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pete-woodsSaviq: do you know if the bug on the RTM image where scope preview images don't appear got reported / fixed anywhere?11:02
pete-woodssorry, not RTM11:02
Saviqpete-woods, bug #1357321, unless there's a new/different one11:02
ubot5bug 1357321 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu RTM) "QNetworkAccessManager doesn't support roaming on Ubuntu" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135732111:02
pete-woodsthat's really it?11:02
pete-woodsfair enough, I'm on WiFi is all11:02
Saviqpete-woods, well, yeah, it's the *switching* that was the problem11:03
pete-woodsalthough I did connect after booting11:03
Saviqpete-woods, not either of 3G or WiFi11:03
* pete-woods reboots11:03
Saviqpete-woods, but, as you can see, this should've been fixed by now :/11:03
pete-woodsI'm probably not up to date11:03
pete-woodsfor some reason my device doesn't nag to update11:04
pete-woodsoh wait11:04
pete-woodsit's not actually fixes, it's just critical11:05
Saviqpete-woods, it *is* fixed for vivid, not for rtm11:05
pete-woodsah right11:06
pete-woodswell, flashing anyway11:06
dpmthostr_, pstolowski, is the terminology and diagrams on this page still current? http://developer.ubuntu.com/scopes/overview/11:13
pstolowskidpm, yes11:16
dpmpstolowski, great, thanks. I wasn't too sure about the use of Dash and Dash pages11:16
thostr_even thought the definition of an aggregating scope should probably be rephrased a little bit11:16
dpmthostr_, thanks, happy to update it, do you have any suggestions?11:17
thostr_dpm: maybe keeping it very simple just saying: A scope that aggregates (results) of multiple standalone or other aggregating scopes.11:19
dpmthostr_, ok, I'll update it11:19
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