ubottuSuperEddy called the ops in #ubuntu (waaaaaaaaaaaaa)00:42
SuperEddykline me!00:44
IdleOneplease ask in #freenode00:46
bazhang<TheHackOps> If i run sudo rm -rf / will make debian packages install faster?02:18
bazhang<nulled> http://emhdf.com if you are harassed seek help here. Answers as well.03:17
ubottuHFSPLUS- called the ops in #ubuntu-motu ()03:47
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (BigBud)10:13
DJonesikonia: You may as well just set that ban as +b & forget about the forward, its an offensive/abusive troll10:23
ikoniais it reall ? ok10:24
DJonesHave a look at scrollback for 10:13am10:24
DJonesin #ubuntu, I was just about to set a +b myself10:24
bazhang<Jack-Zhang> Because It prvent me from connecting with other countries, I don't want to use Ubuntu K12:12
bazhangkylin has that "feature"?12:13
=== k1l__ is now known as k1l
peyamwhos idea was it to put a setting menu in xubuntu?22:55
peyamyou screw that up too22:55
geniiThanks for the feedback, come back soon.22:56
IdleOneConstructive feedback like that is priceless and can't be measured in any tangible way.23:08
IdleOneWish we could get more people to be so helpful23:08
* genii sips and contemplates23:16
bazhangjust clone limcore23:48
bazhang"another day, another ubuntu screwup"23:48

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