blitzah, I never get out berkeley way00:00
blitzoh wait00:01
blitzI think my google-fu failed me, is that a socal thing?00:01
nhainesPresumably.  :)00:01
nhainesAh, Santa Barbara, LA County, and Orange County.00:02
nhainesAlthough if I'd known the Laguna Hills location now has a "full bar" I wouldn't be at my desk right now.00:02
nhainesGareth: I'm writing an Ubuntu beginner's book that will be out tantalizingly close to the SCALE dates, so I would like to plug it heavily during the conference.  Are there any classroom instructor slots needing filled or whom to I talk to about that sort of thing?00:04
Garethnhaines: You should talk to Orv Beach, he's teaching the beginning sessions again.  I can make an intro if you don't know him.00:05
josewell, afaik ubucon is Richard Gaskin00:05
joseah, you got it covered :)00:05
nhainesGareth: I do know him, and he's awesome like everyone.  I'll ask him about it.00:05
GarethSounds good.00:05
nhainesjose: yes, I passed Ubucon off to Richard two years back.  ;)00:05
nhainesIndian food is like the best cold weather food.00:15
rwwpleia2: do you think I should call for elections nominations before or after our next meeting?19:08
rwwwe did it later in the month last year, but we ended up extending the nominations period too...19:08
pleia2rww: might as well get it going now19:08
rwwokays. objections to me coordinating elections this year, since I'm not running?19:08
rwwor did i already ask that at a meeting, i think i did19:09
rwwyeah, i mentioned doing it on the 16th. alrighty, I'll get that ML post out today19:10
nhainesI nominate rww!22:39
rwwnhaines: I decline your nomination :P23:19

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