ipitydaf00i ssh'd from a laptop into lubuntu and ran the sudo apt-get upgrade command, but my laptop died and killed the session. how can i display what the command is currently doing from anther computer?04:27
holsteinwow.. i think i would just start over, using "screen", in case i get cut off04:27
holsteinyou should get a warning if its still running in the background, in which case, i would wait on it to complete..04:28
ipitydaf00yea if i try to run other related commands it tells me files are locked04:28
holsteini would run "screen", then, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and see if i get an error about lock or whatever04:28
holsteinipitydaf00: right.. i think i would at least wait that out for a while04:28
holsteinyou dont want to interrupt it at the wrong point04:29
ipitydaf00yea thats what i was afraid of04:29
ipitydaf00ok cool thanks for the info; i didnt know how to search for something like that04:29
ipitydaf00next time for somthing that important i will run screen first04:30
holsteinthis is relevant..04:30
holsteini mean, mentioning the screen thing again, as well04:31
holsteinbut, you can search for the process..04:31
ipitydaf00thx a million04:31
holsteinps aux | grep whatever04:31
holsteinor.. just ps aux, i suppose and see what is there04:31
holsteinim assuming, if you wait it out, it will complete, and you will be fine..04:32
holsteini think you are right to be cautious.. and, it wont hurt to ask in #ubuntu04:32
ipitydaf00i will do that04:33
holsteinit would be handy if it automatically started a screen session04:33
holsteinps aux | grep screen should show that..04:34
ipitydaf00i assusmed incorrectly that the command was still running even when my session disconnected; i was worng04:58
ipitydaf00it had stopped04:58
ipitydaf00i had to boot into recovery mode and fix the packages04:59
aelevadoanim considering downloading lubuntu on a hp-pavilion-dv100005:28
aelevadoanany suggestions?05:28
aelevadoandoes it support ubuntu repositories well?05:28
wxlyes, aelevadoan. do it.05:28
wxllubuntu IS ubuntu.05:28
aelevadoanand its a light weight distribution?05:29
aelevadoanwxl: its a Intel Core Duo T2300 / 1.66 GHz05:29
wxlaelevadoan: that's its whole purpose.05:29
aelevadoanwxl: 1gb ram05:29
aelevadoanwxl: anything I should know about lubuntu beforehand=05:30
wxlaelevadoan: to enjoy it with all your might and when you fall in love, come back and help us develop and/or support it :)05:30
aelevadoanthank you very much05:30
aelevadoanIve left this in my pidgin chats05:30
aelevadoanso we will be in contact05:30
janolap1hi there, I have a "Internet box" issue, so I have to use a wifi stick : WG111v3. I can't download the linux-firmware-nonfree on my PC (because it only have a ethernet wire), so I downloaded it from another PC (which have already wifi on it). I have a deb file now. How should I use it to install the deb on my linux PC to use the WG111v3 ?15:56
silverlionjanolap1 : which version of Lubuntu?16:01
janolap1silverlion : I'm not in front of my lubuntu, but I think it's 14.04...16:02
janolap1or 14.1016:02
silverlionthen you normally need to double click the deb file16:02
silverlionthen it should bring up an installation guide16:03
janolap1ok, simple as that !16:03
silverlionat least that's what I always do :D16:03
janolap1How can I check if there are some dependencies ?16:03
silverlionjanolap1 : the program will tell you ;)16:03
janolap1ok, thanx !16:04
silverlionu r welcome16:04
silverlionif there are any probs refer back here ;)16:04

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