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mwhudsonmenn0, waigani: email standup then?20:05
waiganimwhudson: no one's on hangout so I'm guessing so20:06
mwhudsoni am!20:06
mwhudsonbut ok20:06
mwhudsonsuits me to not have the call tbh20:06
waiganioh, ha I just logged out20:06
waiganiokay cool, let's do email standup20:06
menn0mwhudson, waigani: sounds good20:07
menn0waigani: looking at your megawatcher branch now21:09
waiganimenn0: is this your latest: https://github.com/mjs/juju/commit/dca522e6f5bcc369fbf195cff6aa8cd5bdf2db3021:23
menn0waigani: yep that's the one21:23
waiganimenn0: and are all the changes in that commit?21:24
menn0waigani: just finished reviewing your megawatcher branch21:31
waiganimenn0: thanks21:32
menn0waigani: looks good overall. you're still going to add tests for services, units, relations etc right?21:32
waiganimenn0: yes. I said that in the email. I just needed a sanity check before putting any more time into it.21:32
menn0waigani: cooll cool.21:33
menn0waigani: I like the way the tests look now21:33
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waiganimenn0: "// XXX do me" - you need to come up with a better placeholder21:39
waiganimenn0: moving txn to it's own file makes sense. using reflection and cycling through the envCollections set on each transaction is going to add overhead, but it looks necessary. And reflection is only needed in the odd case where the doc is not bson.D/M. Overall looks neater and makes sense to me.21:55
menn0waigani: glad you like it22:00
menn0waigani: actually, in most cases we insert docs using structs so reflection will be the normal case22:00
menn0waigani: but the overhead of a little bit of reflection will be nothing compared to the I/O of the actual transaction22:00
menn0waigani: I'll do some comparisons of the test run over the state package anyway to make sure I haven't made things a whole lot worse22:01
waiganimenn0: considering this touches basically all transactions, it would be worth checking22:02
* menn0 nods22:07

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