tyriontowski, an iphone? are you joking?01:05
towskiwell I mean iphones have everything02:24
towskiexcept for open source and linux02:24
towskiwell it's either a oneplus or an iphone02:25
TaconutHi! Can I use ubuntu touch like a normal linux computer if I wanT to?04:49
TaconutLike install packages, etc04:50
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idlerHi, has ubuntu acceleration for HW for sansumg galaxy s3 lite  ?12:23
idlerthe silent is the response????12:26
popeyidler: it's quiet in here on the weekends12:27
popeyidler: way more busy during the working week12:27
idlerok buuuut although imm very idler my time is gold12:28
idlerok but12:28
idlerthis is for koalas???12:31
idlerthis chanel is for koalas?12:31
idlerall very slowly12:31
popeyidler: as I said, people are here more during the week12:34
popeymonday through friday from about 08:00 UTC until around 20:00 UTC12:34
idlerok ubuntu for phones and tablets is little popular in the world and for this reason in this chanel  cant  give me response12:41
idlerubuntu for tablets and phones is a loser???12:46
popeyidler: we haven't shipped a single device yet, which is one reason why it's not "popular" by any measure12:49
idlerhas ubuntu support of acceleration for hardware in sansumg galaxy s3 lite???12:58
idlerits the question to hve or not to have12:59
popeyidler: is it listed here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices - if not, no, we don't support that device.13:02
idlerfor nexus oof google thre support true???13:03
popeyWe support the devices listed on that page. Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10. Community porters support the rest.13:04
idlernexus is more universal than sansumg then ....13:06
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UbUntUToUchLoverHello! I just used the Complete Linux Installer app. Is it possible to get Ubuntu Touch working through this?14:33
UbUntUToUchLoverHello? Anybody available?14:37
UbUntUToUchLovernhaines? You available?14:39
UbUntUToUchLoverJust checking. I'm quitting, for now.14:41
UbUntUToUchLoverGood morning! At least, to those who are still experiencing morning!18:15
UbUntUToUchLovernhaines: Are you there this lovely morning? :-D18:20
UbUntUToUchLoverI wanted to tell anybody that was monitoring this channel: I've been testing the Ubuntu Dual-Boot app on my Nook HD+, tricking it by configuring the build.prop so that it thought I was running a Nexus (flo, manta, mako), but every time I rebooted to Ubuntu, it went to recovery, instead.18:24
UbUntUToUchLover I even cleared the EMMC partition, and cleaned the data from my Clockworkmod ROM app, but it still rebooted to recovery! Like a digital clock showing time, while the batteries are out!18:26
UbUntUToUchLoverAny ideas? I feel so close to a solution, I don't want to give up, yet!18:27
UbUntUToUchLoverbubbasaures: I know you're online. Can you help me?18:28
UbUntUToUchLover Is anybody here?18:35
UbUntUToUchLover Do I have to use Ubuntu colors to get someone's attention?18:36
UbUntUToUchLover How about now?18:37
UbUntUToUchLoverOh, well. I'll stay in touch... No pun intended.18:38
bubbasauresUbUntUToUchLover, Outside what I know is all.18:40
UbUntUToUchLoverbubbasaures: Did you see my messages?18:41
UbUntUToUchLoverbubbasaures: I've been using the Ubuntu Dual-Boot app to try to get Ubuntu Touch to work on my Nook, but to no avail. I've been tricking the app into thinking I'm using a Nexus by using a build.prop editor.18:44
cwayneyeah that won't work, theres no ubuntu port for nook (that i know of at least)18:48
cwayneand it's certainly not a supported port if so18:48
popeycwayne: ybon was looking for the points of interest scope source if you have it somewhere. he noticed it in the store.18:49
cwaynenot public yet popey18:50
cwaynethe source that is18:50
ybonpopey, cwayne: about this, I noticed scope opens locations in here.com; is there some plan in the future to support some map:// protocol, and let the user chose which will open it?18:51
ybonwhich app* will open it18:51
popeycwayne: ybon made our first map app - OSM Touch...18:51
cwayneright, osm touch is awesome18:51
cwayneybon: i'm not sure about that, but i'm sure you could ship a url-dispatcher hook with osm-touch to do that18:52
UbUntUToUchLovercwayne: There IS an image for the Nook HD+ (ovation), but it is so buggy, I've been looking for other methods of putting Ubuntu Touch on my Nook. I love Ubuntu, and I'd want it on every device, if I can - and I believe I can!18:52
ybonany idea where I can find documentation about this, cwayne?18:53
cwayneUbUntUToUchLover: it's buggy because it's not a supported device probably :P  I know how you feel though, I've been tryin' to get ubuntu running on my oneplus one18:53
cwayneybon: about how to add url-dispatcher bits?18:53
cwaynei'm not sure it's well documented, let me try and find an example at least18:54
yboncwayne: yep, and thanks :)18:54
cwayneybon: here's a start: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/URLDispatcher18:55
cwayneybon: and this MP to the clock app may be helpful as an example: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/ubuntu-clock-app/url-dispatcher/+merge/20153618:56
UbUntUToUchLovercwayne: Thanks, man. I know it's not a supported device, but even so, I believe it can be done. It's just figuring out how that's bugging me.18:56
cwayneUbUntUToUchLover: right, but the issue is even if there's a port, the dual boot app won't know about it, as it uses system-image, and afaik nobody's created a system-image server for any community ports other than hammerhead and deb18:57
* cwayne goes back to being sick, may check in later18:57
yboncwayne: so this means that an app should know about the other app to open some resource in it, right?18:58
UbUntUToUchLovercwayne: True. Tricking the Dual Boot app may not be the answer. I need to research even deeper!18:59
ybonI mean, I can add an URL dispatcher like "map://" in OSMTouch, but then, as an example, the points of interest scope need to know that protocol has been exposed by OSMTouch, and then (maybe) decide to use it?18:59
ybonAlso, I wonder how we'll manage when two apps will register URL dispatcher that conflicts19:00
ybon(Made an issue on the tracker https://bugs.launchpad.net/osmtouch/+bug/1400132 )19:03
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1400132 in OSMTouch "Add an URL dispatcher" [Undecided,New]19:03
ybonpopey: a bit off topic, but do you know someone who can be aware of the status of the Ubuntu arabic font project? http://design.canonical.com/2011/01/hebrew-and-arabic-on-track/19:07
popeyybon: no idea, but I'd fire a mail a the design team. specifically john.lea@ our company name dot com ☻19:09
yboncool, thanks! :)19:09
UbUntUToUchLoverAny news on ovation? Has it been further modified by anybody?19:22
UbUntUToUchLoverJust checking. Anyway, go for the orange!19:23
popeyUbUntUToUchLover: i doubt anyone has touched it other than you19:27
UbUntUToUchLoverpopey: I barely got your message. What did you say?19:29
UbUntUToUchLoverSorry. The stupid app crashed.19:30
popey19:27:49 < popey> UbUntUToUchLover: i doubt anyone has touched it other than you19:40
UbUntUToUchLoverI am now UTL2. I'm changing apps.19:40
UTL2popey: Here I am. What were we talking about?19:42
popey19:27:49 < popey> UbUntUToUchLover: i doubt anyone has touched it other than you19:42
UTL2popey: I saw that. I forgot the subject I was currently talking about. Sorry if I sound like an idiot.19:44
popeyI give up.19:44
UTL2popey: Hey, don't give up, now! We'll just start with what we do know! Like...19:45
UTL2For instance, about the Dual Boot app. That's something I've been puzzling over, because I'm forced to use it instead of it's true purpose - to dual-boot from Android to Ubuntu Touch on a Nexus device.19:47
UTL2What I mean is, I'm using it on a Nook instead of a Nexus. Interestingly, it downloads and installs, but it reboots into Clockworkmod Recovery.19:49
UTL2So I clear the EMMC folder where I think the recovery is stored. Then, I boot CyanogenMod and clear the Clockworkmod ROM app that installed recovery to begin with. After that, I try again. Curiously, the same result happens!19:51
UTL2Now it's got me thinking: How do I get rid of recovery, and will this help me be able toboot Ubuntu?19:52
UTL2to boot19:52
UTLI, UTL2, am also under Ubuntu Desktop.20:04
UTLpopey: You still there?20:06
UTLpopey: Did you get my messages about the app? Do you have any idea if it will work?20:08
UTL2Leaving my tablet, for now.20:09
e960infohello all , I would like to ask info about lg e960 nexus 4.  does anyone in here use it with ubuntu-touch ?? do you think that a price of about 150euro is ok for a used  phone like a nexus 4 ?? can I run both android and ubuntutouch in a LG nexus 4?? thanks fo ryour reply20:10
UTLe960info: All LG Nexus 4s should work. Check if your device is codenamed "mako".20:14
e960infocan I dual boot cyanomonged and ubuntutouch with a nexus 4? ubuntu touch and android??20:15
e960infohow is difficult to brick my new used-phone trying to dual boot??20:16
UTLe960info: You can get the Ubuntu Dual-Boot app following the directions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation All supported devices should work, and even some devices closely related to Nexuses should work. I wouldn't know about any others.20:16
UTLI have a Nook HD+, and the Dual-Boot app didn't work for me. :-(20:17
popeyThe dual boot app is designed for the devices we support, the nexus ones.20:18
UTLe960info: I am still experimenting with the app. There may be few devices that you can install Ubuntu Touch on if you change the build.prop file, but I don't recommend this because it could mess up your device - even brick it, if you change too much!20:21
e960infoso it's better to simply remove android from a nexus 4 and to install ubuntutouch?? in this way it is still possible to crick the phone?? I mean not any dual boot, at the end I donìt like android, for this reason I want to try to use ubuntutouch20:22
e960infowhich percentage from 1% to 99% have I to brick my nexus 4 e960,mako, phone while installing ubuntu-touch? and may I return to use android if ubuntutouch doesn't work???20:24
UTLe960info: Plug your device into a computer. Run "adb shell grep ro.product.device /system/build.prop" from a terminal. Does it return as "mako"?20:25
Elleoas far as I'm aware there is only one nexus 4 type20:26
Elleoso you'll be fine with anything that's sold as being a nexus 420:26
e960infoI'm going to buy such a phone on ebay just now,  I wanted to know some experience from people who are using it.20:26
ElleoI don't dual boot, so can't comment on that side of things, but UT runs fine on the nexus 4 in general20:27
UTLe960info: Follow the instructions here when you get your Nexus 4, and you will see that it works: http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/20:27
UTLOr, use the Dual Boot link that I gave you earlier. Both work on all Nexus 4s, but only one method keeps the current OS.20:29
UTLe960info: I can see that you're worried about bricking. There really is no need to, as long as your device is supported by Ubuntu. If you find that it is not, you can try to flash a different image, but I have no guarantee that it will work properly.20:33
UTLe960info: Check to see if your device is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices Click on the code name for the device you want to know about, and check all the details.20:35
e960infoI have just bought an LG e960 nexus 4 , thanks for your help. I will have it on 15 of december.  thanks to all developers that are working to give me an opportunity to do not use android.20:40
UTLe960info: Glad to help!20:41
* UTL , now knowing some new IRC commands, uses them.21:25
* UTL doesn't mean to be a pain. All he wants is some friendly help.21:26
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