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mindless_chaosyuk.. not likin gnome00:04
MalcolmWhat do you think, guys? http://payripo.com/?share=7080 Is this real or just another bullshit?00:04
Chuck_Norrismindless_chaos: xD mmm... cinnamon ? -.-00:04
mindless_chaosreminds me of windows 8 :(00:04
mindless_chaoslol Eh, I dunno, I am sure in a few hours I'll have most of the main ones installed00:05
Chuck_Norrismindless_chaos: cinnamon will reminds you windows 7 xD00:05
* mindless_chaos likes 700:05
mindless_chaosunity is comfertable00:05
Chuck_Norrismindless_chaos: sudo apt-get install cinnamon00:06
mindless_chaosdinner time, after dinner00:06
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MrSavagehi all, i'm wondering how you actually use unity?00:15
Chuck_NorrisMrSavage: hold super key00:16
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:16
Chuck_Norris("windows" key for windows users :p)00:16
MrSavageChuck_Norris: what if i want a dedicated icon for a terminal that's holding Irssi?00:17
MrSavageAlso how can I select the right window from a gropuing properly? I find it very convuluted and just takes longer00:17
EriC^^MrSavage: make a .desktop file with the command gnome-terminal -e irssi00:17
MrSavageEriC^^: but them anything run in gnome-terminal will be grouped with other gnome-terminals right?00:18
EriC^^MrSavage: you mean with alt+tab?00:18
creatorbmorning all...00:18
EriC^^MrSavage: no, just that icon00:18
MrSavageEriC^^: with alt-tab and also clicking00:18
EriC^^MrSavage: with alt+tab use alt+` to switch between the groups00:19
Chuck_NorrisMrSavage: gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new shortcut.desktop00:19
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EriC^^Chuck_Norris: what's that? a unity-tweak command?00:19
MrSavageChuck_Norris: where do i put the .desktop file?00:20
MrSavagedesktop folder? :P00:20
Chuck_NorrisEriC^^: no, that will pop up a windows for him to create a launcher00:20
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: i dont have that00:20
EriC^^MrSavage: /usr/share/applications00:20
MrSavageEriC^^: I find that so convuluted00:20
MrSavageChuck_Norris: I have unity00:21
MrSavagei don't have that command00:21
EriC^^MrSavage: use a desktop file in that directory as a template00:21
MrSavageI find it very convuluted to use alt-tab, then use using alt-`00:21
Chuck_Norrisdoh' i am on gnome and i have it, but EriC^^ will is telling you how to do it manually00:22
EriC^^it's pretty easy00:22
MrSavageEriC^^: it just feels annoying for my hands to press and it seems like an extra step00:22
MrSavageChuck_Norris: what you mean gnome-shell?00:23
EriC^^MrSavage: if it was otherwise it would probably open up the stuff you didnt want00:23
MrSavagepersonally i would rather click then have to use keyboard shortcuts to manage many windows00:23
rnmswhats here00:24
Chuck_NorrisMrSavage: it's a shell for gnome, like unity is a shell for gnome too -.-00:24
MrSavageEriC^^: I don't mind double clicking for an application on the taskbar, but i notice if you click too many times it closes the window displays...00:24
getooi have installed ubuntu on my macbook pro and now i am trying to put snow leopard back on it .. can anybody help me out please00:25
getooi did try google with not much help00:26
reisiogetoo: try #macosx00:26
getooreisio: the funny thing is they sent me here00:26
getooand for some reason i think linux people know a lot more then #macosx peeps00:27
reisiothat is funny00:27
reisioyeah, like they know the right channel :P00:27
OerHeksif you want to wipe ubuntu, they know howto do it with leopard.00:27
MrSavageChuck_Norris: I mean what would i type to make the shortcut for unity?00:27
getooi tried booting acording to the apple instruction but the installation wont beging and i get a beep :)00:28
EriC^^MrSavage: open a terminal, type cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-terminal.desktop /usr/share/applications/irssi.desktop00:29
Chuck_NorrisMrSavage: idk, but you could create a keyboard shortcut i think00:29
getooI'm using ERC Version 5.3 with GNU Emacs 23.4.1 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.24.21, multi-tty) of 2013-10-25.00:29
EriC^^MrSavage: then type gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/irssi.desktop and change the Exec part to gnome-terminal irssi00:29
EriC^^sorry i mean gnome-terminal -e irssi00:29
EriC^^MrSavage: you need sudo for the cp command00:30
Chuck_Norriswell... i am going to watch "Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri" n1 EriC^^ cya MrSavage00:33
MrSavageEriC^^: putting "gnome-terminal irssi" doesn't work if i put it in the Exec. Nothing opens00:36
MrSavageEriC^^: I mean the terminal opens, but no IRSSI00:37
EriC^^gnome-terminal -e irssi00:37
MrSavageEriC^^: It worked but the icon is getting grouped with my other terminals00:38
in_deep_thoughtI have a ubuntu iso file on a flash drive that I did the dd if = /Downloads/ubuntu iso of = /dev/disk1s2  thing with. How, when I put it into the computer, can I get it to boot from that so that I can install ubuntu00:38
MrSavageI'm not liking unity so far :(00:38
EriC^^in_deep_thought: set the bios to boot the usb first00:39
in_deep_thoughtEriC^^: is the bios on F12?00:39
MrSavageDELETE FOR ME00:39
MrSavageF12 for boot menu00:39
in_deep_thoughthmm my bios didn’t give me any boot options.00:40
MrSavagein_deep_thought: you have to hold down the key until it comes up, from bootup00:40
EriC^^in_deep_thought: check the boot options in the bios00:41
EriC^^in_deep_thought: you can change the order permanently00:41
in_deep_thoughtIt says a bunch of text, and then press Ctrl R to change boot options. Then it takes me to a purple screen with ubuntu versions (previous install). I don’t think im on the bios yet00:42
in_deep_thoughtit keeps giving me the Power Edge expandable raid controller bios. whatever that is. The only option is Ctrl-R and it takes me to that purple screen, not the real bios.00:45
in_deep_thoughtperhaps this is a better question for #linux?00:45
EriC^^in_deep_thought: try a different keyboard button00:46
EriC^^in_deep_thought: try pressing esc when the pc boots see what you get00:47
daftykinsin_deep_thought: disk1s2 didn't sound right. (not only for sounding like a nasty Mac) but how about testing that drive in a normal system to see it boots, before wrestling with some antique? ;)00:51
in_deep_thoughtdaftykins: I have another working ubuntu comptuer. maybe if I do the whole dd thiing from a /dev/sdb or whatever, it will be bootable?00:52
daftykinsyeah, or just test it on that system too00:53
daftykinsmake sure the drive is known good before experimenting in the funky system00:53
daftykinsbut entering a BIOS really ought not to be to difficult00:53
EriC^^in_deep_thought: why would you dd your /dev/sdb?00:53
daftykinsi believe in_deep_thought means the ISO onto /dev/sdb if that were the flash drive :)00:54
in_deep_thoughtEriC^^: I mean that when doing the dd line I have to use of = /dev/disk1s2 because its moving from a mac. Maybe if I moved it from a ubuntu machine where the flash drives are labeled /dev/sdb it would work better00:55
in_deep_thoughtI have no idea why, sounds like it might work better though00:55
in_deep_thoughtbut yeah if I can’t enter the bios on the machine I am trying to install on, I am kind of screwed anyways00:55
daftykinsi can't say i understand mac disk naming enough to say what it would be on there00:56
MrSavageChuck_Norris: You still there?00:56
EriC^^in_deep_thought: ok, not sure but i think it should be /dev/disk100:57
EriC^^i think /disk1s2 means the second partition of disk100:57
EriC^^not sure00:58
pyrotixSo I can't update anything through the software updater. It keeps trying to tell me to check my internet connection. I tried a couple mirrors and this didn't change.  Trying "select best server" gave me a server in China which also did not work00:59
pyrotixping -c3 archive.ubuntu.com works with no lost packets00:59
daftykinspyrotix: forget silly GUI updaters, "sudo apt-get update" in a terminal and pastebin it to us.00:59
in_deep_thoughtEriC^^: yes I think you’re correct. I will re-flash it or whatever its called. I still need to get to that bios however, hmmmm01:00
Ben64hmm, seems c4pt uses this channel to advertise his ebay auctions since March 15, 201301:03
daftykinsi highly doubt that guitar would run ubuntu01:03
bubbasaureswhoa man.....the purple haze01:07
in_deep_thoughtha, well it turns out my keyboard isn’t working. Might explain a lot01:07
surfz^hey all01:09
surfz^Firefox 34 on Ubuntu, I can't seem to find the Hello button to test the new Video Conference feature.01:10
surfz^Has anyone else had this problem?01:10
MrSavagewhich wine do you recommend for gaming?01:13
MrSavageI was told wine ppa is best01:13
lyleI have about 20 programs docked to my sidebar.  I do that to make it easier to launch  them.  Is there a better way?  Is Cinamon a good alternative?01:13
OerHeksMrSavage, carefull with ppa's, they can break something, and are unsupported here01:16
bubbasaureslyle, Cinnamon is only in 14.10 right now, not sure how it would be better, it is you're decision.01:16
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bubbasaureslyle, Did you find the resize options on that leftbar for more icons seen without scrolling?01:21
lyleBubba is there another way?01:21
jmaderohi all - is there a way to speed up the unity universal search, mine is tediously slow01:23
bubbasaureslyle, There are lots of ways more docks other desktops with more docks, using a search popup, really what you describe is a quest.01:23
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YaazkalHi, I have installed an Epson MT-U22 printer on Ubuntu 14.04. If send a test page it prints, also if I print from Libre Office. But I print from gedit or the pdf reader it dosen't prints at all. If I test it from the terminal line with "ls > /usb/lp2" it also prints01:24
YaazkalWhat to check? user is on the lp group01:24
YaazkalEpson TM-U220 is the printer01:25
MrSavagei did apt-get install wine, how bad was that?01:27
MrSavagebubbasaures: I found out the reason why i couldn't install linux01:27
bubbasauresMrSavage, Cool, what was it?01:28
bubbasaureslyle, I like the cairo-dock as an extra place for icons, however I don't use unity01:29
MrSavagebubbasaures: I had 1 monitor plugged into my graphics card, and 1 monitor plugged into my mobo. It was making ubuntu freak out and it still does01:29
MrSavagebubbasaures: I haven't submitted the bug yet01:29
MrSavageI'm still trying to get ubuntu setup01:30
MrSavagewell customized01:30
bubbasauresah, the hidden variable  hehe heh01:30
MrSavageSo is apt-get install wine a bad idea?01:31
MrSavageam i installing uneccsassary stuff?01:31
bubbasauresGood job though, that was hard work for you MrSavage01:31
MrSavagebubbasaures: it was easy, i installed it via uefi, the monitor bug was just wow01:31
jmaderoMrSavage: either way it's not bad like Windows bad where you'll be left over with a ton of crap - it's easy enough to remove01:32
bubbasauresno fanboi tones there, lol01:33
MrSavagei have alot of stuff needed01:33
* jmadero isn't ashamed at all :-b01:33
MrSavageI need to make a separate icon for IRSSI so it's not grouped with other terminals gnome-terminal --disable-factory --class term-red --name term-red --title Term-Red --window-with-profile=red -e '/home/virtual/Desktop/test1.sh'01:33
jmaderoI really wish Unity prioritized locally installed software over anything else for the universal search - without that, it's about half as useful01:34
MrSavageand I need to somehow get IRSSI to play sounds when my name is said01:34
MrSavagealso why can't the file browser remember my zoomed in levels for a folder? I want to view pictures at a very zoomied in level, but it keeps resetting and generating thumbnails01:34
bubbasaureswell the ability to communicate clearly without bias is a developmental issue01:34
EriC^^jmadero: try super+a01:35
jmaderoEriC^^: ah that's useful - but still would be best if it searched everything but just prioritized software over things like wiki01:35
jmaderobubbasaures: I see no reason to hide bias here01:35
MrSavagealso how do i get the terminal title bar to show what directory i'm in or what program i'm running?01:35
jmaderoand bias based on objective criteria isn't really bias01:35
jmaderoanyhoo that's off topic01:36
jmaderoEriC^^: thanks for that shortcut01:36
EriC^^MrSavage: i think you can set that in the profile01:36
jmaderoEriC^^: do you know if I can default just super to that, and then have super+a to do an "all" search?01:36
MrSavageEriC^^: i tried look but it doesn't show01:36
MrSavageEriC^^: yeah it's not doing it01:37
MrSavagealso i'm not really liking how it's hard to navigate multiple instances of a process01:37
MrSavagewhy doesn't 3 clicks on one icon in taskbar make it stay on window selection? It would've been ok01:37
MrSavageisntead it cancels window selection if you click too much01:38
EriC^^MrSavage: you could set the irssi profile to have irssi as a title, and set it to keep the initial title01:38
MrSavageEriC^^: I want my current viewed directory to show, along with the process currently running if there is one01:38
MrSavageEriC^^: It only says "Terminal"01:38
EriC^^MrSavage: change the initial title to Irssi01:39
MrSavagealso another strange thing i noticed. I see an instance of filebrowser, i try clicking the instance on taskbar but it starts a new instance01:39
MrSavageEriC^^: But what if I'm using cd to get around and i'm doing terminal stuff? I want to differentiate the terminals i'm in01:40
EriC^^MrSavage: yeah that happens if you've opened an ext hdd with it01:40
D3Vdoes ubuntu cover kubuntu aswell?01:40
jmaderoD3V: you mean the chat?01:40
MrSavageEriC^^: Is there a way so it doesn't do such an annoying bug like thing?01:40
jmaderomost is the same outside of the DE, so probably ;)01:40
D3Vits a plasma issue :|01:41
jmaderoah, maybe try #kde01:41
MrSavageEriC^^: I would rather have 1 icon instead of an icon for each of my 4 HDDs01:41
MrSavagetakes up too much space01:41
EriC^^MrSavage: set irssi just for the profile you created for irssi01:41
moriis there any chances to repartition curently working Ubuntu system?01:41
jmaderomori: gparted01:41
jmaderowith a live distro01:41
jmaderomori: highly recommended to backup01:41
moriwill I lose my data?01:41
bubbasauresmori, Can you be exact in what you mean?01:41
jmaderomori: you shouldn't, but there's always a chance01:41
EriC^^jmadero: not sure how you could do that01:42
MrSavageEriC^^: Should I use mounts then to avoid the weird taskbar bug?01:42
jmaderomori: how is your current setup? All in one partition? Split home from root?01:42
jmaderoyup what?01:42
moridefault partitioning provided by ubunt installer01:43
jmaderomori: ah, if you ever redo it, probably best to split it up01:43
jmaderosaves a lot of pain01:43
jmaderoor at least that's my experience01:43
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moriis there any guide showing how to partition "in a right way", swap, home ,/, boot and so on01:44
jmaderomori: you'll get a ton of opinions about what is right and wrong01:44
jmaderomori: but generally I just separate home from root always01:45
EriC^^MrSavage: what do you mean by mounts?01:45
morijmadero, i see01:45
jmaderomori: I can format and reinstall everything with all configuration ready to go in about 25 minutes using a script01:45
EriC^^MrSavage: manually mounting it?01:45
MrSavageEriC^^: Using /mnt/01:45
jmaderoothers split boot also - I haven't found that to be useful personally01:45
MrSavageEriC^^: So I trick unity into thinking it's accessing my computer and not whatever device. So when i click filebrowser IT THEN ACTUALLY GOES TO THE OPEN FILE BROWSER AND NOT MERELY OPEN A NEW INSTANCE.01:46
MrSavageseriously, that's ridiculous01:46
jmaderomori: if you just google "separate home root partition ubuntu" you'll find plenty of blogs and how tos01:46
jmaderomori: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/installseparatehome01:46
morijmadero, tyvm01:46
bubbasauresthere is a ubuntu wiki on that01:46
EriC^^MrSavage: there's a workaround01:48
MrSavageEriC^^: which is?01:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1170647 in Unity "After minimizing an external media, clicking on the "Files" icon on the Launcher doesn't restore the minimized window, but opens a new one" [High,Triaged]01:48
MrSavagemaybe i should use a different file browser anyways? Since this file browser doesn't remember my zoom levels either01:48
jmaderoMrSavage: set the zoom level in preferences01:50
jmaderoelse it reverts01:50
jmaderoMrSavage: but in all honesty I think nemo browser is better than Nautilus - so if you're using a different one, maybe try that01:50
mindless_chaosI was having trouble finding nemo01:52
MrSavagejmadero: I only want the zoom to be remembered for ONE folder01:52
MrSavagefor a certain folder01:52
MrSavageEriC^^: Thanks for the workaround01:52
jmaderoah, let me see if Nemo does that01:52
jmaderoone minute01:52
jmaderoMrSavage: nemo does that01:52
jmaderoMrSavage: allows you to do list/icon view + zoom level, per folder01:53
MrSavagealright so do i do apt-get install nemo? I'm always unsure if i'm supposed to pick a certain thing01:53
MrSavageor if i'm installing apps right01:53
jmaderoMrSavage: I believe it's nemo-browser01:53
jmaderosudo apt-get install nemo-browser01:53
MrSavagehow do you find that/01:54
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MrSavagethe proper names for packages?01:54
jmaderoah no it's not01:54
jmaderosorry, it's nemo01:54
jmaderoit's chromium-browser ;)01:54
xanguao_O nemo is a file browser, chromium is an internet browser01:54
jmaderoindeed - but the -browser is unique to chromium ;)01:55
jmaderothat was m ypoint01:55
EriC^^MrSavage: apt-cache search nemo01:55
jmaderobecause I think there is a game called chromium so that takes the package name "chromium"01:55
hikenboot_anyone have a working config for nbd?01:55
jmaderoMrSavage: well google, or install synaptic and use the GUI01:55
OerHeks!info chromium-bsu01:56
ubottuchromium-bsu (source: chromium-bsu): fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter. In component universe, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 123 kB, installed size 436 kB01:56
hikenboot_the documentation on it is out of date, and I will be damned if i can figure out how it works01:56
OerHekshikenboot_, why would you need it ?01:57
hikenboot_a little project of mine01:57
jmaderoMrSavage: also over time you just pick up on options available - I have 5 DE's installed so I get to play around a lot :) each has its own file browser and all that01:57
hikenboot_cant figure out how it works. They changed the parameters and didnt update the docs01:58
MrSavagewhy does what's with file browsers and having a weird scroll bar?01:58
MrSavagejmadero: DE?01:58
jmaderoMrSavage: mine isn't weird....maybe a theming thing?01:58
jmaderoMrSavage: sorry, Desktop Environment01:59
jmaderoMrSavage: default for Ubuntu is Unity, but I have 4 others installed, I switch between them whenever I start getting bored or want something different01:59
hikenboot_OerHeks, if you have one, it would be greatly appreciated02:00
OerHeksMrSavage, try unity-tweak02:00
EriC^^MrSavage: gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal02:00
jmaderoEriC^^: what's that for?02:00
EriC^^set it to overlay-auto if you want it overlay again02:00
EriC^^jmadero: unity's scrollbar02:00
DarkAceXtremewhat's the best way to run a program with its own new config folder? (instead of using its default usually located in ~ or ~/.config)02:05
bubbasauresDarkAceXtreme, That config is modified as you modify, it's not default unless you leave it that way in general.02:10
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retroisprestoI'm running ubuntu 14.04.402:12
retroisprestoi'll pastebin it02:12
jmaderoretroispresto: 8.04?02:12
jmaderothat's incredibly EOL02:12
retroisprestoThat is the md5sum.txt on my hardy cd02:13
jmaderoretroispresto: is there a question somewhere that I missed?02:13
retroisprestoummm, yes! what are the minimum requirements to upgrade?02:14
jmaderoretroispresto: well first off, I never recommend upgrading, vs. just starting fresh02:15
zykotick9retroispresto: i think, you should back up your data, and reinstall with something supported... YMMV02:15
bubbasauresretroispresto, About a weeks worth of survival supplies.02:15
mindless_chaosupgrade? From 8!? whoa, I'd clean install02:15
jmaderoyes definitely02:15
jmaderoretroispresto: I'd be shocked if you could upgrade all the way to 14.04 without breaking everything02:15
jmaderoretroispresto: as for requirements: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements02:15
mindless_chaosdamn I broke everything by upgrading from 12 to 1302:15
jmaderoI break everything all the time ;) that's why I separate home from root02:16
mindless_chaosof course nothing was standard02:16
jmadero14.10 was garbage on my system, fortunately only 30 minutes to be back to 100% functional with 14.0402:16
mindless_chaosyes yes, always have a partition for home02:16
bubbasauresokay okay the personal stories are off topic02:16
jmaderoretroispresto: that have the info that you need?02:16
retroisprestowhat bubby said ^02:16
retroispresto"700 MHz processor (about Intel Celeron or better)"02:17
jmaderoretroispresto: that link has the system specs, just probably backup to begin with because I doubt it'll work for you to upgrade02:17
retroisprestoImpressive, my cpu is an intel celeron m02:17
jmaderoretroispresto: how fast?02:17
jmaderoretroispresto: would not recommend it02:17
jmaderoI wouldn't recommend Ubuntu 8.04 either though02:18
jmaderoretroispresto: try something lighter02:18
mindless_chaosdownload and run it in live CD and see how it does02:18
jmaderoit'll run but it'll be tediously slow02:18
jmaderoI've run 12.10 on a 750mhz machine before, it ran but wasn't fun02:18
jmaderoretroispresto: look for light weight distros, you can find some based on ubuntu that are pretty snappy02:19
mindless_chaoshow about LXLE?02:19
jmaderoor Bodhi ;) my preference, requires 300 mhz02:20
bubbasauresjmadero, Bro, you jump on any post and 3/4 or more of your response is your life story, all while whom your addressing just sits there no answer.02:20
MrSavageHow can I get unity to snap and resize windows into a grid of 4?02:20
jmaderobubbasaures: I thought that was on point "bro" - please don't call me that btw02:20
bubbasauresthis is support02:20
jmaderobubbasaures: I suggested he try a lighter distro, gave him a suggestion based on his system02:21
jmaderoI supported02:21
jmaderohe replied "oki" -- seems like it added to the discussion bro02:21
bubbasauresjmadero, You also cannot reflect in any manner, you just defend, grow up.02:21
jmaderobubbasaures: thanks for not calling me bro02:21
jmaderoretroispresto: all in all - you could try a live boot, it might work to your likings, else there are options out there for you02:22
retroisprestothanks everyone02:22
kostkonretroispresto, xubuntu or lubuntu would be a sensible choice02:23
jmaderogood luck :)02:23
jmaderokostkon: be careful room cop might say you're off topic02:23
retroisprestocan i upgrade from ubuntu 8.04 to lubuntu 14.10?02:23
jmaderoretroispresto: nah you'd have to start from scratch (backup remember)02:23
bubbasauresjmadero, Many others here have questioned you I'm just the only one directly.02:24
mindless_chaosI may be treading here, but I didn't see anything j* said that wasn't on topic....02:24
jmaderomindless_chaos: no need to defend me :) but thanks02:24
jmaderoI know I didn't say anything off topic02:24
mindless_chaosretro* if you are going to eventually do a clean install of something, you might as well try, but backup everything, because more then likely it will break it02:24
mindless_chaosso much has changed from 8 until now...02:24
* mindless_chaos was just sayin, cuz he was confuse at what was going on.02:25
retroisprestoI could download 10.04 and then 12.04?02:25
jmaderoanyone have an opinion about NFS with streaming ?02:25
jmaderoin another room someone said NFS "wasn't designed for streaming" and that's what's causing my issues . . . I can't find evidence of this claim02:25
mindless_chaoslike I said, you could try, but your better off backing up and clean install02:25
mindless_chaosare you familiar with live cd?02:26
jmaderomindless_chaos: he/she left02:26
mindless_chaosmost distro's have that now, which means ..... the wall is a good listener....02:26
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bmercerI just want you all to know that this fucking shitty software overwrote an entire disk instead of installing over windows 7 like the installer said02:27
EriC^^bmercer: did you press reinstall ubuntu?02:28
mindless_chaosthen you did something wrong, or there was something wrong with your MBR to begin with02:28
mindless_chaosor that..02:28
xanguainstalling over windows 7 sounds like installing OVER windows 7 as you said bmercer02:28
bmerceryes, except it installed a separate disk I had in my machine02:28
mindless_chaosoh, then it may not have overwrote windows, just didn't add it to grub02:29
mindless_chaosyou just have to fix your windows MBR02:29
bmercerno, it was supposed to overwrite windows, and overwrote my other disk instead02:29
bmercermy data is gone, and the installer is stupid02:29
EriC^^bmercer: how do you know that02:29
jmaderoand how is that a support question02:29
EriC^^bmercer: which disk are you booting in the bios?02:30
mindless_chaosif it did indeed overwrite you can probably still recover a majority of files02:30
EriC^^yeah ^^02:30
mindless_chaosno doubt the installation was smaller then what was there02:31
mindless_chaosI have seen it happen before, but wont promis, but I have created the same size partition in the same place, and not formated, and poof stuff was there, granted Ill stuff, but it was there02:32
bmercerit's not likely to happen, what it overwrote was setup with fdisk, *and* disklabel02:32
bmercerand... it was an ssd02:33
jmaderoyou can still recover it - it's not fun to do but it's possible02:33
mindless_chaosunless you specify to over write blocks, it will not erase, just overwirte where it needs, but not all02:33
jmaderobmercer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery02:33
k2gremlinI really love how easy it is to update Ubuntu Server :)02:34
bmerceryes, off to restore from backups02:34
jmaderobmercer: it takes a lot to actually delete data, when you format you're really not deleting anything, it only tells the system "you can write over these blocks if you need to"02:34
jmaderoah that's better ;)02:35
jmaderoglad you have those02:35
mindless_chaos**** has backups and is *&#&$#02:35
jmaderowhat's the proper rsync command if I don't want to preserve ownership/permissions02:35
mindless_chaosjust popped in to complain i see02:35
jmaderowas pretty obvious at the beginning ;)02:36
mindless_chaoshe had to have something hinkey with his hardware if the installer decided the other disk was appropriate02:37
jmaderomindless_chaos: I'm sure the problem was the person sitting in the chair, but you never want to say that - especially after loss of data which is no fun02:38
jmaderomindless_chaos: and let's not forget the huge warning about backing up before the installer even lets you move forward02:38
retroisprestoi'm going to try upgrading to 12.04.5 after the iso is done downloading and i burn it to usb02:39
mindless_chaosdid you backup?02:39
mindless_chaoshave at it hos02:40
jmaderoretroispresto: I'll be really curious about how that goes - please report back once you're done02:40
jmaderofor future support reference02:40
retroisprestothere is a possibility it might not give me the 'upgrade' option o.o02:41
mindless_chaosYes, but if it breaks, you should as suggested before, that when you clean install you make a partition to mount your home directory.02:41
jmaderoretroispresto: I'm just curious why you're doing it this way to begin with vs. the clean install, but so is your right to try ;)02:41
xanguaretroispresto: it will not, 100%02:42
xanguaalso you were told about Lubuntu already, instead of Ubuntu02:42
mindless_chaosbecause if you ever break it again, you can install clean, then mount your home and update in fstab so it mounts at boot02:42
jmaderodoes a cd/usb install even offer an upgrade option? I've never seen that02:43
mindless_chaosyeah I believe so02:43
mindless_chaosyes it does, because b4 I installed 14.04 I broke 13 by upgrading02:44
mindless_chaosbut it was expected02:44
mindless_chaosit should ask you if you want to upgrade if it detects an ubuntu installation present02:45
retroisprestomy crummy connection speed is downloading at 135kb/sec .-.02:46
IbsinRGEvening all02:46
jmaderoretroispresto: that's not too bad - what about 1 hour?02:46
IbsinRGI really, really, really would love some help on some descion making here02:46
jmaderoIbsinRG: hi there02:46
jmaderoIbsinRG: be prepared for a thousand opinions if it's a subjective thing ;)02:46
IbsinRGI, no matter what I try, cannot seem to stick with one distro. I've tried ubuntu, ubuntu Gnome, Deepin, Mint, Cruncbang, Kubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE.02:47
IbsinRGI want to just find one and stay with it DX02:47
jmaderothat really comes down to personal preference02:47
retroisprestoOh god02:48
* retroispresto hides02:48
jmaderoIbsinRG: suggest ubuntu-offtopic02:48
somsipIbsinRG: this is looking like an offtopic issue. Is this anything to do directly with ubuntu support?02:48
jmaderoI think that's the room02:48
daftykinsIbsinRG: that's nice but it's not an ubuntu support question02:48
castieldebian ist top, also Archelinux02:48
IbsinRGNope, how do I get to offtopic?02:48
somsipIbsinRG: /join #ubuntu-offtopic02:48
jmaderosame way you got here just join that one02:48
mindless_chaosheres the solution.. get a bunch of usb pen drives, install each distro directly to USB drive. Then just plug in which you want to use, and select to boot from usb02:49
retroispresto^ what mindless_chaos said except with sd cards02:49
mindless_chaosI'd type it out for you, but I don't want to go to off topic....02:50
daftykinsexcept you can't always boot SD cards02:50
daftykinsand they'd all be slow and die02:50
mindless_chaosyou can if you have the SD card in a usb card reader02:50
daftykinsnope, that's system dependant02:51
mindless_chaosI have a key ring, with 4 key chain USB drives, each with a distro on it02:51
castielmandrake still exist?02:51
daftykinsnot for years i don't think02:51
daftykinsit became mandriva then... who knows02:51
mindless_chaosoh man, i remember mandrake02:51
retroisprestomandrake? <3ed it02:51
mindless_chaosthat's the first distro I ever used02:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:52
daftykinstake it elsewhere guys.02:52
retroispresto<3 ubuntu more tho02:52
castieli start on mandrake take me week to get sound02:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:53
castielonly leave this http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=openmandriva02:54
* retroispresto puts aerosol on his hands so when he picks his nose he smells nice 02:54
castielOfficial mandriva is private and paid now02:54
creatorbbtw what new's about ubuntu 15? :D02:55
darkelfjuggaloI am trying to use a USB Headset for my music on my Ubuntu 14.04 laptop... is there a specific Driver I need o get, or is it just something i have to enable?02:55
daftykinscreatorb: find the page about it02:55
jmaderodarkelfjuggalo: you'd have to give a lot more info than what you provided....02:55
jmaderodarkelfjuggalo: model?02:55
creatorbdaftykins: hahaha sure, maybe someone interest for discuss than discuss about something else xD02:56
daftykinscreatorb: what's that in English?02:57
mindless_chaosI had better dig through my big tote of old stuff and find retro* a p3 1g cpu02:57
MrSavagefor some after one of my reboots, i broke the sound. I hear the drum sound when ubuntu is loaded but when i login there's no sound02:57
mindless_chaosis it muted?02:57
mindless_chaoshardware muted?02:57
MrSavageI think not?02:58
=== fginther is now known as fginther`
MrSavagedoesn't show muted top right02:58
mindless_chaoslaptop of destop?02:58
darkelfjuggalothe headset is plantronics... I don't have the case anymore... they were used for Work on winblows computers, but i no longer have that job02:58
mindless_chaosusb or phono plug02:58
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
MrSavagemindless_chaos: desktop02:59
MrSavagemindless_chaos: I fixed it. I had to select the sound device in sound settings03:00
MrSavageHow can I make a sound device default?03:00
retroisprestoWho is he? o.o03:00
mindless_chaosltimedia Systems Selector03:02
mindless_chaosmltimedia Systems Selector.03:02
mindless_chaossearch for it03:02
MrSavagehow can i change my default file browser?03:02
MrSavagewhere firefox actually obeys the rule?03:02
mindless_chaosand select which audio source you want as default...03:03
=== Michael__ is now known as Guest54856
retroisprestosudo apt-get purge xorg03:03
retroisprestoactually don't do ^03:03
darkelfjuggaloOk, SO improved question; how do I test to see if I have a Digital Audio Output? If I do, How will I enable it?03:03
castielcan install win98 in virtual box, only for see the  Insert CD-Rom Blue Scren?03:03
mindless_chaosin default apps in settings03:03
bubbasaurescastiel, Two more relevant channels #vbox ##windows03:04
MrSavagemindless_chaos: : I don't see default apps in settings03:04
castielit was a joke03:04
creatorbretroispresto: nice one...03:05
creatorbdaftykins: :?03:05
creatorbdarkelfjuggalo: are you have been try to reboot with headset stay plugged?03:05
bynarieno get it right its draftkins03:06
mindless_chaosgo in settings, click details, then click default programs03:06
daftykinsoh grow up, children03:06
rickbhello, having an annoying issue with iptables. http://pastebin.com/ytBa0nCy <-- my rules, everything works as expected but I cannot use apt-get, ping out, access the internet from the machine, all other resources work just fine. Any ideas?03:06
darkelfjuggaloCreateorb ; no, I have never tried using this on my linux before so i didn't know it might be required... I will try now and come back03:06
mindless_chaoswell it's off to bed...03:07
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
creatorbdarkelfjuggalo: so?03:14
pifbitsI'm having a problem with youtube.com turning off my laptop monitor when I try to watch a vid.  I can watch YT vids on other sites, and don't have the problem watching any other vids period.  I have to reboot to get my monitor to come back on.03:14
darkelfjuggaloNope, still playing out main speakers03:15
reisiopifbits: mmmm, is that youtube with "HTML5" video, or Flash?03:18
pifbitsseems like it's HTML503:18
reisio'"HTML5"' :p03:18
pifbitsDid youtube change something recently? I've never had this problem b4.03:20
pifbitsI can't narrow down the problem if I can watch YT vids on other sites but not the site itself03:21
reisiommm, probably more to do with your browser/power manager/graphics driver/etc.03:22
pifbitsThere were a few flash updates that ubuntu push out recently.. and Google Chrome updates03:23
MrMonkey311hi guys... can anyone tell me which files are NOT a good idea to pastebin, if asking for support? is there something in linux that I'm better off keeping private? config file-wise?03:30
reisioMrMonkey311: stuff in ~/03:30
reisioregardless of user03:30
reisioso that's /home/ and /root/ (does Ubuntu use /root/ ?)03:30
reisiowherever root's ~/ is03:31
MrMonkey311reisio: rly? why is that?03:31
reisioand if it's a server, a lot of things in /etc/ _can_ be sensitive03:31
reisioMrMonkey311: that's just where personal data is kept03:31
reisiossh keys :) goat porn :) other things03:31
reisioyou don't need to memorize paths, though03:32
reisioif it has something that ties the data to you, don't post it03:32
allen_can anyone help with a opengl driver issue, i am loading a game via play on linux and it says i have no 32bit or 64 bit opengl drivers installed so my game probably won't play03:32
allen_i don't recall installing them manually before03:32
MrMonkey311ohhhh well I was only asking re: things that I wouldn't /know/ were tied to me or my system. but point taken!03:33
reisiowell you gotta at least skim stuff :)03:33
reisiothere's no substitute for reading, alas03:33
reisioif you're rushed, you can do something like03:33
MrMonkey311reisio: but nothing like getting hacked through the secrets that your xorg.conf has revealed I take it03:34
reisioegrep -i 'username|realFirstName|realLastName|pr0n|goat' path/to/file03:34
reisioand it'll tell you if those strings occur in it03:34
reisiodon't um, don't grep for your password, though :)03:34
reisioand don't save passwords in plain text :D03:34
reisioMrMonkey311: unheard of :)03:34
reisioa xorg.conf could... I mean it could indicate where, for example, a VNC password file is03:35
reisioVNC is already insecure by default03:35
reisioand everyone knows where those files tend to be kept anyways03:35
reisioand they'd still need access to your system03:35
reisioat which point they wouldn't need VNC access :p03:35
crc_I added a vpn connection to network manager but clicking on it does nothing.  syslog shows nothing as if the network manager makes no attempt to connect. Why am I seeing no log activity?03:38
crc_I added a vpn connection to network manager but clicking on it does nothing.  syslog shows nothing as if the network manager makes no attempt to connect. Why am I seeing no log activity?03:46
pifbitsOk.. back with my youtube.com problem again.. Only happens in Google Chrome but not firefox.  B4 I try an uninstall/reinstall could there be a something I need to tweek?03:47
testing1122Yea, use Linux03:48
testing1122Er, I mean, Windows03:48
testing1122you know03:48
testing1122a real os03:48
slideHow can I see whats causing my load average to go up? It is not the cpu usage.03:48
testing1122sudo reboot03:49
testing1122rm -rf /proc03:49
pifbitsno reason to get my computer drunk right now.03:49
testing1122smash it with a hammer03:49
daftykinstesting1122: grow up, please.03:51
D3Vdoes anyone know of a good tutorial of setting up twm?03:53
=== jrizzo is now known as seme
testing1122D3V. Install windows03:54
reisioinstall, run03:54
reisioit's not the most configurable/featureful wm03:54
D3Vbesides a blank screen I think its worth it03:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest60048
D3Vand testing1122 I lost touch with windows when they went to crappy metro03:55
daftykinstesting1122: leave.03:55
testing1122Just use internet explorer to manage your windows03:56
arun_guys, any idea on repairing a fat32 file system in linux?03:56
daftykinsarun_: bad idea. what's going on?03:58
reisioarun_: fsck03:59
Nothing_MuchQuestion, why does ubuntu's repo have incredibly outdated drivers for GPUs?03:59
daftykinsthey're not even vaguely 'outdated', plus they're verified more for stability04:00
mesaboogie1heya does' anyone want to skype me? pm me04:08
testing1122Can i have OP please?04:09
Striking71Hey all. I suspect that one of 3 hard disks I have may be faulty. What's a good diagnostic tool to check?04:09
testing1122rm -rf04:10
testing1122dd is good too04:10
Striking71Thanks testing1122. I'll get *right* on that.04:10
Ben64!behelpful | testing112204:12
ubottutesting1122: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:12
Ben64Striking71: how do you suspect it is faulty04:12
hggdhtesting1122: please stop04:12
testing1122!behelpful | hggdh04:12
ubottuhggdh: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:12
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ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:13
testing1122!behelpful | !behelpful04:13
ubottu!behelpful: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:13
Striking71Ben64 I have a raid5 with 3 disks and it got corrupted04:14
Striking71Ben64 this is actually a friend's system. He had it "recovered" by a local shop before I could get to it04:15
Ben64Striking71: ooh, i don't know much about raid. normally i would check logs for IO errors, check smart data, fsck04:15
Striking71so I don't have specific error messages and didn't get a chance to check logs and the like before it was messed with04:15
Striking71Yeah, I just found a post about smartctl on the ubuntu forums04:15
Striking71I'm trying that out04:16
Ben64although SMART says my drive is fine, but it is just about dead04:16
Ben64so i wouldn't rely on that04:16
Ben64currently ddrescue'ing at a whopping 16K/s read speed04:16
reisiosmart is utterly useless :)04:19
reisiono matter what it says, your actions will be unchanged04:19
reisioit could be theoretically useful if you have a ridiculous amount of drives04:20
reisioif you were google or the like04:20
reisiobut even then only the quickest test would be worth the time04:20
MrSavageHi all04:20
reisioand on that level, you're probably replacing old drives with new ones before they're even broken04:20
reisioMrSavage: heyo04:20
MrSavageI'm wondering why is it that when I scroll it scrolls what I don't want? In terminal I get a scroll of previous commands instead of the actual terminal buffer04:21
MrSavagein xchat, i get a scroll of the text input as well, but not the buffer of the chat04:21
MrSavagewhy is this happening?04:21
reisioMrSavage: ...using a touchpad?04:22
MrSavagereisio: no04:22
MrSavagebut i did install imwheel04:22
MrSavagedue to scrollspeed being so slow04:22
reisiomaybe it needs more configuring04:22
Striking71Ben64 I used the "badblocks" command but it took forEEEEEVER so I interrupted it04:23
MrSavagereisio: I don't know how to configure it04:23
reisiodpkg -L imwheel04:23
reisioStriking71: also pointless04:24
zivesterhah i updated xubuntu to 14.10 and all my windows are purple... is that normal?04:24
reisiowhy spend time on something that is already broken04:24
reisioit's not a human being04:24
reisioreplace it04:24
daftykinswhy do we always get people running badblocks o004:24
reisiomore time than sense04:24
daftykinsStriking71: who told you to run it?04:24
Striking71resio - because of the 3 drives only 1 may be bad04:24
Striking71Or none04:24
Striking71daftykins: nobody, I'm sort of driving blind04:24
Striking71I'm new to data recovery and raids04:25
reisioStriking71: doesn't matter04:25
reisioyour time is not worth knowing which is bad04:25
reisioreplace them all04:25
reisioyou'll need more drives eventually anyways04:25
daftykinsStriking71: install smartmontools and run "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX" on each disk, the SMART data should show up pretty easily which is bad04:25
imastupidguestI have an issue with how content is displayed on the command line. Not sure if I need to run ls with different options, configure something, create alias(es), or some combination thereof. Any help would be appreciated.04:27
imastupidguest --> Order in which contents are displayed with ls on the command line...04:27
imastupidguest   * Currently, ls -al displays hidden files mixed in with non-hidden folders04:27
imastupidguest   * Workflow need : Display files before folder, display hidden before non hidden04:27
Striking71resio - I'm sort of strapped for cash so I'd rather only replace the drives that are bad. Besides, this is valuable stuff to learn04:28
Striking71daftykins: thanks, will do04:28
daftykinsalso never run RAID 5 with 3 disks again04:28
imastupidguestI would like the order (starting at the top) to go : hidden files, hidden dirs, non-hidden files, non-hidden dirs (if possible)04:29
imastupidguestexcuse me...04:29
imastupidguesthidden files, non-hidden files, hidden dirs, non-hidden dirs04:29
imastupidguestI'm using gnome-terminal04:30
Striking71daftykins: Why is that?04:31
daftykins3 is the minimum and is a bad move04:31
Striking71daftykins: What is bad about it? I figured it wouldn't be the minimum if it wasn't a good idea04:32
f00dMonstahelp, I cannot load *some* websites04:34
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: What browser are you using?04:35
f00dMonstaI've tried chrome, chromium, firefox04:36
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: I've tried chrome, chromium, firefox04:36
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: There could be some content settings in the browser (not sure) have you checked that in the browser's preferences?04:36
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: I've tried clearing everything04:37
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: Not just clearing cookies or history, but settings which limit the type of content (like parental controls)04:37
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: I didn't think they were set by default, but I could be wrong about that. It's where I would check first04:39
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: it was working perfectly fine last night... and for the past year04:39
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: I see. Have you tried pinging one of the sites you're having trouble with?04:40
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: If you would like, I'm willing to try to go to one of the url in my browser to see if it loads for me (also)04:40
imastupidguestie: troublshooting04:41
techratI am not sure if this would be ubuntu related but my flux doesnt work on Ubuntu dual screen. Any ideas?04:41
techratIt only works in one screen04:41
ponAhey guys, i installed ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my other machine and i want to use it without a monitor connected. i tried remote desktop but xrdp did not work with unity so i installed team viewer and set it up for LAN connections only04:42
reisiotechrat: need ye the xinerama/xrandr support04:43
union-hiveponA: you should just ssh into and terminal command everything04:43
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: I can't ping live.com, can you try? because some servers block icmp packets04:43
ponAthe problem is, that the window is rather small, how do i setup a higher standard resolution?04:43
reisiotechrat: and/or a graphics driver/config to match04:43
union-hiveusing a remote desktop is over taxing and using a lot of resources sometimes04:43
techratreisio: xrandr support as in apt-get install xrandr ?04:44
reisiotechrat: likely not04:44
ponAi know i can do it with ssh but for some tasks it seems rather inconvenient04:44
techratreisio: Oh looks like I already have xrandr04:45
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: It loads for me but redirects to a login page, specifically : https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=12&ct=1417668295&rver=6.4.6456.0&wp=MBI_SSL_SHARED&wreply=https:%2F%2Fmail.live.com%2Fdefault.aspx%3Frru%3Dinbox&lc=1033&id=64855&mkt=en-us&cbcxt=mai04:45
ponAe.g. i tried to change the ip address to static and it would have taken me a lot of time to figure out how it really changes a thing using ssh+terminal, then i ended up using the gui and everything worked fine in seconds...04:46
techratreisio: although I do not have xinerama04:46
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: ok suddenly that works now. But the more important one: https://console.aws.amazon.com/console/home?nc1=h_m_mc04:46
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: Has anything changed in your firewall settings? (this would be a bit over my head but perhaps someone here could work w/ you on it - if need be)04:46
ponAbut back to topic, how do i setup a higher standard resolution for the desktop?04:46
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: I turned it off to see if it helps04:46
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: Yes, that latter link loads for me. It redirects to a login page, specifically : https://www.amazon.com/ap/signin?openid.assoc_handle=aws&openid.return_to=https%3A%2F%2Fsignin.aws.amazon.com%2Foauth%3Fresponse_type%3Dcode%26client_id%3Darn%253Aaws%253Aiam%253A%253A015428540659%253Auser%252Fhomepage%26redirect_uri%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fconsole.aws.amazon.com%252Fconsole%252Fhome%253Fnc1%253Dh_m_mc%2526state%253DhashArg04:47
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: meh, something is wrong with my ubuntu then04:48
imastupidguestwhoa - is a url supposed to be that long?04:48
techratreisio: Were you talking about dual monitor or flux in specific? My dual monitor works fine but it's just that just one screen gets flux while the other doesn't04:48
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: just tried on a windows machine, and my phone... both works04:48
MrSavageAlright I'm getting issues with my ubuntu 14.04 on not being able to minimize openGL games04:49
imastupidguestf00dMonsta: I'll leave you to the experts then. Hope some of the troubleshooting helped04:49
reisiotechrat: I mentioned other things :)04:49
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: i bet you if I load up a vm, it'll work :P04:49
techratreisio: Oh other things as in making dual monitor work?04:50
reisiotechrat: using nvidia?04:51
f00dMonstaimastupidguest: aww I was wrong, it doesn't work in a vm04:51
techratreisio: I'm using intergrated GPU from intel04:51
techratreisio: Intel HD graphics 440004:52
reisiotechrat: maybe arandr could help04:53
=== blindsight is now known as Guest830
link0_good evening04:59
=== androidbruce_ is now known as androidbruce
ponAany hints on how to set the standard resolution to a higher value (there is no screen connected, i connect via a remote desktop tool)?05:05
ubuntuaddictedhowdy everyone, does anyone use a password manager and soemthing like syncthing or dropbox/drive?05:06
ponAi use keepass for that05:07
=== xMopxShe- is now known as xMopxShell
ses1984before lvm, if i wanted to upgrade the hard drive in my machine, i would pop in the new one,05:07
ubuntuaddictedponA, ok, but keypass probably doesn't have an iOS client does it?05:07
ses1984dd if=old of=new05:07
daftykinsses1984: right...05:07
ses1984and if the new one was bigger i could resize partitions and file systems05:07
ponAminikeepass should do that05:08
ses1984is the process basically the same with lvm?05:08
ponAi chose keepass because it has android ios windows and linux clients05:08
ponAthey arent all equally powerfull, but you can at least access the passwords05:09
=== mgorbach_ is now known as mgorbach
ubuntuaddictedponA, keepass sounds like the way to go. thanks05:10
mozzarellaguys help05:16
MrSavagemozzarella: ?05:17
mozzarellaMrSavage: I bought a new keyboard and I'd like to remap some stuff05:18
MrSavagemozzarella: To make it international?05:19
mozzarellaMrSavage: no, apple keyboard, I want to swap option and command, as well as make the right option key a ctrl key05:20
link0_trash the apple keyboard...it has an nsa implant05:21
MrSavagelink0_: are you actually serious?05:21
explodesWhen I have my torrents running for a while, and then I close my torrent client (wifi) I notice that a TON of requests to my computer's "torrent" port are still being forward. I have reason to suspect that this is the cause for a slow/spikey network connection. Is that safe to assume? Also, how do you fix or stop the issue?05:21
ikeboyI'm having a problem with grub settings; my system doesn't start unless I press enter, but I would like it to start automatically05:23
ikeboyalso my os-prober stopped working05:23
bubbasauresikeboy, Have you been messing with it?05:24
ikeboyno, just upgraded to 14.10 a while ago. i think the problems are from then05:24
mozzarellaMrSavage: pls05:24
ikeboyI also had some boot problems around then that i needed to reinstall grub after05:24
bubbasauresikeboy, What is the os-prober missing like OS's?05:25
bubbasauresikeboy, What other OS's?05:25
ikeboyI have windows and hackentosh on other partitions and drives which used to show up but don't now05:25
ikeboybut I can get to those with easybcd. My main problem is the timeout05:26
bubbasauresikeboy, You're using easybcd to get to grub to get to ubuntu?05:26
ikeboylooking at grub custumizer right now shows "boot default entry after 10 seconds" but that doesn't happen05:26
link0_ikeboy: check /etc/default/grub05:27
bubbasauresikeboy, So you have using the customizer?05:27
ikeboyyes, but the options don't change05:27
link0_ikeboy: sudo update-grub05:28
ikeboyi did that05:28
link0_ikeboy: you manually edited /etc/default/grub?05:28
creatorbikeboy: change GRUB_TIMEOUT="10" to GRUN_TIMEOUT="3" for appears on 3 second #see line1005:30
link0_ikeboy: add GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=005:30
ikeboyif 10 doesn't work, why would 3?05:30
link0_ikeboy: then sudo update-grub05:31
link0_after saving05:31
ikeboydid that, I'll see on next reboot if it works05:31
zivesterugh why are ubuntu ulimit's set so low by default.. just fixed an issue i've been having with chrome for months.. and somehow my internet speed is faster now as well05:32
ikeboyin the meantime, I had an error unknown command "recordfail" and also loadvideo. Anyone know how to fix those or disable them?05:32
=== mic is now known as Guest29461
ikeboyi'm trying reboot now05:33
link0_ikeboy: 0 = disables the menu, boots right away, -1 = waits until you select entry (default behavior), XX = XX in seconds, waits for that amount of time05:33
link0_ikeboy: so GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=10 would wait 10 seconds before auto booting05:34
ikeboywhy are there more than 1 option for the same thing? What's GRUB_TIMEOUT?05:34
=== Bleakwiser is now known as Bleakwise
Jarvixis there a way to set a shut down timer for the system?05:35
cynicallemonJarvix: man shutdown05:36
Jarvixkk ty05:36
Jarvixcynicallemon, , so:: shutdown -p +m120  ?05:40
Jarvixforgive me, i'm new to this05:41
cynicallemontry shutdown -hP 12005:42
Jarvixwill that shut the pc off?05:42
Jarvixin 12005:42
Jarvixhow to delay it?05:43
cynicallemonshutdown -c    will cancel05:43
Jarvixcynicallemon, have a good night05:43
mozzarellaguys help05:44
link0_ikeboy: it working?05:44
semendemoni removed nvidia-304 and installed nvidia-173 (it's for an arcade cabinet) but when trying to start X i get an error stating "nvidia kernel version is 173 but nvidia driver version is 304" does apt-get remove not remove the nvidia driver on mint/ubuntu?05:45
creatorblink0_: ikeboy still has not entered in room05:46
link0_creatorb: thanks05:46
link0_semendemon: try apt-get autoremove --purge05:48
semendemonapt-get remove 'nvidia-*' appears to have removed all nvidia drivers05:48
semendemonwe good to go05:48
SavKobani i tried installing xdm and xfce4 , but now when i startup the box it just goes to console login and when i type startx it looks like it did before without xdm05:50
explodingmangoHello, I have question about a built-in Linux kernel driver (if this the right place to ask).05:53
explodingmangoThere is a series of 3D navigation devices made by 3D Connexion which are supported by kernel drivers. The most basic model, the SpaceNavigator, works right out of the box. There's a more advanced model, SpacePilot, which also works for input, but it also has an LCD screen. My question is, is the SpacePilot's LCD screen also supported by the kernel driver?05:55
explodingmangoAnd if no one knows, is there some resource where I can find out more about Linux's kernel drivers?05:55
link0_explodingmango: try http://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/05:57
interwebHi , How can I install kde 5 on my ubuntu 14.10 ?06:06
creatorblink0_: okkay, i will left to workspace, when ikeboy coming said to him i have leave message like "no i mean alternative way, don't change to 3 second :v it's only sample, change to 0 for automatically boot on GRUB_DEFAULT="0" and set grub_default to os what do you want to boot"06:08
link0_creatorb: safe to say he messed something up since he isn't back yet? lol06:10
=== joshua is now known as Guest24464
creatorblink0_: hahahah, maybe he has forgotten06:15
ncaulfieldhow does IRC work06:17
ncaulfieldthis is pretty cool06:18
link0_its just like facebook06:18
ncaulfieldsuper early facebook06:18
mozzarellaguys help06:18
link0_yea but waste of time just like facebook lol06:18
Prezident#ubuntu-offtopic plz ncaulfield this is an helpchan.06:18
mozzarellaI want to remap my right alt to a right ctrl06:19
link0_mozzarella: start xev in terminal...it waits for your input...press key you want to change06:21
link0_mozzarella: then repeat with other key06:22
NeilGNeed help in keep runing a jar program even after quitting from ssh amazon box.06:22
link0_mozzarella: then run xmodmap06:22
mozzarellalink0_: I tried keycode 108 = Control_R06:23
mozzarelladoesn't work06:23
link0_mozzarella: did you do "xmodmap -e "keycode 108 = Control_R"06:25
mozzarellano I wrote a file instead06:25
mozzarellaand did xmodmap file06:25
link0_mozzarella: what file? .xinitrc?06:25
mozzarelladoesn't matter06:26
jetrohey guys I just reinstalled ubuntu 14.04 on a machine that had two partitions, one with windows and one with ubuntu06:40
jetroI only see 1 partition now with ubuntu06:40
jetroI think the reinstall got rid of the windows partition?06:41
jetroIs there any way I can get windows back or recover my files?06:41
tuxakadjsebYour NTFS partition is it mounted ?06:41
jetrotuxakadjseb, what do you mean?06:41
jetroI am on the ubuntu os right now06:42
jetroand I used gparted to check my partitions06:42
jetrothe windows one is gone06:42
tuxakadjsebOups !06:42
jetrotuxakadjseb, I'm screwed?06:42
tuxakadjsebHow many HDD have your computer ?06:42
jetroJust one06:43
jetroI have 1 HDD with windows and ubuntu on 2 different partitions06:43
jetrothen I inserted the ubuntu cd to reinstall06:43
jetrothe cd said that it detected an ubuntu installation, should it do a reinstall, and I said yes06:43
mozzarellawhich mod key is right alt06:44
jetroI had no idea it was going to wipe everything out and then do the reinstall, I thought it would just reinstall on that partition06:44
jetrotuxakadjseb, can I run any data recovery programs to get back files?06:44
jetroI just need to get my python files06:44
tuxakadjsebI'm afraid you have lost your windows partition :-(06:44
somsipmozzarella: er...the alt key that's to the right of the spacebar06:45
tuxakadjsebHey people, any idea to help jetro ?06:45
jetrotuxakadjseb, damn! Any way to recover the data? I just need to get python files back06:45
mozzarellasomsip: I know06:45
somsip!recovery | jetro06:45
ubottujetro: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode06:45
somsipmozzarella: maybe ask a better question then?06:45
mozzarellabut it has a number06:45
somsipmozzarella: use xev06:45
mozzarellamod1, mod2, mod3, etc.06:45
mozzarelladude, it doesn't say06:46
somsipmozzarella: to be used in what program?06:46
somsipmozzarella: use the keycode reported by xev06:46
mozzarellaI need the keysym06:46
mozzarellanot the keycode06:46
Ben64xev tells you that06:47
jetrosomsip, ubuntu is booting up normally, but windows is gone. I have one HDD, is it possible to use ubuntu to search for windows files that may still be on the HDD?06:47
mozzarellaI have remapped my right alt already06:47
mozzarellacan't see the keysym06:47
Ben64its right there where it says "keysym"06:47
somsip!undelete | jetro (unlikely, but you could look into these)06:47
ubottujetro (unlikely, but you could look into these): Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel06:47
somsipmozzarella: ie, keycode 133 (keysym 0xffeb, Super_L) on mine06:48
mozzarellasorry, keysym is not what I meant06:49
mozzarellathe thing I must "clear"06:49
mozzarellae.g. clear Mod106:49
Ben64you're not making a whole lot of sense06:50
jetroI'm screwed, I'm going to have to recode everything06:51
jetroWhy the hell did that cd ask if I wanted to reinstall ubuntu and then go ahead and not ask me about partitions and wipe everything...06:51
mozzarellaBen64: trust me bro06:51
mozzarellaI also find it confusing06:51
Ben64mozzarella: i'm not your bro, guy. it's not xmodmap that is confusing, it is your description of what you still need to do06:52
mozzarellaBen64: I have to "clear" the key function, but I'm not sure why06:53
mozzarelladoesn't work if I don't06:53
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Ben64mozzarella: pastebin what xev says when you press your new "right alt"06:54
mozzarellano, the alt key is fine, I need to remap the command key06:54
somsipmozzarella: use said right Alt earlier...06:54
Ben64jetro: sounds unlikely that it wouldn't tell you, maybe you clicked next without reading? you can use photorec to find files06:54
Ben64mozzarella: dude you need to explain much better what you want to do06:55
mozzarellayes, I need to remap the right command key to be a right alt key06:55
mozzarellaI did keycode 134 = Alt_R06:55
Ben64ok, so why won't you pastebin what happens when you press it06:55
mozzarelladon't ellipsis me that way07:00
Ben64looks fine07:00
mozzarellaindeed, it looks fine yet it still acts as a windows key07:01
Ben64ah now you explain07:01
wldxywhy do not you chinese07:03
Ben64mozzarella: pastebin xmodmap -pm07:03
Ben64!cn | wldxy07:03
ubottuwldxy: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:03
mozzarellaBen64: http://fpaste.org/156475/14176766/07:04
Ben64see it there under mod4? Alt_R (0x86)07:06
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=== bq is now known as hub
mozzarellaBen64: yeah07:08
mozzarellaI still don't know what to do, though07:08
=== hub is now known as Guest44896
Ben64mozzarella: you need to reassign it, theres an example here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/xmodmap07:08
mozzarellaBen64: doesn't work07:13
mozzarellawhy is it so hard07:20
electricprismI'm trying to log the output of a binary on TTY7 from TTY1, what command would I use? I tried $DIPLAY=:0 gala > /home/me/gala.log07:29
sathishhi barat07:35
praveen_hi hih i i07:35
sathishwell come07:35
praveen_hw r u07:35
Ben64praveen_, sathish: stop talking to yourself, this is not a chat channel, this is for ubuntu support only07:35
somsip!ot | this is not a chat channel07:35
ubottuthis is not a chat channel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:35
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ThatMexhello world07:37
ThatMexanybody recommends any video editing programs?07:38
auronandaceThatMex: i like openshot07:38
=== maxx is now known as Guest43361
somsipThatMex: cinelerra, lives07:38
auronandace!info openshot07:39
ubottuopenshot (source: openshot): Create and edit videos and movies. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.3-1.1 (utopic), package size 21223 kB, installed size 55704 kB07:39
ThatMexok which one would you recommend for somebody use to adobe premiere?07:39
Guest43361JOIN #radeon07:40
ThatMexhas anybody used kdenlive? is it any good?07:40
soneteaThatMex: haven't used it, but i hear it's great compared to every other linux video editor07:44
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LaibschHello, I'm moving my dm-crypt LVM from HD to SSD. I installed the SSD internally and put the HD in a USB enclosure.  I reboot and choose to boot from USB.08:13
LaibschGrub comes up, I choose the boot entry that used to work flawlessly for me and then eventually the boot halts with "no volume groups found".08:13
LaibschI tried adding "insmod usb" to the grub invocation but still no go.08:13
LaibschI am never being asked for the passphrase of the encrypted LVM.  What's missing?08:14
LaibschThis is a Trusty installation.08:14
rturIs /etc/environment the right place to set shell independent environment variables ? Or is it only for bash ?08:16
EsoRoticartur wouldnt that be like.... ~/.bashrc?08:19
rturEsoRotica: Normally yes, but I need to set it for many users and would prefer not to sed through their ~/.bashrc but some more global file. Best if it's one that would be sourced by most shells.08:20
EsoRoticaI see. I know you could also modify the skel files, though that only solves it for new users, rtur08:21
wiltors42whats the command to list names of people in room08:23
wiltors42thats a lot of names08:23
EsoRotica1707 to be specific08:23
wiltors42i wonder how many are active08:24
cfhowlettwiltors42, ask your ubuntu support question08:24
rturEsoRotica: Found it, I can create a file in /etc/profile.d/ and it should work too. And /etc/environment is ok env variables help.ubuntu says . Thanks.08:25
EsoRoticaSure thing, not sure that I was much help. GL Rtur08:25
leslie1hi guys  Is it possible to extend space for /dev/ampper/** ?08:30
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VespianAnyone know anything about reading data from a serial device plugged into USB?08:56
sgo11hi, I am running ubuntu 14.04.1. I did "sudo apt-get update" "apt-get dist-upgrade" and then "do-release-upgrade". it returns "No new release found". why? I thought the latest version was 14.10. thanks.08:56
DJonessgo11: I suspect your update manager is set to only show LTS releases08:57
bahamashello. can anyone recommend me a tool that allows me to edit the desktop wallpaper? I want to be able to update it constantly with text08:57
sgo11DJones, how to check that option? thanks.08:58
DJonessgo11: Just trying to remember where its set08:58
sgo11ok. thanks.08:58
fidel_bahamas: update it with text?08:58
fidel_if i interpret it right - you want to display a changing text as part of your desktop (or wallpaper) if so - take a look at conky08:59
geirhabahamas: imagemagick can add text on images08:59
VespianScreen isn't showing ANY data from the SIM Card Reader.08:59
fidel_conky can display text as layer above your wallpaper/desktop09:00
geirhayeah conky is probably what you want09:01
DJonessgo11: Open up Software and updates, on the 3rd tab called updates, there is a tick box "Notify me of a new UBuntu version" probably says LTS only, that needs to be "For any new version"09:01
bahamasfidel_, geirha: basically I want to use the wallpaper as a reminder of things09:02
sgo11DJones, right, thanks. I set it to "Never". btw, why does ubuntu.com still recommend 14.04.1 LTS instead of 14.10 ? It didn't do this in previous LTS release. thanks.09:02
VespianAnyone? http://pastebin.com/g7PDDszR09:03
DJonessgo11: Its probably recommended as LTS because it is LTS with longer support09:03
fidel_bahamas: check conky then09:04
sgo11DJones, in the page http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/ it recommends 14.04.1. From my memory, in the old days, it always recommends the latest version for desktop PC. I feel this is weird. does it mean 14.10 is not stable?09:06
cfhowlettsgo11, 9 months of support vs. 3 years.  do the math.09:06
sgo11cfhowlett, ok.09:07
DJonessgo11: I think thats just because a lot of users want long term stability and support (5 years with LTS) so they're recommended to use that, wheras the non-LTS releases are only supported for a short time and the user would have to upgrade within 9 months to keep getting support, not everybody wants the latest versions and has the time for regular upgrades09:08
EriC^^*5 years support09:08
cfhowlettsgo11, personal choice and pain tolerance question.  IMHO, LTS is optimized and polished for stability.  bleeding edge = bloody.09:08
VespianSurely someone here knows about reading/writing from/to serial devices....09:08
sgo11If I stay with 14.04.1 LTS and when 15.04 is out, can I directly upgrade the system from 14.04.1 to 15.04 with do-release-upgrade? or do I have to go through 14.04 --> 14.10 --> 15.04 ? thanks.09:11
DJonessgo11: 15.04 isn't LTS, so you'd have to go through 14.1009:12
DJonessgo11: LTS are only released every 2 years, 12.04, 14.04 and next one will be 16.0409:12
sgo11DJones, ok. what about upgrading to 16.04? do-release-upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 directly? or go though 14.04 -- 14.10 -- 15.04 -- ... -- 16.04 LTS ?09:13
DJonessgo11: You'll be able to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 directly09:14
VespianOnly issue with major updates is that it can break a lot of programs. (09:14
sgo11DJones, that's cool. thanks a lot. :)09:14
Vespian:( *09:14
VespianDJones: Do you know anything about reading from a serial device?09:15
DJonesVespian: Sorry, no09:15
sgo11Vespian, that's not cool then.. will it be safer in server upgrade?09:15
Vespiansgo11: Nothing that can be done about programs breaking... takes a while for developers to make it work for the new version of the OS.... which is why every major version update to the OS is given a label... for instance 14.10 is Utopic Unicorn09:16
VespianAnd the version names are quite relevant when adding a PPA to the repository.09:17
sgo11Vespian, ok, cheers.09:17
DJonessgo11: Most people will probably stay with LTS releases for servers because it doesn't involve 4 updates and they can be more certain that anything running on it won't have issues with 4 different upgrades09:19
VespianAnyone know why Cinnamon uses so much RAM? I have very few applets running in it and it's using 395 MB of RAM.09:19
sgo11DJones, ok. got it. my server will stay with LTS version and my desktop will update to 14.10 then. :)09:20
Vespiansgo11: Wise choice.09:20
sgo11Vespian, ^_^09:20
Ankorananyone that can help me use a static ip with my usb wireless interface? i cannot seem to figure out how to do it im using ubuntu 14.04 lts09:24
wildwindPlease point me to some good guides on setting up PXE environment. I want to have several Linux images on the server (different distros, releases, archs etc.) for testing purposes and clients on the network able to quickly boot any of them. For client, it should be the same experience as booting LiveCD.09:25
cfhowlettWildSoft, better asked in #ubuntu-server or #edubuntu09:25
krzkrzany reason why ps aux | grep cron is not returning anything significant?09:26
krzkrzshouldnt crond display as running in the bg?09:26
Ankoranwhat does ubuntu use for wireless config it doesnt seem to be using wpa_suppicant09:26
Ankorankeep trying to use /etc/network/interfaces to configure static but there was no previous entry for wlan0 in there09:26
krzkrzor does ubuntu use something else as its daemon for cron?09:28
Neo31hello guys, i wanna report a bug concerning locale configuration for my country :)09:29
VespianAnkoran: Your question isn't about Ubuntu, but rather it is about your UI. Each UI uses a different application for wireless connection management.09:29
cfhowlett!bug | Neo31,09:29
ubottuNeo31,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:29
VespianAnkoran: By default, Ubuntu comes with Unity UI and GNOME UI09:30
VespianAnkoran: I myself use Cinnamon UI.09:30
Ankoranyeah i have the default everything09:30
Ankorani want to set a static ip with my wireless09:30
VespianAnkoran: Okay, then are you using Unity or GNOME right now?09:30
Ankoranwhatever comes with the install of ubuntu09:30
Ankoranim guessing unity09:30
krzkrzwhat does ps aux | grep cron return for you guys?09:30
VespianAnkoran: Both come with it.09:30
krzkrzdo you see crond running?09:30
Ankorani dont remember selecting anything09:30
VespianAnkoran: Does your desktop look bare or does it have all kinds of icons and such?09:31
Neo31what's the package for locale configuration?09:31
VespianAnkoran: Then you're likely in GNOME.09:31
Ankorani just have no idea what this is usingto configure the wireless as is09:31
Ankoranthere is no wpa_supplicant configuration file and /etc/network/ineterfaces doesnt have wlan009:31
cfhowlettNeo31, terminal time: dpkg -l | grep locale          will tell you09:32
Ankoranwifi works just fine dhcp but i run a few services that use port forwardingand its a bugger to have to change that all the time09:32
VespianAnkoran: Ctrl + Alt + t and execute: nm-applet09:34
VespianAnkoran: That's the default GNOME Network Manager application.09:34
Ankorannevermind i found it in the network list when i selected my AP i clicked edit and its all in there to assign stuff for ipv4/609:35
Ankoranbut thanks09:35
VespianAnkoran: I also advise that you do Ctrl + Alt + t and execute: /usr/bin/software-center09:35
Ankoranfor what?09:36
Happzzhey guys.09:36
Ankoranive been using this install of ubuntu for a month now i just never bothered to learn how to assign a static IP for wifi09:36
Ankoranim updated and customized09:36
Happzzi have win8.1 installed on disk1 and i'd like to put ubuntu on disk2 (two separate physical disks)09:36
Happzzi dont want to mess with dual booting and whatever. i'd rather just tell the bios which disk to load every time09:36
nusrhow can i run a bash script? what file extension do i use for ubuntu? the script runs when i input line by line into gnuplot, but when i try to cat <filename.gp> | gnuplot it says data file unreadable09:37
cfhowlettHappzz, install but skip the bootloader09:37
Happzzwindows is already on disk1 and running fine. how do i go about installing ubuntu on disk2 without accidently touching disk1 at all - not the data and not the bootloader there09:37
VespianAnkoran: Are you now? Perhaps you should do Ctrl + Alt + t and execute software-properties-gtk and then enable Canonical updates and also check your drivers out too. Ahah09:37
Happzzcfhowlett im really asking how to, not what to :)09:37
Ankoranalready done Vespian09:38
Happzzand i guess there needs to be a boot loader for ubuntu as well, just on a diff disk, no?09:38
Ankorani have also been using linux since 199309:38
AnkoranI have just never used wireless with it before a month ago09:38
cfhowlettHappzz, choose "something else" during installation type.  do NOT install bootloader = "how to"09:38
qwerty_how to install ubuntu on crusoe cpu??09:39
wildwindcfhowlett: tu09:39
wildwindcfhowlett: *ty09:39
Happzzand how will ubuntu load if theres no boot loader?09:39
ubuntul0vermy drive is running full .. but aptitude says i have bout 200 packets installed how do i swipe the rest ?09:39
VespianAnyone have any experience with reading data from a serial device that is plugged into USB? http://pastebin.com/hQfEuGFE09:39
cfhowlettHappzz, you said you wanted to specify at boot!09:39
Happzzi want to choose the disk with the f12 menu that tells the bios which disk to load09:40
cfhowlettHappzz, you could install the bootloader to ubuntu disk ...09:40
Happzzwhen/where do i choose that?09:40
wildwindcfhowlett: btw, why have you suggested edubuntu, does it have pxe preconfigured?09:41
ubuntul0veri.e. where are the unneeded files hiding ?09:41
cfhowlettwildwind, edubuntu seems to do pxe / ltsp type installs a lot more than typical desktop installations09:41
cfhowlettHappzz, on the partition menu, you can select the bootloader target09:42
=== Guest54856 is now known as kingplusplus
Happzzand if i tell it to put the bootloader on disk2, it will not touch disk1 AT ALL?09:42
Happzzim sorry for annoying with this, im just not going to be able to come and ask while doing it for real ;)09:43
Happzzso i have to understand first.09:43
wildwindubuntul0ver: have you tried the built-in utility, baobab?09:43
cfhowlettHappzz, nope.  but to be sure, you can disable disk1 at bios, right?09:43
Happzzi dont know?09:43
Happzzif i can, does this ensure nothing at all is written to it?09:44
cfhowlettHappzz, disabled disk1 = no disk1 so far as live session concerned09:44
Happzzperfect. i will try now. see you in a bit :p09:45
Happzzthanks for your time, cfhowlett09:45
cfhowlettHappzz, take your time, be careful and read everything at each step before you commit <enter>09:45
Happzzone more thing (i just know this needs to be taken care of at install-time for fbsd and such), does ubuntu support full-disk encryption?09:46
VespianNobody here has ever attempted to read from a serial device? :X09:46
usrb1nHello, I have a file that contains paths to other files, one per line. Is there any way to "loop" and open each file with nano ? Exactly the same situation as when you type nano file1 file2 file3. When file1 is closed file2 is opened and same with file 309:46
cfhowlettHappzz, yes.09:46
cfhowlett!encryption | Happzz09:46
ubottuHappzz: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory09:46
Happzzim looking forward to encrypt the whole disk. not just a directory.09:47
Happzzi'd imagine a desktop distro would have this thing built in like microsoft's bitlocker or something. click here, enter pass, you're good.09:48
ubuntul0verhow can i remove everything that has gtk dependencies ?09:49
ubuntul0vermy station is crashing all the time ..09:49
wildwindHappzz: Ubuntu offers this option when installing.09:49
ubuntul0verno applications crash ..09:49
Happzzawesome. thanks again.09:50
ubuntul0vernot the station09:50
Happzzsee you in a bit.09:50
nusrhow can i run a bash script? what file extension do i use for ubuntu? the script runs when i input line by line into gnuplot, but when i try to cat <filename.gp> | gnuplot it says data file unreadable09:51
Ben64nusr: a bash script is not the same as running stuff in gnuplot09:52
nusrare bash scripts in ubuntu .gp?09:52
Ben64nusr: and file extensions don't matter at all09:52
nusrok the commands that i am trying to run in gnuplot are in .gp  how can i run it?09:53
Ben64nusr: you should check out the manual page for gnuplot, i'm unfamiliar with it09:53
nusrBen64: ok thanks09:54
Ben64nusr: http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/faq/faq.html#x1-840007.409:55
nusrBen64: ok. i'm looking through the manual09:55
nusrBen64: getting the same error. the page you showed has "gnuplot filename.gp -" and cat filename.gp |gnuplot produces the same error..data not readable.09:57
Ben64nusr: it doesn't say to use cat09:57
IndiviuoIs anyone else seriously upset about this?09:58
Ben64Indiviuo: not on topic here at all09:58
cfhowlettIndiviuo, this is ubuntu support = carry this conversation - elsewhere09:58
cfhowlett!ot | Indiviuo,09:58
ubottuIndiviuo,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:58
nusrBen64: yeah, but i was saying the original command i was using is cat, which produces the same error..so i don't know why the data is not readable09:58
nusrBen64: thanks for your help anyway09:59
Ben64nusr: it might not be a gnuplot file09:59
nusrBen64: that page also uses .gp for the extension..and when i input line by line into gnuplot it outputs a chart. but it doesn't work when i try to run the script10:00
nusrBen64: i'll email the author of the example10:01
nusrBen64: http://linuxcommando.blogspot.sg/2014/05/how-to-plot-2d-data-using-gnuplot.html10:01
nusrin case anyone wants to do the same with gnuplot10:02
wildwindnusr: show us exact command you've used (aside from cat)10:03
Happzzi didnt expect this issue, but maybe you guys have an idea. i've a t510 with a caddy. im trying to install ubuntu to the disk in the caddy.10:08
nusrwildwind: cat mystats.gp |gnuplot10:09
Happzzthe bios doesnt recognize the disk and so doesn't ubuntu's installer.10:09
Happzzwindows however, does see it.10:09
nusrwildwind: the commands are copied and pasted into geddit and saved as that file name10:09
nusr"mystats.gp", line 62: warning: Skipping unreadable file "Documents/markets/current_inquiry/w.dat" "mystats.gp", line 62: No data in plot10:10
captinehi all.  quick one.  there is a dead link on the ubuntu website for juju web ui.  How is it best to report it?10:10
nusrscript is in the same folder10:10
wildwindnusr: why don't you try just 'gnuplot mystats.gp' as man clearly says?10:10
nusrwildwind: as i was saying earlier, i got the same error message "mystats.gp", line 62: warning: Skipping unreadable file "Documents/markets/current_inquiry/w.dat" "mystats.gp", line 62: No data in plot10:11
nusrwildwind: but when i input line by line into gnuplot it outputs the chart10:11
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captinehttp://imgur.com/JANQvkZ   -- how does one report this to canonical/web admins?10:12
captinesorry.  Wrong window.  didnt mean to repeat10:13
popeycaptine: where is that linked from?10:13
popeycaptine: found it, at the bottom, I'll report it.10:13
captinethanks popey10:13
captinePS, enjoy all your commentary on Linux Unplugged.10:14
wildwindnusr: this message means that your file was read and successfully processed up to line 62. The message is not about the file mystats.gp but about another file referenced in command on that line. so check it.10:16
wildwindnusr: and gnuplot is offtopic here10:17
VespianCan anyone help me with reading a SIM Card from a SIM Card Reader in Ubuntu 14.10? http://pastebin.com/hQfEuGFE10:17
=== root is now known as Guest4079
medecauGood morning. I have just installed ubuntu server on a mac mini. I have made some of the necessary encantations for this to work but I am getting hung on boot. It displays a blinking cursor on the top left. Any idea why? I believed this is something to do with grub10:22
somsip!mac | medecau10:22
ubottumedecau: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages10:22
medecausomsip, the wiki is dated10:23
ObrienDavedoes not mean the info is reasonably valid10:31
LachezarHey all. Upgraded Ubuntu Server to 14.04.01 LTS, and now I can not ssh into the server with the 'backup' account. How can I fix this (without compromising the system completely)?10:31
Ben64Lachezar: can you ssh in at all?10:31
LachezarBen64: yes, I have user users that ssh in as expected, but the 'backup' account is a system one, and even though it has .ssh/authorized_keys and is explicitly noted in AllowUsers in /etc/ssh/sshd_config it does not allow ssh in with 'backup'.10:33
spidey-westlandI am new, where can I find the good info for setting Xchat10:33
Ben64Lachezar: ok, then ssh in and fix it?10:33
medecauObrienDave, if you were responding to me I must say it doesn't mean the info is at all valid either10:33
LachezarBen64: How? I do not know what broke to fix it!10:34
medecauthe wiki refers to iso images that were unable to boot on mac for a starter10:34
Ben64Lachezar: check logs man10:34
LachezarBen64: auth.log shows: nologin: Attempted login by backup on UNKNOWN10:34
nusrwildwind: ok thanks10:35
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a_random_dudeUbuntu rocks!!10:46
p01s0nhello all ,i am trying to share my block device exported over iscsi to multiple hosts10:46
p01s0nformatted device as GFS210:47
p01s0nhow can i mount it?Does it require corosync and other tools to mount this10:48
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Walexp01s0n: you can mount GFS2 in non-cluster mode10:52
p01s0nWalex thanks so  with non clustered option (nolock) can i still share that between two hosts?10:53
Walexp01s0n: depends. clustered mode means that among its users one is the "active" one, but you can mount it shared without its clients being in cluster mode.10:59
tony_hello everyone11:00
Walexp01s0n: GFS2 supports concurrent writes without problems with the right options (but they are slow). It is the systems mounting it that may not be able to work together.11:00
Walexp01s0n: put another way the lock manager and the cluster manager have completely different roles.11:02
Walexp01s0n read carefully gthe fully the paragraph beginning "The GFS requires fencing" in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GFS211:04
p01s0nWalex : i am trying to achieve a shared file store for my webservers but our SAN supports only iscsi.So i am trying to use a file system that supports sharing file.tried using (lock_nolock) with this it can mount block device across nodes but contents are missing11:05
Walexp01s0n: that's a different problem...11:05
Walexp01s0n: if there are multiple clients writing the distributed lock manager is necessary to handle access to the journal as mentioned in the Wikipedia. This needs to be clustered itself in case of client restarts. Then perhaps the client themselves need to be clustered if they cannot work together.11:07
Walexp01s0n: however "missing" content most likely is due to *caching*.11:08
Walexp01s0n: suppose that you have client A, client B, and server X with the GFS2 block device.11:09
Walexp01s0n: client A updates a file. When does client B "sees" the update? It could be several seconds later, as the update may be cached in RAM on client A, if the application does not use 'fsync' or similar.11:10
Walexp01s0n: so in your case you must use the DLM, rather than 'nolock', and ensure that applications use 'flock'.11:10
Walexp01s0n: but the overall issue is that you are trying to use a filesystem as a shared remote database. This can be made to work but perhaps a shared remote database would be a more natural backend.11:11
raskelhello, i have ubuntu 14.04 which is LTS. should i upgrade to 14.10 or i should wait for 15.04?11:12
p01s0nWalex : thanks, so for DLM to work i need to configure CMAN and other cluster management tools .I thought it will be simple as formating with GFS2 and mounting across multiple nodes11:13
anselanraskel: Depends on what you're doing, I guess11:15
k1lraskel, when you upgrade you need to do every release, besides the LTS to LTS upgrade which is 14.04 to 16.0411:16
anselanraskel: How important is stablility to you?11:16
k1lraskel, but if you dont want to upgrade all 6 months you should stay on LTS11:16
anselanraskel: I stay on LTS versions for installations I build, but only because I need to ensure hardware compatibility over a long term, and don't need "bleeding edge" features11:17
Walexp01s0n: as that Wikipedia paragraph says, that workish except at restarts. When a node crashes and restarts it tries to replay the journal, which is a bad idea if there are other systems.11:17
streulmaif someone asks some help with the new Macs (running newer EFI), I can help with setting up a Linux only boot. There is some problem with the new EFI not detecting the EFI file of Ubuntu.11:18
Walexp01s0n: the DLM does not strictly speaking need the cluster manager; you can do it manually, but that's unreliable.11:18
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streulmait was some work to set it up but it works11:19
streulmasee http://glandium.org/blog/?p=283011:19
streulmathat's emulate an OSX EFI boot11:20
bahamasfidel_: thanks!11:24
kokutHello, I installed mysql in ubuntu and when I type any commands on the mysql> prompt it doesn't show anything, already tried restarting it, anyone knows what could be wrong?11:26
kokutAlso i don't know why but i cannot talk in #mysql :\11:27
runing_frogerhello, I got problem with sshfs. Im using sshfs to mount partition from windows to linux. I got problem with file larger than 2GB, when I connect disc to my local linux and when I check their size it shows me that this files are enlarged (ls -lrtah shows 16E in size)11:28
p01s0nThanks Walex11:28
runing_frogeris there a way to debug this?11:28
ObrienDaveruning_froger, what is the partition formatted to? fat32?11:29
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medecauI'm reinstalling ubuntu on mac and just got an error during keyboard detection. I ran the test again just to make sure I was typing the right keys. When I'm done installing ubuntu how may I report this "bug"?11:31
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:32
medecauthanks hateball11:32
mrcanhi friends, i wanna create my local repo (ex: http://packages.linux-sunxi.org/ubuntu/dists/), is there any complete script can do that?11:35
ratnakari am trying to exclude a folder from this scripte rsync -auvHP --exclude 'excludefolder' 192.168.0.xxx:/mnt/volstor01/Projects/Projects/sourcefolder /targetfolder     ...... but it seems not working .... can some one please help me11:37
bet0xratnakar, or Google it!11:40
somsipratnakar: how is it not working? Is the user the same on the source machine?11:42
ratnakarbet0x: i did google ... but could not get it right11:44
ratnakarbet0x: it is still including the excldefolder11:45
geirharatnakar: #rsync would be the best place to ask11:45
bet0xgeirha, http://articles.slicehost.com/2007/10/10/rsync-exclude-files-and-folders11:45
bet0xratnakar, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/01/rsync-exclude-files-and-folders/11:46
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ubottuChiara: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:53
wildwindHow can I do in terminal the same thing as Nautilus does when automounting USB media?11:54
cherrypoopi can't generate a 2048 bit key11:59
cherrypoopssh keygen is only generating aes 12811:59
cherrypoopwhat can i do?11:59
bet0xcherrypoop, shoot the mf!11:59
ServerSagewildwind: This page might be of use: http://goo.gl/Ut6h11:59
cherrypoopssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -C "email@example.com"11:59
cherrypoopthat's the command i ran12:00
bet0xcherrypoop, http://www.guyrutenberg.com/2007/10/05/ssh-keygen-tutorial-generating-rsa-and-dsa-keys/12:00
bet0xcherrypoop, ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "email@example.com"12:01
bet0xtry that one12:01
cherrypoopthat's fancy12:01
cherrypoopi have a feeling it worked because it paused significantly longer12:02
cherrypoopusually it generates it in an instance12:03
dmoynehello! anymone that can tell me how to get azerty keyboard set before logging in a kde session12:03
cherrypoopbet0x: it's not working :(12:03
cherrypoopcat shows this: Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED DEK-Info: AES-128-CBC12:03
dmoynemCece: you know how to get this fixed?12:05
wildwindServerSage: ty12:05
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dmoyneGmCece: you know how to get this fixed?12:06
cherrypoopokay this is what's happening guys12:09
ikoniacherrypoop: where is the problem ?12:10
cherrypoopikonia: you see the line where it says DEK-Info?12:10
cherrypoopit says AES-12812:10
zasifagbmklofbmlokmgvlmklb ok,b l,12:10
ServerSageBADASS: No need for all caps.12:11
ikoniacherrypoop: that's the default though12:11
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ikoniaBADASS: please don't12:12
cherrypoopikonia: what do you mean?12:12
=== tropiko is now known as beamboom
serverxHi all, Can you please help, Xubuntu, all power saving modes off, tried the suggestions with 'longind.conf'..  but still closing the lid crashes the machine ?12:12
ikoniaBADASS: please don't12:12
ServerSagecherrypoop: I think you are a bit confused about how encrypted keys work.12:14
ServerSagecherrypoop: This page might help you understand: http://goo.gl/nBGNQg12:16
serverxNice work people, Great, no answer here either, I respect your work, Networks and this crash when lid closed, make, this OS, pointless, sorry...12:16
ServerSageserverx: Have you looked in the log files?12:16
cherrypoopthanks guys12:17
cherrypoopthere's too much to learn in the world of comptuers i feel like giving up and doing theater12:17
ServerSagecherrypoop: You're welcome.12:17
ServerSagecherrypoop: I find myself saying, "I should switch to moving dirt" daily.12:17
enchiladoHow, do, I, use, commas, correctly12:17
ServerSageenchilado: I just fell off my chair laughing.12:18
bazhangask in ##english enchilado12:18
hikenboot_is nbd supported in the ubuntu kernel?12:18
enchiladoServerSage: are you okay?12:19
hikenboot_or does it require a custom kernel12:19
ServerSagebazhang: He was commenting on serverx's posts.12:19
ServerSagehikenboot_: I think you only need to install nbd-(client|server)12:20
hikenboot_yes i did that but apparently it doesnt work right without recompiling some kernels12:20
hikenboot_I just was hoping someone might know the answer from experience12:21
ServerSagehikenboot_: No, no you don't have to recompile the kernel.12:21
ServerSagehikenboot_: Have you tried it?  If so, what is the error you are getting?12:21
hikenboot_its funny it sees the nbd shares but I cant operate on them with fdisk or gparted12:22
cherrypoopServerSage: why do you want to push dirt?12:22
ServerSagecherrypoop: Because computers suck.12:23
ServerSagehikenboot_: And do you get any errors?  What do the logs say?12:23
cherrypoopServerSage: what sucks about them?12:23
hikenboot_actually i see no logs I was about to find a way of enabling the logs12:23
ServerSagecherrypoop: If you have to ask, you clearly haven't been using them for long.12:23
cherrypoopwell i know what sucks for me, but i'm curious what sucks for you12:24
bazhang!ot | cherrypoop12:24
ubottucherrypoop: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:24
seffwhere can i find info on fixing the color on 1080p with the nvidia drivers?12:25
ServerSageseff: Have you looked at using nvidia-settings?12:25
wildwindServerSage: pmount seems to do the job. the only question that remains is how to get mount point name assigned from volume label?12:25
seffyeah the only fix is droping resolution12:26
ServerSagewildwind: Thought you wanted to automount the drive.  pmount is for mounting a drive as a non-root user as if you have sudo access.12:28
ServerSagewildwind: After using pmount to get it mounted, you can run 'mount' to get a list of mounted devices.12:30
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wildwindServerSage: I want to manually do that 'automount' from terminal.12:30
wildwindServerSage: surely i can12:31
ServerSagewildwind: Well, if you run "pmount /dev/sdb1" it will probably get mounted in /media/sdb112:33
wildwindServerSage: I want to mount it under /media/$VOLUME_LABEL name, just as automount does.12:33
ServerSagewildwind: If you run "pmount /dev/sdb1 monkey" it will get mounted in /media/monkey12:33
wildwindServerSage: you don't get me12:34
wildwindServerSage: I mean volume label that assigned when formatting the USB stick12:38
ServerSagewildwind: So you want to run "pmount some-magic-here" and have it A) Figure out the drive label B) Mount the drive in /media/LABEL?12:38
ServerSagewildwind: Something like this might work then:  pmount /dev/sdb1 `blkid -s LABEL /dev/sdb1`12:39
wildwindServerSage: yes. Nautilus (or whoever) does it somehow12:39
ServerSagewildwind: The blkid portion gets the label of the drive, putting that in `` (these are the backticks to the left of the 1 on your keyboard) executes the blkid portion and uses it as an argument for pmount.12:40
EriC^^wildwind: sudo mkdir /media/$(sudo blkid -s LABEL /dev/sdb1 | grep -o \".*\") && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/$(sudo blkid -s LABEL /dev/sdb1 | grep -o \".*\")12:43
wildwindServerSage: blkid -s LABEL /dev/sdb1 doesn't work for me, shows no output12:43
ServerSagewildwind: Then the drive doesn't have a label.12:43
EriC^^wildwind: blkid needs sudo12:43
EriC^^wildwind: you'll need to use grep to remove some stuff12:43
ServerSagewildwind: Or what EriC^^ said.  :)12:43
wildwindServerSage, EriC^^: yes, for volume with labels it works, even w/o sudo12:46
ServerSageThought it should.12:46
ServerSageWasn't sure.12:46
SCHAAP137it will probably be mounted under /media/username/LABEL right?12:46
SCHAAP137without sudo12:47
ServerSageSCHAAP137: Using pmount it should get mounted in /media/LABL12:47
SCHAAP137ahh, ok12:47
wildwindBut things started to get complicated. I'll have to deal with different partitioning (sdb1 vs sdb2 vs sdb) and probably different device names (sdc etc.) I hoped there is some API in that I can just call from console.12:51
ServerSagewildwind: I think you might want to ask yourself why you are doing it the way you want to do it.12:52
ServerSagewildwind: And learn about partitioning.  sdb is not a partition.  sdb1 and sdb2 are.12:53
EriC^^wildwind: earlier one doesn't work, use if you want i guess sdb1=$(blkid -s LABEL /dev/sdb1 | grep -o \".*\" | sed 's/\"//g') && sudo mkdir /media/"$sdb1" && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/"$sdb1"12:54
ServerSageEriC^^:  If he just uses pmount he doesn't need the mkdir nor does he need sudo.12:58
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wildwindServerSage: I know. There could be no partition table at all, but one whole volume. I have one such drive right now.13:00
ServerSagewildwind: WHY do you want to do things this way?13:02
flipapymorning everyone. :) did anyone just run a 'sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get upgrade, then sudo apt-get update?  i mena that's the typical pattern i run during my daily update. i'm using ked-mint 17, but it updadtes from ubuntu and i'm just wondering if anyone else experienced a Significantly slower update than usual.  did anyone?13:02
ServerSageflipapy: Huh?13:03
acerimmer_!mint | flipapy, you'll have to take it up with Mint support.  Not supported here.13:03
ubottuflipapy, you'll have to take it up with Mint support.  Not supported here.: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:03
EriC^^flipapy: you only need to run update once, and then upgrade13:03
EriC^^flipapy: it's not like zeroing a disk or something13:03
flipapyok, thanks, but during the update it does say they update from ubuntu servers13:04
flipapydid you guys experience a slower than usual update today?13:05
EriC^^flipapy: depends which server you're using i guess13:05
ServerSageflipapy: Try a different mirror.13:05
flipapyok thanks ServerSage13:06
__raven14.04lts server with cli only: no effect on free space when deleting files. issue from encrypted home folder which is not being updated?13:06
wildwindServerSage: I often do different things with USB drives. Sometimes I just mount them, sometimes I insert them, get an image, write another image, then mount, test, unmount etc. So automount is not convenient for me. Mounting with GUI isn't convenient either due to constant keyboard/mouse switching.13:10
ServerSagewildwind: Well, with what EriC^^ and myself have given you a shell script could easily be written so you could run "myautomount.sh /dev/sdb1" and it would do what you want.13:12
afidegnumhello, I am still using ubuntu 12.10 as required by an application, where can i find ubuntu repositories, to be used to install new application?13:14
wildwindServerSage: Yes, I'm working on it right now, adopting it to pmount. Thank you and EriC^^!13:14
afidegnumthe default repo being used are bringing errors13:14
ServerSageafidegnum: What errors?13:14
afidegnummissing packages13:14
ServerSageafidegnum: You can switch mirrors.13:14
afidegnumI used about 3 mirros, from us, uk and se13:14
afidegnumno luck13:14
DJonesafidegnum: Because 12.10 is end of life, the repo's get removed13:14
afidegnumis there no way i can get them back?13:15
ServerSageDerp, I was thinking 12.04.13:15
afidegnumor no outstanding repo?13:15
xanguaafidegnum: please upgrade to a supported ubuntu release13:15
cfhowlettafidegnum, drop back to 12.04.  it's still supported and repos are still live.  using an unsupported distro is BEGGING for a breach and asking for trouble13:15
afidegnumI do have the 14.04 version, but I am facing serious problem with it13:16
ServerSageafidegnum: In the future if you have a system that will need to stay at a particular version you should install an LTS version of Ubuntu.13:16
afidegnumthe first problem is after ubuntu launches, it goes totally black screen13:16
afidegnumI have installed ubuntu on dual-boot13:16
afidegnumtha's an issue I couldn't solved for the past 5 days now, when i do reinstall, everything seems all right, but after upgrading most components, the error starts, black screen13:17
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
ServerSageafidegnum: This happens in 14.04?13:18
XeBlackWateris nothing new13:18
ServerSageafidegnum: Is this a server install or a desktop install?  In otherwords, do you have a gui?13:18
ServerSageafidegnum: I'm going to assume desktop install.  Take a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log and see if there are any errors.13:19
afidegnumServerSage: it's a desktop insstall13:20
wildwindSadly, pmount doesn't seem to work with drives with no partition table.13:20
afidegnumI can't even login, the screen is black, after boot selection13:21
afidegnumhow do I get access to teh xorg.log?13:21
ServerSageafidegnum: Switch to a different console.13:21
=== ramon is now known as Guest93978
ServerSageafidegnum: Ctrl-Alt-F113:22
ServerSageafidegnum: Then Ctrl-Alt-F7 gets you back to the gui.13:22
bluezoneif nobody can help me with this i will go cry in corner: I'm trying to set my mouse sensitivity to BELOW the minimum allowed by the Graphical User Interface on ubuntu Desktop. How do i do this?13:24
cfhowlettafidegnum, you're using an unsupported OS.  You should expect increasingly serious problems.  OR you could install a supported OS.  your choice.  but 12.10 is not longer supported.13:24
bluezonegoogle is not helpful because I am not very smart13:24
ServerSagecfhowlett: The problem he is currently having is on 14.04.13:25
cfhowlettServerSage, ah.  better.13:25
ServerSagebluezone: This might help, though this is not something I've done:  http://goo.gl/ETZ2LO13:25
bluezoneyeah i will try but these guides make me feel stupid when i follow through and it no work :(13:26
bluezoneServerSage, welp it seems to work now13:27
ServerSagebluezone: Good, glad to hear it.13:28
bluezoneServerSage, i will try to reboot now i modified xorg.conf brb13:30
bluezoneServerSage, Okay seems to be working Okay but i don't like the way it doesn't take mouse acceleration into account13:33
j0hnskotHello there! I just bought a Nvidia GTX 750 TI and i'm having problems making it work. I tried installing 340 and 343 driver from xorg edgers but nothing works. Ubuntu always boots into fail safe mode , with a low resolution . Any help please?13:36
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nonyab how can I use video as screen saver in the lxle distribution of linux13:46
introomwhere does the 'locate' command search?13:49
introomthe manual says it refers to a db. but it's too vague.13:49
wildwindintroom: See FILES section: /var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db13:50
hateballintroom: /var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db13:50
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:51
introomwildwind: hateball what does that contain by default?13:51
cfhowlettnonyab, lxle is not an ubuntu supported OS.  can't help you here.13:52
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wildwindintroom: all file names in your filesystem13:53
introomwildwind: is that documented?13:54
Piciintroom: yes, see the manpage for updatedb and /etc/updatedb.conf13:55
wildwindintroom: man updatedb13:55
introomaha. see it. thanks.13:57
usrb1nHello guys. I am using the following command to find some files recursively: grep -r -i --include="*.php" "Step 1 - Check Stats 0" ./   . My issue comes because the found files are "snapshots" from the same file on different parts of the development. I need to use somehow wc -l in order to identify the path for the file with more lines (which should be the last one)14:02
usrb1nI have tried to add | wc -l14:02
usrb1nBut  it does not make any change14:02
Piciusrb1n: have you considered using find in conjuntion with grep?14:03
usrb1nPici: Also tried that. find . -name "*.php" | grep -i "Step 1 - Check Stats 0" | wc -l14:04
usrb1nNo results at all here14:04
iggymydogdell laptop broadcom wireless addapter in it cant connect to wifi....connects to ethernet fine...help?14:05
ikoniawasn't this explained in detail yesterday iggymydog14:06
ikonia!broadcom | iggymydog14:06
ubottuiggymydog: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:06
iggymydogubottu: i did thAT14:07
ubottuiggymydog: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:07
wildwindusrb1n: guess xargs can help you14:07
iggymydogikonia: I did that and its not working still14:07
sebastianlutterA question to proxys. I want to use a "web proxy" on my server to solve a CORS issue in a prototype implementation. My question is: can I use Squid (or any other fast proxy) from within javascript like this php proxy solution here: https://developer.yahoo.com/javascript/howto-proxy.html)14:07
ikoniaiggymydog: walk through each step and verify the working output matches what is expected14:07
cfhowlettiggymydog, not working = not turning on or on but not connecting?14:07
iggymydogcfhowlett: hold on let me go through the steps and try it again.....just to double check14:08
ikoniadon't redo it14:08
Piciusrb1n: find just outputs filenames, so that won't do. you'd need to modify the find command to filter for the production files, but something like this will work: find . -name "*.php" -print0 | xargs -0 -I {} grep -H "Step 1 - Check Stats 0" {}14:08
ikoniacheck / verify that the status is as that guide suggests14:08
iggymydogummmm how do i do that?14:09
ikoniaiggymydog: you check that what it says should happen, "has" happened14:09
Piciusrb1n: actually, I guess you don't need the -I {} or the {} at the end.14:09
wildwindusrb1n: try this: grep -r -i --include="*.php" --null "Step 1 - Check Stats 0" ./ | wc -l --files0-from=-14:09
iggymydogikonia: i feel really dumb right now....ive looked the guide over and its giveing me download paccages and commands for me to download drivers i dont see whAT I SHOULD BE CONFIRMING?14:11
cfhowlettiggymydog, for starters: open a terminal and do this command.  fpaste.org       the outcome  lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network14:11
iggymydogcfhowlett: command not found14:12
cfhowlettcopy and paste14:12
cfhowlettlspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network14:13
iggymydogcfhowlett: "fpaste.org"?14:13
iggymydogcfhowlett: ok14:13
ObrienDave!pastebin | iggymydog14:13
ubottuiggymydog: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:13
* cfhowlett smacks ObrienDave 14:13
cfhowlettObrienDave, I can't see pastebin in BJ14:13
iggymydogcfhowlett: no such file or directory14:14
Piciiggymydog: what exactly are you typing?14:14
pbxiggymydog, "fpaste.org the outcome" means copy/paste the output in your terminal to a pastebin.14:14
pbxit's not a command14:14
iggymydoglspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network14:15
iggymydoglspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network" verbadum, im typeing that14:15
magesingHi everyone, I'm trying to install the documentation for ABAQUS 6.14... when I start it's installer I get the warning: ***WARNING:  We were unable to find the 32-bit system termcap library (libtermcap.so).   What do I install to get a 32bit libtermcap.so on ubuntu? Thanks.14:15
cfhowlettiggymydog, look at this. line 1 is the command.  2 -10 is output14:15
iggymydogmy computer is not on the internet so i can not paste it to the internet14:15
pbxiggymydog, e.g.  COMMAND | curl -si -F "content=<-" http://dpaste.com/api/v2/ | grep ^Location: | colrm 1 1014:15
cfhowlettiggymydog, eh, right.  ok.  sorry14:16
* ObrienDave smacks cfhowlett ;P14:16
cfhowlettiggymydog, so the FIRST line of output from the command Broadcom Corporation BCM?????14:16
iggymydogcfhowlett: i can paste it to a text file and use a cd to transfer...14:16
cfhowlettObrienDave, do it again, I deserve it14:16
iggymydogfirst line of out put from which command?>14:17
cfhowlettiggymydog, nope.  just line one of the output14:17
iggymydogcfhowlett: you gave me two14:17
cfhowlettiggymydog, THIS is a command.  THIS is the ONLY command we need look at just now:   lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network14:17
* ObrienDave bites tongue14:18
Windows_sup guys14:18
cfhowlettiggymydog,  lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network14:19
iggymydogcfhowlett: first line says no such file or directory14:19
cfhowlettiggymydog, different command:   cat /etc/issuue14:20
cfhowlettcat /etc/issuue14:20
cfhowlettiggymydog, cat /etc/issue14:20
iggymydogcfhowlett: hold on im transfering the paste to a text file on a cd to upload to a paste bin for yoyu14:21
j0hnskotHey guys! I got a problem making gtx 750 ti nvidia work. The driver from xorg edgers does not work. Ubuntu boots with low resolution. Any idea?14:22
magesingOk, /usr/lib32/libtrmcap.so exists, but it is a text file which points me to this bug  http://bugs.debian.org/249122. . . if I have an application which is depending on libtermcap.so (ELFclass 32bit) how do I satisfy the dependancy on an ubuntu system?14:24
ubottuDebian bug 249122 in libc-bin "libc6: ldconfig: Creates spurious libncurses.so.5 symlink" [Normal,Open]14:24
iggymydogcfhowlett: ok14:26
iggymydogcfhowlett: paste.ubuntu.com/9367861/14:26
Ben64j0hnskot: you need at least nvidia 340 for that to work, make sure you're getting the right one from the PPA, and make sure the module is building properly14:27
ouptyMy Lenovo G400s are crap14:27
ouptyIt doesn't work the SD Card slot14:28
cfhowlettiggymydog, no mention ANYWHERE of broadcom of BCM ...14:28
iggymydogcfhowlett: what do you mean?14:28
ouptyI tried installing divers for it but it usseless....14:28
iggymydogcfhowlett: read the whole thing half of the out put was cut off14:29
paulbxthe Backups app (14.04) tells me, "Your backup appears to be corrupted.  You should delete the backup and try again."  the backup dir is 1000+ deja-dup files. delete what?14:29
cfhowlettiggymydog, you said you were installing broadcom to get your wifi working, right?  Well, according your output, no boradcom14:29
iggymydogcfhowlett: then what is there?14:30
j0hnskotBen64 i  installed the 340 driver. But still, low resolution! How can i check if the driver is properly installed?14:31
BertoCan someone please help me?  A month of backup problems... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225068814:31
irishspyberto: sup14:31
Ben64j0hnskot: does it show up in "lsmod | grep nvidia"14:31
ouptyhelp me please...14:31
irishspyberto: did you try switching to windows14:31
ouptywhat can I do14:31
Bertoirishspy, Hahahah i love my windows XP box, but that's going out too14:31
Ben64irishspy: don't do that here14:31
ouptymy SD Card...14:31
rafiis there a way to find who required 'sendmail-bin' to be installed as a dep?14:32
ouptybtw, I'm a girl14:32
ikoniarafi any mta14:32
irishspyben64: note to self humour isnt aloud14:32
Ben64irishspy: correct, not in the support channel14:32
rafiright. thanks ikonia14:32
cfhowlettiggymydog, enter this command EXACTLY ... lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network14:32
BertoWhat frustrates me is that I have an error message that's basically undocumented / unexplained, I'm the only person to post that error on any forum... nobody seems to care14:32
rafibut now way to show 'required' list for a package?14:32
=== zz_gthank is now known as gthank
j0hnskotBen64: No, nothing shows up  :/14:33
ouptyrafi: you can do it modifying databases14:33
ikoniarafi: apt-cache rdepends14:33
ikoniaoupty: modifying database ? what are you talking about14:33
Ben64j0hnskot: how about "ls /var/lib/dkms" any nvidia there?14:33
iggymydogcfhowlett: paste.ubuntu.com/936796514:34
j0hnskotBen64: Yes, nvidia-340 and nvidia-340-uvm14:34
ouptyikonia: Yes, the databases of the server.14:34
rafithanks ikonia14:34
cfhowlettiggymydog, do you have the ubuntu installation USB or .iso?14:34
Ben64j0hnskot: ok... try "sudo modprobe nvidia"14:34
ikoniaoupty: what database and what modifications ? he just wants package dependencies14:34
iggymydogcfhowlett: no14:35
iggymydogcfhowlett: i have 13.04 iso14:35
iggymydogcfhowlett: i updated from 13.04 t0 14.04 last night14:35
cfhowlettiggymydog, pro-tip.  ALWAYS keep a current ubuntu boot usb ...14:35
rafi(reverse dependencies:)14:35
ouptyikonia: The databases of the package installation. There are some execs to modify it as you wish.14:36
j0hnskotBen64: it gives me an error. Let me log to irc from the pc with the problem to copy paste the error14:36
ikoniaoupty: you should not be modifying ANY package database EVER14:36
cfhowlettiggymydog, need you download and install 2 packages.  wait 114:36
iggymydogcfhowlett: i could make one simple enough14:36
cfhowlettiggymydog, do you have the 14.04 .iso???14:36
ouptyikonia: what?14:37
iggymydoggive me the commands to download em like the app get command14:37
ikoniaoupty: exactly what I've just said14:37
j0hnskot1Ben64: Here is the error:14:37
j0hnskot1 modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:809 kmod_module_insert_module() could not find module by name='nvidia_340'14:37
j0hnskot1modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia_340': Function not implemented14:37
iggymydogcfhowlett: nope no iso14:37
MagicSpudhello I installed minecraft server on my ubuntu 14.04 and made a upper desktop menu bar shortcut the shortcut works but it asks me to accept eula license for the server to start...on the other hand when I cd to the jar file and run the java -jar command from terminal it just works...its pretty annoying because I am using the same commands does anybody know why this happens and how to make the shortcut work?14:37
Ben64j0hnskot: sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms linux-headers$(uname -r | sed s/^.*[0-9]\-/-/g)14:38
ouptyikonia: But, if you want to modify some packajes, you should modify the databases. It's the only method.14:38
PiciMagicSpud: press tab to get the the OK button then press enter.  It shouldn't asl you again.14:38
MagicSpudoooh really thats great!14:39
ikoniaoupty: you should never modify the package database EVER, and you don't need to modify any packages to list the dependencies14:39
MagicSpudI will try it right now14:39
j0hnskot1Ben64: it says that everything is installed..14:39
ikoniaoupty: you should not be modifying ANY package database EVER14:39
Ben64j0hnskot1: hmm... weird, gimme a sec to find the proper thingy14:39
ouptyikonia: why?14:39
iggymydogcfhowlett: i got it working yayayay14:39
j0hnskot1Ben64: Ok, thank you a lot!14:39
iggymydogcfhowlett: thanksa <314:39
Ben64j0hnskot1: ok... "sudo dpkg-reconfigure dkms" see if that gives any error14:40
cfhowlettiggymydog, nice14:40
ikoniaoupty: because your whole machine depends on that package database, and to list dependencies, you shouldn't modify anything14:40
Ben64j0hnskot1: if that works how its supposed to, it should build the module... (although will all those packages it should have done it before)14:40
irishspycfhowlett: its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!114:40
j0hnskot1Ben64: No, no error14:40
Ben64j0hnskot1: did you see it build a module14:40
ouptyikonia: If you want to do some extra features, you can do it.14:40
j0hnskot1Ben64: It didn't output anything14:40
cfhowlettirishspy, how did you fix?14:40
ikoniaoupty: a.) you should not do it b.) he does not want extra features, he just wanted to list dependencies14:40
irishspycfhowlett: i just ckicked on the update thing and under additional drivers it said do not use this device so i clicked the other option which is some third party drivr or some shit14:41
irishspycfhowlett: im iggymydog14:41
cfhowlettirishspy, nice.  I should have have you do that first.  now you know.14:41
irishspycfhowlett: im connected by ethernet14:41
irishspycfhowlett: i love yall ttyl yo14:41
Ben64j0hnskot1: "find /var/lib/dkms | grep nvidia | grep ko$"14:41
ouptyikonia: That's sad to read. I think you're wrong.14:41
j0hnskot1Ben64: still no output14:42
ikoniaoupty: your welcome to think I'm wrong, however please don't offer that bad advice to people14:42
Ben64j0hnskot: ok so that means the module still isn't being built, but if you have all the packages above... i have no idea why14:42
MagicSpudPici I tried the tab trick...it didnt work :-( here a snapshot of what I get with the shortcut: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=8077214:42
j0hnskot1Ben64: 'find /var/lib/dkms | grep nvidia' gives an output. Is that relevant?14:43
magesingAnybody know how I can satisfy a dependancy on 32bit libtermcap.so on a 64bit ubuntu 14.04 system?14:43
ouptyikonia: it's an very effective optio to modify the databases, because you can do it whatever you can if you know about programming in debian14:43
Ben64j0hnskot: not unless a file ends in ".ko"14:43
ouptyikonia: so it's a very good option to do14:43
ikoniaoupty: it is unacceptable, please don't offer it again14:43
PiciMagicSpud: err.. I was envisioning another screen. Sorry, UI've never seen anything like this before.  I'd take a look at eula.txt though.14:43
MagicSpudPici I ve tried to just write in the console  what it is supposed to be in the eula.txt file but it doesnt recognize it as a command14:43
Ben64j0hnskot1: what version of ubuntu?14:44
ouptyikonia: can you explain us why is unacceptable?14:44
__raven14.04lts server with cli only: no effect on free space when deleting files. issue from encrypted home folder which is not being updated?14:44
ikoniaoupty: I already have 2 times, please drop it now14:44
MagicSpudPici it seems not being able to read the eula agreement  when I execute the program from the desktop shortcut14:44
ouptyIkonia, i'm been serious. Reply me.14:45
Ben64j0hnskot1: and you did add the xorg-edgers repo properly?14:45
ikoniaoupty: I am being serious also, please drop it now14:45
j0hnskot1Ben64: I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 , with kernel 3.16 lowlatency14:45
ikonia3.16 on 14.04 ?14:45
ikoniais that the right version ?14:46
j0hnskot1Ben64: I added the repo as instructed and it offered me some updates too. How can i check if the repo is installed correctly?14:46
ouptymodifying the database is the best option to install extra features in Ubuntu14:46
Ben64!info linux-image-3.16.0-25-lowlatency trusty14:46
ubottulinux-image-3.16.0-25-lowlatency (source: linux-lts-utopic): Linux kernel image for version 3.16.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP. In component main, is optional. Version 3.16.0-25.33~14.04.2 (trusty), package size 52104 kB, installed size 146731 kB14:46
Ben64apparently its a thing14:46
j0hnskot1ikonia: yes, i updated the kernel because based on phoronix only kernel 3.15 had better support for this gpu14:47
Ben64j0hnskot1: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.16.0-25-lowlatency14:47
j0hnskot1Ben64:  That was not installed. Apparently i messed something up already. What to do next?14:48
azuswhat is lowlatency for ?14:48
Ben64j0hnskot1:  then... "sudo apt-get purge nvidia*"  .... then ....   "sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-346 nvidia-settings"14:48
ObrienDaveazus, timing issues, usually14:48
Ben64j0hnskot1: and it should work after that... but i got to go to sleep like... an hour ago14:49
j0hnskot1Ben64: Hehe, thank you very much! I'll try it! Can you give me a quick tip of what i messed up here?14:49
j0hnskot1Ben64: in case i mess it up again so i can fix it14:49
Ben64j0hnskot1: you have some weird kernel and i don't see a normal headers meta package for it. you need the headers for whatever kernel you're running in order for a module, like the nvidia module, to be compiled14:50
Ben64so i had you install the specific headers for the only lowlatency 3.16 kernel i see in trusty14:50
ubottuXxIleniaxX: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:51
j0hnskot1Ben64 oh ok. But this happened with the 3.13 kernel too. That's why i updated to 3.1614:51
j0hnskot1Ben64: Well, i hope it works now! Thanks again!14:51
Ben64which means... i need to update my super awesome nvidia fixing line to account for that possibility14:51
j0hnskot1Ben64: hehehe, that's right14:52
gansteedwhat is the best solution to virtualize a windows guest in a kvm+qemu? I need a better graphics performance14:57
Ben64sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r) linux-headers-$(uname -r | sed s/-[a-z].*//g) linux-headers$(uname -r | sed s/^.*[0-9]\-/-/g)14:57
ikoniagraphics performance will be a problem14:57
ikoniaas it uses a virtual graphics card14:57
Ben64in case anyone cares, that should prepare any ubuntu system for nvidia install14:57
j0hnskotcrap,still the same :/14:58
gansteedis there some graphics-io software like virtio14:58
Ben64j0hnskot1: any results for the find command now?14:59
j0hnskotno,nothing again15:00
Ben64i think it's because of your kernel then15:00
j0hnskotBen64: i should mention that i installed nvidia-346 as nvidia-graphics-driver-346 because it didnt exist and i thought you made a typo. Is that the case? Or not being able to install the specific package means something?15:01
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Ben64j0hnskot: on the xorg edgers ppa, its called nvidia-graphics-driver-34615:02
=== Geeky_Vin is now known as geekyvin
j0hnskotBen64 : what the heck. I just saw it. But still, after adding the repo it can't see the package. I followed the instruction from the edgers  to add the repo15:05
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railsraiderHi I am trying to run an upstart file when a shared folder is mounted on virtulbox, how can i make sure the upstart runs AFTER the drive was mounted15:13
ikoniaupstart should be run at init15:13
ikonianot on trigger15:13
railsraiderit does, but the mounted drive is not ready15:13
ikoniarailsraider: then change the dependencies order15:13
EriC^^railsraider: maybe add if df | grep -qs /path/to/mountpoint; then .....; fi15:14
railsraiderany other suggestions on how i can run it , i tried to add start on block-device-added15:14
railsraider and also tried this start on local-filesystems15:14
ikoniaa udev rule?15:15
railsraiderits still not running because the folder does not exists15:15
ikoniathat can respond to triggers15:15
railsraideri figured a shared folder would act the same?15:15
railsraiderbut it doesnt15:15
ikoniano because the shared folder is not really a device trigger15:16
ikoniait's a userspace mount15:16
kosswow cheap http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00BQ8RHJ2/fpv-20/15:16
ikoniakoss: nothing to do with this channel15:16
railsraidervirtualbox is mounting it like a network drive15:16
ikoniarailsraider: virtual box uses it's own internal method to present drives15:17
railsraiderthe point is that its not mounted yet15:17
railsraiderif iadd what EriC^^  suggested would that not halt the system?15:17
ikoniaI think you are approaching it wrong15:18
EriC^^railsraider: put whatever you want to run inside the if15:18
ikoniaI don't think upstart should be doing this, but if you MUST use upstart, just put a depend resource on that script on a specific file system15:18
EriC^^that will just check if it's mounted or not15:18
railsraiderin the upstart file ?15:18
ikoniaso it will not run that script until that file system is available15:18
railsraideri’ll give it a try15:18
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kraftbhi !15:24
=== ceed^_ is now known as ceed^
kraftbI don't wanna blame it on Ubuntu. But I have to struggle with getting my system operational again since 2 days :(15:25
kraftbMaybe it was the Krampus15:25
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
rafiminimal smtp forwarder for php and a system mta for local machine, any recommendations?15:26
kraftbI would suggest postfix or exim15:26
DF3D2okay something is wrong15:27
DF3D2I have two ubuntu machines and neither one can I restart networking on15:27
railsraiderikonia: EriC^^ here’s my upstart http://pastie.org/9760671 with the change of the if file, the process says that its running but its not, when i launch it manually it does work15:27
DF3D2"stop job failed while stopping"15:28
DF3D2so I have to reboot to change network settings, wtf ?15:28
ikoniarailsraider: thats not what I advised you do15:28
railsraiderim sorry i completl skipped your line, i’ll try that now15:29
DF3D2anyone know what is up ?15:30
DF3D2doing ifconfig eth0 down and ifconfig eth0 up doesn't work either15:30
kraftbDF3D2: Any messages?15:30
kraftbdoes "dmesg" say anything?15:30
kraftbtail -f /var/log/messages15:31
kraftbifconfig -v15:31
DF3D2the interfaces shows up15:31
daftykinsDF3D2: yeah it hasn't worked via that method for years now, full reboot.15:31
DF3D2daftykins: why would I need to reboot? that's like anti linux15:31
EriC^^DF3D2: how are you rebooting it?15:31
daftykinswelcome to fact versus theory.15:31
EriC^^DF3D2: try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart15:32
kraftbIt differs what people define as the innermost "essence" of Linux :)15:32
kraftbAt least the essence is free :)15:32
DF3D2EriC^^: no error but doesn't work either15:32
DF3D2and my interface isnt getting an IP even tho it is set to static15:32
EriC^^DF3D2: sudo service network-manager restart ?15:32
DF3D2im not using network-manager15:33
kraftbAnd they don't beg you to buy any Ubuntu shirts15:33
ikoniathe network stack should be provided by network manager by default15:33
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daftykins!ot | kraftb15:33
ubottukraftb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:33
=== Mirth is now known as Mirthing
ikoniaso unless you have disabled that you shouldn't be configuring your network anywhere else15:33
DF3D2okay so it allowed me to restart network-manager15:33
DF3D2but my interface still isnt pulling the Ip I assigned staticly15:33
ikoniapulling the IP ?15:33
ikoniait's static, it doesn't come from anywhere15:34
EriC^^sudo ifconfig <interface> down && sudo ifconfig <interface> up ?15:34
kraftbDF3D2: Using "ifconfig" will set the IP for a short time15:34
ikoniaEriC^^: no15:34
daftykinsdid you hand edit the interfaces file?15:34
ikoniait's controlled by network manager15:34
ikoniaupping/downing the interface does nothing15:34
kraftbbut soon it will get reset to the settings defined by the network manager15:34
kraftbwhat do you mean by: you are not using network manager?15:34
DF3D2rebooting didn't help either15:34
daftykinsnone of you have stopped to ask if this is a server thus rendering NM irrelevant15:34
DF3D2and my /etc/network/interfaces is correct15:34
DF3D2THIS RIG is not a server15:35
ikoniayou should not be using /etc/network/interfaces15:35
DF3D2but i get the same behavior on ubuntu-server on my other rig15:35
ikoniaremove all that stuff you put in and use network manager15:35
ikonianetwork manager will fight with that15:35
daftykinsDF3D2: nice caps15:35
DF3D2how do I use network-manager ?15:35
DF3D2daftykins: what ?15:35
kraftbwhats in /etc/network/interfaces ?15:35
kraftbwell if you have a ubuntu desktop network manager will be used by default15:35
yecril71plHow can I connect to a shared calendar in Microsoft Exchange?15:35
DF3D2im not using unity15:35
DF3D2im using ubuntu 14.10 with i3 window manager15:36
kraftbwhich also leeds us to the question: which varian of ubuntu are you using?15:36
ikoniaDF3D2: thats fine15:36
DF3D2my network interfaces file has: iface eth1 inet static15:36
DF3D2and then all the correct info after that15:36
compdocwhat abouit eth0?15:36
DF3D2i don't have an eth0, just eth115:36
ikoniaDF3D2: remove the mapping data from /etc/network/interfaces15:37
DF3D2according to ifconfig -a15:37
DF3D2ikonia: okay15:37
DF3D2even the lo info ?15:37
compdocDF3D2, have you added or removed interfaces? you might look at your /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules15:38
DF3D2apparently it changed from eth0 to eth115:39
DF3D2i commented out the old entry15:39
mcphailDF3D2: is your interface set to "auto" in /etc/network/interfaces?15:41
DF3D2mcphail: yeah15:41
DF3D2fixed it15:41
DF3D2with compdoc suggestion15:41
DF3D2thanks compdoc15:41
DF3D2the question still lies why changing network stuff requires a reboot now15:42
DF3D2it's because im not using network-manager?15:42
compdocI tend to reboot15:43
daftykinsi figured you meant server before. server hasn't worked properly on a networking restart for ages15:43
daftykinsyeah, true reboot is the only way to confirm settings anyway15:43
compdocI like to make sure my chnages survive a reboot15:43
mcphailDF3D2: it shouldn't need a reboot. You mentioned above you were using "ifup eth0" but your interface had switched to eth1...15:43
DF3D2daftykins: I have a server also with the same behavior15:43
DF3D2mcphail: I had used ifup eth115:43
DF3D2i know how to check ifconfig -a :-P15:43
DF3D2this happened because I changed mobo's15:44
daftykinsnot seeing eth0 should've been a *MASSIVE* warning sign15:44
DF3D2and the udev rule pointed to the old mac address15:44
DF3D2daftykins: well on my server rig the first of the 2 gigabit nics is called em115:44
DF3D2and the other is15:44
DF3D2so .....15:44
daftykinsbut we're not talking about that one right now15:45
DF3D2oh well it's fixed now :-P easy enough15:45
compdocDF3D2, btw, with /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, you can delete the lines at the bottom that mention your interfaces, and reboot, and the system is supposed to rebuild those lines15:45
DF3D2compdoc: ahh good info!15:45
DF3D2I just commented out the old mac addr one15:46
DF3D2it had already added the new one15:46
compdocthats fine too15:46
DF3D2I should have mentionedi n the beginning I installed a new mobo15:46
DF3D2:\ my fault15:46
compdoconce you edit the file manually, it should keep your changes15:46
DF3D2I just thought as long as /etc/network/interfaces was correct15:46
DF3D2it would work :-P15:47
compdocOSes are complicated beasts15:47
DF3D2true that15:47
DF3D2atleast linux you can swap a mobo without reinstall15:47
Eggs_DF3D2: some simpler OS's can just use that file, like arch15:47
DF3D2Eggs_: ahh I see15:48
DF3D2I have tried to use arch but nothing ever worked right with uefi15:48
DF3D2too many issues15:48
DF3D2I have arch on a small atom server in a datacenter tho and it works well15:48
Eggs_DF3D2: yep its takes a lot of setting up nothing is every that simple, its good for minimal installs of things, basically nothing gets installed out of the box15:49
=== beamboom is now known as BeamAway
CoC_towlieDF3D2, Arch is way simpler then ubuntu15:49
DF3D2Eggs_: right I installed arch from scratch the other day on my new ZFS nas, and it worked with uefi and then i rebooted it and it wouldn't boot anymore15:49
compdocubuntu is much better, tho :)15:49
DF3D2it was working, then just stopped for no reason, so i gave up on it15:49
Eggs_DF3D2: was that with ZFS as the root partition?15:49
DF3D2so now i have ubuntu-server on it15:49
CoC_towlieonly thing is that things might break since on rolling release15:50
DF3D2Eggs_: No, ext4 for root, 18TB of storage in a raidz215:50
Eggs_DF3D2: strange, you got zfs working on ubuntuserver now? thats what im running on15:50
DF3D2Eggs_: yeah15:50
DF3D2it's very easy there is a repo15:50
DF3D2and it's just a kernel module15:50
DF3D2I have a 6x3TB zfs raidz215:50
mcphailDF3D2: aah - is there a proper kernel module now rather than a FUSE system?15:51
Eggs_DF3D2: Yeah its awesome, ive got a similar setup but ive got 2 raidz1,15:51
DF3D2intel SB1200BTS server board, 16gb ecc ram, Xeon e3 1220 V1 :-D15:51
DF3D2mcphail: has been for some time, it's legit!15:51
DF3D2been using it for several years on ubuntu15:51
mcphailDF3D2: might need to give it a try. Playing with btrfs for the time being15:52
DF3D2I havent used bt rfs but i'd never stop using zfs15:52
Eggs_DF3D2: much more powerful than mine, ive just got a dualcore i3 and 8gb of ram, seems to work ok, ram gets capped out though with 20tb of storage15:52
DF3D2EPIC epic epic15:52
DF3D2Eggs_: nice I plan on adding 8x3tb more eventually15:52
Eggs_mcphail: ZFS on linux is much more mature than btrfs, hopefully you will find it less error prone15:52
DF3D2need to buy 2 more adaptec 1430 AAR SA cards first tho15:52
Eggs_DF3D2: im at the max capacity for my mobo, i need to get a LSI JBOD card or something similar if i want to upgrade15:53
mcphailEggs_: i've always worried the Linux implementation would be buggy compared to Solaris. I remember the BSD version used to crumble quite easily15:53
kraftbOk. Finally found the issue. The kernel options "nomdmonddf nomdmonisw" from /etc/default/grub.d/dmraid2mdadm.cfg where desturbing my now-mdadm raid115:53
DF3D2Eggs_: yeah I have 6 mobo ports, and 1x Adaptec 1430 AAR SA or something raid/JBOD card and I just use it for JBOD obviously. the guy I bought the ram/mobo/cpu just gave me as well as a nice 2U case just cause.15:53
DF3D2the adaptec card works great15:54
kraftbIt was dmraid before (just for testing - I had problems with dmraid back in '04) since then I always used mdadm (like before '04 :)15:54
DF3D2has 4 ports15:54
kraftbbut it seems dmraid still is somewhat buggy15:54
kraftbOn tuesday I just lost a whole directory without ever seeing it again15:54
DF3D2kraftb: zfs man15:54
DF3D2u can't beat it15:54
Eggs_mcphail: ive been running it for over a year now and ive had zero errors, its great because the info about the disks is stored across multiple sectors on all disks so it never corrupts15:54
kraftbI use xfs since about 10 years. When I switched from gentoo to back to ubuntu I stayed with xfs15:55
kraftbas it is developed by SGI and quite stable15:55
Eggs_DF3D2: I upgraded from a 6port mobo to an 8port as it was cheaper than the LSI card lol15:55
kraftbwhats zfs good for?15:55
DF3D2Eggs_: the guy who sold me my server shit and gave me the adaptec card said he doesn't like LSI15:56
Eggs_kraftb: its great for cheap disks, its got a hash table that checks the data vs bitrot15:56
DF3D2good news is a matching adaptec card is $15 on ebay15:56
DF3D2 so I can add more ports for cheap15:56
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:56
kraftbok ... this wasn't the issue15:56
Eggs_DF3D2: awesome, apartently you have to flash it with some jbod firmware for zfs as you dont want the raid card trying to do anything inteligent15:56
kraftbstill "Incrementally starting RAID arrays ...."15:57
kraftbmessage loops15:57
DF3D2Eggs_: yeah my adaptec is cool it just works in JBOD unless u tell it otherwise15:57
DF3D2really happy with it15:57
Eggs_DF3D2: awesome, got a model number for that i may have to look into it16:01
DF3D2Eggs_: yeah it's adaptec http://www.ebay.com/itm/321604677769?_trksid=p2060778.m1431.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT16:03
mcphailIs anyone having much joy running nouveau as their nvidia driver whilst using HDMI? The phoronix benchmarks suggest the driver is getting quite powerful but I can't even get the machine to boot with it16:03
DF3D2I am bidding on that one, to have a second one on hand incase I want to add more drives soon16:03
DF3D2can buy one for like $17 or so also16:03
Eggs_DF3D2: Wow thats cheap, thanks16:04
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DF3D2Eggs_: yeah i should just buy one outright for the $17 or whatever they are on ebay... I never win auctions lol16:06
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vircodeanyone help?16:06
carlgo11.ask vircode@@16:07
carlgo11oh lol sorry16:07
* carlgo11 is damaged from too many support channels16:07
DF3D2dat storage16:08
Eggs_DF3D2: dont they get super hot sitting ontop of each other?, i used to run mine in a 2u server but i swapped to a full tower16:10
DF3D2Eggs_: no, those caddies hold 3 drives and I have two in each one with a space in the middle16:10
DF3D2for total of 6x3tb16:10
=== paradoxical is now known as gorash2
DF3D2I also keep the lid off for airflow16:11
__raven14.04lts server with cli only: no effect on free space when deleting files. issue from encrypted home folder which is not being updated? any ideas?16:15
cfhowlett!server | __raven, ask the experts =16:17
ubottu__raven, ask the experts =: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server16:17
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mimozirservice tor start16:23
=== _pelle is now known as Guest92776
ST34LTHthis is random but i'm having a brain fart. after doing ssh-copy-id what key do I delete from originating server? pub or priv16:23
=== AEM- is now known as aem`
__ravencfhowlett: read again: encrypted home is no server specific function16:28
Yoko|WorkAnyone here familiar with Remmina RDP16:31
bubbasaures!ask | Yoko|Work16:32
ubottuYoko|Work: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:32
Yoko|Workwhoops, sorry :/16:32
Bazylhi, when i change to Thunderbird window launchpad and and top tool bar items disapear, i run ununtu 14.04LTS16:32
Bazylhow to fix it ?16:33
OerHeksBazyl, can you make a sreenshot what you miss ?16:34
Bazylofc but how can i show it to you ?16:35
nithinI need assistance in installing  ubuntu on sony vaio laptop16:36
OerHeksBazyl, paste it on http://imgur.com/16:36
cfhowlettBazyl, paste it up!  imagechilli imgur etc ...16:36
daftykinsnithin: explain to the channel what you've tried and where you got stuck16:36
Yoko|WorkGood day!16:36
bubbasaures!screenshot | Bazyl16:36
ubottuBazyl: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.16:36
nithinI have windows 7 installed on the same computer16:37
Yoko|WorkUsuing Xubuntu 12.04 LTS with Remmina Remote Desktop Connect, is it possible to keep the top menu/system bar visible while in fullscreen during the Remote Desktop session?16:37
nithinbut the ubuntu installation media is not detecting the operating system16:37
nithinI have data on the hard disk also.16:37
nithinWhen I tried to do the manual partition the whole disk is detected as free space16:38
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abuz_I.ve just upgraded from 14.04 to 14.10, but I've a problem with boot. If I boot normally when the xbuntu splash request passphrase for luks everything I type on keyboard is visible end on top left angle of screen and it is not passed to cryptsetup, so I cant continue boot. instead if I boot in recovery mode and from it to "remume normal" everythings work. what can I see to solve this issue?16:38
nithinSo I could not continue16:38
daftykinsnithin: possibly you're booting EFI when you need to be booting legacy, or vice versa. have you read the EFI help page?16:39
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:39
nithinNo.. I haven't read the EFI page.. I don't know what it is..16:39
nithinBut I could see it somewhere in the bios page16:41
nithindo we have any document for that?16:41
jhutchinsI tyhought the installer used a GPT/EFI compatible version of parted?16:42
Bazyl0erheks, here you go http://i.imgur.com/w1gVSp7.png?116:42
morsnowskithis maybe a dense question but has the live dvd full language support, for example os & office in spanish or german?16:42
ZteamI need some help with my fstab entry, the last line I added makes Ubuntu refusing to boot16:44
BazylOerHeks, here you go http://i.imgur.com/w1gVSp7.png?116:44
Eggs_ST34LTH: you can delete the public key16:45
ZteamAnybody can help me troubleshoot my fstab please_ http://pastebin.com/hYtSezGV16:46
Zteam_ >/(16:47
OerHeksBazyl, those menu items go to top panel, when thunderbird is maximized16:47
OerHeksBazyl, what you mean with window launchpad, i don't know16:48
kraftbFound the solution for my problem: I had to manually add "dm-mod" to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules16:49
kraftbIt just bugged me that there isn't really a "dm-mod.ko" module and I assumed dm_ modules were for dmraid16:50
kraftbinstead they are necessary for LVM16:50
BazylOerHeks, now i am on xchat and i can see and click on launchpad and also i can see the top tool bar with time, sound volume adjustment and so on... when i change (ctrl+tab) to Thunderbird it's all gone...16:50
Eggs_Zteam: have you tried to do it with pass increased to 1 or 2?16:50
OerHeksBazyl, that changing to the top panel is called global-menu, you can disable that16:50
Eggs_Zteam: or maybe with the disk label as /dev/sdb1 just to test that16:51
ZteamEggs_, yes I have tried with both16:51
BazylOerHeks, ok so items on my global-menu disapear16:52
BazylOerHeks, the only way to leave Thunderbird window is ctrl+tab...16:52
OerHeksBazyl, see https://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/disable-the-global-menu-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/16:52
OerHeksworks for 14.04 too, afaik16:52
Eggs_Zteam: what is the error message?16:52
ZteamEggs_, Well I can test that, but that wouldnt be a solution I cloned my old failing harddrive, and now Ubuntu is refusing to starting up without it, If I don't use the uuid Ubuntu does confuse the 2 drives16:53
ZteamEggs_, it'just telling me it tries to start plymouth16:54
ZteamEggs_, uncommenting that line solves the issue thought.16:54
ZteamEggs_, commenting not uncommenting I mean16:55
Eggs_Zteam: and can you mount the disk with mount  once your in?16:56
ZteamEggs_, I assue I screwed up the fstab syntax somehow, but I don't know16:56
Eggs_Zteam: which line do you comment out to make it work?16:57
AndroUser6738638What is the difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade?16:58
ZteamEggs_, yes :-) Please notice the system won't boot without the faling harddrive (the old one) it does however works if I have the new drive installed as well (those are both (USB-drives)16:59
ZteamEggs_, this one UUID=12316065-d647-4fbf-b94e-827233bff900 /media/zteam/Master ext4 rw,user,exec 0       016:59
Eggs_Zteam: Zteam looks fine to be, is the folder empty?17:01
ZteamEggs_, nope, /media/zteam/Master is not empty, as I said before both the cloned (new drive) and the failing one (old one) works for making the system happy again17:04
=== tcpman is now known as Guest39464
ZteamEggs_, they did have the same uuid before as well, due to ddrescue17:04
BazylOerHeks, it didn't help...17:06
ZteamBazyl, window buttons is gone?17:07
BazylZteam, yes17:08
BazylZteam, look here http://i.imgur.com/w1gVSp7.png?117:08
ZteamBazyl, yes I see, try to switch to a guest account just to see what happens17:09
ZteamBazyl, if window buttons is back there then you know the problem is related to your homefolder17:10
BazylZteam,  guest account ? i don't have one...17:11
BazylZteam,  or i don't know how to use it ...17:11
ZteamBazyl, there is a built-in guest account, from at least Ubuntu 12.04 as default17:11
nomadistdoes anyone have experience with any simple screen recording sfotware that works with gnome?17:12
ZteamBazyl try to press CTRL-ALT-DEL at the same time, it should offer you to logout or switch user17:12
=== sireebob_ is now known as sireebob
ZteamEggs_, are u still there?17:13
Zteamnomadist, try gtkrecord-my-desktop17:13
BazylZteam,  i am on ubuntu 14.04LTS with unity 7.2.3...17:13
IbsinRGHello. I have my Software Centre stuck on 'Applying Changes' for Dropbox. It won't stop, and it's just sitting there like that right now. No idea how to fix it, or get it to finish...17:13
ZteamBazyl, then u should have the guest account17:14
nomadistZteam, cpu activity goes to 96%17:14
nomadistwith that software17:15
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
nomadistKazaam was good but there is no way to stop it17:15
BazylZteam,  in system settings > user accounts i have only mine account...17:15
nomadisthas anyone used kazaam with gnome?17:15
BazylZteam,  should i add one ?17:15
Oros108hello! do anyone know any freeware android-root freeware like "SuperOneClock"17:16
squintyBazyl:  to access the guest account, log off.  there should be a "Guest Account" phrase located under the field where the password is normally typed in17:16
PiciOros108: Does this have anything to do with Ubuntu?17:17
reisioOros108: #android17:17
Bazylsquinty, i'm pretty sure i don't have an option to log in as guest... but i'll check again... brb17:18
Eggs_Zteam: Im here, im not sure on a fix really17:18
Oros108Pici i thing ubuntu is more "community" so ty, ty reisio!!17:18
squintyBazyl:  fwiw, personall I add an extra "Admin" account just in case I can not log on using my regular account17:18
ZteamBazyl, otherwise you can just try open the file manager and press CTRL+H these will view all your user-profile settings highlight them and right-click and select move to Trash folder caution be sure to unmark .Thunderbird and .mozilla17:19
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nomadistah.. i just realized there is a  default screen recorder in ubuntu17:19
nomadistgnome, ctrl shift alt r17:19
nomadistand it works like a charm17:19
ZteamBayl, this will reset all your config files, to default, which means you will loose every setting but .mozilla and .thunderbird17:20
Yoko|WorkHow to I remove 404 links when running apt-get update?17:21
ZteamEggs_, okey :-)17:21
squintyYoko|Work:  try changing mirrors and/or disable/remove ppa's via the Software and Updates manager is a couple of things to check out.17:22
mmiller13_Does anyone know why my nm-applet no-longer appears in my taskbar... I shutdown my wlan0 using ifconfig and It no longer appears after ifconfig wlan0 up command...17:23
daftykinsmmiller13_: restart network manager, you probably confused it17:24
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=== Guest92776 is now known as _pelle
mmiller13_NetworkManager gave me a error message stating that there's not [connectivity] option in my Key file... I added this option my my config file then it gave me an error message stating I needed to add and interval option... I added an interval option of 300 nm now launched without an error, but that still doesn't help17:29
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Guest16023what is latest nvidia driver for ubuntu 14.04 ?17:41
g0twigMy friend wants to use Ubuntu with his gt 750m and intel hd graphics , he needs bumblebee right?17:41
daftykinsGuest16023: 331 possibly, in rpeos17:41
g0twigWhich is the most recent nvidia version in ubuntu, 331?17:41
daftykinsg0twig: no, nvidia-prime replaced bumblebee... try that first.17:42
g0twigdaftykins: just nvidia-prime and than17:42
=== alexandr3 is now known as alexandros_tab
g0twigdaftykins: nvidia-prime and what else17:42
g0twigit didnt work for him17:42
g0twigwe installed nvidia and nvidia-prime from xorg edgers ppa17:42
daftykinsok, well i didn't say "use xorg edgers PPA" :)17:43
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:43
g0twiglightdm? no gdm??17:43
daftykinslightdm replaced gdm years ago17:43
g0twiglol its not a replacement17:43
g0twigif people use gnome shell17:43
g0twigdoes it not work with gdm or what17:43
daftykinsi'm talking about in the default config, thus yes, in ubuntu it replaced it :)17:43
g0twighe runs gdm17:43
DJonesg0twig: I use a laptop with Nvidia GT750M using nvidia-prime with no issues17:43
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.17:44
g0twigDJones: which packages did you install17:44
DJonesg0twig: nvidia-prime17:44
g0twigDJones: and17:44
DJonesg0twig: Thats it17:45
g0twigDJones: no normal nvidia must be installed too17:45
g0twigat least dependency17:45
DJonesg0twig: Must have been installed as part of the dependancies then17:45
daftykinsg0twig: revert the setup to default and install it as described in the link earlier, then we can try and debug it.17:46
daftykinsDJones: i've seen many reports of simply apt-get'ing "nvidia-prime" not picking a driver, so i think many get tripped up by this :(17:46
DJonesdaftykins: Thats not something I found with a fresh install of 14.10, just straight nvidia-prime has dealt with everything17:47
daftykinswe're talking 14.04 here sir17:47
DJones14.04 & 14.10 for me17:47
daftykinsah no, actually another user declared that17:47
g0twigdaftykins: also remove gdm??17:47
daftykinsg0twig: depends how your friend setup gnome3, i'm not really into assisting with non-default setups17:48
g0twigdaftykins: its normal ubuntu17:48
daftykinsright, but it's been modified17:49
daftykins= uninterested :)17:49
BazylZteam, i did relog to my guest and there Thunderbird works fine...17:52
BazylZteam, btw you wrote me to open file manager and move some files to trash... can you explain how can i see directories that's name starts with . (dot) in file manger ?17:54
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=== crypt1 is now known as redmimic
squintyBazyl:  ctrl H in nautilus   or View > show hidden files17:56
fdassdffAnyone know what program handles screen locking?17:57
squintyBazyl:  fwiw, just did a dist-upgrade and new TB was offered for upgrading17:57
squintylightlocker iirc17:57
mkkAnyone knows what filesystem does Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) use?17:57
daftykinsmkk: ext4...17:57
Bazylsquinty, thx i'll try17:58
fdassdffI think it's lightdm that does screen locking right?18:02
redmimicI'm looking to theme my login, not just change the background i believe im on gnome3 (running ubuntu 14.04) is login theming removed from gnome3 or is there a way to use a gdm login theme still?18:04
g0twigHi, the guy with the gt 750m problem: when I run nvidia-settings it sazs PRIME: is it supported? no18:17
GumaI have img file that I need to autoresize on first boot (sd card). I can write a script to do this with fdisk/resizefs. But I am not sure where to hook it before root partition is mounted. The idea here is that root should be autoresized to take advantage of all space available on sd card. Users can have different sd card sizes. Any ideas?18:17
khayai have ubuntu 14.04 laptop and a windows 7 in desktop connected to a router, and i want to clone the windows 7 HD to ubuntu laptop. how can i do that using clone zilla? same network group PCs18:17
g0twigi installed nvidia-313 and nvidia-prime but the graphic dont work18:17
AlexQHi. I'm using Ubuntu 14.10 and I am having a problem with my graphics (video), which is apparent while playing videos or displaying quickly changing graphics - looks like problem with display sync - for a fraction of a second, part of the screen is displaying the new frame, while part is still displaying the previous, apparently.18:23
AlexQThe division line is horizontal and usually somewhere in the middle of the display18:23
mkkWhat command does virtual file system use for deleting file? (Can't find anywhere.) Unlink, remove, delete...?18:24
daftykinsAlexQ: that's called tearing. usually due to a lack of vsync, what's your graphics hardware and driver?18:24
AlexQdaftykins: Intel inbuilt, GMA 950 or sth like that. What's the best way to check that + the driver?18:25
drkhi guys. Does anyone have or had issues with no sound after suspend on ubuntu 14.04 ?18:25
daftykinsAlexQ: hmm sounds pretty old. pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:25
AlexQdaftykins: It's an old laptop. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9370755/18:26
AlexQdaftykins: Oh, sorry. It's Ubuntu 14.04.118:27
AlexQdaftykins: I've been using Ubuntu on the very same laptop a couple of years ago and there was no tearing.18:28
mkkWhat command does virtual file system use for deleting file? (Can't find anywhere.) Unlink, remove, delete...?18:28
compdocvirtual file system?18:29
drkbut AlexQ, maybe you yoused a few years ago other video comprimation like a divx , and if you're trying to open now 720p or 1080p it'll surely be laggy18:30
jeffrey_fmkk: explain.  To the system, there should be no difference in virtual or physical file system.  Once mounted, you can do normal commands.  rm is delete.  However, use caution as there is no recovery from rm command18:30
daftykinsAlexQ: yes, times change... older hardware gets less focussed on... the usual18:30
AlexQdrk: As I am saying, it's not a video playback problem. It's an graphics display problem.18:30
drkAlexQ : i don't know honestly what could be the problem, maybe try to search the forums for answers18:33
drkunlike you, i have an issue with sound after suspend on 14.0418:33
AlexQdaftykins: [    24.914] (**) intel(0): "Tear free" disabled18:33
AlexQdaftykins: Something like that in the log you asked me to send18:33
AlexQline 15218:34
daftykinsAlexQ: yeah i've spotted that one before18:34
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daftykinsAlexQ: ignore the version but check out - http://askubuntu.com/questions/418398/tear-free-disabled-in-intel-graphics-tearing-in-xubuntu18:34
primoI'm having issues doing a command line install. The guide says use an alternative image and select "command line install" but that's not an option. Anyone have a link?18:35
daftykinsprimo: mini.iso provides a network textmode installer, is that sufficient?18:35
_abc_Say, the LTS 10.04 based linuxcnc live disk, is it safe to update packages from LTS 10.04 when installing that to hdd and then setting up the system for normal use? Some packages in it are ancient.18:36
primodaftykins: from what I read, mini.iso image doesn't support uefi18:36
daftykins_abc_: "linuxcnc" ? that doesn't sound like an officially supported derivative18:37
_abc_UEFI refers to uefi boot only or is it relevant also after the system runs?18:37
daftykinsprimo: i would doubt that, i've done an install with it18:37
AlexQdaftykins: There is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf . Should I create it?18:37
_abc_daftykins: Well I am asking anyway. It is 10.04 LTS with realtime kernel and linuxcnc/emc2 installed18:37
daftykinsAlexQ: yep18:37
daftykinsAlexQ: that's the only way to set those parameters18:37
daftykins_abc_: 10.04 is only supported on server until April, then it's dead...18:38
AlexQseems like it might work. Thanks! Rebooting18:38
_abc_daftykins: I am aware. It seems they came out with a Debian based one too now18:39
primo_abc_: If i booted in legacy mode for the install and switched back to uefi, wouldn't the installer then install the bootloader in that mode?18:39
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_abc_We'll see. Anyway, would you say it's safe(ish) to use normal update procedures for 10.04 from that system? Worst thing that can happen is, I'll reinstall it. So no real risk, this is a toy machine connected to a cnc router I made18:40
daftykinsprimo: installs can be converted, but i don't understand why you would intentionally do it wrong to begin with18:40
daftykins!efi | primo18:40
ubottuprimo: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:40
_abc_primo: I don't know, really. UEFI is too new for certitudes like that.18:40
soneteaprimo: it depends on how it partitioned18:40
daftykins_abc_: sorry, non-ubuntu = off topic here.18:40
_abc_10.04 is ubuntu right?18:40
sotiredofthesestSo does anyone know what package/binary is responsible for locking the screen?  Is it lightdm?18:41
SchrodingersScatnot if it's 10.04 linuxcnc18:41
primodaftykins: did you do it in legacy mode? I mean, did you install with mini.iso setup to boot using the efi partition?18:41
_abc_So I want to try. Pretend it's plain 10.04 and update packages as needed. The only thing which is sure to break linuxcnc is kernel update. So I won't do that.18:41
daftykinsprimo: why don't you grab it, throw it on a flash drive, boot in EFI mode and see? :)18:41
soneteaif it's automatically installing, it's going to be using mbr18:42
_abc_Is there an ubuntu not based on gnome desktop/compiz please?18:42
Almis90Guys I want to delete a file exactly 30 minutes afters its creation (cron job) what package you suggest me to use for that?18:42
_abc_Almis90: atd18:43
Almis90but I dont want to run cron every second18:43
SchrodingersScat!flavors | _abc_ a few18:43
ubottu_abc_ a few: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.18:43
IbsinRGCould someone please tell me the IRC channel for elementary? I can't seem to access it via the net...18:43
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.18:43
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daftykinsIbsinRG: ^18:43
Almis90abc thank you I will check it18:44
_abc_You don't. You do echo "rm -f /some/file"|at "now + 30min"18:44
Chuck_NorrisIbsinRG: /j # elementaryos18:44
Almis90abc but I must run this script every second right?18:44
_abc_no, it queues the job and crond / atd handles it18:45
primoI might have to just try the mini.iso. I'm just frustrated the recently updated, official howto isn't accurate and I've spent so much time on it when i don't have the time for all this trial and error. I have a presentation for work in the am :/18:45
_abc_read the atd manpage18:45
Almis90abc ok18:45
_abc_Almis90: time resolution is 60 seconds18:45
daftykinsprimo: how is it that the docs are responsible for your delays?18:46
daftykinsprimo: by that, i mean is something wrong somewhere?18:46
AlexQdaftykins: Seems to be solved! Thank you18:47
_abc_Is ubuntu entirely systemd controlled now?18:48
daftykinsAlexQ: excellent, do you happen to have an example link or video that exhibits the tearing? i have an old system with similar hardware on the shelf i'd like to test18:48
AlexQdaftykins: Eem, it was visible on just any video that had image changing quickly enough, especially on 'panoraming' scenes18:49
primodaftykins: it says when you boot that command line install is a presented option. That is inaccurate. Also, the docs on it are poorly organized on this topic compared to a couple other distros. Guess i just expected more from a noob-friendly distro18:49
AlexQpanning maybe* is the correct word18:49
daftykinsAlexQ: ah ok panning shots in video, roger that18:50
Almis90abc yeah its exactly what I needed but is it okay to have hundreds such watchers?18:50
_abc_Almis90: It's probably okay.18:50
AlexQdaftykins: No matter what the resolution of the video was.18:50
primoThe problem is my fault ultimately. I shouldn't be messing around when I knew i needed my computer functional18:50
AlexQBtw. that laptop is capable of 720p and 1080p playback. Actually it's much better on Xubuntu with all default codecs and drivers, than on Windows 8.1 (some problems with renderer) or Windows 7 (no problems with renderer, but occasional stutter/frame rate issues)18:50
daftykinsAlexQ: what's the processor?18:51
chachanhi, can I use openvpn client to connect a server through a cisco vpn?18:51
AlexQdaftykins: Some dual core 1.3GHz Pentium, CULV or sth (low voltage)18:51
FreewheelinFrankhi i want to update i2p, can i simply use console command?18:52
wildwindchachan: no, they are incompatible. Cisco has free native linux client AFAIK.18:52
AlexQdaftykins: That's an Acer 1825PTz, unfortunately with no touch panel as it's been broken.18:53
chachanwildwind: ok, thanks18:53
AlexQdaftykins: I am dual-booting with Windows 8.1 and sharing a NTFS partition between these systems. Is there any way to unmount it in Windows without the need of making a full shutdown? I've been trying to use some kind of unmounting commands, but that does not seem to physically close the filesystem as it is when doing full shutdown. Or map that partition as a removable drive instead?18:54
daftykinsAlexQ: mmm pretty antique then :) lol @ running 8.1 on that, oh deary me18:54
mkkcan someone explain to me what file descriptor is? In simple terms please. I have read wiki's article18:55
MandaMaeHey, can someone ansswer a question for me, I keep getting an error and have no idea how to fix it.18:55
AlexQdaftykins: Why not - it works :D It was sold with Windows 718:55
daftykinsMandaMae: not until you ask it!18:55
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squintysotiredofthesest:  see if light-locker is present on your system.      /usr/share/app-install/desktop/light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop    as mentioned before, iirc, light-locker is the default lock screen application for Ubuntu18:55
MandaMaeSoftware can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available. (org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.Error.Failed: ('system-bus-name', {'name':  ':1.99'}): org.debian.apt.install-or-remove-packages18:56
AlexQdaftykins: I think now I might be having some minor issues with windows rendering when switching apps18:56
daftykinsAlexQ: sorry i don't use desktop so i don't understand all that auto mounting stuff. i'm only used to manual mounts via /etc/fstab - however you can type "mount" by itself in the terminal and see the mountpoint / device name of the NTFS partition and run "sudo umount /dev/sdX#"18:56
sotiredofthesestthanks squinty18:57
daftykinsMandaMae: "cat /etc/issue" ?18:57
AlexQdaftykins: I've been refering to umounting that in Windows.18:57
wildwindAlexQ: are you talking about mounting/unmounting in Windows, or in Ubuntu?18:57
lorenzo_Hello, I'm trying to get my two USB 3.0 ports on my Laptop to work. Has anybody some advice? My question is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225535818:58
daftykinsAlexQ: oh you want it gone in Windows? just remove the drive letter allocation from diskmgmt.msc18:58
AlexQwildwind: Windows.18:58
jazzzuhi, im trying to set up postfix to forward email for a couple of (2 for now) websites. Am i correct in my understanding that i should first configure a 'canonical domain' for the whole machine (a vps) and then add virtual alias domains for the different websites?18:58
jazzzuIm kind of new to running ubuntu server and servers in general so im just looking to see if im going in the right direction :P18:58
MandaMaeDaftykins, I'm sorry what?18:58
lorenzo_Hello, I'm trying to get my two USB 3.0 ports on my Laptop to work. Has anybody some advice? My question is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225535818:58
daftykinsMandaMae: run that in the terminal please.18:58
AlexQdaftykins: I don't want to remove it completely, just to be able to unmount and close the filesystem before hibernating/quick shutdown18:58
daftykinsjazzzu: #ubuntu-server18:58
daftykinsAlexQ: why?18:59
MandaMaeDaftykins: "Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l"18:59
AlexQdaftykins: To be able to write to that partition on Ubuntu18:59
wildwindAlexQ: diskmgmt.msc as daftykins pointed out or mountvol in console. but it's offtopic here.19:00
AlexQwildwind: I know it's offtopic; just thought some Ubuntu/Linux users might just have experience with that when dual booting.19:01
jazzzudaftykins: thanks ill ask it there19:01
daftykinsAlexQ: just shutdown Windows properly19:01
AlexQwildwind: I think I tried to use mountvol from console and then doing quit shutdown or hibernation, but there still was that mounting error on Ubuntu.19:02
AlexQdaftykins: Having to make a full shutdown of Windows is quite irritating. It takes much more time to both shut down and boot up; hibernation is really fast, even on that ancient hardware (Win8.1 wakes up in around 25 secs from power button press, with 10 seconds to reach GRUB, so not bad).19:02
wildwindAlexQ: I use USB drives in such cases.19:02
AlexQBtw. how to enable hibernation in 14.04.1?19:03
AlexQI mean, is it feasible/stable?19:04
daftykinsAlexQ: i understand how it works. maybe go chat to ##windows then19:04
daftykinsas mentioned it's OT here19:04
sotiredofthesesthi squinty, sorry to bother you again, but I don't have light-locker on my system19:04
sotiredofthesestsquinty, how do I tell what's locking the screen then?19:05
wildwindAlexQ: what do you mean 'quick shutdown'?19:05
AlexQwildwind: The default shutdown in Windows 8.1, I think it's called 'hybrid'.19:05
wildwindAlexQ: Oh yes.19:06
_abc_Quick shutdown means, do not spend 3 minutes doing nothing obvious then stopping the shutdown process with a modal popup asking me if I really want to shut down, because I really want to, and I was hoping it was shut down already by then.19:07
_abc_Iow emulating Windows' habit to take its sweet time shutting down is NOT a desirable feature in Ubuntu. It should ask immediately or not at all.19:08
AlexQ_abc_: My Xubuntu shuts down really quickly. It's almost like a power-off xD When I shut down with Chromium left open (or running in background), it reports that it was not closed properly, so strange.19:09
FreewheelinFrankhi i want to update i2p, can i simply use console command?19:10
EriC^^_abc_: i think the quick shutdown is hibernate19:10
EriC^^_abc_: you don't want that19:10
AlexQ_abc_: EriC^^: What "quick shutdown" are you guys talking about? And in what OS?19:11
MandaMaehow do I check PolicyKit Authentication Agent in Startup Programs, Sorry to sound stupid but I don't know where to go, I've only used Mint.19:11
EriC^^AlexQ: win819:12
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wildwindAlexQ: you coined it 5 min. before :)19:13
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AlexQEriC^^: Then no, it's not hibernate. I mean hybrid shutdown, the default shutdown in Windows 8 and 8.1. As you can guess, it's kind of a hybrid of normal shutdown and hibernation. It does not preserve state of programs etc.19:14
AlexQEriC^^: Apparently, it also does not close filesystems on local drives.19:15
EriC^^AlexQ: ah ok, yeah it's a sort of hibernate without saving the programs19:15
AlexQsort of a partial hibernation.19:17
EriC^^it's satan's shutdown19:17
AlexQEriC^^: But boots up quickly :P19:17
Azitrexhow much Ram required for installing ubuntu 14.04 amd64 ?19:17
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AlexQyeah, now hibernation on Xubuntu works and it is satan-quick..19:20
AlexQwonder why it's disabled by default, though...19:21
compdocyou sold your soul to the devil?!19:21
MeerLinhi there :)19:21
k1lAlexQ: i bet due to massive issues due to manufacturers not going with the standards.19:22
VespianAnyone here familiar with accessing data from a serial device? http://pastebin.com/hQfEuGFE19:23
_abc_Vespian: baud base is not what you use as speed19:25
_abc_Vespian: try 19200 and 960019:25
_abc_19200 9600 and 115200 are the most used speeds.19:25
_abc_Also press ENTER once connected, see if there is a response.19:26
_abc_Like a prompt.19:26
ralph4100I have a server running ubuntu 12.04 ... it has python 2.7.5 on it. I'd like to update it to python 2.7.8 or, alternatively, have python 2.7.8 available for virtualenvs to use ... have not been able to identify whether multiple versions of python 2.7 can exist and if so, how?19:26
VelhoP4_I just noted a deficient translation in the apt-get manual. the portuguese text didnt make sense, so i checked the english manual to understand. How can I report it?19:27
Vespian_abc_: Still no results.19:27
Vespian_abc_: Hang on, in dmeg I'm getting all kinds of failure messages. I'll paste bin.19:28
_abc_technically, if I upgrade any normal user mode package in ubuntu, it should not pull in a new kernel as a dependency, right?19:29
EriC^^_abc_: if you upgrade it can't pull anything new or remove anything i think19:31
EriC^^_abc_: unless you run dist-upgrade19:31
_abc_Okay, thanks.19:31
Vespian_abc_: http://pastebin.com/0YSvDiDj19:31
_abc_Vespian: set no handshake in screen19:32
_abc_Vespian: use something other than screen for this. minicom should work. Select no handshake.19:33
Vespian_abc_: I don't like the UI of minicom. I'll use cutecom instead.19:34
trismVelhoP4_: in: man apt-get; ? the manpage is in the apt package, so you could report it in ubuntu with: ubuntu-bug apt; it is probably unchanged from debian though19:34
_abc_whatever. Select no handshake and try the baud speeds in turn one by one, in each new speed, press enter.19:34
_abc_See if you get an answer.19:34
_DeLa_hi there19:34
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_DeLa_this question might seem very naive to most of you, but I'll ask it anyway: is it possible to infect once ubuntu 14.04 based pc with any kind of malware by simply pluging in an infected usb stick and do nothing exept open some png-images files from the usb stick?19:36
VelhoP4_trism, so the source is debian? i checked other parts of the manual, the portuguese version in very complicated to read. Ive noticed that the english version is nice and simple. The translations seems to be done by google translate...19:37
_abc_No _DeLa_ , unless the usb stick was manipulated and is now more than a usb stick.19:37
BluesKaj_DeLa_, or it cam affect any windows installs on your network, or so I've heard19:38
ikeboyI can't change my grub settings; when i edit them and run sudo update-grub, nothing happens19:38
ikeboyanyone know why that can happen?19:38
drkcan someone help me with some sound issues19:39
_DeLa__abc_: BluesKaj: thanks for your answers19:39
drki can't listen to music via headphones19:39
drkwhen I plug them out everything works fin19:39
trismVelhoP4_: well, the source is in ubuntu too, it's just one of those things that should also be fixed in debian and then filter back into ubuntu. I'm sure they would be very happy to get a better translation, and an ubuntu bug would be a good start either way19:39
hikenboot_ServerSage, do you know how to enable the loggin in ndb...I used the transactionlog = /var/log or transactionlog = /var/log/nbd.log and put it in the generic section but it doesnt seem to create a log19:39
BluesKajmake sure there's no #in front of the lines you're editing, ikeboy19:40
ikeboyit's not that19:40
ikeboycould my grub be installed in the wrong place or something?19:40
_abc_Vespian: one more thing: there is no guarantee the sim card reader uses a plain ascii protocol.19:40
ikeboythe file is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9371580/19:41
ikeboyand grub doesn't start automatically, I need to press enter to start ubuntu19:42
rago@drk I had the same problem, go the sound settings and increase the volume for your head/ear phone19:42
_DeLa_my question had the following background: today, I plugged in an usb stick to transfer a few png files whose owner (windows user) later told me that the stick was probably infected...at first I didn't worry of course, but then I remembered that around the time of plugging in the stick there was wine window openend stating some kind of update....wine itself wasn't opened but the window was deifinetly there....so I was quite scared...what happened? maybe19:42
_DeLa_there was some autorun on the usb stick that resulted in the wine window?19:42
drk@rago, I did that and nothing changes19:42
BluesKajikeboy, when you update grub is there any output?19:43
trismVelhoP4_: you might also want to talk to the people in #ubuntu-doc they might be able to help you out19:44
VelhoP4_trism, thanks friend19:44
_abc__DeLa_: I don't know what you did, and yes, wine should not run when you stick in a stick. But autorun is not interpreted by ubuntu normally.19:46
ed67543hi, can I connect to computers (both running mint kde) with hdmi cable(Ineed to transfer large files)? I have a cable that says "hdmi high speed with etherner" ?19:46
_abc__DeLa_: So it can be a manipulated usb stick too.19:47
BluesKajikeboy, that url is not what asked you about19:47
_abc__DeLa_: Manipulated by a virus or by someone19:47
ikeboyBluesKaj: you asked for output on update-grub, right?19:48
_DeLa__abc_: should scanning my whole system with bitdefender or clamtk put me on the safe side?19:48
ikeboywhat command should i run?19:48
krasnayarskIf I wanted to create a virtual machine to test a modification of my installation, to see if what I can expect if I actually made the changes to my computer, how would I create the virtual machine? Would I need to make a copy of my installed system to an empty partition? I am new to this so bare with me.19:48
BluesKajikeboy, ok got it now ...exactly what are you trying to edit in grub?19:50
ikeboythe last line was supposed to make grub start ubuntu without input, but my grub just waits until I press enter19:50
krasnayarskMaybe I should ask in Linux.19:51
_abc__DeLa_: maybe. Yes you should do that. But I would look in syslog where wine should have left a mark. Scroll or search for about the wall clock time when it happened.19:52
confreyhi everybody19:52
in_deep_thoughtcan someone give me help on installing ubuntu? I have the iso file on my usb stick, I put in in my computer, I booted it, I went to the bios, now I need to find the usb stick in the bios. Where Do I look? Under Select boot device, all I See is a virtual device I presume it uses normally. Where can I find physical devices?19:52
BluesKajikeboy just edit this line and change the number, GRUB_TIMEOUT="10"19:53
_DeLa__abc_: will do! thanks so much!19:53
ikeboychanged it to 1, but why would 1 work and not 10?19:54
confreyI need some help to manage rub, efi, and windows8; I've just installed 14.04, but I gt a fatal error about installing bootloader, and now I don't know exactly what to do; I started ubuntu manually from grub menu by a usb key, how may I install grub in uefi mode properly?19:54
confreyin_deep_thought, is your pc uefi or legacy stadard?19:55
BluesKajikeboy, the last last line is the problem,I think, just comment it19:55
_abc__DeLa_: Okay my wine does not log in syslog. Also you can search for files changed since then, using find ... -ctime -1 for files changed in the last day19:55
ikeboyI added the last line yesterday after coming here. It was supposed to fix the problem, but didn't19:56
ikeboyit wasn't the problem as i had the same problem before I added it also19:56
_DeLa__abc_:  could you please write the exact terminal command? ctime -1 doesn't work19:57
_abc_find ~ -ctime -1 searches changed files in your home dir. Likewise f.ex. ctime -1 /media/somevolume searches that19:58
_abc_There's also mtime and atime depending on what exactly you think you are looking for19:58
in_deep_thoughtconfrey: how do I check that/find out?19:58
BluesKajin_deep_thought, how old is your pc?20:00
in_deep_thoughtdell precision t560020:00
in_deep_thoughti think its pretty new20:00
BluesKajsince 2010?20:01
BluesKajthen it's probly uefi/bios20:01
in_deep_thoughtgood to know. so would I find the usb stick under “select boot device” and if so, why is there only 1 virtual drive listed there?20:02
Vespian_abc_: I give up on this for today. I'll try again on Monday.20:02
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_abc_Vespian: Interesting you brought this up, I also have a sim usb card reader buried somewhere in a box. I'll see what it does.20:03
EriC^^in_deep_thought: where?20:03
BluesKajin_deep_thought, in the uefi/bios do you see the boot section , is the hard drive listed or cdrom ?20:03
in_deep_thoughtIts under Ctrl Mgmt20:04
in_deep_thoughtthere is also PD Mgmt20:04
in_deep_thoughtVD Mgmt20:04
in_deep_thoughtand Properties20:04
BluesKajin_deep_thought, in most uefi/bios it's the second last section moving from left to right20:05
confreyin_deep_thought, I think you must press a key to access to boot menu at startup, in my lenovo I do that by pressing F12, a menu appears, with window bootloader, USB efi, nd other voices about IPV4 (NO MATTER) at that point I choose USB efi and PC starts from usb stick20:05
in_deep_thoughtBluesKaj: right thats Ctrl Mgmt20:05
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=== morsnow__ is now known as moresnow
in_deep_thoughtconfrey: I have done that, thats how I entered this BIOS thing I am in. I need to figure out how to put the USB stick as the “boot device”, but all thats currently listed is a VD (virtual drive?)20:06
BluesKajin_deep_thought, guess not , you must have a booot section that lists the real drives on the pc not the virtuals20:07
confreyin_deep_thought, I can't help you better... sorry, each BIOS might have a different interface,20:07
in_deep_thoughtBluesKaj: I have PD management. That lists 4 Sata drives. But I see no usb drive20:08
BluesKajin_deep_thought, try the legacy mode20:08
in_deep_thoughtBluesKaj: is that something I would change on the BIOS im in? or a different button I press upon starting the comp?20:09
=== moresnow is now known as morsnowski
BluesKajin_deep_thought, do you see a listing for uefi mode or some such, choose that and dialog with legacy as another option should open20:11
bubbasauresalex_217, Do not swear here.20:11
in_deep_thoughtah ha F2 says entering setup. rather than F12 which says preparing one time boot menu20:12
bubbasauresthis is not twitter20:12
BluesKajoh lord, I thought you were actaully in the bios20:12
in_deep_thoughtBluesKaj: yep Im a dangus. well this is looking better20:13
alex_217bubbasaures: Man, where is twitter ?20:13
in_deep_thoughtwell uhhh not 100% better. the setup screen is like turquoise and flashing giving me a seizure. Not purple and orange and relaxing20:14
in_deep_thoughtIs there anything about flashing the usb stick froma  mac onto /dev/disk1 that might “mess up” my version of ubuntu? this one seems not right20:16
EriC^^in_deep_thought: try it on another pc20:16
azizLIGHThow come i cant delet things to a trash can on secondary hard drive? i have it mounted via /etc/fstab using this line: UUID=98E607E0E607BE0E /media/aziz/Backup ntfs-3g defaults 0 020:19
rjonesx1what user does cron run as in ubuntu?20:19
azizLIGHTit asks me to delete them forever20:20
in_deep_thoughtahh man. now I have to figure out how to enter the bios on this other machine. Its not F12 or F2 this time20:20
EriC^^rjonesx1: i think the user's cron20:20
in_deep_thoughteach computer needs to have instructions for entering the bios imprinted onto the case20:20
rjonesx1I am trying to run a simple php script via cron (php /var/www/html/create.crawl.php). When I run from the command line, it works, when I run from crontab, it fails... weird20:22
_abc_Use the full path for php and set the environment and run directory right.20:23
_abc_in the script.20:23
BluesKajin_deep_thought, sometimes it's Fn+F220:24
=== [Tristan] is now known as Guest38445
in_deep_thoughtBluesKaj it was F12 but I was pressing F2 as well which was making it not work. In any case  the installer works fine on another computer. I guess its the computer and not the stick thats the issue20:25
LucaxWhen I type a command in terminal and nothing happens, what does it mean? it worked or didn't work?20:25
tigerpleddHello! Have anything changed with regards to the sound drivers within the last month or so? I've been on a break from ubuntu and when I came back everything (sound from all sources, javascript, flash, sometimes graphics.) stutters. My CPU/GPU is far from maxed, and I've confirmed the issue is there on the fresh install (newly downloaded image) of Xubuntu 14.04 LTS both befopre and after updates.20:25
EriC^^Lucax: which command?20:25
Lucaxsudo sh -c 'echo "deb  https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/$(lsb_release  -rs)/\$(ARCH)/ ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conformal.list20:26
Lucaxthat command20:26
BluesKajLucax, which command?20:26
LucaxI am trying to install Cyphertite20:26
EriC^^Lucax: check if it was written with cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conformal.list20:26
in_deep_thoughtLucax: I  think its because you aren’t closing the quotations. It expects more entries before it executes anything? idk just my noob guess20:27
=== krasnaya1sk is now known as krasnayarsk
Lucaxeric: what do you mean? how do I check that, I am just a beginner following an installation proceedure even though the command is long it doesn't tell me much20:30
EriC^^Lucax: if it returned nothing then it probably worked20:30
EriC^^Lucax: you can check the contents of the file it wrote to with cat20:30
EriC^^Lucax: you should get the deb https://....  if you run cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conformal.list20:31
Guest2710Anal sex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Odsgr2ekg8U20:32
tigerpleddSo nothing new on the sound side? Because everything was fine like a month ago.20:33
=== jee1mr1 is now known as jee1mr
Lucaxhow to I check the content of that file and how do i get the deb https://....as you mentioned?20:34
EriC^^Lucax: open a terminal and type cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conformal.list20:34
Lucaxno such file or directory20:35
Lucaxwhich is the answer I wanted I guess20:35
Lucaxnothing happened20:35
EriC^^Lucax: did your command end with ' ?20:35
EriC^^ok try ending the command with '20:36
Lucaxshould I end it with ?20:36
LucaxI mean '20:36
Lucaxok, now it looks like this : >20:37
Lucaxthat's all20:37
EriC^^ok, press ctrl+c20:38
EriC^^are you typing sudo sh -c ' ?20:38
Lucaxok back to normal, what does it mean when > happens?20:38
EriC^^it's waiting for you to continue the command i think20:38
LucaxI didn't type sudo sh-c' yet no20:38
EriC^^ok i meant in the first command, did it end with ' ?20:39
EriC^^( not the cat one )20:39
Lucaxhere: https://www.cyphertite.com/download.php?os=ubuntu20:40
Lucaxthis is the whole installation20:40
EriC^^it's no problem20:40
LucaxI don't see any '20:41
chriswardywow this is cool20:41
EriC^^Lucax: there's a ' after sudo sh -c ' and at the end of the command20:41
chriswardyso what you guys doing ?20:41
BluesKajLucax, so you ran the the other commands on the page as well20:41
Azitrexi want to install ubuntu server on a PC but when ubuntu ask me which repo i want to select and then if ubuntu can not to connect to it dont continue to next levels ! how can i to ignore this level ? (ubuntu server 13.04 amd64 )20:42
in_deep_thoughthas anyone ever seen this before? the installer screen is turqoise and flashing. Not purple like it is on most computers. The display was displaying other things fine, except for when it gets to the installer. Could it be a corrupted iso? Why would it work on other computers and not this one?20:42
EriC^^Lucax: type ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*20:42
EriC^^Lucax: see if conformal.list shows up20:43
EriC^^in_deep_thought: try pressing ctrl+alt+f1 then alt+f720:43
Lucaxyes I ran all the commands blueskaj, but it ends with: unable to locate package and suggest me to do apt-get update but I did it allready20:44
_DeLa_args....college wifi...20:44
_DeLa_where is the channel log please?20:44
LucaxYes! eric, conformal list shows up20:45
in_deep_thoughtEriC^^: ummm it stays turquoise, opens a comand prompt I think (hard to tell), and is filling out ****************’s like crazy20:45
Pici!logs| _DeLa_20:45
ubottu_DeLa_: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.20:45
EriC^^Lucax: ok, does sudo apt-get update work?20:45
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:45
in_deep_thoughtthe alt+f7 thing just opened a menu, but didn’t change the turqouise’dness20:45
=== destiny is now known as Guest40980
kanzieI have a USB 4TB that suddenly seems to have lost its partition table and Im trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it using parted. Its asking me to provide start and end, how do I know start and end sector?20:46
kanziea print shows partition table: gpt, lists the lvm however the field for file system is blank20:46
Azitrex!logs| MasterPiece20:46
ubottuMasterPiece: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.20:46
Lucaxthere is an error20:46
EriC^^Lucax: what's the error?20:46
MasterPieceAzitrex, :D20:46
LucaxFailed to fetch https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/14.04/i386/./Packages  HttpError40420:46
LucaxSome index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.20:47
Lucaxthat was the error20:47
MasterPieceAzitrex, I was in trying to tell that to _De-La_ ;)20:47
EriC^^Lucax: looks like it has an error in the deb format20:47
_DeLa_how do I find ~ -ctime -1 searches changed files in my home dir?20:47
nuke1989i have a cannon printer connected to my ZTE router with wifi. But ubuntu can see the printer on the network no matter what. nmap shows nothing. router shows the ip of the printer i think. The printer works in access mode however.20:47
MasterPiece_DeLa_, $man find20:48
EriC^^Lucax: https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/20:48
_DeLa_MasterPiece: is this a terminal command?20:48
EriC^^Lucax: it doesn't look like 14.04 is supported20:48
Lucaxmaybe the tarball got it?20:48
EriC^^Lucax: maybe check if you can use the 12.04 package instead or something20:48
MasterPiece_DeLa_, Yes, the findutils package provide's "find" command and the "man find" command is the man page for that20:48
EriC^^Lucax: look into it further20:49
MasterPiece_DeLa_, Read the find manual page for checking CTime , Atime, Mtime ;)20:49
Lucaxhow is it with tarballs, there is an install.sh. isn't there something like cd make or something?20:51
Azitrexi want to install ubuntu server on a PC but when ubuntu ask me which repo i want to select and then if ubuntu can not to connect to it dont continue to next levels ! how can i to ignore this level ? (ubuntu server 13.04 amd64 )20:51
_DeLa_MasterPiece: thanks!20:52
daftykinsLucax: that shell script often includes 'make' :P20:52
daftykinsLucax: but you shouldn't really be installing software that way if you can help it20:52
bubbasauresAzitrex, 13.04 id eol20:52
daftykinsAzitrex: use 14.04.1 server, as it is LTS20:52
BluesKajLucax, there's usually a readme file in the extracted folder giving install instructiomns20:53
bubbasauresAzitrex, Use 12.04 or 14.04, both have 5 years support20:53
BluesKajerr instructions20:53
EriC^^Lucax: you could use this to get the 12.04 package, i don't think apt would install any older dependencies, so you could try grabbing the package and see if the dependencies are satisfied, anyways use at your own risk.. sudo sh -c 'echo "deb  https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/12.04/\$(ARCH)/ ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conformal.list20:54
BluesKajcalling it a day ...take care20:55
EriC^^( add a ' to the end )20:55
bubbasauresLucax, Be sure to check the ubuntu repos before installing binaries or apps, it might be there already.20:55
bubbasauresinstalling via tar...etc20:55
spelterIs anyone familiar with the dd command for creating bootable disks? I am attempting to copy 4 partitions but not an entire drive, will this command take the MBR and the partition table?20:55
Azitrexbubbasaures, daftykins , i want to installed ubuntu server (amd64) on a PC without internet and network interface but if 14.04 had a level similar to 13.04 that want to connected to a repo and if dont lucky dont continued i dont want to downlaod it , if could i to ignore this level please say me for download and use it thanks :)20:56
EriC^^spelter: do you want the mbr and partition table?20:56
EriC^^is it msdos?20:56
=== Guma is now known as Guma_
spelterbut not a 2 TB NTFS partition20:56
spelterits linux20:57
bubbasauresAzitrex, Can you try that again and make sense? ;)20:57
=== Guma_ is now known as Guma
daftykinsAzitrex: err as long as you select minimal it should work from the server ISO. can't confirm that though.20:57
bubbasauresAzitrex, 13.04 is not supported is all, and unsafe to just use.20:57
spelterits actually a router OS and swap space, etc20:57
Kurvivorhello. Is there a good program for getting a list of all the machines on my network?20:58
Kurvivorpreferably one with easy setup20:58
Kurvivorthat won;t ask for root permissions (like opennms does)20:58
Azitrexok bubbasaures and daftykins , but i want to know can i to install "14.04 server" without internet or no ?20:58
bubbasauresAzitrex, Yes, not with a mini however.20:59
OerHeksAzitrex, sure, but you will not have any software to run20:59
daftykinsAzitrex: that is what i just replied to. read it again.21:00
EriC^^Kurvivor: nmap?21:00
Lucaxto install a tar is it usual to go to the directory where the downloaded files are and execute the commands from there?21:01
=== ET_Warrior is now known as etwarrior
jiffeso here's a question, I see logrotate in cron.daily but not cron.hourly, so by default does that mean the hourly option is useless?21:01
=== drew_ is now known as blain_the_pain
EriC^^Lucax: yeah21:02
OerHeksLucax, there is no 'install a tar', just unpacking21:02
LucaxI see21:02
Vespian0erHeks: I think he's talking about './configure', 'make' and 'makefile'.21:03
KurvivorEriC^^: if i understand correctly, for Ubuntu i shoul build it from sources, yes?21:03
OerHeksmost tar's have a license and read.me21:03
Azitrexthanks a lot , let's to download 14.04 server amd64 with a turtle internet speed :)21:03
Lucaxwell this has no readme or install? wonder what to do=21:03
bubbasauresLucax, What is it?21:03
EriC^^Lucax: where did you get it from?21:03
EriC^^Kurvivor: no, sudo apt-get install nmap21:04
EriC^^Kurvivor: zenmap if you want a gui21:04
Lucaxfrom here21:04
Lucaxit has an install.sh21:05
Lucaxoh great, thanks21:05
EriC^^if i were you i'd take my chances with the 12.04 dep21:05
EriC^^it was updated on oct 2014 as well21:06
EriC^^so you're basically doing the same thing except the hard way21:06
LucaxYes, whichever way is easiest for beginner to install21:06
KurvivorEriC^^: thanks. Will look into it21:06
EriC^^*i mean .deb21:06
LucaxOk, could you walk a baby through?21:07
VespianI wish there were a way to execute 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean' without having to type in a password. Ahah21:07
EriC^^Vespian: you only have to type it once21:07
bubbasauresLucax, Did you see their wiki link. https://opensource.conformal.com/wiki/cyphertite_installation#Ubuntu21:07
EriC^^Vespian: well, unless it takes more than 15mins or so21:07
bubbasauresI would try the deb myself Lucax21:07
EriC^^Vespian: add apt-get to the sudoers list with NOPASSWD21:07
VannyHow are you all? :)21:08
EriC^^Vespian:  i think the upgrade isn't necessary after dist-upgrade21:08
manoelHello! I m  brazilian21:09
ventanitashi i m mexico21:09
VannyI just switched to linux (Mint) . I love it lots aside a few issues with battery. Thank you all so much21:09
VespianEriC^^: Ah yes. You are right.21:09
manoelcomo esta21:09
ventanitasbien y vos21:10
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:10
ventanitasque bueno21:10
manoelMi sistema no consigo pongar en potugues21:10
OerHeksVanny, ubuntu didn't make Mint.21:10
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:11
ventanitasPuro español21:11
ventanitasPuro spanish21:11
VannyOerHeks: Oh my apologies, the chat on the start page linked here. I hear its based of ubuntu? Anyways. Sorry for the confusion :/21:12
ventanitashello whats your name)21:12
retroisprestoi've decided to try upgrading from 8.04.4 to 10.04.421:12
Piciventanitas: #ubuntu is for support with Ubuntu itself, if you are looking to chat, check out #ubuntu-offtopic or perhaps #ubuntu-es-offtopic21:12
retroisprestothen see where to go after that21:12
retroisprestobecause they are both LTS21:13
ventanitasNo english21:13
retroisprestoand 8.04 and 10.04 are both gnome 221:13
ventanitashello eric21:14
retroisprestoi know they're eol, but i'm still running 8.04.4 lts21:14
retroisprestoa jump straight to a supported version would probably render the system unusable21:15
EriC^^well i'm rooting for you21:15
Kurvivornmap seems confusing. oh well. I will try to read the manuals and try to understand how to discover everything in my local network, then21:16
EriC^^Kurvivor: zenmap is the gui for nmap it's very easy and intuitive21:16
retroispresto!define intuitive21:16
ventanitas_no english!!!!21:17
retroisprestonow i have to use effort .-.21:17
KurvivorEriC^^: well, it is easy in representing results of nmap runs21:17
Kurvivorbut all i get is 'Host seems down'21:17
EriC^^Kurvivor: you have to add the -Pn or something21:18
EriC^^to the command it's running21:18
Kurvivorand i don't really know how to discover other ips in my local network21:18
Kurvivor100% packat loss21:19
retroisprestoHint: if your using ping to check your network connection, you can add -c [number of times you want it to ping]21:19
Kurvivoror rather i should, otherwice it is Ctrl-C time21:20
ventanitas_hwello   how is there21:20
Kurvivorcould you explain what command should i use to try and determine what IPs are there in my local network?21:20
retroisprestoOn Windows if you press CTRL + ALT + DELETE it reboots the computer instantly. It doesn't work after it's in the desktop21:21
retroisprestoOnly when booting up~21:21
daftykinsKurvivor: sudo nmap -sP 192.168.0.x-y (where x is the first IP and y is the last (e.g. .1-254)21:21
Lucaxi am trying to build from source now21:21
retroisprestoLucax: what from source?21:21
Lucaxand it says: no such file or directory when there certainly is such a file or directory21:22
Kurvivordaftykins: thanks a lot!21:22
aryk1l, are you there mate?21:22
EriC^^Lucax: yeah?21:23
bubbasauresLucax, Did you read the wiki?21:23
LucaxI read the wiki21:23
retroisprestoKurvivor, if you ping you could always open another terminal, type xkill and hit the pinging terminal21:23
Lucaxwiki tells nothing more than what the website does21:23
retroisprestoor if your on a eol version of ubuntu, just click the kill icon in the task bar :P21:23
bubbasauresLucax, Did you see the extra packages to install possibly?21:23
bubbasauresthe wiki is more detailed on the install Lucax21:24
bubbasauresboth the tar or deb21:24
Lucaxyes, that is what I liked, there was just this sudo apt-install and a ginormous list of packages install in a second21:24
Lucaxbut still it tells me No such file or directory when I execute tar zvxf cyphertite-full-2.0.4.tar.gz in the respective directory21:25
=== hp_ is now known as Guest68996
retroisprestosudo apt-get install [package] --no-install-recommends21:25
bubbasauresLucax, Did you try the deb?21:25
bubbasauresLucax, Really there is no 14.04 release, I assume you're running 14.04.21:26
Lucaxno I am confused21:26
Lucaxso that means I am trying to build from source something that doesn't exist?21:26
retroisprestohow can i make it default to not install any recommended packages?21:27
bubbasauresLucax, Hard to say, as you cannot really give exacting details, and have no real experience it seems in this area, and probably don;t know the cd to folders process.21:28
bubbasauresThat's all okay it just makes it hard to help.21:28
retroisprestoI have a beast Mac o.o21:29
Lucaxyes, maybe I am too eager. back to command line for dummies, haha!21:29
retroisprestoIt can compile wine and all of it's dependancies with one -j in about 7 minutes21:29
bubbasauresLucax, We want to help, some are just better than others in specific areas and deciphering the users processes. ;)21:30
aryHi. Some time ago i had a problem with libreoffice and was sayed that the problem was my video memory. So I bouth a new motherboard because my old mb passed out. But this new motherboard have Radeon 3000 integrated video chipset, and i have installed the fglrx from ubuntu repos, but those drivers are not so fine. I know that this integrated video chipset can be too much better then it is now. I think that the driver is not the proper driver. I21:30
aryt is using Xorg to render the video. How can I install the proper driver for this card?21:30
daftykinsary: your card is unsupported by fglrx21:31
daftykinsary: you have no choices, you're better off buying a simple cheap card to put in that system - the 3000 is not supported on any ubuntu version that is still supported21:31
LucaxSo let's start from scratch, I can build from source, install the tarball: cyphertite-full-2.0.4.tar.gz modified October 30 2014 or I can install from package, which would you recommend?21:32
Lucaxthe deb?21:32
daftykinsary: however if you are the one that came by the other day with this issue... have you booted without nomodeset with the open source 'radeon' driver yet?21:32
EriC^^Lucax: you need to install a lot of dependencies to get it to work21:33
daftykinsLucax: 1) repo is best 2) deb's second 3) other methods last - but none are supported by us21:33
EriC^^Lucax: type sudo sh -c 'echo "deb  https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/12.04/\$(ARCH)/ ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conformal.list21:34
alexahello guys! I could not edit successfully an existing keyboard layout :(21:34
EriC^^Lucax: then type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cyphertite21:34
LucaxI install all the dependencies allready, it is super easy, a simple sudo apt-get install LONGLISTOFDepEnDencies..21:34
alexait's in /usr/share/X11/xkb/21:34
EriC^^Lucax: ok21:34
EriC^^type wget -O bla.deb https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/12.04/i386/cyphertite_2.0.4-1_i386.deb && sudo dpkg -i bla.deb21:34
alexaI edited it, it looks now exactly as it looked like when I was using 12.04 version, except that it doesn't work now :(21:35
arydaftykins, the fglrx is installed and working. Compiz is working fine too. But some games are too low.21:35
arydaftykins, I booted with nomodeset and installed fglrx, and then i boot normaly21:35
Lucaxhmm, still it demands even more dependencies but at least it names them, it is not too many21:35
dario_i have study math to the uni21:36
alexaanyone, please!21:36
EriC^^Lucax: ok, install them, then type sudo dpkg -i bla.deb to try again21:36
daftykinsary: i doubt that, as that device isn't supported. anyway, it's utterly rubbish and you should replace it. you have no driver options at all i'm afraid21:37
arydaftykins, how can i see what driver the system is using?21:37
daftykinsary: like i said last time, "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"21:38
=== infamy_ is now known as infamy
Lucaxto install these dependencies it is just sudo apt-get install dependencies?21:38
MasterPieceWhere can I find Ubuntu's upstream tracker system ?21:39
EriC^^Lucax: yeah21:39
LucaxI get these errors on all the dependencies: Package libclog2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.21:39
LucaxThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or21:39
Lucaxis only available from another source21:39
arydaftykins, Here it is. Doesn't before: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9372832/21:40
Jordan_UMasterPiece: What do you mean by "upstream tracker system"?21:40
=== pixelfog_ is now known as Guest31793
EriC^^Lucax: wget -O libbla.deb https://opensource.conformal.com/packages/ubuntu/12.10/i386/libclog2_0.6.4-1_i386.deb && sudo dpkg -i libbla.deb21:40
daftykinsary: "Doesn't before" ?21:41
curiousxary: lsmod | grep -o radeon | lsmod | grep -o fglrx21:41
daftykinsary: it's using the open source driver 'radeon' because fglrx does not support it, as mentioned.21:41
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Chuck_Norrisary: lsmod | grep -o radeon | lsmod | grep -o fglrx | tail -n 1 :p21:41
daftykinsary: you have no options other than to buy a better card to put in21:42
timvisher-xubuntanyone have experience with dropbox on ubuntu? it's spinning at 100% of one of my cores, when it's apparently doing nothing? although it has been full for a while21:42
MasterPieceJordan_U, I mean "A system for tracking debian changes, update ubuntu's repositories and build the packages again which is updated to debian"21:42
EriC^^ary: lshw -C video | grep driver21:42
Lucaxlibass, libclog, libexclude3, libshrink3, libxmlsd3 also is there21:42
EriC^^somehow i think that's not in the ubuntu repos21:43
bekks!info libass21:44
ubottuPackage libass does not exist in utopic21:44
EriC^^Lucax: i'd just install the deb in the sources.list.d21:44
EriC^^bekks: please behave21:44
arycuriousx, return no value21:44
aryChuck_Norris,  configuração: driver=radeon latency=021:44
MasterPieceJordan_U, I guess this implemented within launchpad, but I wanna know exactly WHERE of the launchpad if mine guess is true21:45
aryEriC^^,  configuração: driver=radeon latency=021:45
Chuck_Norrisary: lo) that's the output that gave you the EriC^^ commands xD not mine, but... you are using free drivers, not privative, i mean not fglrx21:45
daftykinsi have already stated fglrx does not support that device21:46
bubbasauresEriC^^, You're setting up a users that will be in a whole probably installing a unsupported release, and update could break it.21:47
Chuck_Norrisdaftykins: i read that he wanted to know what drivers is he using -.-21:47
daftykinsyeah there was a lot more to it than that.21:47
aryChuck_Norris, Ok. It is how daftykins sayd. Need a vcard that is compatible with fglrx. But why there is no driver for ubuntu for god's sake?21:47
EriC^^bubbasaures: i'm going to tell him to remove the ppa once he installs the package21:47
EriC^^so it doesn't break anything in the future21:48
marioxcc1Hello. Is there a forum software that uses database transactions to assure data integrity?.21:48
=== marioxcc1 is now known as marioxcc
daftykinsary: because AMD abandoned all their older hardware.21:48
bekksary: Because your card is too old.21:48
bubbasauresEriC^^, mmmm a install not to get updates, wonderful.21:48
daftykinsary: it is them, not Ubuntu (Canonical) that is at fault :)21:48
EriC^^bubbasaures: umm, he's already installing from source so it wont matter21:48
EriC^^bubbasaures: just trying to get him out of dependency hell21:48
Lucaxwell, I am so tired but if i leave this pursuit now I will forget everything by tomorw21:48
arydaftykins, Live at Brazil sucks. All is too old here....21:49
dm7freekWhere do I specify persistent static routes/21:49
aryI have a 7850 here but i Think it is not working. But worth a try.21:49
arythank you all21:49
Lucaxhow can I install a package depending on dependencies that doesn't exist21:50
EriC^^Lucax: from the sites repo21:50
EriC^^did you add that sudo sh -c command?21:50
bubbasauresEriC^^, Installing from source is a outlier in it running in ubuntu from the repos, is all I'm saying, personally I would have steered them away with understand in the risk. ;)21:51
EriC^^bubbasaures: apt-get is not going to downgrade any packages it finds in the repo, so it will only pull what's necessary for the package to install, there is no risk21:51
EriC^^bubbasaures: i just said use at your own risk earlier cause it is a bit unorthodox21:52
Jordan_UMasterPiece: Partial answer to your question: https://merges.ubuntu.com/21:52
EriC^^bubbasaures: he's basically doing the exact same thing by downloading each dependency from their website and running dpkg -i to install21:52
=== soee_ is now known as soee
bubbasauresEriC^^, I disagree, lets leave it at that.21:53
EriC^^i can see it upgrading a package that is already there, and maybe breaking something else21:53
nuke1989anyone can help a bit with a cannon wireless printer? :D21:54
EriC^^Lucax: just install them one by one21:54
=== D3vil_ is now known as D3vil
Jordan_UMasterPiece: Also: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/udd-intro.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging21:55
EriC^^bubbasaures: Lucax but that would have the same effect, and installing them would break whatever too21:57
Lucaxok, I don't want to break  anything21:57
Lucaxso should I install each package one by one?21:57
Lucaxis that it?21:57
EriC^^you could be anal about it21:58
bekksEriC^^: Please behave.21:58
EriC^^and try not to update any existing packages you had which are in the dep list21:58
ubuntu35wout of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a theme for ubuntu that is similar to the Xbox  360 "Blades" dashboard?21:58
EriC^^Lucax: run apt-cache policy <package> to check if it's installed and which version it is21:59
donotpetHi, Can someone help me with a kickstart problem (14.4)? I'm trying to use the %package statement, and kickstart seems to be ignoring the %end statement.21:59
* D3vil is away: Got to a point where my brain activity was minimal.21:59
donotpet"...Dec  4 21:55:22 in-target: E: Unable to locate package %end"21:59
marioxccHello. Is there a forum software that uses database transactions to assure data integrity?.22:00
bekksmarioxcc: Yes, thats called a relational database management system, like postgres, mysql, etc.22:01
marioxccbekks: yes, I know, but I'm asking about software that uses the transaction support that those database engines provide.22:01
bekksmarioxcc: Every software that uses mysql, e.g.22:02
MasterPieceJordan_U, Thanks :) You took me a great answer :)22:02
LucaxOk, I think I have to get back to this some other day, I can't think anymore, thanks a lot for all the help, I will have to get back to it later22:02
wyre_Hi all! :P22:02
Jordan_UMasterPiece: You're welcome :)22:02
DM__Hello everyone I am having issue with my apache2 web server keeps crashing: I have three errors over and over again; AH00094 - AH00169 - AH0016322:02
marioxccbekks: Not AFAIK. Some MySQL backends don't even offer data integrity against crashes.22:02
wyre_i have one doubt! :P22:02
wyre_i'd like install this DE in my Ubuntu!22:03
wyre_how could i!? :P22:03
EriC^^!info cyphertite trusty22:03
ubottuPackage cyphertite does not exist in trusty22:03
Chuck_Norriswyre_: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell22:03
bubbasaureswyre_, Looks like the gnome fallback desktop22:03
jwii'm attempting to upgrade my ubuntu server on AWS from 12.04 to 14.04, but after the upgrade process finishes and the server reboots, it can't boot saying "The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present".  How do I fix this???????22:03
Atlantic777Hi! I've broken some package dependencies and I'm not sure how to solve this.22:03
Atlantic777The following packages have unmet dependencies: gcc-4.8-multilib : Depends: libc6-dev-i386 (>= 2.11) but it is not going to be installed libc6-dev-x32 : Depends: libc6-dev-i386 (= 2.19-0ubuntu6.3) but it is not going to be installed22:03
bekksmarioxcc: Because those are two applications.22:03
Atlantic777E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).22:04
EriC^^!find cyphertite22:04
bekksmarioxcc: you cant use mysql features without using mysql.22:04
ubottuPackage/file cyphertite does not exist in utopic22:04
jwii've check fstab and theres nothing out of the ordinary there22:04
wyre_bubbasaures, but... it's some called Gnome Classic (using gnome-shell)22:04
xangua!nounity | wyre_: you want fallback more22:04
ubottuwyre_: you want fallback more: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic22:04
retroisprestousing unetbootin to create the 10.04 usb now22:04
bubbasaureswyre_, Than install the gnome-shell you will g=have the fallback as well22:04
joshh20Does Ubuntu use ASLR by default?22:05
retroisprestoi'll tell everyone how the upgrade goes22:05
bubbasauresretroispresto, we don' want to know.22:05
imastupidguestI'm having a problem installing guest additions in a vbox guest of ubuntu 14.04. I get the error dialog : "unable to insert the virtual optical disk" I see that VBoxGuestAdditions.iso  does exist in /usr/share/virtualbox   and the perms for that file are currently : -rw-r-xr-x22:05
imastupidguestWhat do I do?22:05
wyre_bubbasaures, i have done 'apt-get install gnome-session-fallback' but only appears gnome flashback in gdm! :S22:05
dontpetdoes anyone know if/how I can get a ks.cfg to interpret an %end statement for a %packages declaration?22:05
imastupidguestThe owner:group for that file is :    root:root22:05
xanguawyre_: gnome-panel as the bot says22:05
marioxccHello. Is there a forum software that uses database transactions to assure data integrity?.22:06
xanguaretroispresto: still trying to upgrade 8.04??22:06
retroisprestoyour meant to install gnome-session-flashback22:06
bubbasaureswyre_, I'm not sure what you mean.22:06
retroisprestognome-session-fallback is a translational package22:06
retroisprestoxangua: yup22:06
retroisprestoI fell asleep last night so i couldn't do it x.x22:06
joshh20Am I allowed to chat in here?22:06
wyre_retroispresto, yes! :D it's the point! :D22:06
joshh20I cant tell if my messages are sending22:07
wyre_retroispresto, what is transitional package?22:07
bubbasauresjoshh20, Chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic22:07
retroisprestorun apt-cache search gnome-session22:07
joshh20Ok thanks bubbasaures you answered my question22:07
retroisprestoit will say it in ()'s22:07
majnoonwhat is the name for the package for whole unity desktop ?22:08
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: try:  chown $USER:$USER /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso22:08
dontpetkickstart? halp?22:08
bubbasauresjoshh20, Thanks for asking. ;)22:08
jwii'm attempting to upgrade my ubuntu server on AWS from 12.04 to 14.04, but after the upgrade process finishes and the server reboots, it can't boot saying "The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present".  How do I fix this???????22:08
EriC^^majnoon: ubuntu-desktop22:08
wyre_retroispresto, but... gnome-session-fallback isn't at Trusty repos?22:08
retroisprestowyre_: that's my point, install gnome-session-flashback22:08
Frank_LeachHi everyone...my latest dist update has caused problems with chroumium, anyone else experience anything?22:09
xanguamajnoon: ubuntu-desktop22:09
Frank_Leacheverytime I open YouTube, my screen goes black22:09
Chuck_Norriswyre_: the image you post was gnome-shell idk what version but the bottom panel i could have been a gnome-shell plugin22:09
retroisprestoFrank_Leach: apart from being 3-5 years eol, not really! XD22:09
Chuck_Norriswyre_: but AFAIK now a day there is no such plugin22:10
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest24461
wyre_retroispresto, but... whats mean transitional package?22:10
wyre_Chuck_Norris, AFAIK? xD22:10
retroisprestowyre_: i dun actually know xD sorry22:10
wyre_whar u mena? XD22:10
Chuck_Norrisas far as i know -.-22:10
Frank_Leachwell, I did dishromium and try to play a youtube video, it crashest upgrade yesterday, and when I open C22:10
retroisprestoChuck_Norris, can you break bedrock with your fists?22:11
wyre_anyone knows what is considered transitional package? XD22:11
Frank_Leacha load of me bollix22:11
retroisprestoI'm a furry!22:11
Chuck_Norriswyre_: if you like the old gnome, try "mate"22:11
retroispresto^ what Chuck_Norris said!22:12
Frank_Leachget it inta ya cyntia22:12
jwiGreetings!  i'm attempting to upgrade my ubuntu server on AWS from 12.04 to 14.04, but after the upgrade process finishes and the server reboots, it can't boot saying "The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present".  Has anyone encountered this or know how to fix this?22:12
imastupidguestChuck_Norris: Ok, I did that and was success with sudo chown myRealUserName:myRealUserName   but still does not work when I try to mount the image through vbox. Here is a screenshot of what I'm looking at (maybe it makes more sense to you) : http://imgur.com/0ALgwZy22:12
wyre_Chuck_Norris, i like that gnome! xD22:13
wyre_(also ... i have it, and i'm running with Gnome 3.14 xD22:13
MasterPieceHow merges.ubuntu.com aware's to merge some packages?22:14
Frank_LeachAny of you system admins?22:14
wyre_(but Debian... not ubuntu, the question is to a friend)22:14
retroisprestoI'll miss some people at my school .-.22:14
Frank_LeachThinking of changing careers22:14
retroisprestosystem admins?22:14
imastupidguestChuck_Norris: Why is there a 'Force Unmount" button on that window (as if to say the thing is mounted)?22:14
retroisprestoI'm a student o.o22:14
wyre_and gnome-session-fallback it's inside trusty repos?22:14
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
Frank_Leachstudent of what22:14
MasterPieceJordan_U, Can you give me another great answer ? ( Question is above (: )22:14
retroisprestohigh school xD22:14
wyre_(although it be transicional package)22:15
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: cick in "Details" but i think if we search for VER_PDM_MEDIA_LOCK we could find something -.-22:15
retroisprestoI was introduced to linux at about 7-8 years old22:15
retroisprestomy first distro was ubuntu o-o22:15
imastupidguestChuck_Norris: Details say ...22:16
fowlslegsCan I install the ISO to usb w/ `dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M` after making a single FAT32 partition (/dev/sdXY)?22:16
imastupidguestResult Code:22:16
imastupidguestNS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)22:16
unopasteimastupidguest you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:16
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: http://blog.plicatibu.com/how-to-solve-cannot-install-guest-addtions-verr_pdm_media_locked/22:16
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: there it says: "The solution is simple: unmount the CD/DVD driver"22:17
imastupidguestChuck_Norris: Thank you sir22:18
fowlslegsEh that didn't work. Ubuntu is weird. Guess I'll just download Unetbootin.22:19
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imastupidguestChuck_Norris: Just pondering on something. Now if the problems with mounting guest additions is that it's already mounted (and mounting it was my goal) - then there's nothing to do, right? If it's mounted already it's mounted already - or am I missing something here?22:25
imastupidguestWhy would 'you don't have a problem to begin with' be a problem for anyone?22:25
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: idk, it was like your virtual cd/dvd drive was already in use or something like, so it doesnt wanted to mount any other thing -.-22:27
Chuck_Norrisit didnt*22:27
retroisprestoso far the upgrade to 10.04.4 is going well22:28
xanguaretroispresto: are you planning to upgrade to 12.04 as well? 10.04 desktop is no longer supported22:29
dontpetSo, PXE/Kickstart: does anyone know why the installer would ignore the %end after a %packages declaration in a kickstart config?22:29
retroisprestoxangua: yes, after 10.04.4 is done. An upgrade straight to 12.04.5 would almost definately brick the system22:30
dontpetit's driving me mad22:30
imastupidguestChuck_Norris: In my Ubuntu guest, it appears that guest additions is mounted. Is there some component of guest additions where it needs to be installed to the guest?22:30
bekksdontpet: Can you pastebin your entire config?22:30
dontpetbekks sure.22:30
dontpetthank you22:30
* retroispresto pets dontpet :322:31
xanguaretroispresto: as far as I remember you are using a limited resource machine, so why didn't you go with Lubuntu as you were told severald times yesterday? newer Ubuntu releases need more resources22:31
retroisprestoI have medicial conditions, i have patience to sit at a desk for 6 hours watching a progress bar move along22:32
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: mmm... i don't remember very well but if it's mounted then check /media... and see what inside that iso, and if there is an installer or something22:32
xanguaretroispresto: a fresh Lubuntu install would be faster that sitting 6 hours to uprade22:33
Jordan_Uretroispresto: While you're watching the progress bar move along, download and burn (or load onto a USB drive) Lubuntu 14.04 so that if things die you have rescue media on hand.22:33
dontpethere's my ks.cfg22:33
retroisprestoi'm on an eee pc 4g surf22:34
retroisprestoit has a 7" screen. it can handle graphics fine22:34
imastupidguestOk. Sounds like a good idea. I think I see what's going on. My ubuntu install image was still configured to be what's mounted to /dev/sr0. I thought I had changed that setting; but, since the setting change was made while the guest was running, i tmay note have took.22:34
retroisprestoI can even play battle for wesnoth without audio lag22:35
patsourakosHello sorry for this link http://i.imgur.com/trgo9YF.jpg22:35
EvilRoeyHey all, I have BTRFS subvols mounted for /home, / and others.  How do I reinstall Kubuntu and leave /home as it is, while obliterating / ?22:36
bekksdontpet: did you try to remove the # ?22:36
Chuck_Norrisimastupidguest: how did you install "GuestAdditions" from ubuntu repos?22:36
dontpet@bekks  which one?22:36
bekksdontpet: The one in front of the %end22:37
dontpetlines 20-21 are my current desperate attempt22:37
* vifino pets dontpet22:37
dontpet@bekks lines 24-28 used to be uncommented22:37
dontpet(before lines 20-21 existed)22:38
bekksdontpet: maybe the whitespace after the @ breaks it?22:38
dontpethmm... I'll try that if my single line hack fails. thanks for the suggestion!22:40
Jordan_UEvilRoey: There is an option for doing that in the Ubuntu installer (that doesn't require use of subvolumes or separate partitions at all), though 1: I haven't used the feature (or Ubuntu's installer) for years and 2: I have no idea if Ubuntu's installer properly handles existing btrfs subvolumes.22:40
Jordan_UEvilRoey: You should however habe backups of any important data, no matter what you're doing.22:41
retroisprestomy eee pc 4g surf is my intellectual property22:41
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  well yes I have backups22:42
EvilRoeyjust wondering what the utility of BTRFS is if the installer cannot handle installating making sure not to nuke all the  subvols22:43
EvilRoeyhaha, installating.22:43
azizLIGHThow do i check what partition table a usb hdd has?22:44
Jordan_UazizLIGHT: sudo parted -l22:44
Jordan_UEvilRoey: I have no idea if it can or not. To check for the sanity of your proposal, what paths other than /home/ are you trying to preserve?22:45
EvilRoeyjust /home, actually22:45
EvilRoeyoh, and /archive (which is where I put media)22:45
EvilRoeyI have a few volumes that I hang off of /22:45
dreamcat4has anyone else been experiencing boot problems on the latest 14.10 kernel 3.XXX.25 ?22:45
dreamcat4or is it just me ?22:46
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  //home, /archive, /porn-for-the-greater-good, etc.22:46
dm7freekI have LDAP and just messed with my routing a bit. Now when I try to log in, I get a black screen followed by the same login screen. What's going on?22:46
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  and with BTRFS being this meta-container for volumes, I am concerned that if I remove it and re-make it in the partition table, it will wipe out those subvols that I did not want touched.22:46
Jordan_UEvilRoey: I expect Ubiquity's feature for installing over an existing system (overwriting only "system" directories) will work fine for you. No guarantees though :)22:47
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  thanks for ansewring22:47
EvilRoeyheh :)22:47
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  I was hoping to do a clean installation22:47
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  in the worst case, I'll jsut copy the data back frombackup.22:47
Jordan_UEvilRoey: Try it out and tell me how it goes, I'm curious :)22:47
Jordan_UEvilRoey: Note that i expect that the default will be to simply whipe the partition you're installing to, so please do read through the install screens carefully.22:48
EvilRoeyok, seems like we think alike on this :)22:48
EvilRoeyJordan_U:  btw.. so the context is that my current 14.10 system is failing,22:48
EvilRoeyand I think a fresh installation would fix that.22:49
dreamcat4grrr. or does everyone here just use LTS these days ?22:49
=== matias is now known as DrCachetez
bekksdreamcat4: Which kind of problems do you experience using 14.10?22:50
bekksTaking polls wont solve them ;)22:50
dreamcat4bekks: well the kernel moved from 3...24 --> 2....25 recently, and at that time it's not booting for me anymore22:51
dreamcat4but i need to check if its the new kernel, or some 3rd party software i've installed22:51
bekksdreamcat4: What exactly does it do then?22:51
dreamcat4i did a re-install, but same thing happened again22:51
dreamcat4boot hangs / blacnk screen22:52
Jordan_Udreamcat4: Have you tried booting in recovery mode/22:52
dreamcat4last thing on the log is 'makefile something runlevel S' it's all pretty strange22:52
dreamcat4Jordan_U: i've been able to use the recovery mode feature. but the failure cause is still a mystery to me22:53
dreamcat4it may be because i've innstalled some debian pkgs from 3rd party srcs, but the precise failure cause isn't very clear22:53
Bashing-omdreamcat4: Proprietary graphics driver ( not building ) ??22:54
__ravencfhowlett: read again: encrypted home is no server specific function22:54
Jordan_Udreamcat4: What happens if you select the recovery mode entry, then select the option to continue booting normally?22:55
dreamcat4it could be something to do with the graphics driver. i tried removing 2 such pkgs installed from stemos repos. but that didn't solve the boot issue22:55
Chuck_Norrisdreamcat4: what is your graphic card¿22:56
dreamcat4Jordan_U: i've just done that no on .23 kernel after re installing over the same partition (unchecked format box in the installer)22:56
dreamcat4the card is an intel GMA HD 3000 / 945 or something like that22:56
dreamcat4right not i've booted that way and am installing updates with software updater. i still don't understand what cruft was remaining for the problem to return since i re-installed from the live CD today22:58
dreamcat4that should have wiped out everything in /etc/ /usr and /var directories and grub too.22:58
dontpet@bekks single line hack failed. Trying the multiline with the whitespace removed per your suggestion now.22:59
dreamcat4time to reboot to finish installing the latest updates...22:59
dm7freekI am unable to log in via gui, only over ctrl-alt-F#    (using LDAP)   I have ldap auth log open. what's going on?22:59
dreamcat4ah-ha. it's booted properly this time23:00
dreamcat4now if i can just figure out which 3rd party software / repos NOT to re-install again (steamos most probably)23:01
dontpet@bekks same thing :(23:02
dreamcat4question: if i add a debian-based repository into my apt-srcs list (even if it's at the bottom of the list). will that cause debian pkgs to be pulled in be accident instead of ubuntu ones ?23:02
dreamcat4i suspect that was my problem here23:03
dontpet E: Unable to locate package %end23:03
maestrojedI am trying to import a somewhat big sql file via CLI. I get an error I am not familiar with. The error looks to me to be a linux error more so than mysql. Can anyone help? -bash: xmalloc: ../.././builtins/evalfile.c:162: cannot allocate 783095624 bytes (1851392 bytes allocated)23:05
__ravendu -h on / gives me 50 gb but df -h gives me 300 gb used space. whats wrong here?23:07
Walex2__raven: nothing23:07
Walex2__raven: depends on filesystem, or perhaps you need to 'fsck'23:08
Walex2__raven: also use '-x' with 'du'23:08
__ravenWalex2: deleting files does not effect the free space at all23:09
Jordan_Umaestrojed: For some reason it look like bash was trying to allocate 783 MiB of RAM in one go, and failed. What is the exact command you ran?23:09
Walex2__raven: In that case 'fsck' will be quite necessary23:09
Jordan_U__raven: What files are you deleting and how?23:10
__ravenJordan_U: some big video files using rm on cli23:10
Jordan_U__raven: Is it possible that those video files are still open in some application?23:11
maestrojedjoshh20 a few. 1) On the MySQL CLI: "source filename.sql"; 2) On the linux CLI "mysql -u user -ppass dbname < filename.sql: 3) On the linux CLI "cat filename.sql | mysql -uuser -ppass dbname23:11
maestrojedSorry joshh20 that was meant for Jordan_U23:11
__ravenJordan_U: no thats impossible. never opened and this is a headless/no x system23:11
dm7freekI have an nfs automount and ldap. I cannot log in w the gui. i can log in via cli, but my automount fails. can anyone help me?23:11
Jordan_Umaestrojed: Triple check that you're running "source filename.sql" at the MySQL CLI ;)23:12
maestrojedJordan_U All day long buddy :)23:12
Jordan_Umaestrojed: I don't understand your last comment.23:12
maestrojedJordan_U the last two commands I listed give a different error23:12
maestrojedJordan_U mysql server gone away23:12
maestrojedJordan_U just joking. I have double checked a bunch.23:12
Jordan_Umaestrojed: The error message you posted looks a lot like what I would expect from running "source really_large_sql_file.sql" from *bash* instead of from an SQL prompt.23:14
maestrojedJordan_U interesting. I will ponder that and Quadruple check23:14
__ravenJordan_U: how to force a fsck on boot? i have no option to control the boot menu23:15
Jordan_U!fsck | __raven23:15
ubottu__raven: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot23:15
__ravenok tnx23:16
dontpet!ks.cfg | donotpet23:16
Jordan_U__raven: You're welcome.23:16
maestrojedI am sure I am on the MySQL CLI. BUT I think I just had success. I put bash into noprofile mode before entering the mysql cli. I got a few server gone away messages but it looks like it reconnected and recovered.23:16
dontpetwhoever manages the bot: !kickstart has a broken link.23:17
RobBurkeOneHey, I have problems with flash in my firefox on 14.04. I reinstalled the flashplugin-installer but I still get messages everywhere that I have to install flash in order to get certain things working. What can I do?23:21
Chuck_NorrisRobBurkeOne: use Chorme -.-23:21
Jordan_U!kickstart | dontpet :)23:23
ubottudontpet :): Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/installation-guide/amd64/apb.html - See also !cloning23:23
__ravenJordan_U: ok that solved the problem (for now) and deletion again affects the free space23:23
__ravenhopefully that will remain23:23
RobBurkeOneanything else apart from that? ;)23:23
Chuck_NorrisRobBurkeOne: Firefox for linux use an old version, and some webpages require you to use last or near lastest version of adobe flash plugin, last version of Chome for linux uses latest23:23
Jordan_U__raven: You should do a S.M.A.R.T. test, and maybe a memory test also to rule out failing hardware as a root cause.23:23
__ravenanother strange behaviour: exchanged ssh keys but sometimes key auth fails and it asks for password. whats that?23:24
__ravenJordan_U: yes thats an option...23:24
* Chuck_Norris got no flash plugin, just so webm videos .,.23:24
bubbasauresRobBurkeOne, You can use the pepperflash version chrome has is FF.23:25
RobBurkeOneChuck_Norris: Unlikely in my case: I got a message saying I am expected to have at least flash 10.0.0. And I have 11.2.something installed. At least theoretically23:25
Chuck_Norrissed -i 's/so/watch/'23:25
__ravenJordan_U: smart says i have a lot of "old age" and "prefail" but no major errors and state is ok23:30
acuhow can I see which version is in repository on Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS ?23:36
ten20is there a point in installing both ubuntu-after-install and ubuntu-tweaks?23:36
xanguaten20: ubuntu-after-install ¿23:38
Bashing-omacu: -> apt-cache policy <package_name> .23:38
Pinkamena_DHas anyone tried to set up webex, or at least the java plug in, in firefox? I have had no such luck after trying many tutorials and the java test page just gives a white box23:40
spencer_do i need to authenticate myself?23:44
spencer_to chat23:44
Bashing-om!identify | spencer_23:45
ubottuspencer_: You can identify to NickServ automatically when connecting to freenode. See https://www.freenode.net/faq.shtml#identify for more information. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, as a typo will give away your password. If that happens, identify and then type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.23:45
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zerowaitstatePinkamena_D: you may need to get the Oracle JVM rather than Iced Tea23:47
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zerowaitstatePinkamena_D: there are a few proprietary parts to the Oracle JVM that WebEx may depend on23:49
jinglescafeHello! I need some support23:51
DrManhattanI am using ubuntu 14.04 and I am unable to delete mails with squirrelmail. It greys the entries and markes them with a D but it doesn't delete them23:53
DrManhattanI beg humbly for help23:53
Jordan_Ujinglescafe: Just ask your question, and if anyone can help they will :)23:53
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