brainwashbluesabre: bug 1398619 might affect gtk-greeter and xfce4-indicator-plugin00:54
ubottubug 1398619 in unity-greeter (Ubuntu) "No indicators displayed when systemd-sysv is installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139861900:54
brainwashali1234: ^00:59
brainwashI guess we should add our packages to the lp report, or?00:59
Unit193Just call `upstart` (/sbin/upstart)01:06
brainwashsure, that's the solution01:10
Unit193For now.01:10
bluesabreyeah, go ahead and add them01:10
bluesabresubscribed myself to the bug01:11
Unit193bluesabre: http://paste.openstack.org/show/XJNXGBgvoZc0AUdYiEG2 diff for easy reading, dsc is in /source/01:16
bluesabremade sense until "dsc is in /source/"01:17
Unit193Too lazy to type https://sigma.unit193.net/source/inxi_2.2.16-0ubuntu1.dsc01:18
Unit193Bitte schön.01:21
Unit193bluesabre: http://paste.openstack.org/show/mO9KSCpRfq6wwaVRzgee/ and https://sigma.unit193.net/source/xfce4-indicator-plugin_2.3.2-0ubuntu3.dsc01:33
* bluesabre gives Unit193 a cookie01:34
Unit193Hopefully that's what you want. :D01:35
Unit193And cookies. :D01:35
Unit193Anything else to look into tonight?02:08
bluesabrenot to my knowledge. doing a spot check on menulibre for trusty then uploading it and going to bed02:22
brainwashbluesabre: want to apply the patch from bug 1211933 ? it's a very simple patch and now is the right time to test it02:52
ubottubug 1211933 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "mkinitramfs blows up on casper dependency" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121193302:52
brainwashbefore we get closer to 16.04 :)02:53
brainwashUnit193: do you agree that the patch is harmless? ^02:57
Unit193Heey, I was staying out of that just fine and dandy. :(02:57
brainwashcan no one review this patch? :D03:00
Unit193I am actually looking into it though. :P03:01
Unit193Of course, I defer to Sean.03:01
Unit193Right, so I'm in full agreement with that bug, we should not be doing that where it is and we should in fact do it after prereqs.03:12
Unit193bluesabre: Please commit that patch.03:13
brainwashUnit193: oh, yet another systemd 217 upload03:16
Unit193brainwash: Yep, there sure was.  Can you also mark that as affecting  ubuntustudio-live  ?03:17
brainwashdoes it affect ubuntu studio?03:19
Unit193That'd be why I asked, yep.03:20
brainwashjust found it also03:22
Unit193Mythbuntu is fine.03:22
brainwashI tend to forget about ubuntu studio, but we actually share many bugs :)03:24
Unit193I tend to forget about Mythbuntu more, or the fact it uses Xfce at the very least.03:27
skellatunit193, bluesabre: Are we going to have to introduce a "Conflicts" or "Breaks" in packaging for either xubuntu-meta or xubuntu-default-settings to ensure we don't have things like systemd-sysv let alone anything else from The War co-installed with systemd in the end this cycle?03:48
Unit193Erm, we should not be conflicting with systemd-sysv, that'd be joining "the war" and playing very poorly.03:49
skellatUnit193: The thread over on ubuntu-devel where people were bringing up Devuan had a few folks noting that choice of init hasn't really been part of Ubuntu or its flavors.  I'm just wondering if it is a social decision we need to fall in line with in terms of what we support or not at this point.03:55
Unit193We already have to go and fix things because of Unity and GNOME, there's no why trying to choose what init system we use and differing from the rest of the core systems would make any sense whatsoever, it'd just add a lot more work that we don't have the manpower for.  There's also the indicators breaking every release, the wayland/mir/xorg thing, and who knows what else.  It would make about as 03:58
Unit193much sense as trying to support sysvinit, and adding init scripts to every package missing them and supporting it for the next n releases.03:58
Unit193The indicator and user session should be about the only thing that will matter, and I haven't heard anything abuot changing user sessions yet.03:59
Unit193(Indicators is heavily related to user sessions for that matter.)03:59
skellatThis is why I'm asking after reading that bug traffic relative to indicators and systemd-sysv04:02
skellatMore explanation is better than just staring at the driveway pondering how to best salt it to fend off ice build up04:03
* skellat has been getting pelted with hail and freezing rain today04:03
brainwashskellat: people who care about which init system is being used most likely don't use ubuntu anyway :)10:15
Luyinwhy does anybody care about the init system 'most used'? I'd rather care about which is fulfilling my requirements best.10:17
brainwashused, most likely10:20
brainwashwe just make sure that things don't break and if they do, we'll fix them10:21
Luyinoh, my mistake, brainwash. I thought 'likely' belonged to 'don't … anyway', which doesn't make much sense now I come to think of it10:22
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Noskcajbluesabre, mrpouit: Do we still need the 01_fix-48-migration.patch in notes-plugin? It's our only diff19:36
Cykiklocked myself out of root; any tips?21:40
knomeCykik, first, you shouldn't have a root account, second, the support channel is #xubuntu21:40
Cykikhi knome.21:41

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