Kiloshi juned 05:40
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za05:40
ThatGraemeGuyI think my media pc is about to die completely08:45
ThatGraemeGuytoo many eskom-powered restarts08:45
Kilosyip ive always said it ruins drives08:45
ThatGraemeGuymy fault, I should've known to power it off08:46
ThatGraemeGuyand I haven't got 3TB handy to copy everything off to08:46
grembleGood morning10:12
somaunnHi Guys10:22
Squirmmorning all10:23
Kiloshi nlsthzn 11:43
nlsthznalo :)11:44
Kiloshi theblazehen SmilyBorg 12:40
theblazehenHi Kilos 12:48
digigramhey all13:22
digigramanyone around on this lovely Sunday afternoon to help me fix my graphics (intel HD i3) on 14.10 that I screwed up all by my self? (preferably without a format lol)13:23
theblazehendigigram: apt-get reinstall?13:27
digigramtheblazehen, reinstall what?13:27
Kiloshi digigram 13:29
digigramwhat happened is I had issues with WebGL, so went on a stupid spree and tried to install incompatible drivers13:29
digigramwow Kilos still around!13:29
Kiloslol always13:29
Kiloswas outside in the sun a bit13:29
digigramproblem is, can't remember what I installed, maybe let me look at history | grep install quick13:29
theblazehendigigram: should do everything13:31
theblazehenSwitch to arch? A lot easier :p13:31
digigramlol I should actually try it one day13:32
theblazehenArch its just pacman -S xf86-video-intel13:33
Kiloshi Merl1n 13:33
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za13:33
digigramI think where my issue came in, was I got the 14.04 intel driver and if I remember correctly, forced it to install13:34
Kilosthen just remove it man13:34
digigramI want to, but not sure how13:35
Kilosfind the package name first13:35
Kilosthen use aptitude remove or aptitude purge package13:36
digigramfinding the package name is the part I have difficulty in13:36
Kiloswhy did you use the 14.04  package13:36
Kiloshave you got synaptic installed13:36
digigramno I use apt13:37
Kilosthe you can see what stuff is installed 13:37
digigramokay, and how would I know if I'm uninstalling the correct one (that needs to stay) or the wrong one (that needs to go)13:39
Kilosyou type in at the top of synaptic ati and it will show all installed packages13:39
Kilosoh intel13:40
digigramjust installing synaptic. Its the first time I run a Debian derivitive without using synaptic lol13:40
Kilosit also has an option to fix broken13:40
Kilosi like synaptic13:41
Kilosalso you should have typed in additional in the dash and it will show the correct packages and install them from there too13:42
digigramadditional drivers had nothing, thats why I tried to be "smart" and then make a mess lol13:44
Kilossynaptic will give the option to completely remove or just remove13:46
Kilosi wonder if there is an intel package like nvidia-current13:46
digigramdoesn't seem like it13:47
Kilosmaybe intel-gpu-tools can help13:49
Kilosotherwise just stick with the standard install13:50
digigramcan't figure out how gpu-tools can help13:52
digigramand intel-linux-graphics-installer will only work up to 11.04 until they release the new driver13:52
digigramguess I'll sit with slow graphics until then lol13:54
Kiloswhat pc is it? maybe google will find something or a bug report might enlighten us13:54
digigramAcer i3 laptop. But no, it worked perfectly (sans webGL though) until I messed about13:55
Kiloswhat is it doing now13:56
Kilosjust slow or something broken13:56
Kilosi go fetch sheep13:57
Kilosafternoon peeps. we just did our bit for load shedding16:40
theblazehenh iK16:47
theblazehenhi Kilos16:47
* theblazehen hardly ever gets load shedding :)16:47
theblazehenlast was >6 months ago :)16:48
Kilosweve had 2 hours a day for about a week now16:48
Kilosand 4 hours yesterday16:48
Symmetriaso like16:51
SymmetriaI got married 16:51
Kiloscongrats Symmetria 16:51
Kilosnow dont start slacking16:52
theblazehencongrats Symmetria!16:52
Symmetriatraditional kenyan wedding :) those are the photos16:54
Kilosnow storm decides i need more power off time17:02
theblazehenhi gremble17:30
theblazehenYou fix ibid?17:30
grembleNope. Spent most of the day sleeping or without electricity17:31
theblazehennot doing much, so no progress17:33
theblazehenKilos: hmm?17:42
Kilostodays power offs killed my elementaryos drive17:42
Kilosread error whan trying to boot17:42
Kilosluckily running boot-repair from kde fixed it again17:43
Kilospower off ones when drives dont get to dock or whatever they call it is not good17:44
Kiloshey theblazehen  when you going to add your testimonial 17:49
Kilosthey need to see we getting in new bloods i think17:49
theblazehenKilos: now is a good a time as any I guess, got a link?17:49
KilosMaaz  re-verification17:49
Kilosty gremble17:52
Kilosnow i got a week to rev magespawn and some of the old hands here too17:53
Kilosnlsthzn  we getting there17:53
theblazehenHow do I add it? Do I need a account?17:54
Kilosum do you see edit at the top left17:55
Kilosif not look in more actions for edit, if nothing get a launchpad account then youll be able to 17:56
theblazehenya, will need account17:58
Kilosi think gremble  also had to get one yesterday17:58
Kilosi battled for weeks to found out how to edit17:58
Kilosonce your browser remembers you at launchpad then it logs you in automatically when you can edit easy17:59
nlsthznwould be awesome if all the peeps that hangout here and use the mailing list made launchpad accounts and joined the ubuntu-za launchpad group - only official number we have on how many people the loco has in a sense18:05
Kilosask the list peeps to do that nlsthzn  18:06
Kilosill nag here18:06
nlsthzn:) I am now taking a quick shower and sleep for training tomorrow,  should be home earlier than normal, will look to write a request then :)18:07
nlsthznnight all18:07
Kiloscool ty nlsthzn  18:08
Kilossleep tight lad18:09
Kilosha digigram  you still here, were you successful18:13
digigramWill see when I can restart later Kilos18:14
Kilosgood luck18:14
digigramif nothing else, I'll just wait for the drivers. Supposed to be released somewhere in Dec18:14
Kilosyou on unity hey?18:15
Kilosthis december?18:15
digigramI heard from a little birdy this December lol18:15
digigrampretty sure this is unity18:15
Kilosmaybe reinstall lightdm just for luck18:15
Kilosyou got the launcher panel on the left?18:16
Kilosand purple background18:16
digigramyip. Decided to try it, used Mint with both Cinnamon and Mate for a long time now18:17
Kilosand dont forget to come support us in 9 days time when we apply for revalidation as an official loco18:18
Kilosunity isnt bad , just a bit heavy18:18
Kilosbit lighter that kubuntu thpugh18:19
Kilosbut kubuntu is more stable imo18:19
Kilosor stronger18:19
digigramKDE overall is better for me, but to heavy for my laptop. Next install I might go back to Cinnamon (or just install that here)18:21
Kilosoh ya you can do that and choose on booting18:22
digigrammight do that, but I'm trying to get used to Unity, no sense in dumping good stuff just because it's "different"18:26
theblazehendigigram: You're implying unity is good?18:28
digigramtheblazehen, I'm saying I haven't been able to find the good yet, but maybe it's just because I like it to work in another way...18:29
theblazehendigigram: I dunno of anyone who has found the good in unity..18:29
digigramlol theblazehen I'm sure the dev's like it18:29
digigrameven if it is just them18:29
theblazehen"face not even a mother could love" I think that applies here?18:31
digigramKilos, something worked it seems. The lagging is gone and even OpenSCAD loads my models again19:04
Kilosunity is nice man19:44
Kiloswhen it works well its great19:45
Kilosim glad for you digigram  19:45
Kilosnow dont forget us hey19:45
Kilosespecially the meet19:46
Kiloshi gremble19:46
Kilosoh digigram  one day look at elementaryos19:46
Kilosbased on 12.04 and very fast19:46
Kiloslooks like a mac they say19:46
Kiloswhats news gremble  19:47
digigramlol Kilos I'll try not to forget you guys :D. Will definitely add my testimony, but with my work schedule, meets are out of the question lol19:47
Kilosat 10pm at night the meet digigram  19:47
Kiloswe meet here after 9 then go to the official okes19:48
digigramI've tried elementary. It's nice, but I wanted to come back to basics19:48
digigramwhen is that?19:48
Kilosim learning elementary now19:48
Kilosbut still have a drive with unity on and one with kde19:48
Kiloson the 16th19:48
Kilosoh and ive got xubuntu somewhere too19:49
Kilosim not keen on x so much19:49
Kilosoh digigram  when that driver comes out use aptitude to install it.19:50
Kilosaptitude tells you if something aint good and gives options19:51
Kilosalso removes stuff that isnt needed 19:51
Kilosohi superfly  inet19:52
digigramyou can only install the driver with intel's tool. Now that stops you if it's wrong, but if I remember correctly, I did something "smart" to bypass that lol19:52
KilosMaaz  seen inetpro19:52
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 23 hours, 12 minutes and 41 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2014-12-06 12:39:46 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2014-12-07 06:19:41 PST19:52
grembleLol hey Kilos :P19:52
Kilosoh my the govt crashed again19:52
grembleNothing much. Learning logic and watching Eddie Izzard19:52
digigramI don't like XDE either19:53
gremblewhat be dis?19:53
Kilosi just watched something on mnet, dunno the name but it was good19:53
superflyhi Kilos19:53
digigramlol xfce yes19:53
grembledstv is probably the largest scam in South Africa19:53
digigramjelly brains here19:53
grembleBehind that car pyramid scheme that collapsed19:54
digigramjack ryan: shadow recruit Kilos?19:54
Kiloswe only got old mnet decoder19:54
Kilosya that19:54
Kiloslemme see if i can find what the pro broke19:55
Kilossuperfly  please try make it for the re-validation meet19:56
Kilosand if you got 5 mins anytime in the next week look at the page19:57
superflywhen is the meeting?19:58
Kiloson the 16th superfly  at 22.0019:59
KilosMaaz  re-validation19:59
MaazKilos: Huh?19:59
Kilosnow i forgot again20:00
Kilosloadshedding has got the pro in its cold grip20:01
superflythe lights just came back on here.20:02
superflybeen out since 820:02
Kiloswb inetpro  20:03
Kilosbad news20:03
Kilosthey said on the news they have enough water and diesel for the next 3 days20:04
Kilosi dont understand that but ya20:04
Kilosshell and bp and all the other refineries have tons of diesel and the dams got spanne water20:05
inetprogood evening20:05
inetprosorry Kilos, we're load shedding our servers now :-)20:06
Kilosthats strange20:06
Kilosnow you big okes here decide on a time for our meet here before going to ubuntu-meeting20:07
Kilosi suggest 21.3020:07
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  late night?20:11
ThatGraemeGuyyes doing an O/S upgrade for a client20:14
digigramkilos they use PetroSA diesel.... and they are slooooow20:16
Kilosthere is no excuse for running out of diesel20:18
Kilosthey should keep at least a weeks supply on hand at anytime20:18
Kilosand water. joe20:19
Kilossjoe as well20:20
Kilosok peeps i go crash now. sleep tight. see ya tomorrow20:22
theblazeheninetpro: ouch.. I assume you have enough backup power? 20:30

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