dholbachgood morning07:55
dholbachhey dpm08:35
dholbachhow's life over there? how was your weekend?08:35
dholbachdid we want to move our call to 12?08:35
dpmmorning dholbach08:35
dpmyeah, I'll do it now if that still works for you08:35
dholbachyes, works for me :)08:36
dpmdone :)08:37
dholbachbrilliant :)08:37
dholbachjono, around?16:32
jonodholbach, hey16:35
jonosorry, pal, here now16:35
jonowill invite you to a HO16:35
dholbachoh, there was one in the cal already16:36
dholbachbut I'm happy to join another one if that's easier16:36
jonodholbach, oh, coming now16:36
dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you again tomorrow!17:10
dpmpopey, which laptop do you have, was it you who had a Thinkpad X201?17:38
popeyno, x22017:51
mhall119belkinsa: I hope you don't mind, but I added Linux Padawan to my list of Ubuntu Incubator proposals, I think it would be a good project for me to focus on18:41
dpmpopey, ok, thanks. I remember a while ago you had to install a special kernel for the X220 to work around a particular bug (can't remember which) - do you still have to do that, or are you using the default Ubuntu kernel?18:54
popeydpm: i run stock kernel18:55
popeyLinux deep-thought 3.16.0-25-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 4 12:06:54 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:55
belkinsamhall119, I don't mind it.18:55
dpmcool, ty18:55
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elfypopey: did you forget to add your reply before you sent that mail :p19:51
popeykeyboard fail19:51
pleia2computers are hard19:52
elfyI heard that19:52
popeylets go shopping!19:52
elfyyou're buying :p19:52
popey\o/ I know how to email20:37
elfyha ha20:38
czajkowskiwow so much mail and tweets to reply back to21:55
czajkowskiello all21:55
czajkowskiI take your hah and reply with  Zzz21:57
mhall119czajkowski: have a strong drink ready before reading21:57
czajkowskiso here's a thing I never  knew, some peopole post on the outside of a parcel in big letters what the items are inside. large pita when you're not here to collect and they get handed to the person who is getting them as a gift so they can see ;(21:58
mhall119that sounds like a pretty terrible idea all around21:59
czajkowskiJon saw his present he was getting, on the plus side he could tell me he didn't want it so that was nice21:59
czajkowskinow trying to arrange sending back of a 3D printer :(21:59
mhall119I can just imagine "Very valuable things inside, high resale potential, please don't open"21:59
mhall119but it's a 3d printer, he could *make* the things he wanted22:00
czajkowskion the front marked in big bold size 20 font 3D printer22:00
mhall119honestly, I'm not sure the kind of person who would turn down a 3d printer is the right person for czajkowski ;)22:00
czajkowskiturns out I got a gift wrong22:00
czajkowskiit had to happen22:00
popeywhich one did you get OOI?22:01
popeyoh nice!22:01
popeylot of work to put together tho22:02
czajkowskiyup for all of them22:02
czajkowskioh well22:02
czajkowskiback it goes22:02
mhall119somebody needs to create a bootstrap bot, who's only function is to automatically build a 3d printer22:03
czajkowskihttps://twitter.com/matthewrevell/status/541981237477658624  if you know of anyone let us know :D22:03
jcastrohey popey22:14
jcastroso, my hp microserver is gettign a bit long in the tooth, CPU-wise I mean22:15
jcastroso I ordered this node 304 case, and it's so well designed I can't shut up about it22:15
jcastroI'm going to just transplant the OS and storage drives right into it22:15
popeywat zat?22:16
jcastroso intel makes this thing called a "20th Anniversary Pentium"22:16
jcastrowhich is like 60 dollars, and is haswell based, and is unlocked so you can OC it if you want22:17
jcastroso I got one and a cheap mobo, etc. to toss into this, it hold _6 drives_ in a mini itx case22:17
jcastroso I was looking at the new gen HP microservers22:18
jcastrobut I ended up just getting the parts for much cheaper for one of these builds22:19
popey6 bays!?22:20
jcastropopey, the newer HP microservers give you two options, one is an old ivy bridge desktop processor, the other is an expensive Xeon, there's no middle ground. :-/22:20
jcastroyeah, 6 bays, unbelivable22:20
popeyalso, HP are evil.22:20
jcastroI find pleia2 to be pleasant22:21
popeyno firmware updates for you unless you pay for a support contract22:21
popeyexceptions prove rules22:21
jcastrowow really?22:21
popeythats the main reason I wont buy another HP machine22:21
jcastrothe other problem with my hp, the disk io is just starting to really bother me22:21
jcastroI mean, it was relatively cheap22:21
jcastrobut these days, I need more beefy IO to do stuff on it.22:21
popeymine is feeling weedy too22:22
jcastroMy only mistake is my mobo only has 4 sata ports22:22
jcastroso I got a 6 port esata pci-e card, but it was like 30 bucks22:22
bkerensapopey: mac minis is where its at... cheap and they run Linux22:38
bkerensajcastro: ^22:38
jcastroI don't see how 6 drives fit in that22:39
pleia2popey, jcastro - that's ok, hardware is hp inc, I'm hp corp ;)22:39
pleia2(really, I'm just hacking on openstack infra and hp what?)22:41
bkerensapleia2: is your company not split yet?22:42
bkerensaI thought they were splitting into Printers/Cloud/PC22:43
pleia2bkerensa: it hasn't, but I pretend it has whenever anyone talks about hardware22:43
pleia2hp corp is cloud and business, hp inc is printers, servers, etc22:43
pleia2or at least, will be in a year or so22:43
mhall119s/inc/ink/ for maximum punnage22:43
bkerensajcastro: why 6 drives? drop a 1TB in there and call it a day22:44
jcastroIt's my NAS, it needs multiple drives, unless you see 12TB drives around?22:44
* popey has 12x2TB at home22:45
popeyneed one big-ass mac mini for that! :D22:45
jcastroI have 4x2TB laying around from my last NAS, I need to find a use for them22:46
bkerensajcastro: that is a damn lot of data... I am using like less than 1% of a TB for photos and I have tens of thousands22:46
bkerensapopey: my NAS http://i.imgur.com/0QlKIBU.jpg22:47
bkerensaNAS and Build Servers anyways22:47
mhall119jcastro: is there a way to "shutdown" a juju environment so that I can reclaim memory from these LXC containers I've got running?23:17
mhall119but in a way that lets me restart them without bootstrapping and re-deploying?23:18
jcastroI believe you can stop the LXC containers23:18
jcastroBut sec, I dunno if that works23:18
jcastromarcoceppi, ^^^23:18
marcoceppimhall119: you cah just do `sudo lxc-ls --fancy`23:18
marcoceppithen `sudo lxc-stop -n <conatiner name>`23:18
marcoceppiwhen  you're ready, just start each container up again23:19
marcoceppithey'll reregister, etc23:19
marcoceppijcastro: we should just build a `juju-local` plugin23:19
jcastromarcoceppi, oh man, that'd be a nice plugin23:19
jcastrojuju pause23:19
marcoceppiso you can suspend, restart23:19
jcastrok, I'll file a bug for later23:19
marcoceppithe fact we don't have this yet is silly23:19
* marcoceppi gets started23:19
jcastromarcoceppi, unrelated, don't forget brackets for udtc yo23:20
jcastromhall119, ^23:22
mhall119thanks jcastro23:27
marcoceppijcastro: apparently I started this months ago and didn't get very far23:27
jcastroman dude, post to the list23:27
jcastrofirst I mean23:27
marcoceppidude it's just a readme23:27
jcastrooh, lol23:28
mhall119jcastro: how do I +1 that?23:30
jcastronot sure23:31

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