ThePiixelMonsteranyone around?13:54
ThePiixelMonsterI'm looking into getting a cubieboard3 to run Ubuntu and Silo 2 for some light 3d work, does anyone know anything about this kind of thing? here is the board: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cubietruck-Kit-Single-board-Cubieboard3-Cortex-A7/dp/B00INRN2W0/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1417956973&sr=1-2&keywords=cubieboard and here is the software: http://www.nevercenter.com/silo/?section=support13:58
ThePiixelMonsterI think its a little costy to ust drop the cash and test it13:59
hrnzwon't work14:00
hrnzthere are no arm binaries for this proprietary blob thingy14:01
ThePiixelMonsterany alternatives?14:01
hrnzx86 hardware?14:01
hrnzor use blender14:02
ThePiixelMonsterwhatever will allow me to run that and make use of it but be compact and portable under £10014:02
ThePiixelMonstersilo runs on linux pretty ok is why i asked i prefer it over blender14:02
hrnzI doubt that you will find a new x86 computer for less than 100 pounds14:02
ThePiixelMonstercrap :\14:03
ThePiixelMonsterwell thanks for the responses...14:03
ThePiixelMonstermay i ask why you said it wouldnt run? is it the software or the OS? because that silo runs on 64bit linux...14:05
hrnzit's the processor architecure14:05
hrnzthere only exist binaries for x86-64 linux. the cubietruck is arm14:06
ThePiixelMonsterohhhh ok that is where I got a little confused then xD14:06
ThePiixelMonsteri saw someone running blender on a raspberry pi and got excited to look into that as it was more powerful and stuff lol14:07
hrnzblender is free software14:08
hrnzyou can build it for almost any platform14:08
ThePiixelMonsteryeah so i guess its hopeless to find anything that will run that silo then shit14:09
ThePiixelMonster-Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 6+, Fedora 16+, or Ubuntu 14.04+ (x86-64)14:10
ThePiixelMonster" i saw that and saw someone saying about cubietruck thing running ubuntu and got happy lol14:10
ThePiixelMonsteryeah the only thing is all i need it for is pretty low poly 3d work and web development when i visit family and stuff, just something compact and potable blender i have to spend countless hours customising it before i am efficient or capable when using it14:18
hrnzyou could just get a laptop o.O14:20
ThePiixelMonstercosts significantly more lol14:22
ThePiixelMonsterits ot very comfrtable to work on either,14:26
ThePiixelMonsterdamn these keys lol14:26
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