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xubuntu045umm my panel dissapeared00:30
xubuntu045and im getting an error "Window manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed.  "00:31
xubuntu045and Window manager warning: Region to merge was empty! Either you have a some pathological STRUT list or there's a bug somewhere!00:31
xubuntu045pls helperini00:33
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akishi all. any idea why gnome player crashes under 64 bit version although run under 32 bit (in other machine)?11:05
Luyinakis: have you try running gnomeplayer in a terminal to look at the errors and warnings there?11:10
akisLuyin: it starts normally but it crashes when trying to play. i got messages from crash report messages.11:12
Luyinakis: you haven't really answered my question :P11:13
akisLuyin: the report says: gnome-media-player crashed with SIGSEGV in libvlc_media_player_new()11:14
ObrienDavetry a different player. vlc comes to mind11:16
ndurraniHi. Thunderbird doesn't work for me - it can send email, but it can't receive it. It works in OS X (in fact I eventually copied the thunderbird profile from os x and it still doesn't work)13:28
ndurraniand telnet outlook.office365.com 993 fails13:29
ndurraniany ideas?13:29
ndurrani(I'm using xubuntu LTS on a macbook air)13:29
VelhoP4ndurrani, you want to sync the osx thunderbird with the linux one?13:30
GridCubeare you sure the outlook service is working?13:30
ndurraniI am sure (unless it's biased against linux for some reason)13:30
ndurranivelhoP4: I don't want to sync the two. I just want to get thunderbird working in linux13:31
ndurraniI think it's some kind of port forwarding/NAT issue since telnet fails (if you google "testing imap" the telnet command I wrote earlier comes up)13:32
ndurraniI've tried installing evolve from gnome, and that fails as well. I can't get gmail working either13:33
ndurranion either thunderbird or evolve13:33
ndurraniugh--- i mean evolution13:33
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cegueiraI'm having some trouble with wpa_supplicant hogging the cpu and slowing everything down14:41
brainwashcegueira: does it generate any error messages in /var/log/syslog ?14:47
cegueirawill have a look14:47
cegueirasyslog is currently 290MB and growing quite rapidly!14:50
cegueirait may crash whatever I use to open it14:50
brainwashwow, something is spamming your log14:52
cegueirashould I reboot and have a look straight after14:53
brainwashopen a terminal window and run "tail -20 /var/log/syslog"14:55
brainwashthis command will print the last 20 lines14:55
brainwashalso, which xubuntu version did you install? is it a fresh installation?14:56
cegueiraeverything has just frozen, I will reboot, brb14:57
cegueiraHi brainwash, after a reboot (i performed multiple reboots earlier) the problem is no longer there15:09
cegueiraIf it happens again I will come back, thanks for your help.15:10
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Knight80Hello everyone16:41
Knight80Good afternoon16:41
GridCube!hi | Knight8016:46
ubottuKnight80: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:46
geniirosaecaeruleae: If your wifi adapter is a Broadcom, you probably want the !broadcom factoid17:52
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:52
rosaecaeruleaeno, is a SiS17:53
holsteinalso, i'll just simply try booting my last kernel that worked, if i feel an update broke something.. you should also entertain that the device could have broken, rosaecaeruleae17:53
geniiAh, OK.17:53
rosaecaeruleaeholstein, the device is independent of sound control?17:54
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: correct17:54
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: the networking hardware *is* independent of "audio"17:54
rosaecaeruleaeso Ill have to open the laptop17:54
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: i didnt say that...17:55
rosaecaeruleaeholstein, how do I know if the hardware is broken?17:55
geniirosaecaeruleae: What is the vendor:device code for it that sudo lspci -nn    reports?17:55
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: personally, what i would do is, try a live CD that i *know* worked with the hardware.. then, i'll even try an operating system that i was promise support for17:55
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: i mean, opening it up and staring at the part doesnt say its functional,or not17:55
genii( it looks like 8086:9A0F    or so )17:55
rosaecaeruleaegenii, https://etherpad.mozilla.org/hzC8QFhbB417:57
rosaecaeruleaeo, and the battery controled doesnt work either, it says "remaining time: 00:00, its been so for the last 5 minutes17:57
holsteini dont even see the device listed there.. so, it could be, you disabled it in the bios, or hit a key combination..17:58
geniiYes, no wifi adapter there.17:58
geniiMight be usb bridge type17:58
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: you can see battery levels misreported, since, you are not promised that the device has linux support from the creators.. is this something that used to work?17:59
geniirosaecaeruleae: What says result of:  lsusb17:59
rosaecaeruleaegenii, i dont need to insert a usb device to get wireless access17:59
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: please run the command, regardless.. lsusb, and paste the same, please.. thanks18:00
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: if you dont see the wifi device in lspci, nor lsusb, then, you will *not* get wifi18:00
geniirosaecaeruleae: You misunderstand. Many laptops have an onboard USB bridge to which their netowrk adapter is connected18:00
rosaecaeruleaeo, yes I misunderstood18:00
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: your chip is not showing up, so, its either broken, or disabled, or removed.. or something is *very* broken18:01
rosaecaeruleaehow do I disable it?18:01
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: i would try the live iso that i know worked.. the one i installed the operating system with.. i would run the same commands looking for the wifi hardware18:01
rosaecaeruleaeholstein, the last live iso I used was for 11.10 I believe18:02
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: im not saying you should disable it.. im saying you might have accidentally disabled it.. *all* machines are unique18:02
rosaecaeruleaeo, sorry18:02
rosaecaeruleaei dont brain much today18:02
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: what operating system are you using?18:02
rosaecaeruleaehow do I enable it? :D18:02
rosaecaeruleaexubuntu 14.10 64 bits18:02
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: i would first just look and see if it is disabled.. as i said, in the bios, and with keyboard shortcuts are the common places18:03
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: you installed 14.10 from the live iso?18:03
rosaecaeruleaeno, upgrade18:03
rosaecaeruleaewhere do I get a list of all shortcuts I enabled?18:03
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: what i would do is simply download the 14.04 live iso, and boot that on my hardware.. i would then look in the bios, and try the key combinations18:03
rosaecaeruleaeok, more work :D18:04
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: did you enable "shortcuts"?18:04
rosaecaeruleaeholstein, I have no idea18:04
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: sure.. troubleshooting broken hardware *is* work18:04
rosaecaeruleaewill I find shortcut options under settings?18:04
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: no18:04
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: these are *function* keys.. "baked" into the actual machine18:05
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: independent of the operating system you are running18:05
holsteinyou can hit them by accident, and disable the wifi, or a switch on the side..18:05
rosaecaeruleaeholstein, ok, so the shortcuts are standard18:06
rosaecaeruleaethe same for all laptops18:06
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: ok, friend.. its *not* the same18:06
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: i am *not* talking about the keyboard shortcuts in xubuntu, or xfce18:06
holsteinrosaecaeruleae: i am talking about the function keys of the machine..18:06
rosaecaeruleaea i see18:07
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bensen123hi guys20:39
CykikLocked myself out of root; any tips? Also need a pen test any takers?21:42
knomeas i said in the other channel, you shouldn't have a root account21:42
knomeis that what you are asking about?21:42
CykikThe root account is locked; I need it unlocked.21:45
CykikSomething is not right with the kernel21:45
knomeno, you don't need the root account21:45
knome!rootsudo | Cykik21:45
ubottuCykik: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo21:45
CykikI am just wanting to secure this system. I'm looking for help, from Good people. :)21:47
geniiGiving root account a password is the opposite of that.21:48
drcCykik: They are correct, you shouldn't nned root, but if you had bothered to look at the link knome gave you you would have found "Special notes on sudo and shells" which should allow you to so what you want.21:50
infamywhat installer am i missing?22:13
brainwashinfamy: run "sudo apt-get build-dep znc"22:15
CajunTechieHey everyone! Another quick question (hopefully). When I try to boot my machine (which dual boots Win7 for the wife and Xubuntu 14.04 for me) I am dropped to the grub rescue prompt, being told "filesystem not found". I then go on to type the whole prefix=blah blah blah then manually load the modules, finishing by typing 'normal' and the system boots properly. I have to do this every single time. How can I SAVE this config so I don't have t22:20
pleia2CajunTechie: you want to edit /etc/default/grub with the appropriate info22:21
pleia2then run "sudo update-grub"22:21
CajunTechieCool. Thank you!22:21
CajunTechieSorry, one more question (I've never edited my grub config): do I just put the prefix=blah, blah, and all the insmod lines directly in the /etc/default/grub file?22:27
Unit193CajunTechie: Did you ever have a different Linux OS installed?22:29
CajunTechieUnit193: No. My wife went into Windows System Restore and, somehow, it blew away the grub config and I have to do all that crap now.22:32
Unit193CajunTechie: Perhaps it'd help to reinstall grub?  /etc/default/grub is a simple file, /boot/grub/grub.cfg is generated from that file and the scripts in /etc/grub.d/ when you run update-grub.22:33
CajunTechieHmm, maybe so. But since I can just type those five or six lines at the grub rescue prompt, isn't there another way than reinstalling grub completely? I'm not trying to be lazy but I'm worried I might screw it up and make things unusable completely.22:34

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