ali1234popey: i uploaded a new apk. it should detect resolution properly now. same url.00:05
ali1234i'm really impressed with SDL android, i've had zero problems with it00:06
ali1234it took me about a week to port to GLES, and about to day to port that to android00:07
popeyali1234: https://imgur.com/eXIym4100:11
ali1234that's really weird00:11
* popey grabs a nexus 7 201200:11
ali1234it definitely works there, that's what i'm testing on00:12
daftykinsit was the popester, in the lounge with the N5 :o00:14
ali1234popey: that's the hudl right? so it kinda works on x86...00:14
hexxingtonlooks like a hudl 200:14
popeyyeah, fine on nexus 7 201200:15
popeyyes, hudl200:15
hexxingtontesco refused to say who the ODM was. top secret.00:16
hexxingtonplay.google.com lists it as "pegatron hudl 2" in the devices list00:16
popeynot secret at all00:16
ali1234pegatron sounds like a knock-off transformer00:17
popeypegatron have been an ODM for ARM OEMs for years00:17
hexxingtonpegatron are one of the big 10 ODMs00:17
penguin42Can the new Tesco x86 based one boot arbitrary OSs?00:18
daftykinsoh my bad.00:18
daftykinsguess that explains why it's so big XD00:18
daftykinslooks exactly like my friends red Nexus 5 :>00:18
popeyits way huge-er than nexus 500:19
popeyI really like the hudle00:19
popeyit's my main go-to tablet00:19
hexxingtonthye most complete ODM data is for laptops in 2011. pegatron were #500:19
daftykinsone of our local wholesale supermarkets is apparently selling Tesco stock these days, i wonder if they can obtain the hudl200:19
popeyof course part of the reason it's my go-to tablet is because it's the most powerful tablet in the house00:20
hexxingtoncompal, quanta, wistron, foxconn, pegatron, inventec, flextronics, ecs00:20
hexxingtonalmost every laptop is made by one of those 800:21
hexxingtone.g. thinkpads are wistron, macbooks are quanta00:21
ali1234what about clevo?00:22
hexxingtonhm, good point00:23
hexxingtonhow did i miss clevo? they do most of the "lol, let's put SLI in a laptop" gamer laptops00:23
hexxingtondid you see MSI's gaming laptop w/ cherry mx mechanical keyboard?00:24
ali1234no. it sounds silly00:25
hexxingtonyou haven't seen how it looks :>00:25
hexxingtonand before you ask, cherry switches are *really* deep, so they can't do the usual and put the laptop parts underneath the keyboard.00:25
hexxingtonso the laptop parts are above the keyboard, and the circuit board for the keyboard goes down to the bottom of the case00:26
ali1234it doesn't look that bad00:26
hexxingtonthe numpad is actually a trackpad with numbers drawn on00:26
ali1234i mean if you have a large display there's always going to be wasted space on the bottom part00:26
ali1234looks like an old amiga or atari st00:27
ali1234with  screen stuck to it00:27
ali1234i think i prefer it to something like this: http://technewsday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/msi-gt80-gaming-laptop.jpg where you have to reach over the touch pad00:28
ali1234not that i would ever buy a gaming laptop...00:29
diddledan"as well as our usual selection of carefully developed MSI gaming technologies" <-- why does that sound to me like preinstalled poo-ware?00:51
diddledanI'd rather the keyboard and smarts arrangement were the other way about, though - the smarts against your belly and the keyboard under the screen00:52
diddledanthat way I still have somewhere to rest my palms00:53
ali1234they make video cards...00:53
diddledanwith it as it looks in the photo I'd have to perch the lappy on the very end of my knees to have enough room to get my hands in the right place00:53
diddledani.e. it'll fall on the floor00:54
diddledanI actually quite like my chiclet keyboards00:54
daftykinsskating obama gif01:51
mappshi all04:48
mappsnight shift signing in;p04:48
mappsnoone up for once?05:03
daftykinsnever fear05:31
* daftykins is here05:31
mappsah no the usual suspect (s) are here05:36
mappsis zmoylan-1i  up too?:P05:37
mappsmaybe not05:38
mappssleep time for me now;06:17
diddledanoh the joys of working on a sudnay09:56
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.11:01
diddledanso. I got antsy waiting for libertos and starting compiling ubuntu for the raspberry pi myself :-p11:03
diddledanI have no idea whether I've done it right tho11:06
popeyhow did you do it?11:10
diddledanI've got reprepro and rebuildd+sbuild11:11
diddledanI'm unsure whether rebuildd was the right way to go vs wanna-build11:11
hexxingtoni'll tell what i wanna-build11:14
hexxingtonwhat i really really wanna-build11:14
popeydiddledan: whats the progress so far?11:14
hexxingtondidn't someone indiegogo AlanBell to do it? or am i misremembering11:14
diddledanslow: http://orbital.bowlhat.net:9998/dist/trusty/arch/armhf11:15
diddledanthere seems to be quite a few failures11:15
diddledanbut not every package is failing11:15
hexxingtonno way to see the list or logs from there?11:16
diddledanyeah the web interface is a bit pants11:16
popeydiddledan: is it building on a pi?11:22
popeyjust one?11:22
diddledanno, it's building in an schroot filtered through qemu-user11:23
hexxingtondiddledan, many failures are because qemu-user uses your x86 /proc/cpuinfo11:25
* popey has only just twigged that hexxington is directhex11:25
diddledanhexxington, oh dear11:26
diddledanthis "sorry, unimplemented" appears to be happening in a lot of the failures: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9410718/11:31
popeyi have 14.04 on a banana pi here, wonder if that would be easier to build on11:36
popeyneed to set whatever flag to make it build armv611:37
popeydiddledan: did you follow some guide online?11:37
diddledanI've read lots of different guides but the linaro ones were the most useful11:37
diddledanI tweaked it a bit but this is roughly what I followed - specifically I created an armhf chroot instead of a cross-building one: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/CrossBuildd11:40
ali1234diddledan: qemu-user will fail hard, i already tried it11:40
ali1234qemu-system will also fail, in different ways, plus it's not actually any faster than a raspi11:41
ali1234it was nearly a year ago, they might have fixed it11:41
diddledanok, so it seems that rebuildd isn't able to work with more-than-one system?12:40
diddledanmaybe I chose wrongly12:40
ali1234maybe you can use distcc with it?12:42
ali1234also, you can build many packages in parallel12:43
ali1234on different systems12:43
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diddledantime for lunch - bbiab12:44
diddledanali1234, does rebuildd allow other systems to connect to it's database (the database is a sqlite file)13:31
diddledanfrom something I found just before lunch it read as though rebuildd doesn't allow distributed sbuild13:32
mappshi all14:16
hexxingtonas a parent with a potty-training toddler, i long for the sweet embrace of death14:17
zmoylan-pimaybe you are dead and are in a personal hell with a potty training toddler who never learns... :-P14:20
shaunoyet it's funny when monkeys do it.14:22
zmoylan-pimaybe hexxington's christmas present is the toddler presenting a chamber pot with a big poo in it and hexxington seeing the end of the horror will be happy :-)14:24
isleofmandanJust about to visit a local Ubuntu user who kicked power cord out of his PC during updates... Says it won't work.  Assuming I can get it to boot into a terminal, do you reckon sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is the way forward?15:22
isleofmandanand can someone remind me of fsck command line switches?15:23
ali1234sudo apt-get -f install15:23
ali1234all the required files will already be downloaded15:23
ali1234since it downloads everything before installing15:23
isleofmandanah, cheers ali123415:23
ali1234if you are really unlucky, apt db is corrupted15:23
ali1234not sure what you do then15:23
isleofmandanFingers crossed ;)15:24
ali1234rerun a normal update afterwards15:25
isleofmandanOK. Will do. Thanks.15:26
diddledanbbiab - heading home15:55
diddledanand home16:16
penguin42you didn't miss anything16:17
diddledanI noticed16:18
BadCompanyI have installed ubuntu on my pc but for some reason i cant get the option to boot to Windows 8.1 when i start up my computer. Instead it goes straight to Ubuntu. I can see my Windows drive under devices when i click on file18:04
diddledanBadCompany, try the same question in #ubuntu - this place is pretty quiet today and I don't know the answer18:15
BadCompanydont worry i think the boot repair fixed it18:16
diddledanthat boot repair utility is pretty clever18:17
daftykinsi've heard of it fail more times ;)18:50
penguin42I saw something about win8.1 having shared some storage between the repair partition and hte main system partition, so deleting the repair partition for space might break stuff for people18:52
diddledanit's not so much shared as it is the repair partition gets booted first18:53
shaunoso the repair partition boots the OS?18:54
daftykinssame setup in non-EFI windows vista or 7, it has the little boot partition preceeding the C: one18:54
daftykinsbasically any windows 8 laptop comes with a horrible mess of partitions, my favourite move would be to nuke the lot and install from scratch ;) but of course newb users coming into #ubuntu aren't going to want/be capable of that18:55
diddledanit's a misnomer to call it a repair partition - it contains the WinPE environment and an image for repairs which can be booted18:55
diddledanit's an attempt at unifying the boot process to a single point of entry for both uefi and bios18:56
diddledanthe "bootloader" is actually a second step - there's a bootstrap before it now which gets called by the system and the bootstrap hands off to the "bootloader" which is a WinPE executable18:58
diddledanthe bootloader has mouse and graphics support now by virtue of being a WinPE thing18:59
shaunowhenever people try to explain the guts of windows to me, osx starts to sound more and more sensible19:01
daftykinsshauno: come back when it can actually full-screen an application like you expect it to ;)19:02
shaunoit .. does?19:03
daftykinsnot in my experience19:03
diddledanactually full-screen in yosemite isn't too bad19:03
daftykinssometimes hitting the window control makes it just tall and skinny, i mean wth is that?19:03
daftykinsjust for clarity - i'm not thinking of that kinda diagonal arrow one that really does take up the entire screen and hide the rest of the OS19:04
diddledanI like that with manymonitors(TM) it does each screen separately rather than like it used to where you'd fullscreen on one monitor and the others are just deadspace19:04
shaunooh you mean like maximize?19:05
diddledanand the fullscreens can all be independently switched19:05
ali1234lol OS X maximize19:05
daftykinssorry that would've been a far better choice of word19:05
daftykinsi haven't had my coffee yet :P19:05
shaunoosx doesn't have maximize.  it has 'zoom'.  they have different names because they do different things :/19:05
diddledannot sure I've ever used zoom19:05
ali1234it's exactly like maximize except sometimes it only works vertically for absolutely not reason19:06
diddledansafari used to be one of those19:06
shaunoyeah.  it tries to be clever about the size of the window in relation to the size of the content19:06
shaunoand 'clever' rarely is19:06
m0nkey_ugh. I hate what apple did to yosemite.19:07
m0nkey_i don't want my apps to go full screen all the time.19:07
diddledanyeah, I don't like that you can't single-click a control to full-screen/maximise the app but allow other windows in front of it19:08
diddledaninstead I'm often left dragging the corners of windows about19:08
m0nkey_I kept a copy of the Mavericks installer, tempted to put that one back.19:08
daftykinsand hence why window management in OS X is the worst of all :D19:11
m0nkey_Trying to sell my MacBook Air. Posted it at work, local ads, nobody seems to be buying.19:12
diddledanI think I saw you pop it on facebook, too?19:13
daftykinsthey sell those things with far insufficient storage19:13
m0nkey_Odd, the site I advertised it says I've had a reply. Yet, I don't see one.19:15
m0nkey_I'd even swap it for an X1 Carbon19:17
daftykinsshame they ruined the function keys on the X119:18
diddledanI can't place the X119:18
* diddledan googles19:18
foobarryhas no removal battery either19:19
m0nkey_That is a disappointment. But the previous generation has a much better keyboard.19:19
diddledanthat looks smart19:19
diddledanI wonder why lenovo persist with their nipple?19:20
foobarryhave a dilemma. do endless housework that i have been doing all weekend while not parenting? or spend time  on myself19:20
m0nkey_I like the nipple. Better than a trackpad in some cases.19:20
foobarrybecause nipples are innocuous for those who dont like them and useful for those who insist on them19:20
diddledanfoobarry, relax for the remainder of this evening. it's sunday night, and if you can't do nothing then when can you?!19:21
foobarryexactly :(19:21
foobarryhave something i want to do..19:21
foobarrywork in progress http://i.imgur.com/Xq8FiRk.jpg19:21
foobarrypoor quality pic :S19:21
foobarryok which one of you was trying out his xmas present early? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-3036970119:23
m0nkey_I hate this19:26
m0nkey_I fly model aircraft.19:26
m0nkey_However, I'm also a member of a club and have insurance.19:27
diddledanm0nkey_, unfortunately most aren't as thoughtful19:27
m0nkey_In order to be insured, certain conditions have to be met. One of which is DO NOT FLY NEAR A F**KING AIRPORT.19:27
daftykinsm0nkey_: where does the bad part come in?19:28
m0nkey_I always encourage people to join a club if you're flying a plane, helicopter or drone.19:28
m0nkey_daftykins, the bad part comes in when an uninsured idiot crashes his plain into a face of a 6 year old19:28
m0nkey_killing him19:28
daftykinswat, has that happened?19:28
ali1234yes, with model aircraft from years ago19:29
foobarryi got a boomering in the forehead once19:29
ali1234the type that are basically 1/10th scale actual airplanes19:29
m0nkey_ali1234, the electric motors don't stop unlike IC.19:29
foobarryat full speed19:29
foobarryi've seen the RC jet ones that go at 400mph19:29
penguin42foobarry: It explains a lot :-)19:29
m0nkey_This is why this kind of thing upsets me.19:30
m0nkey_People have been killed by idiots.19:30
m0nkey_This is another perfect example of an idiot putting the lives of 180 in danger.19:30
diddledanI think regulations concerning UAVs need to be tightened19:31
m0nkey_The CAA does have regulations.19:31
m0nkey_If you fly a model, you are subject to the air navigational order19:31
m0nkey_An old colleague of mine went to work for the CAA, he approached me for input on the new regulations.19:32
ali1234"limits of not flying within 50 metres of any person or 30 metres from any person during take off and landing"19:32
diddledanthe problem is there's no requirement to prove that you're capable/aware of the regs19:32
m0nkey_diddledan, this is why you join a club19:33
m0nkey_You are made very aware of the regs, you are insured, you have a safe place to fly.19:33
diddledanyeah, that's definitely good19:33
m0nkey_Every time I see somebody flying one of these things in a built up area, I always approach them and ask if they're a member of a club.19:34
diddledanis there any provision concerning use of autonomous drones?19:34
m0nkey_99% of the time, they are not.19:34
m0nkey_diddledan, the same regs apply19:35
m0nkey_But you must be able to take control at a moments notice.19:35
m0nkey_You can use GPS to navigate, but you must always be able to take manual control19:35
ali1234so what regs apply to models under 7kg?19:36
ali1234because it looks to me like only 137 and 13819:36
m0nkey_Regardless of weight, you're still subject to the ANO19:36
ali1234yes, which articles of it?19:37
diddledanthis was an interesting use of drones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBTWl-DtKdM19:37
m0nkey_Typically, it's 137 and 138.19:39
m0nkey_Also 16619:39
m0nkey_And now 16719:39
ali1234167 appears to only apply to drones with cameras19:41
m0nkey_I'm including it as people now tend to put cameras on everything.19:41
m0nkey_But typically, it's 137 and 138.19:41
m0nkey_Roughly translated to, "don't be an idiot"19:42
daftykinsfine rules19:42
ali1234the bbc story really makes it sound like any £25 drone can bring down a jet aircraft19:42
m0nkey_If you're over 7kg, you must have a cut off should the aircraft lose it's signal19:42
m0nkey_ali1234, the point is.. IT CAN19:42
penguin42m0nkey_: If it can then that's a much bigger problem19:42
ali1234the typical cheap drone people are getting for £25 weighs 11g19:43
m0nkey_That low cost flying machine lands in a jet turbine can cause the turbine to set on fire19:43
shaunoI'm not sure I want to test the lower limits of fob ingress19:43
m0nkey_Hopefully them idiots are not flying anywhere near an airport.19:43
shauno(I know RR do, they have some fun videos where they throw (dead) chickens into turbines.  but still)19:43
ali1234sounds like a job for mythbusters19:43
m0nkey_ali1234, mythbusters have already done chickens vs aeroplane19:44
m0nkey_That tiny drone, vs an aircraft going several mph, turns in to a projectile.19:44
ali1234birds bring down aircraft all the time19:44
penguin42m0nkey_: If #25 drones can bring down planes then someone is going to start have to worry about terrorism19:44
ali1234large birds, like geese, that weigh several kg19:45
shaunoso what's the difference between a birdstrike, and a bird made out of abs/wire/batteries?19:45
penguin42ali1234: It's rare for single birds to do it isn't it?19:45
ali1234shauno: exactly, that's what we need mythbusters to test19:45
ali1234penguin42: yes19:45
penguin42ali1234: It's normally flocks that take out multiple engines19:45
ali1234i would think the lithium ion battery is the worst bit19:45
ali1234could potentially start a fire19:45
penguin42there's only a few g of it though19:45
shaunoI think not being inside controlled airspace without direction is a safe default19:45
ali1234well aside from the battery, a typical cheap drone is basically like a sparrow getting sucked into a jet engine19:46
m0nkey_So, sorry to go all militant on this kind of thing. People have been killed due to negligence.19:47
shaunoI'm more of the view that people shouldn't screw with airports so that they're not driven to create more rules19:47
shaunoeven if the really dainty ones can't bring down a plane, they can still make life more difficult for the rest of us19:48
m0nkey_shauno, bingo. Don't mess with airports.19:48
ali1234it's pretty clear from reading the bbc story that they are just looking for an excuse19:48
m0nkey_Or any air field.19:49
ali1234they'll find one no matter what happens19:49
m0nkey_ali1234, and these idiots are giving it to them. It spoils the fun for people who are serious about the hobby (like me).19:49
ali1234no, it doesn't19:49
m0nkey_yes, it does. there has already been talk about restricting the use of model aircraft already.19:50
ali1234they'll find an excuse to do it19:50
m0nkey_setting limits on weights and sizes19:50
MooDooevening all19:50
ali1234if it's not "idiots" it will be terrorists19:50
m0nkey_mostly due to idiots flying in places they have no business being.19:50
* SuperEngineer looks at sky... nope, no flying idiots here [must be a Monty Python thing I suppose]20:04
penguin42SuperEngineer: Are you saying that they should ban unlicensed flight of anything weighing more than an unladen swallow?20:05
SuperEngineerno, I'm saying there are no flying idiots flying past my window - just flying sheep.20:06
penguin42oh, that's fine then20:07
penguin42they'd just bounce off any planes20:07
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