this in single shot.04:09
ningudaftykins: too bad. I like running Ubuntu on this. I'll survive, though.04:09
rypervencheGuma: Not unless you do it from a live session.04:09
VelhoP4I have my keyboard to english, but my keyboard ir european. how can I change the settings?04:10
Gumarypervenche I did read that raspberry pi image file does such trick. So it is possible if others are doing it. Would you agree?04:11
cfhowlettVelhoP4, system > settings > language support > apply system wide04:11
LandeskogI seemed to have messed up unity menu on start up I'm just getting the blank wallpaper no menus and ctrl alt t not opening terminal kinda stuck04:12
LandeskogAll I can do is right click and get the new folder menu lol04:13
rypervencheGuma: They do things differently. They have tools that can make that happen for you. You would hae to do some searching to see if your device has such a tool.04:13
VelhoP4cfhowlett, thanks!04:19
cfhowlettVelhoP4, happy2help04:19
nooobHi I am installing ubuntu04:22
nooobOn an ssd, does the installer automatically align the partitions to a 4 k drive?04:23
nooobBy 4k I mean sector size04:23
rodney77Hi, how do I determine whether my wireless card supports 802.11n or 802.11ac? Is there a line I can run in CLI?04:25
rypervencherodney77: sudo iwconfig04:26
rodney77rypervenche, I see it04:27
rodney77IEEE 802.11bgn04:27
rodney77so that answers my question. n support, no ac04:27
rypervencherodney77: No AC then.04:27
rodney77thanks so much rypervenche. one more thing, slightly off topic: I like running Tomato because it's linux based, so if anyone recommends a good wireless n router that will run tomato, please let me know04:28
rypervencherodney77: Tomato has a specific list of routers that are supported. Check their website. I personally use OpenWRT on a Buffalo router that I love.04:29
rodney77thanks rypervenche, I have never used openwrt. I will check it out. What's the buffalo router you love?04:29
TiZSo Flash is currently broken on 14.04. Are you guys aware of that?04:30
rypervencherodney77: They don't make the kind I use anymore, but they have an upgraded version out. This is the one I have: http://ryp.io/4C04:31
rypervencherodney77: Basically, the ones that have DD-WRT pre-installed on them are the ones I get.04:31
rodney77yeah rypervenche, that's a good idea04:32
cfhowlettTiZ, we are04:32
TiZTwitch doesn't work. Youtube just gives a black box. The plugin is reported as being installed, but it's not working.04:32
TiZcfhowlett: Okay, cool. Thanks. :)04:32
rabbitdewI'm aware and I have no idea what to do about it04:33
cfhowlett!flash | TiZ use an alternative = pepperflash04:33
ubottuTiZ use an alternative = pepperflash: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:33
rabbitdewbut am totally dealing with the same problem04:33
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TiZcfhowlett: I don't believe pepper is an option for Firefox.04:35
cfhowlettTiZ, you might be right.  for some reason, my flash still functions on 14.04.1 ...04:35
cfhowlettTiZ, you DID install restricted-extras?  that seems to fix most of things ...04:36
TiZI did an update today, it included flashplugin-installer. I didn't use any flash-based sites.04:36
TiZIt broke with an update.04:36
cfhowlettTiZ, !  havent' had that experience with ubuntustudio.04:36
TiZIf I install an older deb, will it try to install the older flash?04:37
cfhowlettTiZ, ... only if the older flash is specifically dependent IIRC04:38
TiZcfhowlett: seems my idea didn't work. :/04:45
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MrSavageHey all, im trying to install stock ubuntu and it's giving me issues05:01
MrSavageit keeps going into try mode when I select install from my USB05:01
bbryantMrSavage: so how are you selecting install?05:03
bbryantkeyboard or mouse?05:04
bbryantwhichever one you're doing, try the other05:04
MrSavagebbryant: keyboard. I get brought up to a login screen with a username and password05:04
bubbasauresMrSavage, I would check the sum of the iso and if you can the usb05:04
MrSavagethis is like an omen lol05:04
MrSavagethe sum?05:04
bubbasaures!md5sum | MrSavage05:04
ubottuMrSavage: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:04
bbryant!help > bbryant05:05
ubottubbryant, please see my private message05:05
bubbasauresMrSavage, Have you done a search with this release and your computer for any others with this or similar issues? Is it a uefi computer?05:06
bbryantbubbasaures: is there a way to figure out what ubottu knows as far as commands go? !help is what I expected, but that's something else05:06
CassandroI've always had problems of one kind or another with usb booting. Never researched it, since it always happens when my PC is down :-). Just reached for the dvd burner.05:07
MrSavagebubbasaures: how do i know if it's a uefi computer?05:07
bubbasauresbbryant, I know them pretty well so I just confirm here, http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?db=ubuntu&search=wifi&order=name%20ASC&page=005:07
Ben64!ubottu | bbryant05:07
ubottubbryant: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone05:07
bubbasauresMrSavage, How old is it and what has been on it?05:07
bbryantthank you Ben64 and bubbasaures05:07
MrSavagebubbasaures: i got everything brand new in the summer. i see uefi and legaccy in my bios05:08
bubbasaures!uefi | MrSavage you should be aware of this05:08
ubottuMrSavage you should be aware of this: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:08
CassandroSo if you don't need to dual boot with windows, can't MrSavage just select legacy and not worry about it?05:09
MrSavageUEFI is a windows thing?05:10
MrSavageI can set it to legacy05:10
bubbasauresMrSavage, Do you have windows still and want it to boot?05:10
daftykinsno UEFI is a cross platform thing05:10
MrSavagei mean I have windows 7 but i'm formating into ubuntu05:10
MrSavageI might need windows for some games05:11
bubbasauresMrSavage, UEFI is not an area I'm really up on so others here will be better.05:12
TiZI think Firefox 34 might actually have broken Flash. Where could I get an old version?05:12
canonicalhey whats up05:14
canonicalanyone know how to install binaries on ubuntu ?05:15
bbryantcanonical: you're going to have to give more details05:15
canonicalyes i only have the binaries files and i wanna built  it into  a deb pakege05:16
xmetalyou mean source?05:17
MrSavagebubbasaures: I think I had 2 errors on my ISO. And the MD5 is 119cb63b48c9a18f31f417f096553fbd05:18
MrSavageis that ok?05:18
bbryantwhat do you mean 2 errors?05:18
MrSavageI did the check errors option and it came with 2 errors05:19
bbryantcanonical: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Debian-Binary-Package-Building-HOWTO/#AEN13105:19
MrSavagewhen chosing between try, install, check errors05:19
Francishey  i canot install the linux 14.04 lts05:19
Francisits give error gpu lockuo05:19
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canonicalthank's men05:20
bubbasauresMrSavage, You want the sum to read perfect and n o errors in the disk test.05:20
canonicaltry in verbose mode05:20
bbryantMrSavage: I thought you were talking about from md5sum05:21
MrSavagedo i need persistent file size for storing changes?05:21
bbryantI mean, file size not being persistent isn't going to ever be a good thing05:22
MrSavageAlso should i stick with stock ubuntu? I don't want to use unity05:22
bbryantbut I doubt that's what you meant05:22
bbryantMrSavage: if you don't want to use unity, you could do a few things05:22
bbryantas a matter of personal opinion, if I was doing that, I'd use ubuntu-server05:23
bbryantand build up from that05:23
MrSavagei'm using this ubuntu for gaming05:23
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
bbryantso not unity, what do you want?05:23
MrSavagewhat are my options? I only know of xfce and gnome05:23
MrSavagea friend told me unity sucks05:24
bbryantand some other smaller ones05:24
canonicalwhy wont you try ubuntu mate remix05:24
bbryantwell, don't let friends make all your decisions for you05:24
bbryantI'd at least try it first05:24
l0rdn1xMrSavage, kde,xfce,gnome,openbox,mate, & many many more05:24
MrSavagei jump of bridges all the time05:24
xmetali have never been a fan of Unity before really ... but in 14.10 i have to say i like it05:24
MrSavageI don't even know what are the differences05:24
l0rdn1xMrSavage, but try Unity first05:24
bbryantxmetal: I've used it since it was released05:25
bbryantnever really had any complaints05:25
bbryantbefore that I was a die hard gnome05:25
MrSavagedoes unity have support for workspaces being seperated on each monitor in a multi monitor setup?05:25
bbryantI've used that before05:25
canonicalunity needs more memory than anothers panels05:25
l0rdn1xMrSavage, yes05:26
xmetali like most DE's really .. though i do have my favorites05:26
MrSavagecanonical: how much memory?05:26
l0rdn1xMrSavage, with xchat and rythmbox going right now im using 649MB of RAM.05:27
TiZCONFIRMED: Firefox 34 broke Flash. Downgrading to 33 fixed it for me.05:27
CassandroIf it's a gaming machine, the tiny amount of memory used by the DE should be negligible. MrSavage, I assume your machine is cherried out?05:27
MrSavageffs, my usb ubuntu keeps booting into a login screen05:27
MrSavageCassandro: yes05:27
daftykinsrelax and don't use even acronym form language here please05:27
MrSavageshould i use ubuntu 14.04 LTS?05:27
MrSavagenot sure what lts is05:27
daftykinslong term support05:28
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)05:28
l0rdn1xMrSavage, when you load a browser you get to about 1.2, 1.3gb05:28
canonicalyes depending the arquitecture you have05:28
bbryantcanonical: architecture05:28
canonicalin my case 64 bits the conseume of memory is high05:28
MrSavageso how an i get this install to work properly?05:29
Cassandro32 bit gaming? It is to laugh. Install from DVD instead.05:29
bbryantMrSavage: what version of ubuntu?05:29
MrSavageubuntu 14.04 LTS05:29
CassandroMrSavage: I prefer 12.04.4 for rock solid stability.05:29
bbryantMrSavage: what was your hash again?05:30
MrSavageI checked it matched05:30
l0rdn1xdaftykins, i heard someone say earlier systemd was getting completely implemented in 14.04lts within a few months is this accurate?05:30
daftykinsnot a clue05:30
MrSavageI did a check errors on disk on my USB again and it says check finished: erors found in 2 files05:30
MrSavagewhat is up?05:30
canonicalmaybe youmaybe you've been formatted your usb memory05:32
canonicaland can no longer be read properly05:32
MrSavagecanonical: what?05:33
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:33
VelhoP4lotuspsychje, hello!05:33
MrSavagei guess i'll use the torrent instead of the download from the website05:34
bbryantcanonical: that's probably not what happened05:34
bbryantMrSavage: if the md5sum matches then, in theory, it's the same thing05:34
MrSavagewell it isn't working05:34
bbryantyou say it boots into a login prompt05:35
bbryantfor what user?05:35
akishi all. i m trying to install xubuntu 14.04.1 through usb stick on my brand new laptop HEWLETT PACKARD 14-r107nv N2840/4GB/1TB - (K5E35EA) with win 8.1 pre-installed. i would like to completely remove win8.1 (after i took a full manufacturer restore backup) and run xubuntu as the only OS on my laptop. do i have to pay any special attention or can i proeceed with the "erase the whole disk" option? whta about "efi" partition? will xubuntu 64bit cr05:35
akiseate a new one during installation? and how can i have access to system bios after the installation? i read a lot of documantation but i am still confused. i am running 14.04 on 3 older machines and is the 1st time i try to install it on a newer one. any help pls?05:35
MrSavagebbryant: it asks me for the user05:35
bbryantis this a graphical prompt05:35
bbryantor a terminal05:35
MrSavagebbryant: graphical05:36
lotuspsychjeakis: just disable secureboot and install xubuntu05:36
bubbasaures!uefi | akis place to start, the bios is before any OS.05:36
ubottuakis place to start, the bios is before any OS.: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:36
canonicalI am writing a code and I need help, to compile05:37
lotuspsychje!compile | canonical05:37
ubottucanonical: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:37
akisi now what bios is after 25 years with more than 20 machines on my hands. is the first time i have to negotiate with an uefi bios.05:39
lotuspsychjeakis: once ubuntu is installed, you wont need to deal with it anymore05:40
reisioindeed, once you've dealt with it, you won't have to deal with it... again :p05:41
reisiosums up most challenges, no?05:41
* lotuspsychje likes wiping a win8 uefi machine to ubuntu :p05:42
akislotuspsychje: that's good news! you mean it will hunde my laptop the way it does it on my older machines. simply a root and a home dir on a single partition (no swap activated)? and how can i access the notebook's bios? on older machines usually presses F10 OR F2 or del. i dont see any option for that now. only through win8.1.05:43
lotuspsychjeakis: what brand is your laptop?05:44
akis HEWLETT PACKARD 14-r107nv N2840/4GB/1TB - (K5E35EA)05:44
lotuspsychjeakis: ESC or F10 should work05:45
lotuspsychjeakis: if you really cant find it, to enter check the ##hardware guys05:46
akislotuspsychje: on that moment with win8.1 still on the system esc and f10 dont work. after ubuntu installation will work?05:46
lotuspsychjeakis: like bubbasaures said, bios is before the Os ubuntu wont change the hotkeys05:47
bubbasauresakis, You have to shut windows down not use the hybrid sleep/hibernate05:47
bubbasauresYour manual should say05:48
lotuspsychjeakis: first things first, find your way into bios/uefi05:48
lotuspsychjeakis: then change uefi to legacy bios and disable secreboot05:48
akislotuspsychje: yea. i read that. full shut down and then restart from usb. should i choose erase everything and proceed? all the rest will be done from ubuntu installation?05:49
lotuspsychjeakis: if you want ubuntu on full hd, yes install will do that05:49
akislotuspsychje: and is for sure that everything of win8 will absolutely gone, isnt it?05:50
lotuspsychjeakis: if you choose install on full hd, yes05:50
lotuspsychjeakis: w8 + recovery partition will be wiped out05:51
lotuspsychjeakis: whats the reason you choose xubuntu over ubuntu?05:51
MrSavageok Im still having issues installing ubuntu05:52
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: whats going on?05:52
MrSavagenow the prompt is showing when i select install but it's turning the monitor on and off....05:52
MrSavagelotuspsychje: when I select install from my usb install, it goes to a prompt05:52
xmetalgraphics driver issue maybe05:53
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: how did you create your usb stick?05:53
xmetal(my guess)05:53
MrSavagelotuspsychje: i used pendrive05:53
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: what grafix card chip?05:53
MrSavageamd r9 200 series05:54
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: ubuntu 14.04?05:54
MrSavagei'm not sure if it's because of some uefi bios setting05:54
MrSavagelotuspsychje: yes05:54
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: what does prompt say?05:54
MrSavagelotuspsychje: it's just a graphical promp that asks for a username or password05:55
lotuspsychjethats real odd05:55
MrSavageis it a bios settings?05:55
xmetalsounds like (?? my terminology) its loggin OUT of Live mode05:55
lotuspsychjeyeah sounds like ubuntu prompt asking user/pass05:56
xmetalin the command line05:56
MrSavagei have no idea what's going on :(05:56
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: did you try livemode instead of install?05:56
MrSavageyou mean the try option?05:57
xmetali think lotus may have been onto something ... if possible try to make the usb with a different method (different program or the dd command) ... sometimes that may (** may ) help05:57
MrSavagelotuspsychje: should i select uefi or the non-uefi from my boot menu?05:57
xmetalsometimes with certain distro's new releases certain methods work, others dont05:57
xmetal(my experience)05:58
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: if you want ubuntu on your machine, disable secureboot and switch to legacy bios05:58
MrSavagelotuspsychje: but then i can't have an sdd for windows?05:58
MrSavagei'm guessing05:58
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: you want dualboot?05:58
SavKobaniin group "root" is it safe to put my administor user?05:59
SavKobanii guess not, huh05:59
MrSavagelotuspsychje: i'm guessing that's only needed if you partition?05:59
MrSavagelotuspsychje: i'm in try mode and i see a prompt for a username05:59
akislotuspsychje: i change the boot option to legacy one and secure boot is now disabled. now i can access bios through f10. so now after manufacturer restoration backup i can proceed with my ubuntu installation through usb stick device. isnt it? do i have to pay any other attention before that or during installation beyond the common things?05:59
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: say first what you want, dualboot or singleboot?05:59
MrSavagei want to have an sdd for ubuntu and another sdd for windows06:00
lotuspsychjeakis: yes, put eth cable in and install with updates enabled06:00
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: thats gonna be a harder job then06:00
lotuspsychje!uefi | MrSavage06:00
ubottuMrSavage: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:00
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: dualboots on uefi are nightmare06:01
MrSavageso how do i make it legacy?06:01
MrSavagealso what tool should i use for putting ubuntu onto my usb?06:01
Loshkilotuspsychje: deliberate by Microsoft?06:01
dtsmeh, uefi dualboot wasnt too difficult for me tbh06:01
lotuspsychjedts: well, you can support him then if it was easy06:02
dtsi forgot this was #ubuntu06:02
dtsi did it on manjaro06:02
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: i always reccomend ubuntu on full hd, make your life easy06:03
MrSavagewhat do ou mean06:03
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: with 2 ssd's inside your machine will be rocket06:03
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: meaning: loose windows once and for good06:03
MrSavagei can't if wine can't handle some games06:03
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: there is playonlinux06:03
MrSavagenever heard of it06:04
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | MrSavage06:04
ubottuMrSavage: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.3-1 (utopic), package size 1103 kB, installed size 4227 kB06:04
dtsnot all games work well with wine06:04
MrSavagedoes all games work with playonlinux?06:04
=== Guest60818 is now known as shroud
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: there's a big list, but no not all games06:04
Loshkitbh. I'd run windows native and ubuntu in a vm06:04
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: there is steam also06:04
* bubbasaures feels like he's at the ubuntu mega church06:05
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: 1600 clan members showed up06:06
MrSavagethat's the problem, I have a high end gaming computer06:06
MrSavageand some games i want to play may not be runnable06:06
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: if you really want dualboot, read that uefi trigger06:06
MrSavagewell i don't need it now06:06
bubbasauresI see lotuspsychje with a tight suit......a pink mohawk holding the ubuntu manual over his head....giving dah wurd06:07
MrSavagebut do i have to format ubuntu if i want to uefi?06:07
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: what do you mean by that?06:08
MrSavagei mean when i want dual boot06:08
MrSavagewhen i want to switch from legacy to uefi06:08
lotuspsychjeread the uefi lol06:08
lotuspsychjeits not easy06:08
LoshkiOn the other hand, there *are* instructions. In my day....06:09
Franciscant install the ubuntu 14.0406:09
Francisfailed to load COM32 file gfxboot.c32 ubuntu06:09
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: if you install it properly, you will have grub choosing windows or ubuntu06:09
lotuspsychjeFrancis: on wich part you get this error?06:10
Franciswhen i am selection boot its give error failed to load COM32 file gfxboot.c32 ubuntu06:10
Francisfrom pen drive06:10
lotuspsychjeFrancis: so you never see the purple ubuntu loading screen?06:11
Francislotuspsychje  no06:12
lotuspsychjeFrancis: you installed 14.04 iso or 14.04.1 iso?06:13
Francislotuspsychje 14.04 LTS06:14
lotuspsychjeFrancis: try the 14.04.1 maybe06:14
Francis ok lotuspsychjecool tell me to get a nomodeset06:15
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | Francis06:15
ubottuFrancis: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:15
lotuspsychjeFrancis: you can try options with F1 at your usb boot indeed06:16
Francisok i will try06:16
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: another soul saved from microsux06:17
Franciswhile hitting in boot menu its give  failed to load COM32 file gfxboot.c32 ubuntu  and boot:06:18
lotuspsychjeFrancis: how did you create your usb?06:18
Francisusb is bootable06:18
bubbasaureslotuspsychje, When ST. Shuttleworth see you, you'll be at the big table.06:18
lotuspsychjeyes, but with what program?06:19
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: lolz06:19
Francisuniversal usb06:19
=== Zer0legend is now known as Ankoran
lotuspsychjeFrancis: try the 14.04.1 iso, see if you get more luck06:19
lotuspsychjeFrancis: can you get into livemode?06:21
iclouddoes anyone know how to play an avi file in chrome browser so i can cast it to my tv?06:21
Francislotuspsychje  no06:22
Francislotuspsychje i got 14.04.1 LTS but its give me same error06:22
Francisdrm GPU lockup06:23
lotuspsychjeFrancis: real strange.. im reading bugs on it06:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1112878 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "failed to load com32 file gfxboot.c32" [Critical,Fix released]06:23
Francisactually i have Nvidea graphic card06:23
MrSavagealright i'm still having issues trying to make my bios legacy06:24
MrSavagei need help06:24
Francisi install same ubuntu lot of time but not giving any error this is first time i got it06:24
MrSavagemy mobo is the gigabyte ga-z87x-d3h06:24
MrSavageand install brought me to another graphical user login prompt...06:25
bubbasauresMrSavage, You had bad downloads, have you made new ones?06:26
bubbasauresMrSavage, Errors anyway on the on disk test06:27
Francislotuspsychje i thing i got it06:27
Francislive nomodeset06:27
MrSavagebubbasaures: yes06:27
Francisits work06:27
lotuspsychjeFrancis: aha!06:27
bubbasauresMrSavage, Cool, have you checked the sums?06:27
MrSavagebut it's probably the same06:28
* bubbasaures slaps MrSavage with a trout06:28
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: make your life easy and install ubuntu on full ssd and play games on steam06:30
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: you said you wanna dualboot, thats not the same06:31
bubbasauresMrSavage, Just funning you, however when this sort of problem is happening you have to go through variables and make sure the media is good to go, there is no magic answer is all.06:31
MrSavageyeah well i just want ubuntu for now06:31
MrSavagei need to sleep, i'm tired06:31
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: check the ##hardware guys if you cant find howto disable secureboot06:32
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: it should not be so hard06:32
MrSavageand now i can't even boot up windows06:32
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: after secureboot legacy bios, set your usb to boot first06:33
lotuspsychjeor f12 to boot ubuntu usb06:33
MrSavagei did do all that06:33
MrSavagei set everything in legacy, turn off secure boot06:33
MrSavageand then it gave me that uefi logo warning06:33
lotuspsychjewhat does it say06:34
MrSavageit's doing the same thing where it goes to a graphical prompt for a login....06:34
MrSavageit just takes longer now06:34
MrSavageI don't think i can disable uefi on my mobo06:35
lotuspsychjei doubt that06:35
lotuspsychjenever seen a machine that cant accept ubuntu yet06:35
nooobHow do you align partitions with the sectors on an ssd06:35
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: did you change IDE to AHCI in bios?06:36
bubbasauresnooob, Not really an issue unless you really have to have it.06:36
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: wich brand was your machine again?06:37
nooobbubbasaures: I know it's not a big deal except after trying to figure it out for over an hour I am determined to do it.06:37
brijithmacAny solution for bad battey backup06:38
MrSavagelotuspsychje: the mobo?06:40
bubbasauresnooob, I found this page seems like relevant, http://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Partition_Alignment06:40
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: name/brand of the computer06:40
johnfluxAre there official ubuntu DVD images? (i.e. >1GB  images, as opposed to CD images)06:40
bubbasauresjohnflux, Yes.06:41
cfhowlettjohnflux, most of those images are dvd as cd are pretty much not an option anymore06:41
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
johnfluxcfhowlett: hmm, the images are all ~800mb to ~1GB  though.  None that seem to fill DVD06:42
cfhowlettjohnflux, not labeled "DVD" but DVD she be06:43
nooobbubbasaures: does that work if you have lvm?06:45
MrSavagelotuspsychje: brand of what?06:45
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: hp? dell? acer...what brand is your machine?06:45
bubbasauresnooob, Never used lvm, however you can size it how you like.06:46
lotuspsychjenooob: whats your endgoal with your ssd exactly?06:46
MrSavagebubbasaures: the md5s match06:47
MrSavagelotuspsychje: it's a custom built one06:47
MrSavagewell i'm not sure what to do, md5s match, tried putting everything on legacy, removed secure boot, ubuntu THEN reports uefi icon, still bringing me to graphical user login prompt06:47
MrSavagejust wtf man06:47
bubbasauresnooob, Not sure what you mean by the question, the link is a wiki full of info, a multiple partitioner explanation with SSD mentioned.06:47
MrSavagelotuspsychje: it's a custom built desktop!06:47
MrSavagethere's no brand06:48
lotuspsychjeMrSavage: try also the nomodeset maybe06:48
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | MrSavage06:48
ubottuMrSavage: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:48
nefarious_what is this?06:49
somsip!topic | nefarious_06:49
ubottunefarious_: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:49
internet_Ich spreche Deutsch06:49
MrSavagelotuspsychje: how do i try that?06:49
somsip!de | internet_06:49
ubottuinternet_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:49
stiv2kcan anybody help me figure out why I keep getting this kernel panic trying to boot up the lubuntu 14.04 live cd? http://imgur.com/ipxk8eg06:50
dogstari installed ubuntu 14.04 and was fine until now upon startup the screen is like "opposite wide-screen" mode with black on the sides and active desktop area like squished very problematic thank you06:51
dogstarthank you in advance and sorry english not so good06:52
dogstarhow to fix?06:52
mangoofyi hav problem installing ubuntu 14.0406:53
partakemost people are asleep06:53
dogstarbefore it was full screen now the entire os screen is small squished on sides06:53
cfhowlettpartake, ask your ubuntu question06:53
MrSavagei think i'll try the uefi method06:54
MrSavageit's probably my mobo06:54
cfhowlett!guidelines | MrSavage, such language is uncalled for and prohibited06:54
MrSavagebut i'll save it for tomorrow06:54
ubottuMrSavage, such language is uncalled for and prohibited: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:54
farawayhi, I installed ruby2.0 on my 12.04 server using the brightbox but currently those a keep back from upgrade as there seems a dep issue „ruby2.0 : Depends: ruby (>= 1:“  is anyone here also using brightbox?06:54
cfhowlett!server | faraway, server channel might be better ...06:55
ubottufaraway, server channel might be better ...: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server06:55
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stiv2kcan anybody help me figure out why I keep getting this kernel panic trying to boot up the lubuntu 14.04 live cd? http://imgur.com/ipxk8eg06:56
mangoofyafter sucessfull installation of ubuntu 14.04 when i restart the system, it shows a pop-up of "boot device not found" what shall i do please help me.   when i reinstall it there is ubuntu OS available in drive under installation type.06:57
dogstaranyone know why my os is booting up in compressed screen mode?06:57
cfhowlettdogstar, probably need to reconfigure your display settings06:58
dogstarwas utilizing full screen a few days ago06:58
dogstari already tried that06:58
cfhowlettdogstar, do you have external displays?06:58
cfhowlettdogstar, you've described the "mirrored" appearance ...06:59
partakewhat does external display means?06:59
mangoofyafter sucessfull installation of ubuntu 14.04 when i restart the system, it shows a pop-up of "boot device not found" what shall i do please help me.   when i reinstall it there is ubuntu OS available in drive under installation type.06:59
mangoofyplease help me06:59
cfhowlett!patience | mangoofy,06:59
ubottumangoofy,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:59
mangoofyok, thanz07:00
EriC^^ mangoofy boot a live usb07:00
dogstarexternal display means an additional monitor i think...07:00
partakewhy the other one is internal?07:00
mangoofyEric, i hav tried that too07:01
mangoofyboot device not found pop up07:01
EriC^^mangoofy: when you boot a live usb it says that?07:02
mangoofyafter restart07:02
EriC^^mangoofy: odd07:02
partakedamn noobs cant even quit with stile07:02
EriC^^mangoofy: weird07:02
dogstarit worked! i just turned off mirror display and it worked thank you thank you!07:02
cfhowlett!guidelines | partake, stop that.07:03
ubottupartake, stop that.: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:03
EriC^^mangoofy: did you check the bios?07:03
mangoofywhat i need to do there?07:03
dogstarone more question. when i go to lower the screen brightness level nothing happens...07:03
EriC^^mangoofy: check what is set to boot07:03
EriC^^also check if legacy or uefi is set07:04
mangoofyi have place usb/cd in the top boot order07:04
EriC^^as well as secure boot07:04
mangoofysecure boot is enable07:04
EriC^^mangoofy: try to disable it07:04
EriC^^is legacy set or uefi?07:05
mangoofyok, any other seeting in that07:05
dogstari litterally have to wear sunglasses to look at the screen, can't turn brightness down!\07:05
EriC^^mangoofy: try to make the live usb again07:05
partakeanyone using Linux Lite?07:05
cfhowlettpartake, not supported here07:05
mangoofyok, i m trying now with 14.1007:06
partakeisnt linux lite ubunto?07:06
cfhowlett!flavors | partake no07:06
ubottupartake no: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.07:06
partakeill just lie about it07:06
mangoofy<Eric> thanks i ll try that07:07
partakeim using lubuntu cross my haert07:07
cfhowlettpartake, it's not supported.  use the linux lite channels.  for ubuntu support, install ubuntu07:07
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ballyhooAnyone have any experience installing Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro?07:14
cfhowlett!mac | ballyhoo07:14
ubottuballyhoo: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages07:14
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=== Consuela_ is now known as Consuela
ronnelHi guys! I'm new to Linux world!07:35
cfhowlett!manual | ronnel also see www.fullcirclemagazine.org07:36
bazhanghttp://ubuntu-manual.org/  ronnel07:37
yellabs-r2i have got a flash drive ( thinclient ) of 1 gig, what would be a way to get linux with desktop running on this kind of machine ?07:37
ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project07:37
yellabs-r2could i use ubuntu minimal , and then add an desktop to that ?07:38
cfhowlettyellabs-r2, yes you can07:38
MrSavagealright guys07:38
ronnelSo I have a problem with Microsoft .NET 40. I installed it with the command "bash winetricks dotnet40 corefonts". It was successful but the problem is the software I'm trying to run says that I have to install .NET 4.0.30319. Help!07:38
MrSavagewhy does install take me to the live cd?07:38
MrSavageI'm running this ubuntu USB as a uefi07:38
MrSavageand i currently have windows 707:38
bazhang!appdb | ronnel07:38
ubotturonnel: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:38
bazhang /join #winehq ronnel07:39
MrSavageplease guys i've been trying to install ubuntu for a good 3 hours now07:40
bazhangpatience MrSavage07:40
anselanMrSavage, I have had lots of experience working around UEFI issues - what problem are you having?07:41
MrSavageanselan: Everytime i click install, it takes me to the live CD07:41
ronnelThe game I was trying to run is a simple game (Unblock). Hmm, maybe I'll try the reading the appdb manual again.07:42
partakeionstall coreboot07:42
solsTiCe you mean after you complete the instlalation ? remove the cd from the tray ?07:42
anselan@MrSavage, this happens after an installation, or you don't actually even get to that point?07:43
MrSavageanselan: i click install from my choice of "try it", "install", "check for errors"07:43
partakeyou need to remove the cd before booting ti the installed system07:43
MrSavageit doesn't install...07:43
anselanMrSavage: what is your hardware?07:44
MrSavagethere's no install prompt after clicking install07:44
MrSavageanselan: GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-D3H, intel it-4670k, amd r9 200 series07:44
anselanMrSavage: and you're sure it supports UEFI?07:45
MrSavageI see it in the bios07:45
MrSavagei can click and stuff in my "bios"07:45
anselanMrSavage: maybe try to disable UEFI, and use "legacy boot" (or whatever your BIOS calls it) instead. This helped me when struggling to install Ubuntu on an Intel NUC07:46
MrSavageintel NUC?07:46
yellabs-r2what desktop uses the smallest hard drive footprint ?07:46
anselanMrSavage: it's a small form-factor PC07:46
MrSavageanselan: i tried making everything legacy, but when i would run off the USB. It would show me the uefi warning logo, then do the SAME THING WHERE I GO INTO LIVE CD AFTER CLICKING INSTALL07:46
cfhowlett!lubuntu | yellabs-r2,07:46
ubottuyellabs-r2,: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:46
anselanMrSavage: oi, that sounds weird07:47
MrSavageI'M FED UP07:47
partaketry linux lite07:47
cfhowlett!behelpful | partake07:48
ubottupartake: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.07:48
Ben64partake: don't suggest that here, it is not supported07:48
mdogelubuntu is awesome - </shameless plug>07:49
partakei dont have UEFI BIOS07:49
anselanI didn't like Lubuntu very much. Way too ugly07:49
anselanbut I admit it was lightweight07:49
MrSavageanselan: any ideas?07:50
anselanfor lightweight installation systems (I make interactive installations) I prefer to install full Ubuntu and then use OpenBox for the desktop environment and run only the things I need07:50
yellabs-r2ok thanks for the info , guess we have to go for ltsp07:50
anselanMrSavage: what exactly does the UEFI "warning logo" say?07:50
yellabs-r21 gig of hard drive space is not much.. :P07:50
MrSavageanselan: http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1347445119.png07:50
MrSavageanselan https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:50
anselanMrSavage: I also get that screen when I install on my NUCs, but it doesn't actually cause me any trouble. After a second or two, it goes to the normal installer and then no problems from then on07:51
MrSavageanselan: mine goes into a live CD07:51
partakewhy are people working on coreboot?07:52
partakeis it a fedora thing?07:52
MrSavageanselan: is try it supposed to bring you into a GUI with a username login?07:52
anselanMrSavage: no, usually after that it goes straight to the normal installer07:53
MrSavagealso i'm trying legacy again right now07:54
anselanMrSavage: is it possible that your Hard Drive is not being detected?07:54
MrSavageI have 4 HDDs, and 1 SDD07:54
MrSavageand the installer brought me into a gui login on my 2nd monitor instead of the primary07:54
MrSavagewell selecting the install option brought me there07:55
ksinkarhello people. I have followed instructions here http://www.maketecheasier.com/customize-the-gdm-sessions-list/ but inspite of that I am not seeing the changes in my sessions list07:56
anselanMrSavage: I'm not sure, but I'm wondering if maybe the installer sees no suitable HDDs to install to, so assumes you can "only" run in Live Mode07:56
MrSavageanselan: I tried disconnecting my 2nd monitor and it's a black screen on my only monitor now07:57
MrSavagewhen i click install07:57
MrSavagelike backlight isn't coming on07:58
MrSavagewell it's just a black screen07:58
UbUntUToUchLoverCan I talk about Ubuntu Touch here, or is that topic reserved for the ubuntu-touch channel only?07:59
cfhowlett!touch | UbUntUToUchLover08:00
ubottuUbUntUToUchLover: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:00
UbUntUToUchLoverI knew that. I was just wondering if I can talk about it here. I'm not getting much help from the ubuntu-touch channel.08:01
MrSavageanselan: i got an installation prompt, i'm going somewhere now!08:02
anselanMrSavage: whoo hoo!!08:02
MrSavageanselan: who do i contact about the bug?08:03
UbUntUToUchLoverSomebody named nhaines was helping me, but he's a little preoccupied with a book.08:03
anselanMrSavage: I'm afraid I can't help you there... I think these types of things are very specific to different hardware. For example, with my NUC apparently a future BIOS update is going to fix the troubles with Ubuntu installation08:04
=== Raa is now known as Raaa
garret1i have a server ubuntu 12.04 with a degrated raid issue, but i dont know how to troubleshoot it , http://pastie.org/pastes/9757657/text and here a screenshot that aparently showed when the server booted : http://prntscr.com/5coa28 , the server works now , any ideea how to see whats the problem with it ?08:06
=== Raaa is now known as Daaven
MrSavagebubbasaures: hey08:08
MrSavagebubbasaures: i fixed my issue08:09
UbUntUToUchLover I'll try again... Can I talk about Ubuntu Touch on this channel? Forgive me if I seem to be rude, but I'm also desperate. I have a Nook HD+ that I want to boot Ubuntu Touch, but the only image I've found is from a guy named "wesnoth", and it's very buggy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.08:09
cfhowlettUbUntUToUchLover, ask in the touch channel, not here.08:09
cfhowlettUbUntUToUchLover, note: the list of supported devices is short.  if your device is not the on the list, support, if any, will be limited08:10
dts|pokeball:/ clang is stillll installing08:10
UbUntUToUchLoverSorry, cfhowlett. Please try to understand. I've been working on this for months, and have gotten nowhere. Sorry for the inconvenience.08:11
cfhowlettUbUntUToUchLover, not to worry.  perhaps westnoth (sp?) can aid you?08:11
akashmanvarif my ubuntu system is suspended, will it eat up battery?08:12
UbUntUToUchLoverHow do I get in touch with wesnoth?08:12
cfhowlettUbUntUToUchLover, you said you got an image him, so I presume you can contact him as you did before?08:12
MrSavagebubbasaures: you there?08:13
=== Paradisee_ is now known as Paradisee
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
cfhowlettUbUntUToUchLover, I might add: Nook has not made what you're attempting easy.  you might be better off to take a less hacky and more sane approach: purchase a refurbished and supported device, e.g. Nexus 7?08:14
UbUntUToUchLovercfhowlett. I'm sorry if I implied that I contacted wesnoth, because I don't think I did. I talked to somebody under the #wesnoth channel, but they have no idea about it. As for getting a different tablet, I really don't see a reason to. I currently am using Cyanogenmod on my Nook.08:16
cfhowlettUbUntUToUchLover, noted.  All I can do is wish you luck and hope you document your future success.08:17
UbUntUToUchLoverYes, I agree that Barnes & Noble did not make it easy to install Ubuntu Touch; I had to install Cyanogenmod first.08:18
UbUntUToUchLoverThanks anyway, cfhowlett.08:18
ankitahow to install nvidia driver in xubuntu ?08:21
cfhowlett!nvidia | ankita08:22
ubottuankita: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto08:22
=== dts|pokeball is now known as dts
ankitacfhowlett, yes08:23
cfhowlettankita, instructions are in the wiki - please read.08:23
ankitacfhowlett: its showing "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0b)08:26
cfhowlettankita, intel...INTEL.  not nvidia.08:26
ankitabut it should show nvidai08:26
cfhowlettankita, ehhhh, are you certain that's an nvidia card???08:27
ankitacfhowlett: I bought my laptop with nvidia  cars08:27
ankitacfhowlett: nvidia 820 geforce08:27
cfhowlettankita, and you verified that ... how?08:28
cynicallemonbumblebee job08:28
ankitacfhowlett: in my packing it's written..and I am using nvidia 820 in windows08:28
EriC^^ankita: lspci | grep VGA08:29
EriC^^that only gives you the intel one?08:29
ankitaEriC^^, how to get nvidia then08:30
ankitaall video is lagging08:30
ankitain all players video quality is not good.screen blinks on high fps08:31
trijntje_ankita: please run `lspci | grep VGA` in a terminal and put the output you get on pastebin.com08:32
ankitatrijntje_, :  "http://pastebin.com/WEVwTeU0"08:33
trijntje_ankita: is that everything you get as output?08:34
ankitatrijntje_, :  yeah08:34
=== rahu__ is now known as RahulAN
trijntje_in that case I dont think you have an nvdia card in that laptop08:34
akishi all. do i have to install xubuntu 14.04.1 in EFI mode on my brand new HEWLETT PACKARD 14-r107nv N2840/4GB/1TB - (K5E35EA) or can i proceed on the way we did on older pc's deleting the entire disk and the pre-installed win 8.1?08:35
trijntje_ankita: can you go to software & update -> Additional drivers to check if ubuntu can find any drivers for you?08:35
ankitatrijntje_, :  yes..it is here,My laptop has 1 sticker too of nvidia 82008:36
=== gian is now known as Guest81757
ankitatrijntje_, : i checked that there is o any nvidia type driver showing08:36
trijntje_ankita: I dont understand what you mean, you made some typo's08:37
ankitatrijntje_, :  I tried to install nvidia..but I messed up there and did some wrong cmds08:39
cfhowlettakis, pretty sure that lappy has EFI ... easy test: make a 64 bit boot USB.  boot the lappy and hit the boot options.  you should see efi available.08:40
ankitaokey!! no problem guys..I will find it08:41
trijntje_ankita: its no use to isntall nvidia drivers since ubuntu thinks you dont have an nvidia card in your laptop08:42
ankitamy video is lagging08:43
trijntje_I know that, but ubuntu thinks your pc does not have an nvidia card, so it wont use it even if you install it. First you have to figure out why lspci doesnt show it08:43
cfhowlettankita, you could also try the intel drivers.  if those work ...08:44
ankitahow can i do that ?08:44
cfhowlettankita, https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads08:44
akiscfhowlett: actually the laptop has an efi. i have already the 64 bit iso on hands on a usb. should i proceed with an entire disk delete as i dont need win8.1?08:44
cfhowlettakis, ah, different question.  if you *know* you don't need WIN ... nuke it form orbit.08:45
ankitacfhowlett, it shown a error Dependency is not satisfiable:ttf-ancient-fonts08:47
ankitain ubuntu software center08:48
cfhowlettankita, intel rejected due a font issue?08:48
akiscfhowlett: i dont need them at all. i am running linux over 10 years now. but i am used on older machines (before 2010). so can i proceed with an entire delete without any "efi" installation?08:49
cfhowlett!efi | akis,08:49
ubottuakis,: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:49
ankitacfhowlett: now what should i do ?08:49
cfhowlettankita, wait 108:50
cfhowlettankita, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-install-microsoft-core-fonts-in-ubuntu-linux/08:50
akiscfhowlett: yea ok. i read already this documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI. but i dont understand if this is needed if someone wants to keep win8.1 alongside of ubuntu. i am little confused. i dont need win. only a clen installation of xubuntu and to be able to handle my bios (already turn it to legacy option).08:53
cfhowlettakis, I'm hesitant to advise as I've not yet installed on an EFI machine ... ask in the channel.  someone will advise.08:54
akiscfhowlett: that's my question too as i have never installed on an EFi machine too. but as far as i read it's not a problem if the ubuntu is the only OS on the machnine. but i am not absolutely sutre for that.08:56
cfhowlettakis single OS is always easier than multi-boot08:56
MrSavageI found an annoying bug for ubuntu08:57
MrSavagei think unity08:57
cfhowlett!bug | MrSavage08:57
ubottuMrSavage: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.08:57
MrSavageI'll do it tomorrow lol08:57
MrSavagealso why does ubuntu take so long to boot up? It's even on an SSD08:57
trijntje_MrSavage: how long does of take?08:59
MrSavagewell i tried restarting maybe due to a possible freeze08:59
MrSavagebut it's stuck at all red dots with the logo ubuntu08:59
MrSavageafter i installed amd drivers for linux09:00
trijntje_So it's shutting down? Do you see any messages+09:00
MrSavageno i forced shut it down09:01
MrSavageit's stuck at the loading screen09:01
MrSavagewith full red dots09:01
trijntje_ Can you hit the arrow keys to see the messages?09:02
MrSavagenothing shows09:02
MrSavagewait let me see if this works09:04
MrSavageever since i installed the amd drivers, there's a problem now with x11?09:06
=== dts is now known as dts|pokeball
=== uber2 is now known as uber
MacroManMy root drive isn't mounting quick enough when booting and my windows partition has corrupted (not that I'm bothered about Windows). Could this be my HDD dying?09:13
cfhowlettMacroMan, could indeed09:14
sniper7every body09:15
cfhowlettsniper7, ask your ubuntu questions09:15
sniper7i want to tell you somthing09:15
m1dnight_guys, when i plug in an usb drive i have to access it before it gets mounted in /media/09:15
m1dnight_how do i force this on plugin?09:15
cfhowlettsniper7, this is ubuntu support.  read the topic and stay on topic09:16
sniper7fazhou can you be silent09:16
ryt_anyone can help me ?09:17
cfhowlett!help | ryt_,09:17
ubotturyt_,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:17
ryt_ arp09:18
ryt_地址                     类型    硬件地址            标志  Mask            接口09:18
ryt_192.168.4.251            ether   08:7a:4c:ca:69:c0   C                     wlan009:18
ryt_192.168.4.1              ether   00:1a:a9:15:92:ac   C                     wla09:18
cfhowlett!cn | ryt_,09:18
ubotturyt_,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:18
sniper7its url09:18
ryt_why have two address?09:18
sniper7becase its japan hhhhh09:19
sniper7iam joking09:19
dupingpinghelp me09:19
cfhowlett!behelpful | sniper7,09:19
ubottusniper7,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.09:19
sniper7its one adress but seems to be two09:19
cfhowlett!cn | dupingping09:19
ubottudupingping: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:19
ryt_A computer is not should only have one IP address?09:20
MrSavagewhy isn't there a right click option in unity where i can open a terminal in the current folder i'm viewing?09:20
dupingpingHow can I use public key encryption for luks?09:20
dupingpingcfhowlett: can you help me?09:20
cfhowlettdupingping, I have no knowledge of public key / luks09:21
kkkkkkkicant sorry09:21
dupingpingcfhowlett: then can you speak in chinese as well? why you suggest me ubuntu-cn?09:21
cfhowlettdupingping, I don't speak chinese.  I seem to recall that you do.09:22
dupingpingcfhowlett: okay. forget it. I have a question that can get exactly answer in here.09:23
phaoWhy does ubuntu sticks to eclipse 3.8.1 while 4.x.y is out there?09:24
cfhowlettphao, takes a while for packages to make to make it into the repos09:25
ash`phao: it's not ubuntu's responsibility to maintain the latest stable versions of every package but that of the developer :P - i guess compile the latest version from source?09:25
dupingpinghow can i use gpg for luks?09:27
dupingpingas master key09:27
TeodorescuStefanHow can i install a program that has only the source?09:31
mjaykTeodorescuStefan: haya it depends upon how you have the source, you probably need to compile it09:33
mjaykTeodorescuStefan: do you have the .tar.gz file ?09:33
TeodorescuStefanis .tar.gz09:34
mjaykTeodorescuStefan: so first step is to extract that either through the comand line tar -zxf filename.tar.gz or through the file manager09:35
TeodorescuStefani extracted it with file manager i think09:36
TeodorescuStefanlike an winrar09:36
MrSavagei broke my unity or xserver09:36
ryt_you'd better use tar -zvx -f filename.tar.gz09:36
MrSavagesudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64 isn't fixing it09:36
TeodorescuStefanwhy is that betteR?09:37
ryt_that not easy to make error to the beginner09:39
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mjaykTeodorescuStefan: doesnt matter which way you do it09:40
mjaykTeodorescuStefan: now to work out how to compile / install we need to know what files are inside the dir09:40
=== Malsasa__ is now known as Malsasa
mjaykTeodorescuStefan: if you enter the directory in terminal the pastthe output of ls to a pastebin site that might be easist09:43
TeodorescuStefani dont have the files now09:43
TeodorescuStefani had this problem in the past but didnt solve it09:44
TeodorescuStefani tought is a simple solution09:44
TeodorescuStefanil tel you in a min09:44
mjaykTeodorescuStefan: no worries09:45
=== tcpman is now known as Guest11346
dupingpingit's my question, who have a best answer?09:48
Franciscant get back to my login screen09:48
Francisafter using the sudo lightdm stop09:50
grosjeanFrancis: alt+ctrl+f109:50
dupingpingand login09:50
dupingpingand sudo lightdm start09:50
Franciscant work09:50
dupingpingAlt+Ctrl+F1 key is not work?09:51
Francisactually i am installing the nvidia driver 340.5009:52
ash`trl + alt + f2 - and ctrl + alt + f7 to exit09:52
Francisafter i use the sudo lightdm stop09:52
dupingpingplease test numlock09:52
grosjeanFrancis: as dupingping say, use Alt+Ctrl+F1, you will get the login console09:52
bubbasauresFrancis, sudo service lightdm stop09:52
dupingpingnumlock, it's running?09:52
mjaykdupingping: not numlock its the fn key that can cause a problem09:52
dupingpingmjayk: yes it's right.09:53
dupingpingkernel panic test.09:53
Francisafter rebot its give black screen09:53
Francis and nothing09:53
FrancisProblem of X server09:53
grosjeanFrancis: was the install of the driver, successfull ?09:54
dupingpingFrancis: what driver?09:54
grosjeanok, in theory ctrl+alt+f1 must working09:54
Francisnvidia driver version 340.5009:54
ash`Why not try using GDM?09:54
dupingpingthen you can uninstall them?09:54
Francisnothing is display how can i uninstall09:55
dupingpingat booting time,09:55
Francistell me09:55
dupingpingyou can select second item in the boot menu.09:55
BUSYif you delete a symlink you only delete the link and if you delete a hard link you delete the file right?09:55
Francisdupingping advanced option09:57
Francisi select a advaced option for ubuntu09:58
Francisany help plz10:02
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=== MumbleBot is now known as Ankoran
dupingpingcontinue boot with last item.10:06
Francisits done nothing10:07
dupingpingand sudo mount / -o remount,rw10:07
Francisi think its a problem of x server10:07
dupingping$ is shown?10:07
dupingpingI meant that shell prompt.10:07
dupingpingyou can see the shell prompt?10:08
Francisnothing is appear10:08
Francisthe screen like that10:08
dupingpinglet's go to begin.10:08
dupingpingyou selected Advanced.10:09
Francisi re install my ubuntu10:09
dupingpingoh, that's no problem too.10:09
jurislavhello, guys10:09
FrancisThank for help me10:10
jurislavweird problem here10:10
dupingpingyou're welcome.10:10
dupingpingjurislav: what problem? more detail.10:10
dupingpingplease help me10:11
jurislavSlovak keyboard layout. should input language-specific characters without SHIFT pressed, and number with shift. but it enters @#$ etc while shift pressed instead.10:11
jurislavlooks like this: http://www.terena.org/activities/multiling/ml-mua/test/img/kbd_slovak.gif10:12
ObrienDavedouble check your keyboard settings10:12
jurislavtripple checked that10:12
jurislavtried remove the keyboard and add it back10:13
jurislavfrom the picture above, *every* keyboard should send number w/ SHIFT pressed and the character *below* the numbers w/out SHIFT pressed, right?10:14
jurislavmine enters characters in top left corner w/ shift pressed instead10:15
jurislavlike a mix of US and slovak keyboard10:15
jurislavw/out shift works like slovak keyboard, and w/ SHIFT works like US kbd :(10:16
jurislavnever seen this before10:16
mirko_hi there10:16
mirko_someone in here ?10:16
ObrienDavenope ;p10:17
cfhowlettmirko_, ask your ubuntu question10:17
mirko_i am totally new to ubuntu and linux and i need some help10:17
cfhowlett!manual | mirko_10:17
ubottumirko_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:17
jurislavmirko_, aren't you slovak by chance?10:17
mirko_not sure if im right here....sorry for my bad englisch, coming from germany and didnt use englisch for a long time :-)10:17
ikoniamirko_: https://help.ubuntu.com10:17
jurislavnvm then..10:18
mirko_i know the help sites10:18
cfhowlett!de | mirko_ if Deutsch is easier ...10:18
ubottumirko_ if Deutsch is easier ...: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:18
ikoniamirko_: then what is the problem ?10:18
mirko_no, englisch is ok...10:18
mirko_may i pose my questionß10:18
ikoniamirko_: please do10:18
Seven_Six_Twomirko, do you have a specific question? Was ist deine Frage?10:18
jurislavso nobody knows what's wrong with my keyboard? :/10:18
mirko_ok...i want to learn how to create ipk files and, out of this, packages...i use a enigma2 dreambox...and i want to create my own feed...therefore i need to build an ipk file... and of course a Packages.gz10:19
mirko_i've read a lot of stuff... and everywhere i read that the easiest way to do this is with a linux system...like ubuntu or debian...so yesterday i installed ubuntu first time :-)10:20
mirko_is there someone in here who has a dreambox and knows what i am talking about?10:20
ObrienDavewhat's an ipk file?10:21
jurislavipk is a sw package for wrt-like OS on routers..10:21
jurislavcheck ipkg on wiki10:21
jurislavif i am not mistaken :)10:22
mirko_Ipk is file extension for most the enigma2 plugins files and composed of compressed data of the plugin distributed in different folders for automatic installation10:22
mirko_i checked ipkg on wiki10:22
mirko_and i installed ipkg-dev on my ubuntu system10:22
mirko_but there are some specific questions left...i guess i have to find someone who has a enigma2 stb10:23
mirko_is there someone in here?10:23
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grosjeanmirko_: it's not fully related to ubuntu, isn'it ?10:29
onlahey if I want to test another operating system inside a virtual machine, should I install vmware or what are the options to run virtual os?10:30
mirko_hi there10:31
jurislavonla, virtual box is the easiest option, while being the most efficient too..10:31
cfhowlettonla, qemu virtualbox kvm10:31
onlaoh ok tks10:31
feoliveihey team10:31
ObrienDaveonla, virtualbox is very popular10:32
Guest95831i am using a 14.04 trusty distro but when i login it is getting bounced back i all enviroinments say10:34
Guest95831and googllng didnt work10:34
Guest95831anybody at all??10:35
cfhowlett!patience | Guest95831,10:35
ubottuGuest95831,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:35
grosjeanGuest95831: cdan you explain more on your issue ?10:35
Guest95831well it was good i installed java and performed a regular update and installed python and all my scripts but when i wanted to login today it is just keeping me bouncing back to the login screen10:37
Guest95831and i consulted these forums it just made it worse10:37
grosjeanGuest95831: so logon on the tty (ctrl+alt+f1) and check your logs10:38
Guest95831it is purged10:38
Guest95831i ttyed it and checked both admin and guest and inaccessible10:39
Guest95831in GUI10:39
Guest95831but ttying works10:39
grosjeanso logon on your tty110:39
grosjeanand check the logs of your X server10:40
Guest95831wait le me boot it up10:40
Guest95831the comeand pls10:41
Guest95831i am a noob10:41
kedarkhetiacan any one help ? cant connect to #pyladies10:42
ObrienDaveyour nick must be registered10:43
c0mrad3is this bug fixed ?? https://bugs.launchpad.net/plank/+bug/105320210:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1053202 in Plank "Show windows of current workspace only" [Wishlist,Fix released]10:43
c0mrad3then how to do it ubottu10:44
kedarkhetiathankz le me try10:44
c0mrad3has the bug fixed ?? https://bugs.launchpad.net/plank/+bug/105320210:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1053202 in Plank "Show windows of current workspace only" [Wishlist,Fix released]10:46
g0bbenhello! i have a question about upgrading to 14.04.1 LTS: do i have to install all of my SW and configure my start programs upafter upgrade?10:46
cfhowlettg0bben, depends. what ubuntu are you on right now?10:47
Priceyg0bben: Might be useful to know what you're upgrading from.10:48
g0bbencfhowlett: i'm trying to find that out now :P give me a minute. :)10:48
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ObrienDaveg0bben, cat /etc/issue10:48
cfhowlettg0bben, open a terminal: cat /etc/issue      paste into fpaste.org         then post the url here.10:49
g0bbenok. thanks :)10:49
Guest95831the CL please10:50
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psiklopsHi ... i am running trusty and would like to play .opus files .. what do i need to be able to do so ?10:52
grosjeancat /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:53
grosjeanGuest95831: ^^10:53
maybe_carlHello. Can anyone paste the ouput of "lsb_release -c -s" for ubuntu 14.04 64 bits?10:55
=== Zer0legend is now known as Ankoran
ikoniawhy ?10:56
cfhowlettmaybe_carl, trust10:56
maybe_carl(I messed with my system too much and I need it to run ppa-purge)10:56
ikoniathe output of lsb won't have any impact on PPA purge10:56
ikoniathats only the ubuntu LSB name10:56
maybe_carlUnfortunately the lsb-release of my box has been modified somehow.10:56
ikoniamaybe_carl: what does it say ?10:57
AikiloxI am having problem with ubuntu instalation. computer doesn't respond during instalation process10:57
Aikiloxit is blocked10:57
ikoniamaybe_carl: (pastebin it if it's long)10:57
cfhowlettmaybe_carl, paste that puppy10:57
cfhowlettmaybe_carl, also paste cat /etc/apt/sources.list10:57
maybe_carlOkay, I will give all the story in its gory details (and the ppa-purge). Wait a sec, I'm gathering all the info10:58
g0bbenhello again! i have a question about upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS to 14.04.1 LTS: do i have to install all of my SW and configure my startup programs after upgrading?10:58
ikoniag0bben: not if they are upgraded10:58
cfhowlettg0bben, you can directly upgrade LTS to LTS10:58
ikoniag0bben: they will remain in situ, but updated10:58
g0bbenSoftware is Teamspeak and Teamviewer10:59
cfhowlettg0bben, sudo do-release-upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade10:59
g0bbenOk, Thanks :)10:59
ikoniag0bben: they will not be updated (and should not be on the system during the upgrade) as they are provided by 3rd party repos I believe10:59
g0bbencfhowlett, i have a Upgrade button. <-- Not hardcore linux user :/10:59
g0bbenikonia: Thanks, they are 3rd party sw yes.11:00
ikoniag0bben: so you should remove them11:00
g0bbenikonia: why? that is why i run ubuntu. to run teamspeak server.11:01
ikoniag0bben: remove it - upgrade, re-install it11:01
ikoniag0bben: those packages are not managed by the ubuntu upgrade process and may cause problems11:01
g0bbenikonia: okay, i guess the upgarde can wait then. thanks for information :)11:02
blackjumperhow to make ftp server in ubuntu?plz11:02
cfhowlett!server | blackjumper,11:02
ubottublackjumper,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:02
blackjumperin the local network.11:02
blackjumperubuntu server edition is GUI?11:04
maybe_carlOkay on with my sob story. I'm running elementary freya 64 bits (based on ubuntu 14.04). I installed a bad ppa (I didn't know at the time, I swear)11:04
grosjeanGuest95831: so wich graphic card, wich grpahical environment (gnome,  etc ..)11:05
cfhowlettmaybe_carl, freya is not supported here.  ubuntu only.  for elementary support, use their channels.11:05
maybe_carlSo the bad ppa used an experimental ricotz ppa that since has been removed. So with the help of ricotz himself I managed to add the proper ricotz experimental ppa in the hope that now ppa-purge will help me get rid of the all the experimental packages that have been installed on my system.11:05
Guest95831i tried all envoronments11:06
Guest95831it is the same11:06
maybe_carlcfhowlett. I know that's why I spared you the details and just went for the bit I needed: the output of lsbrelease command.11:06
grosjeanGuest95831: so this is an intel graphic card ?11:07
cfhowlettmaybe_carl, right.  so no need to ask further questions because elementary is NOT supported.  sorry.11:07
Guest95831T4300 processor11:07
maybe_carlOk I understand. Still not cool as the help only needed a command line.11:07
grosjeanGuest95831: lspci -nnk | egrep -iA3 "VGA"11:08
ikoniamaybe_carl: its cool to use the right channel, not try to use the wrong channel11:08
grosjeanGuest95831: and "dpkg -l | grep xserver-xorg-video-intel"11:08
cfhowlettmaybe_carl, if your OS is not supported by the publisher, perhaps there's something you should consider ...11:08
Guest95831intel moblie 4 series chipset11:09
c0mrad3can I make the same in ubuntu https://ask.fedoraproject.org/en/question/28819/is-there-a-way-to-make-alttab-only-see-the-current-workspace/11:09
cfhowlettc0mrad3, paste the input output of this terminal command in fpaste.org  :   lsb_release -a11:10
Guest95831yes did it #grosjean11:10
c0mrad3cfhowlett: 14.1011:10
maybe_carlGuys, I'm coming from the elementary channel and the elementary guys were very helpful. But my problem involves layers/packages that are below elementary. But there's no point discussing any further as you mentioned. Bye!11:10
grosjeanGuest95831: do you use gdm or lightdm ?11:11
c0mrad3cfhowlett: pasted11:11
Guest95831i stopped lightdm11:12
grosjeanso look at error in /var/log/gdm/gdm.log11:12
rabbit_hi, i accidentally moved my /bin folder.. the one that has stuff in it, the important one.. how do i move it back to where it was?11:14
Guest95831log directory is abs11:14
ikoniarabbit_: where did you move it to ?11:14
rabbit_the root /bin is inside of the other bin now, the one that should be empty11:14
rabbit_or the one that is normally empty, i mean11:14
ikoniarabbit_: there is no "empty" one11:14
ikoniarabbit_: what exactly did you do11:15
ikoniarabbit_: what command ?11:15
rabbit_there is an empty one http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/terminal-command-to-move-a-file-to-another-directory-725098/11:15
rabbit_k let me find the commands, it's kind of embarassing11:15
ikoniarabbit_: there is no empty bind file11:15
ikoniabin file/directory sorry11:15
ikoniaso "I moved it to the empty bin directory" is not true11:15
ikoniaplease try to get the exact command11:15
rabbit_that's what i'm doing11:16
ash`rabbit_: inside ~/.bash_history usually helps if you were root probably in /root/.bash_history unless turned off11:16
rabbit_well if i didn't move it there i've no idea what it's doing there11:16
ikoniawhere ?11:16
grosjeanrabbit_: so you have /bin/bin ?11:16
ikoniawhere is "there"11:16
rabbit_"there" is usr/local/bin11:16
=== RoozbehShafiee__ is now known as RoozbehShafiee
rabbit_one question at a time please, i am trying to find the commands11:17
ikoniarabbit_: ok, so /usr/local/bin/mv /usr/local/bin /usr11:17
ikoniarabbit_: that will put it back to /usr/bin11:17
Guest95831gdm.log file is missing11:17
c0mrad3cfhowlett: http://fpaste.org/156139/60547214/11:17
grosjeanGuest95831: look at the las file: ls l-rta /var/log/gdm/11:18
c0mrad3my question is to make alt-tab show the windows in the current workspace only :) cfhowlett11:18
cfhowlettc0mrad3, got it ...11:18
c0mrad3yep :) is it possible ??11:18
cfhowlettc0mrad3, I think you could do that by editing the keybinding.  I'm on xubuntu, so my system is a bit diff from yours11:19
rabbit_k here's what i did ikona, grosjean, ash, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9354024/11:19
grosjeanaie :)11:19
Guest95831it has got a bunch of greet and slave logs11:19
c0mrad3how to edit the keybinding mine is unity11:19
grosjeanrabbit_: do what ikonia say to you11:20
ikoniarabbit_: looks like you renamed the /bin directory screenshot.sh11:20
rabbit_said to tell me what commands i used11:20
grosjeanGuest95831: the las one please11:20
ikoniarabbit_: do you still have /usr/bin11:20
rabbit_Unhandled error message: Error when getting information for file '/usrl/bin': No such file or directory11:21
ikoniarabbit_: /usr/bin11:21
ikonianot /usrl/bin11:21
cfhowlettc0mrad3, ask someone who has ubuntu.  just confirmed that my xfce is not the same as your ubuntu11:21
c0mrad3kk cfhowlett11:21
rabbit_yes! i still have it, it looks empty ikonia11:21
Guest95831grosjean:i didnt get you11:21
rabbit_wait no, it's filled with stuff11:22
ikoniarabbit_: so where did you run this directory ? your home directory ?11:22
jstooneI am having a weird problem with my ssl certificates. For some reason it serves cert from site1 on site2 as well when I access site2 on https. Any suggestions on what configs I might have been juggling around with.11:22
rabbit_i also have usr/local/bin/bin11:22
rabbit_yeah home ikonia, i think. you're asking if i did this as root? i didn't,11:23
grimsiequick question whenever anyone has the time11:24
ikoniarabbit_: no, I'm not asking if you did this as root11:24
ikoniarabbit_: I'm asking you "what directory did you run these commands in"11:24
ikoniarabbit_: can you pastebin the output of ls -la /11:24
=== sjefskoder is now known as Guest5873
rabbit_ikonia ls -la result: bash: /bin/ls: No such file or directory11:26
rabbit_I CDed to /Desktop before i did it, if that's what you're asking, sorry for not understanding ikonia11:26
ikoniarabbit_: /usr/bin/ls -la /11:27
rabbit_bash: /usr/bin/ls: No such file or directory11:27
grosjeanGuest95831: i'm a bit busy @work right now, sorry11:28
Guest95831well i know waht it is you are implying11:29
Guest95831any ways thanks11:29
matuhi ! I am installing my wireless broadcom driver manually on kubuntu 14.04  It asks for "libitml" But I can't find this package anywhere. Pls help.11:30
rabbit_if i go back to the directory before home directory, the file that has etc and proc in it.. it doesn't have bin, and it should have bin. bin is somewhere else. how do i move it back.11:31
rabbit_(knowing where it is)11:31
rabbit_unless i am remembering wrong and it's not supposed to have bin11:31
rabbit_i know this is my fault, but it will let me do things as superuser through the terminal, where it's much less clear to me what i am doing.. but it won't let me copy and paste the bin file back to where it should be because the place where it should be requires root privilages.. yet if i try to do it through sudo in the terminal again i'll probably break everything even more11:33
christian_am i being attacked? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9354102/11:33
onlawhat log file is that?11:34
onlai'm no info man but just curious man. maybe info man can tell11:34
matudoes anyone know where to find the package libitml ? or is it a mistake in kubuntu 14.04 that it displays a worng dependency?11:35
christian_onla any idea what this is about?11:35
solarsIs there a tool to set up a vpn easily on ubuntu? A colleague wants to do this but doesn't want to do everything manually11:40
ikonia!vpn | solars11:41
ubottusolars: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN11:41
solarsthanks ikonia11:42
rabbit_any ideas ikonia? i can't use ls anywhere because it must require something from bin, and bin isn't where it should be11:42
solarsikonia, the page seems a bit outdated, I assume he can simply use: Ubuntu 10.04 comes preinstalled with VPN support.11:43
solarsThis features is available under the networks connections tab.11:43
ikoniasolars: they all come with it in network manager11:43
ikoniathat page is out of date though, a fair point11:43
solars:) how do I start this manager from the console?11:44
rabbit_shooooooot i can't use mv either11:44
rabbit_i really did just break my os trying to get lxde to take a screenshot. marvelous11:45
rabbit_is there a way to get super user privileges through the gui on lubuntu / lxde without logging out? i think if i log out or shut down i won't be able to start up again11:45
cfhowlettrabbit_, su superuseraccountname11:46
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
solarsikonia, hm but is this in the network settings only the client, or also the server?11:48
rabbit_thanks cfhowlett, fingers crossed11:48
ikoniasolars: the server11:48
ikoniasolars: or you can install and configure a standalone server11:48
solarsikonia, when doing it in the NM, is the server started automatically etc?11:49
rabbit_cfhowlett The program 'su' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:11:49
rabbit_sudo apt-get install login.. when i put that in it says i already have it11:49
ikoniawhen the network comes up11:49
solarsI think that's fine11:49
ikoniarabbit_: it's because it's in the wrong location11:49
ikoniaand your PATH is set wrong while your file system is screwed up11:49
matuThe ubuntu package manager tells me that I have to install libitml. But I can't find any information on the internet that this package even exists. The only topic where this package is mentioned is here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2238423.html But where can I find the deb file from this package?11:50
Rorymatu: What are you trying to install? Are you installing a deb package or using apt-get?11:53
RoryPlease paste the full output onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel11:53
matuRory: It tells me that I need this package when I try to install libgcc-4.8-dev = 4.8.2-19ubuntu111:54
RoryCan I see the command you run and the complete output?11:55
rabbit_fixed it! ikonia, cfhowlett i don't know if you are interested but this was the solution: sudo /usr/local/bin/bin/mv /usr/local/bin/bin /  (because mv wasn't where it should be so i couldn't just write "mv" or "ls" for that matter )11:55
ikoniarabbit_: I told you to do that about 25 minutes ago11:55
rabbit_did you ikonia? i never saw it11:55
matuRory: I run the normal install command:  sudo dpkg -i libgcc-4.8-dev_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb11:56
cfhowlett!cookie | ikonia11:56
ubottuikonia: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:56
ikoniano need for sorry11:56
=== Shaun___ is now known as Shaun
Rorymatu: What Ubuntu version are you using? How come you got a .deb instead of installing libgcc from the package manager?11:57
Rorymatu: Can I see the full output?11:57
rabbit_yeah ubottu i really wish there was a way to repay people for helping11:57
matuRory: Kubuntu 14.04 , I can't use the package manager because I have to install my wireless internet driver first, so I download the packages via windows and install them via this command11:59
ObrienDaverabbit_, you can repay by helping others :)12:00
Rorymatu: Do you have some way of getting the complete output of the command you're running onto a pastebin?12:00
Rorymatu: The easiest solution to what you're trying to do would be to plug in with a cable temporarily, use the package manager to set up your wifi12:01
rabbit_everyone's questions are too difficult for me here! sometimes i go on yahoo answers and help people with their questions "how do I copy and paste" sort of thing, that's about my level of expertise12:01
Roryrabbit_: Keep doing that then, pay it forwards12:01
grosjeanrabbit_: there's no competition here :)12:01
rabbit_it's just as well :D12:01
matuRory: I know, but I don't have cable in the residence where I am. You can see the output, but then I have to reboot and login to kubuntu, so please wait a second12:01
modifyplhi, firefox on ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) shows steam page incorrectly, even in clean install. mail.com also doesn't show correctly (missing images in both sites). Is it a plugin in use?12:02
ObrienDavemodifypl, try same site with chrome12:03
Rorymodifypl: Do you have a screenshot?12:03
Rorymodifypl: Also, in Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+Delete, expand "Details", and make sure Cache is selected, and change the time range to "Everything" then press "Clear now"12:04
mnms_Is there any tool to read mbox file filtering by from address and redirect content to file ?12:05
=== user is now known as akis
modifyplRory: http://imgur.com/ZAxWJzi , doing that.12:05
InteliBlentavi need hardware help with my zenbook12:06
InteliBlentavhave 2 graph cards12:06
InteliBlentavhave intel and gforce nvidia12:06
Rorymodifypl: Is it only that page? Looks like no images or stylesheets are loading. It reloads like that when you press Ctrl-F5 as well?12:06
InteliBlentavmind helping me, currently my main builtin monitor has black screen12:06
modifypl2yeah cleaning cache didn't fix the issue.12:11
matuRory: here is the output that you asked: http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1417608642.png12:11
matuRory: it's in French but I can translate it if you want ;)12:11
=== modifypl2 is now known as modifypl
Donskoyhi I just downloaded Eclipse & moved it to /usr/local/. how can I start eclipse from terminal?12:18
Rorymatu: Is this 14.04?12:18
RoryDonskoy: You can run it with the full path to the Eclipse binary, so something like /usr/local/path/to/eclipse12:19
matuRory: it's Kubuntu 14.0412:20
Rorymatu: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libitm1 you need this deb12:20
Rorymatu: It's a "1" not a letter "l"12:20
DonskoyThanks Rory how can I mmake it run without the path, somethinng like "eclipse"12:20
RoryDonskoy: When you run the command "eclipse", the shell will look for a file called "eclipse" in all the locations in the $PATH variable.12:21
matuRory: thank you very much, I feel dumb rightnow :)12:21
Rory!path | Donskoy12:21
ubottuDonskoy: The $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables12:21
daddyubuntu 14.04 is nicd12:21
RoryDonskoy: So, if you have a file /usr/local/bin/eclipse you can just run "eclipse"12:21
daddye it is loaded in my laptop12:22
Rorymatu: You might get stuck chasing dependency after dependency though. But http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/ is the place to be.12:22
daddyit is really nice12:23
Rorydaddy: We all think so too. Did you have a support question?12:23
daddynon that i can think of12:24
matuRory: I am already chasing dependency after dependency for a long time so it should be coming to an end soon :) I knew that site, I just didn't read the name of the package correctly,12:25
matumatu: and thank you for all the help. I will check if it works.12:26
linuxdi wnna use alt+shift to change typing language insteaof super+space.how to do it?12:26
bazhanglinuxd, with ibus12:26
bazhang!ibus | linuxd12:27
ubottulinuxd: IBus is used to allow multilingual input such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Devanagari and Dravidian characters in !GUI applications - see also: !SCIM. For more info on Ibus see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus12:27
afidegnumhello good morning all, I am in a deep mess...12:27
afidegnumI currently have installed ubuntu 14.04 and i am required to upgrade which I did via the software utility. , now the problem on the ground is, after restating, I can't log in,.... I do type correctly the username and password, but I am logged out back automatically...12:28
afidegnumsecondly, now, the screen is black12:28
afidegnumafter ubuntu start12:28
afidegnumany answer so far?12:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest25576
akishi all. by mistake i installed  "gnome-media-player 0.1.3-0ubuntu5" instead of  "gnome-mplayer 1.0.8-2". I unistalled the 1st one using ubuntu software center but i saw in history that although were installed 14 files they unistalled only 13 files. (http://pbrd.co/1yf2XzR & http://pbrd.co/1yf39Px). How can i uninstall the file that was not uninstalled? how can i be sure that every relevant file is already unistalled?12:36
modifyplguys, even chromium is showing the page in the same way.12:36
modifyplas firefox12:36
modifyplRory: http://imgur.com/gYrKOGB12:39
Rorymodifypl: Do other devices connected to the same network have the same problem?12:40
afidegnumany insight?12:40
modifyplwell i tried on my notebook but it is not using ubuntu12:40
modifyplshows just fine12:41
Rory!patience | afidegnum12:41
ubottuafidegnum: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:41
RoryThat's really odd modifypl. Can you restart the router, just to rule that out?12:41
modifyplhrmm i will google around a bit, may be just a missing lib.12:46
vibhavphow do I know if I have mounted a drive with execute permissions?12:46
DonskoyRory, thanks for the knowledge!12:50
c0rnelis there a tool to convert rpm/s to .debs?12:50
ikoniac0rnel: it's not something you should be doing12:51
cfhowlettc0rnel, "alien" command can do that but you would find it much less painful to go for native .debs12:51
ObrienDavec0rnel, yes there is. no, you don't really want to do that12:51
akishi all. by mistake i installed  "gnome-media-player 0.1.3-0ubuntu5" instead of  "gnome-mplayer 1.0.8-2". I unistalled the 1st one using ubuntu software center but i saw in history that although were installed 14 files they unistalled only 13 files. (http://pbrd.co/1yf2XzR & http://pbrd.co/1yf39Px). How can i uninstall the file that was not uninstalled? how can i be sure that every relevant file is already unistalled?12:52
ikoniaakis: they will just be dependencies12:52
c0rnelikonia, cfhowlett, ObrienDave , thank you. if i have the src rpm, how can i use thjs to create the .deb? automatically, if possible :)12:52
ikoniaakis: use autoclean, or don't worry about it12:52
ikoniac0rnel: no12:52
cfhowlettc0rnel, not really how it works ...12:53
ikoniac0rnel: rpm will not work with ubuntu at all12:53
buyoancinghi, I have an issue with dovecot and apparmor on trusty. Apparently, some profiles are misnamed. Is there an expert here?12:53
ikoniabuyoancing: it seems unlikley they are named wrong12:54
jpdsbuyoancing: What's wrong with them?12:54
c0rnelikonia, cfhowlett , thanks12:54
subin47c0rnel, use alien program to convert to .deb12:54
c0rnelthank you subin4712:55
jpdssubin47: Have you been reading what we've been saying?12:55
ikoniac0rnel: I VERY strongly advise you NOT to do that12:55
buyoancingwell i get some entries in my dmesg that say profile not found... i have files like " /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.dovecot.dovecot-auth" but I think it should be named usr.lib.dovecot.dovecot.auth because /usr/lib/dovecot is a folder12:55
c0rnelikonia, got that, man12:55
dupingpingplease help me with this question, http://askubuntu.com/questions/556125/how-can-i-use-public-key-encryption-for-luks12:55
akisikonia: autoclean doesnt include this package. i gave apt-get remove libpostproc52 but the system wants to remove gnome-mplayer & mplayer2 which are the packages i need to run. maybe bpostproc52 is also useful for gnome mplayer as it is for gnome-media-player?12:56
iggymydogi have returned....from the depths of eol with my upgraded 14.04 lts :D how ever the internet on the thing still wont work12:56
ikoniaakis: autoclean will remove uneeded packages12:56
iggymydogmy computer can not get on wifi12:57
jpdsikonia: autoremove will, autoclean does something completely different.12:57
akisikonia: autoclean is the same as autoremove?12:57
ikoniajpds: oops, thank you12:57
ikoniaakis: nope, see jpds's comment12:57
iggymydogcan someone help?12:58
iggymydogepicfail: supppp12:58
jpdsbuyoancing: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo aa-status" ?12:58
buyoancingjpds: sure, one sec12:59
iggymydogakis: if your not crazy busy wanna help me a lil bit12:59
akishow can i be sure that the removed package doesn't leave any files on my /home or somewhere else12:59
ikoniaiggymydog: please don't hassle individuals12:59
ikoniaiggymydog: ask the channel and wait for a response12:59
ikoniaakis: they won't, thats why they are being removed13:00
akisiggymydog: help on what?13:00
ikoniaakis: trust the package manager13:00
iggymydogikonia: i did three times.....13:00
ikoniaiggymydog: so wait13:00
ikoniaiggymydog: rather than asking random individuals13:00
iggymydogakis: i cant connect to the internet13:00
akisikonia: i did!13:00
jpdsakis: There's nothing that removes things from the /home folder.13:00
mietekIs there a tool which, given a name such as libpng, would output the name of the right package to install, such as libpng12-dev on Ubuntu 14.04?13:01
ikoniamietek that doesn't make sense13:01
akisjpds: where should i search? in /.local or in /.config?13:01
iggymydogikonia: i dont feel like i was hasseling him by asking him if he was busy he could have told me to go away13:01
jpdsmietek: Bash's tab-completation ?13:01
ikoniamietek: you can use apt-file to look at specific files13:01
mietekikonia: I know about apt-file, but searching for libfoo.a does not give unambiguous results.13:01
ikoniamietek: use the full path13:02
akisiggymydog: didi you try using ethernet?13:02
jpdsakis: That entirely depends on the how the software is coded to do things.13:02
ikoniaiggymydog: please ask the channel until people respond13:02
iggymydogakis: yes i did and it worked fine13:02
mietekikonia: for .a?13:02
ikoniamietek: should work13:02
mietekikonia: no13:02
iggymydogakis: how ever i had to go to my nebors house to use it because i dont have a chord here13:02
ikoniamietek: eg apt-file search test.a13:02
mietekikonia: go ahead and search for libstdc++.a13:03
buyoancingjpds: the aa-status output is at http://pastebin.com/wy3K8Wta, i removed 2000 lines with "null-xxx"13:03
ikoniamietek: that doesn't look like a file13:03
ikoniamietek: normally you see a version, but I can't check it onthe machine I'm on13:03
jpdsbuyoancing: Ah, hmm.13:04
mietekikonia: you are thinking about dynamic libraries, which are usually named *.so13:04
akisiggymydog: so, you cannot just connect wirelessly?13:04
iggymydogakis: correst13:04
ikoniamietek: the apt-file command should still search though13:04
buyoancingjpds: looking at "ps", I see tasks called "dovecot/imap-login"  and also "dovecot/auth"13:04
khaaaaan12Can someone help me out with chromeos-apk and dvd::rip?13:04
mietekikonia: yes, but as I said, it doesn't give unambiguous output.13:04
mietekI'm asking if anyone knows a better tool than apt-file.13:04
buyoancingjpds: but no "dovecot-auth"13:04
ikoniamietek what does it actually give you13:04
ikoniamietek: pastebin the output, lets have a look13:04
akisiggymydog: what kind of adaptor you are using to conncet wirelessly?13:05
mietekThere are many packages which contain libstdc++.a, and I'm wondering about a general solution.13:05
mietekI don't have a problem installing this file specifically.13:05
buyoancingjpds: but I get lots of lines like this in the kernel log: apparmor="ALLOWED" operation="exec" info="profile not found" error=-13 profile="/usr/sbin/dovecot" name="/usr/lib/dovecot/auth" comm="dovecot" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=0 ouid=013:05
iggymydogits a dell so i believe its bro something....13:05
ikoniamietek: there really shouldn't be13:05
iggymydogakis: its a dell so i believe its bro something but im not sure...do u mean router or my nic13:05
=== buyoancing is now known as buyo
buyoah, that's better13:05
jpdsbuyo: Can you file a bug report about this on bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu ?13:06
mietekikonia: https://gist.github.com/mietek/cd74e4a02ac02350b46a13:06
buyojpds: yeah i will13:06
akisiggymydog: i mean the onboard adaptor.13:06
buyojpds: just wondering why noone had files one before :)13:06
khaaaaan12I can use with no problem dvd::rip and chromeos-apk on Xubuntu but on Ubuntu it's just not working : dependicies or webgl not supported.13:06
buyofiled even13:06
iggymydogakis: im not sure13:06
ikoniamietek: that looks fine, if you look there is one generic one - the rest are different archs13:06
javnutwhere can I get help for bash?13:06
mietekikonia: I know that.13:06
mietekI am asking about a tool which can do that automatically.13:07
ikoniamietek: do what ?13:07
ikoniamietek: apt-file has just done exactly what you want13:07
matuRory: I installed all the required packages, and my wireless internet works now :p Cheers!13:07
jpdsikonia: He wants to map short names of libs to their long versions.13:07
mietekikonia: you said I should look and figure out which one is the generic name.13:07
ikoniamietek: no, you should use which one fits your needs best13:07
=== k1l is now known as Guest30567
ikoniamietek: eg: you're not using arm, or cross-compiling for arm, so you don't need that one13:08
mietekikonia: are you dense?13:08
jpdsbuyo: Yeah, I don't use dovecot myself.13:08
akisiggymydog: did you try to edit your connection?13:08
ikoniamietek: I don't believe so13:08
iggymydogakis: yes13:08
buyojpds: are you involved with the apparmor-profiles package?13:08
=== Guest30567 is now known as k1l
mietekjpds: do you know if a tool or service like that exists?13:09
iggymydogakis: manually put in my wifi's infromation in hopes it would work13:09
=== buyo is now known as buyoa
akisiggymydog: is it able to scan wireless networks?13:11
jpdsbuyoa: I'm familiar with apparmor.13:11
jpdsmietek: I literally just use the tab-complete in my shell.13:12
iggymydogakis: negetive13:12
mietekjpds: what, you write "apt-get install libz", press tab, and get "zlib1g-dev"?13:12
jpdsmietek: That one's a special case.13:13
mietekjpds: funny!13:13
jpdsmietek: I do: [apt-cache show|apt-get install] libpng<tab>, done.13:13
mietekjpds: sure, I know I can do that.  But as you see, it's not automatic.13:13
mietekThere are packaging systems which let users declare just the short library names, and give no help in installing the actual libraries.13:14
mietekI'm working on adding automation to such a system, and just trying to find out if anyone has done the work before.13:14
jpdsmietek: You shouldn't be installing libraries, you should be installing apps which pull in those libraries.13:14
* mietek shrugs13:15
OerHeksGlad there is no such system, that could lead to unwanted packages.13:15
iggymydogakis: sooo...13:20
ash`javnut: man bash?13:21
javnutash`: nvm, I found #bash13:22
=== martin_ is now known as martinst
warfrogis this the best channel for ubuntu support?13:22
DJoneswarfrog: Its a good place to start, you may get pointed to another more specialised channel once people know what the issue is13:23
mao_warfrog,  maybe13:23
warfrogThanks. So, here's the odd issue13:23
warfrogInstalled Emacs24, then went to install modules/plugins ( i can't recall exactly what )13:24
warfrogand then I lost total keyboard control, except the ALT key for that login13:24
warfrogpurged Emacs24, still no help. Seems like this should be a config file I can remove/fix13:25
warfrogi can login, but after login, no keys work, aside from ALT13:25
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
warfrogany thoughts? or is this a more specialized/difficult request?13:26
=== TonyL is now known as Guest41932
ikoniawarfrog: reboot your machine see if you have the same problem13:27
warfrogikonia - i have, multiple times13:28
ikoniawarfrog: and every time you have the same problem13:28
ikoniawarfrog: if you can only use the alt key after a reboot - how do you login with your username and password13:28
warfrogkeyboard works fine for other users and works fine on login screen13:28
warfrogpost login, however, it stops working, as though something has taken over the keybindings13:29
cariveriHi. how do I install a software from a later release?  like a later version of teamviewer in that case?13:29
ikoniacariveri: you don't13:30
ikoniawarfrog: backup your configs, and remove all the . files in your home directory, then add them back one at a time and see whats breaking it13:30
warfrogcariveri: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/dyngate.aspx13:31
cariveriikonia: so if that software does not let me connect to a peer on a later version, Im forced to upgrade my ubuntu?13:31
warfrogprevious versions of Teamviewer are located there13:31
ikoniacariveri: or find a later version built for your OS version13:31
warfrogikonia: thanks!  I was hoping that wasn't the solution, but it makes the most sense at this point13:32
sorin_i from romania13:36
kotelhey all i have installed ubuntu 14.10 server edition on a vm and i am occuring a strange situation..the ls command doesn't work..i press the comand and nothing happens no errors ,nothing..any ideas?13:36
ikoniakotel: what does "pwd" say13:36
iggymydogkotel: what does pwd say?13:36
iggymydogkotel: ok...hmmm13:36
ikoniakotel: ok, so do "ls -la /"13:36
ikoniakotel: does that work13:36
sucomYou know any program to convert o format do video???  Iḿ new using Ubuntu13:37
kotelyea it works but why? what does the la statment do any do u have any clue why single ls doesn't work?13:37
ikoniakotel: there is nothing in your home directory13:38
ikoniakotel: do "touch hello && ls"13:38
ikoniakotel: you should see hello listed13:38
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
kotelok i got it..i changed dir and eveything is here..:P13:39
OerHekssucom losts of choise; arista transmageddon ConvertMe! http://askubuntu.com/a/2786613:40
BluesKaj_'Morning folks13:43
Orthodoxwhat's a good dock w/o compositing for xubuntu?13:45
Orthodoxk tnx13:47
omi360new one from win to ubuntu13:47
Orthodoxhi omi13:48
omi360hi orthodox13:48
EriC^^Orthodox: cairo-dock doesn't require compositing13:48
parmiggianohi omi360 - good choice13:48
omi360i love linux now.13:48
OerHeks!info docker13:49
ubottudocker (source: docker): System tray for KDE3/GNOME2 docklet applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (utopic), package size 11 kB, installed size 64 kB13:49
EriC^^Orthodox: you have to iron out some stuff in the configuration13:49
omi360ubuntu is very good.13:49
omi360linux is good13:50
Orthodoxstill learning about buntu13:50
omi360linux was all humans os13:56
omi360but still have some Deficiencies13:57
Orthodoxlike what?13:57
=== k1l_ is now known as Guest52685
=== Guest52685 is now known as k1l
omi360for the new people ,the GUI and command line and settings and hardware diver13:58
ikoniathis really isn't an ubuntu issue13:58
ikoniait's not a unity issue13:59
EriC^^omi360: any problem in particular?13:59
omi360first , i am from china , sorry for my english14:00
EriC^^omi360: no problem14:00
omi360thanks eric , i have no problem.14:00
k1lomi360: for chating we have #ubuntu-offtopic , this channel is for support only :)14:02
omi360ok .thanks14:02
kotelI have another question i am trying to send a file  from my host ubuntu to ubuntu server vm.. i use the command "" sudo scp -P 2222 /home/kotel/Desktop/1.pdf ubuntuserver@ ""  although i have given my file (1.pdf) full permision i still get a persmission denied message...what am i doing wrong?14:06
ash`kotel: does ubuntuserver have permission to write to /home/kotel ?14:08
Priceykotel: sudo only takes effect on the local machine.14:08
ash`In a way yes, sudo is irrelevent, but the actual problem is the permissions surrounding ubuntuserver and /home/kotel14:10
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
kotelok fixed it thanks for your help..:)14:11
daniel__1hi community :) maybe someone can give me a solution to my apt-get-problem...14:11
daniel__1I am trying to 'apt-get install libjpeg62' getting this error (on german): " libjpeg-turbo8-dev : Kollidiert mit: libjpeg62-dev aber 6b1-4ubuntu1 soll installiert werden"14:12
daniel__1" libjpeg-turbo8-dev : Kollidiert mit: libjpeg62-dev aber 6b1-4ubuntu1 soll installiert werden"14:12
azizLIGHTwhere is deb unpacked to? where is the location of files in package such as qt5.314:13
InteliBlentavhelp ? :)14:13
daniel__1"E: Fehler: Unterbrechungen durch pkgProblemResolver::Resolve hervorgerufen; dies könnte durch zurückgehaltene Pakete verursacht worden sein."14:13
daniel__1What's the problem there?14:14
ash`daniel__1: am i right in thinking the first error is saying something about replacing something?14:14
ash`this pkgProblemResolver my german doesn't extend to that level unfortunatly; but it sounds like a dependency thing?14:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940179 in libjpeg8-empty (Ubuntu Precise) "upgrade does not replace libjeg62-dev with libjpeg-turbo8-dev" [High,Fix released]14:15
daniel__1it seems to be this bug... i am running  Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS14:16
OerHeksdaniel__1, that package libjpeg62-dev (6b-15ubuntu1.1)  is for lucid, current trusty is libjpeg62-dev (6b1-4ubuntu1), so you have an old howto ?14:17
daniel__1i OerHeks i didnt found it on the howto, just found the bug by googling the error with package names14:18
daniel__1OerHeks, i didnt found it on the howto, just found the bug by googling the error with package names14:18
OerHeksdaniel__1, what are you trying to install anyway ?14:18
daniel__1in general, scantailor.org, but it seems to conflict while installing the dependencies..14:19
=== stefan2 is now known as Guest70290
OerHeksdaniel__1, seems like a dead project14:20
azizLIGHThow do i remove all the files from a ppa?14:20
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html14:21
daniel__1OerHeks: ooops, okay, sad - than i will try to find something equal (u know?) or try to script something for a scan-workflow...14:23
azizLIGHTi installed a ppa with files that go in the same dir as the regular deb version. whats happening and did i overwrite or messup stuff14:23
OerHeksdaniel__1, why not use the version in our repositories? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scantailor14:23
daniel__1OerHeks: o.014:26
daniel__1OerHeks: could be much easier, ill try xD14:26
OerHeksdaniel__1, have fun :-)14:26
daniel__1OerHeks: works like a charm! thank you very much amigo =)14:29
msp3kHello guys.  I installed squirrelmail, but when I go to the web page, squirrelmail shows http code.  It looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/a0AYixz.png  Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?14:31
azizLIGHTi purged a ppa but dpkg -l still shows them as still installed. i realized i made a mistake and need to reinstall the package but it isnt installing all of them after i added the ppa again. whats going on and how do i make it install all the other packages that come with it, without it thinking its already there (as per dpkg -l)14:33
msp3kazizLIGHT: Have you tried: apt-get --reinstall install <packages...>?14:34
azizLIGHTi did sudo a apt-get update14:34
OerHeksazizLIGHT, what ppa? for what ubuntu?14:34
azizLIGHTppa:beineri/opt-qt532-trusty on 14.0414:34
azizLIGHTits needed for a program14:35
OerHeksazizLIGHT, did you try to reboot after install? seems like a big change14:35
azizLIGHTmsp3k: i tried that but its not doing anything with the other packages (which i think are dependent pacakges... for example how can u install qt53base without all the other qt53* packages... which i know it did the first time i installed it)14:36
morsnowskiazizLIGHT: that doesn't help you but why squirrel and not roundcube?14:37
azizLIGHTwhat does that mean14:37
azizLIGHTill try a reboot i guess14:37
morsnowskiit's another mail frontend but has a few more options like html format for mails14:37
morsnowskiand it's dead easy to install14:38
azizLIGHTmorsnowski: i think youre talking to msp3k , not me14:38
morsnowskiazizLIGHT: yes of course sorry14:38
msp3kmorsnowski, I can give it a try.  I chose squirrelmail just b/c I've dealt with it in the past.14:38
morsnowskii'veinstalled roundcube on a box a few years back and it hasn't angered me in any form since14:39
azizLIGHThow do i forece reinstall of dependencies as well via apt-get ?14:42
=== mohammad is now known as Guest63601
Guest63601how to anable java on firefox ?14:42
k1l!list | protoss1976 kitfox14:43
ubottuprotoss1976 kitfox: k1l: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:43
kitfoxI am not looking for warez  just a newbie14:45
morsnowskiin what language does list actually mean hello?14:46
k1lmorsnowski: some italian pages have howtos to get warez on irc and so a lot of italian users come here to ssek for warez. that howtos tell them to say !list14:48
morsnowskik1l: I know that but as he said he isn't looking for no stinkin warez14:48
azizLIGHThow do i figure this out. why does dpkg think i have packages installed, when i dont. can someone help me about this. ieven restarted and did sudo apt-get update14:49
k1lazizLIGHT: show the dpkg -l | grep packagename in a pastebin please14:50
EriC^^azizLIGHT: dpkg -l | grep <package> lists it as ii ?14:50
OerHeksaziz i think you cannot just install 1 single package from that ppa14:50
n0o0bIs there an official guide for using an ubuntu 13.04 as LDAP client (user auth/homedir creation/mount against an already existing LDAP server)?14:50
Guest63601k1l: how can i enable java plugin on firefox in ubuntu 14.0414:51
k1lGuest63601: ^14:51
azizLIGHTk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9355128/14:51
k1ln0o0b: 13.04 is not supported anymore14:51
mdogehi, can i surpress SSH when it says 'Write Failed: Broken pipe' ?14:52
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.14:52
k1lazizLIGHT: which package you mean?14:52
azizLIGHTbasically i had a ppa and its packages installed. them mistakenly tried to purge the ppa. but now i need the packages back and it still thinks i have them installed and so i cant install the dependencies14:52
mdoge-q for silentmode, kthx14:52
hammamHello All14:52
azizLIGHTwell when i originally installed it i just did qt53base and it installed all those other packages you see in the pastebin14:53
hammamkick from the channel if you dare!!!14:53
n0o0bk1l yes i know but this is the version i need to use14:53
_raven_14.04lts: deleting files on cli does not affect free storage space at all. saved root space is 0.1%, users trash folder empty and i am out of ideas. what is going on here?14:53
azizLIGHTand now when i try to install qt53base again, it doesnt install theose other packages because theyre already there according to dpkg -l, but theyre not in reality in the files dir where they install /opt/qt5314:53
somsip!info autossh | mdoge (might be a workaround for you)14:54
ubottumdoge (might be a workaround for you): autossh (source: autossh): Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4c-2 (utopic), package size 27 kB, installed size 111 kB14:54
k1lazizLIGHT: wait /opt/14:54
EriC^^_raven_: df -h pastebinit it14:54
k1lazizLIGHT: so you mix PPA and manual install in /opt/?14:54
azizLIGHTso dpkg is falsely listing pacakges as installed...14:54
k1lthat sounds like a whole mess now14:54
mdogeubottu: very nice14:54
afidegnumhi, ubuntu immediately log me out when I I tried to login even thouh the password is correct. what's the cause and how can i fix it ?14:54
morsnowskiazizLIGHT: have you tried apt-get purge <package>14:54
mdogesomsip: thx14:55
azizLIGHTk1l: no, this is all ppa14:55
somsipmdoge: np14:55
azizLIGHTk1l: im trying to reinstall the same packages i purged, from the same ppa14:55
k1lazizLIGHT: what are you doing there at all? /opt/ is not where system packages install to14:55
azizLIGHTk1l: im trying to install qt5.3.x for a program that needs it. ubuntu is stuck on 5.2.1 on 14.04 so i resorted to ppa. it worked for the program and no complaints. i got an update and got confused thinking that 14.04 actually got legit 5.3 so i purged the ppa then i realized by checking it was actually the ppa's update not 14.04 . so now im trying to reinstall the ppa and its pacakges14:57
_raven_additional info: root is encrypted. any cache what lasts forever?14:57
azizLIGHTbut dpkg thinks that its still there for whatever reason14:57
azizLIGHTthe ppa packages14:58
k1lazizLIGHT: show the messages and commands in a pastebin14:58
DualBootMePleaseI am having a *lot* of problems getting dual boot set up14:58
DualBootMePleasemy current problem is, via windowsxp LiLi, lili tells me the following file is not a supported linux version: ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso  ... why is it saying that?14:59
cfhowlettDualBootMePlease, the journey is half the fun.14:59
azizLIGHTmorsnowski: it only lists qt53base as pacakge to be removed when i do sudo apt-get purge qt53base14:59
DualBootMePleaseit most certainly is not. :(14:59
azizLIGHTk1l: ive rebooted and tried many things since then. not sure what to show you14:59
k1lDualBootMePlease: lili?14:59
cfhowlettDualBootMePlease, lili?  what is lili14:59
grosjeanlily is the name of my wife :)15:00
DualBootMePleaseLinuxLive Pendrive Creator15:00
k1lazizLIGHT: then install the packages you need manually.15:00
DualBootMePleaseit said it would try and use the settings for Ubuntu 14.10, but I have already had so many freaking problems with this installation i would like not to have more right out of the gate.15:00
azizLIGHTi think i have to prge the qt53 packages manually, then try a reinstall15:01
k1lazizLIGHT: you talk a lot about messing with PPAs and stuff in /opt/ so i guess that packages are marked manually installed15:01
afidegnumany insight?15:01
morsnowskiazizLIGHT: is the ppa in your sources file? Have you done a apt-get update? what error message do you get when your try to install it15:01
akishi all. i clean installed xubuntu 14.04.1 and the system made a swap file. to avoid the configuration of the encrypted swap file, when the installation completed i delete the swap file and i resize the sda including the size of the swap file. do you think i did right? the system works fine and i dont need any swap file because i hace 4gb ram on it.15:01
grosjeanakis: if you need a swap file, you can create it on your disk15:02
azizLIGHTmorsnowski: wheres the ppa source file that i can check?15:02
k1lazizLIGHT: "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d"15:03
morsnowskitime to watch snooker15:03
akisgrosjean: do you think was my decision right to delete swap before any leak to it?15:03
azizLIGHTk1l: i misspok, am  not manually installing anything (as in building from source or grabbing a random .deb from somewhere). i mean all about ppa, reinstalling purging and installing15:03
DualBootMePleaseLili USB Creator does not have support for 14.04 LTS. That is the answer. What a joke.15:04
grosjeanakis: i think that you still need a swapfile15:04
OerHeksDualBootMePlease, ubuntu next to xp is a joke too?15:05
DualBootMePleaseYes. But I *need* XP for an old AutoCad instance for work :(15:05
azizLIGHTmorsnowski: yes the ppa is in my sources, ive done apt-get update as well. when i try to install the base package it installes only it, and successfully, but without the dependencies and it doesnt mention this but i know there are dependencies. when i check dpkg -l, theyre already listed as installed, when theyre not15:06
akisgrosjean: what for? i do multitasking and the system doesnt go over 1gb of ram.15:06
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: lili usb can make a 14.04 live usb fine15:06
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: i've used it myself for 14.0415:06
DualBootMePleaseIs it inherently conflictory to try and install 32bit XP and 64bit Ubuntu? or is ok?15:06
grosjeanakis: in fact, it's like you want15:06
akisyea, sure.15:06
StayLowDualBootMePlease: see if autocad will run under a virtual machine15:06
DualBootMePleaseEric. Literally it isnt the list. and the program tells me Unsupported.15:06
DualBootMePleaseBut whatever you say.15:06
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: it doesn't need to be supported15:07
DualBootMePleaseYou want me to run one of the most machine intensive programs known to man under windows emulation?15:07
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: it can still make a live usb fine15:07
DualBootMePleaseWell whatever. im using Unetbootin now.15:07
DualBootMePleaseIs 32BitXP dualbooted with 64bitUbuntu OK or NOT?15:07
EriC^^are you a mech engineer?15:07
DualBootMePleaseim trying to figure out what the previous problem with this attempt was.15:08
DualBootMePleaseAlso wondering if i installed WinXP DVD from UEFI mode accidentally.15:08
DualBootMePleasei have been unsuccesfful 4 different ways getting 14.04 to install alongside of it. Everytime the install crashes.15:08
cfhowlettDualBootMePease, if your machine supports 64 bit, install 64 bit.15:08
DualBootMePleaseNo. I am a CAD drafter.15:09
afidegnumanyone faced similar situation before?15:09
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: i dont think winxp has uefi support!15:09
DualBootMePleaseOk. But WinXP is 32 bit. That is my question. Is that conflicting?15:09
EriC^^DualBootMePlease:  i think it started with vista15:09
DualBootMePleaseI know it doesnt have UEFI support. But the WinXP install is working just fine.15:09
Ben64DualBootMePlease: ubuntu doesn't care what windows is15:09
DualBootMePleaseBut im wondering if it was installed under UEFI mode if that is somehow screwing up Ubuntu.15:09
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: if you would explain what exactly happened we could help better15:09
OerHeksxp and uefi, no go.15:09
ash`DualBootMePlease: why don't you run XP in a VM?15:09
cfhowlettDualBootMePlease, "shouldn't" but ... windows ...15:09
ash`I know someone who runs ubuntu as primary OS and XP in a VM15:10
ash`and it's fast :)15:10
DualBootMePleasesure. ok. ash.15:10
ash`hm i don't like your tone, im out15:10
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: can you explain what happened earlier?15:11
DualBootMePleaseEriC ... i have put this .iso of 14.04 to USB and to DVD ... the USB refuses to even start the install process unless run from UEFI mode.  The DVD starts installing and crashes every time.15:11
medecauhi evryone, i’ve been doing some file shuffling for the last day or so and now I need to pick a filesystem for my external drive. I am currently on osx and moving to ubuntu server. ON wiki(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems) I noticed that if I use NTFS I will be able to use the filesystem with a kernel 2.2 or newer. Just wanted to confirm this before jumping in.15:11
DualBootMePleaseWinXP was installed over a hard drive, and fast wiped through XP installer.  It is in one single partition.15:11
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
DualBootMePleaseI realized my first attempt at installing Ubuntu alongside it went wrong because I was in UEFI mode via bios, not Legacy.15:11
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: so the live usb wont boot unless you boot it in uefi mode?15:12
DualBootMePleaseBut in legacy mode, and using Boot Overide to ensure i am NOT in UEFI mode, NO install of 14.04 will even complete \ start.15:12
tewardmedecau: NTFS will 'work' in Ubuntu but you won't have the same Linux permissions structures - as NTFS doesn't support those kinds of permissions15:12
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: how are you in uefi mode and running winxp though?15:12
DualBootMePleaseYes. Correct, EriC.15:12
reisioDualBootMePlease: did you use a usb stick?15:12
medecauteward: will I be able to read and write?15:12
DualBootMePleaseEriC, itś not that i am running XP in UEFI mode, it is that the reboot to get the DVD or USB to boot first goes to UEFI by default.15:13
OerHeksmedecau, sure, ntfs is good supported, as a data drive.15:13
DualBootMePleaseBut i have figured out how to overide that and make it go to Legacy DVD or USB.15:13
medecauthanks OerHeks and teward15:13
DualBootMePleaseBut The USB 14.04 wont even start without being in UEFI. and the DVD just gives me a fail error once started.15:13
tewardmedecau: yes you should be able to (that's what I meant by 'work').15:13
kotelhi again...i am trying to configure authentication with crypto-keys in OPENSSH i have created the keys using ssh-keygen but i am a bit stucked could somebody help me continue with the next steps?Host pc ubuntu desktop server ubuntu server on a vm ..15:13
grosjeankotel: so your creation's key was successfull ?15:14
medecaukotel you need to place the .pub inside of .ssh/allowed_keys15:14
DualBootMePleasei am redownloading the ubuntu 14.04 live via unetbootin now to rule out a crap iso.15:14
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok, did you md5sum the iso?15:14
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: hold on15:14
DualBootMePleasei dont know how or i would.15:14
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: md5sum the iso15:14
DualBootMePleasesee above15:14
=== def_jam is now known as eb0t
grosjeankotel: next, ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub <username>@<ipaddress>15:14
DualBootMePleaseok. so iĺl just say the word MD5 to my screen and poof.15:15
grosjeanDualBootMePlease: md5sum file.iso15:15
MrSavageHi all, is there a way to do backups and restores on ubuntu? I screwed up my xorg when i installed amd drivers and was unable to have my desktop bootup15:15
DualBootMePleasei am in windows. fyi.15:15
StayLowhe already said it so I stopped..hit enter anyway. lucky anyone tries to help you at all15:15
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: see the link above15:16
MrSavageDualBootMePlease: come on bro, just google "md5 windows" and there should be a program15:16
StayLowbut that's my opinion15:16
DualBootMePleasety eric15:16
kotelkey succesfully created..i've created the keys in my host computer not the one running ssh server..i 've already read that i have to copy the pub file into .ssh/allowed_keys but my .ssh folder only has id_rsa and id_rsa.pub15:17
DualBootMePleaseso i got 119cb63b48c9a18f31f417f09655efbd15:17
DualBootMePleasethe compare field was blank15:17
DualBootMePleasei press compare and it says different15:17
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok, and which iso are you using? ubuntu 14.04.1 desktop amd64?15:17
klexhi. im not sure how to install mobility radeon 4330 driver? if i try with fglrx then when i do "sudo aticonfig --initial" i get aticonfig: no supported adapter....if i try to get drivers from 'additional drivers' it shows drivers only for network card...what to do?15:17
MrSavageklex, did you get something a log file?15:18
blackyboyI'am using Ubuntu 14.04 Yesterday i bought a Blackmagic intensity Pro Video capture card. Now i want to watch my setup box channels in this card. Is there any TV viewer like software which will support blackmagic intensity Pro ?15:18
MrSavageklex check your fglrx log file15:18
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes15:18
reisioblackyboy: probably several, if it's supported at all15:18
OerHeksklex, ati 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx are no longer supported by fglrx, use the standard driver/15:18
MrSavageklex, it probably didn't install due to packes not being preinstalled15:18
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:18
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: the iso seems fine15:19
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: do you have a different usb you can try with?15:19
MrSavageHi all, is there a way to do backups and restores on ubuntu? I screwed up my xorg when i installed amd drivers and was unable to have my desktop bootup. What is your recommended backup tool?15:19
DualBootMePleaseits not the usb.15:19
blackyboyreisio: i have tries mytv and metv these are not working.15:19
cfhowlett!backup | MrSavage15:19
ubottuMrSavage: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning15:19
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok, is secure boot enabled?15:19
DualBootMePleaseDo you think it could be that the WinXP dvd in all likelyhood booted from within UEFI mode (the default mode my computer loads up in) ?15:19
MrSavagecfhowlett i need a recommendation since there are many15:20
pbxMrSavage, there's a built in Backups app (in 14.04 anyway)15:20
DualBootMePleaseNo. I have all UEFI crap turned off now. BUT see ABOVE.15:20
MrSavagepbx: which one to use?15:20
klexOerHeks: ok i thought they might not be supported anymore...what do u mean by standard drivers? to accept those opensource?15:20
reisioblackyboy: "not working"?15:20
azizLIGHTk1l morsnowski i fixed it by explicitlty listing all the ppa packages in a apt-get install <ppa packages> command. now everythigns working and dpkg -l | grep qt53 is listing true things15:20
OerHeksklex yes, see your card here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti15:20
pbxMrSavage, i have no particular recommendation.  however if you have no backup system currently then the most important thing is to begin, and the built-in one is ready to roll15:21
blackyboyreisio: yes software not detecting the card. Is there any video capture Software available ? The software must have the import option from HD camera or from PAL format.15:21
MrSavagepbx: what's the name of the built in one?15:21
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: even if winxp was installed in uefi ( which i think isn't possible ), ubuntu should install in legacy mode15:21
MrSavagepbx: if i install gfx drivers and i screw up my ubuntu by making it hand on the loader, can the backup restore and fix the problem in a fast manner?15:22
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: when you select legacy and boot the usb, what happens?15:22
reisioblackyboy: already answered that15:22
reisioblackyboy: did you install the driver yet?15:22
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: some people install win in uefi and set legacy and install ubuntu that way, then we tell them to install either both in uefi or legacy, but ubuntu still installs..15:22
klexOerHeks: 4330 isnt listed there, it is 4350 though...but if i use those opensource drivers then my pc is freezing when im closing terminal or chrome (not every time but it happens at least once in 30mins and the freeze is few mins)15:23
blackyboyreisio: yes i have installed blackmagic software and drivers, they are working fine. But i wan to use the same card for Viewing tv while im not using the export or import process and one thing more i need any other video import software rather than what i get from blackmagic.15:23
DualBootMePleaseEriC, i was told yesterday by someone here that Ubuntu outright will NOT install in UEFI. ?15:24
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: no ubuntu uses uefi fine15:24
reisioblackyboy: what makes you think they're working fine?15:24
cfhowlettDualBootMePlease, false15:24
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest32360
DualBootMePleaseOk.  Well i am just going to bite the bullet and scrub the drive. and re-do the XP install and gaurantee it is NOT in UEFI mode.  (after i try one more crappy time here in a sec with ANOTHER usb ubuntu install)15:25
thebishopi've got a Dell tp713 external touchpad, and it's locked to 'natural scrolling' on ubuntu.  the mouse settings only recognize it as a 'mouse', so i don't have any options beyond cursor speed.  how can i force ubuntu to treat it as a touchpad?15:25
blackyboyreisio: i can capture video in PAL format, but i can't capture HD videos its too enabled with HDCP we can't if we need to capture a HD we need HD furry II or III15:25
DualBootMePleasethat person was DaftyKins, FYI15:25
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: lol i doubt daftykins said that15:25
MrSavagepbx: so what'st he name of the built in backup tool that i should use?15:26
reisioblackyboy: doesn't seem relevant15:26
DualBootMePleasebut whatevs.15:26
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=== Guest41932 is now known as TonyL
cfhowlett!cz | lukasxx8415:27
ubottulukasxx84: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.15:27
MrSavagewhat backup tool should i use if installing drivers make my ubuntu hang on boot?15:27
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: i dont think it matters what is installed on the hdd for the ubuntu live usb to boot15:27
MrSavagewhere i can only use command line15:27
reisioMrSavage: unrelated, just uninstall the drivers15:27
MrSavagereisio: I don't know what changed on my computer when i use the .run file15:28
reisioah, that is the "charm" of .run files, isn't it :p15:28
DualBootMePleaseEriC, well i am honestly just grasping at straws to understand the problem at this point.15:28
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: i think you could remove the hard disk and the live usb will still run15:28
MrSavagereisio: so i think a simple backup would be my best bet15:28
MrSavagefor when i screw up my system15:28
reisioMrSavage: for if you encounter this situation in the future, you mean?15:29
DualBootMePleasein UEFI mode, Ubuntu actually DID install next to WinXP but i did it manually, because in UEFI mode Ubuntu Install did not recognize nore give me an option for Install Next To Windows XP so i manually made the partitions.15:29
DualBootMePleaseBut then i had no access to Ubuntu. Grub never came up, and WinXP just loaded straightaway.15:29
MrSavagereisio: yes so I can restore quickly and retry installing gfx drivers15:29
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok, so wait a second15:29
DualBootMePleaseThat was around the time DaftyKins told me Ubuntu UEFI no no.15:29
reisioWindows XP on a UEFI box, far out15:29
reisioMrSavage: right15:29
Guest62966i installed java plugin on my firefox but website of nvidia says that required java15:29
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: you're not making a lot of sense15:29
reisioMrSavage: I like rsync and rsync-based things, like rdiff-backup, depending on the type of backups you want15:29
DualBootMePleaseoh. i am pretty sure i am making perfect sense.15:30
DualBootMePlease but try me.15:30
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: after installing ubuntu in uefi mode, winxp was loading ( with the bios set to uefi ) ?15:30
MrSavagereisio: I want to make a restore point for the system and restore it so i can boot properly again15:30
DualBootMePleaseOk. I am ASSUMING that when i stuck the WinXP disk in to install, that my computer WAS in UEFI mode.15:30
MrSavagereisio: should i use rdiff-backup?15:30
DualBootMePleaseThus, i am assuming XP installed UNDER UEFI mode.15:30
klexso anyone knows how to install mobility 4330 drivers on ubuntu now that fglrx doesnt support it anymore?15:30
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: you didnt answer my question..15:31
DualBootMePleaseAfter that, I went to install Ubuntu for hte first time next to it.15:31
DualBootMePleaseMy computer was STILL in UEFI mode for THAT install.15:31
MrSavageklex: check the company site for proprietary drivers15:31
DualBootMePleaseWhen i started that Ubuntu install, i was given no choice for Install Next To Windows15:31
DualBootMePleaseSo i manually made partitions, and installed it next to it myself.15:31
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: i think uefi was made in 2001 or so, winxp was made in 2000 i think15:31
DualBootMePleaseAFTER THAT. No Ubuntu to be found. Only XP loaded.15:31
MrSavagereisio: should i use rdiff-backup?15:31
DualBootMePleaseim just telling you *what i did*15:32
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok great, i'm trying to understand what you did15:32
DualBootMePleasewell im telling you if you stick a DVDinstall disc in my computer with out specifically overiding the boot process, it is inherently in UEFI mode.15:32
DualBootMePleaseAnd that is how i installed XP (because i was not thinking)15:32
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: maybe it's a hybrid system that runs efi first, if it can't find anything loads stuff as msdos?15:33
DualBootMePleaseit IS. it is a brand new computer (earlier this year)15:33
DualBootMePleaseit is so new Ubuntu had some serious bugs with my system for months and months.15:33
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok, so if ubuntu isn't loading except as uefi15:33
DualBootMePleaselike i had to reboot twice everytime i rebooted to get passed bios screen.15:33
DualBootMePlease(fixed now, btw)15:34
EriC^^DualBootMePlease: ok, is ubuntu still installed or did you wipe the installation?15:34
DualBootMePleasei deleted those partitions.15:34
DualBootMePleaseits just the one WinXP partition now.15:34
EriC^^try to install ubuntu again15:34
EriC^^actually can you try to boot the live usb15:34
xanguagot a brand new computer, install XP on it :/15:34
EriC^^then come here as you can check the partition table and if efi is enabled etc.15:35
EriC^^xangua: yeah15:35
DualBootMePleasealright im out for 5. let you know when i get back wtf is up15:35
* cfhowlett thinks installing XP, an unsupported and defunct OS, on ANYTHING, let alone a NEW computer is ... questionable.15:35
DualBootMePleaseWell I aint payin for Windows7 just to dick around in AutoCAD2004. sorry.15:36
reisioMrSavage: rdiff-backup makes rsync do really nice incremental backups15:36
reisioMrSavage: so if you want the ability to see changes in your files over time, it's good15:36
reisioMrSavage: if you _only_ need to be able to access how your system was at some single specific interval from the present to the past, rsync alone is fine15:36
MrSavagei see15:36
DualBootMePleaseAnd XP is runing just fine on this new computer. Its ubuntu that is giving me crap in a DualBoot environment. (worked fine by itself though)15:37
DualBootMePleasewhatever. out. back in 5.15:37
reisiousing rsync alone is simpler if you want to give yourself a window to backup15:37
reisiolike say 24 hours passes, and you replace the old backup15:37
MrSavagereisio: how would backup my entire system?15:37
reisiobut you can not replace if you want, rdiff-backup just works better for that15:37
reisioMrSavage: something like: rsync -Hav / /elsewhere/15:37
reisioor s/rsync -Hav/rdiff-backup/15:38
MrMonkey31hey guys? should I be able to boot into my live (64bit) cd on a machine with UEFI bios? cuz I'm not.15:39
* MrMonkey31 is at his wits' end15:39
cfhowlettMrMonkey31, details15:39
MrMonkey31cfhowlett: well I'm pretty scanty on what is/isnt important. the machine gives no feedback whatsoever, but proceeds to boot up W8. I've set it to boot from ODD that's cd drive, first15:40
cfhowlettMrMonkey31, so what happens at boot?15:41
MrMonkey31should I turn off "safeboot" on the bios boot section? cfhowlett, that's the thing - it's a dell, so I get the rotund dell logo and then the windows screen as if no cd was inserted15:41
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
cfhowlettMrMonkey31, I've not done UEFI on a dell - only lenovo ... on lenovo, the bios menu shows entries for uefi, NIC and USB ...15:42
MrSavagereisio: how do i rsync backup without backuping up stuff from my /media/user folder?15:43
MrSavagereisio: It's backup up stuff on my other HDDs15:43
reisioMrSavage: man rsync, /--exclude15:43
MrMonkey31I'm loath to screw anything up or ordinarily I'd have fiddled the hell out of this first. I did try selecting boot options by pressing f12, where it listed my optical drive, but choosing it once more failed to boot me right15:43
OerHeksMrMonkey31, turn off safeboot and fastboot15:43
reisioMrSavage: and there are other switches, there's one for not leaving the specific single FS it starts on15:43
Guest62966i have a graphic card  that is  nvidia gforce 7300 gs15:43
Guest62966but when  i install driver nvidia  then after reboot ,  system is runing in low level graphic mod15:43
=== warchild34x is now known as warchildx3
MrMonkey31OerHeks: yeah, you figure it has to be that. I mean, what else could it be right? but I have to do reserch first on what if I begin booting win 8 inadvertantly with the safeboot not on15:45
maskaciao a tutti15:47
philinuxFirefox 34 is maxing out my cpu15:47
reisiophilinux: good story15:47
reisiomaska: :)15:47
philinuxpretty sluggish compared to 3315:48
reisioso don't use 34?15:48
reisioFirefox releases tend to follow a pattern15:48
philinuxgo away15:48
cfhowlett!browser | philinux15:48
ubottuphilinux: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.15:48
cfhowlett!browsers | philinux15:48
reisiodelay between releases, then an update, then shortly thereafter, another update to fix the problems with the update15:49
ObrienDavedang, rough crowd today ;p15:50
=== theguy312 is now known as user1541
user1541Hi, I like the DSP Manager on Android. Is there anything like that for Ubuntu available? The rhytmbox/banshee EQ sounds really horrible15:53
reisiouser1541: ask apt-cache search dsp15:53
cfhowlettObrienDave, I've added a lot of new names to /ignore ...15:54
=== Beamboom is now known as BeamAway
ObrienDaveno doubt :P15:58
morsnowskiazizLIGHT: cool, congratz16:03
azizLIGHTi dunno what caused dpkg to think i had those pacakges installed tho16:04
azizLIGHTnot sure how that happened16:04
oli_bHi all16:04
EriC^^oli_b: hi16:05
MrMonkey31ok. ok folks, just reporting: I turned *secure boot* off in my comp's BIOS to try to get the live cd to boot, but it was all for nothing and now I already probably have cyber-gonorrhea on my dell16:05
Lucaxmy sound is gone everywhere in firefox, any presen ubuntu bugs?16:05
MrMonkey31PS, I hate my life16:06
reisioLucax: running any other audio?16:06
Lucaxwell I was just recording using Ardour, maybe that has something to do with it16:06
reisioyou have probably accidentally monopolized your audio output system16:07
reisiowhich can happen if you try to use more than one system16:07
reisioalsa, oss, pulseaudio, etc.16:07
reisiomake sure ardour et al. are dead, then restart Firefox, and see if it goes away16:07
reisioif it does, that's probably what happened16:07
reisiothen you'd want to reconfigure one or the other to be using the same approach16:07
Lucaxhow do I know wether ardour is dead or not?16:08
LucaxI am little new to linux, I know in windows there is this task manager but here I don't know how to see if every process is dead or not16:09
=== mish_ is now known as Mish|rumwuseln
EriC^^Lucax: ps aux16:10
pbxLucax, try System Monitor.  though "every process is dead" is an unusual metric :)16:10
reisioLucax: pgrep -l ardour16:10
Lucaxno ardour process is running according to ps aux command16:12
reisiops aux | grep -i ardour16:12
Carol__hi can someone please help me?16:13
Carol__I have big issue with my operating system :(16:13
brianblaze420c'est quoi le probleme?16:13
apofisCarol__: tell us how ww can help you ?16:13
brianblaze420or what iz zee problem?16:13
Carol__NO BRIAN I don't speak Mexican I'm sorry16:14
Carol__only American16:14
brianblaze420that was french but I forgive u16:14
Carol__we when I try to start the system16:14
Carol__blue screen show up and it doesn't want to start16:14
yogeshpI am having trouble installing mysql it sayes Depends xyz .. but it is not going to be installed.16:14
Carol__I was trying to pull the cable out and other stuff and still doesn't work16:14
brianblaze420windows? mac? ubuntu? blue screen of death>16:14
Carol__it says critical error16:15
yogeshpis something wrong with the apt16:15
Carol__or something16:15
brianblaze420blue screen of death16:15
brianblaze420look it up16:15
apofis<yogeshp>: can you show me the full error message ?16:15
brianblaze420hardware issue16:15
BluesKajbluescreen sounds like it's crashing in windows16:15
Carol__no death16:15
Carol__why death16:15
xanguaCarol__: this is ubuntu support, not windows16:15
Carol__so what do I Don?16:15
brianblaze420u check the error code via google16:15
Carol__but I dint have Internet16:16
brianblaze420and see if you can pinpoint it but I would run a mem test16:16
brianblaze420and check disk16:16
Carol__I can't start anything16:16
oli_bCarol__: Try to insert the recovery DVD You received for the windows and boot Your computer from that disk. Then Select OPerating System Recovery16:16
brianblaze420u need a bootable cd16:16
brianblaze420or usb16:16
Carol__it just saying system error and critical error16:16
Carol__or something16:16
Carol__how to make us b16:16
brianblaze420yes well like I said its hardware issue and it's called BSOD16:16
Carol__help me please16:16
xangua!windows | brianblaze420 Carol__  oli_b please take it elsewhere16:17
ubottubrianblaze420 Carol__  oli_b please take it elsewhere: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents16:17
CodeGosu'notify_init() failed: Too many open files' any way i can increase "too many" without rebooting or closing files?16:17
Carol__what hardware?16:17
BluesKajCarol__, which operating system does the pc use?16:17
brianblaze420carol I will pm u16:17
brianblaze420chill lol16:17
yogeshpwill get that machine online and get the msg.16:17
Carol__blues I think windows but not sure16:17
Carol__so what should I do?16:17
BluesKajthen join #windows chat , Carol__16:17
Carol__maybe I should tell boyfriend of my mom to buy me a new pc16:18
Carol__he has money16:18
Carol__that's why mom is with him16:18
=== dts is now known as dts|pokeball
Carol__I won't fix that thing by myself16:19
oli_bLOL :-D  Can't believe this is true :-D16:19
apofisCodeGosu: /etc/sysctl.conf  - fs.inotify.max_user_instances16:19
brianblaze420I can't believe you have never heard of the blue screen of death!16:19
Carol__I'm 14 I don't know everything yet!16:20
Carol__I just started to learn16:20
brianblaze420ha I am almost 30 and i still odn't know anything16:20
Carol__about computers since when last bf of my mum bought me pc16:20
brianblaze420the more i learn the less I know it seems haha16:20
Carol__cuz of I did massage for him few times and he wanted to repay16:20
Carol__or something as he said16:21
Carol__he's gone now and new came he didn't buy anything for me yet16:21
apofisbrianblaze420: very true16:21
Carol__and now my pc broke16:21
BluesKajCarol__, you meam message I hope :)16:21
Carol__and I Dont know what to do16:21
brianblaze420first what is plugged into your pc?16:21
brianblaze420just a mouse and keyboard>16:21
Joe-e19carol try pclos or an other distro when it depends on the distro16:22
Carol__no mouse is WiFi16:22
brianblaze420wifi mouse eh16:22
MrSavagewhich channel can help me with installing amd drivers on ubuntu?16:22
brianblaze420but its bluetooth and so there is a usb part that plugs into your computer16:22
Carol__the pc is called Intel Celeron inside16:22
Carol__or something like that16:22
k1lCarol__: is there ubuntu installed on that pc?16:23
Joe-e19celeron is very old16:23
Carol__it's not old!16:23
Joe-e19Oh sorry!16:23
BluesKajbrianblaze420, Carol__ take this conversation to a pm if you'r e doing windows support, or maybe even the #windows chat would work16:23
Carol__he Bought this pc for me half year ago16:23
Carol__and said it was expensive computer16:23
Joe-e19My computer is pentium 1 and it's the newest ^^16:23
BluesKajJoe-e19, celerons are still around16:23
Carol__but he didn't care about the money16:23
nicofsI need some help trouleshooting a network connection. For some reason (on a fresh install) certain web pages don't load at all (firefox and chromium), thunderbird can't get mail out. Happens in different networks, I need some way to start troubleshooting...16:23
brianblaze420I don't think Carol__ can irc properly as in the wrong chat and also does not respond to pm's lol16:23
k1lJoe-e19: stop that please.16:24
Carol__cuz I'm special16:24
Joe-e19Carol_ can you write me by pm?16:24
k1lCarol__: is there ubuntu installed? yes or no?16:24
Carol__what you mean kil?16:24
Carol__I don't know!16:24
wildwindWe've got troll here I guess16:24
wildwindMaybe two16:24
BluesKajyup, if she doesn't know then it's surely windows16:25
Joe-e19k1l what I do stop!!!!!16:25
DualBootMePleaseOkay, so i have gotten closer this time around but still not there yet :(16:25
k1lJoe-e19: stop spoiling this support channel. please make sure you read the guidelines16:25
marioxccHello. What command can I use to figure which driver my keyboard and my mouse are using? I can't identify them through lspci or lsusb (they're not marked as such).16:25
DualBootMePleaseThis time i got LiveUSB 14.04 to load. I got it to install. It gave me the option for Ïnstall Alongside WindowsXP ... the install completed. It told me to reboot. But then XP just loads up. ?16:26
Joe-e19what for guidelines i never used this ubuntu and i never what to use it16:26
brianblaze420DualBootMePlease:  u r missing grub again haha16:26
DualBootMePlease:( Can someone one hold my widdle biddy hand and walk me through this?16:26
k1l!guidelines | Joe-e19 Carol__16:26
ubottuJoe-e19 Carol__: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:26
islandmonkeyHi, I am having problems controlling brightness on my Lenovo Z500. It has optimus graphics (Intel HD 4000 + NVIDIA GT635M), but I cannot control it on either mode. /sys/class/backlight/ only lists intel_backlight16:27
DualBootMePleaseWhy would a full Ubuntu install not include Grub?16:27
brianblaze420it asks you if you want to install it16:27
DualBootMePleaseI MD5 checksummed the ISO. it is fine.16:27
brianblaze420it gives you the option it is not forced16:27
DualBootMePleaseNo it most certainly does not.16:27
MrSavagei'm having issues trying to install some AMD driver, can I get some assistance please?16:27
DualBootMePleaseNot true.16:28
brianblaze420and when you install it you need to make sure you put it in the right place16:28
oli_bDualBootMePlease: when You selected to install ubuntu alongside XP, at the bottom at the window what did You select?  to install the bootloader into /dev/sdaX  or /dev/sda   (sdaX is the ubuntu partition)16:28
DualBootMePleaseoli_b ... i saw no such option and it did not ask me to select an option?16:28
bubbasauresDualBootMePlease, Don't just argue a point you have no clue on and just detail the issue.16:28
DualBootMePleaseWhat would be the point of having an Install Alongside WindowsXP option if you were then required to specify something in addition to make both installs work?16:29
DualBootMePleaseIm not arguing. 420s point is not correct.16:29
DualBootMePleaseIt never asks you to install grub.16:29
brianblaze420because it didn't mess with your xp partition16:29
azizLIGHTis this correct for 14.04 mounting ntfs partition? UUID=519CB82E5888AD0F  /media/Data  ntfs-3g  defaults,windows_names,locale=en_US.utf8  0 016:29
azizLIGHTon fstab16:29
DualBootMePleaseI dont know how denying something untrue makes me argumentative.16:29
islandmonkeyHi, I am having problems controlling brightness on my Lenovo Z500. It has optimus graphics (Intel HD 4000 + NVIDIA GT635M), but I cannot control it on either mode. /sys/class/backlight/ only lists intel_backlight16:30
yogeshphow to correct broken packages16:30
DualBootMePleaseIf fstab is an ubuntu command i will have to reboot to live.16:30
brianblaze420because on every ubuntu install live disk I have ever installed and I have installed a lot they ask if you want to install grub...16:30
yogeshpit says will not be installed?16:30
bubbasauresDualBootMePlease, You are starting to look like a troll, even if you're not this is help on a detailed problem get to that.16:30
DualBootMePleasei am in XP right now.16:30
brianblaze420I don't mean to make be irritating16:30
DualBootMePleasecan you please just back up bubba. ?16:30
DualBootMePleaseim constructively asking for help16:30
DualBootMePleasetrying to get passed non issues.16:30
bubbasauresDualBootMePlease, Hardly.16:30
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE16:31
ubottuFUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a !kernel driver that allows non-root users to create their own filesystems. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filesystem_in_Userspace for more on FUSE.  Some examples of filesystems that use FUSE are !ntfs-3g, sshfs and isofs. A full list of Filesystems that use FUSE is here:  http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/FileSystems16:31
DualBootMePleaseSo brianblaze, what in your opinon shoul i do?16:31
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:31
brianblaze420go into the live usb again and install grub16:31
brianblaze420what version of ubuntu u installed again?16:31
islandmonkeyHi, I am having problems controlling brightness on my Lenovo Z500. It has optimus graphics (Intel HD 4000 + NVIDIA GT635M), but I cannot control it on either mode. /sys/class/backlight/ only lists intel_backlight16:32
LucaxNow my videos on youtube are buggy16:32
cfhowlett!patience | islandmonkey,16:32
ubottuislandmonkey,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:32
Lucaxseems to be firefox is dancing16:32
islandmonkeyI know I know16:32
oli_bDualBootMePlease: next time You are at the "install ubuntu alongside..." then please select "Something Else"  -- You'll see the partitions.  Please select each OS where it should go. Make sure You are NOT formatting the XP partition. Then select grub to go into the MBR16:32
DualBootMePleasei dont really understand the continue suggestion to Go In To Live USB And Install GRUB. I dont see or understand that option.16:32
OerHeksDualBootMePlease, use the grub wiki16:33
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:33
BluesKajislandmonkey, do you have the nvidia-prime driver installed, if so it won't work with bumblebee afaik16:33
Lucaxdon't be too hard on the monkey, it is after all a monkey, it is pretty good to have evolved to the extend that it is not only using computers but uses linux, pretty evolved monkey16:34
DualBootMePleaseokay that link specifically says not to use Sudo from a live disc???16:34
DualBootMePleasethen every single command uses Sudo16:34
Lucaxsorry, that was offtopic, will never happen again16:34
brianblaze420DualBootMePlease: it says if u dont know what u r doing be careful with sudo lol16:34
islandmonkeyBluesKaj: No, but I just installed it now16:34
DualBootMePleasewell i certainly have no freakin clue what i am doing so...16:34
BluesKajislandmonkey, please clarify...installed what?16:35
DualBootMePleaseBRB im going to log back in from a Live ubuntu instance so we can better troubleshoot16:35
islandmonkeyBluesKaj: I just installed nvidia-prime after you said it16:36
BluesKajislandmonkey, ok16:36
azizLIGHTis it ok to use tabs rather than spaces in /etc/fstab16:38
islandmonkeyBluesKaj: Sorry to disrupt anything you were writing next, but I just noticed something weird - attempting to put brightness down (it has no visible effect on the backlight itself of course) actually changes the value of /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/actual_brightness16:39
islandmonkeyHighest it can go is 976 btw16:39
nicofsI need some help trouleshooting a network connection. For some reason (on a fresh install) certain web pages don't load at all (firefox and chromium), thunderbird can't get mail out. Happens in different networks, I need some way to start troubleshooting...16:39
BluesKajislandmonkey, use the Fn key with the brightness key on some Lenovos, my Lenovo works with that combo16:41
wildwindnicofs: start with pinging and tracert'ing those sites16:42
islandmonkeyBluesKaj: No, that doesn't work16:42
nicofswildwind, ping works - what is tracert'ing?16:42
Knight80Hello everyone16:42
Knight80Good afternoon16:42
Ugb8Hello fellows, I have heard a lot of good thing about Cinnamon but I wanna know if there is anyone who think it’s a bad DE and why16:42
k1lUgb8: that discussion suits better in #ubuntu-offtopic16:43
bubbasauresUgb8, We don't do polls here.16:43
OerHeksUgb8, this cahnnel is not for polling, cinnamon was removed in 14.04 and returned in 14.1016:43
brianblaze420polls? asking opinions is a poll?16:44
Ugb8Ok so discussing about ubuntu de is off topic ?16:44
OerHeksbrianblaze420, yes.16:44
marioxccbubbasaures: that's not a poll, IDIOT16:44
xanguaUgb8: this is not discussion channel, this is support16:44
azizLIGHTcan i use tab characters on /etc/fstab k1l ?16:44
Knight80I have upgraded my Ubuntu from 14.04 to 14.10... Now networking doesn't work, nor the icons...etc. What can I do?16:44
bubbasauresThat was the nicest comment I've gotten16:44
Knight80I upgraded online16:44
Ugb8I’m not asking for oppinion, just for « scientific » infos, but ok i guess I will go somewhere else…16:45
k1lUgb8: brianblaze420 we try to solve technical issues in here. hourlong discussions dont help there. so please take that discussions to #ubuntu-offtopic16:45
Ugb8hey guys i have understood, stop flooding me !16:45
bubbasauresUgb8, Coming here is not scientific inquiry.16:45
wildwindnicofs: man tracepath, but working ping is enough. what error firefox display when loading website?16:45
nicofshttp://superuser.com/questions/663902/some-sites-wont-load-on-ubuntu-mint this sums up quite well what I am experiencing...16:46
OerHeksnicofs, that would be a mint issue16:46
cfhowlett!mint | nicofs, ask mint for support = this is ubuntu not mint16:47
ubottunicofs, ask mint for support = this is ubuntu not mint: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:47
nicofsOerHeks, I'm just too lazy copying the text inserting ubuntu - issue is the same, i use ubuntu16:47
OerHeksor a DNS issue?16:47
nicofsOerHeks, it must be some global misconfiguration - chromium and firefox have issues, some pages load, some don't, some only partially. upload is somewhat inhibited, mail not going out, google drive/docs not working...16:50
OerHeksnicofs, on IPv6?16:50
nicofsOerHeks, IPv6 is disabled as per network manager, didn't solve the issue...16:51
islandmonkeyHi, I am having problems controlling brightness on my Lenovo Z500. It has optimus graphics (Intel HD 4000 + NVIDIA GT635M), but I cannot control it on either mode. /sys/class/backlight/ only lists intel_backlight. Attempting to put brightness down actually changes the value of /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/actual_brightness and /brightness, but has no visible effect.16:51
DualBootToTheHeaalright, two crashes LiveUSB attempts later. I'm back.16:51
brianblaze420are you connected via wireless or wired nicofs16:52
brianblaze420DualBootToTheHea: got grub?16:52
DualBootToTheHeaso now i'm in 14.04.1 live. How "repair" grub?16:52
DualBootToTheHeano. what i do.16:52
nicofsbrianblaze420, either way the issue persists...16:52
DualBootToTheHeadoes anyone want to see a Gparted screen shot or anything or we just roll hard?16:52
brianblaze420I roll soft16:52
DualBootToTheHeacan i just run Boot-Repair from LiveUSB?16:53
brianblaze420nope follow the instructions16:53
DualBootToTheHeacan you repaste the link, 420?16:53
xubuntu75wHello everyone16:53
xubuntu75wGood afternoon16:54
xubuntu75wI'm having a problem here16:54
bubbasauresbrianblaze420, They could use boot repair don;t just say no, that is not helping16:54
xubuntu75wWill you please help me out?16:54
brianblaze420giving too many options doesn't help all the time either but I hear u16:55
xubuntu75wMy Xubuntu 14.10 doesn't work after having upgraded from 14.0416:55
bubbasauresDualBootToTheHea, Try the bootrepair app, the other link is good if you know how to chroot. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:56
xubuntu75wThe network doesn't work anymore16:56
xubuntu75wThe icons don't appear properly16:56
islandmonkeyHi, I am having problems controlling brightness on my Lenovo Z500. It has optimus graphics (Intel HD 4000 + NVIDIA GT635M), but I cannot control it on either mode. /sys/class/backlight/ only lists intel_backlight. Attempting to put brightness down actually changes the value of /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/actual_brightness and /brightness, but has no visible effect. Programs like xbacklight do not work either.16:56
DualBootToTheHeacan someone just look at this first and tell me if anything is *obviously* fubar? http://snag.gy/3BPDn.jpg16:56
DualBootToTheHeais that typical of a dual-boot environment attempt16:57
bubbasauresDualBootToTheHea, bootrepair auto generated a bootinfo script when run save that url for posting if needed.16:57
brianblaze420and it's nicer to look at too it's true16:57
bubbasauresI chroot myself, but we have to stay within a users understanding, if we can even tell, heh.16:58
wildwindnicofs: maybe your ISP is just providing poor quality service16:59
wildwind!ask | xubuntu75w16:59
ubottuxubuntu75w: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:59
=== martin_ is now known as Guest51585
DualBootToTheHeaubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)16:59
DualBootToTheHeaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.16:59
xubuntu75wI've recently upgraded to 14.10 from 14.0416:59
xubuntu75wAnd now the network doesn't work anymore, and the icons are gone17:00
xubuntu75wany ideas?17:00
brianblaze420u already have boot repair on the live cd I think DualBootToTheHea17:00
Yoko|Workyou mean, 14.04 to 14.10?17:00
DualBootToTheHeaso "boot-repair" is the command by itself? cuz "unreocognized command17:00
DualBootToTheHeaubuntu@ubuntu:~$ boot-repair17:01
DualBootToTheHeaboot-repair: command not found17:01
islandmonkeyHi, I am having problems controlling brightness on my Lenovo Z500. It has optimus graphics (Intel HD 4000 + NVIDIA GT635M), but I cannot control it on either mode. /sys/class/backlight/ only lists intel_backlight. Attempting to put brightness down actually changes the value of /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/actual_brightness and /brightness, but has no visible effect. Programs like xbacklight do not work either.17:01
DualBootToTheHeasudo line 3 under "2nd option" gives me:17:01
DualBootToTheHeasudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)17:01
bubbasauresDualBootToTheHea, run sudo dpkg --configure -a  than sudo apt-get -f install and try again.17:01
DualBootToTheHeai love how even the "easy" method is a PIA. :D17:02
OerHeksislandmonkey, old howto, for 13.10 but it says it works for 14.04 too ? http://itsfoss.com/fix-brightness-ubuntu-1310/17:02
DualBootToTheHeaubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get -f17:03
DualBootToTheHeaE: Command line option 'f' [from -f] is not known.17:03
jpdsDualBootToTheHea: sudo apt-get install -f17:03
DualBootToTheHeaclearly that was the problem? Reading state information... Done17:03
DualBootToTheHea0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 271 not upgraded.17:03
* bubbasaures prays for a 1000 monkies17:03
DualBootToTheHeaactually it was. lol17:04
DualBootToTheHeaso nothing was broken. needing upgraded, installed, or removed. and yet that was the problem? cool. on to next step.17:04
bubbasauresDualBootToTheHea, Apt was broken you probably shut it down when running.17:05
DualBootToTheHea^yeah i can tell this whole thing is a user error.17:05
DualBootToTheHea(said facetiously)17:05
bubbasauresit happens, no biggie. ;)17:05
wildwindxubuntu75w: Don't you have the Network Manager icon on the top panel anymore?17:06
bubbasauresDualBootToTheHea, THis is all user error from the get go.17:06
DualBootToTheHeai still don't understand WTF the point of "install alongside of WindowsXP" option is if it fails to generate useable copies of ubuntu.17:06
xubuntu75wwildwind Exactly17:06
bubbasauresand back to ignore17:06
=== tcpman is now known as Guest62033
DualBootToTheHeais that not a valid question?17:07
xubuntu75wwildwind There's a "forbidden" sign there now17:07
brianblaze420it may have been the first time u asked but not the 100th17:07
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
DualBootToTheHeaBoot Info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9355954/17:07
DualBootToTheHeaplease advise17:07
MrSavagecan someone help me install drivers for the amd r9 290 on ubuntu 14.04 amd64?17:08
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: what's your actual problem ?17:08
DualBootToTheHea^WinXP loads immediatley. No trace of Ubuntu on restart.17:08
EriC^^ikonia: an attitude problem i think17:08
brianblaze420u want to put grub on /dev/sda17:08
DualBootToTheHeaEveryone here tells me either i scrweed up my ubuntu install, failed to load grub, or some other shenanigans.17:08
cfhowlettwindows xp + attitude = bad combination17:08
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: summerise the problem please.17:09
wildwindxubuntu75w: Tried to right-click it?17:09
DualBootToTheHea^problem. Want dualboot XP and 14.04 ... no option to not load in to XP at start.17:09
Yoko|WorkQuestion, are there any other ways to increase preformance for Ubuntu 12.04 installed in a Virtual Box?  I've already blacklisted the i2c_piix417:09
DualBootToTheHeaHave both OS installed per instructions. Restart yields only XP.17:09
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: boot a live usb17:09
DualBootToTheHeaNeed method for accessing Grub at restart or otherwise to select OS.17:09
DualBootToTheHeaI am in a Live USB right now.17:10
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: so if it boots straight to XP either a.) the boot loader was installed on the drive you are not booting from b.) the boot loader was not installed17:10
k1lDualBootToTheHea: what if they are right but you beeing to stubborn thinking you can do everything right? i did not see you actual work propperly on a solution but just shouting and denying.17:10
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: those are the two realistic options17:10
cfhowlettYoko|Work, couple options: no unity.  switch to xfce or lxde. that will lighten your system demands a bit17:10
DualBootToTheHeasomeone look at THIS:http://paste.ubuntu.com/9355954/17:10
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: ok, type sudo parted -l17:10
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: paste it in paste.ubuntu.com17:10
bubbasauresYoko|Work, Ubuntu is a bit chunky in vbox how much ram is allocated?17:10
xubuntu75wwildwind I tried to reconfigure the network with the Network Manager, but everything appears grayed :-(17:10
Yoko|Workcfhowlett, forgot to metion, I'm on Xubuntu.  Unity was terrible.17:10
bubbasauressame on lighter de as well17:10
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: looking at that boot report - it looks like it's booting off the second disk17:10
DualBootToTheHeabreak it down for me, ikonia.17:11
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it looks like it's booting from the disk with windows on, rather than the disk with linux on17:11
DualBootToTheHeawhat do?17:11
cfhowlettYoko|Work, agreed. How much ram did you give the VM?17:11
DualBootToTheHeawell i could have told you that.17:11
Yoko|Workbubbasaures, 4 GB at present with 4 CPUs, though that may be a bit overkill17:11
xubuntu75wwildwind I mean, I can initiate Network Manager, but the pages are grayed when I try to add a wired network... :-(17:11
Yoko|Workserver has 32 GB total17:11
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: change the boot disk in the bios, or press the boot selector (normally F12 in most pre-boots) to select the other disk for a one off boot17:11
bubbasauresYoko|Work, that is plenty, not sure beyond trying a lighter desktop.17:12
DualBootToTheHeaBIOS only gives me option for my entire driev as ONE.17:12
DualBootToTheHeano option for either or partition.17:12
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you don't boot a partition17:12
ikoniayou boot a disk17:12
DualBootToTheHeaIt reads the entire drive as one.17:12
ikoniaand you need to boot the other disk17:12
Yoko|WorkFigured as much bubbasaures, I'm just glad Unity is gone!17:12
DualBootToTheHeaOk. so here is what i am saying for the 3rd time.17:12
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: you have like 3 disks17:12
DualBootToTheHeaTwo partions on one disc. One option: that disc.17:12
ikoniaEriC^^: one is the USB17:12
EriC^^i think 2 disks17:12
DualBootToTheHeaEric http://snag.gy/6hCXh.jpg17:12
ikoniathere are two disks17:12
ikoniaand the boot report shows it clearly17:13
DualBootToTheHeai couldn't figure out your ubuntu paste link17:13
ikoniawindows is on one, and grub/linux is on the other17:13
cfhowlettYoko|Work, I imagine you've enabled guest additions?17:13
DualBootToTheHeaYup. Those are two "disks" on ONE harddrive.17:13
DualBootToTheHeaMy bios does not recogjnize TWO17:13
DualBootToTheHeait recognizes the ONE physical drive.17:13
Yoko|WorkSure did cfhowlett17:13
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: there are 2 hard drives17:13
ikonianot one17:13
DualBootToTheHeaWhat you are asking me to do is impossible.17:13
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: the 1TB drive has winxp?17:13
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you are mistaken about your hardware17:13
Yoko|WorkBBL, gone2lunch17:13
rodney77Hi Ubuntu people. I am in the market for a quality MP3 player. I had an ipod touch, which didn't play nice with ubuntu at all. Even my android smart phone wasn't great with it. My question for you is: What line(s) of audio players are ideal for syncing with ubuntu?17:13
DualBootToTheHeaOk the TB drive is a STORAGE driev.17:13
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: there are two different disks17:13
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: ok no problem17:13
DualBootToTheHeaThe second drive you see is likely irrelvant.17:13
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: focus with me17:14
wildwindxubuntu75w: are there any wired connections in the list?17:14
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: no it's not17:14
Yoko|WorkThank god he's not doing a RAID17:14
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it's very important17:14
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt17:14
DualBootToTheHeai did that. it indicated no progress or anything just new line at prompt17:15
ikoniaif you look at the boot report you can see that SDB1 contains the windows boot loader17:15
DualBootToTheHeaEric ^17:15
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:15
islandmonkeyOerHeks: No, that workaround did not work17:15
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: type the above line ^^17:15
* OerHeks wonders if that XP is running on IDE-mode instead of AHCI17:15
ikoniayou can see it is booting from the wrong/second disk17:15
ikoniait's that clear17:15
xubuntu75wwildwind No, there aren't17:15
ikoniasdb1 Boot files:        /boot.ini /ntldr /NTDETECT.COM17:15
bubbasauresEriC^^, They have grub in sda17:15
OerHeksislandmonkey, sad to hear that :-(17:15
ikoniaso it needs to boot from sda17:15
ikoniait's that simple - there is no more work / debug needed17:16
EriC^^bubbasaures: i know17:16
DualBootToTheHeaubuntu@ubuntu:~$ for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:16
ikoniathere is no need to mount any disks17:16
ikoniathe bios boot order is wrong17:16
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: type sudo chroot /mnt17:16
timvisher-xubuntis there a way to swap alt and super?17:16
EriC^^ikonia: let him reinstall grub anyways17:16
nicofsI've played a bit with various settings. Still my problem persists: some web pages load, some don't, some only patially; mail through thunderbird won't go out, but in. Networking is messed up - I don't know what to do. Please help!17:16
ikoniathat would be bad17:16
EriC^^ikonia: how so?17:16
ikoniaapplying grub to the second disk - woudl remove his only windows boot loader17:16
pilikeitsI have a question. i have two monitors and if i want to watch movie or youtube video on fullscreen on left monitor and if i mouseclick something on right monitor the fullscreen goes away. hmmm17:16
DualBootToTheHeak. i did that (no signs it did anything) Eric17:16
cfhowletttimvisher, sure. system > keyboard > keybindings17:17
EriC^^ikonia: i mean installing to sda17:17
EriC^^not the second17:17
ikoniaEriC^^: it's already on sda17:17
cfhowlett!keybindings | pilikeits17:17
pilikeitshow i will prevent that to happen?17:17
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: do you get a # prompt ?17:17
ikoniawe can see it's on SDA17:17
wildwindrodney77: What program do you use to sync? Try MediaMonkey, it works with iPod an Android17:17
ikoniawe don't need to apply it to sda - boot report shows it as on sda17:17
ikoniait's booting from sdb17:17
DualBootToTheHeahold on Eric17:17
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda17:17
ikoniayou can see this17:17
DualBootToTheHeaFor Ikonia's sake:17:17
pilikeitscfhowlett, what you mean?17:17
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: you're 2 commands away, and there's no harm doing it17:17
ikoniathere is17:18
ikoniado not do iot17:18
DualBootToTheHeaTHIS is the PHYSICAL hardrive with BOTH OS on it: http://snag.gy/c8lFv.jpg17:18
ikoniayou have a sane grub17:18
rodney77wildwind, MediaMonkey is fantastic, but the last time I checked there wasn't a native version for ubuntu17:18
DualBootToTheHeathe other one you see (if you see it) IS irrelevant. Just FYI17:18
EriC^^ikonia: what's the harm in reinstalling grub to sda?17:18
ikoniaapplying it to an already applied grub from an unknown chroot17:18
ikoniafix the boot order17:18
timvisher-xubuntcfhowlett: meaning system settings -> keybord -> keybindings? because i don't see the keybindings option there17:18
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: use the drop down - you will see there is an sdb17:18
DualBootToTheHeaSee? http://snag.gy/4gM40.jpg17:18
ikoniain the top right17:18
DualBootToTheHeaThat is STORAGE17:18
rodney77wildwind, to answer your question, I use Nightingal17:18
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: but your boot loader is on the storage disk17:18
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: that is where it's booting from17:18
DualBootToTheHeaLOOK AT IT17:18
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: please stop the caps17:18
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: that is where the boot laoder is17:19
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: that is where it is booting from17:19
DualBootToTheHeahow can you see that?17:19
brianblaze420boot flags :)17:19
xubuntu75wwildwind I'm going to try the right click thing, I'll be right back...17:19
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: in the boot report17:19
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you pasted it earlier17:19
bubbasaureslast couple of lines on bootrepair states this17:20
DualBootToTheHeaOk. fine. So do what now?17:20
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: tell your bios to boot from the other disk17:20
DualBootToTheHeaI really don't want a boot sector on my SDB drive though :(17:20
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: so it boots grub instead of windows17:20
DualBootToTheHeaBut i guess that is maybe for another day.17:20
DualBootToTheHeaWhy would Ubuntu Install not ask if two phyhsical drives were present which to use?17:21
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it does ask you, you probably just missed it17:21
DualBootToTheHeaWhy wouldn't it make the LOGICAL choice and install on the same drive as the XP OS?17:21
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it did17:21
wildwindnicofs: is there a page that fail to load every time?17:21
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: it did17:21
DualBootToTheHeaI just chose "install alongside XP"17:21
Lixumuxhi all, in ubuntu 14.04 I am using gnome 3 flashback, how to get the gnome panels to autohide without the side effect of removing unity components, which I am unsure might break the system or prevent switching to unity if I want that later?17:21
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it installed it on the primary master17:21
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you are not booting from that drive though17:21
OerHeksdoes your xp have satacontroller drivers at all? so strange you installed xp on such new hardware .. with 32 bit satacontroller drivers, that makes me think your sata controller is in IDE mode17:21
DualBootToTheHeaHow is my storage drive the "primary master" if XP is on the other?17:21
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it can't know that you've told it to boot from the other disk17:21
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: ubuntu is installed on the primary master, and so is grub17:22
timvisher-xubuntcfhowlett: or maybe you means xfce4-settings-editor17:22
nicofswildwind, always the same pages don't load - it's not random. most prominent page is facebook17:22
DualBootToTheHeaCan you clarify what designates "primary master"17:22
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: your WINDOWS install installed the boot loader on the the second drive - so ask microsoft17:22
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: it appears that your other storage drive has a boot loader17:22
DualBootToTheHeaAs the drive you are refering to has ONLY EVER contained music and files.17:22
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: so ?17:22
cfhowletttimvisher, I'm sorry, I thought you were on ubuntu no xubuntu ...17:22
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: it would be better if you stopped arguing and started fixing17:22
DualBootToTheHeaI'm trying to understand, not argue.17:22
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you've had it explained to you very clearly, and it's getting tedious you stating how wrong I am17:22
DualBootToTheHeaI can't really proceed with anything until i am sure i understand WTF is going on.17:23
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: so either fix it, and accept the truth of the issue, or give it a rest17:23
DualBootToTheHeai'm getting much closer now. THANK YOU17:23
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: I've explained exactly what's going on17:23
DualBootToTheHeaTHANK YOU17:23
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you are booting from your second drive17:23
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: windows bootloader is on the second drive17:23
DualBootToTheHeaokay. that is unfortunate. :(17:23
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: ubuntu has chosen to install it's bootloader to the drive with the OS on17:23
ikoniayou are not booting from that drive17:23
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: the bootloader and partition table are only on the first 512bytes in mbr17:23
ikoniayour bios config is the problem17:23
ikoniafix it17:23
DualBootToTheHea"fix it" not detailed enough for this idiot.17:23
DualBootToTheHeabut thank you generally17:23
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: open the bios - select the other disk from the boot drive order17:24
bubbasauresLixumux, it is in the shell as an addon, don't see anything on the fallback.17:24
brianblaze420so when booting just choose the first drive probably F12 or go into bios and permanently change the order :)17:24
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: use the temporary boot device menu that a lot of bioss have (normally F12) and seclect the other disk to test17:24
DualBootToTheHeaok. But if i want to move all that crap to the correct drive, that is basically a complete reinstall of both at this point?17:25
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: no17:25
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: no - but one thing at a time17:25
DualBootToTheHeaOkay. I'll be back. Booted from drive 2.17:25
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: what do you mean by remove all that crap?17:25
DualBootToTheHeaI mean i want to get any boot stuff on to the other drive.17:25
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: everything is fine it's just that sdb has a boot loader and your bios may be booting it17:25
DualBootToTheHeaThat TB drive should have no trace of an OS on it.17:25
EriC^^DualBootToTheHea: it doesn't affect anything, it's just the first 512 bytes17:25
DualBootToTheHeaOk. So i'm gonna go swtich boot order and be back.17:26
EriC^^i think17:26
ikoniaDualBootToTheHea: you're actually in a very good configuration point17:26
DualBootToTheHea^that's encouraging17:26
wildwindnicofs: you can enable web developer tools in Firefox or Chrome and colect network requests log when loading that page. then paste it somewhere17:26
DualBootToTheHeathanks for tolerating my idiocy.17:26
timvisher-xubunthmm. i'm still not seeing how to swap <Super> and <Alt> using xfce4-settings-editor17:26
timvisher-xubuntassuming that's where i'm supposed to be17:27
Lixumuxbubbasaures, when selecting to install gnome-shell or gnome-shell-extensions, it informs me that it will REMOVE such things as unity-controlcenter and gnome-flashback..., sounds scary...17:28
cfhowletttimvisher, KEYBOARD > Layout17:29
nicofswildwind, nothing happening there apart from Method: GET and status PENDING17:29
Yoko|WorkQuestion, is there anyway to downgrade from 12.04.5 to 12.04.4?17:29
ikoniaYoko|Work: not really17:30
EriC^^Yoko|Work: why would you want to do that?17:30
cfhowlettYoko|Work, nope.  reinstall.  no rollback.17:30
pavel_hi friends ... i have one problem that i couldnt find a solution for it the problem is when i watch youtube 1080p it shown like pictures or the sound spliting from video and my pcs cpu goes on 100 but on 720p its fine but also uses cpu between 90-96 i changed firefox cache its same thing im using ubuntu 14.04 .thx17:30
Yoko|WorkNComputing software has to have 12.04.4 to work17:30
ikoniaYoko|Work: which software17:30
Yoko|Work12.04.5 breaks whatever they do17:30
EriC^^Yoko|Work: why exactly?17:30
reisiopavel_: what resolution is your monitor at?17:30
wildwindrodney77: hmm, I had always thought MediaMonkey has Linux version.17:30
cfhowlettpavel_, 1080 is more demanding than 720.  could be your system isn't able to handle it.17:31
EriC^^Yoko|Work: you could downgrade a certain package or so17:31
wildwindnicofs: can you post screenshot?17:31
pavel_intel singel core 90017:31
Yoko|WorkI'll play around with it, it's just a test VM that has 12.04.5 installed17:31
ikoniaYoko|Work: what is the software you want to use17:32
Yoko|WorkvSpace Server17:32
Yoko|WorkRelease notes say 12.04.2, but I've got it to work in 04.4, but not 04.517:32
EriC^^Yoko|Work: what does it error out on?17:33
pavel_ but befor im switching to linux on windows was fine .then i have tested so many distributions its same with all just manjaro i can watch 1080p on normal screen but when i watch on full screen same problem .thx17:33
nicofswildwind, upload won't work. but console shows nothing except for "GET" and then status "Canceled" while no data whatsoever has been transferred...17:33
nicofsI assume timeout17:33
Yoko|WorkIt doesn't really give any error in terminal, just says its uncompressing the installation, they returns to bash prompt17:34
Yoko|Workit should go through an install process and then ask to register the software17:34
=== root is now known as Guest91947
Guest91947ai de  ba  di  home17:35
EriC^^DualBootInThePoo: did it work?17:35
DualBootInThePooYES... but...17:35
imbezolhi guys. my audio just started sounding really warbly and has lots of artifacts when playing music with either amarok or just mplayer17:35
DualBootInThePooi had to boot from SDA not SDB ?17:35
DualBootInThePooI am officially in a hard installed Ubuntu copy!17:36
pavel_sorry is there anyone who can help me17:36
ikoniaDualBootInThePoo: so exactly what we told you17:36
DualBootInThePooI will buy you all a cheap round of beer.17:36
ikoniaproblem solved17:36
DualBootInThePoo^thought you said to use SDB though?17:36
DualBootInThePooeither way. THANK YOU17:36
ikoniaDualBootInThePoo: it depends on the bios ordere against the OS order17:36
ikoniathats why I kept saying the "other" disk17:36
wildwindnicofs: maybe your ISP uses content filtering and it works bad.17:37
DualBootInThePoookay. ... so this is "good to go" nothing else needed to scrub any OS junk off of SDB?17:37
ikoniaDualBootInThePoo: you don't need to change anything17:37
ikoniayou are in a good state now17:37
Bazylwhen i change to Thunderbird's window launchpad and top tool bar items disapear, how to fix it (ubuntu 14.04LTS, unity 7.2.3) ?17:37
DualBootInThePoo^you mean besides having XP on my computer, generally?17:37
nicofswildwind, other devices and os have no issues17:37
ikoniaDualBootInThePoo: I mean your boot configuration17:37
DualBootInThePoolol. but NOW what do i do?17:37
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
VanceXDualBootInThePoo: YA!  ;)17:38
DualBootInThePooIf i am not trouble shooting an OS. I am lost. :(17:38
EriC^^DualBootInThePoo: update17:38
DualBootInThePooheard. :D17:38
=== sins-_m is now known as sins-
bubbasauresLixumux, Do you have any 3rd party repos like a PPA involved here? The shell install, installs the fallback.17:39
DualBootInThePoo^getting the language files now so i can talk to the Cantonese and Bangladeshians.17:40
pavel_hi friends please ... i have one problem that i couldnt find a solution for it the problem is when i watch youtube 1080p it shown like pictures or the sound spliting from video and my pcs cpu goes on 100 but on 720p its fine but also uses cpu between 90-96 i changed firefox cache its same thing im using ubuntu 14.04 .thx17:40
pilikeitsflash game maximiser didn't work for me. I want to use firefox and watch fullscreen youtube with left monitor.17:40
Lixumuxbubbasaures, not sure what you mean?17:40
saleemhow to make local repository and make it go from my own path in ftp using ubuntu 12.0517:41
Lixumuxbubbasaures, I have gnome3-team/gnome3-staging17:41
bubbasauresLixumux, What you describe makes no sense, so I'm trying to figure out how you got there. Extra repos add dependencies at times causing similar problems.17:41
bubbasauresLixumux, Sounds like a PPA.17:42
Lixumuxbubbasaures, yes, that is a PPA that I needed to get gnome3 in the first place...17:42
Lixumuxbubbasaures, should I remove that PPA after I installed gnome3?17:43
bubbasauresLixumux, We only support what is in the ubuntu repos not 3rd parties like PPA's, Here is the warning from the one you're using "The packages here have been deemed not ready for general use, they have known bugs and/or regressions,"17:43
bubbasaures!ppa-purge | Lixumux If you want to remove the ppa17:44
ubottuLixumux If you want to remove the ppa: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:44
Saleemhow to make local repository using my own path in ftp://ipaddress in ubuntu 12.0417:44
EriC^^!offline | Saleem i think this explains it17:44
ubottuSaleem i think this explains it: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD17:44
Saleemcan u give me full guide link17:45
EriC^^Saleem: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline/Repository17:45
Lixumuxbubbasaures, ubottu, no - I dont want to destroy the gnome3 setup, just want to figure out how I can set the gnome3 panels to autohide without removing other components from the system...17:45
Saleemcan we put ftp://then ip address/folder name17:45
bubbasauresLixumux, What release are you running?17:45
EriC^^Saleem: i think so17:45
Saleemi am using 12.0417:45
Lixumuxbubbasaures, ubuntu 14.04 with gnome317:46
zykotick9Saleem: you might want to look into apt-cacher-ng perhaps... i'm not clear what you want though.17:46
bubbasauresLixumux, gnome 3 the shell and fallback are in the 14.04 repos, you just do not understand, you did not need the ppa.17:46
EriC^^Saleem: if ftp doesn't work http should17:46
Saleemi want to install software using local repository instead of going to internet17:46
timvisher-xubuntcfhowlett: are we talking about this? http://i.imgur.com/kxs9wSq.png17:46
bubbasauresLixumux, And what you have installed we don;t support.17:47
rr1991Hi. I want to backup the whole /home folder, but instead of having scheduled backups, I would like to have to whole map mirrorred on an external drive, pretty much like how you would have it with a cloud. So that every time I adjust/create/delete a file, the same happens on that external drive. What software can do this?17:47
Roryrr1991: You can do it natively with a bind mount in fstab17:47
Saleemi need atlease step by step guide it will do it17:47
Lixumuxbubbasaures, so what should I do to get a gnome3 standard/supported configuration?17:47
pilikeitsim in shock now :D i did some googling and this problem A) has been around a long time B) is only fixable by "dirty hacks". There should be button in display settings to make it primary so that flash videos etc. will be fullscreen what ever you do in another screen. Hmm..17:48
=== lstblr is now known as lostblur
bubbasauresLixumux, If all is good on your install beyond this use the ppa-purge, than install the gnome-shell it loads the fallback as well.17:48
LixumuxI have seen warnings online about some of the gnome3 installations removing parts of the system and making it unstable or not working. I want to be able to choose between unity and gnome3 at the login screen17:49
bubbasauresLixumux, I'm a bit concerned however you did not know this was in the repos, so we don't now how stable your setup is, be sure to be backed up.17:49
Lixumuxbubbasaures, and the "fallback" is the function that provides a way to choose unity ?17:50
rr1991Rory: is there graphical software for that? Too inexperienced to do this on an important system that is not mine.17:50
bubbasauresLixumux, No the fallback is what you said from the beginning you are running, you called it flashback.17:51
bubbasauresThese are all desktops17:51
Lixumuxbubbasaures, I saw that it was in the repos, but several online articles said to add that PPA first and do an apt-get update before installing, including posts at ubuntu.com17:51
Rory!fstab | rr199117:52
ubotturr1991: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:52
=== Rory is now known as Rory|away
rodney77What would be a good mobile device to pick up if I wanted to try out Ubuntu Touch?17:52
basil1xOnea those Nexus thingies.17:52
basil1xSeems they get all the support.17:52
zykotick9!touch | rodney7717:52
bubbasauresLixumux, You have to know what your doing not just install on someones word, you have to know the context. Is it an opinion, is it a need that is personal, is it vaild for support here.17:52
ubotturodney77: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:52
Lixumuxbubbasaures, right - so I should purge/remove that one, and then (re-)install exactly what from the repos?17:52
reisiorodney77: they've a list in the channel /topic, IIRC17:53
Saleemhow to fix unable to locate package package name17:53
Saleemin ubuntu 12.0417:53
rodney77thanks guys17:53
bubbasauresLixumux, purge and install the gnome shell it seems. YOU were trying to to get the autohide, it is a different desktop than the flashback or unity, be sure it's what you want.17:53
Saleemhow to fix unable to locate package package name in ubuntu 12.0417:54
Saleemcan anyone give me steps17:54
rodney77reisio, how do I access that list?17:54
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest7700
pilikeitsi don't want to install chrome to my ubuntu and still want fullscreen for youtube with my 1 monitor.17:57
basil1xjust press the full-screen icon17:58
reisiorodney77: /msg alis list #ubuntu-touch17:59
reisiorodney77: or /join #ubuntu-touch, /topic17:59
pilikeitsbasil1x, but then when i press something on my second monitor the fullscreen goes away!17:59
basil1xCan you not press anything on your second monitor?18:00
basil1xAnd have it behave properly, I mean.18:00
=== shawn is now known as Guest97524
pilikeitsbasil1x, 1 monitor is my youtube with fullscreen and if i click anything in my 2 monitor the 1 monitors fullscreen goes away18:01
* basil1x would just use the youtube downloader, and watch the videos in VLC fullscreen.18:01
pilikeitsbasil1x, yeah... maybe i have to do that extra work :/. Its a shame that i have to do extra stuff because of that.  hmmm... Ok i will try to program something plah :).18:03
basil1xSorry, but the inner workings of Flash are not something I'm familiar with.18:04
pilikeitsbasil1x, thats all right it isn't your or anybodys fault :D But its just one thing more what has to be fixed :P18:05
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djigitHi to all! When I install mysql, it ask me first settings (user, password, etc), but I forgot it. How I can to reset this settings. Sorry for my broken English! Thanks )18:10
reisiodjigit: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset18:12
djigitThank you!18:13
MarcusVinterHello wonderful people.18:14
=== alessandro is now known as Guest76540
christian_Hey there is there anybody who can help me figure out what these packets are and if i should be worried about it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9354102/18:14
MrSavageHi all18:15
MarcusVinterCan anyone help me. for the last two days, my server running squid proxy seems to go down around this time, and I cant get a remote console as it errors "too many files open". Once i reboot the box its all working again. Any ideas?18:16
lostblurapologies for a noob question but i just installed ubuntu and many websites i visit, like twitter, facebook, gmail, cause a little drop down menu to pop up and ask if i want to install that website for "extra features, and quicker access" each pop up has the ubuntu logo, but no link or further details on what it is referring to. is it some kind of an applet? browser extension? standalone? i let gamil install tis prompt, but18:19
lostblurall it seems to do is opn up the website when i click it, i dont want to trial and error others and clutter up the system. so does anyone have an answer?18:19
solsTiCelostblur: I never seen such a thing. I recommend extreme caution18:22
rickbHello, I'm looking for a way to block an incoming connection that has port 80 or 443 open. So when something makes a connection to me, they will be "blocked" via firewall if either port is open on their end.18:22
CosmicSpirit<lostblur> check this if you are getting messages similar to one shown in the link http://askubuntu.com/questions/203100/what-does-would-you-like-to-install-twitter-mean18:24
solsTiCechristian_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martian_packet18:27
christian_solstice thanks i already read this but someone told me that it might be a sign for ip spoofing18:28
arooni-mobilehi folks;  how can i capture the RAW request, including all headers, cookies and params?  im trying to debug why a curl request is getting me authenticated on a website yet my programatic solution is not.18:30
solsTiCechristian_: yes that's a sign. you can definitvely drop those packet with some firewall rules. adding some iptables rules18:30
christian_solstice do you happen to know how what i would have to do?18:32
bekksYou dont have to create firewall settings for such packets, there is a kernel setting for it.18:33
solsTiCebekks: I found one to log martian packet but not to drop them18:33
bekksYeah, and thats basically enough, since martian packages arent necessarily a bad sign.18:34
trismarooni-mobile: with curl? curl -i18:34
trismarooni-mobile: sorry I guess that wouldn't be the request that would be the reply18:35
contrastGreetings, everyone. I just installed some updates (on 14.04) and now my onboard soundcard isn't being recognized (though it still comes up under `sudo aplay -l`). Help, please? Need to get to bed soon and my computer is my alarm clock.18:36
=== Guest9784 is now known as Sleepnbum
trismarooni-mobile: ahh, curl -v18:37
=== solsTiCe_ is now known as solsTiCe
Sleepnbumanyone have an antivirus recommendation for Ubuntu?  I wanna scan a windows disk18:38
srikarHi guys, I am having problem with laptop battery on ubunut18:38
rr1991When I switch users in 14.04, unity left bar is corrup. Its display is incorrect, up until I click the non-visible ubuntu icon and the dash opens, then everything is OK from then on. I'm using a nvidia 304 graphics driver with dual screen. Any clue on how to fix this?18:38
srikarits a new dell laptop and it gives charging around 6 hrs in windows and only 2 and half hours for ubuntu18:39
solsTiCeSleepnbum: the only one I know is clamav18:39
srikarAny suggestions ?18:39
SleepnbumsolsTiCe thanks!18:39
solsTiCesrikar: you could try to install laptop-mode-tools that will provide ways tor educe power drain on the battery.18:40
solsTiCethere is also TLP but you need a PPA I think18:41
srikaryeah I have read about that18:41
reisiosrikar: yeah you might need to reconfigure something18:41
srikardoes adding PPA might land us in trouble ?18:42
reisiofrom laptop-mode-tools18:42
reisioit doesn't load all its things by default18:42
CosmicSpiritsrikar u can also install PowerTop to see what's taking the power18:42
srikaroh ok thanks solsTiCe reisio18:42
srikarsure CosmicSpirit18:42
solsTiCesrikar: there is also powertop that will help you track down the most poroblematic thing18:42
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MrSavagecan someone say my name18:48
reisiomonsieur savage18:49
BluesKajheh, too late, no patience18:49
rypervencheThat was fail on two levels.18:50
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contrastGreetings, everyone. I just installed some updates (on 14.04) and now my onboard soundcard isn't being recognized (already tried rolling back to the old kernel, no dice). Help, please? Need to get to bed soon and my computer is my alarm clock.18:53
kishguys, i need help18:54
kishi run a pc that has all of gnome installed18:54
kishand i want to remove everything to slim the thing down to a server18:54
bekkskish: Does it run Ubuntu?18:55
OerHeksMint server :-D18:55
=== cyphase is now known as Guest47002
kishbekks, of course!18:57
=== pinnen_ is now known as pinnen
ulkeshforgive me ahead of time as this may be a crazy question, but is there software for Ubuntu that provides an SFTP server that does not use users on the system? (i.e. it uses users set up in a configuration file/etc)18:58
ses1984hi, i'm trying to find more detailed information about the integrated audio in my PC. the sound settings just say "built in audio"18:58
ses1984lspci -vvv says "Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller" but i dont think intel makes audio controllers...18:59
kishulkesh, the answer is yes!18:59
kishthere is a ftp user usually18:59
ses1984if i go to acer, the manufacturer's website, it just says 'realtek' but not which model18:59
kishruns as a daemon.18:59
ulkeshkish: my point is that i'd like to have an sftp service that doesn't require me to `adduser`, but instead read user auth/config from a configuration file19:00
ulkeshkish: or `useradd`, rather19:01
contrastses1984: Are you trying to find out because your onboard audio quit working, by chance? I have that same audio chip and it just stopped working after an update.19:01
ses1984nope it's working fine, so far, i'm on 14.04 x64 up to date19:01
rypervencheulkesh: Not that I know of. You would have to use a different method of authentication, such as LDAP or something. When you log in using SFTP, it needs a home directory, a user, and permissions.19:01
ses1984i'm trying to find the specs on it, like what is the signal to noise ratio. basically i'm trying to decide if i should buy a better sound card19:01
bekksulkesh: øu can use proftpd or vsftpd with a virtual user setup.19:02
ulkeshrypervenche: okay thanks, we may just have to add the users then and chroot them to the folder they would be allowed to upload files to...i was just hoping to avoid creating users in the system19:02
ulkeshbekks: oh okay, i'll check those out, thank you19:02
bekksulkesh: you dont need to create system users :)19:02
squintyses1984:  if you install inxi (https://code.google.com/p/inxi/) it will display your current audio card setup.19:02
ses1984thanks i'll try that19:03
squintyses1984: squinty@ubuntu14041:~$ inxi -Ax19:03
squintyAudio:     Card Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller   driver: snd_hda_intel bus-ID: 00:1b.0  Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: k3.13.0-40-generic19:03
contrastAnyone know anything about what the permissions sound be on the devices under /dev/snd? The HDMI device, which is working, has extended permissions assigned, while the onboard, which is not working, does not.19:04
squintyses1984:  type in inxi -Ax to see similar output to the above19:04
ses1984it says the exact same thing as lspci Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset High Definition Audio Controller19:05
ses1984i'm trying to find the specifications online and no luck19:05
ses1984i dont know if the "intel" thing is just some OEM thing, because if you look up Aspire TC-605 on acer's website it says "realtek" under audio driver downloads19:07
=== Lingo_ is now known as breakoutbit
=== XeBlackWater is now known as zz_XeBlackWater
ses1984that is my main clue that this is not an intel audio thing19:08
dabbedullerHi! I have problems registering on https://login.launchpad.net/. Captcha asks for two words, while picture shows house numbers. How do I solve this?19:08
trismdabbeduller: they count numbers as words, just type the numbers19:09
dabbedullerI did three times, but validation failed.19:09
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
trismdabbeduller: it can take a few tries, captchas are terrible19:11
dabbedullerCaptcha input field (text field) says "Type the two words" while the picture shows a single number.19:11
dabbedullerTell me about it, haha :)19:11
bekksdabbeduller: Can you show us that captcha? :)19:11
bynariei have an odd situation. when installing ubuntu 14.10, i have to set nomodeset in the kernel options... then my nvidia card doesnt function properly... when installing 14.04.1 i DONT have to set nomodeset and my video card works fine.. any ideas?19:11
dabbedullerI guess i can upload a image to some image-site?19:11
=== tcpman is now known as Guest98176
MrSavageI need help trying to mount19:13
MrSavageoh wait wrong channel19:13
dabbedullerbekks, here you go: http://i58.tinypic.com/2vkxg82.png19:14
squintybynarie:  afik you should be able to install with nomodeset and then use "Additional Drivers" to install the nvidia drivers.  once installed tweak with nvidia X server settings19:14
bynariesquinty, i know how to install the nvidia drivers, but they never load properly.. for example: when loading steam, i get an error about opengl not supported19:15
=== konder is now known as Qoray
bynariewhen i load the "nvidia-settings", i dont get all of the options19:15
alexaHow to change alternative key? For example, when I press alt gr + D, I get “ . I would like to change that, so it prints another character. How to do that?19:15
bekksdabbeduller: So just generate a new captcha19:15
dabbedullerI did about ten times. Keeps giving me numbers.19:16
=== ross`_ is now known as ross`
dagerikthe cron daemon is sending email, but the From: header is From: Cron Daemon <root>. How can I specify my own From header?19:16
bynariesquinty, wierd thing tho is that i did a dist-upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 and it still works fine... only when doing a fresh install of 14.10 it dont work19:16
dabbeduller..which won't validate.19:17
bynarieIMO, 14.10 is faster for me19:17
dabbedullerIt doesn't work on https://login.ubuntu.com/ either. I don't think there will be many new Ubuntu One users before this is fixed..19:19
squintydabbeduller:  fwiw, the capt displays words here.  maybe try another browser or see if maybe one of your browser plugins is causing an issue19:21
dabbedullerSure, give me a sec :)19:21
dabbedullerNope, getting same error in different browser.19:22
OerHeksdabbeduller, if you cannot solve it,. hit the top icon to reload a new captcha19:23
EriC^^use the audio captcha19:23
dabbedullerI reloaded about ten new captchas, all of which won't validate.19:23
dabbedullerOkay, audio captcha it is.19:23
bensen123hi guys19:24
EriC^^hi guy19:24
bensen123got a new question19:24
reisiobensen123: prove it!19:24
fog_proxyDoes any one has experience with pptpd?I installed it in ubuntu,and it worked yesterday but failed today. I didn't change anything,but via the log I can't see any GRE19:24
bensen123great! coz I'm gonna ^^19:24
bensen123have a kernel panic resuming after suspend19:25
dabbedullerDoesn't accept audio captcha either. Anyway...How do I join the Norwegian documentation team?!19:25
theadminfog_proxy: Sure it's not a problem with the server?19:25
theadminOh err19:25
bensen123hmm let me give you more detail19:25
theadminWait, is pptpd the server or the client?19:25
bensen123but first got to look the pic to find the error19:25
bensen123oh god19:25
bensen123mei_me error19:25
fog_proxytheadmin: I am not sure,but the server is vps setuped by myself19:26
theadminfog_proxy: I see19:26
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
reisionikola_: hi19:26
nikola_what's up :)19:27
reisio'bout luncheon time19:27
fog_proxytheadmin: the problem now is I don't know how to dig out the root cause19:27
bensen123has anyone ever heard mei_me error while resuming from suspend mode?19:27
alexaIf anyone's interested, I would like to share my solution for remapping alternative characters: All you need is to change file in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols. Of course, you should edit your layout. Mine was rs.19:28
fog_proxytheadmin: logs give me too few info,even i enabled ppp debug19:28
dabbedullerSo yeah, there is an issue with registering on Ubuntu One. Now you know. Have a nice day.19:32
=== blindsight is now known as Guest91174
reisiosince there are other free services that provide more space, not sure why I'd use it19:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:33
bekksBecause the Ubuntu One authentification is used for the Ubuntu online services.19:33
designbybeck_Sometimes my YouTube videos flicker after a while when using Firefox19:33
reisiobekks: is it still?19:33
morsnowskidesignbybeck_: swap the batteries19:33
bekksreisio: AFAIK yes.19:33
designbybeck_desktop morsnowski19:34
reisiowhat does that get you?19:34
reisioone fewer of the million authentication tokens you already keep track of? :)19:34
marioxccHi. Which forum software would you recommend for a small community (It will be installed in a VPS)?. Using a daemon database such a MySQL is ok.19:34
bekksreisio: The ability to log in to launchpad, e.g. :)19:34
reisiobekks: sounds like a good way to link the security of your data and your launchpad account :p19:35
reisiothat is, a bad way :p19:35
bekksreisio: ?19:35
JUSTYOUhi all19:40
bubbasauresit,,,it's you JUSTYOU19:41
bubbasauresJUSTYOU, Do you have a support need?19:43
timvishetis there any way to maintain multiple keyboard mappings for multiple devices. mac's have their modifier key mappings on a per input-device level.19:45
marioxccHi. Which forum software would you recommend for a small community (It will be installed in a VPS)?. Using a daemon database such a MySQL is ok.19:45
timvisheti have 2 main keyboards that i use, one where i'd like alt and super swapped, and the other (internal keyboard) where i'd like them to be at their default locations19:45
dagerikthe cron daemon do not accept the MAILFROM var. How can I specify from header?19:45
timvishetthe only thing i've found would require a restart of x every time i wanted to change configurations: https://radu.cotescu.com/remapping-keys-in-ubuntu-14.04/19:46
josharensonI'm trying to make a vivid chroot on my nex4, but I get this error. "E: Failed getting release file http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/vivid/Release"19:48
josharensoneven though the URL is valid, and the device is online19:48
DJonesjosharenson: It might be worth asking in #ubuntu+1 for that, probably not many people here have any experience with vivid, at least #ubuntu+1 is likely to have early testers using it19:50
josharensonDJones, will do, figured its a mk-sbuild issue and not a vivid issue19:50
thehillsI hope I'm in the right place. I need help.19:52
EriC^^thehills: ask away19:52
NegativeFlare!ask | thehills19:52
ubottuthehills: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:53
nightflyHow can I make preseed (partman-auto/expert_recipe) leave free space on the disk?19:53
thehillsusing Ubuntu Studio 14.04 none of my audio cds or any dvd will mount19:53
=== sayan is now known as Guest90004
NegativeFlarethehills: Have you checked dmesg?19:54
lotuspsychjethehills: maybe the #ubuntustudio guys might also know?19:54
thehillsNegativeFlare no but I've tried so many things already. I don't know where to check dmsg19:55
NegativeFlarethehills: dmesg is a command that you use in the terminal, that tells you stuff about the kernel, etc.19:56
thehillsok thanks19:56
EriC^^thehills: what error do you get?19:58
thehillsdmesg has a lot of lines that say unaligned transfer a couple of lines that say Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 519:58
thehillsthe block numbers change19:58
NegativeFlarethehills: sounds like the CD/DVD drive is having problems mounting the Disc19:58
lotuspsychjethehills: did your dvd work on another Os recently?19:59
ShapeshifterIf I have two displays with widely varying pixel density, can I configure X such that it uses different DPI settings for the two displays (without having to run 2 separate X servers)?19:59
thehillsdoes that mean probably hardware. It worked fine on Ubuntu 12.0419:59
lotuspsychjethehills: on now ubuntu studio 14.04?20:00
thehillsyes now I have ubuntu studio 14.0420:00
lotuspsychjethehills: did you upgrade or fresh install?20:00
thehillsfresh install20:00
lotuspsychje!english | Mozz_20:01
ubottuMozz_: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:01
NegativeFlarethehills: its possible that it could be hardware related yes, but if it worked recently then I'm not sure why its doing now.20:01
thehillsit used to at the very least play audio cds now nothing20:01
EriC^^ Shapeshifter xrandr maybe?20:01
Mozz_thank you20:01
nithinis there any way that we can install iTunes on ubuntu20:01
lotuspsychjenithin: wine or playonlinux20:02
nithinI am sorry.. I am new to ubuntu20:02
Loshkithehills: boot the 12.04.4 live cd and see if the drive works. If so, it's software. If not, it's hardware...20:02
lotuspsychjenithin: there is also libmobiledevice to sync apple devices to ubuntu20:02
thehillsthanks Loshki that's a good idea to test it again.20:02
lotuspsychjeLoshki: nice idea indeed20:02
nithinThank you <lotuspsychje>20:03
=== Guest91174 is now known as blindsight
nithinhow do I install that?20:03
marioxccnithin: I don't know, but even if there is, the products from Apple or any other proprietary programs should be avoided. They put their users into total control of the developer. See <https://gnu.org/philosophy/malware-apple.html>20:03
bartoascan i get any help with setting irc to run under tor?20:03
MikeandIkeWindows forever hooray boys hooray! Down with the linux traitor20:03
MikeandIkeWindows forever hooray boys hooray! Down with the linux traitor20:03
MikeandIkeWindows forever hooray boys hooray! Down with the linux traitor20:03
unopasteMikeandIke you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted20:03
NegativeFlareMikeandIke: I wouldn't if I were you.20:04
lotuspsychjenithin: just searched libmobiledevice, but seems doesnt show up on apt-cache anymore20:04
=== utente_ is now known as Cipo
EriC^^!find libmobiledevice20:04
lotuspsychje!tor | bartoas20:04
ubottuPackage/file libmobiledevice does not exist in utopic20:04
ubottubartoas: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl20:04
nithinI could not find it20:04
EriC^^!find libmobiledevice precise20:04
MikeandIkesorry xD20:05
ubottuPackage/file libmobiledevice does not exist in precise20:05
MikeandIkeI just had to do that at least once.20:05
lotuspsychjenithin: i tryed itunes older version on wine, once that worked20:05
MikeandIkewon't happpen again :P20:05
Bashing-ombartoas: Ask in #freenode . They will be better able to advise.20:05
MikeandIkeNegativeFlare can you see what i am saying now20:06
momomoI have some bug here. When I close the lid, my external display or laptop goes down. Even if power settings is do nothing. I have tweak tool installed as well, and it is the same there. WTF is wrong?20:06
NegativeFlareMikeandIke: of course, you were unmuted20:06
nithinAlright.. Thank you.. I never thought someone will answer my question; But this one really works.. I just started liking ubuntu...20:06
MikeandIkeThe reason i called linux a traitor is because.. It don't have flash player really just in chrome flash player is really dead in ubuntu now..20:07
lotuspsychjenithin: ubuntu will change your life :p20:07
MikeandIkeand 90% of the web uses flash player so ubuntu is useless without it20:07
lotuspsychjeMikeandIke: dont say things like that, when your not sure20:07
thehillslol nithin my whole family uses Ubuntu now20:08
nithinThehills: :)20:08
LoshkiMikeandIke: both chromium and firefox play flash (more or less) well enough.20:08
bynariei need the command "pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover" to run at bootup.. can i just put a script in /etc/init.d20:09
MikeandIkeI am sure of this.20:09
MikeandIkeubuntu has a long outdated flash player..20:09
lotuspsychje!upstart | bynarie20:09
ubottubynarie: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:09
MikeandIkea few years ago adobe killed off ubuntu flash player LOL20:09
basil1xOnce HTML5 becomes common, Adobe will regret that.20:10
BluesKajMikeandIke, use chrome and pepperflash20:10
bynarielotuspsychje, thanks20:10
NegativeFlareAlright guys, keep it on topic.20:10
trismMikeandIke: chrome has
MikeandIkenope when html5 becomes common people will still use flash player along with it.. Then ubuntu will be dead and gone! XD20:11
lotuspsychje!ot | MikeandIke20:11
ubottuMikeandIke: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:11
MikeandIkeI can do whatever i want..20:12
PiciMikeandIke: No, this channel has guidelines.20:12
MikeandIkeMe and my friends might try to DdoSing ubuntu site and freenode servers if you mess with me20:12
NegativeFlareMikeandIke: Sorry, keep it with the rules. Or you'll have to leave.20:12
MikeandIkeWE are anonymous20:12
MikeandIkewe are legion20:12
bynarielotuspsychje, i got it working properly.. thanks buddy!20:13
lotuspsychje!yay | bynarie20:13
ubottubynarie: Glad you made it! :-)20:13
nithincatch you guys later... gotta go...20:13
lotuspsychjenithin: come again20:13
nithinThank you for the support20:13
lotuspsychjejust for the info, firefox 34 is out20:14
lotuspsychje!info firefox20:14
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 34.0+build2-0ubuntu0.14.10.2 (utopic), package size 38960 kB, installed size 91169 kB20:14
fuqdempigzhey there20:15
fuqdempigzFirefox 34 eh?20:15
fuqdempigzNot bad20:15
=== timvishet is now known as timvisher-xubunt
lotuspsychjeyou can read improvements on omgubuntu20:16
fuqdempigzThatnks lotuspsychje20:16
jfmcarreira!info plasma20:16
lotuspsychjefuqdempigz: np20:16
ubottuPackage plasma does not exist in utopic20:16
FangornTheEntHello. I have a problem and was hoping that the internet people could help me with it.20:16
jfmcarreira!info vlc20:16
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0~pre2-4build1 (utopic), package size 1313 kB, installed size 4170 kB20:16
fuqdempigzPlease elaborate FangornTheEnt20:16
eb0tyou guys should get into networking20:17
eb0tits fantastic20:17
fuqdempigzWhat sort of networking eb0t?20:17
eb0tyou name it20:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:17
fuqdempigzHow about I uplink your ass?20:17
eb0thmm sounds nice20:17
FangornTheEntI am trying to install Ubuntu (Trusty Tahr) on a PC that I accidentally wiped of Windows. I have a flashdrive that has Ubuntu ready for boot to install but it isn't recognized by the computer. I have another flashdrive that doesn't have it installed but is recognized. I also have a chromebook at my disposal. Any way to boot or do I need to install to the good USB?20:17
lfrlucashow to change disk label?20:18
remmy_i just installed ubuntu and the battery is no longer charging. What do I need to do?20:18
lfrlucas!info label20:18
ubottuPackage label does not exist in utopic20:18
lfrlucas!info ntfs20:18
ubottuPackage ntfs does not exist in utopic20:18
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: you cant boot the usb stick?20:18
mbalmerremmy_, attach the power supply20:18
NegativeFlare!info ntfs-3g20:18
ubottuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read/write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:2013.1.13AR.1-2ubuntu3 (utopic), package size 458 kB, installed size 1609 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)20:18
Pici!msgthebot | lfrlucas20:18
ubottulfrlucas: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".20:18
remmy_i have the charger connected to the computer20:19
eb0tmaybe it needs a driver remmy20:19
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: did you try change boot order at bios? or f12 to choose usb boot20:19
mbalmerplug it into the wall socket as well20:19
remmy_yeah everything is plugged in20:19
FangornTheEntYeah. The USB that has it installed isn't recognized and the USB that doesn't have it is recognized. I tried copying the files to the recognized USB but the computer still says "Missing Operating System". I have chosen to boot from USB and tried letting it run. Neither work.20:20
remmy_its stuck at 70$20:20
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: is this an uefi machine? did you disable secreboot?20:20
FangornTheEntlotuspsychje: it's a BIOS machine.20:20
k1lremmy_: if the battery is old it could be that its not going to 100% anymore. ubuntu shows that state. maybe windows calls the 70% still 100%20:20
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: how did you create your usb?20:21
FangornTheEntlotuspsychje: A friend of mine did it because there is no way to create the USB with a Chromebook.20:21
remmy_its a pretty new computer, I got it about 6 months ago20:21
eb0twell remmy maybe a couple cells in he battery are gone20:21
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: maybe the stick is badly made?20:22
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: missing operating system sounds like the hd wants to boot20:22
eb0tuse the computer for  a while ...as the charge drops as long as it recharges to 70 percent then its good to go20:22
FangornTheEntlotuspsychje: Doubt it. Is there any way to use the files I have from the bad USB by transferring them to the good USB?20:22
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: i would try that universal usb installer from ubuntu site20:23
remmy_ok cool20:23
remmy_thanks for the help20:23
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: there is also a boot cd image 'plop boot manager' that can force your machine to boot an usb20:23
remmy_have a good one20:23
FangornTheEntlotuspsychje: Ok. But it says no OS even with a force boot from USB20:24
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: what does happens when you try to boot your usb20:24
OerHeksFangornTheEnt, in some bios types you need to set your usb in 2 places, boot priority and hdd priority20:24
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: sounds like the usb isnt set right indeed20:24
FangornTheEntOerHeks: I'll try that.20:24
Bashing-omFangornTheEnt: Maybe the .iso is bad ? http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows .20:25
OerHeksFangornTheEnt, or try an other port20:25
FangornTheEntThe bad USB isn't recognized on any port. The good USB is "Missing operating system" on all ports. Is there a way to copy the files so that it will boot?20:27
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: i rather think its like OerHeks said your bios is not set to boot usb everywhere20:27
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: check boot priority, boot sequence,etc20:28
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: you can check if your usb stick works on another machine?20:29
FangornTheEntBoth USBs are recognized and work with the chromebook. The boot priority is set to USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard Disk then USB CD/DVD ROM Drive then the Notebook HD20:30
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: did you check sata layout, some bios have settings there also20:32
FangornTheEntShould I enable boot from USB floppy?20:32
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: go tru all bios options, makes no sense it doesnt boot the usb20:32
lotuspsychjeif you sure your usb stick has working ubuntu on it;..20:32
FangornTheEntI have gone through all the options unless there's some hidden menu I can't see20:32
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: what mobo bios is this?20:33
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: try that plop boot manager write on a cdrom, and force your usb to boot20:34
lotuspsychjeif that doesnt work, its a bad usb20:34
FangornTheEntCan I just extract the zip or do I need to do something else?20:35
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: burn as an image to the cd20:35
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: check on their site howto20:36
FangornTheEntSlight problem with that. I have Chromebook. The Chromebook can't do that afaik.20:36
lotuspsychjeFangornTheEnt: maybe the ##hardware guys might also know howto set usb first20:36
bubbasauresFangornTheEnt, There must be a per-session boot menu?20:42
FangornTheEntbubbasaures: Nope.20:42
ikeboyis there a way to extract from nautilus that doesn't cache the result on the home drive?20:42
bubbasauresFangornTheEnt, What chrome model is this20:43
FangornTheEntbubbasaures: It's a school issued Samsung first gen20:43
=== Loshki is now known as richyrichrich
Bundestrojanergood evening20:49
Bundestrojanerare there any known problems with security.ubuntu.com?20:50
Bundestrojanerapt-get update waits already ~10 mins for an answer from it20:51
=== richyrichrich is now known as Loshki
jostHow do I force apt to reload package lists?20:52
bubbasauresBundestrojaner, That link is not the same as your security in the sources.list20:53
jostI have a system, where a normal apt-get update does not show the update for libc620:53
guntbertjost: sudo apt-get update doesn't show anything, only sudo apt-get upgrade does20:54
bubbasaures!find libc620:54
Bundestrojanerbubbasaures: atm, it says "100% [Connected to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8c01::18)]" (translated from german)20:54
ubottuFound: libc6, libc6-arm64-cross, libc6-armel-armhf-cross, libc6-armel-cross, libc6-armhf-cross, libc6-dbg, libc6-dev, libc6-dev-arm64-cross, libc6-dev-armel-armhf-cross, libc6-dev-armel-cross (and 20 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libc6&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all20:54
yaszkoDoes anyone here have some nice script to save TMUX sessions ?20:55
netlarHow do I upgrade to Duplicity 0.6.24?20:55
bubbasauresBundestrojaner, Dud you posted a web page, you do not understand. Change the repos20:55
jostguntbert: apt-get upgrade does not show an update for libc6, but the installed version is "2.19-0ubuntu6.3", the latest version is "2.19-0ubuntu6.4"20:55
netlarIt does not appear to be in the repository20:55
k1lBundestrojaner: that sounds more like a network issue on your ISP?20:56
netlarI read that there was a bug in duplicity 0.6.2320:58
Bundestrojanerk1l: everything else works, and it read many repos succesfully.20:58
guntbertjost: apparently you are on 14.04 while I am on 14.1020:58
jostguntbert: correct.20:58
Bundestrojanerbubbasaures: i didn't post a website, i've only posted the last line from apt-get update20:59
Bundestrojanerbubbasaures: and what is wrong with my repos? so this url doesn't belong there?20:59
geniinetlar: You could also try the duplicity-team PPA for version 720:59
netlargenii: Don't want to add another PPS21:00
geniinetlar: Then your othr option is to compile it yourself.21:01
netlargenii: Why is that version not in the repository?21:01
jeetris there better options besides mozillas thunderbird???21:01
rgb3rgb3 Welcome to the channel21:02
rgb3richardjs Welcome to the channel21:02
rgb3ejuan Welcome to the channel21:02
guntbertrgb3: stop21:02
rgb3holymac_ Welcome to the channel21:03
geniinetlar: Probably because 6.25 is the last release of that series and they are going to just go to 721:03
bubbasauresBundestrojaner, You may just need to change the repos called go the ubuntu software center click edit than software sources. Than first tab has a drop down "Download from choose other and let it find the best one.21:03
geniinetlar: But only the devs know for sure.21:04
OerHekshmm how do i read this,  was 0.6.24 not published ? https://launchpad.net/duplicity/+milestone/0.6.2421:04
netlargenii: Just i read there is a corruption in 0.6.2321:04
guntbertbubbasaures: the security repo will not change21:04
netlarI am confused, thought 14.04 did updates to correct problems for 5 years21:05
geniinetlar: From http://duplicity.nongnu.org/   "Please NOTE: The 0.6 series is in the process of being deprecated and the 0.6.25 release is the last release of the series that will receive new additions or enhancements. It will continue to receive critical bug fixes to support distributions with long term support. The major focus of development will be on the 0.7 series."21:06
netlargenii: Ok, so I just need to wait for Ubuntu 14.04 to get 0.7?21:07
geniinetlar: That, or add the PPA as I said earlier21:07
Bundestrojanerbubbasaures: thx :)21:08
netlargenii: I am wary of adding PPA's read they can create conflicts when upgrading to next Ubuntu release21:08
bubbasauresguntbert, Really, I know that, any repos can be having issues is all an easy check.21:09
geniinetlar: Yes, when that happens, you need to run ppa-purge on them21:09
=== _pelle is now known as Guest34475
guntbertbubbasaures: I don't get your point - you told someone with problems getting updates from security.ubuntu.com to switch to another mirror - which will in no way remedy his problem with security.ubuntu.com21:10
netlargenii ok thanks21:11
bubbasauresBundestrojaner, Is the problem fixed?21:12
Bundestrojanerbubbasaures: yes, it is. i chose another server from an university near me21:12
bubbasauresI rest my case. ;)21:13
guntbertbubbasaures: facts speak for themselves :-))   although I still don't get how that could help21:15
_war10ck_I need some help with the update-alternatives for gcc21:19
_war10ck_When switching versions, if I use sudo, it allows me to switch but does not allow when trying in non-sudo21:20
_war10ck_Is it a proper behavious?21:20
bekksYou are not allowed to switch global alternatives as a user.21:20
_war10ck_bekks: Even for gcc?21:21
bekks_war10ck_: for every global alternative.21:21
_war10ck_bekks: hmm, I am using this alternatives portion only for gcc, okay cool - I will switch using sudo then21:22
bubbasauresguntbert, we only got a partial link to security.ubuntu.com which shows us the web page not the sub are pointed at, to be honest you are just being a jerk, your arguement is and was not needed and is a waste of all our times. You have no specific explanation just criticism, I'm a longterm user, there were a number of variables there we just happened to get this fixed, could of just been any number of reasons.21:25
bubbasauresand welcome to ignore21:25
the_trickyhello there21:32
the_trickycan someone check if i am trying to make a bootable usb the right way?21:32
the_trickyhere is what i got21:32
the_trickya flash stick21:32
the_trickyfat32, msdos partition table21:32
the_trickythen i am doing:21:32
the_trickysudo dd if=/home/image.iso of=/dev/sdc1 bs=4M21:33
the_trickyis that right?21:33
k1lthe_tricky: that is wrong. you need to dd onto sdc not sdc1. and that will erase all that is on the ubs21:33
the_trickysudo dd if=/home/image.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4M21:34
the_trickyis that right now?21:34
k1lif that is a ubuntu iso. they are hybrid isos and can be dd'ed, yes21:34
the_trickysorry, what do you mean by "hybrid"?21:35
the_trickyand yes, that's ubuntu21:35
k1lif you take other OS isos they might not work after you used dd. but ubuntu isos do work21:35
the_trickythanks a lot21:36
the_trickyand do i have to make it bootable by adding a flag?21:36
the_trickyhow do i do that>21:36
geniithe_tricky: Hybrid image files don't need to be converted from one type to another to boot properly. You can use the same image to make a DVD or use it to make a USB21:36
the_trickygenii: thanks a lot, that's the explanation i was looking for21:37
alexizzoanonymous is legation21:37
the_trickyand btw, is there a nice way to view dd progress?21:39
the_trickyi came across smth with process id21:40
the_trickythat sound weird21:40
reisiothe_tricky: for i in $(pgrep -x dd); do kill -USR1 "$i"; sleep 10s; done21:40
reisiodon't ask21:41
k1ldd as such doesnt have fancy progressbars etc. it just copies one bit from "if" and puts it into a bit on "of"21:41
reisionote that the progress will show in the term you have run dd at21:41
reisiosome other dd implementations do progress, though21:41
reisiopersonally, I tend to watch the file size of where I'm writing21:41
reisiowhile(true); do du -hs path/to/newstuff; sleep 1m; done21:41
reisio'cause the final file size is usually known...ish21:41
reisioand the total amount of data dd will process _can_ be misleading21:42
k1lthe_tricky: if you know the size you can pipe it through pv21:42
curiousxthe_tricky: try sudo apt-get install pv -y21:42
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Chuck_Norristhe_tricky: then sudo dd if=/home/image.iso | pv | of=/dev/sdc bs=4M21:43
PiciChuck_Norris: interesting... /me notes21:44
the_trickyChuck_Norris: wow, thanks for that -y flag, haven't heard before21:44
Chuck_NorrisPici: xD21:44
Chuck_Norristhe_tricky: np21:44
Picithe_tricky: You might want to be careful of -y, if apt wants to do weird things, using that switch will do them without letting you review.21:45
Chuck_Norrisstand for "pipe viewer" pv -.-21:45
the_trickykeep that in mind, thanks again21:45
streulmahello, when I run Ubuntu on a Macbook Air 6,2 then my temps go to 70°C21:47
the_trickythe one with "pv" in it stopped immediately21:47
k1lthe_tricky: show the command21:48
the_trickysudo dd if=/home/image.iso | pv | of=/dev/sdc bs=4M21:49
k1lmissing a dd  bevore the of......21:49
the_trickythat's weird of me21:50
the_trickyhave to go and test that USB21:50
* the_tricky went testing21:50
OerHeksstreulma, that sounds normal?21:50
dm7freekWhen I start my Terminal, my default shell is zsh, is that because of LDAP?22:05
plut0hardware acceleration is disabled and not sure how to enable it. i'm using the nvidia drivers. can anyone help?22:05
Jinxed-can i temporarly change the dns server via command line22:07
Jinxed-in abuntu?22:07
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Matomboi want to share a folder with a windows pc but make it password protected22:10
Matombobut wenn i right klick the folder and navigate to the share tab and aktivate share the only thing works is if i allow guest access22:10
Matombowenn ich just allow 1 user and then want to connect from the windows pc it promts me a username password popup but wont let me connect to the folder22:10
infamyWhat installer am I missing? http://pastebin.com/pkrVUL2F22:11
infamyconfig.log gives me a bunch of crap I don't understand22:11
pegasusbuonasera stanza22:11
=== pegasus is now known as Guest51279
infamyWhat installer am I missing? http://pastebin.com/pkrVUL2F22:12
jattin upstart how do I disable a service to start on boot?22:13
jatti want to start it manually only22:13
Jinxed-is there a non persistent way add a dns server22:14
trisminfamy: start with build-essential, then if you have the source repos enabled: apt-get build-dep znc; should get most of the rest22:14
infamytrism: Thank you22:14
gmiky@find Sword Art Online 01 720p22:18
k1l!warez | gmiky22:19
ubottugmiky: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o22:19
Chuck_Norrisjatt: try sudo sh -c "echo 'manual' > /etc/init/SERVICE.override"22:22
Chuck_Norrischange SERVICE for whatever the service you want to stop at boot22:22
bekksOuch :)22:22
zykotick9Chuck_Norris: i doubt sudo will cross the >22:22
bekksecho "manual" | sudo tee /etc/init/SERVICE.override22:23
Chuck_Norrisyes it will22:23
bekksIt will not.22:23
bekksIt would be the first time in history that sudo will cross the > border.22:23
Chuck_Norrisalready tried it -.-22:23
gmiky“/msg botname xdcc send x”22:23
Chuck_Norrisand now i will try tee method -.-22:24
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trismit doesn't cross it, the whole string is quoted and the shell is root, though I prefer the tee solution too22:24
Chuck_Norristee works too22:25
k1lChuck_Norris: are you in a root-shell?22:25
zykotick9trism: thanks for explaining why that did work.22:25
k1luser cant write in /etc/22:25
Chuck_Norrisyou can using "sudo"22:26
bekksChuck_Norris: But sudo will not cross the > border.22:26
Ben64trism explained it just above...22:26
derrzzaaAnyone able to help me troubleshoot why I can't log into my box with SSH keys? My public key is in the machines authorised_keys file, copied with ssh-id-copy22:26
derrzzaathe config has ssh key authentication enabled22:27
Chuck_Norrisbekks: try it yourself, i already did it, and it create the .override file anyways, tee also works22:27
geniik1l:  sudo -c "yadda <redirector> other-yadda"   works because entore command is executed with sudo not just left of the redirector22:27
k1lyes, just saw it.22:28
jackson_boa noite.22:32
jackson_como colocar duas maquinas linux em rede22:33
derrzzaaencrypted ~ dir, ofc22:34
reisiojackson_: /msg alis list *ubunt*br22:34
reisiojackson_: /msg alis list *ubunt*pt22:34
bubbasaures!pt | jackson_22:34
ubottujackson_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:34
jackson_como fazer para entrar-#ubuntu-br22:37
k1l!br | jackson_22:38
ubottujackson_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:38
josharensonI'm making a schroot by running 'mk-sbuild --target armhf utopic' but when I try and X-compile my package, it says my chroot isn't the correct architecture.... What am I doing wrong?22:41
math695Hi guys.22:46
math695How I can change the default pdf viewer in mozilla?22:46
math695My viewer don't show correctly some math pdf's22:46
jhutchinsmath695: Do you have a viewer that does?22:47
math695I have okular installed22:48
math695In my computer I can see it correctly but If I downoload the pdf22:48
math695I don't want to download it, I prefer to view it online22:48
math695The pdf must be previewed in firefox but with a different viewer22:49
jhutchinsmath695: I think the viewer may be embedded these days...22:49
xanguamath695: you need to install mozplugger to use your local pdf "embeded" in firefox22:49
xboxi have a problem with the firefox22:50
xboxhe is to busy22:50
jhutchinsmath695: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-built-pdf-viewer-and-use-another-viewer22:51
daftykinsxbox: err, what?22:51
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:52
xboxI have a problem with firefox he is too slow22:52
jhutchinsmath695: On mine it's "Preferences" not options, but otherwise the same.22:56
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infamy16:45 -!- Irssi: Looking up irc.servercentral.net23:00
infamy16:45 -!- Irssi: Connecting to irc.servercentral.net [] port 666723:00
infamy16:45 -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.servercentral.net port 6667 [Cannot assign requested address:23:00
infamyI can only go outbound on main ip23:00
infamyanyone know what the issue might be?23:00
unopasteinfamy you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:00
infamyanyone know what the issue might be?23:01
SleepersTideHi all23:05
SleepersTideI want to do a release upgrade from trusty to utopic, but the upgrade tool wants to remove my IRC client for no apparent reason23:05
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest31423
SleepersTideHow do I stop it from doing that?23:05
k1lSleepersTide: which package?23:06
SleepersTidek1l: hexchat23:06
k1lhow did you install hexchat?23:06
SleepersTidefrom the ubuntu repos23:06
=== Kryxo is now known as Kryptron
Jordan_USleepersTide: How are you trying to upgrade? What is the exact message about removal of hexchat?23:07
SleepersTideJordan_U: using do-release upgrade or its frontend; it says "41 packages are going to be removed. 237 new packages are going to be installed. 2112 packages are going to be upgraded."23:08
SleepersTideand hexchat is one of the ones to be removed23:08
SleepersTideoops, *do-release-upgrade23:09
k1lthat should not do that.23:10
SleepersTideI tried setting the Lock Version option in synaptic but it didn't help23:10
k1lmaybe just let it go and install hexchat afterwars23:10
Chuck_Norrisbackup its folder first, it shoud be .hexchat -.-23:12
Chuck_NorrisSleepersTide: ----23:12
k1lits not purging. so configs will stay23:12
SleepersTideI'll back it up just in case23:13
SleepersTidethere seems to be a new version in the utopic repos, possibly there's a dependency conflict23:14
castielLFM need 1 tank and 3 dps Soo HC full run wisper me23:18
vlad_General release/package question: There's a package currently available in vivid that I'd like to use, but I'm on trusty. Is the only solution here to have the upstream maintainer make a new build for trusty or is there a way to make this work?23:21
k1lyou will need a trusty package23:21
OerHeksvlad_, build it yourself?23:22
k1lsee if a PPA is for trusty23:22
vlad_OerHeks: It's a bit complicated, I'm creating cloud images for other people so I'd like for their systems to be maintainable23:22
vlad_Happy to do that, but I'd prefer for them to be updatable if possible23:22
math695xangua: ty so much dude23:22
math695I got it23:22
Jordan_USleepersTide: Remove the lock before upgrading, as it will only make things more complicated (and you don't want to forget about it).23:23
xanguamath695: did you made it¿23:23
=== math695 is now known as Ethoscience
Ethoscienceyeah xangua23:23
EthoscienceI downloaded mozplugger and I changed it in "preferences/applications"23:23
Jordan_USleepersTide: Unless having hexchat is really critical for you, I would just upgrade and try installing hexchat again post-upgrade. It's likely there will be some problem with installing it (or it wouldn't have been removed in the first place) but it will be easier to pin down the exact issue.23:24
SleepersTideJordan_U: too late, I'll sort it out after the upgrade23:24
Ethosciencejhutchins: that link don't works since there isn't adobe for linux23:24
Jordan_UEthoscience: What Adobe product are you looking for? Acrobat is available for GNU/Linux (though I would recommend using Free alternatives instead).23:25
EthoscienceAdobe reader.23:25
SleepersTideChuck_Norris: BTW hexchat's config is stored in ~/.config/hexchat23:26
EthoscienceI was looking for a good pdf viewer.23:26
EthoscienceI used to use okular23:26
Ethoscience(and I'm still using it)23:26
Jordan_UEthoscience: It seems Acrobat for GNU/Linux actually has been discontinued since I last looked.23:27
EthoscienceOh, I've never seen it in inux23:27
EthoscienceAnyway, I'm newbie on kubuntu.23:27
Ethoscience(and Gnu/linux)23:27
Jordan_UEthoscience: Have you tried Evince? (It's the default PDF viewer in Ubuntu, though not in Kubuntu and some other flavors).23:28
EthoscienceYeah I've used it.23:29
EthoscienceI think I prefer okular.23:29
Jordan_UEthoscience: What improvements are you looking for?23:29
Ethoscience I'm not looking for anything in particular23:30
EthoscienceJust cheking if there is another pdf viewer.23:30
PyroYoshiGood day to everyone, I am have a problem registering for Ubuntu One23:39
mindless_chaosIsn't ubuntu 1 no more?23:40
k1lit still is. just no filesync service23:40
antonio_I have a logitech Clear Chat comfort USB headphone / mic combo.  I can hear just fine on it.  I just can't the damn mic to work on either one of my Ubuntu machines.  Anyway to diagnos this thing?23:40
PyroYoshi<k1l> is current23:40
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mindless_chaosSo I have been poking around trying out DE's. I typically like xfce for a server, but for a desktop I can't seem to find something I like beter then unity.23:52
Chuck_Norrisdid you try gnome-shell? -.-23:53
mindless_chaosI did not care for mate. However I liked awesome, would be good for a server23:53
mindless_chaosGnome-shell? I will give it a try23:53
mindless_chaosnot as of yet23:53
mindless_chaosis there an apt-get for it? Prolly have to add repositories23:54
daftykinsX doesn't belong on a server at all23:54
mindless_chaosUnity is built on gnome23:55
Chuck_Norrismindless_chaos: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell23:55
mindless_chaosnever said I was running an X on a server..23:55
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
mindless_chaosdoesn't mean you can't have a DE you can export23:55
mindless_chaosHey chuck, Ty, found that out with a quick try23:56
Chuck_Norrismindless_chaos: np23:56
mindless_chaosI didn't like gnome back in the day, but gnome has come a long way23:56

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