JoschaIs this a good Chanel to ask things about FFado, Jack, Pulseaudio and so on? I have no experiance and try to connect my Saffire pro 40 .03:11
holsteinJoscha: sure03:17
holsteinJoscha: you can also try #opensourcemusicians03:17
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holsteinit *should be as simple as, open qjackctl, or jack control.. have the firewire device plugged in, and i would have *only* that one firewire device plugged in.. open "setup" and select the "Firewire" driver.. save and hit "start" and see that jack starts without fail03:18
holsteinif not, then, you go from there, troubleshooting03:18
J0schaOk. So my Plan is to use my Saffire pro40 as normal audio output for the System and with a daw for musikrecording. I've got the Ffado-mixer to work. I can set levels for all the Faders (testet it with an SPDIF Input, but i wasn't able to get Anything out of my Computer to the Interface. I heard the "normal" Programms are going to Output into a pulseaudio-server? and I need and bridge to get these Signals into Jack and then routing03:22
holsteini can tell you how i do it, and how otherwise do it03:23
J0schao Idea how to do that.03:23
holsteinwhat do i do? i dont do "casual" audio on my production machine03:23
holsteini actually disable the pulse audio dbus in jack, and i dont do any flash or "normal" audio from the system on my firewire device03:24
holsteinwhat do others do? just launch jack, and route the pulse audio sources using the dbus that is running by default out of the box03:24
holsteinyou'll see it in "qjackctl" in "connect".. the pulse audio sources can be routed there to your firewire device03:24
J0schain qjackctl in the Connect dialog there are 2 Outputs (System) and 6 Inputs (System) But these numbers don't refer to my Interface.So i think the System output is the Thing i want to rout into my Interface?03:28
holsteinJ0scha: nope.. i really dont think so, but, it literally wont hurt to try it03:29
holsteinJ0scha: are you using 14.04?03:29
velhoholstein, good night my friend :D03:29
J0schausing Ubuntu mate 14.10. Should have said that at first. Found This IRC in a Forum.03:30
J0schaBut it's a fresh install, so if there are good reasons for a change on ubuntu studio i could do it without loosing configuration, becouse there is no yet03:32
holsteinJ0scha: i suggest 14.04 for firewire03:33
holsteinJ0scha: mate doesnt matter.. should work fine in mate03:33
holsteinJ0scha: but, the 14.04 base might03:33
holsteinJ0scha: i wouldnt bother changing now.. just try and set it up03:34
holsteinJ0scha: you are in the audio group?03:34
J0schaI think so. I did sudo usermod -a -G audio  with no errorsusername]03:35
holsteinJ0scha: is jack running without error?03:36
J0schawhoops, writeing is hard...   "sudo usermod -a -G audio [username]"03:36
holsteinif it is, then, you are probably setup just fine03:36
holsteinlook in "qjackctl" under setup in the misc tab for the jack dbus make sure that is turned on03:36
J0schaDbus is activated and i didn t notice any errors? Is there an error log or something? Or would there errors be visibil in a pop up?03:39
holsteinJ0scha: just try jack, friend03:39
holsteindont overthink it.. route something like yoshimi, and use the virtualkeyboard in the menu to make sound03:39
J0schawait... typing jack in the terminal resultis in a "The Programm Jack isn't installd...", but my qjackctl is running... Maybe i missd installing Jack.03:41
holsteinJ0scha: qjackctl is just the gui03:41
holsteinwhen you hit "start" it'll start jackd03:41
holstein"jack" really is not a package03:42
J0schaqjackctl tells me itÅ› working t 48Khz and since 49 minutes and there was no error. Does this mean qjackctl startet a Jack, wich in not installd on the System...? I'm getting confused.03:43
holsteinJ0scha: JACK is installed, and running03:44
holsteinJ0scha: you dont need to type jack in a terminal.. ;)03:44
J0schajust tought about some help page and maybe an errorlog.03:44
holsteinJ0scha: so anyways, you should see, in "connnect" the firewire sources,a nd the pulse system soures.. route them together, and test your sytem audio03:44
holsteinJ0scha: you dont have any errors, yet, friend03:45
holsteinJ0scha: you dont need to troubleshoot errors yet :)03:45
J0schaSo my Problem is that my Interface obviously doesn't show up in qjackctl03:45
holsteinJ0scha: why?03:47
holsteinJ0scha: you state you see it.. route *something*03:47
holsteinJ0scha: open yoshimi, and try it03:47
holsteinJ0scha: im assuming you are using the firewire driver, as i said to do before. are you?03:47
J0schayes. It told me to restart the jackserver. in qjackctl the buttons in the left top corner are the correct ones to restart the server?03:49
holsteinthere is a "stop" button03:50
holsteinyou stop it, see that it is configured for the firewire driver, and not the alsa internal audio device, which, is what it seems you were setup for03:51
J0schaOk, I did this and there is still not 1 in-/output from my interface03:52
holsteinJ0scha: what makes you say that?03:53
holsteinit wont say "the well supported focusrite ins and outs here"03:54
holsteinthey could be labeled anything..03:54
J0schabecouse the count doesent fit and the a labeled System03:54
holsteinJ0scha: please read that sentence, and try again..03:55
J0schaSo i took Yoshimi, connected the apprering Yoshimi Outputs in Jack to all 6 Outputs of the System and turnd all Chaneles up in the FFado Mixer but i still do not hear a sound.04:00
J0schaIs a Reboot needed while installing all these Audiodrivers?04:01
cfhowlettJ0scha, shouldn't be but it's possible04:02
J0schagonna try it04:02
holsteinJ0scha: you are not installing any drivers04:02
holsteinthey are baked into the kernel.. its modular04:02
holsteinJ0scha: i *dont* use the ffado mixer with my firewire hardware04:03
holsteinJ0scha: you can also try the ubuntustudio 14.04 live iso and see if everything "just magically works" out of the box04:03
holsteinJ0scha: if it does, you can just insatll ubuntustudio, and add mate to it.. that would be much easier.. assuming the hard part of setting up the audio is already done for you04:04
J0schaWell, i have to lern much more about Linux in general.  I need the Mixer for some 0-latency monitoring.04:04
J0schaAllready downloading 14.0404:05
holsteinno you dont04:05
holsteinyou also *never* get zero latency monitoring04:05
holsteinif you mean, you can bypass the unit, and hear live, you shouldnt need the mixer for that either..04:06
holsteinyeah, i found it helpful to spend a year+ using general linux on a laptop as my daily machine04:07
J0schaBut at first i'll try the reboot. The Download will take at least 40 mins  The Feature is calld like that even if this is not possible.04:07
holsteinJ0scha: on my unit, i have a knob that fades beteen the system audio from the computer, and what is "live" in the inputs.. *before* the computer04:08
holsteinyou *can* call that "zero latency" if you want.. but, its not04:08
J0schaI used Linux on my only mashine for 2 Years but it is a few years ago and i was pretty young. (like 12 or so)04:08
holsteini mean, it even takes time for the sound to travel through the air to your ears04:09
J0schaIt's near enough for not hearing it while playing drums. Thats enough for me :D04:09
holsteinnot hearing what?04:10
J0schaNow reboot. Bye04:10
J0schathe latency04:10
holsteinJ0scha: its analog, thats why04:10
holsteinwhich *still* has latency..04:10
J0scha_yes, the reboot made everything is working. Now I just have to get this  pulseaudio sound into jack.04:19
J0scha_also got this working. That you very much for your time! holstein!04:20
studio_have sorted most of the sound problems with midi....but now after using jack or qsynth i lose all sound in my browser and spotify..anyone know why11:26
deakive sorted most of the probs with my midi sound output now and have been able to start using midi with audio...17:06
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LightAceanyone not afk?20:15
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