lvmerso which "local_automated" backup method do you like the best00:01
bekksDoesnt matter what I like, only matters what fits your requirements.00:02
acmehandleStupid question, what is TUN/TAP and if my vps offers it should I enable it?00:04
ikoniait's for virtual networking00:04
ikoniado you need that ?00:04
ikoniaand what do you mean enable it ?00:04
acmehandleThe vps I'm on, they offer TUn/TAP to be enabled in the control panel.00:05
acmehandleAs far as whether I need virtual networking, I dont know.  Will it make my connection more secure?00:05
acmehandleRather, my network connection to my vps secure00:05
ikoniacontrol pannel ???00:05
ikoniathat seems really odd00:06
ikoniaacmehandle: don't use it00:06
acmehandleRight, the VPS I'm on.00:06
ikoniaif you don't know what it is, you don't need it00:06
acmehandleikonia: That is a ridiculoulsy unsatisfactory answer.00:16
ikoniaacmehandle: in what way ?00:17
lvmerAllow me to mediate, he probably is saying that because your answer does not contain any new information.  And acme, ikonia is saying no new information because he doesn't want to be your google buddy.00:18
lvmereverybody wins. yeah :)00:18
ikonianot really00:18
acmehandleThats fine.  I'll bow out and accept the answer as it is.00:18
ikoniaI'm saying if you don't have a need for virtual networking and don't really know what tun/tap is, don't need it00:18
ikoniadon't enable it00:19
ikoniawhy enable something you don't need, nor do you understand00:19
acmehandleSorry, I binged on security tls/ssl videos and the nsa that I'm a little bent out of shape on how they transgress privacy today00:19
ikoniaI'm more concerned about how a control pannel can enable/disable them, that sounds like a terrible00:19
ikoniaterrible coniguration00:19
ikoniaacmehandle: and yet you let a web server handle your config00:20
acmehandleIts the interface for tun/tap only.  But I havent enabled it.  But yes.00:20
acmehandleIts a fools errand at the end of the day anyway00:20
acmehandleMeaning, if the nsa has access to most security keys in the first place it doesnt even matter anyway.00:21
ikoniaplease, not more security crap00:21
ikoniahalf the people making these youtube videos and articles have no idea what they are saying and are parroting other less informed people00:22
ikoniajust apply logic and your machines will be fine as will your privacy00:22
acmehandleThere was a specific video that was made at a security conference, and another was by glen greenwald00:23
ikonianot really interested00:23
ikoniaup to you what you believe00:23
acmehandleLogic and reality have nothing to do with one another.00:23
acmehandleAnyway, I'm bowing out like I said before.00:24
acmehandleIs there a benefit to using sudo su versus just plain su?01:57
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ScottKacmehandle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:08
blackyboyHi anyone there to help me to solve my unbound server issue ? I have setup a caching DNS resolver using unbound, In client machine i have added mu unbount server IP as DNS server now while i accessing some website from client side i can't get any web pages..04:29
Patrickdkwell, atleast post your unbound config file04:32
blackyboyPatrickdk: ok one sec sir04:44
blackyboyPatrickdk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9406618/04:47
blackyboyMy Cache DNS server IP was
munstermansomehow i have 2 ip's with one NIC. I have done nothing to set up 2 ip's. my interfaces file is set up for static. where is this second ip coming from? any google search comes up with how to get 2 ip's going, and none of my fikes look that way. im so lost. and green, be gentle. any help?04:48
Patrickdkyour access-control lines are screwed04:48
Patrickdkoh, not really, that was allow all, I misread04:49
blackyboyPatrickdk: sir just now i have flushed the IPtables and working :D04:49
Patrickdkah :)04:49
blackyboyAppreciate for your time04:50
Patrickdkyou might want to change your allow to allow_snoop though04:50
blackyboyThank you04:50
Patrickdksnoop makes things like *dig* work :)04:50
blackyboyoh ok let me look at it thank you04:50
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lordievaderGood morning.08:56
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lnxmenI tried to create Slave MySQL database.20:26
lnxmenI have PHPFox od productive server and other VPS20:26
lnxmenI followed this tutorial: http://unity.moxi9.com/kb/article/436/how-to-get-mysql-replication-up-and-running20:26
lnxmenBut step 5 fails.20:26
lnxmenThere is no database and records in slave database.20:26
lnxmenCould anyone help?20:27
RoyKlnxmen: perhaps someone in #mysql?20:29
lnxmenSorry, for asking here.20:30
RoyKlnxmen: no worries - just think they may know more about it there20:30
lnxmenRoyK: hmm, I added line `mysqld: masterIP` to /etc/hosts.allow20:31
lnxmenAnd /etc/init.d/networking restart20:31
lnxmengives me20:32
lnxmenstop: Job failed while stopping20:32
lnxmenstart: Job is already running: networking20:32
acmehandleIf I completely uninstall sudo off my server will there be any adverse affects?21:07
acmehandleI dont want sudo on my machine.21:08
bekksacmehandle: Without sudo, you will be unable to gain root privileges.21:12
ScottKUnless you setup the root account first.21:13
acmehandleYes, I have a root account set up already.  So thats not a problem.  So if I uninstall sudo entirely there shouldnt be any adverse affects to the direct functionality of the machine.21:14
acmehandleits not like the network card is going to bust a transistor or something.21:14
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acmehandlewhat is the difference between python3 and python3m23:54

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