cegueiraHi, I'm having a problem with wpa_supplicant hogging CPU /var/log/syslog is >250MB00:09
cegueiratail -20 /var/log/syslog = http://paste.ubuntu.com/9359391/00:10
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christofferIn Xubuntu 14.04, I've just connected a second display to my laptop (through a dock). The laptop display is disable so the two external displays are used. Both displays have setting of 1650x1000 when I reboot my computer the settings do not work properly.08:58
christofferIn display settings the correct resolution is set but the resolution is much lower.08:58
christofferThe workaround is to change the resolution on one display and then press "use previous display settings" and it all works fine08:59
christofferI have no idea how to debug this one, any hints?08:59
christofferThe problem with debugging a problem like this is that you need to disconnect from time to time to try new settings. bbl09:05
littlebi1hi people, I have some problems with xubuntu and wanted to reinstall xubuntu again. My problem is that my home folder is encrypted. My question how to recover my home folder12:05
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory12:08
littlebi1thank you12:09
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Karinthat was fast13:07
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belalobohello everyone! I did an update in my ubuntustudio 14.04 distro with update manager and then restarted my laptop. upon logging into my account nothing appears. no top or lower panel. nothing just the mouse cursor. I've tried logging into the guest acount and everything seems to be working fine. any help on this please??14:41
cfhowlettbelalobo, there is a fix, but you'll need to work from the file manager ...14:41
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Since the guest account works, something happened to your user config.  It sounds like cfhowlett has some gui approach you can try...if you ask me you'll be learning CLI ;)14:42
cfhowlettHedgework, I can only think he scrambled is xfwm settings.  I was going to have him nuke .xf** to for a reset14:42
belaloboI'm up for anything just really need to get this fixed14:43
Hedgeworkcfhowlett: I was going to have him move it to test, so slightly more cautious version of the same thing.14:43
cfhowlettbelalobo, ubuntustudio please - let's avoid crossposting14:43
Hedgeworkcfhowlett: I just don't use the gui stuff so I don't know it well (anyway, it's far easier to give people commands to cut and paste IMO)14:43
cfhowlettHedgework, have at it14:44
cfhowlettbelalobo, work Hedgework's solution14:45
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Okay, so is it safe to assume you know how to open a terminal?14:45
belalobowhats the sollution Hedgework ?14:45
belaloboin logged into my account in the virtual terminal14:45
Hedgeworkbelalobo: please start by doing "cd ~/" to make sure you are working in your home directory.14:46
belalobook I'm in my home directory14:47
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Then "ls -a" will show you a list of the files and directories there, including hidden files (which start with a '.')14:47
Hedgeworkbelalobo: One of your configuration files is borked, but we don't know which one, so we are going to create a directory (call it whatever you want, I'll call it 'foo' in examples) and stash likely culprits there until it starts working, then we'll know which one broke.14:48
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Depending on how much you care about re-creating settings, you can then either keep the defaults that the system reverts to when configuration is missing, and just change things to your liking, or we can work on carefully migrating parts of the broken file back while hopefully not breaking anything :)14:49
Hedgeworkbelalobo: 'mkdir foo' will create a directory (in this case ~/foo) for you to stash things in.14:50
cfhowlettmuch safer than my method ; I just nuke 'em all from orbit.14:50
belalobook I created a directory called foo14:50
Hedgeworkcfhowlett: Yeah, but you're not a newbie.  I teach newbies the careful way because they may apply these skills to system config later.14:50
cfhowlettHedgework, noted.14:51
* ObrienDave pays attention14:51
* cfhowlett is amazed that ObrienDave is paying anything14:51
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Okay, the first thing we're going to try moving is the xfce4 configuration.  Assuming you are still in your home directory, do "mv .config/xfce4 ./foo" to move it all to foo where xfce can't find it :)14:51
HedgeworkCool, try logging in and see if things are working (for some value of "working" that includes the default desktop settings instead of anything customized)14:52
belalobostill not working14:54
HedgeworkOkay, did the symptoms change in any way?14:54
belaloboall the same14:54
belaloboshould I restart?14:55
Hedgeworkshouldn't need to14:55
belalobohum ok everything seems to be the same14:55
Hedgeworkthat's loaded when you log in via your display manager, so you shouldn't need to reboot14:55
HedgeworkGotcha.  In that case we're going to move that config back using (again, assuming you are in home) "mv ./foo/xfce4 ./.config" and try another one14:56
Hedgework(we'll iterate until we know who the culprit is)14:56
belalobook done14:56
HedgeworkNext let's try "mv .X* ./foo"  (that moves everything starting with ".X" which is probably 1-3 related files depending on your configuration)14:57
belaloboone thing.. the foo directory should be an hidden file?14:58
HedgeworkNo, we didn't make foo hidden.14:59
belalobookok check14:59
HedgeworkWe're just going to delete it when we're done, so it doesn't really matter. :)14:59
belaloboI get a mv: cannot stat .X* no such file or directory message14:59
HedgeworkOkay, then you didn't have any custom .Xresources or similar15:00
Hedgeworklet's try this next: "mv .gnome* ./foo"15:01
Hedgeworkthen try logging in again and see if it worked.15:02
HedgeworkIf not we'll move those back and try another.15:02
belalobo1sorry my internet connection fell15:05
belalobo1I'm back15:05
belalobo1missed anything Hedgework ?15:05
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belalobosorry my internet connection fell15:07
belaloboI'm back15:07
belalobomissed anything Hedgework ?15:07
Hedgeworkbelalobo: may I pm you so I don't repeat in channel?15:07
belaloboof course15:07
belaloboI'm sorry15:07
Hedgeworknp, it happens :)15:08
* ObrienDave can't lurk on a PM ;P15:08
HedgeworkYou already lurked at that text, ObrienDave :P15:09
cfhowlettObrienDave, lurking on PM.  that's called stalking15:10
ObrienDavesays you ;P15:10
ObrienDavei call it learning ;P15:10
KarinSweyeah, very funny15:14
Hedgeworkbelalobo: so since that didn't work, you can move them back ("mv ./foo/* ./") and we'll try again.15:14
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Out of curiosity -- and I should have asked this first -- do you have ~/.xsession-errors and if so can you pastebin it for us please?15:14
belalobo1I just noticed I have two gnome folders .gnome and .gnome2 should I try moving the gnome2 folder to foo?15:17
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belalobosorry net fell again15:18
Hedgeworkbelalobo: If you followed my instructions exactly, you moved both... .gnome* means "anything starting with '.gnome'"15:19
belalobooh ok didnt do that sorry I'll try it again15:19
belaloboI have to quit the chat and log back on. one sec15:20
Hedgeworkahh, yeah, it's important to be precise with this stuff...a slight change in one character can change the meaning of what you tell teh computer to do15:20
Hedgeworkhow'd it go, belalobo ?15:22
belalobo1ok jsut re-checked with both gnome folders on foo and tried to log in but everything seems to be the same15:24
Hedgeworkbelalobo1: do you have a file called ~/.xsession-errors ?15:25
belalobo1so I should put both folders back in home dir15:25
belaloboyes i do have that file15:28
belalobo.xsession-errors and .xsession-errors.old15:29
belaloboI'm here15:30
HedgeworkIf you put .xsession-errors in a pastebin we can look at it and possibly use information provided there to solve the problem.15:31
Hedgework.xsession-errors is, shockingly, generated by Xorg to note errors with your X session :)15:32
belalobo1Hedgework: how do I put it in a paste bin?15:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:32
belalobo1I dunno how to do that in a VT15:33
belalobo1Hedgework: I just looked at the file theres just a few lines on it can I send it to you via pm15:34
Hedgeworkbelalobo1: though fyi, !pastebinit is great for that15:37
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:37
* Hedgework pokes the bot15:37
Hedgeworkthere we go15:37
belalobo1I think I managed to paste it15:38
belalobo1Is that correct?15:38
HedgeworkI didn't get it.15:39
belalobo1Hedgework: hum ok I'll write it to you via pm15:39
Hedgeworkbelalobo1: well pastebinit should have givven you a URL to share with us15:39
belalobo1Hedgework: did you get the text?15:42
Hedgeworkbelalobo1: the line "init: dbus pre-start process (9988) terminated with status 2" is helpful...any status that is not zero is an error, so we know that dbus broke in some way.  Let's try moving your dbus config like we did the others:15:43
Hedgework"mv .dbus ./foo" (assuming you are still in ~/)15:43
HedgeworkThis may require a restart just to be safe, as I'm not sure where dbus gets loaded these days.15:43
belalobo1I must do it with sudo right?15:44
belalobo1I had to do it with sudo otherwise it wouldn't work15:45
HedgeworkThat's odd, and may indicate a permissions issue, but go ahead and restart.15:46
belalobo1so .dbus is now on the foo folder. I'll restart the laptop15:46
belalobo1back in a min15:46
belaloboHedgework: ok just restarted the laptop tried to log in but everything is the same15:50
belaloboso i should put .dbus back in home directory right?15:53
belalobook done. what next?15:53
HedgeworkI have to get back to work soon, but I'd like to try creating another regular user and logging in to your gui environment with that.  My reasoning is that whether or not this works as expected will tell us whether I was right about your user's configuration being at fault in some way or I was wrong and the guest account only works due to some special characteristic of it being a guest account.15:54
Hedgework"adduser kermit" would add a user named after a frog I rather like ;)15:55
Hedgeworkof course substitute any name you like15:55
Hedgeworkalso you'll need to use sudo or be logged in as root15:55
belaloboHedgework: ok i just added a new user i'll try logging into taht account now15:57
belalobook the gui seems to be working15:58
ObrienDavei thought kermit was an old RS-232 file transfer protocol ;P15:58
HedgeworkObrienDave: I'm pretty sure the frog predates that, but I could be wrong.15:59
ObrienDavelike xmodem. i'm sure you're correct ;p15:59
belaloboHedgework: what can i do now?15:59
HedgeworkObrienDave: I have a stuffed one in a karate gi that lives in my car.  He's sort of a mascot, but he is also good for S&R applications, per http://projectdogpound.org/posts/comfort-items/16:00
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Okay, on to the semi-nuclear option.  We're going to move EVERY hidden file in your home directory to ~/foo, make sure your GUI is okay then, and move back the ones you care about one at a time.16:00
ObrienDavesemi.... lol16:01
belaloboso just to check.. I move every hidden file to foo and then logout and back in again?16:01
Hedgeworkbelalobo: so "cd ~/" as your regular user to make sure you are in your home directory.  Then do "mv ./.* ./foo" and try logging in to the gui.  Let us know if it works.16:01
belalobook one sec16:02
belaloboHedgework: ok just moved all hidden files to foo. I'll log out from the newly created account. when logging back in is it into the other account or the new one?16:04
Hedgeworkinto your regular account, the one where we moved all the hidden files to foo16:05
belalobook just did it and nothing works still16:06
belaloboall the same16:06
HedgeworkThis makes very little sense...I can help you troubleshoot further, but I have to prep for an upcoming meeting.  Work should calm down end of day -- around 4.5-5 hours from now -- if you want to catch me then.  Otherwise, maybe someone else can help.16:07
* Hedgework likes puzzles, and wants to hear the answer whether she spots it or someone else does.16:08
belalobook thank alot for your help. I really need to get this fixed as fast as possible since I have a presentation in a few hours16:08
Hedgeworkdarn, he left before I could suggest just moving his data over to the new user :/16:11
belaloboHedgework: still there?16:14
belaloboHedgework: I just managed to log into my account16:14
HedgeworkYou missed: Hedgework | darn, he left before I could suggest just moving his data over to the new user :/16:15
Hedgeworkahh, cool16:15
Hedgeworkwhat'd you change?16:15
belalobothe desktop looks diferent but it's working16:15
belaloboI restarted the laptop16:15
belaloboso now I should put the hidden files from foo back into the home dir?16:15
HedgeworkSo, it looks different because you now have whatever is the default configuration with the version you are running.16:17
HedgeworkGiven that you have a presentation, coming up, here's what I'd do:16:17
Hedgework* Move back *only* the configs you need to do your presentation (probably your email client, maybe settings for presentation software and/or web browser, etc).16:18
Hedgework* Test your presentation.16:18
Hedgework* AFTER the presentation is over, move other things back one at a time so if it breaks again you know which config file(s) broke it, and can get help here for how to get needed stuff out while leaving the breakage behind.16:18
belaloboHedgework: I'll do that! and then I'll come back here later in the day. In 5 hours I'll be back here on the irc maybe i'll catch you here16:19
Hedgeworkbelalobo: Cool.  I'll be in and out most of the evening after that...either under this nick or my home one which is "HedgeMage"16:20
belaloboHedgework: thanks alot!!!16:20
HedgeworkYou are quite welcome.  Glad I could help. :)16:20
cfhowlettHedgework, nice work!16:22
ObrienDave!cookie | Hedgework16:23
ubottuHedgework: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:23
Hedgeworkhehe, thanks :)16:23
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artagdid the location of /var/lock move in ubuntu 14.04 ?16:52
artagOK, so I found out why arduino can't see any serial ports on my laptop17:41
artagI don't know if it came in with 14.04, but there is no longer a /var/lock and soime things expecte it17:41
artagin my debian install it's a soft link to /run/lock and works OK, but that link wasn't there17:42
artagis this normal, or did something break in the upgrade ?17:42
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xubuntu92wI just installed xubuntu and I can not get my microsoft comfort vurve 3000 keyboard and mouse to work.  Any ideas?19:12
xubuntu92wcomfort curve 300019:13
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ET_WarriorHey, how do I add another server tab?19:14
ET_WarriorIn XChat?19:14
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ET_WarriorFigured it out.19:15
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ET_WarriorI need some help...20:41
artagyou need to be more specific20:41
Piciugh.. I can't type today.20:43
cegueiraHi, I'm having a problem with wpa_supplicant hogging CPU /var/log/syslog is >500MB20:43
cegueiratail -20 /var/log/syslog = http://paste.ubuntu.com/9372232/20:43
ET_WarriorWhenever I turn down my brightness to the second lowest, or third lowest, I hear a radiation noise emitting from my screen, how the older TVs sound.20:46
ochosiET_Warrior: yeah, likely a hardware issue, not sure it's really the kernel's or the power manager's fault (i have the same issue)20:49
ET_WarriorOh really?20:49
ET_WarriorYou're on Xubuntu, correct?20:49
ochosior did you not hear it on other desktops/OSs?20:50
ET_WarriorI originally had a Mac OSX installed.20:50
ET_WarriorI still do have it... but...20:50
ET_WarriorOn this Linux, I hear it.20:50
ET_WarriorI didn't hear it on Mac.20:51
ochosihm, that blows20:51
artagdoes the screen have a way to display the frequency it's running at ?20:53
ochosinot sure20:54
ET_WarriorWell.. it is quite strange what could be causing it...20:55
ET_WarriorThere's also a lot of screen tearing when I boot up my Linux too now...20:55
ET_Warriornow even past the startup screen.20:55
ochosiyeah, tearing is an old problem in many DEs20:55
ET_WarriorDo you think if I take this convo into the Developer chat, they'd know?20:56
ET_Warriorartag: Not sure, do you mean like in other distros such as Crunchbang, and Sparky?20:56
artagI would get some more information first20:56
artagno, it's a feature of the lcd20:56
artagthe setup menus often have a display of vertical & horizontal frequency20:57
ET_WarriorOchosi: LOL! You know what's funny? I don't hear that radiation noise anymore.20:58
ochosidid you put on some music?20:58
ET_WarriorIt's truly a miracle.20:58
ochosiwell lucky you20:58
ochosii've lived with the noise forever20:58
cegueiraHi, can anyone help with a problem with wpa_supplicant hogging the CPU?20:59
ochosii've been using linux so long that i can't even remember whether it used to work in windows20:59
ET_WarriorThis Linux install isn't the most stable though on my part...20:59
ET_WarriorThe Grub Menu was overwritten by OSX20:59
ET_Warriorand I fear booting into it.20:59
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cegueiraHi, can anyone help with a problem with wpa_supplicant hogging the CPU?21:35
etwarriorI'm having a problem in uninstalling cairo-dock21:37
etwarriorUbuntu Software Centre says it's gone, and so does Synaptic.21:38
etwarriorAnd Terminal does too, pretty sure.21:38
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cegueirawpa_supplicant hogging CPU solved by 'rm /var/run/wpa_supplicant/wlan0'21:59
xubuntu98wHello, I have a little space between my full window and the right border, what's the problem?22:14
knomexubuntu98w, have you set a padding for the desktop workspace?22:15
xubuntu98wKNOME: Thank you! Yes I did and now it's ok! I was like "I'm sure it's a driver problem" Haha.22:17
knomeyou're welcome22:17

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