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dholbachgood morning08:02
JoeyChanmorning  :)08:17
lpapphi, is anyone using QtCreator in here to publish to the Ubuntu store?08:21
lpappI am looking for the answer in here, http://askubuntu.com/questions/529416/qt-creator-publish-tab-missing-click-part08:22
mrqtrosJoeyChan hello!08:25
justCarakasThe file that it works on is normally in your project directory, if you click on it it should open if I remember corectly lpapp08:25
JoeyChanmrqtros:  good to c u here  :P08:25
mrqtrosJoeyChan yeah) Now I am able to be online during the day)08:26
mrqtrosJoeyChan not only in evening as before)08:26
lpappjustCarakas: which file you mean?08:26
JoeyChanmrqtros:  lol,    but most people are still in bed now   :P08:27
mrqtrosJoeyChan ahah, not in Russia - already 11:2708:27
justCarakasmanifest.json lpapp08:27
justCarakasnot everyone is american here :p JoeyChan08:28
mrqtrosJoeyChan in Moscow some people are come to work only now, yes, but in my town little bit earlier)08:28
mrqtrosjustCarakas he is from China =P08:28
justCarakasbummer :D08:29
JoeyChanpeople just starts their daylife in EU    :P08:29
JoeyChanespecially in UK08:30
justCarakastrue :D I'm from europe :D08:30
mrqtrosok let's wait when our folks will wake up08:30
mrqtrosand put little makeup :D08:31
lpappjustCarakas: what creates that file?08:36
JoeyChanlpapp:  u can use the default project template in SDK08:37
justCarakasJoeyChan: he is making an HTML5 app08:39
justCarakasmaybe that is the difference08:39
JoeyChanjustCarakas:  I think lpapp is using the default template from Qt itself, not from the Ubuntu sdk08:41
JoeyChanso missing some click files08:41
lpappJoeyChan: justCarakas, the user used Qt Creator > Qt Quick Application.08:43
JoeyChanlpapp:  justCarakas      seems I am right08:43
JoeyChanlpapp:   U need this:    file -- new project -- ubuntu -- pick one u like08:44
JoeyChanlpapp:  if u can't see "ubuntu" in new project, u probally open the wrong sdk08:45
JoeyChanlpapp:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk08:46
JoeyChanlpapp:  not the official Qt sdk08:46
lpappoh, the changes were not upstreamed?08:47
JoeyChanlpapp:  ubuntu-sdk has its own toolchain08:48
lpappwhat about apt-get install qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu?08:48
JoeyChanthat's part of ubuntu-sdk08:48
lpappbut new project > ubuntu only lets you create html apps, that is what the user says, so not C++/QML. Is there something that he is missing out?08:48
JoeyChanlpapp: ubuntu-sdk using official Qt's API, with its extra components08:49
JoeyChanlpapp:  I believe u miss sth08:49
JoeyChanpls reinstall ubuntu-sdk08:50
lpappshould it also work on 14.04?08:50
JoeyChanof course08:51
JoeyChanI am using 140408:51
lpappreinstalled, and "ubuntu-sdk is already the newest version.", still html only under new project > ubuntu08:51
JoeyChanlpapp:  seems u need to set the qmake manually ..08:53
JoeyChanlpapp:  go to the setting page08:53
JoeyChanlpapp:  build & run   tab08:55
lpappJoeyChan: "I just went to New Proj. > Ubuntu > HTML5 and even though there is a manifest.json file showing up the Publish screen is still empty :/"08:55
JoeyChanlpapp:  select "Qt version"08:55
mrqtroslpapp maybe you run wrong Qt Creator?08:56
mrqtrosJoeyChan you are on 14.04? :) It's happened)08:56
lpappmrqtros: he said he was.08:56
lpapp08:48 < JoeyChan> I am using 140408:56
lpappmrqtros: what exactly do you mean by wrong qt-creator?08:57
JoeyChanlpapp:  nothing in your manifest file ?08:57
lpapp"Even the Ubuntu > QML (but no other language) one which has a manifest.json file won't display the Publish screen"08:58
lpappJoeyChan: I am requesting that information, sec.08:58
mrqtroslpapp maybe you have standalone Qt installation with its own QtCreator08:58
JoeyChanlpapp:  I believe u r opening the wrong creator08:59
lpappmrqtros: there are two different qtcreators on the system if the Qt SDK is installed as well as the Ubuntu SDK?08:59
JoeyChanthere's a "publish" tab in ubuntu sdk08:59
JoeyChanlpapp:  u can simply open ubuntu sdk using command "ubuntu-sdk"08:59
JoeyChanor search it in your app's list09:00
mrqtroslpapp of course! QtCreator from Ubuntu SDK have a lot of additional plugins, looks different against simple QtCreator09:00
lpappok, thanks guys, I am letting him know :)09:01
lpappthis is the manifest file content: http://pastebin.com/Z5Q0A4aW09:01
lpapp"framework" : "ubuntu-sdk-14.10"09:02
lpappworks, great guys, thanks.09:06
mrqtroslpapp great ;)09:10
JamesTaitGood morning all, and happy birthday UNICEF! :-D09:16
mzanettidpm: meeting?09:16
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, I'll be a minute09:16
dpmyeah, coming over09:16
mzanettirpadovani: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/ubuntu-calculator-app/simplify-focus-handling/+merge/24439910:02
JoeyChanmrqtros:  going home, will be back to irc within an hour  (。◕‿◕。)10:07
lpappJoeyChan: mrqtros for having C++ project under the Ubuntu option, not just QML/HTML, one needs to set up qmake manually?10:14
lpappor the ubuntu-sdk package should ship such a customized QtCreator instance in which it just works?10:14
mrqtroslpapp seems that you should use CMake project for that purpose)10:28
rpadovanimzanetti, thanks!10:28
rpadovanipopey, do we have Jenkins up and running for calculator reboot?10:28
mrqtroslpapp, but I can't help you with that...10:28
lpappmrqtros: lol, I guess Qt app developers usually prefer qmake even though I prefer cmake or something better.10:28
mrqtroslpapp Qt app developers prefer, but Ubuntu developers don't ^^10:29
lpappmrqtros: really10:29
mrqtroslpapp ubuntu scopes are cmake projects, 100%10:30
popeyrpadovani: let me look at jenkins to see, francis said it would take a little while... one moment10:30
mrqtroslpapp not sure about mixed C++\QML apps10:30
popeyrpadovani: looks like it's there, but it's broken, will chase up with ci10:32
rpadovanithanks sir!10:32
popeyrpadovani: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9474413/10:33
popeythats all i can see10:33
mrqtrosI am afk now)10:36
rpadovanipopey, lot of useful log, I see :P Actually, I think we miss the debian/ folder in the project,but I don't know how to setup it. Do you know who can I ask help to?10:36
popeyrpadovani: ah, can we steal the debian folder from the old calculator app and modify it?10:40
rpadovanipopey, seems a good plan, I'll try10:41
bzoltanmrqtros: the qmake support in the Ubuntu SDK is about to land in hours ... the release candidate is available for testing for some time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5wX0WqNjVk11:10
rpadovanipopey, https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/debianFolder141211/+merge/24441111:10
* popey tests with "debuild -uc -us"11:11
popeydebian/rules:10: recipe for target 'build' failed11:11
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9474626/ rpadovani11:12
rpadovaniOk, so I need to read some docs, I have no idea on all that things11:12
popeymaybe poke nik90_ ☻11:16
popeyi think he did the debian directory for clock reboot11:16
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mrqtrosbzoltan for scopes too?11:31
bzoltanmrqtros: not quite yet11:32
mrqtrosbzoltan does it mean that I will able to create mixed C++\QML project "out of box" and easily deploy it to device?11:33
bzoltanmrqtros: That one you can do with cmake too... but yes with qmake it will be easier11:35
mrqtrosbzoltan great) qmake is Qt way :)11:38
nik90_zsombi: ping11:57
zsombinik90_: pong11:57
nik90_zsombi: hey, I just switched to vivid for testing the clock app and noticed that I cannot disable nor edit alarms.11:58
zsombinik90_: wow...! weird!11:58
zsombinik90_: nothing major happened there... other than the alarms big change, and that was tested pretty well...11:59
nik90_zsombi: yeah the clock app explicitly checks the error before poping the pagestack after an alarm is saved/updated..11:59
zsombinik90_: what error code you get?11:59
nik90_I havent changed the alarm code in clock for ages due to rtm freezes11:59
nik90_zsombi: that's the thing, I dont get any errors12:00
zsombinik90_: :D12:00
nik90_the edit alarm page is popped only when there are no alarms12:00
nik90_but the listview never updates with the new alarm values12:00
zsombinik90_: so, you can edit, but the changes don't show up?12:01
nik90_zsombi: yes12:01
zsombinik90_: how about next time you open teh app?12:01
nik90_Even after restarting the app, the alarm changes dont show up12:01
nik90_I will try debugging this further to check for other failure points12:02
nik90_zsombi: does this update function look correct? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9475190/12:03
nik90_the validate function is as simple as http://paste.ubuntu.com/9475195/12:03
zsombinik90_: the alarm may not yet be saved, and errors may come after the save() exited and the validateAlarm() is passed12:04
zsombinik90_: like EDS may report some error later12:05
nik90_zsombi: how do I wait and output that error?12:05
zsombinik90_: try on desktop with memory manager, and check the alarm database under ~/.local/share/<appname>/alarms.json12:06
zsombinik90_: check tempAlarm.status changes12:06
recursiondoes anyone know of anything like qtmessaging in the ubuntu sdk api/qt5 api?12:32
mrqtrosJoeyChan ping13:41
JoeyChanmrqtros: pong13:41
mrqtrosJoeyChan is there any development plan or new design for Shorts? :)13:50
JoeyChanno official plan nor design yet13:51
JoeyChanmrqtros:  u can try my "color experiment" branch  lp:~qqworini/ubuntu-rssreader-app/color-experiment13:52
JoeyChanmy own design13:52
mrqtrosJoeyChan I remember) It's very simple and much faster13:55
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mrqtrosJoeyChan I will rework header first13:55
mrqtrosJoeyChan in RssFeedPage.qml13:56
mrqtrosJoeyChan and maybe will try to clean up code soon...13:56
mrqtrosJoeyChan BTW when will we use C++? We should wait for qmake support, I think13:57
JoeyChanmrqtros:  I saw ur branch changes13:57
JoeyChanmrqtros:  I know cmake, no need to wait the qmake support13:57
mrqtrosJoeyChan I know Kung Fu :D13:58
JoeyChanmrqtros:  :P   haha13:58
mrqtrosJoeyChan  Matrix <313:58
mrqtrosJoeyChan ok, feel free to create C++ project than13:59
JoeyChanmrqtros:  the challenge that switch to C++ is how to combine database and multi-thread13:59
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JoeyChanmrqtros:  we cannot put the database oparations in the main thread14:00
mrqtrosJoeyChan currently they are in the main thread14:01
mrqtrosJoeyChan so we can't do worse14:01
mrqtrosJoeyChan most complex DB operation for us - adding new articles to DB from network. We can easily move it to C++14:02
popeygventuri: you around for calendar hangout?14:03
JoeyChanmrqtros: my plan is to move the whole database to c ++14:04
mrqtrosJoeyChan we can implement something like multitheaded DB engine14:05
gventuripopey: is it on already? its not in my calendar14:05
popeyah okay, it's now if you're around?14:06
JoeyChanmrqtros:  but I never try put a db engine to another thread, need some time to test14:06
mrqtrosJoeyChan I too14:07
mrqtrosJoeyChan but it's ok, when can move to C++ base step-by-step14:07
mrqtrosJoeyChan no need to make revolution :)14:07
mrqtrosJoeyChan we already will get benefits from Network Cache14:11
JoeyChanmrqtros: I'm not sure that will fail the auto-pilot test if I change the project to c++14:11
mrqtrosJoeyChan instantly after switching to C++ and adding one line of code (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bug/1379726)14:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1379726 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "Need an images cache plugin" [High,Triaged]14:12
balloonsJoeyChan, mrqtros so you want to make shorts have a compiled binary?14:14
JoeyChanballoons:  yup14:14
JoeyChanballoons:  still planning,  not hurry to switch to c++14:16
balloonsJoeyChan, ok so there will need to be so simple tweaks to the launching of the app for the autopilot test (so you call the binary and not qmlscene)14:16
mrqtrosJoeyChan I think yes14:17
mrqtrosJoeyChan a lot of apps in UP already contain C++ :)14:18
JoeyChanballoons:  once we decide switch to c++ , will let u know   :)14:19
JoeyChanmrqtros:  yep, I know  :P14:20
JoeyChanmrqtros:  and c++ helps  shorten the startup time14:20
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mrqtrosJoeyChan anyway let's w8 for qmake support, later we will create new C++ based project14:43
JoeyChanmrqtros:  will see   :)14:47
JoeyChanmrqtros:   gonna sleep, c ya14:47
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mrqtrosJoeyChan have a good night, mate14:50
techneut92i've got a little question. i'm trying to create an torch app for ubuntu touch. This should be extremely easy. just import QtMultimedia 5.0 (which gives some errors.. about expected a single import) and create the qml object Torch with power:100 and enabled: true.. this doesn't work.. did i mis something ?14:57
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balloonstechneut92, did you have a look at the other torch apps in the store? ;-18:35
popeytechneut92: the other 2 or 3 torches ☻18:44
qtrosmhall119 ping18:52
mrqtros_mhall119 hello19:17
mrqtros_mhall119 as far as I know you implemented MultiColumnListView?19:18
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rickspencer3kalikiana, around at all? I wanted to ask if there a good existing design pattern for searching through a u1db?20:04
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rickspencer3balloons, is there documentation that will help me understand how to use the testing framework built into the qml project template?20:51
rickspencer3I want to write some unit tests20:51
ahoneybunping mhall11920:52
balloonsrickspencer3, yes and there's a nice video from UOS where we also talk about it20:52
balloonslet me find a link for you20:52
rickspencer3great, thanks20:52
ahoneybunballoons: rickspencer3 mhall119 I need some feedback please http://www.reddit.com/r/UbuntuAppDev/comments/2nlp03/ubeginner_ubuntu_app/20:52
rickspencer3hi ahoneybun20:53
ahoneybunhey rickspencer320:53
ahoneybunI got my shirt!20:53
ahoneybunits so nice20:54
balloonsrickspencer3, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-qtquicktest.html20:54
* rickspencer3 looks20:54
balloonsrickspencer3, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22396/writing-unit-tests-for-qml-applications/20:54
* ahoneybun will wear his ubuntu pioneer shirt with his ubuntu hoodie20:55
rickspencer3thanks balloons21:18
balloonsyw, gl21:21
rickspencer3balloons, so, I'm looking at that doc page you linked me to, but I'm not getting how to actually run a test21:25
balloonsrickspencer3, you use qmltestrunner. Not sure if your project uses cmake or qmake21:31
rickspencer3balloons, I created it a couple of weeks ago, so I assume qmake21:31
rickspencer3FAIL!  : qmltestrunner::tst_u1shoppingdatabase::compile() module "QtTest" is not installed21:32
balloonsrickspencer3, sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-dev-tools qtdeclarative5-test-plugin21:32
balloonsrickspencer3, lol.. I'm assume qmake lets you add a test step as part of the build21:33
rickspencer3balloons, it's pure qml, there is nothing to build21:33
nik90_rickspencer3: if its pure qml, then just navigate into the folder containing the qml test suites and run "qmltestrunner -input qmltestfilename.qml"21:36
nik90_rickspencer3: if you used qmake or cmake, it allows you to run the entire qml test suite as part of the build21:37
rickspencer3nik90_, right, but, no build, it's pure qml :)21:37
nik90_rickspencer3: right, then you can use qmltestrunner very similar to how you use qmlscene21:38
rickspencer3trying it21:38
mivoligomzanetti: are you here by any chance?21:42
mzanettimivoligo: now I am22:11
mivoligomzanetti: I'm working on that particle effect for destruction now22:12
mzanettimivoligo: cool. any findings already?22:12
mivoligomzanetti: black magic at first but I'm getting there :)22:12
mivoligomzanetti: I tried to use your code but ended up with something else :D22:14
mzanettiyeah, it was mostly an example to get started22:15
mivoligomzanetti: I guess I have to edit EnemyDelegate.qml to see that in the game, right?22:16
mzanettineed to check22:17
mzanettimivoligo: yes just add it there (replacing the other) and start it in onAliveChanged somwhow22:19
mivoligomzanetti: ok, I'll try to experiment with it tomorrow or over the weekend22:20
mzanettihave seen your bug report with the colors. thanks for that22:21
mivoligomzanetti: no problem :)22:23
mivoligomzanetti: will the name of the game stay as it is or you're thinking of some changes?22:24
mzanettimivoligo: I don't have any better ideas and I quite like the current one22:24
mivoligocoz I was thinking of doing some video promo of the game :D22:25
mivoligoas part of learning kdenlive22:26
mzanettiawesome :D22:26
mivoligomzanetti: so I hope you will not finish the game to soon ;)22:26
mzanettimivoligo: feel free to come up with other suggestions, but unless we find something really great we don't need to change the name imo22:27
mzanettimivoligo: heh, it'll be a bit still22:27
mzanetticreating levels is quite time consuming22:27
mzanettihave to play ever level like 20 times22:27
mivoligomust get boring22:28
mzanettinot even that, because its challenging too22:28
mzanettibut I need to have time without interruptions22:29
mzanettialso sound is still a work in progress22:30
mzanettiwant to bundle a different song to each world22:30
mzanettiso it has to go into the level pack somehow22:30
mivoligomy kids love the music :) I told them there will be more like that22:31
mzanettiyeah, I already have the songs mixed for looping22:31
mivoligomzanetti: ok, I have to go to bed, I'll let you know if I do the destruction effect22:32
mivoligotake care!22:32
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