jimmydwattsanyone using plasma 502:58
rbetzendo we still use pull-lp-source or is apt-get source still the preferred method?03:13
minthello everyone06:15
minti just installed kubuntu 14.04 and when i rebooted get an error06:16
mintproblem type cache06:17
mintpackage with problem libapt2-runtime 2.1..70-0ubuntu4.206:18
mint#0 0x00007fc88caa9631 in QQProcess::waitforFinished(int)from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu /libQtCore.so.4_start()06:20
mintsomething like that06:21
mintcan anyone tel me how to correct the problem?06:21
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deathoncityis there anyone in here?07:31
krytarikThere is.07:32
deathoncitycan you help me with something?07:34
krytarikJust ask, if you would.07:35
deathoncityI want to use online tv so, in order to do that I need to install a program called sopcast, but I'm confused because there is no package in Ubuntu called sopcast.07:36
deathoncityWhat should I do?07:36
krytarikNot *everything* is in the official repos, you know. :)07:37
karambiHello, Is possible to have overlay scrollbars in Plasma?07:37
krytarikThat is, just do a web search on how to install it.07:37
deathoncityI know that, but I saw something about in askubuntu.com07:38
deathoncitysuch as there is no sopcast ppa for ubuntu 14.0407:38
deathoncitykrytarik, i have found something I installed. Now, I hope that will work :) Thanx again!!!07:46
krytarikWelcome. :)07:46
DrabuntuI need support, please easy English. I want that Hexchat make alert. I found the file .config/hexchat/hexchat.conf but i dont find the configuration, can you help me?08:24
krytarik!offtopic | Drabuntu08:28
ubottuDrabuntu: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!08:28
krytarikDrabuntu: Or else, you could check if someone is there in #hexchat right now, too. :)08:29
Bomber_hello there ll. ny keybord experts in the house?08:40
krytarikBomber_: You might just ask, but I guess we already see your problem. :)08:44
Bomber_the (next to s) button doesn't work08:44
Bomber_i men08:44
Bomber_it does08:44
krytarikOnly in Kubuntu not?08:45
Bomber_wht hppens is t some point, it's like "buffer" fills up nd i cnnot use tht, the key next to w nd the key next to 2. the workround in the beginning is i press the problemtic keys lot nd they work08:45
Bomber_but fter typing lot, tht doesn't relly work08:45
Bomber_becuse i m dul booted, this goes cross ll the OS nd even GRUB08:46
Bomber_Windows 8 nd Kunbut 4.008:46
Bomber_fourteen ten08:46
Bomber_i've tried plying round with xinput, but got nothing.08:47
krytarikSo it's a hardware issue really.08:47
Bomber_when it sometimes works nd sometimes it doesn;t? like if I restrt the computer sometime it will "restrt" the buffer?08:47
Bomber_nd the fct there relly is some "buffer" thing?08:48
Bomber_you belive it is still  hrdwre problem?08:48
krytarikBomber_: Yep - you might be able to trick it to work somehow, but as you see, it doesn't work that long. :)08:49
Bomber_I still believe it's  borken driver thing08:50
Bomber_s much s i hve  problem with my touchpd, but i worked round it08:50
Bomber_yep,got the buffer bck...well, slightly08:51
krytarikBomber_: Remember, you said it's across multiple OSes you're using, as well as Grub.08:53
Bomber_isn't there like cross OS setting thing?08:55
Bomber_tht pplies the behviour of system in grub, windows nd kubuntu?08:55
lordievaderBaughn: Yeah, like Blueskaj said, it will likely work better with lightdm.08:55
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Bomber_cnt' it be some hrdwre interupt thing tht hndles the key press event hndling?09:30
uriel_Hiya lordievader :) Just popped in to say that the installation worked! I'm chatting from the new machine, with my new kickass 4K GPT hard drive, lots more RAM than the old one... And everything seems to be perfectly happy!09:30
lordievaderuriel_: Good to hear :D09:32
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Martin_LenahValllooking for peter fluckiger10:25
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Guest61597hii there !14:37
soeehiho Guest6159714:38
Guest61597thanks for responding hope i can ask question here about kubuntu14:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:40
Guest61597am installing kubuntu 14.04 if i want to upgrade to 14.04.1 it will be done via reguler updates or i will have to do a big distribution type of update14:42
soeeGuest61597: this should be done automatically14:45
soeebut if you have latest iso, it should contain it already14:45
Guest61597thannk you, i have old iso14:46
BluesKajHiyas all15:11
dmattBluesKaj: Hello, Helping Hand :)15:14
BluesKajHi dmatt, what's up?15:14
dmattBluesKaj: nothing, I just see you relentlesly helping people when I sometimes lurk around here, so I took little liberty of choosing you nickname15:18
BluesKajoh, ok dmatt , I have time on my hands and it's winter so I hsav15:19
BluesKajeven more time15:19
dmattBluesKaj: time is precious for retired people as well... :)15:25
BluesKajdmatt, yes, and it goes too fast, but linux has become one of my hobbies so I consider the time used as constructive :)15:29
parsnipHi, is installing vim-common recommended? I'd like to have GVim, but I'm guessing vim-gtk could be overkill for kubuntu. --some type of newb16:38
soeeBluesKaj: ^16:40
BluesKajparsnip, dunno , I just kate and vi, but I write very few scripts etc16:41
BluesKajhey soee what's up ?\16:42
soeei thought you might help him, im not familiar with vim16:42
parsnipI don't understand the reference to "scripts" BluesKaj16:42
parsnipThanks soee , so what do you prefer to vim?16:43
soeei do not work much in cli, but i stared to use vim a bit lately and before nano16:43
parsnipOr, BluesKaj , I guess I mean, you don't need to edit text much?16:43
soeewhat is GVim ?16:44
parsnipThe GUI version of Vim, outside of terminal.16:44
parsnipI believe.16:44
soeeahh i do not use/need such things :)16:44
soeei like terminal :D16:44
parsnipI do to, that is probably my most frequent use of Vim, as a complement to the terminal.16:45
parsnipBut I enjoy the GUI version when I mean to use it that deliberately.16:45
parsnip(I don't mean menus, toolbars, scrollbars. Just the overall presentation and maybe easier bindings, but I forget what is different.)16:46
BluesKajparsnip, yup16:47
BluesKajguess I shouldn't comment on stuff I with which really have no experience16:50
BluesKajlet me rephrase that, I shouldn't comment on stuff with which I really have no experience16:51
parsnipThat's okay, I'm such newb. The majority of my experience with Vim was playing around with my .vimrc for like a month.16:53
parsnipBut now I'm comfortable enough to use it when it makes sense for me.16:53
parsnipI'm Emacs lover for like year.16:54
BluesKajparsnip, so what do you do with it, exactly?16:54
parsnipUsually I just use it for quick edits in terminal, like configs, or for reading preferred to 'cat'.16:54
BluesKajok , I just use the run command and kate or dolphin for that kind of thing16:56
BluesKajwith root permissions16:57
parsnipDolphin is great. One of my favorite unique uses for it is the ease with which I can install TeX packages.16:57
parsnip(Until I get around to doing so more command line.)16:57
parsnipPackage lands in Downloads (from CTAN site), split Dolphin to texmf/tex/latex/ directory, Extract, drag, then F4 to create .sty files if they don't already exist. So nice.16:59
BluesKajI had no idea what you're talking about, but I wiki'd TeX and now see what it's about, but before my eyes glaze over I'll just leave it at that :)17:02
parsnipHaha, I have a BS in math, but side effect is I had to learn a great typesetting tool. I use it so much now.17:03
parsnipBluesKaj: Do you use any markup languages?17:04
parsnipLibre Writer?17:05
BluesKajI'm mosly a hobbyist/linux user with no need for it on the job etc since I'm retired17:05
BluesKajand i try to help where and when I can17:06
parsnipDang it, 'sudo apt-get install texlive' is hanging.17:17
parsnip0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1562::17)]17:21
BluesKajparsnip, which kubuntu version?17:27
parsnipI think 14.04, not sure.17:29
parsnipShould I delete apt lists?17:29
parsnipYes, 14.04.17:30
BluesKajok, the ca.archive repos wasn't responding here the other day on 14.10, but it seems ok now17:32
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parsnipShould I try changing the repo? Not sure yet how, will search.17:33
parsnipI can't even install 'sl17:33
BluesKajparsnip, odd because the us,archive repos is certainly legit afaik17:35
lordievaderparsnip: Is your network ipv6 capable?17:35
parsnipah, how do i check this17:36
parsnipi have had trouble at this cafe before, with IMAP and IRC.17:36
parsnipif i do "ping6 google.com" it hangs. Is this a correct test method?17:38
BluesKajahh, perhaps the repos server sees your ISP/internet connection as insecure... never experienced that myself , but I've heard of such issues17:39
parsnipGiraffe! This freakin' cafe!17:39
lordievaderparsnip: I suppose ping6 will tell you, yes. However it can still be your firewall.17:40
parsnipcan i "hack"?17:40
parsnipWhen I had the IMAP and IRC trouble, I solved by SSH'ing to my toy server and use clients there.17:40
parsnip(The beauty of Emacs.)17:41
parsnipThis looks similar: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16988966/apt-get-not-working-behind-corp-firewall-on-win-7-in-virtualbox-with-proxy-set17:42
parsnipI can do some searching, thanks for getting me in the right direction all.17:42
lordievaderparsnip: I'd first look at your own firewall before acusing anyone of anything.17:43
parsnipMy PCs firewall?17:43
BluesKajodd my router is set at ipv6 capable but ping6 test says network unreachable ...fw shouldn't block since the modem is bridged17:45
lordievaderBluesKaj: ipv6 capable does not mean it is enabled.17:46
parsnipmaybe i should have said 'ping6 ipv6.google.com', as I read from site.17:47
parsnipWhoa, this is cool: http://test-ipv6.com/17:47
parsnip"Your DNS server (possibly run by your ISP) appears to have IPv6 Internet access."17:49
parsnip"Test if your ISP's DNS server uses IPv6 - ok (1.672s) using ipv4"17:50
parsnipNow I'm trying things from http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/check-for-ipv6-support-in-linux-kernel/17:52
parsnipMy output of if_net6 only has lo and wlan, no ra and eth.17:53
parsnip'lsmod | grep ipv6' is empty17:54
lordievaderparsnip: Do you have an ipv6 address attached to a nic?17:55
parsnipWhat's a nic?17:57
lordievaderNetwork Interface Card17:57
parsnipHow can I check?17:58
lordievaderparsnip: ip a17:58
parsnipI see lines with inet6, is that it?17:59
lordievaderparsnip: Likely.17:59
parsnipgoing to try steps at http://test-ipv6.com/broken.html18:01
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parsniphmm, instructions only seem to be relevant for different addresses (mine start with fe80)18:04
lordievaderparsnip: What do you mean?18:05
parsnipThe instructions at link mention what to do if address doesn't start with fe80. But mine does. I now see they link to 'Netalyzr'. Will try that.18:07
lordievaderI think that is a good thing, in other words I think you can skip that section.18:09
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parsnipRight, i skip all the sections for similar reason.18:09
parsnipSo I'm trying Netalyzr, but I'm trying to install Java for it.18:10
parsnipHoping this RPM is easy to use18:11
lordievaderRPM is Red Hat stuff, not compatible with ubuntu.18:11
parsnipDang, what do I do with this site: http://www.java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp?locale=en18:12
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.18:12
parsnipThank you18:12
parsnipDang, it says it's already installed.18:13
parsnipGoing to try v-618:15
igalichello happy people o/~18:18
igalici recently updated to 14.10, and now i'm wondering, what is pay-service, and why, when trying to get rid of it, gnome will be installed?18:19
lordievaderigalic: Purging shouldn't install new package, so these packages are likely pulled in due to something else.18:22
igaliclordievader: because of missing dependencies that installed packages now are left with.18:24
lordievaderigalic: What?18:25
parsniplordievader: i think it is the ip address that doesn't have ipv6.18:30
parsnipI think the ip address here is:18:30
parsnipIf I ping it, it works, while if i ping6 it, i get "unknown host"18:30
parsnipSo I should try a tunnel broker?18:31
lordievaderparsnip: Ipv6 does not do ipv4.18:32
parsnipIf I try site http://ipv6-test.com/pingtest/ I get 100% packet loss on ipv618:32
parsnipDid I say something that implied ipv6 does ipv4?18:33
parsnipah, i have no ipv6 address?18:34
parsnipi can't ping6 a ipv4 address? they are distinct?18:34
parsnipSo, I think I've established that it is not my PC with the problem, but the cafe?18:35
parsnipHa, IMAP is not working again.18:37
lordievader07-19:30 < parsnip> If I ping it, it works, while if i ping6 it, i get "unknown host"18:37
parsnipAnd does http://ipv6-test.com/ tell you about your own 4 and 6 at your location? I get 4 but not 6.18:39
lordievaderparsnip: My isp doesn't do ipv6.18:39
parsnipAh. So you cannot use apt-get there?18:39
lordievaderSure I can, ipv4/18:40
parsnipCan I?18:40
parsnipOh, google, sorry.18:41
parsnipMaybe "-o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true", will try18:41
lordievaderparsnip: Disable ipv4 if you do not need ipv6 any further.18:41
parsnipYou mean make it persistent?18:41
parsniphaha, the sl choochoo train is installed. well, this was fun.18:42
lordievadersl is nice :D18:42
parsnipThank you for staying with me lordievader:18:42
lordievaderparsnip: You can also disable it for this session. The linux kernel is rather dynamic.18:42
parsnipI'm not finding that quickly. How for session?18:44
parsnipAnyways, not too important, I just needed texlive today. Had to reinstall a couple days ago and just now missing things.18:45
lordievaderparsnip: The echo commands at the end of the first section: http://en.kioskea.net/faq/759-ubuntu-disabling-ipv6-support18:48
parsnipAwesome, thank you! And thanks again for all the help!18:51
lordievaderparsnip: No problem ;)18:51
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Josh^I know it's a pretty commonly asked and trivial question - but one I never really get anywhere with when I google it18:59
Josh^I'd like to run a command at startup, "synclient VertScrollDelta=50" in the terminal18:59
Josh^what's the common way of doing such a thing?18:59
lordievaderJosh^: Do you need to see the shell?19:00
Josh^I don't believe so19:01
lordievaderJosh^: Then you can just add the script to the kde startup list.19:01
Josh^alright, so create a bash script and put my command within?19:02
lordievaderJosh^: For example, if it requires a gui add "export DISPLAY=:0" before the command.19:05
parsnipmy texlive is broken19:17
parsnipi cannot remove19:17
lordievaderparsnip: Have you tried "sudo apt-get install -f"?19:18
parsnipwill pastebin result19:20
parsnipMaybe this will work:19:23
parsnipsudo apt-get install --reinstall dpkg19:23
lordievaderparsnip: Could you pastebin the contents of '/tmp/fmtutil.TvOiM78x'?19:25
ikoniawhy would you reinstall dpkg ?19:25
parsnipSaw instructions on sx19:27
parsnipAh, sudo apt-get autoremove seemed to change behavior19:27
ikoniayou should never need to reinstall dpkg19:28
parsnipHere is where they reinstall dpkg:19:29
ikoniaparsnip: people who post on askubuntu can be amazingly skilled or idiots trying to cause damage19:30
ikoniaand any range in between19:30
parsnipthe unpopular answer at http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/139586/e-sub-process-usr-bin-dpkg-returned-an-error-code-1-what-does-this-mean19:31
parsnipseemed to solve my problem, with the autoremove. I think i walked away from computer while installing texlive. never a good idea19:31
lordievaderparsnip: Lots of things fail, however my Latex knowledge is too limited to understand why they fail.19:31
parsnipdang it. i think it didn't work again19:32
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Josh^is there a particular reason that the Software Updates download speed is significantly slower than my internet speed?20:37
Josh^it seems to be all package downloading within the OS that is reallllly slow20:37
Josh^I tried "installing default wallpapers" and it was taking insanely long to get that package20:38
Josh^it's running at a DL rate of about 30-40 KiB/s which is ridiculous20:38
soee_okit might be source server upload speed20:39
soee_try to chnage to some mirror for example from your country]20:39
Josh^I honestly don't even know how to do that20:40
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