quidnuncikonia: brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 0 Dec  6 15:54 /dev/sda00:00
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quidnuncbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 1 Dec  6 15:54 /dev/sda100:00
ikoniaquidnunc: ok, last thing, can you run sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda in a pastebin please00:00
quidnunc2ikonia: Inside chroot?00:02
ikoniaquidnunc2: outside please.00:02
quidnuncikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9403789/00:04
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ikoniaquidnunc: that all looks fine,00:05
EuaDikonia, currently i have /var/www/html/mythweb along with an index.html file00:07
ikoniaEuaD: ok ?00:07
EuaDikonia, i don't know where to store my video file00:07
ikoniain the document root on the web server00:08
BaubeThx guys, I'm copying my files from my ruined partitions ! I'll try to fix the table, but for now I see to folders copied on my External HD, feeling much better :D00:08
EuaDikonia, i'm unfamiliar with where that is00:08
shurtagulI made a mistake.. I accidentally deleted most of my notifications in xubuntu's panel, is there a way to undo this, or get them back?00:08
ikoniaEuaD: normaly dictated in the apache config00:08
EuaDshurtagul, try readding indicator plugin or notification area00:09
shurtagulEuaD, I searched Notification area in add new items, but it's greyed out and wont let me add it...00:10
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EuaDikonia, apache2.conf?  this is what was installed by default http://gyazo.com/fab64e1a89b38f5702b9c4ed18f21f7f00:11
Bashing-omshurtagul: I am not familiar with xubuntu, but does this exist : /home/<user>/.config/xfce4/panel/ ? If so you can delete that file and reboot. The file will be re-created to default values .00:13
shurtagulOh, my notification are is still there, but my clock, and everything else is gone, I jsut installed xubuntu desktop, so I just want the defaults back00:13
ikoniaEuaD: no, you need the site config00:14
quidnuncikonia: So, any idea on why my mount table is screwed up00:14
ikoniaquidnunc: no, it's most odd00:14
ikoniaquidnunc: I just did a test on mine and it worked fine00:14
RogyHello, I have a quick question I have around 50GB of text files , and I need to remove duplicate lines from them. How should I go about doing this?00:16
ikoniaRogy: have to work out a regex pattern matching for that00:16
ikoniaRogy: sed/cut/awk would then allow you to remove them00:17
shurtagulThanks guys, I deleted the files & restarted xfce and it remade the defaults :)00:17
quidnuncikonia: Alright, thanks anyway00:18
RogyI was thinking about doing it like that, however I'm unsure if it would work across files. Aka there's a line with text "foo" in file1 and same line in file2.00:18
RogyI'm starting to think I should maybe just load the files into a database and have each line be one row (since I'm only worried about identical rows) and do it like that.00:19
EuaDikonia, there's sites-enabled and sites-available.00:19
Bashing-omshurtagul: Great ! : )00:19
ikoniaEuaD: enabled would be logical for a site thats working00:20
EuaDikonia, it's says it's a virtual host00:20
EriC^^Rogy: are they on seperate lines?00:20
EuaDikonia, maybe i need to get to the basics here. where's a good tutorial for setting up a basic web server in xubuntu 14.04.100:21
EriC^^Rogy: sort -u /path/to/file00:23
EriC^^Rogy: it will rearrange the order though00:23
RogyEriC^^: Order is not a problem00:23
EriC^^ok, sort -u /path/to/file > /new/file00:25
Chuck_NorrisRogy: for i in *.txt ; do awk '!($0 in array) { array[$0]; print }' $i > awked.$i ; done00:25
EriC^^^^ that will keep the order btw00:26
Chuck_NorrisxD yep00:26
RogyChuck_Norris: Hmm, will that remove duplicates across files? For example, if there's a line with text foo in file1, and there's a line with same text in file2, will it remove that line from file2?00:27
RogyChuck_Norris: (Hopefully that made sense, apologies if it's a bit confusing replacing sleep with coffee doesn't work always)00:28
Chuck_Norrisi did a test recently and it worked like a charm, i did 2 archive with 4 lines where 2 of them duplicated, and it worked, it made00:28
Chuck_NorrisRogy: yes i will remove duplicate lines across files00:29
Chuck_Norrisit* will00:30
RogyChuck_Norris: will try it now00:30
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: no it wont00:30
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: he means as if the files are concatenated and it's doing the awk on it00:31
EriC^^( as if all the files are 1 )00:31
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Chuck_NorrisRogy: EriC^^ is this ok?  http://i.imgur.com/udAehLk.png00:33
Chuck_Norrisis that the result he spect?00:34
EriC^^he wants if there is in test1 and test2 the same line it only leaves one00:35
EriC^^he could cat them and run awk then split them again00:35
RogyChuck_Norris: Yep, what EriC^^ said00:35
EriC^^or maybe use comm or something to get it done00:35
EriC^^comm can tell you which lines are in common between the two files00:36
RogySince I'm lazy I'll just shove it all into a database and run a query, seems to have least hassle. Thanks for the help anyways guys, much apprecieted :)00:36
Chuck_Norrisoh! now i undertand, idk about comm but i think "uniq" does something like that too00:37
alteregoai want to install vomiting vertigo, where can i get them?00:38
xangua!find vomiting00:39
ubottuPackage/file vomiting does not exist in utopic00:39
alteregoai can't remember those codenames sorry00:39
alteregoavivid vanguard or something00:40
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142500:40
alteregoamany thanks mrs xangua00:40
Chuck_NorrisEriC^^: lo) for i in *.txt ; do sort -u $i > sorted.$i ; done00:47
EriC^^yeah that's the same though00:48
EriC^^it won't do it across files00:48
hamizeeanyone out there to chat with?00:51
Prezidenttry #ubuntu-offtopic00:51
hamizeei am new to this place00:52
hamizeewhat is going on here00:52
PrezidentThis is help channel.00:52
Prezident#ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat.00:52
hamizeeoh ok00:52
OerHeksgood start to read a topic00:52
hamizeeso all  questions are welcomed right?00:53
hamizeevery new to linux00:53
PrezidentIf you need help yes, whats on your mind.00:53
Prezidentdepends client, but do /join #ubuntu-offtopic if you aint sure.00:54
Chuck_NorrisEriC^^: for i in *.txt ; do awk '!($0 in array) { array[$0]; print }' $i | uniq $i > awked.$i ; done   -.-00:59
Chuck_Norriswhere is my cookie ? -.-01:00
OerHeks!cookie | Chuck_Norris01:00
ubottuChuck_Norris: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!01:00
Chuck_Norristy OerHeks01:00
Chuck_Norrisi'm out of practice i was good at that stuff xD01:01
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: still the same01:02
EriC^^it's not across files01:02
MrSavagewhat's the proper way to have tty8 (ctrl alt f8) have a GUI like tty7?01:02
wtfangelx6y'a des francais ?01:02
MrSavageI want to run games on tty801:02
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: the uniq $i is returning the uniq lines of $i alone ( not checking if it's in other files or not )01:03
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: also uniq only works if it's a sorted file, you have to use sort first01:03
codygman_Ii'm helping a friend install Ubuntu and it looks like windows is taking up 5 partitions... 2 just for recovery... not sure what the others are. How can I figure out which one is safe to delete or live without?01:03
guest92394that looks like bad config01:04
FroggHello, I need help getting ubuntu installed on a UEFI device01:04
guest92394best just wipe hard drive and install from scratch01:04
FroggI want to dual boot windows 8.101:04
codygman_guest92394: That would work if he didn't want to dual boot01:05
Chuck_NorrisEriC^^: got it01:05
shurtagulIs there a way to move icons in xfce panel's indicator plugin?01:05
FroggI have an insignia flex windows tablet, and it runs full windows (x86 processor) I've tried many things, but cannot get it to boot the usb01:05
shurtagulIt seems to be a bug, there's arrows, but they wont do anything, and I think other people have had the same problem01:05
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: i think it would be a headache to do it across files, you could check test1 vs test2, test1 vs test3, then test2 vs test3, or something, i'm sure there's a better way or something01:06
EriC^^Chuck_Norris: no idea01:06
OerHeksFrogg, sorry, x86 and UEFI will not work with ubuntu/linux01:06
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:06
squinty Frogg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:06
Bashing-omcodygman_: Required to know the partitoning scheme on the hard drive // MBR or GPT ? -> sudo parted -l <- from the liveDVD .01:06
FroggThe UEFI settings are very bare bones, and dont allow for disabling uefi. though i can disable secure boot and fast boot01:07
Chuck_NorrisEriC^^: for sure awk could do that but, yeah you have to really know about awk and filters01:07
codygman_Bashing-om: gpt01:07
Bashing-omcodygman_: Then with GPT you may have 128 partitions .01:08
Froggsquinty: i did that, though it still wont boot from the usb. it just boots windows01:09
Bashing-om!gpt | codygman_01:10
MrSavageI want to run games on tty801:11
MrSavagewhat's the proper way to have tty8 (ctrl alt f8) have a GUI like tty7?01:11
MrSavageAlso is it possible to have tty8 use a different driver?01:11
Froggguest92394, how do i wipe the disk to install from scratch?01:13
Froggjust to clarify, it is a 64bit processor01:14
xmetalif you really want to go  that route of wiping out everything, I think the easist way is just let the Ubuntu install "wipe the entire drive" (close to that exact choice of words)01:15
xmetalduring the partiting step01:15
EriC^^Frogg: you want to convert to gpt?01:15
xmetalif possible, i'd just advice to doulbe check you have all your stuff backed up first01:15
Froggwhatever gets me dual booting in the long run01:16
xmetal"just in case" / the "measure twice, cut once" thing01:16
xmetalwhats one the drive now?01:16
Froggi cant even access ubuntu, the usb doesnt boot. and since it's a new tablet, i dont really have anything to back up01:17
xmetal(note: * i have no experience with this UEFI stuff if it invloves that)  someone else in here could be more helpful in that case01:17
xmetala) since its a tablet, someone other than me could be more useful :P ... B) thats what I did with my new (now a few years old) laptop .. i started doing dualboot type stuff BEFORE i put to much data that I could lose on it01:18
shurtagulIs there a way to move icons in xfce panel's indicator plugin?01:18
EriC^^shurtagul: right click then edit or something01:18
shurtagulEriC^^, yesh, I think there's a bug, the arrows do nothing01:19
Froggbasically, if you plug a mouse and keyboard into the tablet, it functions as a full windows 8 computer... that doesnt like booting usb...01:19
shurtagulI found a fix finally...01:21
xmetal hopefully i am in the market before this toshiba dies on me but really ... i'd think i'd go with (for my next "PC type purchase") another laptop01:21
shurtagulI should try harder before I ask01:21
EriC^^shurtagul: try right click then panel properties01:21
EriC^^then items01:21
xmetaloops wrong channel for that01:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1307657 in unity-gtk-module (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1311606 [SRU] UBUNTU_MENUPROXY should not be set in Xfce" [Undecided,In progress]01:21
shurtagulIt was a bug01:21
EriC^^shurtagul: cool01:22
MrSavageCan anyone explain to me why firefox is lagging when i scroll?01:33
xmetal"TOO MANY things running -vs too little ram?"01:35
xmetaltoo many tabs open maybe ..01:35
An0nGrimi have 2gb ram nd no probs... laptop basically kills itself with heat though lol01:36
An0nGrimwww.youtube.com/watch?v=5JniVxr5zvw  <---This Kid Claimed to be the leader of Lizard Squad if you want more info pm me01:36
creatorbhello all01:37
creatorbi get error like  usb enumerate on port 7 when switch to cli mode (ctrl+alt+F1), can you help me to fix it?01:39
MrSavagexmetal: I got a high end PC01:42
MrSavageCan anyone explain to me why firefox is lagging when i scroll?01:42
Mr-Pottercan you explain why you need to repeat this SOO many times01:43
NinjaCowboyMrSavage: Try disabling smooth scroll.01:43
MrSavageNinjaCowboy: Where's that option?01:44
MrSavageNinjaCowboy: The about:config option?01:44
NinjaCowboyHold up. I'm finding it now.01:44
Chuck_NorrisMrSavage: chek your process, maybe there is one process hogging 100% cpu01:45
MrSavageNinjaCowboy: yeah i got it, thanks it helped01:45
MrSavageChuck_Norris: all 0%01:45
Chuck_NorrisMrSavage: htop01:45
MrSavageChuck_Norris: No it looks fine01:46
MrSavageChuck_Norris: Also gnome-system-monitor is better 8^)01:47
freeroutehi all, I was wondering how I could get the latest tmux for Ubuntu. There only seems to be 1 PPA which has tmux, but I don't know if I can deem it as trustworthy - https://launchpad.net/~pi-rho/+archive/ubuntu/dev?field.series_filter=precise - would you deem this as trustworthy?01:48
ubottuleonardo_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».01:48
energizerDoes anyone recognize this date format?: 134818560001:49
rypervenchefreeroute: utopic has it.01:49
freerouterypervenche: right, but I'm on 12.0401:49
rypervenchefreeroute: It still may work if it doesn't require too many dependencies. Otherwise you can compile it from source and turn it into a deb package using checkinstall instead of make install.01:50
freerouterypervenche: you mean enable 14.10's PPA on here?01:51
freeroutealso when compiling, am I going to receive updates when I do apt-get update && apt-get updgrade ?01:51
freeroute*after compiling01:51
rypervenchefreeroute: No, I mean grab the deb package from normal Ubuntu's Utopic repo. If you're getting the latests version, you won't be able to receive updates.01:52
OerHeks!info tmux precise01:52
ubottutmux (source: tmux): terminal multiplexer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 216 kB, installed size 485 kB01:52
freerouteOerHeks: as you can see it's only 1.601:53
OerHeksutopic has 1.9-601:54
freerouteOerHeks: do you think it's a good idea stability wise to install utopic's version on precice's version?01:54
OerHeksfreeroute, no, maybe upgrade to 14.04 > 14.10 would be wise, instead of that ppa.01:55
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creatorbhello, i get error like usb enumerate  │Aero-kun        │01:58
creatorb│on port 7 on cli mode, how to solve it? i have try some    ▒ │a-evol          │01:58
creatorbi mean i get error like usb enumerate on port 7, anyone can help me to fix it?01:59
tootheI hear that Ubuntu's search feature will send data back to Canonical?02:00
daftykinstoothe: hear from where?02:02
tootheseveral sources, I don't have anything off-hand.02:02
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ02:03
toothethis is only with unity? i use kde, kubuntu to be specific.02:04
OerHekstoothe, kde has no amazon lens AFAIK02:04
OerHeksunity only02:04
Madhusudhanhi everybody..Just curious whether I can post my question and seek correction?02:07
bubbasauresMadhusudhan, that is how it works here, just state it.02:08
Madhusudhanbabbsuares: Thanks for reconfirming. I have a script http://pastebin.com/75b1gaR8 which exactly replicates the logrotate function in linux based OS.02:11
Madhusudhanwhat I am trying to get is, I want to check add a line for checkign the default date=7 and if it is beyond 7 days then it needs to be deleted02:12
Madhusudhanhow can I do it in ?02:13
gr33n7007hMadhusudhan, probably try in #bash02:15
Madhusudhanyeah, exactly this is what I am trying to: http://pastebin.com/75b1gaR802:15
MadhusudhanIs there anything that I need to include?02:15
gr33n7007hMadhusudhan, Sorry, I ment ask in the #bash channel :)02:16
daftykins#bash would probably have been more relevant here02:16
daftykinsah snap02:16
MadhusudhanI am looking for three things: 1. I should check the log file present in the directory, 2. if it is present then keep it till 7 days 3. once it is passed, it has to be compressed and create a new file with same name02:18
MadhusudhanI am trying figure out, but no luck :(02:18
daftykinsMadhusudhan: we said ask in another channel.02:19
Madhusudhanoh, can you let me know the channel name?02:19
Madhusudhanthanks for forwarding to the right people02:20
daftykinsMadhusudhan: two of us said it twice. read up.02:20
Kruppe_had we did this02:20
alteregoais it possible to use swap on vram using zram-config?02:20
OerHeksi think you want logrotate, https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-manage-log-files-with-logrotate-on-ubuntu-12-1002:20
Kruppe_i dont know if things would be better02:21
Kruppe_but it is a good question to pose about GNU02:21
Kruppe_and the connection that it has on linux02:21
Kruppe_ubuntu specifically02:21
Kruppe_one of my favorite aspects of the operating system is the package manager that it had equipped.02:22
OerHeksKruppe_, please no monologs, do you have a support question?02:23
MyNameIsMicrowavi really like ubuntu!02:23
lotuspsychje!zram | alteregoa02:27
ubottualteregoa: zRAM is a module of the Linux kernel which increases performance by avoiding paging on disk and instead uses a compressed block device in RAM, useful on systems with less RAM, and SSDs.  Install zram-config to enable zRAM.02:27
MrSavagehi all i'm having issues with Xorg. I switched using drivers to open and did Xorg -configure and started using that conf file but now my GUI won't boot up02:42
ubunaxeSo you know when you ssh into a box for the first time, it gives you an ECDSA fingerprint and asks if you want to continue to connect?02:50
ubunaxeHow do I verify that ECDSA fingerprint?02:50
velhoI've searched all over the internet for linux drivers and found none. I would like to know if I can connect this device to Linux: http://www.lindy-international.com/ExpressCard-FireWire-1394a-Karte-2-Port.htm?websale8=ld0101.ld020102&pi=51500  can anyone help me out? Thank you02:51
SchrodingersScatubunaxe: found this: ssh-keyscan -t ecdsa localhost 2>&1 | grep ecdsa02:53
ubunaxeSchrodingersScat: so do I replace "localhost" with the box I want to ssh into?02:54
ubunaxeSchrodingersScat: actually, I just tried that, and it doesn't look like the fingerprint?02:55
SchrodingersScatubunaxe: I ran it on the machine I was trying to confirm.02:56
ubunaxeSchrodingersScat: I mean when I see sometjhing like: The authenticity of host 'x (xxx.xxx.120.182)' can't be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is b6:ff:05:ex:25:4b:ad:ed:dd:3c:ea:81:89:97:c7:16.02:56
ubunaxeI want to know how I know that  b6:ff:05:ex:25:4b:ad:ed:dd:3c:ea:81:89:97:c7:16 is legit I guess?02:56
daftykinswhy would you doubt a machine you just set up?02:57
ubunaxedaftykins: A machine I'm connected to for the first time. How do I know I'm not being MITM'd?02:57
daftykinsyou are amusing02:57
D3Vis there a way to sort apps in unity by categories?02:57
ubunaxedaftykins: what do you normally do? just trust?02:58
xanguaD3V in the apps scope you can see an option that says filter results in the top right03:00
SchrodingersScatdoesn't sound unreasonable to me, idk how to get those digits though.03:00
daftykinsubunaxe: no, i just don't rock around with a paranoid mind03:00
ubunaxedaftykins: ok, so for the sake of argument, if you did have a paranoid mind, how would you verify?03:01
ubunaxedaftykins: do you know?03:01
DILif he is that concerned locate the fingerprint key and make a note of it03:06
daftykinsthis user seems incapable of google so is asking how to do that, i believe... DIL03:06
ubunaxeDIL: I guess that's what I'm asking. Where does the fingreprint key come from?03:07
ubunaxeDIL: these digits the server sends back to me I mean?03:07
ubunaxedaftykins: It's ok if you don't know either :)03:07
daftykinsubunaxe: childish reverse psychology won't work here :)03:10
DILhow about searching ssh directory for a file with the word key03:11
ubunaxeDIL: so I've got a pretty typical ssh directory, which includes the private key of the box I'd like to log in to03:12
ubunaxeDIL: when you log in with that pem for the first time, you get the fingerprint and a prompt of whether you'd like to add it to known_hosts03:13
ubunaxeit seems pretty common to blindly say "yes" without looking03:13
ubunaxetbh I've never really thought twice03:13
ubunaxebut under what scenario would I say "no" to that prommpt?03:14
daftykinsis it not obvious?03:14
ubunaxei'd imagine if the fingerprint was wrong. but I'm trying to figure out how to that make determination?03:14
DILubunaxe:the box you are connecting to - do you have physical acces03:14
ubunaxeDIL: not necessarily03:14
ubunaxecould be on ec2 for example03:15
bharathunable to update to ubuntu 14.04 from ubuntu 13.10, I am getting this message https://pastebin.mozilla.org/7816689 , can you please help me?03:15
bubbasauresbharath, That is a eol upgrade, any ppa or other 3rd party packages?03:16
DILubunaxe: so if you were trying to ssh to my box and you wanted to know if was indeed my box i guess i would have to provide it to you03:17
bharathbubbasaures, I disabled all ppas03:20
bubbasauresbharath, Disabling does not remove packages which may be the cause, a purge of the ppa will.03:20
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:21
ubunaxeDIL: Ok. So in that scenario, how do you know what to provide?03:21
bharathbubbasaures, sorry for asking too many doubts, how to find out all ppa's?03:24
bubbasauresbharath, The links generally are in /etc/apt/sources.list.d  check your sources.list in the apt folder to.03:25
bubbasauresbharath, The software & updates gui 2nd tab will have a list as well03:25
bubbasauresthats easier to understand I think03:26
bharathbubbasaures, but I removed all the entries in sources.list before and tried do-release-upgrade03:26
bharathbubbasaures, but got the same error03:26
bubbasauresbharath, Removing does not remove the modified packages and reinstall the ubuntu repos packages.03:27
bubbasauresyou have to purge a ppa to do this03:27
Bashing-ombubbasaures: bharath :: I do not know, but has the 13.10 repository been turn away >> now, requiring " old-releases.ubuntu.com " ??03:28
bubbasauresbharath, We are having to assume here this is an issue, and are really bogged down just in you getting it, so you understand.03:28
bubbasauresBashing-om, I wondered if it is a true eol list upgrade, however we are kinda going at a snails pace, trying to just keep corralled, help is a good thing however. ;)03:30
EuaDit's funny how ubuntu removed owncloud from the repo's. can't they just patch the security leak and reupload it?03:30
bubbasauresEuaD, Ask them off topic here.03:30
Bashing-ombubbasaures: : ) . As you say revert all PPAs, that do include proprietary graphics driver, turn of any screen saver, and perhaps change the source list to " old-releases.ubuntu.com " , make sure " /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' is set properly. Then go for it.03:35
bubbasauresBashing-om, I only say it is a possibility, we have a no record of them, a bit to far into my red flag x time computations03:36
bubbasauresbharath, I think Bashing-om is on the right track here, I just have a short time before having to take off is all. ;)03:38
bharathbubbasaures, this is the complete output of do-release-upgrade https://pastebin.mozilla.org/781702803:38
bharathbubbasaures, okay :)03:38
wpdDoes anybody know of a kernel level facility for "reboot on LAN", similar to the "Wake on LAN" facility?  I would like to be able to reboot my remote Ubuntu host (after having specifically enabled such a feature in the kernel or via some apt-get package.)03:38
wpdOf course, not having enabled this feature previously, I now need to physically reset the aformentioned Ubuntu host.  I would like to avoid that in the future, if posible.03:39
Bashing-ombubbasaures: I do : http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ ; I do not see 13.10 in the list. May I infer that now " old-releases.ubuntu.com " is now required to release upgrade ?03:41
benmanifolddoes anyone know a quick way to get a single desktop wallpaper image to span across multiple monitors with unity?03:43
stoikerI cannot login. I get the error: Xsession: warning: unable to write to /tmp; xsession may exit with an error03:46
tizenhello i am new here03:52
Kruppe_i dont know what to tell all of yo8u03:53
Kruppe_nothing in this room is ever all ubuntu03:53
daftykinsit is and should be, as that's the topic here.03:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:54
stoikerI cannot login. I get the error: Xsession: warning: unable to write to /tmp; xsession may exit with an error03:58
ubunaxeif anyone is wondering, here is how I generated the remote server's ssh fingerprint: "ssh-keygen -lf /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key_type.pub"03:59
ubunaxeeasy enough03:59
junedhey guys anyone know what is problem with back track 504:01
junedis not update not install any app not anything why04:01
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:02
EuaDhmmm, i restarted apache2 and i'm getting the "ServerName" is not set. but when I view /etc/apache2/apache2.conf i don't see that directive in there at all.04:02
junedi am new to ubuntu where i am start to learn04:03
cfhowlettjuned, go to backtrack.  backtrack is NOT ubuntu.04:04
voidDotClassI've just installed mint 17.1 on a laptop through liveusb, but now it no longer boots. when i turn it on, a black screen shows for a few seconds and then it turns off. previously it had windows 7.04:11
voidDotClassany ideas?04:11
cfhowlett!mint | voidDotClass04:12
ubottuvoidDotClass: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:12
voidDotClassThis is not specific to mint.04:12
guest82381anybody know a irc network that does not log traffic/messages?04:12
voidDotClassThe same thing would've probably happened with ubuntu04:12
cfhowlettvoidDotClass, you want mint support.  this is not mint.  mint is not ubuntu.  go to mint for mint support.  for UBUNTU support, install ubuntu.04:12
voidDotClassthis is not specific to mint, this is a boot issue04:13
voidDotClassi WILL install ubuntu if I can get the thing to boot04:13
cfhowlettvoidDotClass, great.  we'll be here.04:13
voidDotClassstfu dickhead04:14
cfhowlett!ops | voidDotClass profantiy04:14
ubottuvoidDotClass profantiy: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang04:14
velhoI've searched all over the internet for linux drivers and found none. I would like to know if I can connect this device to Linux: http://www.lindy-international.com/ExpressCard-FireWire-1394a-Karte-2-Port.htm?websale8=ld0101.ld020102&pi=51500  can anyone help me out? Thank you04:18
cfhowlettvelho, i'd say you answered your own question ...04:18
EuaDguess i'll go talk in apache204:19
velhocfhowlett, what do you mean?04:21
voidDotClassI cannot boot a machine after installing Ubuntu. It was loading previously with windows 7, but after installing, I see a blank screen when i boot, and then the laptop powers off04:21
cfhowlettvelho, the page makes no mention of OEM support for linux.  you searched and found ... no support for linux.  so in answer to your question ...04:21
cfhowlettvoidDotClass, you installed mint.  same as before, not supported here.04:22
voidDotClassI've now installed ubuntu and i'm having the same issue. And I'm not talking to you, stop trolling.04:22
velhocfhowlett, does that mean I can't make linux recognise this device? I'm not a linux pro...04:23
cfhowlettvoidDotClass,  you installed ubuntu in the 5 minutes since your previous question?  FALSE.04:23
=== guest82381 is now known as DarkNINJA
voidDotClassThen cry about it, I'm not talking to you.04:24
=== DarkNINJA is now known as NinjaJAP
cfhowlettvoidDotClass, lying about your system is not likely to get you assistance.  your nasty attitude aside, we're happy to help you with UBUNTU problems.  this isn't one.  get ubuntu and come back.04:24
voidDotClassI have ubuntu so stop trolling.04:25
voidDotClassSay something helpful or go away04:25
squintyvoidDotClass: heh  how long have you been banned in linuxmint-help.  probably awhile give your attitude.  hope you realize their are ops just waiting for you to step over the line for a permanent ban04:26
squintyahhh...to late. lol04:26
velhoVoidWhisperer_, you may be having problems with the GRUB04:26
velhosorry, not to you VoidWhisperer_04:27
Bashing-ombharath: Any progress ?04:27
cfhowlettvelho, I suppose it's possible to force linux to recognize your firewire device, but IDK how.  If you can, you're better off getting a supported device than trying to hack a non-linux friendly device.04:27
blackyboyHi anyone there to help me to solve my unbound server issue ? I have setup a caching DNS resolver using unbound, In client machine i have added mu unbount server IP as DNS server now while i accessing some website from client side i can't get any web pages..04:28
cfhowlett!server | blackyboy might want to ask the experts ...04:29
ubottublackyboy might want to ask the experts ...: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server04:29
velhocfhowlett, thank you, dear :D04:29
bharathBashing-om, no04:31
bharathBashing-om, sorry for late reply04:31
squintyvelho:  maybe the ubuntu-studio rascals may have some tips/workarounds.  just a thought as I am not to sure if firewire is still popluar with the multimedia people these days or not.04:31
bharathBashing-om, this is my sources.list https://pastebin.mozilla.org/781814204:32
Bashing-ombharath: Have you to this time reverted all PPAs and removed the source list for them ?04:32
Bashing-ombharath: Look'n at your https://pastebin.mozilla.org/7818142 .04:33
bharathBashing-om, I can't  find ppas in sources.lsit04:33
EuaDanyone here familiar enough with ubuntu and apache2? i can't figure out where to set the 'ServerName' directive.04:34
hakewhat is the ubuntu support for macbook air like? is it as easy as a typical pc laptop?04:34
auscompgeekbharath: ppas are usually listed in sources.list.d/04:34
EuaDhake, i'd check google and youtube. i'm not familiar04:35
bharathauscompgeek, all files in sources.list.d are ppas?04:35
auscompgeekbharath: not necessarily all, but most likely most, if not all04:36
indistyloCairo dock with openGLis not working after I recently used "manager upgrade" in ubuntu , Kindly suggest the measures to restore it04:36
Bashing-ombharath: Do not think this "in.old-releases.ubuntu.com" is valid .. should be "old-releases.ubuntu.com" for the mirror.04:36
=== NotANick[BDC] is now known as NotANick
squintybharath:  if you can run Software and Updates, you can turn on/off any external repo's including ppa's there by simplying clicking04:37
indistyloCairo dock with openGLis not working after I recently used "manager upgrade" in ubuntu, it says openGL stopped working , Kindly suggest the measures to restore it04:37
junedi am beginner for Ubuntu where  i am start to learn04:37
bharathsquinty, yeah I have disabled it04:37
velhosquinty, were can i talk with those "rascals"? I need this to connect another firewire device, my laptop doesn't have firewire04:37
junedterminal code04:38
cfhowlettvelho, join #ubuntustudio or #opensourcemusicians04:38
cfhowlettjuned, install ubuntu04:38
squintyvelho:  what cfhowlett said04:38
junedi don't n04:39
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:39
velhocfhowlett squinty , thanks! I thought this place would be better to ask that question, since it's not music related04:39
aeon-ltdjuned: something like that?04:40
squintyvelho:  well as I say it's worth a try.. no guarantees though ;-)04:41
hakeanyone dualboot ubuntu and osx? what was your experience like?04:41
velhojuned have you installed ubuntu?04:41
cfhowlett!mac | hake,04:42
ubottuhake,: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:42
velhosquinty, thanks mate ;)04:42
TaconutHi! If I decided to run hungry phone on my Android, could I use it like a regular old linux computer?04:43
velhohake, I don't know about osx but in windows is very easy to setup a dualboot with ubuntu. I'm sure that with macs wouldn't be difficult...04:43
cfhowlettTaconut, ask #android ...04:44
Taconutcfhowlett I can rephrase the question to be irrelevant to Android04:44
cfhowlettTaconut, this is ubuntu support.  your question has nothing to do with ubuntu ...04:45
TaconutCan ubuntu phone also function like a normal linux computer04:45
cfhowletthake, more precisely, variables are which mac are you installing to and which ubuntu are you using ...04:45
TaconutMy wording was weird04:46
cfhowlett!touch | Taconut04:46
ubottuTaconut: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:46
modelengineis it possible that when i uninstalled my nvidia drivers and purged them and then reinstalled, that it screwed something up? when i go to youtube and stuff it sometimes doesn't render the page normally. it more looks like a bunch of links scattered all over the place04:47
EuaDrestarting apache2 i get the warning about not settting FQDN, anyone know how to fix it?04:48
Guest29177if it work dont fix it04:49
stoikerI cannot login. I get the error: Xsession: warning: unable to write to /tmp; xsession may exit with an error04:49
=== Guest29177 is now known as emvy
RedPenguinHey all04:50
RedPenguinAnybody know if it's normal, if you have an AMD 2.1GHZ Dual Core, for /proc/cpuinfo to say you have 2 1GHZ cores?04:50
bubuntuhi, I hear its possible to install ubuntu to my soekris router, but can the same thing be done with a commercial router like netcomm n300 400 etc ?04:51
hakeRedPenguin: confusion is the 2 cores? or the 1GHZ?04:51
cfhowlettbubuntu, ??? source ???04:51
RedPenguinhake: the 1GHZ, my laptop which is 2.1Ghz Quad, says 2.1Ghz for all cores04:52
modelenginecan anybody recommend a browser for ubuntu that doesn't have the awful plugin container that firefox has? it constantly crashes on me and ties up multiple cores for no reason at all04:52
mortymer<EuaD>, u can add ServerName param to your virtual host config. but its only warning u dont need to "fix" it04:52
cfhowlett!browser | modelengine,04:52
ubottumodelengine,: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.04:52
modelenginecfhowlett, thanks04:53
hakeRedPenguin: what does "lscpu" say?04:53
cfhowlettmodelengine, happy2help04:54
techratWhat's the best video player for ubuntu?04:54
epyxhey guys, a dual graphic card is it or is it not supported?04:54
epyxI have never gotten it to work04:54
modelengine-reisio-, yeah and the flash plugin crashes all the time04:54
cfhowletttechrat, there is no "best" anything.  try them and choose one for yourself.  it's subjective04:54
epyxit says installed however rendering isn't quicker than running on the default drivers04:54
modelengine-reisio- cool thanks for the info04:54
RedPenguinhake: sakme04:54
techratcfhowlett: Yeah, but I am looking for starting point04:55
epyxI have an ATI Radeon 7330M dualed with an Intel HD 400004:55
cfhowletttechrat, open software center.  search for browsers.  install.  test. choose.04:55
stoikerI cannot login. I get the error: Xsession: warning: unable to write to /tmp; xsession may exit with an error04:56
EuaDmortymer, ok, thanks04:56
techratcfhowlett: Any recommendation?04:56
mortymer<RedPenguin> its normal. your proc can work in 2 modes. i04:56
cfhowletttechrat, that was the recommendation.04:56
=== Kieran is now known as Guest94592
RedPenguinmortymer: thanks, just never saw results like that for any multi-core CPU though others report the same processor giving same results04:57
mortymer<RedPenguin> you can load your cpu with somthing havy, like infinit loop and check couinfo while its running. cpu will switch himself to fastest mode, and cpuinfo will show 2ghz05:01
munstermansomehow i have 2 ip's with one NIC. I have done nothing to set up 2 ip's. my interfaces file is set up for static. where is this second ip coming from? any google search comes up with how to get 2 ip's going, and none of my files look like examples. im so lost. and green, be gentle. any help?05:02
mortymer<RedPenguin> sry my english05:02
Guest94592I hava a problem with my ubuntu ~05:03
cfhowlett!ask | Guest9459205:03
ubottuGuest94592: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:03
Guest94592ubuntu can't  recogniz usb05:04
RedPenguinmortymer: you were right, it's due to AMD's Cool'n'Quiet, using a "watch" command, you can see speed jump on higher loading stuff05:04
junedhow to close full screen05:05
squintyjuned:  hover over the left hand side of the top panel on your screen.  you should see menu items displayed there05:07
cfhowlettGuest94592, try a different usb05:07
owen1my laptop's scren is off after it's inactive for a few minutes. how to cancel that feature? i have 'don't suspend' in power settings. (i have ubuntu-desktop but i use i3)05:09
squintyowen1: brightness and lock  in system settings > dim screen  etc etc05:10
DoubleO7anyone here?05:11
* epyx points at 1688 users05:11
* epyx points at recent activity05:12
epyxnope dude, I think you're all alone05:12
cfhowlett!hello | DoubleO705:12
owen1squinty: thanks. it was on '1 hour'. i changed to 'never'. we'll see if it works05:12
DoubleO7somone teach me IRC comands05:13
cfhowlett!irc | DoubleO7 (for future reference ... courtesy counts.  A LOT.)05:13
ubottuDoubleO7 (for future reference ... courtesy counts.  A LOT.): A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines05:13
Guest94592two usb3.0   one usb2.0  all can't recognize05:15
DoubleO7Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience. I  didn't actually think anyone was on here05:15
squintyDoubleO7:  what cfhowlett  said.  might also want to check out http://toxin.jottit.com/xchat_help_commands05:15
majdihello everyone05:15
Guest94592some days ago  ,usb can be recognize05:16
squintyGuest94592:  just a quick note as I am heading out.   unplug and replug the usb stick.  in terminal type   dmesg   and take a look at the very last of the output.  that will tell you if the usb stick is being recognized or not.05:17
squintyGuest94592:  if it is being recognized then see what the   Disks  program (in your main menu) says.  if listed you can mount the stick from there.05:18
junedhey guys how to active chat05:20
cfhowlettjuned, you're chatting now ...05:20
junedso what is direct chat in windows option05:21
bonsarwhere can I download latest Wine?05:25
LemonSqueezeHi, I just bought a windows game through steam, and I was wondering if someone can suggest software,or maybe teach me how to use play on linux to install it (I tried once, dont know how), It is a small game called valiant hearts, so nothing big.... thanks for any help05:25
stoiker-reisio- there isn't any space on sda1, my system folder05:27
cfhowlett!wine | bonsar05:27
ubottubonsar: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:27
bonsarwhere can I download latest Wine?05:31
daftykinsbonsar: read above, like you were supposed to05:32
daftykinsstoiker: are you the one from earlier with the full SSD?05:32
bonsaroh thanx05:33
allen_anyone good with Wine, i can't seem to force it to emulate desktop mode05:38
allen_any thoughts would be appreciated.05:38
daftykinsallen_: go ask in their channel05:38
daftykins#winehq too05:39
allen_on this server ?05:39
allen_ty daftykins05:40
epyxI have a problem05:41
epyxmy 8 gb usb drive says it's 32 gb05:41
epyxand GParted keeps giving an error about some partition table05:41
epyxhow do I fix it?05:41
epyx"the device handshake says it's physical block size is 2048 but linux says it's 512"05:42
cfhowlettepyx, gparted.  delete partitions.  create new partition table and new partition05:42
epyxdoesn't work05:43
daftykinsepyx: what does it look like from another computer?05:46
daftykinsif you're in a USB 3 port, try a USB 2.005:46
epyxworked chaning :) ty05:48
daftykinsno problemo05:49
* daftykins blows the ends of the pistols and reholsters them05:49
epyxlol, made me smile05:49
epyxif I copy stuff onto this USB stick05:50
epyxwill I be able to access them on another unix computer?05:50
epyxno permission problems05:50
daftykinsdepends what file system you've formatted it with, using something like exFAT will prevent permission fun05:50
epyxI went with FAT3205:50
daftykinsthat'll work too, 4GB file size limit though of course05:51
epyxawesome, thanks :)05:51
* daftykins tips hat05:51
NeotechaIs this the best place to ask a question for troubleshooting an issue with a wireless network card?06:01
Neotechaor is there a better channel to start at?06:01
DaSpawnHi, runninv 14.04, in the System Monitor I somehow turned the process view into a tree/parent mode, now I have to expand the process tree every time to see processes, how do I turn this off?06:01
cfhowlett!wifi | Neotecha,06:01
ubottuNeotecha,: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:01
NeotechaThanks, I'll look through there, cfhowlett06:02
sgo11I just found out I can use "ctrl ;" to select text from clipboard in my ubuntu (running lxde). is this a ubuntu's feature?06:16
sgo11ok, got it. I think that is a feature of fcitx.06:19
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
=== player is now known as Guest74868
LemonSqueezeHi, I just bought a windows game through steam, and I was wondering if someone can suggest software,or maybe teach me how to use play on linux to install it (I tried once, dont know how), It is a small game called valiant hearts, so nothing big.... thanks for any help06:35
cfhowlettLemonSqueeze, install steam for linux??06:38
cfhowlett!steam | LemonSqueeze06:39
ubottuLemonSqueeze: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.06:39
hellofoobarworldhi. question. with a new computer, or when installing an os fresh, what is the best first step to take? should i secure my bootloader, or flash my bios?06:42
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, updated bios typically solves many problems ...06:43
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: so then the very first thing to do is flash my bios? ok, and then should the bootloader be secured?06:44
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, depends on your level of paranoia.  by way of example, my library sets the boot bios (windows7) to zero display but did NOT lock it.  I insert ubuntu USB, boot, hit the bios switch after POST, select USB boot device, and I haz ubuntu.06:45
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, see how secure that is?06:46
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: lol, i don't know, you would know better than me. i'm trying to learn heavy duty computer security, coming from not knowing much, and a windows and basic linux background.06:47
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, ah.  long story short, unsecured bootloader = unsecured machine.06:47
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: i'm aiming for an ultra-paranoid style of system security education, since i enjoy helping people with their computer problems at my college. i only clean up computers (malware-removal and protection), but i'd like to do more for them.06:49
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: ok, so after i've flashed the bios and secure the bootloader, the next thing do is a fresh install of their system (or preferrably, give them the linux kernel, if they'll take it)06:49
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, different scenario; Beijing Xidan District.  Official Apple Store.  Does that nice, shiny Mac run linux?  let's test ... hmm.  "kiosk mode" = reboot back to OSX, no privileges.  ... BUT, if you know the trick to force it, you can boot to ... bootloader!  selected "windows" insert USB (cuz osx is stupid that way), boot Ubuntu and keep a straight face when the Apple "Genius" comes to look over your shoulder ... :)06:50
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: lol, i don't think that was an answer to my question, but rather just a funny scenario you were thinking of, yes? or am i wrong - were you answering my question by saying that?06:52
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, you could do "OEM" install, meaning you set up all the updates.  when NewUser boots, s/he will be asked to select an account name and password.  then they boot to their nice, updated *buntu.06:52
cfhowletthellofoobarworld,   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview06:53
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: ah yes, i've done that on my own hard drives several times. i actually thought that was the only way to do it. lol.06:55
=== Neotecha_ is now known as Neotecha
saleemhow to share network files from ubuntu to windows 706:56
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, I think OEM install is preferable to sitting with NewUser and handholding for first boot.  But that's just my opinion, man.06:56
cfhowlett!samba | saleem,06:56
ubottusaleem,: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html06:56
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: so if i'm unable to convince people to switch to linux, and they retain windows, we do a fresh install... would the very first thing we should do on the new os be to employ full disk encryption?06:56
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: yes, i think i agree with your opinion. :-P OEM, it is06:56
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, OR, install virtualbox to windows, and put l/x/ubuntu into the virtualbox06:56
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, full disk encryption seems excessive, but data/home encryption?  oh, yeah.06:57
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, note: they WILL forget their encryption key and call you in a great panic the night before they are schedule to defend their dissertation ...06:57
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: i haven't experimented with virtualbox, so i will definitely start playing around with that.06:58
cfhowlettgo PM ?06:58
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: dissertation, being a form of debate, topic or lecture, right? sorry, that word isn't in my vocab06:58
cfhowlettyeah.  hey, private messaging?06:58
hellofoobarworldcfhowlett: sure. sorry, didn't see it bcuz my name wasn't there06:59
hellofoobarworldya h/o06:59
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BlasterWhat's the best IRC daemon for Ubuntu?07:09
BlasterI don't trust Google results on that type of matter.  All the results are from 2008-2011.07:09
BlasterIs this it? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dancer-IRCD07:09
auscompgeekthere is no single "best" IRCd for Ubuntu07:10
auscompgeekthey are all "best"07:10
BlasterHow would you decide between ircd-irc2 or Daner-IRCD?07:10
saleemhow to share network files using Ip Address of server from ubuntu 12.04 to windows 707:11
cfhowlett!samba | saleem07:13
ubottusaleem: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html07:13
NeotechaI'm still not having luck with my wirelss situation, even after working through the wireless wiki articles. ndiswrapper tells me that the device is present and driver installed, but iwconfig shows no wireless devices. WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper doesn't mention this..07:14
cfhowlettNeotecha, is this a broadcom 43**07:15
NeotechaIt was a Trendnet TW-643pi07:15
Neotecha05:05.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8190 802.11n PCI Wireless Network Adapter07:16
Neotecha(as per, lspci)07:16
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LoshkiBlaster: I would see which of the two has better support.07:25
cfhowlettNeotecha, sorry.  can't help with RLTK07:25
Neotechacfhowlett: do you know where i could go to get support for this?07:26
Neotechaonce I get this up and running, I should be fine07:26
Neotechabut this is my current hurdle07:26
cfhowlettNeotecha, I'll take a quick peek ...07:27
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory07:27
NeotechaThank you07:27
Zach443I have 2 SSD's on my dedicated server, but as far as I know only 1 is being used. I am running out of space on the drive being used. How can I find out what folders are mounted to the second drive and/or mount new folders to it07:30
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cfhowlettNeotecha, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=618368107:33
cfhowlettNeotecha, and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1433401&highlight=RTL8190                 seem to suggest it's doable07:34
emigrant-ntbanyone ? :)07:34
NeotechaOk, thank you. I'll see if I can get an answer on the forum, if that second topic doesn't lead me there07:34
NeotechaThank you cfhowlett07:34
NeotechaI'm stepping out of this room for now, though, thank you for you help.07:35
cfhowlettNeotecha, happy2help07:35
Zach443Is it possible to list the drives on the machine?07:37
Zach443How so07:37
stoikerI think it is fdisk07:37
stoikerfdisk -l07:37
stoikerno, wait, I think this only lists a single drive's partitions07:37
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stoikerokay, checking more07:38
Zach443stoiker: http://puu.sh/dkpTR/c199f9c476.png07:39
cfhowlettsudo fdisk -l07:40
Zach443cfhowlett: It asked for my password, I put it in and it said "Sorry, try again"07:41
auscompgeekZach443: incorrect password07:47
Zach443got it, had a permissions issue07:47
Zach443Anyone know how I can see what folders are mounted to a drive?07:49
MinervaStjernenorsk folk?07:50
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lasserix_Hello, I'm trying to set up a LAN using a switch, I don't care about external internet connection. Just want multiple machines to talk to eachother with static ips--can anyone point me to a guide on how to do this?08:00
llutzlasserix_: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html08:03
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: if it's an auto-sensing switch (which most are) you'll just need to configure static IPs for the clients and plug em all in08:10
lasserix_that so far has not work08:11
bet0xThere is bounty for systemd?08:11
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: you have the same subnet for all of em and same subnet mask?08:11
wafflej0ck_so everything plugged in you got lights you got the same subnet but pings from one to the other aren't working?08:15
pigeta1im installing a tool for razer mouse08:16
pigeta1i am on ubuntu 14.0408:16
llutz!details | lasserix_08:17
ubottulasserix_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:17
pigeta1but i dont know if use udev or systemd for daemons?08:19
lasserix_So I am editing etc/network on two computers connected via a switch, i just want to be able to ping eachother08:23
=== auronandace_ is now known as auronandace
lasserix_ahh got it working08:25
linuxlov3rI have an knowledge blockaide about heci drivers and what the are used for plus a download for the current kernel I have is there someone inhere that is capable of helping me out08:25
auronandacelinuxlov3r: ehci is usb08:26
linuxlov3rheci i said08:26
junedhii guys08:27
linuxlov3rapparrently its also amt or mei08:27
linuxlov3ror somethinglike that08:27
junedi am beginner to Linux Ubuntu so when start i am08:28
auronandace!manual | juned08:28
ubottujuned: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:28
cfhowlettjuned, you have been told several times today.  READ THE MANUAL for a good start.08:28
junedthanks i will follow you08:29
junedi have different version of Ubuntu back box08:30
cfhowlettjuned, back box is not ubuntu.  back box is not supported here.  go to back box for help.08:30
=== ragnarock is now known as Guest41565
junedbut it is back box is mack from Ubuntu08:34
auronandacejuned: they make changes that are not supported here08:35
cfhowlettjuned, it is NOT UBUNTU.  it is NOT SUPPORTED here.  if you want ubuntu, install ubuntu.08:35
aeon-ltdjuned: what do you want to learn?08:35
cfhowlett!flavors | juned08:35
ubottujuned: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.08:35
junedi am learn Linux and clear concept about networking08:36
cfhowlettjuned, install ubuntu-server08:37
cfhowlett!server | juned08:37
ubottujuned: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server08:37
auronandacejuned: perhaps ##linux would be a more suitable place to ask generic linux questions08:37
wafflej0ck_juned: ^08:37
lasserix_so i have set up static networking between two computers connected by a switch, and added a third. incremented the ip, everything else being equal. it's unable to ping either... any idea of why?08:37
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: getting lights on both ends of the ethernet for good physical connection?08:38
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: I ask because cables or ports can sometimes stop working and with such a simple setup there isn't a ton else that can fail08:39
frendaIs there any ppa for telegram-desktop?08:39
aeon-ltdfrenda: i think google would be better than here to find one08:40
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: the switch basically just broadcasts messages to all ports if it doesn't know where an IP is and once it gets a response on one of the ports it remembers that the connection on that port is whatever the computer sent as it's source IP with the outgoing message, so it dynamically builds a table over time of what ports correspond to what IPs08:40
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:40
frendayes, but it just found Sigram!08:41
auronandacelinuxlov3r: please /msg ubottu bot08:41
lasserix_wafflej0ck_: so is there some way to help the switch build its mac forwarding table?08:41
cfhowlettlinuxlov3r, to avoid factoid spamming use /msg ubottu !factoid08:42
junedok guys i am download Ubuntu o.s08:42
junedand why this chat close and quit08:42
junedwhen i close xchat08:42
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: not really a managed switch (higher end stuff) you can get in there and configure things but auto-sensing consumer stuff typically you just power it off and power it on to reset the tables if something is going screwy08:42
hemlisSup Ubuntu08:42
auronandacejuned: xchat is the irc client, if you quit xchat then you are quitting irc08:43
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: I would double check the ip config stuff, then try moving the cable that doesn't seem to be working to another port, also try another cable if available, then try resetting the switch as a last resort08:44
wafflej0ck_lasserix_: if none of that works would start looking into dmesg or other logs to see if there's any info on the machine that isn't working that indicates something about the ethernet connection08:45
lasserix_k thnaks08:45
wafflej0ck_np good luck08:46
junedthanks guys u all help me very much08:47
lasserix_type in ip address i was pinging doh08:48
Taggnostr2hello, is there a way to set up a fixed screen resolution without having ubuntu auto-detect/change it when I plug-in/remove screens?08:51
firebird1Write a command to read all ls command options08:59
cfhowlettfirebird1, man ls08:59
firebird1:( i didnt figure out that :(08:59
cfhowlettfirebird1, info ls        also works09:03
wafflej0ck_lasers: heh cool09:03
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=== def_jam is now known as eb0t
indistylo_Cairo dock with openGLis not working after I recently used "manager upgrade" in ubuntu, it says openGL stopped working , Kindly suggest the measures to restore it09:20
cfhowlettablest1980  ask your ubuntu question09:23
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fannohello everyone. since a security update I have been having problems with dual monitor setup. it is acting really strange. I is really hard to explain but I will try. i have built in screen on laptop and external lg screen. the problem do not seem to be excactly the same every time.. but in one of the cases it seems the desktops are mixed up. when using "find screen" it looking at the name of the sreen in upper left cornot it show BOTH screens on both09:37
fannoSometimes I see two top menu bar's and it looks like the smaller resolution screen is on top of the bigger screen.09:38
fannoI can't find anything on google maybe because I don't know what to search for.09:38
dbuggerHello guys. I just bought a new graphic card, a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970, and for some reason the second monitor is not working, even though it does work on Windows. Can someone give me a hand to making it work? This is the card: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5209#ov09:47
bazhangdbugger, with nvidia-settings ?09:48
dbuggerbazhang, Let me install the package..09:49
dbuggerbazhang, I installed it. There does not seem to be many options at all09:50
dbuggerbazhang, definitely nothing about a second monitor09:50
Ben64well you need to be using the nvidia drivers to use that09:50
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
dbuggerBen64, How can I know if I am using them or not?09:50
Ben64well if you had to install nvidia-settings.... you probably aren't09:51
wafflej0ck_dbugger: go to the additional drivers panel09:52
wafflej0ck_dbugger: just search for it in the dash09:52
dbuggerwafflej0ck_, I already did. Nothing comes up. It say that no additional drivers were found.09:52
wafflej0ck_dbugger: hmm well that's suspect... you can install them using apt-get do sudo apt-get install nvidia (don't hit enter, hit tab twice) you'll see different versions of the driver available from the repository, the alternative is installing from the binary from Nvidia but then rollback isn't as easy since you can't just purge a package09:55
ztaneanyone knows if western digital black2 ssd+hd disk works in ubuntu? (since most of the data would point to it not working)09:55
wafflej0ck_dbugger: I have a 670 and it shows up in the additional drivers panel though so not sure what's up there09:55
dbuggerwafflej0ck_, wafflej0ck_ so I should install "nvidia-331"? That is the latest I see.09:56
Ben64dbugger: probably need to get a newer one for the 97009:57
wafflej0ck_yea you can give it a shot, if you end up losing X check out nomodeset you can just set this in grub by hitting e and putting nomodeset in place of quiet09:57
wafflej0ck_!nomodeset | dbugger09:57
ubottudbugger: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:57
dbuggeri will give it a try. If not, I will try the one from the website09:58
dbuggerDo I need to restart after installing it?09:58
Ben64dbugger: don't try the one from the website09:58
wafflej0ck_dbugger: that's probably easiest otherwise usually just killing x and starting it back up works out09:59
QueensMelonsguys, which file should i edit to change GRUB default boot delay?09:59
dbuggerBen64, why not?09:59
Ben64dbugger: its bad. you should use this PPA ... https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa09:59
QueensMelonsalso, i want windows to be selected by default09:59
wafflej0ck_QueensMelons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:00
dbuggerBen64, Thanks!10:02
dbuggerBen64, What package from that repo should I use?10:04
Ben64dbugger: at least 34310:05
dbuggerBen64, done, im gonna restart10:06
wafflej0ck_QueensMelons: if you'd rather try a GUI route this app seems to work alright though I'm not sure about the integrity of the package since I just decided to check it out https://launchpad.net/~danielrichter2007/+archive/ubuntu/grub-customizer10:06
QueensMelonscheers wafflej0ck_, i changed it using nano10:06
QueensMelonsi was looking for it in the wrong config :D10:07
wafflej0ck_QueensMelons: yeah easy to get lost in the seas of config :P10:08
KEEmanyone with webpage knowledge ?10:11
daniel_123HI All, quick question, how does one use pre-scripts on PXE preseeds for ubuntu ?10:11
daniel_123I'm trying to config a HP raid card before the OS is installed10:12
PCatineanHey guys I would like to format my notebook and remove the windows partition of ssd.How do I fully backup my ubuntu drive on an external hdd?10:12
wafflej0ckQueensMelons: yup that GUI app is actually pretty nice works well too10:12
PCatineanwould this be a good resource?10:13
wafflej0ckPCatinean: I typically use Clonezilla, gives you a bootable CD for running DD over a network to a shared location10:13
bekksdaniel_123: PXE has no scripts. Are you using kickstart or seed files?10:13
daniel_123redhad / centos im using KS but deb and ubuntu see files10:14
daniel_123looking for the deb version of this https://github.com/russki/hpraid-chroot10:14
PCatineanwafflej0ck, okay thanks10:14
wafflej0ckPCatinean: Clonezilla gives you a simple interface to backup the entire disk and restore the entire disk or to backup indvidual partitions and restore them, figuring out the network part is the only thing that can be a little tricky but it helps out and if you get an error just Google what settings you need for your NAS or whatever, if it's all in one machine should be easy10:15
bekksdaniel_123: preseed/early_command10:16
daniel_123ah yes , I knew about the late command10:16
daniel_123didn't know about early command10:17
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daniel_123that will hopefully do the trick as the raid needs to be done before the OS for obvious reasons10:17
PCatineanwafflej0ck, most likely I will make a new system and get what I need from git, and sometimes I might have forgotte something from the old backup and restore 1-2 files10:18
PCatineanthat's pretty much it since I'm installing 14.04 and dumping 13.1010:18
wafflej0ckPCatinean: ah hmm10:18
wafflej0ckPCatinean: might be better off doing the tar backup or something then cause partial recovery from the files from clonezilla isn't so easy10:18
wafflej0ckPCatinean: rsync might work out for ya too10:19
junedwe can start personal chat10:19
wafflej0ckPCatinean: on Ubuntu Gnome I've been using Duplicity cause they have a GUI built into the desktop for it and it's good for daily backups to a NAS10:19
wafflej0ckjuned: go to #ubuntu-offtopic10:19
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
junedwhy your writing in red green black10:20
PCatineanduplicity ok10:20
wafflej0ckPCatinean: yeah well I just use duplicity cause of the GUI supplied with it in this distro/Desktop Environment10:21
wafflej0ckPCatinean: rsync is simpler for just copying things incrementally and can recover if it gets stopped half way through or whatever10:21
PCatineanActually I do have a automatic backup being made by duplicity on each boot from my ssd to my hdd in the caddy10:21
wafflej0ckjuned: it's just how IRC clients display if someone has typed your name in the line to get your attention10:22
wafflej0ckPCatinean: typically I use Clonezilla before major upgrades though and then once after I have everything stable on a new version10:22
wafflej0ckPCatinean: just in case I need to rollback for some reason or forgot something really important and then can go back to the new system after I've backed that up too10:23
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PCatineanwafflej0ck, rsync -aAXv --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} /* /path/to/backup/folder10:23
PCatineanwould that do?10:23
PCatineanwith my external hdd connected10:23
PCatineanand onto it10:23
wafflej0ckPCatinean: yup looks reasonable, don't know all those flags by heart but should work10:23
* PCatinean goes in10:23
PCatineanshould also use sudo10:24
PCatineanI guess10:24
wafflej0ckyeah, I'd suggest just backing up the things you think you probably need like /etc/ and your home folder (all your . folders and files) with rsync then do a clonezilla snapshot of the whole drive and go with the upgrade10:25
wafflej0ckyou can stitch back together the tar file of the drive that clonezilla makes if you have enough space but can take some time/effort to work that out10:27
PCatineanBy upgrade you mean actual upgrade from the system or format and install new system?10:27
wafflej0ckPCatinean: usually I like to clean install but upgrades have gotten better (still not perfect usually)10:28
wafflej0ckfrom 12.04 I went up to 14.04 and it was okay but I tried a few different desktop environments so ended up clean installing after deciding to go with Gnome for now... only regret is I don't have the latest Gnome :)10:30
wafflej0ckalways be prepared to wipe it out at least though, that's why I dig the clonezilla backups, makes me feel good to know I can always just load it back up and at most will take like an hour10:31
lord4163My wifi disconnects every 10 minutes or so, and then I have to reboot?10:31
siebrenhoe gaat het10:31
wafflej0ck!wifi | lord416310:32
ubottulord4163: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:32
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siebrenhow are you10:33
wafflej0ck!ot | siebren10:33
ubottusiebren: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:33
lord4163wafflej0ck: should I try a new kernel, the card is a RTL8723BE, and if so, is there a ppa for 14.04?10:33
wafflej0cksiebren: room is for support questions see the offtopic channel for chat :)10:33
wafflej0cklord4163: sorry no idea on either of those, you can do lspci if it's built in or lsusb for a USB device to see the device id and try to google and see if anyone has bug reports or troubleshooting steps for 14.0410:34
lord4163wafflej0ck: 3.16 should include a bug fix for it10:35
wafflej0cklord4163: this may help but dunno http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/08/install-upgrade-linux-kernel-3-16/10:36
kestasjktried #xeoma but noone was there. want to do some shoe strignt budget threft derrentce via a motion detection videogam10:39
kestasjkhave used webcamd | pwcview | ffmpeg in the past, with reasonable results, but xeoma sees to have bulid in email / sms notifications and commands, sensitigvity levels and audio integration10:39
kestasjkproblem is it just doesnt want to react when I make blatant moves in from of it10:39
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kestasjkdont want to get an OTT dlink thinkgo, since I just know it'll fall apart after 3-6 months and the extra webcam parts I need are spares10:40
=== Yukitteru is now known as Lawrence
=== Lawrence is now known as Yukitteru
=== Yukitteru is now known as Lawrence
lord4163wafflej0ck: I thought there was a kernel ppa?10:41
=== Lawrence is now known as Yukitteru
wafflej0cklord4163: ah looks like there is https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa I don't fiddle with my kernel10:43
lord4163wafflej0ck: Oh I thought it wasn't maintained anymore someone said. Installed it manually10:51
lord4163wafflej0ck: Hm now I can't tap on my touchpad anymore?10:56
wafflej0cklord4163: hmm strange you can check, xinput to get details on the device and modify properties in the command line or check the system settings for the mouse to see if there's a checkbox that got toggled off10:58
lord4163wafflej0ck: There are no settings for the touchpad in ubuntu-mate? :(10:59
wafflej0cklord4163: well search about xinput it's command line should work pretty much wherever11:00
wafflej0cklord4163: can use it for toggling on and off features but need to list the devices and then target a particular device by name to get it's property list then set some property to some value11:00
lord4163wafflej0ck: Ok will try a few things.11:03
indistylo_Cairo dock with openGLis not working after I recently used "manager upgrade" in ubuntu, it says openGL stopped working , Kindly suggest the measures to restore it11:10
indistylo_Any solutions ??11:10
synth_why does pidgin not show my contacts11:12
junedwhat is the vidalia11:12
synth_contacts name*11:12
junedanyone know11:12
ishtiaquehi guys11:16
ishtiaquei have an HD tablet where the close, minimise and maximise buttons are too small11:17
ishtiaquehow can i get them to be larger?11:17
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mozzarellaguys help11:31
ikoniawith what ?11:31
mozzarellaikonia: xmodmap11:37
=== Guest93135 is now known as bet0x
ikoniamozzarella: you'll find it easier to get help if you state what version of ubuntu you are using, and what the problem is, then people in the channel will help if they can11:38
tuxgeekmsg ubottu !bot11:42
minHi, can you help me to calculate this limit: limit(((1/(x ln(2)))-(1/(2^x-1))-(1/2))/x) as x->011:44
mozzarellaikonia: I'm trying to remap my command key into a alt key, I got it kind of working, except it's not possible to use keyboard shortcuts that are using alt11:45
cfhowlettmin, this is not your homework cheat channel.  get off iRC and go read your math book.11:45
ikoniamozzarella: of course not as you've remapped alt11:45
ikoniaso alt is no longer alt, hence alt shortcuts not working11:45
mozzarellayou know the hub thing? you press alt and then it says "type your command"11:45
mozzarellaikonia: I mean I'm pressing the logical alt, which means physical command key11:46
ikoniaahh I see11:46
ikoniaseems an odd thing to change, but "ok"11:46
mozzarellayou know the hub thing?11:46
ikoniaI do11:46
mozzarellait works when I press alt, but that's really the only thing that works11:47
mozzarellaI can't use alt shortcuts11:47
ikoniano idea11:47
ikoniaI don't understand why you would move alt to command, so I've never tried11:47
mozzarellait's an apple keyboard, they're physically swapped (if you compare them to normal pc keyboards)11:48
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Happzzbefore i completely wipe ubuntu, is there a way to enable full-disk encryption AFTER installing ubuntu?11:54
Happzzi couldn't enable encryption during setup because it wouldn't let me, as there's windows on another partition11:54
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indistylo_Cairo dock with openGLis not working after I recently used "manager upgrade" in ubuntu, it says openGL stopped working , Kindly suggest the measures to restore it12:01
indistylo_Any Solution Givers ?12:02
idlerhappy new year next12:05
idleri very hapy because i ve the first present for the next year a tablet sansumg s3 lite12:08
tuxgeek!op idler12:09
ikoniano need for an ops call12:09
ikoniaidler: this channel is for ubuntu support chat,12:09
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
idlerand isnt possible the use of ubuntu in my tablet  sansumg s3 lite????12:11
ikoniaidler: check the ubuntu touch information12:11
ikonia!touch | idler12:11
ubottuidler: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:11
tuxgeeki think i meant..12:12
tuxgeek!op | idler12:12
ubottuidler: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang12:12
ubottuYou can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:13
idlerhow words together12:13
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
popeyyay, i thought that only worked here12:13
popeyer, there.12:13
ikoniathanks popey thats a better link12:13
idlerok and ubuntu  for sansumg galaxy  s3 lite has acceleration for HW???12:18
cfhowlett!touch | idler  wrong channel12:19
ubottuidler  wrong channel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:19
idlerthats is a forum not a chanel in  real time12:20
Ben64continue reading to the end of the line12:20
ikoniait is a channel12:20
idlerah ok i didnt saw12:21
howinstallfhishiCiao, alò, hello, hola.!!! :D12:24
howinstallfhishii need help installing phishing-frenzy12:25
ikoniahowinstallfhishi: what is that ?12:25
* cfhowlett has a very bad feeling about this ...12:26
howinstallfhishii am 3 days trying to install12:26
ikoniahowinstallfhishi: what is that ?12:26
Ben64"Phishing Frenzy is an Open Source Ruby on Rails application that is leveraged by penetration testers to manage email phishing campaigns."12:27
Ben64sounds terrible12:27
ikoniayes, it does12:27
cfhowletthowinstallfhishi, 1.  this isn't kali. cant' support you with it12:27
ikoniaI'm just reading the google hits12:27
cfhowlett!kali | howinstallfhishi12:28
ubottuhowinstallfhishi: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:28
cfhowlettthe more I read, the more foul this thing looks12:29
howinstallfhishithere is no one in the other channels its Devian like ubuntu12:30
ikoniayes there are many people in the kali support channels12:30
cfhowletthowinstallfhishi, this is NOT "devian" NOT kali.  go there.  and phishing frenzy is NOT ubuntu so ... not supported here12:30
howinstallfhishiwow! sorry cfhowlett ikonia...12:31
ikoniano problem12:31
howinstallfhishigood day for all12:31
ikoniatake care,12:31
cogHeya, have a problem with an external HDD that took a fall and is not being recognized, anyone have any experience with recovering HDDs/partitions?12:33
cogThe disk spins but doesn't get listed in a fdisk -l12:34
ikoniacog: unplug the usb, reboot your machine plug it in and see if it gets detected12:35
cogdid that plenty already, no luck12:35
ikoniacog: so either the ubs connection is broken, or the disk is dead12:36
cogfdisk only show actual partitions, right? So how do I see if the disk itself is being detected regardless of whether it can read the partition table?12:36
lord4163wafflej0ck: The new kernel still disconnects. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh12:36
ikoniacog: fdisk will show the disk12:36
ikoniacog: reboot the machine without the disk in, plug the disk in after the boot, and look in /var/log/messages12:37
cogthe computer was started without the disk in and the disk plugged in after (this is not the normal computer the HDD is plugged to)12:38
cogbut I don't have a /var/log/messages12:39
ikoniacog: what operating system is this ?12:39
cogUbuntu 14.0412:39
ikoniathere should be a messages file then12:39
cogis it hidden?12:39
coglightdm, mail.err, mail.log, news12:40
cogno messages12:41
wafflej0cklord4163: ah bummer, had to reboot there decided to use a PPA for getting the latest gnome12:41
ikoniacog: ls -la /var/log please put the output into a pastebin12:41
wafflej0cklord4163: er a newer version at least12:41
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=== spid3r is now known as oasjaosjos
ikoniaseems odd12:43
=== Guest24961 is now known as Yangsh
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidHey guys12:44
cogtold you it didn't exist :)12:44
ikoniacog: sorry, /var/log/syslog12:44
ikoniachanged in ubuntu 12.0412:44
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidI have deleted all my data from my ssd (well at the step where i need to confirm) and I want to i stall ununtu 14.10 over, do I have to do anything special like creating partitions or will.the installer take care of everything?12:45
cogright, what am I looking for on the logs_12:46
ikoniaWiz_KeeD-Android: exactly the same as all your other installs12:46
=== 6A4AAOZ27 is now known as bennypr0fane
ikoniacog: the addition of a usb device that is a disk12:46
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidInstall now on the empty partition?12:46
ikoniaWiz_KeeD-Android: exactly the same as all your other installs12:47
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidI don't want dual boot now12:47
cogok, I see it, sec let me paste the results12:47
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidThe swap space and all that I assume it will take care of it12:47
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidAnd I do not have to do it manually12:48
ikoniaif you let it auto partition it will, if you set it to advaned/manual you will have to do it12:48
Wiz_KeeD-Androidok I went to advanced manual to erase all the data on the ssd12:48
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidI should click back?12:48
ikoniaup to you12:49
Wiz_KeeD-AndroidNot sure if it wil undo all the operations in gparted12:49
ikoniait will undo anything you've not commited12:49
Wiz_KeeD-Androidtried to locate a commit button don't see it12:49
Wiz_KeeD-Androidthink i'm blind or smth12:50
ikoniathere isn't a commit button12:50
Wiz_KeeD-Androidjust quit, back, and install now12:50
cogit just repeats the error after12:50
idlerthe chanel of ubuntu touch doesnt work12:50
=== CLINT5000 is now known as zebra6000
idlerno resonse12:50
idlerno response12:50
ikoniacog: if you do "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb" what do you see12:51
idleri still with the same doubte12:51
cfhowlettIdleOne, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:51
idleri dont know if  ubuntu has acceleration for HW  in sansumg galaxy s3 lite12:52
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
cfhowlettidler you have the link.  we're not going to read it for you.  information is on the page.12:53
cogreturned nothing12:53
Wiz_KeeD-Androidikonia, if i click back it reverts the changes, if i click install now will it start installing without the partitions like swap space etc?12:54
ikoniaWiz_KeeD-Android: it won't install if you haven't defined partitions12:54
ikoniacog: looks like it's dead then12:54
idlerall is in english and im very idler and im tired for read pages in english now12:55
ikoniacog: as you can see it sends signals down the usb channel, but it's not actually getting to a state where it's advertising itself as a disk12:55
Wiz_KeeD-Androidyou are right12:55
coggot this on the syslog:  sdb: unable to read partition table12:55
ikoniacog: yeah, it can't even see it as a disk12:55
ikoniahence why it can't read the partition table12:55
Wiz_KeeD-Androidi'll just go to gparted in try ubu tu without installig, delete and then run installer12:55
Wiz_KeeD-Androidthanks ikonia!12:56
cogand then ... INFO: Quitting due to inactivity12:56
cogso it sounds like it is a gonner?12:56
ikoniacog: broken disk12:56
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esseksHi guys! Is there any way to have efi stub play nice with secure boot? Or do I need GRUB=13:07
cfhowlett!efi | esseks13:08
ubottuesseks: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:08
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
esseksthanks cfhowlett, I already have ubuntu up and running with uefi. I only need to know if I need GRUB to be able to turn secure boot on.13:14
paul_Hi guys, is it possible to create a shortcut on the desktop to a command line in the terminal? It should contain the commands that I use in the terminal so I dont have to type them on my own again13:15
essekss/turn/boot with/13:15
=== tcpman is now known as Guest69277
wafflej0ckpaul_: you can create a runnable script and add it to your PATH in your environment typically that's the easiest way you can also make shortcuts to run the script if you'd like13:23
wafflej0ckpaul_: personally I have a ~/scripts folder I made and added to my PATH so I just pop open a guake terminal and run the command13:24
EriC^^esseks: i think it's possible13:24
paul_wafflej0ck, to get more specific: My command is "mupen64plus N64/Kirby64.z64" - How do i get a shortcut out of this?13:24
EriC^^you have to sign the .efi file with sbsign http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/secureboot.html13:24
digigrampaul_ like an alias?13:25
wafflej0ckpaul_: just write into a text file and save it like runKirby.sh go to the file properties and mark it as executable13:25
EriC^^paul_: what do you mean by shortcut?13:25
EriC^^like a launcher icon?13:25
paul_EriC^^, yes13:26
wafflej0ckpaul_: see http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/516634-shell-script-desktop-shortcut for making the executable shell script runnable by double clicking instead of opening it13:26
esseksEriC^^, so the -signed kernel is useless in my use case?13:26
paul_EriC^^, Like a shortcut on the desktop13:26
wafflej0ckpaul_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/299052/how-to-execute-sh-script-from-a-desktop-shortcut13:26
EriC^^paul_: go to /usr/share/applications and make a .desktop file using a file that's there, modify the Exec part to your command and then add it as usual to the launcher13:26
paul_Thanks guys, you helped me out once again! I owe you big time13:26
wafflej0ckpaul_: ah yeah what EriC^^said is true too can just make a .desktop file with the Exec set with your command, that is probably a cleaner way to go13:27
paul_Wait a second! Its loading the script, but nothing happens13:30
T0ast_phoneAnyone there?13:30
T0ast_phoneI need help13:31
PCatinean_Hey guys I am unsure on which driver to pick on install, any directions on what route should I take?13:31
PCatinean_I also have nvidia with a secondary intel proccesor and I installed bumblebee even though there is a bumblebee-nvidia package as well13:31
EriC^^paul_: what does the script do?13:31
paul_"mupen64plus N64/Kirby64.z64"13:32
brontosaurusrexis there something that would generate a client-side (javascript?) search engine from a set of static html (or markdown) pages? (The results must work offline as well)13:32
EriC^^yeah, does it open a gui n64 emulator?13:32
EriC^^paul_: you need to add the full path btw13:32
EriC^^paul_: /home/<user>/..N64/Kirby64.z6413:33
EriC^^esseks: no idea, never tried it, i think you need to make a .efi file like grub's shimx64.efi or something13:33
paul_I assume you mean it should be "mupen64plus /home/paul/N64/Kirby64.z64". But nothing happened13:34
EriC^^paul_: when you type that in a terminal what happens?13:34
T0ast_phoneFor some reason the 'system settings' button on the toolbar isn't doing anything ;_;13:35
EriC^^T0ast_phone: unity-control-center13:35
T0ast_phoneI use xfce13:35
T0ast_phoneOh wait it's working13:36
T0ast_phoneThanks :213:36
paul_EriC^^, its starting and I marked "launch as executable" but it still opens with gedit. Terminal played the game13:36
EriC^^paul_: did you add a .desktop file13:37
T0ast_phoneUgh, now the system settings window keeps crashing every time I open it13:38
T0ast_phoneI'm trying to get to text entry settings13:39
paul_EriC^^, saved the command line as a .desktop file and it says an error occured13:39
EriC^^paul_: you have to use a template from /usr/share/applications , and save it there too13:40
T0ast_phoneHow do I get directly to the text entry settings?13:40
EriC^^paul_: type gksu nautilus /usr/share/applications13:41
EriC^^paul_: select a .desktop file and copy it, rename and modify the copy13:42
paul_EriC^^, I'm there. what to do?13:42
paul_EriC^^, there is no .desktop file, but Ive seen the commands on the wiki before13:42
mikhael_k33hlI'm trying to set up nagios graph following this link: https://raymii.org/s/tutorials/Nagios_Core_4_Installation_on_Ubuntu_12.04.html but it says The requested URL /nagiosgraph/cgi-bin/show.cgi was not found on this server.. I can access nagios though13:43
tuxakadjsebAnybody to compile Neverball into *.deb ?13:43
bekksmikhael_k33hl: That file does not exist - check your installation then :)13:43
mikhael_k33hlbekks: I did13:44
BoreeasIs there a way to pipe some file (in my case, /dev/urandom) directly into a socket?13:44
bekksBoreeas: What are you actually trying to do?13:44
bekksmikhael_k33hl: Then why does it not exist? Did you create it?13:44
er4z0r_can anyone help me with a linker problem?13:45
Boreeasbekks: I have a program that allegedly accepts input it's not supposed to accept to the point of segfaulting, and I want to test that13:45
=== uber_ is now known as uber
er4z0r_I try to link my program against libpcap but ld cannot seems to find it13:45
mikhael_k33hlbekks: I installed it then I have a .conf file with an Alias to it13:45
EriC^^paul_: what do you mean by there's no .desktop file?13:46
bekksmikhael_k33hl: But that UL does not exist. So did you check wether that file is supposed to exist due to your configuration?13:46
EriC^^paul_: ls /usr/share/applications show's nothing?13:46
paul_EriC^^, there is no .desktop file in /usr/share/applications13:46
bekkser4z0r_: Did you install libpcap-dev ?13:47
mikhael_k33hlbekks: sorry I kinda new to this, what's UL?13:47
EriC^^paul_: type cat /etc/issue plese13:47
bekksmikhael_k33hl: URL :)13:47
er4z0r_bekks: yes. it is not the compiler complaining about missing headers13:47
mikhael_k33hlbekks: yeah it is13:47
er4z0r_bekks: it is the linker13:47
er4z0r_so basically it does not seems to find the correct *.so13:47
bekkser4z0r_: Then what is the exact, unchanged, full error message? Can you pastebin it please?13:47
paul_EriC^^, Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:47
EriC^^paul_: select any application's .desktop file and copy it, not .desktop13:48
EriC^^paul_: when you use nautilus to view the directory, you should see a bunch of applications13:48
paul_EriC^^, I do. What now?13:49
EriC^^those are the .desktop files13:49
er4z0r_bekks: umm how do you switch the locale in the console quickly?13:49
er4z0r_changing LC_ALL?13:49
bekkser4z0r_: loadkeys en   for example.13:49
er4z0r_bekks: no i mean output13:49
EriC^^paul_: copy one of them, then rename and modify the copy13:49
mikhael_k33hlbekks: You know, I"m also wondering how I am able to access nagios when my virtual host's root directory is /var/www/nagios << there is no files there13:49
er4z0r_I doubt you want the error message in german ;-)13:49
bekkser4z0r_: LC_* have nothing to do with input. :)13:49
EriC^^paul_: edit the Exec= to your command13:49
paul_EriC^^, how am I able to edit the modify the copy? even if i change the file type by renaming, i cant edit13:50
bekkser4z0r_: You want to change the output. LANG=C ... should do the job13:50
GlooomyHi guys does someone have experience with external soundards on Ubuntu?13:51
bekksGlooomy: Do you have a specific question or is that just a poll? :)13:51
EriC^^paul_: right click the copy and press rename13:51
GlooomyAre they well supported or is it going to be a mess to work with? (I want to connect to HiFi equipment)13:51
ubottugiaico72: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:51
EriC^^paul_: then type gksu gedit and drag the copy to the window13:51
PCatinean_I have a hdd connected to my laptop at all times and ubuntu installed on ssd, how do I permanently mount the hdd so I can see it from ubuntu and install dropbox on it etc?13:52
=== shroud is now known as Guest99454
er4z0r_bekks: http://pastebin.com/31FkujET13:53
EriC^^PCatinean_: what do you mean by permanently mount?13:53
er4z0r_bekks: sorry, had no english locale installed so most of gcc output still german13:53
EriC^^PCatinean_: you can add it to the fstab and have it mounted at a certain mountpoint if you want13:53
PCatinean_EriC^^, yes that would be it, an article about it?13:53
paul_EriC^^, Thanks a bunch! It worked!13:54
EriC^^PCatinean_: get it's uuid with blkid13:54
EriC^^paul_: great, no problem13:54
EriC^^PCatinean_: then type nano /etc/fstab and add it there13:54
EriC^^UUID=<uuid> <mountpoint>               <file system type>    errors=remount-ro 0       113:55
EriC^^or use whatever options you want13:56
bekkser4z0r_: Whats the output of gcc -lpcap sniffer.c -o sniffer ?13:56
EriC^^PCatinean_: you need sudo to edit it btw13:56
=== riot is now known as riot___
er4z0r_bekks: http://pastebin.com/Cs6PWAgR13:58
er4z0r_bekks: the same13:58
PCatinean_EriC^^, how does this look? UUID=51DDB6994E6674F0 /mnt/caddy ntfs errors=remount-ro 0 113:58
er4z0r_no clue how to tell ld to  be more verbose :-/13:58
EriC^^PCatinean_: it's ok, give it a shot, caddy has to be created first though13:59
PCatinean_EriC^^, wanted to ask that13:59
EriC^^so sudo mkdir /mnt/caddy13:59
PCatinean_with root permissions right?13:59
PCatinean_ah ok13:59
EriC^^then type sudo mount /mnt/caddy and it should grab it from the fstab13:59
PCatinean_and reboot I assume13:59
EriC^^nope not necessary13:59
PCatinean_ahh so that's how it works14:00
PCatinean_by looking at the path then querying the fstab doc14:00
er4z0r_bekks: I found it curious that the libpcap package actually provides _two_ .so files14:02
EriC^^PCatinean_: yeah, about the options though14:02
EriC^^PCatinean_: you need to add auto for it to automount14:02
PCatinean_EriC^^, which one is that? :-s14:02
EriC^^PCatinean_: use ntfs defauts,errors=remount-ro14:03
PCatinean_add defaults, youmean?14:04
PCatinean_Ahh and those are two options I take it separated by commas and no space14:06
EriC^^there's a list of options you can use check here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab#Options14:07
EriC^^PCatinean_: if you want to mount it with certain permissions you can, allowing the execution of binaries or not, and if anybody can mount or not14:07
EriC^^PCatinean_: the options are executed one after the other, like if you set something like all users can mount, that implies no execution is allowed, so if you add the exec option after it you can change that14:08
AlexPortableWhere can I download the default ubuntu loading screen?14:12
cfhowlettAlexPortable, plymouth14:13
AlexPortableIs that a website?14:14
cfhowlettAlexPortable, that's the boot up process14:14
cfhowlettAlexPortable, filesystem > lib > plymouth14:16
AlexPortableno i mean for download14:16
bekksAlexPortable: What are you actually trying to accomplish?14:17
hellowfoobarworlsecurity question, maybe someone knows. for the most secure internet connection in a desktop environment (meaning everyday use, but not paranoid enough to run a live os all the time), would the following setup be suggested? :: install VM, install Tor, access internet? or am i right in thinking i have no clue what i'm talking about?14:17
=== g405t is now known as Guest19620
bekkshellowfoobarworl: tor does not provide any security, but just obscurity.14:18
Guest19620Hey all14:18
niekiehellowfoobarworl: the most important question is: what are you trying to secure against?14:18
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, snowden used tails ... fwiw14:18
AlexPortablebekks: getting the images14:18
pauljwAlexPortable, open ubuntu software center, type plymouth in the seach bar and install.14:18
Guest19620Can I get some assistance with some broadcom drivers?14:18
hellowfoobarworlhi again cfhowlett14:18
cfhowletthellofoobarworld, hey there14:18
cfhowlett!broadcom | Guest19620,14:19
ubottuGuest19620,: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:19
Guest19620Read it all14:19
cfhowlettGuest19620, what chipset are you running?14:19
Guest19620Got the drivers and made and installed them however the hardware isn't seeming to want to start using them even though I used the additional drivers tool to activate them.14:20
hellowfoobarworlcfhowlett: you already know what my mission is. :-P bekks: yes, i'm aware it only obscures, and that's why i was wondering if running the obscurity (Tor) within the VM (security) would be a good setup? cfhowlett: is the VM what you were talking about earlier when you mentioned VirtualBox?14:20
Guest19620sudo lshw -C network still reports that the b43-pci-bridge drivers are in use on the hardware14:21
cfhowletthellowfoobarworl, it was14:21
cfhowlettGuest19620, what - chipset - do - you - have - ?14:21
Guest19620bcm4321 dell14:22
bekksGuest19620: The BCM4321 is Broadcom chipset.14:22
Guest19620cfhowlett: do I have to run the additional drivers tool as root?14:23
cfhowlettGuest19620, do you have an ubuntu .iso or USB?14:23
bekks*is a14:23
hellowfoobarworlcfhowlett: ok cool. i've been following your advice and researching it, as well as bootkits, tpms and more. just wanted to let you know, because no one likes to give advice that ultimately isn't followed :-P14:23
Guest19620I am currently using the 'try' portion of UBUNTU Gnome14:23
cfhowletthellowfoobarworl, nice.14:23
Guest19620I wanted to be sure that my wireless drivers would be acceptable before installing14:24
cfhowlettGuest19620, ubuntu 14.04??14:24
hellowfoobarworlbekks: do you think that the VM security with Tor obscurity is a good configuration?14:24
Guest19620cfhowlett: yes 14.04.114:24
=== digifiv5e is now known as daynaskully
cfhowlettGuest19620, nice.  give me a minute to set up.14:25
bekkshellowfoobarworl: I dont think tor is a good idea at all :)14:25
Guest19620cfhowlett: let me change my nick to g405t14:25
CyL_Hi, in Ubuntu 14.04.1 server I'm trying to attach a machine to a WiFi router using the command line. It seems that 14.04 had some modifications rendering the online documentation somewhat outdated. Any advice on how to do this?14:25
=== Guest19620 is now known as g405t
g405tcfhowlett: there14:26
Eldunarhello can u give me soe tool for customizing themes?14:27
cfhowlettg405t, I see you14:27
g405tgood to know14:28
hellofoobarworldbekks: why would it not be a good idea through a VM though?14:28
g405tI know I'm just overlooking something stupid14:28
coghow do I reset the permissions on a file? I'm booting from the live CD so already in as sudo but can't open a particular file nor copy it14:28
cogI tried 'sudo chmod 550 <filename>' but that doesn't seem to have worked. I can see the permissions are different but still can't open the file14:29
hellofoobarworldbekks: provided Tor is the only application beign run through the VM?14:29
=== Blaster is now known as codemedian
paulus68I've a problem with my SSD I get ext4-fs error device(sdc6): ext4_find_entry:1302 during startup and drm_kms_helper panic messages how do I solve this?14:30
bekkshellofoobarworld: What do you hope to gain through the usage of tor?14:30
fannohello again can anyone explain why this happens ? http://picpaste.com/pics/Sk__rmbillede_fra_2014-12-07_15_24_26-xVeNeySI.1417962384.png you can see it displays both monitor indicator on both screens, I can only use clone mode. I cant find anything on google i am not sure what to search for =/14:30
er4z0r_bekks: never mind, I had my argument order in gcc wrong14:30
cfhowlettg405t, OK, good news is you can likely get wifi fired up.  open your file manager and navigate to filesystem/cdrom/poo/14:30
bekkspaulus68: Bu running fsck -f from a live cd.14:30
=== codemedian is now known as Blaster
paulus68bekks: BU?14:31
bekkspaulus68: bu?14:31
g405tcfhowlett: in filesystem/cdrom/pool I have main and restricted folders14:32
paulus68bekks: paulus68: Bu running fsck -f from a live cd.14:32
cfhowlettg405t, perfect. https://www.fpaste.org/157362/14:32
bekkspaulus68: By ...14:32
hellofoobarworldbekks: i volunteer my time to people at school, fixing their computer. i have been "securing" them as well (encrypting, anti-keyloggers, getting them password managers instead of browsers, etc), but i have recently learned that my efforts have been mostly vain, as there are ways to circumvent this security (with bootkits being one of them, as well as hardware modifications). i'm trying to learn everything i can so that i ca14:33
cfhowlettg405t, long story short:  sudo dkpg -i those 2 files in that sequence.  that should enable your broadcom.  might need to kickstart by going to "additional drivers"14:33
fannoanyone have had any experiance with dual monitor setup =/ i have hit a dead end !14:33
AlexPortableSo, my system freezes with ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu mate 14.0414:34
paulus68bekks: and how would I address this drive?14:34
AlexPortablehow can I solve it? should i just ditch ubuntu?14:34
bekkshellofoobarworld: That doesnt answer my question at all.14:34
cfhowlettAlexPortable, without knowing why it's failing ?  don't seem right, but your choice.14:34
bekkshellofoobarworld: tor can be considered being snake oil, in terms of security.14:34
AlexPortablecfhowlett: well what can I do more?14:35
hellofoobarworldbekks: what am i trying to accomplish? give people a method, and instruct them on how to implement full security in every day use. that's my goal, at least.14:35
cfhowlettAlexPortable, check error messages14:35
UbUntUToUchLoverAnybody on #ubuntu-touch? I'm not getting a response.14:35
g405tcfhowlett: you do know that I already downloaded the drivers from broadcom then make and make install them?14:36
cfhowlettg405t, I do..14:36
g405tI assume the dkms is my missing part?14:36
cfhowlettg405t, if you didn't install previously ...14:36
hellofoobarworldbekks: so then for every day use on their desktop computers (i doubt they'd all run live usbs all the time), is simply using a VM the best option?14:36
g405tI think I got this14:36
bekkshellofoobarworld: Then why do you suggest using tor? That has nothing to do with security. It's the opposite even, using tor, makes them being suspects from the point of view of different agencies, companies, etc.14:36
=== Jake[1] is now known as Jake
g405tcfhowlett: give me a few and I think I'll be back via wireless connectivity14:37
cfhowlettg405t, those 2 files in that sequence14:38
PCatinean_how does one reverse this?  sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ precise partner"14:38
PCatinean_in the graphical interface I'm missing it14:38
Frank_LeachI have a problem since I did last dist upgrade....chromium. When I watch a vidoe on youtube, the screen shuts off. The video is still playing, but i have no way to restore the screen14:39
Frank_Leachonly since the last upgrade,  a few days ago14:39
hellofoobarworldbekks: that perspective has to change. possessing a gun doesn't make you a murder suspect. see, i'm also attempting to make even obscurity commonplace, one person at a time. if all of us here can get all of our friends to use it, and so on, wouldn't that be better?14:39
paulus68bekks: get the error message that  the superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem14:39
hellofoobarworldbekks: exponential growth in usage?14:40
bekkspaulus68: Then what was your exact command?14:40
AlexPortablecfhowlett: how can i check error messages on live usb?14:41
fannoanyone =( ?14:41
paulus68bekks: fsck -f /media/this/drivename(which contains dc97C4DR45RS- and so on)14:42
bekkspaulus68: That is not supposed to work at all.14:42
bekkspaulus68: you have to check the unmounted partition, not the mounted mountpoint.14:42
bastidrazorPCatinean_: sudo add-apt-repository --remove "..."14:43
cfhowlettg405t, ??14:43
paulus68bekks: and how do I do this14:43
PCatinean_bastidrazor, I hope that's not going to remove the standard one as well?14:44
paulus68can this be done with gparted14:44
bekkspaulus68: sudo fsck -f /dev/sdc1  for example, assuming sdc1 is the partition on question.14:44
bastidrazorPCatinean_: it removes what you put in the quotations14:44
g405tcfhowlett: errors were encountered while processing14:44
cfhowlettg405t, errr.  from the previous install, I bet?14:45
g405tcfhowlett: hold on, it looks like I may have typoed14:45
g405tcfhowlett: gimme a sec14:45
lord4163What is MSI?14:45
cfhowlettg405t, easiest method:  sudo dpkg -i         drag and drop the file from the folder14:45
Guest2587how to use ping with a text file containing several dns addresses?14:46
paulus68bekks: how can I check what drivename is assigned because I don't get the correct drive names while being on a live cd14:46
bastidrazorPCatinean_: you could manually edit out the line in your /etc/apt/sources.list14:46
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g405tcfhowlett: yeah, typo... not i386 but rather amd6414:47
bekkspaulus68: sudo blkid will show them to you.14:47
cfhowlettg405t, thus the drag n drop recommendation14:47
g405tcfhowlett: lmao14:47
Paddy_NIHi guys, I'm quickly looking for something similar to "Seatools" From Seagate, so far I have found 3 candidates; "diskscan", "smartmontools" and "GSmartControl". Would anyone have any first hand experience with these tools and perhaps know which would be best at checking for physical defects or otherwise on a HDD?14:47
g405tcfhowlett: stupid is as stupid does14:47
cfhowlettg405t, :)14:48
bastidrazortab complete!14:48
llutzGuest2587: http://stackoverflow.com/a/1921032814:48
mozzarellaguys help14:48
cfhowlett!help | mozzarella14:48
ubottumozzarella: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:48
mozzarellaI'm trying to remap my command key into a alt key, I got it kind of working, except it's not possible to use keyboard shortcuts that are using alt14:49
visually_challenHello, does anyone here know of SAPI 5 text to speech support for Ubuntu? That would be very very helpful.14:49
g405tcfhowlett: headed to additional drivers now...14:49
Guest2587llutz, thanks14:49
CyL_Hi, in Ubuntu 14.04.1 server I'm trying to attach a machine to a WiFi router using the command line. It seems that 14.04 had some modifications rendering the online documentation somewhat outdated. Any advice on how to do this?14:50
g405tcfhowlett: additional drivers shows the proprietary drivers are already in use but that damn card isn't available in the network admin tool14:50
paulus68bekks: getting :dev/sde6: 302183/6586368 files (0,2% non contiguous) 2495705/26314240 blocks)14:50
cfhowlettg405t, damn.  sorry.  that was my best shot.14:51
bekkspaulus68: ...when doing what?14:51
paulus68bekks: the fsck -f14:51
bekkspaulus68: Cann you please state the full command you are using?14:52
g405tcfhowlett: update-initramfs is disabled since running on read-only media, can I safely assume that this would have workd had this been an actual install?14:52
paulus68bekks: sudo fsck -f /dev/sde614:52
bekkspaulus68: Abnd whats the rest of the output?14:53
vidaOLa Brasil14:53
g405tcfhowlett: ???14:53
visually_challennobody working with SAPI 5?14:53
Frank_Leachanyone had problems with youtube shutting off the screen since last update?14:54
paulus68bekks: pass1 checking inodes pass 2 checking directory pass 3 checking connectivity pass 4 checking reference mounts pass 5 checking summary information14:54
bekkspaulus68: Can you please pastebin itß14:55
CyL_vida: /join ##ubuntu-br14:55
Frank_Leachproblems con chromium/youtube since last dist upgrade14:55
paulus68bekks: would love to but don't know if I can on a live cd14:55
cfhowlettg405t, exceeds my knowledge base.  sorry.  but I do dpkg -i dkms and bcmwl all the time14:56
bibi234How can I know if a file on a remote server has changed (compared to the one I had previously downloaded)?14:58
bekkspaulus68: yes, you can open a webbrowser on a live cd :)14:58
bekksbibi234: Compare the checksum?14:58
AlexPortable12.04 LTS only has security updates?15:00
paulus68bekks: pastebin.com/eG6TE6ca15:00
bekks12.04 receives updates for 5 years.15:00
bibi234bekks: like this for example? so I run "md5sum /path/to/file" on my local and compare to the same command result of the remote server?15:00
bekkspaulus68: So everything is fine on that filesystem.15:01
bekksbibi234: Correct.15:01
bibi234bekks: ok thank you15:02
paulus68bekks: ok so every disk that I have has a simular result15:03
bekkspaulus68: So try again now, since now your filesystems are clean.15:04
SimplarHello. I have a Ralink MEDIATEK Corp. MT7630e 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter on my ASUS X550CV. I'd like to make it work on my Debian 7.7 Wheezy system, kernel 3.16.0-0.bpo.4-686-pae. The MEDIATEK driver is for 3.14 kernel and is really, really unstable. Please give me any good tip. Thank you.15:05
bekksSimplar: So ask the debian support on how to do it.15:05
Simplarbekks: how does Ubuntu handle this wifi adapter?15:06
bibi234bekks: that would work when I access the remote server with ssh for example, but what if I want to serve it through the http protocol for example?15:09
paulus68bekks: ext4-fs error device sdd6 ext4_find_entry:1302: inode #1048577:comm plymouthd: reading directory lblock 015:09
BluesKajHiyas all15:11
rishianandhello there, have you installed firefox developer edition in ubuntu15:11
Ahadhey guys, i can not use my keyboard shortcuts anyone know how to fix it?15:12
Ahadthey are not disabled, all are active15:12
rishianandAhad: which shortcuts for example??15:12
bekkspaulus68: And did you check that filesystem using fsck before?15:13
Ahadrishianand: like ctrl+alt+t for terminal15:13
paulus68bekks: I checked every disk on my system before rebooting15:13
Ahadrishianan: custom made shortcuts too15:13
rishianandAhad: hmm.15:13
bekkspaulus68: ah ok.15:13
bekkspaulus68: Can you pastebin "dmesg" please?15:13
paulus68bekks: will reboot into live cd15:14
Ahadrishianan: any idea?15:14
rishianandAhad: i'll tell you if i find any solution.15:14
bekkspaulus68: No.15:14
Ahadrishianan: thanks15:14
bekkspaulus68: We need to see the _current_ dmesg output.15:14
paulus68bekks: then how would I achieve that since I can't even get into my system15:15
paulus68bekks: I'm getting this error during startup and can't do anything else then reboot or boot into live cd15:15
DaSpawnHi everyone!, running 14.04, in the System Monitor I somehow turned the process view into a tree/parent mode, now I have to expand the process tree every time to see processes, how do I turn this off?15:15
Ahaddoes anyone else know how to enable shortcuts on ubuntu?15:15
bekkspaulus68: Thats was the missing information until now :)15:15
paulus68bekks: you lost me?15:16
bekkspaulus68: Well, you need to boot into live cd then, yes.15:16
paulus68bekks: so boot into live cd15:16
paulus68bekks: ok I'm there15:18
epyxI have a ATI 7730 Mobility Radeon (dualed with an Intel HD 4000)15:18
epyxthe driver's doesn't provide 3D acceleration though15:18
epyxwhat to do=15:18
bekkspaulus68: Can you identify the partition thats throwing those errors when trying to boot from it?15:19
paulus68bekks: during startup it had sdd6 dunno what it's name is now15:20
paulus68bekks: it's the same15:21
bekkspaulus68: Are you sure? :)15:21
paulus68bekks: when I launch gparted I can see the drives and there is a drive called sdd which is also my bootable ssd drive15:22
bekkspaulus68: Are you sure? Or do you just think that it is the same?15:22
paulus68bekks: I for 99% sure since I have a solid state drive of 120 GIG which is configured to boot from it has a boot partition a root partition and a swap partition15:24
bekkspaulus68: So whats the output of "sudo fsck -f /dev/sdd6" then?15:24
paulus68bekks: same as mentioned in previous pastebin it15:26
paulus68bekks: reinstall? I have my home on a seperate drive15:31
bekkspaulus68: Better check your harddrives using smartctl15:32
paulus68bekks: do you know the command for this?15:33
Finetundrahow do you edit grubs resolution?15:35
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
bekkspaulus68: smartctl is the command15:39
decciI have a linux system that boots from USB flash drive. I would like to patch grub to display the Serial Number of the USB flash drive at boot time. is it possible? I need to ensure that displayed Serial Number belongs to the same drive we booted from (in case there are other flash-drives attached)?15:40
paulus68bekks: pastebin.com/K0jaY4A015:42
bekksdecci: Sure, it is possible, why not? You just have to patch grub after writing the source code for your patch.15:43
=== ara is now known as Guest3405
deccibekks: Any link which can help me with patching the GRUB and applying the patch15:44
bekksdecci: Actually no. You have to read and understand the grub source code first.15:44
deccibekks: okay15:44
paulus68bekks: reinstall?15:47
cogI'm booting into ubuntu from live USB and plugging in another USB stick, but it always mounts the other USB stick as read-only15:50
cogdoes this have something to do with the live USB mode or am I missing something?15:50
cogfrom the terminal I tried changing the rights to 777 and it says "changed from 700 to 777" but if I re-run the same command just a sec later it gives me exactly the same message: changing from 700 to 777, which means the rights don't stick15:51
cogany ideas?15:51
deccibekks: http://askubuntu.com/questions/357186/how-to-change-the-header-title-and-help-message-in-grub-menu15:51
OerHekscog, what filesystem is on that 2nd usb ?15:51
OerHekscog oh then it is correct, fat32 isn't posix, so you cannot give any rights, mount that fat32 as rw is your solution15:52
deccibekks: In the above guide, it shows how to change the GRUB title. But what about the Serial number displayed. Any idea?15:52
cogOerHeks: how can I mount it as rw?15:53
OerHekscog, is your first usb a live iso ?15:53
bekksdecci: you have to patch the grub source code.15:53
cogwhenever I right click the drive in nautilus to create a new folder/file I get an error saying it's in read-only mode15:53
paulus68bekks: any Ideas?15:54
cogwhat you mean live ISO?15:54
deccibekks: Do you mean I need to first build the patch which does that?15:54
cogit is a non-persistent live instant15:54
bekksdecci: Of course.15:54
edward_script to show hidden applications I get this: sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: ` '15:54
deccibekks:  I wonder if there is one available freely..15:55
bekksdecci: Most likely, there isnt.15:55
edward_need help please trying to run  script to show hidden applications I get this: sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: ` '15:55
deccibekks: What about this? https://launchpad.net/grub-customizer/+download15:56
bekksdecci: I never used it.15:56
deccibekks: okay15:56
bekksdecci: And that will not patch your grub, it will just edit your grub settings.15:57
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount15:57
edward_need help please trying to run  script to show hidden applications I get this: sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: ` '15:58
cogOerHeks: still not sure what you mean by a live ISO15:59
OerHekscog that is the same as a non-persistant live image, just the image you donwloaded, right?15:59
edward_need help please trying to run  script to show hidden applications I get this: sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: ` '16:00
paulus68bekks: any Ideas?16:00
cogright, it's non-persistant16:00
cogso how can I mount my fat32 usb on sdc1 as rw ?16:01
bekkspaulus68: That pastebin looks quite good.16:01
OerHekscog, i think something like this: mkdir /mnt/<name> && mount /dev/sdc1 -t auto /mnt/<name>16:02
paulus68bekks: and it has the simular results on the second SSD drive16:02
bekkspaulus68: Looks quite good so far.16:02
paulus68bekks: agreed but still getting errors furthermore when this started I also had a drm_kms_helper panic message on the screen16:03
paulus68bekks: thought rebooting should solve this but then got this ext4 error16:04
paulus68bekks: think the only way to resolve this is to reinstall or am I wrong?16:07
edward_please help16:07
edward_please help16:07
edward_need help please trying to run  script to show hidden applications I get this: sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command:16:08
llutzedward_: check the command you used, most likely a typo or wrong quotes16:08
edward_llutz thank you i am using sudo sed -i ‘s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g’ /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop16:10
edward_i dont see anything wrong?16:10
nokialert /load .xchat2/budus.so16:12
feilhainenadie de abla ispana16:12
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:12
lccadminI've got vlc capturing video, not not sure how to get it from there to a google hangout.  Anyone done this?  Should I be asking in ubuntu-offtopic?16:14
nokialert  /load .xchat2/budus.so16:15
IdleOnenokialert: if you want that command to work you need to now have any spaces before the leading /16:15
IdleOnenot have*16:15
Ahaddoes anyone else know how to enable shortcuts on ubuntu?16:17
paulus68bekks: you still here?16:17
zerzugood morning, is there someone who can help with wine? The beginners room is empty :(16:19
zerzuis there someone who could help me with wine16:23
OerHekszerzu, there is a WineHQ channel for application help16:24
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:24
zerzuthank you16:24
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:25
zerzuim really new and the beginner room is empty16:25
jp_hraniceHallo. If U14.10 freezes on my PC-64 due HDD errors and I will test it on USB flash and it not fail, can I upgrade?16:25
ikoniajp_hranice: upgrade what ?16:28
jp_hraniceUbuntu 14.0416:28
jp_hraniceikonia, Ubuntu 14.0416:28
ikoniayou said you where on 14.1016:28
jp_hraniceI got 2 HDD16:29
jp_hranice1) testing  2)for stable release16:29
ikoniajp_hranice: you can upgrade from 14.04 to 14.1016:31
nokialertrm -fvr $HOME/.xchat2/budus.so $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript/16:35
nokialert /UNLOAD budus.so16:36
nokialertrm -fvr $HOME/.xchat2/budus.so $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript/16:37
freerouteikonia: is it recommended to upgrade to 14.10 though? IIRC 14.04 is LTS release and has quite a bit more stability tests.16:38
ikoniafreeroute: it's up to you16:41
freerouteah right, got it.16:42
epyxhow do I reset the xorg.conf?16:47
lotuspsychje!xorg | epyx16:48
ubottuepyx: X.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf16:48
mbalmerrm /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:48
themisterbighello ubuntu people, i managed to install ubuntu 14.10 on a macbook pro somehow and i want to know how to make the wifi work. the wifi is not working, any help? :-)16:58
pepijndevosHey, I just took a 14.04 server off the shelve that had been running on another location. It had a fixed IP, so I changed eth0 back to dhcp in /eth/nerworm/interfaces. But whatever I do, ifconfig only shows lo, no eth0. lspci shows it's detected, lshw shows it's DISABLED.16:59
jhutchinsThe_Pugi1: What chipset?16:59
pepijndevosthemisterbig, maybe detail WHICH macbook pro, and which network card etc17:00
themisterbigpepijndevos: macbook pro 8.1 i think, i am not sure what network card i have, this is the first time i use ubuntu.17:02
pepijndevosthemisterbig I take it you tried everything on this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro17:04
pepijndevosthey suggest installing the proprietary driver17:05
pepijndevossudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer17:05
opcode0Hello, where is the session login startup script (ie script that runs when user logs in through GUI)?17:05
themisterbigpepijndevos: i tried installing Ubuntu 14.04 (Trust Tahr) for the macbook pro 8,1 but it won't reboot17:05
themisterbigpepijndevos: i will try the code you have sent me17:06
pepijndevoswell, no matter what, you need to install the broadcom driver somehow.17:06
EriC^^opcode0: ~/.config/autostart ?17:06
themisterbigpepijndevos: i get E: Unable to locate package firmware-b43-installer, but then again, i get this for every sudo apt-get17:06
pepijndevosyes, use wired network17:06
themisterbigpepijndevos: yes i am connected now through ether net17:07
pepijndevosbrowsing works? apt-get update?17:07
themisterbigwhen i type sudp apt-get update i get E: Unable to locate package firmware-b43-installer17:08
themisterbigsorry without the firmware-b43-installer17:08
themisterbigpepijndevos: it just started updating, not sure what i did different, i just typed it until it worked :-/ strange, updating  now17:10
epyxhi guys17:10
pepijndevosok, do update and then upgrade and then try the broadcom driver again.17:10
epyxso just to let you know, you should remove the 7730 M fglrx support for the additional drivers17:10
epyxthey don't work17:10
pepijndevosepyx, you should create an issue. Not likely anyone relevant will notice and take action if you just tell it here.17:11
ikonialots of documentation to suggest the 7730 do work17:11
themisterbigthanks pepijndevos17:12
pepijndevosand yea, eliminate PEBKAC17:12
pepijndevosthemisterbig, np17:12
epyxpepijndevos, how do I do that?17:12
epyxikonia, not possible17:13
ikoniaepyx: why is that not possible ?17:13
epyxafter two distributions and several fresh installs I have never gotten them working17:13
epyxthey do install, sometimes17:13
epyxbut what happens is 3D acceleration isn't better than without them17:13
ikoniaepyx: so you - 1 person can't get them working does not mean "others can't get them working"17:13
ikoniaepyx: as I said, info to suggest others are working fine17:14
epyxit's hard to tell if you don't play games17:14
epyxI thought they were working too17:14
ikoniaI don't think it is17:14
epyxbecause fglrxinfo and lspci gave right information17:14
ikoniaunity desktop requires 3d acceleration17:14
ikonialspci is nothing to do with the drivers17:14
epyxikonia, well, it's a dual card so the Intel HD 4000 works just fine without installing the properitary drivers17:15
pepijndevosepyx, if it does not crash and it's installed, it's working fine. If it's not faster than the OSS drivers, that's great.17:15
ikoniaepyx: so ?17:15
epyxpepijndevos, 30 fps in CS:GO and 20 fps in Civilization V tells another story17:15
epyxif it works fine then Linux is really inefficient compared to Windows17:15
epyxif that's working fine17:15
ikoniaepyx: you're basing your individual experience and confirming it as fact for everyone else17:15
epyxthe main problem with these drivers are that they are shown as installed fine17:16
ikoniaepyx: you don't know that17:16
epyxI mean great if it gives an error message but it doesn't17:16
pepijndevosepyx, yea, linux ports of games are not so great at times.17:16
ikoniaepyx: you judged they where installed ok by "lspci"17:16
ikoniaepyx: that means nothing17:16
epyxand fglrxinfo17:17
epyxand amdcccle17:17
ikoniaepyx: if fglrxinfo shows the acceleration, then they are working17:17
epyxwhat is your definition of working seriously?17:17
ikoniaepyx: hardware 3d acceleration17:17
epyxif something is supposed to provide 3d acceleration but doesn't it clearly isn't working as it's intended to17:17
ikoniaepyx: how are you confirming it's not running 3d acceleration17:18
epyxas bad FPS as without them?17:18
ikoniaepyx: thats not confirming no acceleration17:18
ikoniathats just poor performance17:18
pepijndevosepyx, if I read you correctly, you judge "not working" as slower than windows.17:18
epyxback in 2009 I had another ATI Radeon card which worked great17:18
ikoniaa lot has changed17:18
* epyx sighs17:19
epyxso as long as you get a string telling you that it works it's fine?17:19
epyxyou don't really need to see improved performance17:19
epyxhey as long as this string says everythings fine!17:19
ikoniaepyx: sadly thats the reality17:19
ikoniasome cards work better/worse than others17:19
ikoniathere are settings you can use to try to improve things, but that requires good knowledge of the drivers and options17:20
epyxso basically as a developer I don't need to do anything but cout << "everything's fucking awesome";17:20
ikoniaepyx: no need to swear, please don't17:20
epyxsorry :x17:20
pepijndevosepyx, that is sadly true. It was recently discovered there was a switch in the intel driver that made it 20% faster... they just disabled it because it had some issues, instead of fixing the issues.17:22
jhutchinsThere are lots of different implementations of Radeon hardware.  Even the same chipset might not perform the same depending on how it was implemented.17:22
epyxoh well17:23
xsuhi all17:24
jhutchinsepyx: Some hardware is optimized for Windows and just isn't going to perform in Linux.17:24
epyxguess I'll have to live with poor performance till I scrap this computer :<17:24
jhutchinsepyx: You can find reviews and benchmarks that show what hardware does well in Linux.17:24
epyxadvice noted, thanks17:24
jhutchinsepyx: Toms Hardware and Ars Technica tend to be good sources.17:24
jhutchinsepyx: Also, there are developers that are constantly working to improve the performance, because they have the same problem as you do.17:25
epyxjhutchins, some day I hope to gathered the skills to contribute instead of only complaining ;)17:29
epyxbut in the meantime... :p17:29
Carogahi all!17:31
Carogagot a question: is it possible to update my i915 video drivers?17:31
CarogaHow should I do that (intel drivers?)?17:31
VoidMainFunctionanybody here17:32
VoidMainFunctionUbuntu question17:32
CarogaVoidMainFunction, sup ?17:33
zykotick9Caroga: can i ask, why do you think you need to update your intel drivers?17:33
VoidMainFunctionupgrading my processor, my roommate did the same changeout last month, told me afterwards, he lost his bootloader17:33
VoidMainFunctionwhen he reseated the processor17:33
Carogazykotick9, Cause I want to. I am trying to run Hearthstone through Wine and it doesnt run well.17:34
ikoniathat wont happen17:34
CarogaSo I wanted to ask more information about updating glx drivers17:34
CarogaVoidMainFunction, so you are afraid of losing your bootloader?17:34
CarogaWhy would you lose ur bootloader after installing another cpu ? Sounds more like he upgraded/changed bios as well who lost the bootloaders point.17:35
VoidMainFunctionyeah, I run a newer board. uefi BS....I remember having a bitch of a time to get the grub bootloader to work on my orig install 2 years ago17:35
VoidMainFunctionand then he told me that and i got annoyed17:35
CarogaVoidMainFunction, that wont be a problem, just remember which hd entry points you have and where your bootloader is installed. If, for some reason, he cannot find it anymore, you can always boot ur liveCD and scan vor it.17:36
Carogabrb dinrar time!17:36
VoidMainFunctionCaroga: thanks17:37
=== Errosion is now known as help
jhutchinsVoidMainFunction: Changing the processor shouldn't have any effect on the bootloader, which is on the disk.17:40
jhutchinsVoidMainFunction: It could possibly trigger a change in the EFI, which could cause the system to see the disk differently.17:41
jhutchinsVoidMainFunction: Then again, fixing the bootloader is one of the easiest fixes there is.  Make sure you have a live CD or something to boot from and you're covered even if it does happen.17:41
VoidMainFunctionyeah im downloading a live cd now17:41
VoidMainFunctioni wasn't about to try and mess with it before I had someone with more Nix exp then myself17:42
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Guest29775how to join ubuntu-zh17:43
Guest29775join /ubuntu-zh17:44
DJonesGuest29775: Type "/join #ubuntu-zh"17:44
Guest29775join #ubuntu-zh17:44
Guest29775joined #ubuntu17:45
Guest29775joined #ubuntu-zh17:45
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KiborgI have Lenovo G50-70 with Ubuntu 14.10 64 bit. My Bluetooth doesn't work.17:46
Guest29775joined #ubuntu-zh17:46
KiborgI am unable to turn it on.17:46
TheBlackRussianSomeone help me! I lost all my files! I just installed Ubuntu on a different hard drive. When i boot up my computer it does straight to ubuntu.17:48
TheBlackRussianI have windows 8.1 drive still17:48
neutralizerI can set PATH= env var at the top of CRON file. Can I set any env var I want? For example, I want to set PYTHONPATH and DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.17:49
Guest3405TheBlackRussian, you can mount the windows partition in ubuntu17:51
TheBlackRussianhow can i do that?17:51
Guest3405TheBlackRussian, google mount windows partition in linux. depends if you have ntfs or fat32 partition17:53
TheBlackRussiani have to google my support?17:53
symbiosisWhen hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL to lock the computer, is there a way to make it such that the "Lock Computer" is the default menu selection instead of "Log Off" from X?  This would be Ubuntu 14.04 LTS17:53
gr33n7007hTheBlackRussian, type sudo fdisk -l17:53
Guest3405TheBlackRussian, and make sure you have Grub installed17:54
TheBlackRussianhow can i check if i have grub? and i typed fdisk -l17:54
gr33n7007hTheBlackRussian, do you see your partitions?17:54
nhasymbiosis: I think Ctrl+Alt+L is the default for "Lock Computer"17:54
batbirdwhy use ufw instead of iptables?17:54
TheBlackRussianI can see my windows 8.1 hard drive.17:55
batbirdTheBlackRussian: WOW! COOL!17:55
symbiosisnha: Thank you very much...was not aware of that shortcut17:55
TheBlackRussiani know, very cool17:55
nhasymbiosis: You're welcome :)17:55
TheBlackRussianand yes i can see my partitions17:57
gr33n7007hthen mount the partition then17:57
TheBlackRussianwait what? Mount my partition?17:58
TheBlackRussiani think its already mounted... I can see it when i go on file. Its under devices17:58
TheBlackRussianThe NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or mount the volume read-only with the 'ro' mount option.18:00
OerHekswachpwnski1, try ##windows and good luck18:07
epyxam I allowed to ask a Mate related question here?18:09
epyx(on Ubuntu-Mate) ;)18:09
bubbasauresepyx, Mate is in the last two releases, if using these yes.18:10
worbleCan someone tell me how to boot the ubuntu iso (stored on disk) from the grub command line?18:10
epyxhttp://i.imgur.com/1SHWtei.png (screenshot) <-- selection color is set to light blue however some programs, synaptic in the example, goes with green18:11
bubbasauresworble, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot  couple of options18:11
epyxhow would I change this?18:11
OerHeksworble, see this wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot18:11
epyxfurthermore how do I change the color of a progress bar?18:11
worblebubbasaures, DerHeks: I need to use the grub command line and there isn't enough info at that page to actually boot18:11
bubbasauresworble, that is all the info you need to boot a ubuntu iso from grub, several ways, read it!!!!18:13
bubbasauresworble, If you want to boot the install from the grub command than state that.18:13
worblebubbasaures: I want to boot the iso from the grub command (I did state that ?)18:14
bubbasauresworble, Never seen a iso booted that way, I said the install.18:14
bubbasauresworble, It might be worth you telling us the whole story, there may be other options than you're using is all.18:16
worblebubbasaures: The page says I can boot the live cd from grub terminal18:16
UbUntUToUchLoverGood morning, Ubuntu lovers! I need some help from Ubuntu Touch lovers...18:17
Novice201yHello. On specific machine with Lubuntu, I'm able to loging by user without providing password. But, when I want to apt-get update then system doesn't accept lack of password. What can I do with that?18:17
worblebubbasaures: My grub installation is screwed up, chroot in host system doesn't seem to be working. I am going to try chroot from live cd but that largest usb I have is 1G. No DVD drive18:17
bubbasauresworble, Cool, if that works go for it I use grml rarely but it's onboard.18:18
UbUntUToUchLoverSorry, I didn't know that I was sending a message as somebody else. I'll be waiting for a response under #ubuntu-touch18:18
worblebubbasaures: I tried grml, the problem is my grub is screwed up so it gets confused about the drive paths18:19
UbUntUToUchLoverI meant, at the same time as somebody else.18:19
bubbasaures!bootinfo | worble this will give you info to analyze and post if needed.18:19
ubottuworble this will give you info to analyze and post if needed.: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).18:19
worblebubbasaures: Thanks, that might be helpful18:20
bubbasauresworble, Sure no prob, show us a pastebin of it if you can.18:21
indistyloI am using Cairo-Dock 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 12.04, I use dock with openGL along with Gnome desktop environment, My window manager is "Compiz" though I am using Cairo-Dock with openGL and CCSM(Compiz Config Settings Manager), It was working like charm seamlessly, recently according to Ubuntu 12.04 "manager update" i installed updates but after rebooting Cairo-Dock with openGL and without openGL is not working, I also tried to run cairo-dock from Ubuntu Terminal,18:21
indistyloit says"segmentation fault"18:21
indistyloI have figured out all options known to me through various forums and threads but fully exhausted in my attempts to recover, Kindly suggest the measures to recover it.18:21
leremitaHey everyone, I kinda tacked on a recursive to a chmod and I'm not to familiar with the consequences of my actions.18:24
leremitaran chmod -R 700 on home directory18:24
leremitasingle user environment is there a need for a reinstall?18:25
bubbasauresworble, There is also a tiny download iso supergrub that will boot your installs if bootable still. You can than fix from the desktop. http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/18:25
bubbasauressupergrub is a nice tool to have on a multi boot usb18:26
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worblebubbasaures: Yeah, boot info script doesn't help: I already know what the problem is, I need to install grub on my new drive18:30
bubbasauresworble, Can I see the script?18:30
bubbasauresworble, Grub on a msdos goes in the mbr, than you boot from that HD, sorry if this is known by you is all, hard to tell what is going on from here is all.18:31
worblebubbasaures: http://paste.ubuntu.com/941551918:32
bubbasauresworble, sda is the fix right?18:33
worblebubbasaures: More background: I bought a new drive, I wanted to move root onto it. So I rsynced the data but I cannot seem to be able to run grub in a chroot so that it gets updated18:33
worblebubbasaures: fix? sda is old SSD with root. sdc is new SSD with root. I can boot from sda. I want to boot from sdc18:34
bubbasauresworble, Have you failed to just get the chroot to the root on the install?18:34
EuaDi can't wait for the Desura Client update to be released and for GOG Galaxy to be released. #linuxgaming #linuxmasterrace18:34
worblebubbasaures: I can chroot but update-grub fails18:34
worbleworble: It acts like the special devices (e.g. /dev /proc) are not mounted but they are18:34
worblebubbasaures: ^18:34
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worblebubbasaures: So I have been trying to either boot into that device directly from grub or into a livecd where I will try to chroot again18:35
bubbasauresworble, What is in sdc, and that seems strange from looking at the script is all, trying to understand you reasoning and end goal.18:35
worblebubbasaures: sdc is a new drive where I have copied the root partition18:35
worblebubbasaures: I want to boot from my new drive18:36
indistyloI am using Cairo-Dock 3.0.0 on Debian 7.7, I use dock with openGL along with Gnome desktop environment, My window manager is "Compiz" though I am using Cairo-Dock with openGL and CCSM(Compiz Config Settings Manager), It was working like charm seamlessly, recently according to Debian 7.7 "manager update" i installed updates but after rebooting Cairo-Dock with openGL and without openGL is not working, I also tried to run cairo-dock from Debian Terminal,it s18:36
indistyloays"segmentation fault"18:36
indistyloI have figured out all options known to me through various forums and threads but fully exhausted in my attempts to recover, Kindly suggest the measures to recover it.18:36
indistyloI am using Cairo-Dock 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 12.04, I use dock with openGL along with Gnome desktop environment, My window manager is "Compiz" though I am using Cairo-Dock with openGL and CCSM(Compiz Config Settings Manager), It was working like charm seamlessly, recently according to Ubuntu 12.04 "manager update" i installed updates but after rebooting Cairo-Dock with openGL and without openGL is not working, I also tried to run cairo-dock from Ubuntu Terminal,18:37
indistyloit says"segmentation fault"18:37
indistyloI have figured out all options known to me through various forums and threads but fully exhausted in my attempts to recover, Kindly suggest the measures to recover it.18:37
bubbasauresworble, copied the root from sda1 with a rsync to sdc?18:37
worblebubbasaures: Yes18:37
worblebubbasaures: And then modified fstab18:38
worbleon sdc18:38
worblebubbasaures: I thought this would be trivial but it has been two days now....18:38
bubbasauresworble, Not sure how well this script reads btrfs however it shows nothing in sdc, it should show /boot/grub stuff. I see grub in the sdc.18:39
bubbasauressdc's mbe18:39
UbUntUToUchLoverbubbasaures: Can anybody come to the Ubuntu Touch channel? I don't mean to be bothersome...18:39
bubbasauresmbr* Doh18:39
worblebubbasaures: Both drives are btrfs18:39
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bubbasauresworble, Yeah I see that, So was this a attempt to just end up with a seperate home?18:40
worblebubbasaures: No, I needed a bigger drive18:40
bubbasauresworble, Ah I thought so, myself I just clone the whole thing and move it.18:41
bubbasauresthan you have a backup as well18:41
bubbasauresviva clonezilla ;)18:42
worblebubbasaures: What do you mean by clone? rsync was my "clone"18:43
bubbasauresworble, I mean I clone the whole OS rsync is a transfer, abstractly a clone yes.18:44
bubbasauresworble, Seems, I may be guessing that you have just taken a much harder road than needed but you may be trying to learn.18:45
worblebubbasaures: I don't think that would work for me, I want both drives accessible at the same time. In any case that wasn't the approach I chose, copying files is pretty basic and should work18:46
bubbasauresworble, Accessible at the same time how?18:46
worblebubbasaures: Like, I should be able to see both drives at all times18:47
worblebubbasaures: Also, I'm not sure what "clone" means exactly? dd ?18:48
bubbasauresworble, Hmm, well I seem to not really be getting anywhere helping you, sorry, others may have a better help plan.18:48
worblebubbasaures: thanks anyway18:48
worblebubbasaures: It just seems insane. People must be upgrading drives all the time, it shouldn't be this hard18:49
bubbasauresworble, No prob, we all do things differently that's what makes it fun. ;)18:49
worblebubbasaures: I thought my approach was the simplest and it was what people recommended: Copy the files, then re-install grub on new drive18:50
worbleshould have been easy18:50
bubbasauresworble, I rsync my home as it is not separate, and use this for an image/clone  http://clonezilla.org/18:50
trisshey all.18:51
rypervencheworble: A dd image clone would have been extremely simple.18:51
trissI've just purchased a brand new HP Envy laptop18:51
trissthe install went perfectly as far as I can tell but I can't boot in ubuntu. Windows loads straight away18:51
trissno boot menu is presented18:51
bubbasauresI image all installs, they are all rather small however, all the extra shared is on externals with backups of the images and rysyncs18:51
trissI've disabled secure boor mode18:51
triss^boot mode18:51
trissbut still see no grub menu18:52
trissdoes anyone have any idea whats going on?18:52
bubbasaurestriss, This a W8 dualboot?18:52
bubbasaurestriss, Have you seen the ubuntu UEFI wiki?18:53
trissjust looking now18:53
worblerypervenche: The UUIDs would have been duplicated which means I would have to have done weird things to separate them18:53
trissthanks bubbasaures18:53
daftykinstriss: hopefully you booted ubuntu install media in EFI mode18:53
rypervencheworble: It's not hard to create a new UUID for a partition.18:54
trisshmmm... im not sure. I think uefi on first reading....18:55
bubbasaurestriss, Make sure you image that windows off the computer if it really matters to you asap.18:56
trissyou mean backup?18:56
worblerypervenche: Yeah I guess not. Anyway a low-level copy like that seemed more risky and that view was shared by at least one other person on #btrfs18:56
bubbasaurestriss, I would image/clone it, you have at least one free if pro or below, cover your booty is the point any thing can happen.18:57
worbleworble: In any case, I don't think doing an rsync is unreasonable; It's not obviously much worse than any alternatives18:57
bubbasaurestriss, Probably wont happen but we see people brick their W8 setups on occasion is all and not know what to do.18:58
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rypervencheworble: I don't see how it could be bad. It's an exact copy of your data. You would just have to expand your partition to use the new space if the drive were larger.18:59
trissbubbasaures: i risked everything it seems... no backup... but the linjk you pointed me at has let me fix things19:00
rypervencheworble: But it depends what you want out of the backup. If you just want the files, then rsync is fine. If you want to be able to easily use a new hard drive, dd is the way to go (with a higher than normal bs for better transfer speeds)19:00
bubbasaurestriss, Cool, enjoy.19:00
umoluskIs there a friendly soul out there that can help me debug bluetooth on Ubuntu?19:04
bubbasauresumolusk, State the issue for help.19:04
umoluskhttp://lpaste.net/115885 <- Some info. I know I have a bluetooth chip on my computer because when I had win8 installed I could use bluetooth. Now I swtiched to Ubuntu and I can't get Bluetooth to work.19:06
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Baubehey guys, anyone here experienced with TestDisk ? I accidentally wiped out my Windows partitions installing Linux. I could access my D: partition with TestDisk. But when I try to "List File" from my C: partition, TestDisk stop working, crashes.19:08
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umoluskNoone good at Bluetooth?19:10
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bubbasauresumolusk, I know nothing, but there is a wiki. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup19:12
umoluskwhat is hci?19:12
daftykinshost controller interface19:13
daftykinsumolusk: are you the one that has been playing with bluetooth for several days? at one point, talking about it in here for an entire day? :)19:14
gr33n7007humolusk, have you powered off your computer leave it for a few seconds the power up again, then recheck bluetooth?19:17
umoluskgr33n7007h, yes.19:18
gr33n7007humolusk, what does `hciconfig` say?19:18
umoluskfrom the info in my paste, what can you say?19:18
umoluskupdated with hciconfig output19:19
gr33n7007humolusk, try `hciconfig hci0 up`19:19
redbansteam won't start in after installation in ubuntu 14.04. help please.19:22
ag4ve_i can't get server 14.04 to boot on an asrock 990fs extreme 9 - are there certain features i should try to disable to get modern desktop boards to boot?19:22
rypervencheBaube: What are you running testdisk from?19:23
daftykinsag4ve_: why server?19:23
daftykinsag4ve_: flash drive or DVD?19:23
umoluskgr33n7007h, connection timed out19:23
ikoniaag4ve_: define can't get it to boot19:24
gr33n7007humolusk, is bluetooth internal or dongle?19:24
umoluskgr33n7007h, internal19:24
gr33n7007hpaste `lsusb | grep -i bluetooth`19:24
guijunkiei was sent here for this question: i want to make a change to the gui under 12.04, is there a file i can change somewhere to make a change to the gui?19:25
ikoniaguijunkie: what do you want to change ?19:25
umoluskgr33n7007h, no output on that19:25
umoluskwhat does that mean?19:25
umoluski dont use a usb dongle, bluetooth is internal19:25
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guijunkieikonia: i want to add the volume sliders under settings>sound>applications to the volume popout of the desktop19:26
Bauberypervenche : I'm running it from Live Ubuntu USB drive.19:26
ikoniaguijunkie: no, you can't do that19:26
gr33n7007hso it's not loaded at boot? try a total power off for a few secs then power back on? exactly the same issue I has on my sony vaio19:26
guijunkieikonia: is there any reason why not? or is there a way that i can make a dropdown like chrome does?19:27
ikoniaguijunkie: no19:27
ActionParsnipeven with leet programming skillz?19:31
rypervencheBaube: You may want to try a different live cd ? What version of testdisk does it have on it?19:36
Bauberypervenche : TestDisk 6.14, now I'm running PhotoRec it's trying to recover files.19:38
rypervencheBaube: Yeah, that's the latest.19:38
Bauberypervenche : It's working well for all the partitions, but for my Windows one (C:). It just crash when I try to list files.19:39
ag4ve_daftykins: dvd19:39
ag4ve_ikonia: i've got it to come up with loading syslog (or some such) but it doesn't get past isolinux19:40
ikoniathen it's not loading syslog19:40
quickie121is there a way that i can open a specific part of the settings window from terminal?19:40
ikoniaISO linux is pre-boot19:40
daftykinsag4ve_: flash drive would be roughly a billion times better.19:40
daftykinsthan DVD.19:41
ag4ve_i mean how?19:41
UbUntUToUchLoverI am now UTL2. I'm changing apps.19:41
ag4ve_other than not wasting plastic, dvd should work where flash drive doesn't19:41
quickie121daftykins: is there a way that i can open settings from terminal?19:42
daftykinsag4ve_: should, but maybe you have a bad burn... maybe the download was corrupt, maybe your drive is faulty... yada yada19:42
ActionParsnipag4ve_: did you MD5 test the ISO you burned?19:42
ag4ve_though this is an old dvd drive, maybe the laser is out of alignment on the inner track or something... couldn't hurt19:42
daftykinsquickie121: specifically what are you trying to achieve?19:42
ActionParsnipag4ve_: did you burn the DVD as slowly as possible?19:43
ag4ve_nah, just cdrecord -v ....19:43
daftykinsspeed is irrelevant when verifying - *if* you verify :)19:43
ag4ve_yeah, i should cat dev | md5sum and see what's up19:43
ActionParsnipdaftykins: slower burn makes a better impression on the disk19:44
ActionParsnipag4ve_: the CD has a self test feature :)19:44
daftykinsActionParsnip: i don't need a lesson ty :)19:44
ActionParsnipdaftykins: nw19:44
ag4ve_ActionParsnip: tried that and the display went blank19:45
ag4ve_it seriously won't boot :)19:45
quickie121daftykins: i want to open systemsettings>sound>applications from terminal, better yet i want to be able to do it in one line :/19:45
ActionParsnipag4ve_: you can also mount the DVD you have and manually kick off the MD5 test from within an OS19:45
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Guest89528Hello World19:45
daftykinsquickie121: yeah no clue.19:46
ag4ve_huh, wouldn't've thought of that, but i think md5sum /dev/sr0 is the way to go19:46
ag4ve_though i guess i should check whether ubuntu does md5 or sha before wasting time..19:47
ActionParsnipag4ve_: you'll need to mount the ISO then run:  md5sum MD5SUMS      I think it is, it will then test the data19:47
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umoluskgr33n7007h, well i have powered off many times so there must be some setting that i have to change as well19:47
umolusksomthing that tells it to load it at boot19:48
quickie121daftykins: i know about gnome-control-center, but is there a way i can control which section of the settings menu it opens?19:49
EriC^^ag4ve_: ActionParsnip md5sum -c /path/to/iso/md5sum.txt19:49
daftykinsag4ve_: indeed :)19:49
daftykinsquickie121: i don't even use desktop. i'm the worst person to ask, address the whole channel19:49
ag4ve_so the checksums look correct19:49
ActionParsnipEriC^^: yeah couldnt quite remember the syntax fully19:50
quickie121how can i control which section i open with terminal command : gnome-control-center ?19:50
ag4ve_ie, they compare with what's listed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for ubuntu-14.04.1-server19:50
ag4ve_err,  ubuntu-14.04.1-server-amd64.iso19:51
ag4ve_i guess i'll go with the second suggestion of writing a thumb drive...19:51
daftykinsag4ve_: so why server? are you actually setting up a server or using a minimal approach to install a non-unity DE?19:52
ActionParsnipquickie121: dont think you can http://man.cx/gnome-control-center19:52
ActionParsnipquickie121: check the man page on the system you have, it may be different19:52
ag4ve_nah, it seems less gets installed than if i do server and then apt-get install xubuntu-desktop19:52
CodeGos6using tor, i can configure browser proxy adress to and it will run throught tor. what is easy way to make some port on my pc listen on localhost, but instead go throught some vpn?19:52
daftykinsCodeGos6: ports and VPN tunnels are totally different things19:54
UTL2Here I am again!19:55
quickie121ActionParsnip: i found this, and it worked i can use "gnome-control-center sound applications" to do what i need, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!19:56
ActionParsnipquickie121: glad you got the gold :)19:56
CodeGos6i need to test how some multiplay browser games works with high latency, can i somehow make single instance of application use vpn to access internet?19:56
quickie121ActionParsnip: woops, forgot to include link : http://askubuntu.com/a/28058919:57
ActionParsnipquickie121: nicely found19:57
ActionParsnipquickie121: not something I use but good to share :)19:57
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ActionParsnip!away > rigor789|away19:59
ubotturigor789|away, please see my private message19:59
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CodeGos6i need to test how some multiplayer browser game works not in localhost enviroment, can i somehow make diferent instances of browsers to use different vpn connections to access internet( configuring only proxy wont suit me since i use webrtc for networking, it connects peers directly )?20:01
quickie121ActionParsnip: well for future reference i used gnome-control-center keyboard shortcuts, and added a custom shortcut to ctrl+mute to run a gnome-control-center sound applications, command so i can set the output of my different applications20:02
UTLI, UTL2, am also under Ubuntu Desktop.20:04
ActionParsnipUTL: ok........20:07
UTLHeh, just letting everyone on the channels know.20:07
UTL2Leaving my tablet for UTL.20:10
umoluskif i buy a dongle for bluetooth, is it pretty much guiaranteed to work then? instead of suign an internal device...20:10
gr33n7007humolusk, one last try `bluetoothd -u`20:11
umolusk bluetoothd -u20:12
umoluskD-Bus setup failed: Connection ":1.90" is not allowed to own the service "org.bluez" due to security policies in the configuration file20:12
gr33n7007humolusk, try with `sudo`20:12
umoluskstaffan@staffangolazo:~$ sudo bluetoothd -u20:12
umolusk[sudo] password for staffan:20:12
umoluskD-Bus setup failed: Name already in use20:12
gr33n7007hthat's what it should say? hmm..20:13
ActionParsnipumolusk: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue20:19
ActionParsnipumolusk: its a single line, no need to pastebin :)20:20
umoluskUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l20:21
umoluskthats from cat /etc/issue20:21
bashfulcan anyone tell me why i keep crashing? it says disconnected from plymouth20:34
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Guido1I get the message that i have to be a member of the 'libvirtd' group. How do I do that? and how do i start the 'libvirtd' daemon?20:39
bubbasauresGuido1, You gotta give a bigger description in general here to get a response, like a cause and effect.20:41
bubbasaureshelps to see release, desktop or server, desktop if present and install info associated20:42
anjo-aladiahThere is some problem acessing Deep Web with Tor browser using Ubuntu ?20:42
Guido1bubbasaures: I just started the virtual machine manager and got the message that I have to check if it is installled, started and that I'm in this group20:42
bubbasauresGuido1, vbox?20:42
anjo-aladiahUbuntu can be damaged acessing Deep Web using Tor browser ?20:42
Guido1bubbasaures: http://www.2daygeek.com/installing-android-emulator-in-linux/20:43
daftykinsanjo-aladiah - pretty sure it's an unsupported project so deal with who makes it, perhaps20:43
bubbasauresGuido1, So this a android in vbox with an emulator, I could help but would just be relying on google foo is all, probably better help in #vbox and here.20:45
Jinxed-how do I point ubuntu towards a DNS server through command line or configuration file20:45
Jinxed-no gui20:45
Guido1bubbasaures: okee, will ask there20:46
ActionParsnipJinxed-: echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf > /dev/null20:46
ActionParsnipJinxed-: will apply that name server (I used as an example) the setting will be lost on reboot20:46
bubbasauresGuido1, There are earlier android images that are installable in a regular partition, but you probably know that.20:46
fwaokdaif I do 'mysql-workbench' in terminal it opens, but if i right click an pin that to the taskbar and then try to open from taskbar shortcut it doesnt open.... anyone know how i can fix this?20:47
mbalmerswitch to postgresql (scnr)20:48
ActionParsnipfwaokda: how did you install the application?20:48
fwaokdaActionParsnip, i had to build it myself because there is a bug with it and Ubuntu 14.10 where it doesn't show the result grid if I install from software center20:50
ActionParsnipfwaokda: then it will be an issue with your build20:50
=== Corey84- is now known as Guest42726
VoidMainFunctioneverytime I try to get updates on ubuntu 12.10 for the last few weeks I'm getting an error 40421:03
VoidMainFunctionand telling me to check my internet connection under update manager21:03
VoidMainFunctionany ideas?21:03
k2gremlinVoidMainFunction,  can it reach out to the net?21:04
VoidMainFunctionim on it now21:04
VoidMainFunctionno problems with the net21:04
TheNetwhat? ;-;21:04
PrezidentHow can i jump out from vncviewer fullscreen mode? ( i removed the panel at top )21:04
Prezidentso now i am stucked here :X21:04
parmiggianoVoidMainFunction: ubuntu 12.10 is no longer supported21:05
VoidMainFunctionI figured as much21:05
VoidMainFunctionso how do I go about moving up to newer versions? i read you cant just jump from 12.120 to 14.xx21:05
ActionParsnipVoidMainFunction: can you pastebin the output of:    sudo apt-get update21:06
ActionParsnipVoidMainFunction: I bet you have added a tonne of PPAs and one has died or doesnt support your release21:06
VoidMainFunction1 sec21:06
VoidMainFunctionill pastebin it21:07
ActionParsnipVoidMainFunction: you can use http://pastie.org to host the text (or similar)21:07
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest64922
=== Guest64922 is now known as tufkane
brainacidim trying to create a custom iso of ubuntu to run on a windows machine infected with virus, i want to boot linux on a usb drive, i already have the custom iso. im testing it on virtualbox21:11
brainacid<brainacid> when it boots it asks if i want to Try or Install. will using the Try option allow me to see the windows disk so I can scan it with clamav?thanks in advance21:11
brainacidwell my test failed on vb21:11
brainacidcan someone point me in the right direction21:12
brainacidi have searched with google but so far cant get the right info21:12
jackraiden!find d0_rijndael21:13
ubottuPackage/file d0_rijndael does not exist in utopic21:13
jackraiden!find rijndael21:13
ubottuFound: libcrypt-rijndael-perl21:13
ActionParsnipbrainacid: as long as the NTFS partition has been unmounted cleanly last time it was used, then yes21:14
OerHeksbrainacid, don't use ubuntu in viortualbox to scan for malware21:14
jackraidenanyone know about this? I am trying to compile a game and it seems to use it? "d0_rijndael.c is missing"21:15
ActionParsnip!find rijndael.c21:16
ubottuFile rijndael.c found in gnulib21:16
ActionParsnipjackraiden: sudo apt-get install gnulib21:16
jackraidenoh lol thanks21:17
gotwigdoes anyone here run uefi21:17
gotwigcan you pls give me the result of the command "ls /boot" I want to know how the boot structure for ubuntu is set up21:18
UTLSomething has happened to /me21:19
UTLOoops! Just testing new IRC commands; sorry.21:20
* UTL apologizes.21:20
* gotwig is irritated21:21
* ActionParsnip drinks beer21:22
* bubbasaures is 50 feet from a brew pub21:25
=== jrunning_ is now known as jrunning
ActionParsniparent all pubs brew pubs?21:28
bubbasauresActionParsnip, Most are here, in house brew and other locals21:29
yabbesi have a general question may i ask here ?21:30
ActionParsnipyabbes: if its about ubuntu, yes21:30
guntbertyabbes: as long as it is about Ubuntu support21:30
yabbesits about executing a command in the terminal21:30
yabbesits a general linux question21:30
ActionParsnipyabbes: ok, what are you after21:30
yabbesjust wondering if i can execute a command and keep it running even when i close the terminal21:31
yabbesi know &21:31
yabbesbut it still ends the process when i close the terminal21:31
yabbeswhere i made it run21:31
ActionParsnipyabbes: yes because the parent pocess of the thing you run, is the terminal21:31
yabbesyeah, ActionParsnip21:31
ActionParsnipyabbes: so if you kill the parent, all its children die21:31
guntbertyabbes: please state your question in *one* line, don't press <enter> so often21:32
yabbesis there a way around it? how do i restart docky for example21:32
yabbesguntbert, sorry, will do that.21:32
parmiggianoperhaps with screen and detach, yabbes... but not sure21:32
ActionParsnipyabbes: could use nohup21:32
yabbesim sorry, what is screen and detach, parmiggiano ? and thank you21:32
yabbesty, ActionParsnip, will try that21:33
ActionParsnipyabbes: nohup command &21:33
yabbesits working !21:33
yabbesty, guys, ty for helping:)21:33
ActionParsnipyabbes: if the process you run with nohup goes zombie21:35
ActionParsnipyabbes: you will need to reboot21:35
yabbesActionParsnip, oh :o21:35
ActionParsnipyabbes: check the details of the process in ps ;)21:36
ActionParsnipyabbes: what is the PPID ?21:36
* UTL listens closely. As the conversation progresses, he wonders if anybody is listening on the #ubuntu-touch channel.21:36
yabbesim doing just that right now because i was curious too ;)21:36
ActionParsnipyabbes: ps -ef | grep command21:36
yabbesholy crap it's "1"??21:37
ActionParsnipyabbes: yes21:37
ActionParsnipyabbes: the mother of all processes21:37
yabbesmother of god21:37
* yabbes is in awe21:37
blablayabbes: just type exit in the terminal and it will keep running21:37
ActionParsnipyabbes: so you cant kill the parent if your process goes zombie21:37
yabbesi can still kill this process tho, right ?21:38
ActionParsnipyabbes: it shouldnt if its something like a dock, should be ok. But just so you are aware21:38
yabbesblabla, you mean like any process i started ?21:38
yabbeseven without nohup ?21:38
blablayabbes: like <program> & then type exit21:38
yabbesthank you for that trick21:38
yabbesthank you, ActionParsnip, helpful and learnt something about linux processes again.. very nice21:39
ActionParsnipyabbes: we're always learning :)21:40
ActionParsnipblabla: if the parent dies, the children die. So when you run 'exit' the child apps will close too21:40
blablaActionParsnip: no, give it a shot21:41
sloantotheboneFirefox crashes when I open standard Gmail, anybody else experience this problem? It's been like this since I updated to 14.1021:41
blablaActionParsnip: it's different then pressing the close button21:41
ActionParsnipblabla: yeah same deal, PPID is 121:42
yabbesso the terminal kind of consecutively makes all processes that were started during the session to "nohup" ones21:44
yabbesi wonder how that is even possible21:44
yabbesturns ...into *21:45
ActionParsnipyabbes: no the terminal only makes the ones you run from that terminal21:45
=== blabla is now known as EriC^^
OerHekssloantothebone, try to remove ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/*  and/or ~/.mozilla/firefox/*  and try again?21:49
sloantotheboneremove from where?21:50
sloantotheboneoh folder21:50
sloantothebonewill removing both of these crash firefox?21:52
sloantothebonewhich one has my history & cookies?21:53
EriC^^.cache probably21:53
Foxhoundzwhy can't I write to /var/log?21:54
guntbert!test > Xsn00py21:54
ubottuXsn00py, please see my private message21:54
FoxhoundzIt's saying permission denied even with sudo21:54
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: does it have its own partition?21:55
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: or is it part of / on one partition?21:55
Foxhoundzunder one partition21:55
rypervencheFoxhoundz: Sounds as though the partitoin is mounted read-only.21:55
Foxhoundzthe entire Linux filesystem partition?21:56
Tharkishi all, since silverlight through pipelight no longer works in chrome, what is the best way to get silverlight working?21:56
FoxhoundzThat doesn't make sense21:56
Foxhoundzit's all under one parition21:56
rypervencheFoxhoundz: Test it with "touch /testfile"21:56
Foxhoundzunder the root folder?21:56
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: if you run:  echo "test" | sudo tee /var/log/test.log > /dev/null21:56
CodeGos6is there any way i can use different vpn connections for different applications? i need a way test multiplayer in my network engine. is there a way to launch firefox and chrome running throught 2 different vpn connections?21:56
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: do you see the text in the file?21:56
PetazzHi! Is there an easy way to have a three finger swipe gesture to trigger 'back' in the browser?21:56
rypervencheFoxhoundz: Yes, on the root file system, if you are only using one file system. Run it as root though.21:56
FoxhoundzActionParsnip: yes I do21:57
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: then its fine21:57
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: were you running:   sudo echo "text" >> /var/log/whatever ?21:58
FoxhoundzActionParsnip: http://puu.sh/dlh1r/06b607d2e5.png21:58
sloantothebonenow I can't open Trash >:( but I think I now the solution21:58
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: sudo doesnt traverse redirection21:58
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: the only part of that command with sudo access is the echo command21:58
Foxhoundzwell I'm trying to execute a cron task and dump its output in /var/log21:58
Foxhoundzso how would I handle the logging ?21:58
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: hence why my command worked as the tee command was ran with sudo, giving it access21:59
rypervencheFoxhoundz: Oh, yeah you can't sudo echo into a file that has root permissions.21:59
Foxhoundzwell I'm not echoing. I'm running this cron task21:59
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: then cron as root21:59
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: sudo crontab -e21:59
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: then thecommand(s) will have access to the log folder etc21:59
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue22:00
FoxhoundzUbuntu 14.1022:00
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: just checking, your $PS1 looked weird :)22:00
FoxhoundzAhh, I've been hacking away at my bash profile22:01
ActionParsnipFoxhoundz: :D22:01
Foxhoundzok. I set the crontab.22:01
FoxhoundzI guess I'll have to wait for five minutes22:02
FoxhoundzUnless...there's a way to force execute crontab tasks22:02
ActionParsnip5 mins is nothing :)22:02
Foxhoundzthat worked22:07
velhoHow can I know if Ubuntu is recognizing my PC card? Is there a hardware or device GUI window (or a command line) were I can see all the recognized devices?22:07
Teo88hay all22:07
Teo88i have a question...22:08
sloantothebonethe one in .cache didn't work22:08
Teo88where to begin or with wath to start to become a good programmer22:08
sloantotheboneIt crashed again22:13
Bashing-omvelho: Hardware info: terminal commands: lshw , lsusb , lspci . Also look in the logs for relevant info .22:13
squintyvelho:  heh Bashing-om beat me to those but also you can check   dmesg22:13
cinimoonhad sound in precise, no sound after upgrade to trusty22:14
squintyvelcho: personally I like the following python script for most hardware/driver related stuff   https://code.google.com/p/inxi/    should be installable from repo's iirc22:17
sloantothebonetried reinstalling firefox, it still crashes22:18
ActionParsnipsloantothebone: do you use Thunderbird as email client?22:19
=== someon is now known as someone
sloantotheboneit is installed by default I believe but I never use it22:19
ActionParsnipsloantothebone: Close the browser and run: mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla_old22:20
sloantothebonehow do I undo this if it doesn't work?22:20
ActionParsnipsloantothebone: rename the folder back...22:20
sloantothebonedone. Can I start firefox now?22:21
sloantotheboneTrying gmail...22:23
zacwallsso I kinda didn't md5sum kali when I partitioned my pc with it. that's self explanatory. but the hard part is that its set to detect a bootable stick. I have a good Ubuntu 14.04 disk. on screen says: a bootable device has not been detected. please refer to the Product Guide at http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/22:25
sloantotheboneNo luck. Firefox crashed like a china bowl on a diamond floor.22:25
zacwallshow can i make my keyboard work?22:25
bubbasaureszacwalls, That makes no sense at least to me.22:26
zacwallsoh yeah22:26
ActionParsnipzacwalls: kali isn't supported here22:26
bubbasauresyour explanation22:26
squintysloantothebone:  tried   firefox --safemode   ??  type in terminal.  it will start firefox without any addons etc22:26
zacwallsbut Ubuntu 14.04 does22:27
ActionParsnipzacwalls: does what?22:27
sloantotheboneBefore I do that I want to try something22:27
zacwallsbtw my keyboard wont work now22:27
zacwallsi have tried all ports and a separate keyboard22:28
squintysloantothebone:  you can also  try  firefox -ProfileManager  to see if it runs ok using another profile.   type  firefox --help  for other commandline options22:28
bubbasaureszacwalls, You're explanation makes no sense, can you detail ubuntu's role in this?22:28
ActionParsnipzacwalls: does it work in BIOS?22:28
sloantotheboneGet the mozilla ppa, move .mozilla and .cache/mozilla to a backup folder, uninstall and reinstall firefox from the mozilla repository, and put the backups back22:28
Bashing-omzacwalls: Ubuntu 14.04, check settings in bios for USB devices, and enable "plug and play" in bios .22:29
zacwallsi had it before i had kali. now i have nothing22:29
=== XeBlackWater is now known as zz_XeBlackWater
daftykinszacwalls: laptop or desktop?22:29
ActionParsnipzacwalls: again kali isn't supported here. Please ask in #kalilinux22:29
ActionParsnipzacwalls: your issue is in kali, not ubuntu22:30
bubbasauressloantothebone, ppa's are not supported here, why a mozilla ppa?22:30
zacwallskeyboard wont work22:30
* squinty was wondering the same22:30
ActionParsnipzacwalls: then ask in ##hardware22:30
bubbasauressloantothebone, huh what and preface with nicks here.22:30
zacwallsokay cuz i alredy ask #kalilinux22:31
daftykinszacwalls: laptop or desktop? (second time here...)22:31
sloantothebonebecause a lot of programs that were having problems were easily fixed by downloading from a non-canonical ppa22:31
ActionParsnipzacwalls: that's where your distribution is supported. Not here22:31
bubbasaures!ppa | sloantothebone that is your slanted experience22:31
ubottusloantothebone that is your slanted experience: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge22:31
velhoBashing-om, squinty thanks my friends :D22:34
sloantotheboneok trying firefox --safemode22:34
bubbasauressloantothebone, support to ppa's and of them can happen here however it is generally a last ditch fix.22:34
bashfulis there a command to control system volume in 12.04?22:34
sloantothebone*firefox crashes again*22:35
bubbasauressloantothebone, Youmight try #firefox22:35
ActionParsnipbashful: amixer can be used to increase and decrease volume22:36
Bashing-omvelho: : ) ; Here to help.22:36
Shadyhello how can i use hping3 to jam my own modem?22:36
rypervenchesloantothebone: It's: firefox -safe-mode22:36
Shadythere are only guides for websites. i want my own modem22:36
ActionParsnipsloantothebone: try running it in terminal.  The output may be useful22:36
=== owner_ is now known as Guest27642
ActionParsnipsloantothebone: does the system have free space and inodes?22:37
zacwallsooh Ubuntu is supported because im trying to put it on this broken down thing called a computer22:37
sloantothebonewhat's inodes?22:38
sloantotheboneand yes my hard drive has 300 gigs, 200 something free.22:38
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
sloantothebonehere's what the terminal says:22:39
sloantothebone(firefox:14406): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_set: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed22:39
sloantothebone** (firefox:14406): CRITICAL **: gst_app_sink_set_callbacks: assertion 'GST_IS_APP_SINK (appsink)' failed22:39
sloantothebone** (firefox:14406): CRITICAL **: gst_app_sink_set_callbacks: assertion 'GST_IS_APP_SINK (appsink)' failed22:39
sloantothebone(firefox:14406): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_get_static_pad: assertion 'GST_IS_ELEMENT (element)' failed22:39
sloantothebone(firefox:14406): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_pad_add_probe: assertion 'GST_IS_PAD (pad)' failed22:39
unopastesloantothebone you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:39
ShadyGuys i just wanna know how to use hping3 on me and airodump too22:40
ActionParsnipzacwalls: boot to the Ubuntu install media and test there22:40
zacwallskeyboard wont work :(22:41
ActionParsnipsloantothebone: df -i   are you using 100% of inodes anywhere?22:41
daftykinszacwalls: THIRD time now: laptop or desktop?22:41
ActionParsnipzacwalls: grab another to test. Have you tried resetting bios to failsafe22:42
squintyzacwalls:  try accessing the BIOS when you first turn on the computer. that should show whether the problem is hardware or software related22:42
ActionParsnipzacwalls: try another keyboard22:43
zacwallsi did22:43
ActionParsnipzacwalls: can you navigate the bios ok?22:44
daftykinsguys can you determine whether this is a laptop or what, i'm getting sick of asking22:44
daftykinsit's quite clear that the USB controllers need a reset via a power cycle.22:44
daftykinsif it's a laptop, remove mains + battery, etc etc22:44
ActionParsnipzacwalls: does the system have a make and model?22:45
daftykinszacwalls: can you even see my messages?22:46
bashfulok, new question, is there a way i can play an audio file from terminal as well? i dont want to have a gui pop up i just want to hear it.22:46
ActionParsnipzacwalls: what is the make and model of the system please22:47
ActionParsnipbashful: aplay, mplayer, vlcnox22:47
ActionParsnip<3 mplayer22:49
=== zacealls is now known as zacwalls
zacwallsgateway (AK) 6BU MCK E -4610D22:51
zacwallsis that it?22:53
daftykinszacwalls: laptop? desktop? banana? asparagus plant?22:54
daftykinsshaka! when the walls fell.22:54
daftykinszacwalls: pull the mains power with it off for a minute22:55
daftykinssounds like your USB controllers need resetting22:55
zacwallslike...unplug it?22:55
ActionParsnipzacwalls: power off the system and unplug the power.  If possible pull the cmos battery and leave the system off overnight then put back together22:55
daftykinszacwalls: correct.22:55
zacwallsi dont have that long22:55
ActionParsnipIt will reset the board and empty the dmi cache22:55
daftykinsActionParsnip: lol overnight, that's ridiculous22:55
daftykinszacwalls: better get started.22:56
ActionParsnipdaftykins: done it before.  Get all the charge out of all the caps22:56
zacwallsi have a webpage due in 48hrs22:56
daftykinsActionParsnip: hahaha. you're doing hardware wrong, sir.22:56
zacwallsthis pc isnt mine22:56
ActionParsnipdaftykins: its worked in the past22:57
daftykinszacwalls: well none of that is our problem and none of it is ubuntu's problem either. go talk in ##hardware for more please.22:57
OerHeksjust remove power and hit the powerbutton, that will clear left energy too.22:57
zacwallsi just now turned the desktop on in the first 4 months22:57
zacwallsexplain that22:57
daftykinszacwalls: off topic here. go to ##hardware please.22:58
zacwallsim not voiced22:58
daftykinsthat's not ubuntu's problem either22:58
daftykins!register | zacwalls22:58
ubottuzacwalls: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode22:58
Bashing-om^^ free help, and I fail to see a "please" .22:58
ActionParsnipBashing-om: I gave up on that years ago dude. Nobody does it :-(22:59
zacwallswhat am i suposed to do? take out the what? where is itlocated22:59
daftykinszacwalls: take it to the other channel as instructed please.23:00
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest48911
mevsthevoices2I've been getting a recurring 'CIFS VFS: bogus file nlink value 0' when I try to transfer files back and forth from a time-capsule using cifs, anyone know what it's about? Where I might look?23:03
daftykinsmevsthevoices2: google says https://www.mail-archive.com/linux-cifs@vger.kernel.org/msg08345.html23:05
arooni-mobilehey everyone... i have a t420 with ubuntu 14.04 and when i type 5 it registers as 'g5' and h becomes 'h6'  same for when i hit 5 and 6 ... no water damage... and never dropped.  is this keyboard fubared and should be replaced or what?  also numlock is OFF.23:08
daftykinsarooni-mobile: same in a live session? same in the guest account? same after power is removed and booted into a live session?23:10
arooni-mobilewhats a live session23:10
daftykinsbooting from USB and selecting 'try'23:10
arooni-mobileh6aprpens from a g5uest account23:12
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: is it set to the right keyboard layout?23:15
nono_hi i'm trying to setup my firewall and this is the script i am using and vpn connects but i dont have net please help http://askubuntu.com/questions/530088/ufw-for-openvpn23:15
=== someon is now known as someone
arooni-mobileActionParsnip, yes sir23:16
nono_so can somone help me?23:18
MDTech-us_MANanyone know where the ubuntu pisg puts the config file?23:18
coolstarhi I'm having an issue where everything freezes if I try enabling Compiz23:20
coolstarI'm on xubuntu 14.0423:20
ActionParsnipMDTech-us_MAN: what is "pisg" ?23:20
MDTech-us_MANActionParsnip: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/dapper/man1/pisg.1.html23:20
squintypisg is a program which takes IRC logfiles and turns the into nice looking stats23:21
ActionParsnipcoolstar: check you have 3D acceleration enabled in your gpu23:21
nono_can anyone help me with my ufw issue :(23:21
squintyaccording to googling23:21
ActionParsnipsquinty: weird..23:21
coolstarActionParsnip: I think it's enabled. SuperTuxKart plays just fine23:21
squintyActionParsnip:  heh  my thougths too :P23:22
Ben64MDTech-us_MAN: wherever you specify using the -co switch?23:22
ActionParsnipcoolstar: good test :-)23:22
coolstarActionParsnip: yeah, supertuxkart plays with no lag, so GPU acceleration is enabled23:22
coolstarActionParsnip: this is on the integrated Haswell graphics23:22
coolstarIntel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA Controller])23:23
ActionParsnipcoolstar: not sure then tbh. You could switch to gnome shell and use that I guess. I'm not a fan of compiz and avoid it like paris hilton avoids talent23:23
MDTech-us_MANI installed the apt package23:23
coolstarActionParsnip: I really want compiz just for the blur plugin :/23:24
ActionParsnipcoolstar: the intel driver installer on omgubuntu may help23:24
coolstarActionParsnip: the "Intel Graphics Installer for Linux" right?23:25
=== swalker_ is now known as scotty2
Ben64MDTech-us_MAN: ok?23:25
ActionParsnipcoolstar: yeah that's all I got23:25
MDTech-us_MANBen64, so, where does the apt package put it?23:25
coolstarActionParsnip: ok running it right now23:25
MDTech-us_MANevidently its not /etc23:26
bashfulok im back. my laptop just crashed, did i miss any important info?23:26
coolstarwow this thing takes forever to update the package cache23:26
coolstarwonder why it's taking so long... apt-get update doesn't take this long23:27
Ben64MDTech-us_MAN: it doesn't put it anywhere, you make it, and specify it with -co23:27
arooni-mobiledaftykins, how do i do a live session23:28
arooni-mobilewhat do i need to download23:28
zacwallsdoes it have to be overnight?23:30
arooni-mobilehey everyone... i have a t420 with ubuntu 14.04 and when i type 5 it registers as 'g5' and h becomes 'h6'  same for when i hit 5 and 6 ... no water damage... and never dropped.  is this keyboard fubared and should be replaced or what?  also numlock is OFF.23:31
Ben64arooni-mobile: does it happen in any other OS or boot cd23:32
arooni-mobilei dont have another os23:32
arooni-mobileother than virtualbox23:32
bubbasauresarooni-mobile, No pluggable keybaords as a test?23:33
epyxreseting an iShuffle in Ubuntu, is it possible?23:33
* epyx has not found anything on the nets23:34
arooni-mobilebubbasaures, at my home i do23:34
arooni-mobilewhat would it tell me if external keyboard works fine23:34
arooni-mobilethat the problem is only keyboard?B23:34
Ben64arooni-mobile: make a linux livecd or something, sounds like a hardware problem23:34
bubbasauresarooni-mobile, think about it for a minute.23:35
arooni-mobileit would tell me its not ubuntus fault23:35
arooni-mobileits purely a keyboard or a keyboard controller issue23:35
coolstarActionParsnip: figured it out, just had to stop compton from starting23:36
bubbasauresarooni-mobile, It is a variable test, you start there looking for the answer.23:36
ActionParsnipcoolstar: nice :-)23:38
coolstarhmm, compiz brings up a bug with whisker menu :/23:39
coolstaroh well I guess I'll just edit whisker menu's code since I already forked it23:39
ActionParsnipCompiz is a joke23:39
coolstarActionParsnip: what's wrong with compiz?23:40
yabbesisnt compiz a part of new ubuntu releases already out of the bxo?23:40
ActionParsnipcoolstar: seen too many issues with it for some worthless eyecandy and a small few useful features.23:40
ActionParsnipyabbes: not here :-)23:41
bubbasauresyabbes, the ubuntu desktop unity yes.23:41
yabbesyeah in unity23:41
coolstarActionParsnip: if only blur could be added to compton then I wouldn't want compiz xD23:41
* yabbes uses unity23:41
coolstarActionParsnip: compiz seems to run pretty nicely on this $200 laptop though23:41
ActionParsnipcoolstar: is it not in gnome shell (for example)23:41
coolstarActionParsnip: I use xfce though23:42
pedahzurHave an odd one I've not seen before.  According to the output of dpkg -L lighttpd, the files files /etc/cron.d/lighttpd and /etc/logrotate.d/lighttpd should exist.  However, those files are not in place after an apt-get install.  I even tried re-installing, and they still aren't there.  This is 14.04.1. Ideas?23:42
ActionParsnipcoolstar: I'm an openbox guy. No DE, not even a DM :-)23:42
Kira9204its been a long time since i had any issues with unity, but fullscreen applications in particular have had a history of bad behaviour23:42
Kira9204i personally think Cannonical should had went with something in the style of Luna/Elementary OS tho23:44
ActionParsnipOr dtuck to the same as gnome. .23:44
HerrBananoanyone care to help me with some questions about unity and maybe switching it to gnome?23:46
bubbasauresHerrBanano, You can have both unity the gnome shell and fallback.23:47
cinimoonhad sound in precise, no sound in trusty23:47
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ActionParsnipcinimoon: did you upgrade from precise to trusty?23:47
HerrBananognome shell is unity with the look of gnome, correct?23:47
ActionParsnipHerrBanano: it uses mutter as WM instead of Compiz23:48
bubbasauresHerrBanano, Not quite unity is on top of gnome 3 unity is a plugin in compiz the shell is the gnome 3 desktop23:48
HerrBananoso the fallback is just bare gnome as-is, am i right?23:49
cinimoonActionParsnip: barley, I went through many partial upgrades of quantal,raring,and saucy to get here (videocard issue)23:49
bubbasauresHerrBanano, A pseudo gnome 2 is the look23:49
bubbasauresHerrBanano, pics all over the web and info.23:49
ActionParsnipcinimoon: try: killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse* ~/.config/pulse*23:50
ActionParsnipcinimoon: wait a few seconds after you run the command and then try some sounds23:50
LinuxGoldI am seeing strange behavior with sudo su23:50
LinuxGoldwhen I sudo su, it hangs.  when I used ctrl d, it successfully went into root23:51
cinimoonActionParsnip: still nosound23:51
bubbasauresLinuxGold, try sudo -i really not often is this needed23:51
squintyHerrBanano:  might want to check out   gnome-session-flashback  description.  it can be installed without uninstalling unity and selected as an alternate desktop from the lightdm log in23:52
ActionParsnipLinuxGold: or sudo -s23:52
LinuxGoldnever had problem with sudo su until now that it changed somehow23:52
ActionParsnipcinimoon: if you run: alsamixer ,are all levels maxed and unmuted?23:52
LinuxGoldsudo -s works -- but sudo -i have same effect as sudo su23:53
coolstarActionParsnip: wow turns out they removed the blur plugin from compiz :/23:53
HerrBananoi found that option, but i don't want to have to select a desktop every time i boot. squinty23:53
bubbasauresLinuxGold, general linux command not really at home in ubuntu23:53
HerrBananoany workaround for that?23:53
coolstarok back to compton/xf4wm4 it is23:53
squintyHerrBanano: once you select it the first time it will become the default desktop23:53
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HerrBananomaybe pm if that's easier cause i realise this is a bit of a noob question23:53
HerrBananoah thanks23:53
HerrBananothat s probably all i need to know23:54
bubbasauresHerrBanano, When you have more than one desktop, the login defaults to the one running on shutdown.23:54
HerrBananomy laptop-turned-desktop is turning into a bit of a dinosaur and i feel unity isn t contributing to it's performance23:54
squintyHerrBanano:  I had it installed on another box for awhile... didn't run into any problems with it. :)23:54
ActionParsnipLinuxGold: why not prefix the commands you want to run as root, with sudo23:55
bubbasauresHerrBanano, You might want to lighter than like lubuntu.23:55
ActionParsnipLinuxGold: it has a grace period so you don't need to type your password for every command23:55
HerrBananotbh if it wasn' t for ubuntu this thing would've gone out the window 3 years ago23:55
ActionParsnipHerrBanano: there are plenty of other distributions. Many existing before Ubuntu23:56
cinimoon ActionParsnip: nothing muted. master and headphone maxed. PCM near maxed to green (not red)23:56
squintyHerrBanano:  might also want to consider the MATE desktop23:56
HerrBananoi'm aware of that ActionParsnip, thanks though23:56
ActionParsnipcinimoon: use F6 to switch devices.  Scroll hard to the right23:56
ActionParsnipHerrBanano: so, you could have installed one of those instead of Ubuntu if Ubuntu didn't exist23:57
bubbasauresmore linux OS's than our local planet groups and their moons by a long shot.23:58
HerrBananofirst distro i tried was ubuntu and since it has always worked perfectly for me i haven't tried anything else, ActionParsnip.23:59
coolstarwow this is impressive23:59
HerrBananowell that was unfortunate23:59
coolstarxubuntu uses less disk space than chrome os23:59
cinimoonCD, Mic Phone, Aux were turned down. no effect in turning them up23:59

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