sgclarklatest ci konversation seems very broken, lets see if quassel can stay connected...01:27
ScottKSo is the plasma netbook interface gone entirely?05:45
ScottKClearly the default plasma 5 is not meant for smaller screens.05:55
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lordievaderGood morning.06:17
soeegood morning07:19
sitter  libkf5networkmanagerqt608:27
sitterthat name got weird quickly08:27
valorieit's like german08:30
valoriesmoosh a sentence into a word08:30
sitterI was refering to the six :P08:33
valoriehow did we skip over 5?08:35
sitterwe had 508:36
sitterthe way our package names work are $libraryName$libraryVersion08:36
valorieno dots at the end, then?08:36
valorielike 5.2, 5.308:36
sittervalorie: libraries are either backwards compatible or they are not08:37
sitterso I suppose it's actually $libraryName$libraryMajorVersion08:37
sittereitherway, since upstream had to bump the version because they wanted to do a not-compatible change they had to bump to 6.whatever and now we have the first qt6 library ^^08:38
valoriecrazy, man08:43
RiddellScottK: yes netbook is gone for now, should anyone choose to remake it plasma5 does have much nicer ways to switch between workspaces on the fly, but nobody is working on netbook currently10:06
Riddellinteresting question du jour https://paste.kde.org/pbr1huncf11:33
sitterwtf, for some reason utopic doesn't automoc everything Oo11:35
Riddellcmake should do that no?11:37
soeeRiddell: sadly thers no CP15 for linux right ?11:39
Riddellsoee: no corel, back in the day corel did want to go big on linux with its own distribution et al but failed horribly11:44
Riddellso it's a question of whethehr wine will run it11:44
soeewine :/ so when new CP will show up and wind does not support it right they will complain @kubuntu :)11:45
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sitterRiddell: yeah, see #plasma11:49
soeeso atm from Corel there is only Corel AfterShot available for linux ?11:50
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Riddell¿que tal?12:26
sgclarknot much yet :)12:27
Riddellhi bukai 12:38
bukaiRiddell: hi12:39
Riddell¿que pasa?12:39
bukai:) nothing much . My exams just ended today so will start with the blog for kubuntu12:40
Riddellbukai: how did they exams go?12:41
bukaiRiddell: It went well12:42
bukaiRiddell: Did that googleplus issue get sorted out?12:43
bukaido you have access now?12:43
Riddellbukai: oh interestingly I'm now the owner12:44
RiddellI wonder how that happened12:44
Riddelldon't think I got a message about it12:44
Riddelloh yes I did oh google plus, which is weird but ok12:45
bukaiRiddell: wow! thats great! 12:45
Riddellpromoting everyone to manager12:45
Riddellbukai: what's your google plus name?12:46
bukaiSubhajit Mukherjee12:46
Riddellhmm there's 5 Subhajit Mukherjees12:46
Riddellbukai: "Attends Holy Trinity School" you?12:47
Riddell"Lives in Uttarpara/Hooghly/West Bengal"?12:47
bukaiwait I am sending you the link as it seems i am very unpopular :(12:49
Riddelloh dear analitza also needs to update its soversion12:49
shadeslayerHooghly, heh, /me remembers his time in Kolkata12:52
shadeslayerdidn't even have McDonalds when I was there12:52
sgclarklatestest konversation is all busted up btw12:52
sgclarkwith bnc and encryption anyway12:52
Riddellshadeslayer: is that your measure of social development? :)12:53
Riddellsgclark: maybe it doesn't use qca, sitter will know12:53
sgclarkok, had to switch to quassel12:53
shadeslayerRiddell: hehe, as a 12 year kid, yes it was12:53
sgclarkbut yeah that was the error not compiled with qca12:54
bukaishadeslayer: when were you here last? btw there are plenty of McDonalds now :)12:54
shadeslayerbukai: a good 10 years back IIRC12:54
sgclarklol long live mcdonalds12:54
shadeslayerbukai: lived near the Airport for 3 years, attended school in Salt Lake12:55
sitterit doesn't use QCA12:55
sitterin fact I'd totally advocate no one using QCA :@12:56
shadeslayerbukai: and IIRC, they opened the first McDonalds 2 days before I left12:56
sgclarkwell it is broken non the less12:56
bukai_Riddell: I have pinged you in G+12:58
Riddellbukai_: don't see it13:01
Riddellok found it13:01
Riddellhad to be viewing  page as me and press f513:01
Riddellhow weird13:01
Riddellbukai_: invited you to be manager13:02
bukai_Riddell: I did not get the invite13:05
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Riddellbukai_: press f5?13:11
bukai_Riddell: yes i did13:12
bukai_but still no invite13:12
Riddellbukai_: this is you? https://plus.google.com/+SubhajitMukherjeeawesome/posts13:13
bukaiRiddell: I got the mail but there was no notification on G+13:19
Riddellg+ is weird13:20
bukai__sgclark: ping13:31
sgclarkbukai__: pong13:31
bukai__sgclark: where can I get the app id made in G+? 13:32
sgclarkbukai__: I thought I sent it to you13:32
bukai__It expired!13:33
sgclarkbukai__: I made it under my personal account. doh13:33
bukai__so It's not working anymore13:33
sgclarkbukai__: ok give me a min13:33
bukai__sgclark: ok.13:39
Riddellsitter: shiny new analitza package up for qt5 ci loving13:39
sitteroh my13:39
sgclarkbukai__: sent13:44
sitter13:46:05 dpkg-source: error: LC_ALL=C patch -t -F 0 -N -p1 -u -V never -g0 -E -b -B .pc/upstream_bump-soversion.diff/ --reject-file=- < source.orig.z7uKZN/debian/patches/upstream_bump-soversion.diff gave error exit status 113:45
sitterRiddell: that patch name already sounds like it will make me angry13:45
bukai__sgclark: thanks :)13:45
sitterRiddell: so it was only bumped after beta?13:46
Riddellsitter: an hour ago13:47
Riddellsitter: how so?13:48
_Groo_hi/2 all13:49
sitterlack of release prep13:49
_Groo_Riddell: without being pushy, any possibility of fixing konsole today?13:49
Riddellmm yes I should look at that13:50
_Groo_Riddell: tks :)13:50
_Groo_i miss yakuake13:50
Riddellsitter: good thing us packagers are around to keep upstream sorted13:50
sitteryes, but still13:50
sitterscary all the same13:51
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:51
* bukai__ leaves for 10 mins.13:58
bukai__Riddell: can you resend me the rss feed for wire.kubuntu14:17
Riddellbukai__: http://wire.kubuntu.org/?feed=rss214:18
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kbroulikwhat package is kf5 framework-integration in? 14:21
kbrouliki dont find it in libkf5*14:21
sitteroh yeah, I meant to align the naming14:22
sitterkbroulik: frameworkintegration14:22
kbroulikand dev packages for it?14:22
sitterno such thing :P14:23
sitterkbroulik: libkf5style-dev maybe?14:23
kbroulikcompiled it manually :)14:23
kbroulikthough it failed to build when it didnt find qt base private stuff for qpa, without cmake complaining14:24
sitteryeah, that needs some changes14:24
sitterthe cmake config is called frameworkintegration but it really is for kstyle :S14:24
bukai__Riddell: Finally I created a nice looking widget for G+ please check if this is better than the one we have ->https://paste.kde.org/pak08fktn14:28
Riddellhttp://widgetsplus.com:8080/57912.htm ?14:29
Riddellbukai__: looking lovely14:29
sitteris that supposed to be black?14:33
sittertext to background contrast is very meh here :/14:33
sgclarkyeah hard to read for me, but I am blind so...14:34
bukaiActually the background on which the widget will be is white hence I made it black14:36
sgclarkok cool, then +1 from me14:36
Riddell"kate | katepart is manifested madness - needs debian coordination" who wrote that yofel, sitter, sgclark?15:47
Riddellwhat's madness about it?15:47
sitterkate | katepart is #wrong15:54
soee_woho "This means the upcoming 5.2 release will ship with the new Breeze window decoration by default." :D16:37
Riddellhmm, where has kate part gone in kf5 land?16:37
Riddellthat's kdecoration2 in16:37
RiddellI still think it looks a lot like the unity theme16:37
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_Groo_konsole-kpart is still broken :P16:55
Riddell_Groo_: in what way?16:56
_Groo_Riddell: did you see the pastebin?16:56
BluesKajkparted is still broken, period16:56
_Groo_no, the packaeis trting to overwrite a lib thats also in konsole516:57
_Groo_also, yakuake still cant find the component16:57
_Groo_ok, i had to dpkg --purge konsole konsole5 konsole-kpart17:00
_Groo_then reinstalled konsole5 and allowed it to download konsole from universe (4.14.x)17:00
_Groo_now it works17:00
_Groo_strange strange worls17:00
_Groo_i can confirm yakuake is working just fine now17:01
BluesKajstill have problem with copy&paste ..gotta leave the source file open until the text is pasted in the target, this must be a klipper problem17:03
BluesKajor clipboard rather17:04
sgclarksaame, very annoying17:18
Riddell_Groo_: mm that'll be some old packaging of sitter's, I'll just add a conflict17:22
Riddellis there any reason to keep the old katepart around?17:26
RiddellI don't see any rdepends17:26
Riddellsgclark, yofel, sitter? ↑17:26
Riddellbut e.g. kdevelop must be using something from it17:27
sgclarkwonder if they got that release out17:27
Riddellwell it depends on kate-data17:27
Riddellapt remove katepart is scary17:32
Riddellwhy does that want to remove everything but it doesn't rdepend on it17:32
sgclarkthat sounds bad17:33
sgclarkdon't do it!17:33
Riddellah kde-runtime depends on kdelibs5-plugins which depends on katepart17:36
Riddellwell well17:36
Riddellguess I should keep katepart alive and make a new kate4 source package17:36
Riddellhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_14.11.97_vivid.html looking good now17:41
Riddellsitter: where to store kate4 source?17:48
Riddellsitter: where is konsole4 source stored?17:48
Riddellsitter: oh you've gone for your tea17:48
RiddellCC meeting in #ubuntu-meeting17:49
geniiIt's good that Mark is around for this one18:03
RiddellI have no idea what it's about18:03
Riddellbut I point out one obvious problem and get shot down, doesn't make me want to take a leadership role in anything18:03
geniiI came in late for this one, will need to check the log of it afterwards.18:05
Riddellsitter: kate kf5 packaging pushed18:21
bukaiRiddell: ping18:52
bukaisgclark: ping18:54
sgclarkbukai: pong18:54
bukaisgclark: I was thinking of putting the names of the kubuntu developers as a footer in the official site. Will it be a good idea to do so?18:55
Riddellhi bukai 18:57
Riddellbukai: trouble with that is deciding who gets named and who doesn't18:57
Riddelland keeping it up to date18:57
bukaiRiddell: hmm, around 20 names could be fitted nicely18:59
bukaiRiddell: It would be helpful if someone wants to work on an application he would know who is the main developer and contact that person accordingly.19:01
Riddellthey should contact the team rather than an individual19:02
Riddellhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_14.11.97_vivid.html looking better today, should be good for a final check over and upload tomorrow19:20
* Riddell out19:20
yofelRiddell: kdevelop and kile will want katepart4 for proper text editing21:12
yofelRiddell: also, lisandro and Odyx were against renaming kate4, so debian most likely won't do that and instead rename the kate5 soure21:14
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sitterRiddell: ad _Groo_'s konsole problems, that shouldn't have a relationship as it was transitional buggery only affecting unstable not unstable-daily23:52
sittersuppose if version permits it can be added all the same though23:52
sitterRiddell: about kate4 and konsole4 I dunno, ask debian? technically kde-sc/kate kde-sc/konsole branches since they are still the tarballs from that release set23:53
sitterRiddell: good stuff on kate, I see kalgebra is still broken and konsole is broken again though :P23:54

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