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VelhoP4hello frie3nds!04:08
VelhoP4Im running UbuntuStudio on a live DVD, trying to connect FA-66. It has ffado pre/installed, but what should I do next, to make the system recognise this sound board_04:09
holsteinVelhoP4: literaly nothing04:17
holsteinVelhoP4: have you learned to set jack up on *any* device?04:17
holsteinhave you looked at..04:17
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro04:17
VelhoP4holstein, Ive read it and follow it04:27
VelhoP4still no sucess >*04:27
holsteinVelhoP4: so, you have *not* setup jack with the internal audio device? or *any* device04:28
holsteinVelhoP4: i suggest, unplug the edirol, and set jack up with the internal device04:28
holsteinotherwise, in qjackctl, you will see the driver "firewire" under the driver drop down in the "setup" area04:28
holsteinyou select the firewire driver, and click "start"04:28
VelhoP4holstein, and whats the interface? default?04:30
holsteinVelhoP4: for what?04:31
VelhoP4i also have plughw0 and hw004:31
holsteinVelhoP4: using the firewire driver?04:31
holsteinVelhoP4: i'll *literally* try them all.. since there are just a few, and the labels can be wrong04:31
VelhoP4holstein, for the firewire driver. for edirol fa-6604:31
holsteinVelhoP4: you only have the one firewire device, so, "default" should be it04:31
holsteinVelhoP4: but, as i said before, you can have issues with the chipset04:32
holsteinVelhoP4: you havent stated your firewire chipset04:32
VelhoP4holstein, how to resolve the chipset problem?04:32
holsteinVelhoP4: yo udont04:32
holsteinVelhoP4: but, do you have a chipset problem?04:32
holsteinVelhoP4: the "chipset problem" is, the chipset manufacturer doesnt support linux.. you cant make them support linux04:33
holsteinVelhoP4: what chipset do you have?04:33
holsteinVelhoP4: you can run lspci and share the output04:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:33
VelhoP4holstein, i dont know. how can i discover the answer to that question?04:34
cfhowlettVelhoP4, at the purchase point, you have to ensure you've selected a linux-friendly hardware.  after purchase hacking is a lot more painful than pre-purchase planning04:34
holsteinVelhoP4: by opening a terminal and typing the text from above.. "lspci", then, you press the enter key on your keyboard, and you can copy paste that into a pastebin04:34
VelhoP4holstein, thank you so much for your patience04:35
holsteinVelhoP4: sure.. we're here :)04:36
holsteinno problem04:36
holsteinVelhoP4: i dont see it listed..04:39
holsteinVelhoP4: not very hopeful.. do you see it? cfhowlett ?04:39
VelhoP4holstein, im running ubu7ntustudio on a live dvd. dont knoiw if that matters04:40
holsteinVelhoP4: nope04:41
holsteinVelhoP4: are you sure the firewire is enabled in the bios?04:41
VelhoP4cfhowlett, right now I have this Edirol fa-66 and would like to use it with linux, if possible. if i cant do it, iIll considering buying a supported sound card. But, from what I read, this sound card is full supported04:42
VelhoP4holstein, not sure04:42
VelhoP4holstein, the bios, you mean BEFORE the OS?04:43
holsteinVelhoP4: correct.. the machine will have to have the hardware enabled04:43
VelhoP4or is there any bios inside linux?04:43
VelhoP4holstein, well, it works with windows04:43
holsteinVelhoP4: ok.. but, you can confirm that its on, by checking again in windows, to be sure, or looking in the bios settings04:44
holsteinVelhoP4: *if* the firewire hardware is not present, and supporting linux, then the firewire device wont work04:45
holsteinVelhoP4: are you using an 14.04 live CD?04:45
holsteinthis, among other things, is why i suggest *not* taking all this on at once04:50
holsteini say, unhook the firewire audio device, and get jack running on the internal device04:50
VelhoP4holstein, that, i get working!04:54
holsteinVelhoP4: im sorry i dont clearly understand what you are saying04:55
holsteinVelhoP4: are you able to use jack and configure it to run on the internal audio device?04:55
holsteinVelhoP4: can you, for example, route something like yoshimi over jack on the internal audio device?04:55
VelhoP4holstein, im rooting a Calf plugin after Ardour, wich is reproducing a track. and its working with my internal sound board. FA-66 is connected, but dont know how to make it work05:01
holsteinVelhoP4: and you *cant* make it work, if your firewire device doesnt show up05:03
holsteinVelhoP4: if your hardware doenst promise you that it will work with linux, then you can have a challenging time05:03
holsteinwhat would i do? take the device to a machine with a supported texas instruments firewire chipset, boot the live iso, test the edirol05:03
holsteinVelhoP4: i ask again, are you using ubuntustudio 14.04 live?05:04
holsteinVelhoP4: i suggest 14.04 and *not* 14.10..05:04
VelhoP4holstein, ubuntustudio 14.04 live05:05
holsteinVelhoP4: what im saying is, since you *dont* see your firewire device when you run "lspci", then, you will *never* see *any* firewire devices..05:06
VelhoP4holstein, the problem is there i dont know were to find the firewire05:06
holsteinVelhoP4: sure. its *not* there, friend05:06
holsteinVelhoP4: it doesnt have to work with linux.. you were not promised that it would05:06
holsteinVelhoP4: but, that will be necessary *before* *any* firewire devices show up in linux for you05:06
VelhoP4holstein, ah, get it! but what does full support means, then?05:07
holsteinVelhoP4: we are *not* talking about the edirol05:07
holsteinVelhoP4: as i said, you can literally unhook it05:07
holsteinVelhoP4: we are talking about the *actual* firewire on the device05:07
holsteinVelhoP4: on your compupter05:07
holsteinVelhoP4: i you have a firewire hard drive, for example, you can plug that in, and it also, will *not* work.. since, the firewire device on your computer is not supporting linux05:08
holsteinVelhoP4: this is a prerequisite to the edirol, or *any* firewire device working05:08
holsteinVelhoP4: it would be like, taking a USB stick and plugging it in in windows and *not* having the USB drivers installed for the motherboard USB hub05:09
holsteinVelhoP4: the USB stick in that scenario would *not* work, but that is not related to the USB stick05:09
VelhoP4holstein, hmm. Im using a PCM cia - i think thats whats called - to connect the firewire cable05:10
holsteinVelhoP4: ok05:10
VelhoP4holstein, i dont have a firewire input built in my laptop05:10
holsteinVelhoP4: when you bought the thing, it *never* stated "linux support".. so, it doesnt have to work with linux.. they never promised you it would05:10
VelhoP4maybe thats why liunux cant see the soundboard?05:10
holsteinVelhoP4: no.. that *is* *exactly* *why*05:10
holsteinVelhoP4: thats what im saying, friend05:10
holsteinVelhoP4: if you mean, the edirol, when you say "sound board", then, *yes*.. thats what i mean05:11
VelhoP4holstein, so Edirol FA-66 works under linux or not?05:11
holsteinVelhoP4: the firewire PCI card will *need* to work *before* *any* firewire will work05:11
holsteinVelhoP4: i am not edirol or edirol support05:11
holsteinVelhoP4: ubuntustudio is doing nothing to prevent that edriol from working with it05:11
holsteinVelhoP4: will it work? i dont have one here to say, first hand05:12
holsteinVelhoP4: i looked at the official ffado site and linked to you where they state the edirol is fully supported05:12
holsteinVelhoP4: you *cant* confirm that, since, you dont have firewire on your computer that supports linux05:12
VelhoP4holstein, ah!05:12
holsteinVelhoP4: step one, as i said, get firewire that works in linux05:12
holsteinVelhoP4: i have several texas instrument chipsets for just that occasion05:13
VelhoP4holstein, got it!!05:13
holsteinVelhoP4: as i also said, instead of buying that, go to a machine with a firewire chipset and test the edirol, first hand05:13
holstein*if* it works, you can get a texas instruments chipset05:13
VelhoP4holstein, im using a dual boot machine, fa-66 works fine on windows 705:14
holsteinVelhoP4: sure, and that doesnt mean *anything*05:14
holsteinVelhoP4: when you bought all that hardware, you *were* promised driver support for windows..05:15
holsteinVelhoP4: all that means is, the hardware is likely functional..05:15
holsteinVelhoP4: if you dont see the firewire chip in lspci, then you will *never* get *any* firewire devices in linux on that machine05:15
holsteinVelhoP4: details can help me help you05:16
VelhoP4holstein, since this adventure is takingt me more time then what ive expected, i will install ubuntustudio, and play with if through my laptop internal sound board, that works fine05:16
holsteinVelhoP4: what pci firewire card do you have?05:16
VelhoP4holstein, let me check05:16
VelhoP4holstein, this one http://www.lindy.co.uk/components-tools-c7/add-on-cards-c308/firewire-c311/firewire-card-2-port-expresscard-34-p333905:18
holsteinVelhoP4: so, you can see Chipset: Texas Instruments XIO2200A05:18
holsteinVelhoP4: they are typically well supported05:19
VelhoP4holstein, <305:19
holsteinVelhoP4: i say, try booting the live CD, with the firewire card *out*.. and put it in after boot05:19
holsteinpull it out and put it back in right now, and try "lspci" again05:19
VelhoP4gonna do that right now, just a moment05:20
VelhoP4holstein, you mean reboot everything and then do the lspci?05:22
holsteinVelhoP4: i mean, *literally* experiementing in every way05:22
holsteinVelhoP4: i would pull the card *right* *Now*, and put it back in..05:22
holsteinleaving it out for about 20 seconds or so05:22
holsteinthen, i would run lscpi..05:22
holsteinif i dont see it, i reboot with the card out. and wait til the machine is booted, and put it back in after its booted, and run lspci05:23
holsteini want to see the device listing a texas instrument chipset in a terminal in lspci05:23
VelhoP4holstein, so, i must find the text TEXAS INSTRUMENT with the lspci?05:24
holsteinVelhoP4: friend.. its like this. that device will need to work in linux before anything you plug into it will05:25
holsteinVelhoP4: its that simple.. now, making that happen can take *any* amount of fiddling around..05:25
holsteinVelhoP4: a team of professionals worked for what could have been years, making sure all of your hardware worked out of the box and well in windows.. you are taking that responsibility on yourself when running linux, since, no one has promised you linux support05:26
VelhoP4holstein, got it!05:26
holsteinVelhoP4: what do i do? i literally try *everthing*05:26
VelhoP4holstein, i can be patient. i really want edoril fa/66 to work on my linux system05:27
holsteinboot with out the thing.. boot with the thing.. take the thing out.. try another thing to isolate if its the thing or not that is causing the issure, or if its the other thing05:27
VelhoP4holstein, yes, i understand05:27
holsteinVelhoP4: again, we are not talking about the edirol, at all05:27
holsteinim talking about the pciexpress card05:28
VelhoP4holstein, yes, we are talking about the pcmcia firewire adapter05:28
VelhoP4holstein, im newbie, but im not that dumb, lol05:28
VelhoP4holstein, I dont know how to thank you, you re being so supportive05:29
holsteinim not saying you are dumb.. im just clarifying..05:29
VelhoP4thank you so much for not leaving me alone, and giving me your hand on this05:29
VelhoP4holstein, thank you for all you patience, and making an efford to understand my awfull english when Im sleepy05:30
holsteinsure. but, i do need to run.. you can try #opensourcemusicians or #xubuntu #ubuntu for the expresscard support..05:31
holsteinand good luck...05:31
VelhoP4holstein, cheers!!05:31
VelhoP4hello folks! ive just installed UbuntuStudio in my dualboot laptop. I noticed there are Extra Applications in each menu. were can I find detail info about whats included?19:50
VelhoP4included with the Extra Applications, I mean19:51
holsteinVelhoP4: pretty much any package manager.. or you can search online19:51
holsteini like synaptic for a GUI Package manager..19:51
deltVelhoP4: i just type in a terminal: apt-cache search [package name]19:51
holsteinalso, here..19:51
VelhoP4holstein, Ive searched online and found no info. thats why im asking here19:52
holstein!info yoshimi19:52
ubottuyoshimi (source: yoshimi): software synthesizer based on ZynAddSubFX. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-1 (utopic), package size 330 kB, installed size 1118 kB19:52
delt!info zynaddsubfx19:52
ubottuzynaddsubfx (source: zynaddsubfx): Realtime software synthesizer for Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.4.3-4 (utopic), package size 1615 kB, installed size 2383 kB19:52
delt!info zynaddsubfx-dssi19:52
ubottuzynaddsubfx-dssi (source: zynaddsubfx): dssi plugin of zynaddsubfx. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.3-4 (utopic), package size 233 kB, installed size 591 kB19:52
holsteinVelhoP4: sure.. and we are doing our best to help you.. try one of the few suggestions above, or tell us how what you searched online failed...19:52
VelhoP4holstein, thanks! I thi8nk im getting it19:54
deltthis is weird.... on this machine qjackctl doesn't show a menu from the system tray / notification area.... it just shows a small line, like the rest of the menu isn't appearing....19:55
holsteindelt: i would check the settings and make sure i have it set to be shown there, then, i would try as a different user, and try launching from the terminal to see error messages..19:56
VelhoP4these Extra Apps are just additional packages I can get from synaptic19:56
holsteinVelhoP4: i dont know what you are asking about..19:56
holsteinVelhoP4: you can ask about any particular application by name19:57
deltholstein: it looks like this ---> http://www.deimos.ca/miscjunk/qjackctl-glitch.png19:57
holsteindelt: that looks as i would expect.. expecially if i had resized my panel19:57
VelhoP4holstein, lol, nevermind, I got the answer I needed19:57
deltuh? the little grey line is at the outside of the panel19:58
VelhoP4!info ardour19:58
ubottuardour (source: ardour): digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.8.16+git20131003-2 (utopic), package size 3135 kB, installed size 12378 kB19:58
holsteindelt: just keep configuring,and trying the suggestions above19:58
holsteindelt: i'll find that compositing can effect that sort of UI element19:59
VelhoP4!info ardour319:59
ubottuardour3 (source: ardour3): digital audio workstation (graphical gtk2 interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.380~dfsg-3 (utopic), package size 6180 kB, installed size 28665 kB19:59
holsteini mean,for me, 'if it aint broke', i dont fix it19:59
deltholstein: that little grey line appears instead of the menu19:59
holsteinVelhoP4: you can query the bot, as well19:59
VelhoP4holstein, how so?19:59
holsteindelt: ok.. so, any mesages when launching from the terminal? does it happen as another user?19:59
deltalso, quick suggestion for the ubuntustudio distribution: set the default xfce font to "Ubuntu", it looks really nice :D20:00
holsteinVelhoP4: i use "/q ubottu "20:00
deltanyway, back to this qjackctl thing....20:00
deltholstein: my laptop is running the exact same setup, with no problems.20:00
holsteindelt: you would file a wishlist bug, or email the dev list20:00
holsteindelt: sure.. so,are we talking about the laptop?20:00
deltnope.. this bug appears on the desktop machine20:00
deltdisabling compositing doesn't seem to fix the problem...20:01
holsteindelt: the suggestions above are for the *same* machine.. start qjackctl from the terminal and see error messages,and try as another user, to see where the issue is20:01
VelhoP4holstein, that command doesnt seem to work on xchat... nothing appears20:01
holsteindelt: sure.. you are assuming a few things. that, its a bug, and that its broken20:01
holsteinVelhoP4: you can typically right click on the nick and query it, or try "/query ubottu "20:01
deltholstein: starting qjackctl from a terminal, no output ... compositing disabled in window manager, still getting just a little grey line instead of the menu.20:02
holsteindelt: and, as another user?20:02
deltit's not such a HUGE issue, since running qjackctl again pops up the window.20:02
deltthat's what i'm going to try next.20:03
VelhoP4holstein, cool! thanks20:03
vltHello. It’s 2014 – so what do I want to use for basic non linear video editing? I have several different sources (1280p/720p h.264, DV ...), want to arrange them on tracks on the timeline, create (sub)titles and edit audio levels. I tried openshot but I haven’t figured out how to move a whole bunch of clips around. Any idea what to use?20:04
deltok, i'm in the guest account... trying now20:04
deltenabling system tray icon in qjackctl20:05
holsteinvlt: i like kdenlive, but, it realy just depends on what fits your needs.. i would try kden and the cinellera ppa.. and lightworks is a commercial option20:05
deltsame bug happens: just the little grey line.20:05
holsteindelt: sure. but, as you say, its not happening on the other box, so, why assume its a bug?20:06
deltcompositing on or off, makes no difference20:06
holsteindelt: i mean, its an issue, correct? a bug would be something i can reproduce, and something you can on your other machine20:06
deltok, so we know the problem isn't caused by something in my ~20:07
holsteindelt: what would i do? look for and apply updates.. look at my sources for relevant PPAs such as kxstudio ones.. i would then look for a bug, and file one, and try and get someone to confirm it, after i confirm it on my other machine20:07
vltholstein: Thank you. I’ll try kdenlive first.20:07
deltvlt: also check out cinelerra, iirc it's not in the ubuntu repos, you have to add their ppa20:07
deltholstein: maybe uninstall and reinstall qjackctl? 2 sec i'll just log back into my normal account20:08
holsteinthats the cinelerra ppa i referenced.. https://launchpad.net/~cinelerra-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/ppa20:08
holsteindelt: i already said what i would do..20:08
holsteinthat could be a fix.. but, you really dont know what the issue is yet20:09
vltdelt: Thanks.20:11
deltholstein: you mentioned resizing the panel might cause this problem... how would that be?20:24
holsteindelt: when i misunderstood the issue20:25
VelhoP4Is there any advantage on installing UbuntuStudio 64 vs 32 bit? I just discovered one disadvantage: I cant install the package dssi-vst20:42
holsteinVelhoP4: you cant do what? why?20:43
VelhoP4holstein, !info dssi-vst20:44
VelhoP4!info dssi-vst20:44
ubottudssi-vst (source: dssi-vst): Adapter for VST an VSTi audio plugins. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 0.9.2-1ubuntu5 (utopic), package size 167 kB, installed size 633 kB (Only available for i386)20:44
VelhoP4holstein, -  (Only available for i386)20:45
holsteinVelhoP4: you can run 32 bit apps on 64bit20:45
holsteinVelhoP4: you have to stop saying "cant" and assuming.. and just ask how..20:45
holsteinhttp://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-install-a-32bit-program-in-64bit-ubuntu for example20:46
holsteinthese days, if a machine can to 64bit, i install 64bit on it.. if it has 4gb's of ram..20:46
holsteinnow, hosting windows vst's in 64bit may be a problem, but, thats not related to linux at all20:48
holsteinanyone can make *anything* they want for linux.. its all open20:48
holsteinif they dont, then, you have to do your own support20:48
holsteinif windows VST's were a deal breaker for me, id run windows.. if i wanted to try them in linux, id use 32bit20:49

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