pseubodotThe 14.10 netinst (on amd64 and i386) complains about kernel module version mismatch and cannot complete installation; ('anna: WARNING ** no packages matching running kernel 3.16.0-24-generic in archive'). Netinst build is 352 (dated 22-Oct-2014). Same build on ca.archive.ubuntu.com and us.archive.ubuntu.com16:19
pseubodotIs there a newer netboot.tar.gz available anywhere?16:21
pseubodotemail sent.20:59
infinitypseubodot: I don't see why that would be.21:23
infinitypseubodot: Wait, which installer are you using?  The 14.10 netboot hasn't changed since release, and is using -23, not -2421:27
infinitypseubodot: Just tested a full install with the 14.10 netboot, and it went fine here.21:30
pseubodotinfinity: thanks. where did you download it from?21:47
infinitypseubodot: From the archive.21:47
infinitypseubodot: More curious about where you got yours from. :)21:47
infinityI just used linux and initrd.gz from the ubuntu-installer directory there, but that should match the tarball, I'd think.21:50
infinityGrabbing the tarball to see what's in it. :P21:50
pseubodotinfinity: thanks. sorry for the trouble.21:50
infinitySame kernel, different initrd.  That's curious.  But maybe it was repacked or something.21:51
infinityI'll try with this one.21:51
infinitypseubodot: How are you booting that?21:51
pseubodotvia TFTP, do you want the boot args?21:51
infinityHrm.  Kay, the tarball is also -23, as it should be, and working fine here.21:52
infinitypseubodot: Are you sure you haven't replaced the kernel, or maybe are pointing to a different one by accident?21:53
pseubodotinfinity: Pulled down the netinst tarball, untarred it somewhere, then moved the contents elsewhere for booting21:54
pseubodotinfinity: I will download and try again, it may be a pebkac21:54
infinitypseubodot: It kinda has to be.  This is working fine here.21:55
pseubodot(the script untars it somewhere, but I push it in manually)21:55
infinitypseubodot: Well, working fine plus, as I said, that d-i build hasn't changed since Utopic's release.  I'd expect much more vocal anger from more people if it was broken. :)21:55
pseubodotinfinity: :)21:56
pseubodotinfinity: thanks again, sorry for the trouble.21:58
infinitypseubodot: S'ok.  I get pretty excitable when someone suggests d-i is broken in a released series. :)22:00

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