Madkisshi folks11:20
Madkissif I want to recompile the ubuntu kernel with a different gccc variant than the one behind "gcc", what files do I need to change, or how would I generally achieve that goal?11:21
apwMadkiss, HOSTCC and COMPILER define the compilers in use for the various parts11:43
apwin Makefile11:43
apwi presume you could change kmake in our packaging to pass those if you are using that11:47
Madkissi am using whatever linux_3.13.0.orig.tar.gz comes with.11:48
sorenMadkiss: I thought you got the problem fixed properly? (I.e. in ways that don't require another compiler)11:51
Madkissthe one problem.11:51
sorenMadkiss: Ah :(11:52
Madkissi suspect there are at least three other problems caused by compiler madness, and I simply want to check.11:52
sorenapw: Do modules generally have to be built with the same compiler as the kernel?11:52
apwsoren, yes, as you are relying on the calling conventions on internal functions be exactly the same11:52
sorenapw: Ok. I wasn't sure how well defined the ABI was. Thanks.11:53
Madkisswhere does the Build-Depends line come from for christs sake?11:53
MadkissI edited debian.master/control.stub to add stuff there, and in the .dsc file, my changes are gone11:53
apwdebian/control is built from debian.master/control.stub.in 11:53
Madkissso you are having a control.stub.in that creates a control.stub11:54
Madkissand that creates a control file?11:54
Madkissare you kidding me?11:54
Madkisswho on earth would do that?!11:54
apwwho would guess how it works instead of reading debian/rules to find out11:54
Madkisspeople following the, err, debian policy, I guess.11:54
apwthe stub.in has variable subs to .stub, stub is combined with the other stubs per flavour to make control11:55
apwseems to make sense to me11:55
sorenDebian policy doesn't specify how those things are created.11:55
* soren wanders off again11:56
Madkissapw: and what'S the rationale for copying the changelog around ?12:00
apwMadkiss, it is part of the package meta data which is derivative specific, allowing rebased derivatives to use the same master unpinnings without collission12:01
apwallowing both us and non-official kernels to base of our maintained base in a simple manner12:02
apw /b #is12:13
Madkissapw: any idea what is causing the problem at the end in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/192033308/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.linux_3.13.0-40.69%2Bsyseleven2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?13:33
Madkissapw: any chance you could help me out? :\14:52
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