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BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:51
gcolluradoes anyone know if vivid works in virtualbox? (with unity 7)17:43
gcolluraI'm having bad luck trying to run it17:43
elfyif unity 7 is stock ubuntu - then it should do - but I don't look often at all17:52
gcolluraelfy, because when I load the live cd the vb window just shows weird characters and the install dialog or the normal shell isn't displayed at all17:55
elfytry host +f1 then host +f717:56
elfybut I only look at ubuntu when I'm double checking xubuntu bugs - so I'd not be the best person to talk for long on this :)17:57
gcolluraelfy, thanks that worked :)17:58
elfyokey doke - there is a bug for that17:59
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