ybonhumm, I don't know how I edit the manifest.json data in QTCreator, I remember doing it through "publish" tab before, I think. Any hint?12:55
ybon(I can edit it from any editor, for sure, but wondering how I can do it from QtCreator)12:56
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popeyybon: yeah, it moved...13:13
popeyi can never find it either.13:15
ybonok, lets do it the raw way for today :)13:20
ybonoh, a points of interest scope made by canonical \o/13:58
ybonAnyone know where is the source code?13:59
popeyybon: ping cwayne when he wakes, he will know I think14:03
popeyybon: is that a new scope on the nexus 4? I don't recall seeing it14:07
ybonpopey: just found it while searching for "osm" in the store14:38
ybonthe "sad" part is that "see on the map" opens the browser on here.com ;)14:39
swordfish90Hello everyone I just created a fat click package for the new terminal app. Could please test it on a non armhf architecture to make sure it works before submitting it to the store?17:59
swordfish90link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2KuANIptmZhaWU4azVaTVVLeUU/view?usp=sharing18:01
Elleoswordfish90: using pkcon on my desktop I get 'Fatal error: Wrong architecture 'multi''; using click directly I also get: 'dpkg: warning: package architecture (multi) does not match system (amd64)'18:18
Elleoshould the arch not be 'all' instead of multi?18:18
Elleoswordfish90: it runs fine once installed though18:19
Elleooh hang on, I might have just been running an old terminal version18:20
Elleoyeah, the new one doesn't run18:21
ElleoI'm running on utopic though, so maybe that just doesn't have support for 'multi' packages?18:22
swordfish90Elleo, thank you for testing it... mmmh... I've tried following the guide written by Nicholas http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2014/12/creating-mutli-arch-click-packages.html ... I can't promise I did everything right though :) ...18:23
swordfish90On the phone is working fine (with a signature error) do you have any idea what is wrong?18:24
Elleoswordfish90: I'm not really familiar with any of the multiarch stuff, it'd be good if you could find someone running vivid on their desktop to test it18:49
Elleothen at least you'd know whether it's simply not supported in utopic or not18:49
swordfish90Elleo, ok, thank you. I'm going to install a vivid vm to test it.. Cheers...19:59
popeyswordfish90: will cooke has a laptop running unity8, I'm sure he'd love to test a fat package on that20:08
swordfish90popey, thank you Alan... I'm going to ask him...20:37

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