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Yippee38I'm having trouble with mysql after an upgrade to mythbuntu.  My frontend can't find the files for any of my recordings or videos.  When I try to run mythbackend on the backend, I get "Cannot login to database", then "Would you like to configure the database connection now?".  It answers No on its own.  Finally, I get "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'"  I do not have that sock file18:56
Yippee38 on my system.  I'm completely confused and have no idea how to get this working correctly.  Can anybody help?18:56
jarnosI am trying to start complete mythbuntu 14.04 box without internet connection.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/103850819:17
tgm4883Yippee38: is mysql running on your backend?19:47
tgm4883jarnos: can you pastebin your /etc/init/mythtv-backend.conf file?19:50
Kwisher_wrkYippee38: there's a config.xml file in several places that needs to have the myth user info changed to match19:52
Kwisher_wrkstart in your /home/.mythtv19:53
Kwisher_wrkwrite down the db name, username & password and enter it into the b/e setup19:55
Kwisher_wrki think there a 3 copies of that config.xml file, can't remember which one to edit first as one is symlinked to the others19:58
Kwisher_wrki'd start with the one in /home/mythtv/.mythtv/config.xml19:59
jarnostgm4883, yes http://paste.ubuntu.com/9371929/20:08
tgm4883jarnos: ok, that looks good. So it's not starting at all without the network?20:09
jarnostgm4883, it just complains in the frontend that it can not connect to the backend and thus playback etc. does not work. I don't know, if scheduled recordings work. I guess not.20:12
tgm4883jarnos: in mythtv-setup, what did you set the master backend IP and mysql IP to?20:13
jarnostgm4883, let me check20:13
Yippee38I have no idea if mysql is running on my backend.  I tried running "mysqladmin -u root -p status" and got...connect to server at 'localhost' failed, then got the socket error again.20:16
Yippee38My user ID and pwd for mysql (mythtv for both) is set in the backend and I verified it in the config.xml files.  I'm pretty sure the problem isn't with mythtv, but with mysql20:17
tgm4883Yippee38: try 'sudo service mysql status'20:17
jarnostgm4883, I don't know about mysql IP, but backend seems to be
tgm4883jarnos: and this box doesn't have any network connection?20:19
jarnostgm4883, well now it has; I am writing this on the box, but sometimes I may want to start the box without internet connection just to watch or record video.20:20
tgm4883jarnos: ok. out of curiosity, how do you expect it to find if there isn't any network connection?20:20
jarnostgm4883, I don't expect. I may have had some other value for it, but maybe update has changed it?!20:22
Yippee38Yes.  MySQL is running20:22
tgm4883jarnos: no, an update did not change it20:22
jarnostgm4883, I just can not remember.20:22
tgm4883jarnos: you'll want to use
tgm4883Yippee38: ok, can you connect to mysql if you use 'mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg'20:23
Yippee38Nope.  I get:  Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'20:23
jarnostgm4883, why not
tgm4883jarnos: essentially, that is the same thing20:24
tgm4883Yippee38: what about this20:24
tgm4883Yippee38: ok, can you connect to mysql if you use 'mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv -hlocalhost mythconverg'20:25
tgm4883Yippee38: or you can also try replacing localhost with your ip address20:25
jarnostgm4883, I guess I changed the address to be either of them some time, and it worked then, but I have no idea what changed it back to 192...20:27
Yippee38If I replace localhost with my ip address, I can get into mysql20:27
Yippee38localhost gives me the same socket error20:27
tgm4883Yippee38: ok, so it's not listening on localhost. That's fine, unless you want to run without a network connection. Do you?20:28
jarnostgm4883, What should I put to the IPv6 address field?20:29
tgm4883jarnos: there is nothing in the installation/upgrade scripts that would change that IP20:30
tgm4883Yippee38: then run mythtv-setup and set those to your IP address, then run mythfrontend and do the same when it asks for the location20:31
tgm4883jarnos: IIRC, "::1" means listen on all20:31
Yippee38tgm4883:  If I use the ip address, will that cause problems if say I am rebooting my router and mythtv wants to do something (record a show, playback a recording, etc)?20:32
tgm4883Yippee38: potentially20:33
Yippee38tgm4883:  Is there a way I can get it to listen on localhost again?  It used to.20:33
jarnostgm4883, ok, If I change these values, can I still use another frontend, if I turn on network modem and restart the backend?20:33
tgm4883jarnos: no20:34
tgm4883Yippee38: look in /etc/mysql/conf.d/mythtv.cnf and see what bind-address is set to20:35
jarnostgm4883, can I then playback the content on another machine via network by other means?20:35
tgm4883you could share the recordings directory, but the filenames would be meaningless to you20:35
Yippee38tgm4883:  The only thing in there is "bind-address="  IIRC, that should be commented out, shouldn't it?20:36
tgm4883Yippee38: should be all ipv4 addresses, but IDK if that includes
tgm4883Yippee38: check /etc/mysql/my.cnf for bind-address to20:38
Yippee38tgm4883:  That bind address is set to
tgm4883Yippee38: sounds like the one in mythtv.cnf is overriding it. Try commenting it out and restarting mysql20:41
tgm4883(commenting out the one in mythtv.cnf)20:41
Yippee38tgm4883:  I'm almost positive that everything I've read says to comment out the bind-address line in my.cnf20:41
Yippee38tgm4883:  Ok.20:41
Yippee38tgm4883:  Commenting out the one in mythtv.cnf allows me to run the first command to start mysql that you gave me.  Going to check frontend20:45
Yippee38tgm4883:  That's not working.  The backend starts fine, but the frontend can't connect to it.  I keep getting a "no address defined for 'localhost'" even though, in the frontend setup, I have it set to the IP of the backend, NOT localhost20:52
tgm4883Yippee38: you can't have the backend work on localhost if you have a separate frontend. Sorry, I didn't realize you had the frontend on a separate system20:52
Yippee38tgm4883:  So I need to have it listening on the specific IP of the backend then, as you suggested above?20:53
tgm4883yes. You'll need to change the bind address back too20:54
Yippee38tgm4883:  Just so I understand, I need MySQL listening on my ip address, right?  That's what we're talking about?20:55
tgm4883Yippee38: everything will need to be20:55
jarnostgm4883, I did the IP changes and still am able to view the recordings in another machine in the local network using Mythweb.20:58
tgm4883jarnos: ah yes, that would be true, mythweb would still work20:59
jarnostgm4883, but would it work outside the local network?21:01
tgm4883jarnos: technically yes, but I wouldn't make mythweb accessible to the internet. The usual way of doing that is to use an SSH tunnel21:03
Yippee38tgm4883:  Ok.  I changed the bind-address in both the /etc/mysql/my.cnf file and the /etc/mysql/conf.d/mythtv.cnf file to my ip address.  When I run mythbackend It still fails listening on and exits21:10
tgm4883Yippee38: you cant use and the local ip. you have to pick one or the other21:10
Yippee38tgm4883:  I'm not.  I set both of them to the local IP.  I don't know why mythbackend is still trying to access  It says, "Listening on TCP", then "Listening on TCP".  The error though, says, "Failed listening on TCP - Error 8:  The bound address is already in use"21:14
Yippee38tgm4883:  I just checked in mytht-setup.  The local backend and the master backend are both set to the local IP address, NOT localhost or
tgm4883Yippee38: stop teh backend "sudo service mythtv-backend stop" verify it's not running "ps aux | grep backend"21:17
Yippee38tgm4883:  Yeah.  I just figured out that the backend was already running.  DOH!21:19
Yippee38tgm4883:  Checking frontend21:19
Yippee38tgm4883:  Ok.  I commented out the bind-address in both of those files.  When I ran mythbackend (when it wasn't already running), it started normally, and the frontend is working fine.21:21
Yippee38The file not found error is gone.21:21
Yippee38tgm4883:  I was having a problem with the root privileges of MySQL, but I fixed it!21:38
Yippee38tgm4883:  Thank you very much! for helping me get this fixed!!21:38

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