Shadow__Xits not fun trying to use live transcoding on a e8400 though01:08
Shadow__Xand by not fun i mean frustrating01:08
PatrickdkI'm not sure what I'm going do03:51
PatrickdkI gave up on tv a long time ago03:51
PatrickdkI only use myth for mythvideo03:51
Kwisherwhy not use xbmc?03:52
Patrickdkthere is just nothing that has been on tv in the last several years that even made me partially interested in watching03:52
Patrickdkcause I already have been using mythtv for the last 10years or so03:52
Patrickdkwell, not 1003:52
Patrickdkbut probably 803:53
Patrickdkoh, it is 10years, well, almost 11 :)03:53
PatrickdkI tried to drop it, and go with dlna03:54
Patrickdkbut dlna frontends all suck, and have horrible video selection menus :(03:55
Patrickdkso while mythtv is large and overkill, the extra metadata, sorting, filtering, ..., makes it nice03:55

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