pittiGood morning06:44
larsuhi pitti!06:47
darkxsthey pitti, larsu06:48
* pitti waves from South Africa, hello!06:49
larsumorning darkxst06:49
larsupitti: oh, nice!06:49
darkxstlarsu, any thoughts on this comment? https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/gnome-system-monitor/titlebar/+merge/243576/comments/60128806:53
darkxstpitti, hopefully you getting more sun, than we are, got very soaked riding over the weekend ;(06:55
pittidarkxst: plenty here :)06:55
Noskcajdarkxst, rain is very good for AU. 2 years since we've had proper rain06:58
NoskcajAlthough i guess you had reasons to complain, since you had a weekend planned06:59
darkxstNoskcaj, we have probably had a lot more rain down here than up your way this year!06:59
larsudarkxst: light-themes already style .header-bar and .titlebar07:00
larsudarkxst: we use it to distinguish between actual title bars and header-bars as primary toolbars07:01
larsuwhich is probably a bit wrong, but was a nice heuristic for most apps so far07:01
darkxstlarsu, g-s-m does not get the header-bar styling it seems, it has rounded corners on the widget for example07:02
larsudarkxst: unset .titlebar, then07:04
darkxstits header_bar widget has class titlebar, not class header_bar07:04
darkxstand its not the only app like that either07:04
larsuright. When you add a patch that hows traditional title bars, you need to s/titlebar/header-bar07:05
larsuwe need some way to differentiate proper headerbars from headerbars-as-toolbars in the theme07:05
darkxstlarsu, obviously can't do that in gtkbuilder file, but guess can use gtk_style_conext_add/remove_class?07:12
larsudarkxst: you can add classes in the builder file as well: <style> <class name="header-bar" /> </style>07:20
larsu(I think that's the syntax...07:20
larsu) you can't remove them though...07:21
larsuhi didrocks!07:24
didrockshey larsu :)07:25
seb128good morning desktopers07:31
darkxstlarsu, also my g-s-m patch was upstreamed, but doubt they would take a hack that is specific to the ubuntu themes07:42
larsudarkxst: sure? I think it's reasonable to say that a toolbar should not have .titlebar set...07:45
darkxstlarsu, I meant by hacking the UI file, which can't now which DE is running?07:46
larsudarkxst: right07:47
darkxstlarsu, seb128 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741236 that should work better08:19
ubot5`Gnome bug 741236 in general "Don't set "titlebar" class when using headerbar widget as a toolbar" [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:19
larsudarkxst: commented08:21
seb128darkxst, the bg issue is not only on the headerbar08:26
darkxstseb128, where? I'm not seeing any background issues under unity08:27
seb128in the resources tab08:27
seb128you can see through the graphs08:27
darkxstseb128, not here, but I do have many more 3.14 components than the archives08:29
seb128do you use overlay-scrollbars?08:29
* larsu walks backwards silently08:31
seb128the magical words?08:32
didrockslarsu: run, run, and don't look back :)08:33
* larsu runs, runs, and doesn't look back08:34
seb128joke aside is that an o-s issue?08:34
seb128is anyone else seeing it?08:34
larsuvery likely, but I haven't tested yet08:35
seb128let me know if/when you doi08:35
willcookemornign all08:46
seb128hey willcooke08:47
mlankhorstgood morning08:51
didrockshey willcooke08:53
willcookemlankhorst, heyhey!  My U8 machine is b0rked.  Seems to be a libmir mismatch :(  I'll have to wait for them to fix it before I can play :D08:54
mlankhorstprobably :P08:54
larsumorning Laney!09:05
larsuand willcooke, mlankhorst09:05
willcookehey Laney larsu09:05
Laneywhat's happening09:06
larsunothing got done last week. We missed you09:07
Laneyah well that was to be expected09:08
Laneyat least you are still alive09:08
didrocksmorning Laney :)09:08
seb128hey Laney, wb09:09
seb128had a good week?09:09
Laneyhey didrocks seb12809:09
Laneygood yes, wouldn't say it was relaxing though ;-)09:09
larsuha, how's the place coming along?09:09
Laneycouple of rooms are painted now09:10
Laneysome furniture is in place, some more coming today09:10
Laneyneed to get a man around to make a concrete base which i can put a bike shed on09:11
Laneybringing them inside is lame09:11
Laneynothing seems to have particularly broken from lp mail :-)09:12
mlankhorstwillcooke: oh looks unity-system-compositor and qtmir had an update, probably why it borked09:14
willcookemlankhorst, it was moaning about:09:16
willcooke/usr/sbin/unity-system-compositor: relocation error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmirplatform.so.4: symbol _ZN3mir7logging3logENS0_8SeverityERKSs, version MIR_COMMON_3 not defined in file libmircommon.so.3 with link time reference09:16
mlankhorstapt-cache policy unity-system-compositor09:16
willcooke  Installed: 0.0.5+15.04.20141204-0ubuntu109:18
willcooke  Candidate: 0.0.5+15.04.20141204-0ubuntu109:18
willcooke  Version table:09:18
willcooke *** 0.0.5+15.04.20141204-0ubuntu1 009:18
willcooke        500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ vivid/universe amd64 Packages09:18
willcooke        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status09:18
willcooke     0.0.5+15.04.20141124-0ubuntu2 009:18
willcooke        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/mlankhorst/ppa/ubuntu/ vivid/main amd64 Packages09:18
mlankhorstyeah figures09:19
mlankhorstjust downgrade or wait a bit while I upload new usc and qtmir09:19
* willcooke can wait09:19
willcookethanks mlankhorst09:19
darkxstseb128, no I don't use overlay-scrollbars, they break things ;)09:34
seb128darkxst, k, well try if you get the bg issue with those09:35
seb128doesn't happen without them it seems09:36
darkxstseb128, I will try, but thats probably not something I can fix09:36
seb128k, fair enough09:36
seb128still a blocker to update the application09:36
seb128the issue is not happening with the old g-s-m version09:37
mlankhorstwillcooke: ok I've tried, but touch is not going to be handled particularly well right now until mir hasbeen reworked11:36
willcookemlankhorst, sorry, what have you been trying?11:38
mlankhorstgetting input to work inside unity811:38
willcookemlankhorst, is it worse than on the desktop?11:41
mlankhorstI just don't have the information I need right now to create a touch device as needed11:42
willcookemlankhorst, ack11:44
willcookemlankhorst, did you try to get xmir working on a phone device at all?11:44
mlankhorsthaven't tried yet11:49
mlankhorstI'll try updating when I've finished rebuilding unity-system-compositor, qtmir, and xorg-server for armhf :P12:20
mzanettihey. so as we didn't really got to a conclusion last week on how to do this, I've filed a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/140031213:16
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1400312 in unity8-desktop-session (Ubuntu) "On desktop, windowed mode should be the default" [Undecided,New]13:16
mzanettiif anyone has some thoughts, please add them to that bug13:17
willcookethanks mzanetti.  bregma - FYI ^^13:17
bregmawillcooke, mlankhorst, I believe bschaefer got XMir working on the phone, after a fashion13:23
bregmadunno what kind of fashion, not the cnv kind yet13:24
mlankhorstwell I've rebuilt all packages that were out of date13:24
bregmayeah, I think there were libs missing that were required to do anything useful, but we'll have to wait for him to appear on the aether to ask13:25
mlankhorstlibprotobuf iirc13:27
mlankhorstI'll try it13:27
mlankhorstoh, also needs libepoxy13:32
* didrocks has a working prototype for xfailsafe under systemd \o/13:37
didrocksspent some time because the lightdm binary behaves differently if renamed (like in a .real) or put in another directory…13:37
didrockspopey: #troll ;)13:39
xnoxdidrocks: you are using OnFailure= & OnFailureJobMode= right?13:40
didrocksxnox: yeah ;)13:40
xnoxdidrocks: cool =) l33t =)13:40
* didrocks ^5s xnox ;)13:40
desrtg' morning, kids13:42
* xnox has an urge to install mirc and use scripts to start a auto-kick/ban war with didrocks13:43
didrocksgood morning desrt, good week-end?13:43
didrocksxnox: ahah, last time I did use mirc was end of 2000/early 2001, don't force me to dive again in my old scripts :)13:44
xnoxmost importantly I had colors support enabled, no life without bling13:45
didrocksyummy flashy green :)13:45
* popey hugs didrocks 13:46
* didrocks hugs popey back13:47
seb128hey desrt, happy monday13:49
cyphermoxgood morning!14:01
seb128hey cyphermox, how are you?14:13
cyphermoxgood, you?14:13
seb128good as well, thanks!14:21
seb128cyphermox, what are you working on nowadays? n-m? bluetooth? other?14:27
cyphermoxI'm doing the low-level changes needed so that we get hotspot to work14:27
cyphermoxmaking sure there is some way to push the buttons needed to bring it up before someone can do the UI part14:28
seb128cool ;-)14:29
cyphermoxbut more recently than that I was getting my ears destroyed by pulse or rhythmbox messing with volume levels when song changes14:29
cyphermoxouch ;)14:29
seb128ouch indeed :/14:30
mlankhorsthm I broke it14:46
Laneydoes anyone get hash sum mismatch quite often now?14:46
Laneywhen apt-get updating14:46
LaneyStarted a few weeks ago for me14:46
mlankhorstI used to get it sporadically at least14:47
mlankhorstdon't have it on vivid right now14:47
Laneyseems to be on Translation-en most of the time14:47
seb128Laney, are those error displayed in update-manager? didn't notice anything but it might be that the graphical ui doesn't warn about those14:48
Laneydon't know14:49
seb128(that's what I use for doing my updates)14:49
Laneyfor me sbuild does an update every time and I see it quite a lot then14:49
Laneyjust saw https://launchpadlibrarian.net/192106527/buildlog_ubuntu_trusty_amd64_ubuntu-gnome_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz which reminded me14:50
seb128would be nice if "restart" would do "systemctl restart" when you run systemd init, rather than throwing a dbus error because it fails to contact upstart15:09
cyphermoxhaha yeah :)15:12
cyphermoxmuscle memory is a pain here15:13
seb128it's also easier to type "restart" than "systemctl restart"15:13
seb128we should make "restart" a wrapper15:13
Laneydid the system-settings timezone selector break?15:35
seb128Laney, touch or desktop?15:40
Laneytrying on my desktop15:41
Laneyafter I just saw bug #140035315:41
ubot5`bug 1400353 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Timezone label does not show the correct info" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140035315:41
seb128u-s-s or u-c-c ?15:41
seb128u-s-s I guess15:41
* seb128 tries15:41
Laneyit doesn't go back after I select something15:41
seb128yeah, I can confirm that15:41
LaneyI think it's not getting the changed signal15:41
seb128you think it's a systemd issue?15:42
Laneythat's supposed to happen on the propertychanged signal though15:42
Laneylemme monitor this15:42
Laneydoes it work on phone still?15:42
seb128on rtm yes15:43
seb128I don't have a vivid device15:43
=== jhodapp_ is now known as jhodapp
Laneysome of the properties have EmitsChangedSignal but not timezone15:45
Laneythat's EmitsChangedSignal("false") though15:46
Laneyindeed I see the signal15:48
Laneymaybe this is in the u-s-s part then ;-)15:48
seb128weird, I don't think that backend changed at all in vivid15:49
LaneyI think I see15:51
willcookeqengho, heyho!  When I hover over a link in Chromium I dont see the full URL show up at the bottom of the screen.  Has it been that way for a while?16:05
qenghowillcooke: Yes, ages.16:06
* willcooke no like16:06
qenghoOh, wait, you *don't* see i?16:06
willcookeyeah, dont see it16:06
willcookeGoogling to look for a fix...16:06
qenghowillcooke: you should see that. Could be a scaling problem, if you have the display-density ratio set not to 1.16:08
willcookeerm, I don't know what that is, so I'm gonna say no16:08
willcooke"status bubble" seems to be the thing16:10
qenghowillcooke: $ dconf read /com/ubuntu/user-interface/scale-factor   # is your display "8"?16:10
willcookeyeah, all 8s16:11
* qengho boggles.16:11
willcookeI wonder if its an extension16:11
* willcooke tests a theory16:11
willcookeqengho, works fine in incognito mode16:12
willcookeseems to be just my "home" profile which is doing it16:12
qenghowillcooke: I can reproduce on one computer.16:14
willcookeqengho, Hrm - I got it working again very quickly by disabling all my extensions, but now it's broken again16:15
willcookeqengho, odd.  If I open a new *window* it works again16:20
willcookenew tab in old window, broken16:20
willcookeI'll killall Chromiums later on and see if that fixes it.16:21
mlankhorstwillcooke: ok it seems to work now with the vivid-proposed branch :P16:22
willcookemlankhorst, woot!16:22
qenghowillcooke: will you file a bug report, please? I'll add it to my to-do list.16:22
willcookeqengho, sure thing.  I'll double check it's not just me, and then I'll open one16:23
seb128didrocks, pitti, hey, is that known that applications fail to start under unity8 desktop-next when using systemd as init, seems that unity8-dash calls to cgmanager and that is not working as it should16:29
didrocksseb128: that wasn't tested as far as I know and really worth a bug, please!16:31
* didrocks wonders for how long xdiagnose is broken btw16:31
didrocksI would say 2011, since we switched to lightdm16:31
seb128didrocks, pitti, other issue, is that know that the keyboard layout is wrong on vts using systemd16:32
seb128I just noticed it's back to azerty when booting with upstart16:32
seb128I assumed my config was buggy on that test machine16:32
didrocksseb128: I know it, didn't log a bug for it yet, just need to find some time to dig in why16:32
didrocksseb128: not your config, having it as well :p16:32
seb128opening a bug there as well then16:32
seb128didrocks, pitti, bug 1400393 and bug 140039416:40
ubot5`bug 1400393 in systemd (Ubuntu) "wrong keyboard layout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140039316:40
ubot5`bug 1400394 in systemd (Ubuntu) "Unity8 fails to start applications under systemd init (cgmanager issue?)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140039416:40
Laneyoh, systemd bugs time?16:41
Laneylaney@iota> gdbus call --system --dest org.freedesktop.timedate1 --object-path /org/freedesktop/timedate1 --method org.freedesktop.timedate1.SetNTP true false16:41
LaneyError: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.FileNotFound: Unknown unit: systemd-timesyncd.service16:41
didrocksseb128: thanks!16:42
seb128Laney, indeed!16:42
didrocksmlankhorst: you told me to not break xdiagnose, but it never worked (maybe for some years) :p16:42
didrocksmlankhorst: did you try it recently?16:43
seb128desrt, larsu, Laney, it's fine to have a gsettings override for a schemas which is not installed, right?17:20
seb128thanks for confirming17:20
desrthmm.  maybe.17:21
desrtyou'll get an error message, but it's not fatal17:21
desrtoh wait.  that's for missing keys17:21
mlankhorstdidrocks: not really17:21
desrtfor missing schemas you're totally fine17:21
desrteven has a comment:17:22
desrt  /* Having the schema not be installed is expected to be a17:22
desrt   * common case.  Don't even emit an error message about17:22
desrt   * that.17:22
seb128I confirmed it doesn't throw errors/warnings17:22
seb128desrt, thanks17:22
didrocksmlankhorst: yeah clearly broken since we switched to lightdm. I'll try to have the minimal patch to make it work again on upstart and systemd17:22
didrocksmlankhorst: but not prettifying this so much as it will probably change with mir17:23
didrocks(at least, under systemd, it will support all dms, not just gdm)17:23
seb128cyphermox, btw, saw my comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/ubuntu-system-settings/unbreak-hid/+merge/243592 ?17:33
seb128larsu, how is the gtk update going? I would like to land that this week if we can, before people start being in holidays, etc17:33
larsuseb128: writing a commit message for the large-icons-in-menus problem17:34
seb128some other teams, like the GNOME remix one, could probably use the newer version being in the archive before january17:34
seb128larsu, excellent ;-)17:34
larsuseb128: unity will have to be updated as well (for the gvim problem)17:34
seb128it means gtk changed in an incompatible way that is going to force random clients to change their code to go back to have results similar to what they had before?17:35
larsuto be fair, it wasn't acting according to the xdg spec before17:35
larsunow it is...17:35
larsuwe _could_ of course patch it17:36
larsudesrt: what's your opinion on this btw? ^17:36
seb128non spec compliant behaviour are unfortunate17:36
seb128it doesn't mean we want to make incompatible changes to fix those17:36
seb128can we easily revert a commit to go back to the old behaviour if needed?17:37
seb128oh and more important question17:37
seb128is there a way to write code that work on old&new gtk the same way?17:37
larsuno, but going to something that should be 99% of the old behavior is a one line patch17:38
seb128or is the fix to use a new api/flag that is only in > 3.12?17:38
larsu(which I proposed but was rejected, since it isn't according to the spec)17:38
larsuseb128: it will work for both17:38
larsubasically you need to explicitely say "I want this icon in that size, regardless of what the theme has"17:38
seb128I think my vote is to land without revert and see how much issue we get back through report17:38
seb128similar to the labels wrapping17:38
larsu"scale it and make it look shitty if needed"17:38
* larsu nods17:39
seb128if it turns out we think we are not going to fix enough code this cycle we can do the non-spec-compliant change for another cycle17:39
desrtlarsu: sorry.. not following close enough to have an opinion at the moment17:39
larsudesrt: gtkicontheme doesn't scale icons anymore if the theme doesn't have icons in the right size. Here's a fix for gtkmodelmenuitem if you have time for a review: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74125917:45
ubot5`Gnome bug 741259 in .General "gtkmodelmenuitem: force icon scaling" [Normal,New]17:45
desrtyou mean like if a theme installs a 64x64 icon in the 22x22 folder?17:45
desrti can't review this patch17:46
larsumore like if a theme has the icon, but not in the size you requested it in17:46
desrtbeyond saying that i'm pretty sure it's not faithful to the old behaviour17:46
larsuhow do you mean?17:46
desrtthis patch seems to be nicer than the old behaviour17:46
larsuthe old behavior is totally broken right now17:47
desrtspecifically it seems to care about picking the right icon for the current font size17:47
desrtrather than (more or less) hardcoding "this is the size of icons in menus"17:47
larsuright, that's the best metric I could think of17:47
larsuand will make mpt happy17:47
desrt<- this is my unhappy face17:47
larsudesrt: well, I could put set_pixel_size(16)  if that makes you happier17:47
desrtproblem is that you still ask for ICON_SIZE_MENU17:48
larsuI thought I might as well react to font size changes now that I'm at it17:48
desrtso you could end up getting a 16x16 and scaling it up to 18x1817:48
larsuright, that's the plan17:48
desrton second thought, i will review this :p17:48
larsulet's talk in #gtk about it, mclasen did the icon change17:49
larsuand he'll surely have an opinion as wel17:49
mptYou realize you won’t escape from me by going to #gtk+, right17:49
larsuI know you're in there as well17:49
larsubut I don't think you'll be interested apart from "icons in menus will now be scaled to the font size"17:50
larsu(also when the font size changes)17:50
larsumpt: you're welcome to follow the dicsussion, of course ;)17:51
mptThat’s good as far as it goes, but I’m not sure you should be scaling 16*16 up to 18*18 :->17:51
larsubut show the small icon instead?17:52
larsuwhat would be the threshold at which we start scaling then?17:52
mptWell, hmm, I guess when you’re laying out a particular item you don’t know the size of all the resources used in all the other items, do you17:52
larsuwell, they're all the same actually17:54
mptI was thinking, if an icon is “close enough” to ICON_SIZE_MENU, scaling it a small amount would be worse than it being slightly too small … But it being slightly smaller than icons in adjacent menu items would be even worse17:54
larsugood themes could specify that you can only use .pngs when the size is exactly right17:55
larsuand use scalable for the in-between cases17:55
larsuwhich is slower and doesn't look as good, but probably better than scaling a png17:55
mptSo, two things irritate me about menu icon sizes: (A) when they make menu items very slightly taller than normal, so the menu looks slightly wrong but it’s hard to tell why, and (B) when an icon in the menu title is a different size from the same icon in a menu item (e.g. the keyboard menu)17:56
larsumy approach should fix (A), and we can only solve (B) by making icons in the panel smaller17:58
larsuor the menu items larger, but we'd need to do that everwhere17:58
mptA little bit of both, I think18:00
mptbut yay for (A) :-)18:01
larsumpt: what do you mean by that?18:03
larsuwouldn't we need to redraw icons in some in-between size, then?18:04
larsuI think the panel uses exactly one size larger than the menu items18:04
larsuseb128: can we wait until upstream acks this patch? This is the second approach I'm trying (after lengthy discussion) and I'd prefer it if we backported the solution that we will eventually take18:05
mptlarsu, as in for the keyboard menu, the title icon looks ~2px too tall while the menu item icons look ~2px too short18:06
seb128larsu, yes, I would like to upload gtk this week, but there is no hurry18:06
seb128larsu, we can wait a few days18:06
Laneyis there a new branch?18:06
larsuseb128: ok, I'll try to hurry it18:06
seb128larsu, thanks18:06
seb128Laney, new branch of?18:07
larsuLaney: no, just the theme fixes and an size-menu-icons-correctly patch18:07
seb128Laney, there was no change on gtk since you uploaded, only theme work18:07
larsuLaney: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74125918:07
ubot5`Gnome bug 741259 in .General "gtkmodelmenuitem: force icon scaling" [Normal,New]18:07
seb128Laney, but having ubuntu-themes in the ppa might be a good idea18:07
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
Laneyya, where's that then?18:09
larsumpt: indeed. and that one does show signs of (A)18:09
mlankhorstlooks like ubuntu-desktop barely fits inside the phone :P18:09
seb128Laney, the theme work? https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/ubuntu-themes/gtk-31418:11
LaneyI'll do that tomorrow18:12
Laneysee you!18:32
didrocksphew, failsafe xorg mostly fixed and working with systemd!18:34
didrocks(I guess it will make it working back with upstart as well)18:34
didrockssee you tomorrow guys18:34
Noskcajseb128, g-s-m should be fixed now18:52
seb128Noskcaj, including the fact that the graphs have no bg when using with unity/overlay-scrollbars?19:08
Noskcajshould be19:08
robert_ancellwillcooke, ready when you are19:11
willcookehey robert_ancell19:11
cyphermoxseb128: ok, I responded19:25
seb128cyphermox, thanks19:26
seb128Noskcaj, that change is not going to be enough, it's just about the headerbar where it's the page bg which is not displayed19:29
seb128likely an interaction with the theme or the scrollbars issue19:29
Noskcajdarkxst, ^19:29
willcookegnight all19:35
darkxstNoskcaj, that is probably not something I can fix20:51
darkxstg-s-m was ported to GtkStack, so could be a theme issue related to that I guess20:52
larsuwho packages gvim? Looks like fedora has one with proper icons: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741259#c721:09
ubot5`Gnome bug 741259 in .General "gtkmodelmenuitem: force icon scaling" [Normal,New]21:09
seb128larsu, Debian, https://packages.qa.debian.org/v/vim/news/20141201T013401Z.html should fix it21:17
seb128larsu, but again, that's a specific case, the fix is not to patch gvim, it's only one software21:17
larsuseb128: ya, just saying21:18
seb128larsu, the fix from Debian is http://anonscm.debian.org/hg/pkg-vim/vim/rev/ed3311f256dc21:18
seb128I'm going to have a look tomorrow21:18
seb128need to go21:18
seb128see you tomorrow21:18
larsusee you!21:18
desrtseb128: good night!21:19
darkxstlarsu, any idea why overlay scrollbars would make background transparent when switching tabs with GtkStack (in g-s-m)?21:58
darkxstit does not even draw any overlay scrollbars21:58
darkxstand the background is drawn correctly at startup21:58
larsudarkxst: yes, we've had these problems for a while. overlay-scrollbars hacks the scrolled windows (and those of the scrollbar) to be a native, and gtk doesn't properly inherit style classes across those22:01
larsuwhich means you get the default background for them, which is transparent22:01
larsuwe fixed those by explicitely setting a background for the widgets that might be scrolled22:02
larsuthe real fix will be to get rid of o-s, or switch to the ones gtk has now22:02
darkxstlarsu, but these are not scrolled windows just GtkBox's22:06
larsudarkxst: but they're inside the scrolled windows, which don't inherit background, so they don't inherit it either22:08
darkxstlarsu, ok, so I just force a background on GtkStack Widget then?22:22
larsudarkxst: iirc, we can't do that, becasue it breaks other apps22:25
larsuthis is a bit of a minefield22:25
darkxstlarsu, in g-s-m, not the theme?22:26
larsudarkxst: in the theme22:26
darkxstI meant should I force the background in g-s-m?22:28
larsuand I meant no, in the theme22:29
darkxstso this need to be fixed in the theme?22:41

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