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rbetzendo we still use pull-lp-source or is apt-get source still the preferred method?04:54
lordievaderGood morning.08:56
Riddellrbetzen: either apt-get source or checkout from git or bzr if that's where the packaging is stored09:25
Riddellwhich you can file in debian/control Vcs fields after you apt-get source :)09:26
RiddellSergobot: do you want to have grantlee 5.0.0 as another task?09:31
SergobotRiddell: Yes, I want, but later. Now I have another task09:31
SergobotRiddell: My current task isn't yet assigned and I did't yet started working on it.So, I can unclaim it and start building .deb packages for grantlee 5.0.0 09:37
RiddellSergobot: what's your new task?09:38
RiddellSergobot: I can give you a task for grantlee but I need to go out today so I probably couldn't help you until tomorrow09:38
SergobotRiddell: This http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/607442764510003209:39
Riddell"This task has been assigned to Sergey Popov. You have 72 hours to complete this task, good luck!"09:39
RiddellI think you're commited to it :)09:39
SergobotRiddell: You can give me your task tomorrow :)09:39
Riddell"Time left: 2 days 23 hrs 49 min" run run!09:40
SergobotHah, Okay :)09:40
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kranzer_Riddel: hello12:59
Riddellhi kranzer_!13:32
Riddellkranzer_: first lesson, tab completion on names in IRC :)13:32
RiddellRi<tab> and you'll get it spelt right :)13:32
kranzer_Riddell: ahh13:32
Riddellkranzer_: do you have a launchpad account with an ssh key13:32
kranzer_Riddell: I don't even know what it is13:33
Riddellkranzer_: follow this and put it on your account on launchpad.net https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair13:33
kranzer_Riddell: Do I need account?13:34
Riddellkranzer_: it helps yes13:34
Riddellor put the public key on a pastebin13:35
kranzer_Riddell: I prefer pastebin13:35
kranzer_Riddell: so, what I need to do in this task?13:36
kranzer_what DO I need*13:36
Riddellkranzer_: get the current grantlee packaging and update it for the qt5 version of grantlee13:37
Riddellcompile it and work out what needs fixed13:37
RiddellI can give you access to a cloud server so I can show you how to get started if you like, that's what the ssh key is for13:37
Riddellkranzer_: that'll give you instructions to download and compile it13:38
Riddellbut not how to turn it into a .deb package13:38
kranzer_Riddell: I have already compiled13:38
Riddellgreat, so you know what the packaging will need to do, but you still need to do the packaging :)13:40
kranzer_actually, I don't know13:41
Riddellso I can show you the basics on this cloud server13:41
kranzer_give me a link, please)13:42
Riddellssh ubuntu@ec2-54-92-152-218.compute-1.amazonaws.com13:42
kranzer_in terminal?13:42
Riddellbut I'd need an ssh key first13:42
Riddellthere's no password, it needs an ssh key13:43
kranzer_ubuntu@ec2-54-92-152-218.compute-1.amazonaws.com's password: 13:44
Riddellkranzer_: try foobar13:44
Riddellkranzer_: then run  byobu13:45
kranzer_oh my stupid keyboard13:45
kranzer_my keyboard doesn't work while typing password13:47
Riddellit won't show you the characters, not even a *13:47
Riddellyou have to type blind13:47
Riddellif you're in run  byobu13:48
Riddelltype hello13:48
Riddelltype something to check it's working13:49
Riddellwhee, it's working13:49
Riddellso shared cloud server here13:49
Riddellamazon ec213:49
Riddellkranzer_: want me to show you the basics of compiling a package?13:50
Riddella .deb package as used in debian and ubuntu and the like13:50
Riddellkranzer_: make a directory to work in and change into that13:50
Riddellkranzer_: try it with tab completion, makes everything 100 times faster on the command line13:51
Riddellkranzer_: type  cd le<tab><return>13:51
Riddellkranzer_: now to get the current package run   apt-get source grantlee13:52
kranzer_Riddell: done13:53
Riddellkranzer_: use ls to see what it has downloaded13:53
Riddellkranzer_: we have the .orig tar which is the upstream grantlee code, a debian tar which is the packaging and a .dsc description file13:53
kranzer_Riddell: can u w8 for 10 mins?13:53
Riddellkranzer_: cd into grantlee-0.5.1 and look in there13:53
Riddellok, time for more lunch13:53
kranzer_will u be here in 15 mins? 13:54
soeeRiddell: wannt check one thing on the website im working on?14:03
Riddellsoee: oh yes sorry I didn't get a chance to look at it14:03
Riddellwhere is it?14:03
soeeRiddell: do you have some smartphone ?14:04
Riddellsoee: yes14:05
soeei would like to have some opionion on the navigation on small screens, i did separate for homepage and subpages14:05
soeeRiddell: check on phone http://kubuntu.dev.soee.pl/14:05
soeethere will be icon based nav on homepage and text based on subpages14:05
kranzer_Riddell: I'm here14:05
Riddellhi kranzer_ 14:06
Riddellkranzer_: go inside grantlee-0.5.1 and look what's there14:06
kranzer_Riddell: how to unpack it?14:07
kranzer_Riddell: via terminal14:07
soeeso on homepage we can navigate throgh section by clicking on an icon, than screens scrolls to this section, if user clik on a green button to read more about this section he is moved to given page and there we have menu based on subpages titles14:07
Riddellkranzer_: it unpackaged when you downloaded (if it didn't you would use  dpkg-source -x foo.dsc )14:07
soeeit needs some lifting but general concept is visible :)14:08
soeeand i need to add swipes to14:08
kranzer_Riddell: see in ssh what I did last14:08
Riddellkranzer_: can you see my typing "hello" ?14:09
Riddellkranzer_: so  go inside grantlee-0.5.1 and look what's there14:09
Riddellkranzer_: remember tab completion :)14:09
kranzer_i did the cd14:10
Riddellkranzer_: do the ls to see what's in there14:10
Riddellkranzer_: so that's the source of grantlee that you already downloaded (but this is the older qt4 version)14:11
Riddellkranzer_: look inside debian/14:11
Riddellkranzer_: and that's the files that make the package14:12
Riddellit'll end up with some .deb packages that can be installed once it's compiled and built14:12
Riddellkranzer_: to compile and build it run   debuild14:12
Riddellactually run   debuild -j2  because this is dual processor14:12
Riddellkranzer_: it's working14:12
kranzer_Riddell: I see14:13
Riddellkranzer_: you can see it ran  cmake, now it's running make to compile it all14:13
kranzer_Riddell: good stuff)14:13
Riddellkranzer_: next it'll run  make install but it'll install into debian/tmp14:13
kranzer_Riddell: what we need to do next?14:13
Riddellkranzer_: then it'll run various debhelper commands like dh_install which takes the files in debian/tmp and works out what package to put them into (it looks at the .install files)14:13
kranzer_DO we need*14:14
Riddelland it'll make .deb packages14:14
kranzer_Riddell: and the task is over?14:14
Riddellkranzer_: nope, this is the old version 0.5.114:14
Riddellkranzer_: your task is to package the new version 5.0.014:14
kranzer_http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~krejzi/kde5/kde5/grantlee.html I found sources14:15
Riddellthat's the ones14:15
Riddellkranzer_: yay it all built!14:16
Riddellkranzer_: if you cd ../..  you can see it made the .deb packages14:16
kranzer_thanks for help14:16
Riddellkranzer_: so now you're more on your own to update it for 5.0.014:17
Riddellbut there's people in here and maybe in #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-motu to help with packaging14:17
kranzer_after I do this where will I upload ".deb"s14:17
Riddellkranzer_: use wget to get the 5.0.0 source and first thing is to rename it to grantlee5_5.0.0.orig.tar.gz14:18
Riddellwe need to give it a new name so that it can live alongside the existing grantlee for qt414:18
kranzer_give me a full command please)14:18
Riddellkranzer_: it's not the .debs we're after it's the .orig, .debian tar and .dsc description file, they make the source14:19
Riddell"wget" :)14:19
Riddellyou can find the url on http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~krejzi/kde5/kde5/grantlee.html14:19
Riddellmake a new directory to work in first14:19
Riddelllooks good soee, I like the photo for sgclark :)14:20
kranzer_Riddell: see14:21
kranzer_Riddell: am I right?14:21
kranzer_Riddell: what's the name of renaming command in terminal?14:22
Riddellkranzer_: mv (moving a file is the same as renaming)14:22
bukaiRiddell: Hi14:23
kranzer_Riddell: there is no catalog 14:23
kranzer_only an archive14:24
Riddellhi bukai 14:24
Riddellkranzer_: you need to extract the tar14:24
soeeRiddell: also i asked here once but noone gave ma an answer, does kubuntu logo has to be black text and blue shape or it all can be white for example ?14:24
Riddellsoee: white is fine14:24
Riddellsoee: the blue is the only important bit really14:25
bukaiRiddell: Any idea how to convert the entire thing to WordPress?14:26
kranzer_Riddell: there is no "debian" cat14:27
Riddellkranzer_: cp it over from the existing package14:27
kranzer_Riddell: i don't understand...14:27
Riddellbukai: not really, you need to make a wordpress theme and set up the pages14:27
Riddellkranzer_: cp -r path/to/old/grantlee/debian .14:28
bukaiRiddell: ok, any news on the code in task?14:28
Riddellbukai: no takers so far14:29
kranzer_Riddell: see, what's on14:30
Riddellkranzer_: it needs you to tell it where to copy it to.  "." is the current directory14:30
Riddellkranzer_: press up key to bring back the previous command you ran so you can edit it14:31
Riddellkranzer_: do you know how to use nano to edit text files (or emacs or vi) ?14:32
kranzer_Riddell: nope14:33
kranzer_Riddell: see, what happened14:33
Riddellkranzer_: you'll need to run  dch   to make a new changelog entry with the version number set to 5.0.014:33
kranzer_how to do that?14:33
Riddellkranzer_: and change the source name to grantlee514:33
Riddellrun  dch14:34
kranzer_Riddell: oh how it's difficult14:34
RiddellI never said you picked an easy task :)14:35
Riddellchange grantlee to grantlee514:35
Riddellchange version number to 5.0.014:35
kranzer_I never known this)14:35
Riddellchange name and e-mail to yours14:35
Riddellcontrol-x to save and quit14:35
Riddellrm  is the delete command for a file (remove)14:37
Riddellyou'll also need to edit debian/control with  nano  to change grantlee to grantlee5 there14:37
kranzer_Riddel: are you here?14:44
Riddellhi kranzer_ 14:45
kranzer_Riddell: see in ssh14:45
Riddellkranzer_: nano debian/changelog  and edit grantlee to grantlee514:46
Riddellkranzer_: same in debian/control14:46
kranzer_there is nothing in changelog14:47
Riddellcontrol-x to save and quit14:48
kranzer_Riddell: what to do with changelog?14:48
Riddellcontrol-x to save and quit :)14:49
Riddellnow it'll start to build if you use  debuild14:50
Riddelland then it'll complain it needs qt5 packages installed14:50
Riddelland you need to work out what they are (use apt-cache search) and install them and list them in debian/control  under Build-Depends:14:50
kranzer_I did someting wrong14:50
Riddellkranzer_: hmm, not sure, try  cd .. and build from there14:51
kranzer_no, I did something wrong in changelog14:51
Riddelloh the patches no longer apply, hopefully we don't need those 14:52
Riddellso  rm debian/patches/*  to get rid of them14:52
kranzer_now build?14:53
Riddellooh it's going14:54
Riddellkranzer_: when it finishes there will be files with different names14:55
Riddellso you need to look in debian/tmp to see what the files are14:55
Riddelland edit the .install files in debian/ with the new names14:56
Riddelland use  dh_install --list-missing  to see if it works14:56
Riddellthen  debuild -nc  to continue the build (-nc is no clean to stop it starting from the start again)14:57
kranzer_Riddell: what are the new names of .install files?14:58
Riddellkranzer_: it's new files in debian/tmp you need to edit inside the .install files14:58
kranzer_Riddell: there is only usr catalog in debian/tmp14:59
Riddellkranzer_: there are files inside usr/ :)14:59
Riddellyou may want to google for a quick tutorial in how to use nano e.g. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/42980/the-beginners-guide-to-nano-the-linux-command-line-text-editor/15:00
kranzer_lib or include?15:00
kranzer_in usr15:00
Riddelllook inside the .install files15:00
kranzer_two cats lib and include15:00
Riddelland work out what the new names for the old files are15:00
kranzer_see in ssh15:02
kranzer_am I right?15:02
Riddellthat's the old file names15:03
Riddellyou need to edit those names for the new filenames15:03
kranzer_Riddell: where to find that names?15:03
Riddellkranzer_: it's the name of the files in debian/tmp15:04
bukaiRiddell: check out the footer , -> http://test.kubuntu.co.uk/sok/download.html, i will adjust the space between  that share and follow but the layout should i stick to that for footer?15:04
kranzer_Riddell: usr???15:04
Riddellkranzer_: usr/lib/libfoo.so15:05
Riddellthe full path to the files15:05
Riddellbukai: looks great :)15:05
kranzer_Riddell: found them15:05
kranzer_Riddell: what now?15:05
Riddellkranzer_: edit the .install files15:06
Riddellto list the new filenames15:06
kranzer_there is no .install files in usr/lib 15:07
Riddellkranzer_: no the .install files are in debian/15:08
Riddellthey list which files in debian/tmp go into which packages15:08
kranzer_e.g. how can I name libgrantlee-core0.install?15:10
BluesKajHiyas all15:11
BluesKajhey soee15:12
kranzer_Riddell: see if I do the right things15:13
Riddellkranzer_: looking good so far15:14
kranzer_Riddell: thanks15:14
Riddellkranzer_: keep the same package names for now we can worry about changing those later15:15
kranzer_Riddell: see it before I'm saving the first file15:17
Riddellkranzer_: looks good15:17
Riddellkranzer_: you can use  dh_install --list-missing  to run the install part and check what's not listed15:18
kranzer_it is later15:20
kranzer_I have two .install files to edit15:20
Riddellthree I think15:24
kranzer_Riddell: i have done one15:27
kranzer_Riddell: I'm not sure about last two15:28
soeeok on mobile devices menu http://kubuntu.dev.soee.pl/en/technology.html can be hide by swiping it right :)15:28
Riddellkranzer_: run  dh_install --list-missing  and see what still needs sorted15:30
Riddellkranzer_: ok I need to go out now for a few hours15:31
Riddellkranzer_: you might be able to get help in here or #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-motu15:32
Riddellbut you just need to make sure all the files are listed in the .install files  then continue the build with debuild15:32
kranzer_Riddell: thanks15:33
soee_ok now i can tell that Firefox mobile > Chrome mobile17:53
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soee_BluesKaj: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Major-NVIDIA-Stable-Driver-Released-466755.shtml18:38
rx"NVIDIA seems to be the only company that takes the Linux community seriously, or least this can be deduced from the changelogs and the number of drivers that are released for the platform. AMD and Intel do their share of work with the kernel, but it's nowhere near the kind of dedication that NVIDIA has. The simple fact that they release often is proof that they really do care about 18:47
rxtheir users"18:47
rxits funny how the community thinks the opposite18:47
rx(i have a nvidia card)18:47
soee_rx: but the 346 drivers is a big jump for me 19:01
soee_when it comes to performance19:01
mamarleyrx: From what I can tell, most of the NVIDIA-hating is about them not releasing open source drivers, not about the quality of the closed-source ones.19:33
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BluesKajrx, I have an elcheapo nvidia 8400GS and the Windows 340 driver is available for linux from their site if users want it ...it's just not available in the repos yet19:45
BluesKajnlet me rephrase, the windows driver is freely available as is the linux version19:46
BluesKajon the nvidia site19:46
rxbut i have a good old nvidia 7600gs and the latest driver (308.123) dont play nice with kde/plasma5 and even with gnome-shell19:50
rxi have to use nouveau and like you said, the open source driver isnt what it should be19:51
rxi have to use xrender for now w/ nouveau19:51
BluesKajrx, that's a decent but fairly old card..my 7600GT died a few yrs back, but I'm surprised it doesn't run well with plasma 519:53
BluesKajis in the house19:55
BluesKajmy old nick19:55
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