Laibschhow can I disable display of remote bug comments in a cluttered ticket like bug 1103420?11:54
ubot5`bug 1103420 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice Base can’t find Java installation—does not work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110342011:54
prof_milkiIs there a global list of newest project releases on launchpad?20:53
wgrantprof_milki: There is not.21:22
prof_milkiThat's either a pity :/ or good enough of a reason to investigate the API further..21:24
prof_milkiI've seen there's a `release_notes` field for project_release; just not sure if any projects are actually utilizing them.21:24
wgrantWhat are you trying to do?21:26
prof_milkiTrying to utilize launchpad as another source for http://freshcode.club/ - either just a RSS feed of new release obviously, or even yet as auotupdate module (automatic changelog fetching, have something working for github-hosted projects and sourceforge already; but launchpad would be just as useful).21:27
wgrantHm, I might be able to add an API for that.21:34
wgrantThere's no way to get that information today.21:35
prof_milkiDon't worry. I haven't really looked through everything yet; but the API looks nice enough (it's just OAuth which makes me relunctant); I guess I could probably start with a tiny polling process to find a few samples for https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#project_release21:39
wgrantThe API can be used anonymously without OAuth.21:39
wgrantJust make sure your User-Agent is descriptive so we can work out who to contact if necessary.21:40
wgrantBut currently you'd have to poll all projects to find their recent releases, which is impractical.21:40
prof_milkiTried a few API points (/person) using plain Opera/x.y; but only got empty sets. But if it works without OAuth, I'll give it a whirl.21:41
wgrantDo you just use GitHub's /events and filter that manually?21:42
prof_milkiSort of. I'm actually fetching blobs via GitHubArchive (line-delimited events indeed).21:42
wgrant /people is special and won't give you the full collection.21:42
prof_milkiI've previously polled GitHubs directly, which also worked, but uneccessary if there's already GHA.21:42
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/api/devel/projects works, though.21:43
prof_milkiAh cool. Thanks!21:45
prof_milkiSo there's an easy way to assemble a list then.21:45
prof_milkiLong-term I'm just going to poll freshcode-listed projects though - there's quite a few already with PPA + Launchpad links already; so I'll get targeted updates for them specifically.21:46
wgrantAh, if you're just polling selected projects, then sure.21:46
wgrantIf you were polling tens of thousands a day I'd spend the time to add an API to get a global collection of releases ordered by date.21:47
prof_milkiDo you have a quota or something?21:47
wgrantWe just block people if they're being disruptive, which happens occasionally.21:47
prof_milkiI'd want to give a global list a try anyway, see if it's within acceptable limits. As a project-updates feed would be nice to have anyway.21:47
prof_milkiIt turned out to be quite minor traffic with GHA and GitHub anyway, and I'm pretty sure a slow polling script with the same caching might be workable.21:48

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