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xnoxapw: where is instructions / procedures for setting up the meta tracking bugs for a kernel SRU release?11:22
xnoxit's missing a step.11:22
apwxnox, you mean the release tracking bugs ?11:26
xnoxapw: yeah.11:26
apwxnox, those are programatically generated ....11:26
apwxnox, what is missing from them ?11:26
xnoxapw: excellent where is hte source code?11:26
apwxnox, ubuntu/kteam-tools11:26
xnoxapw: it's missing "harass infinity to make a d-i upload to not have mismatched kernels on daily LTS image, which fails to boot, and qa team going crazy "OMG" the world is broke."11:27
xnoxapw: or like do a d-i upload as part of kernel release.11:27
apwxnox, hmmm the source there is prolly not enough, as we need a new state for that prolly, as presumably there are two d-i's in that case?11:28
apwxnox, the real issue is whoever let it out of the SRU queue shouldn't have, without d-i, which should be britney guarded11:28
apwbut ... that is cloud happy land11:28
xnoxapw: what do you mean two d-i? it's one d-i that should be uploaded into -proposed and migrate into -updates together with kernel.11:28
xnoxapw: britney is not run on SRUs, only on devel releases.11:29
xnoxapw: thus even if there were packaging constraints they wouldn't help SRU at the moment, as far as I know.11:29
* xnox checks11:29
apwxnox, i know its not, i wish it was, so it would get stuck11:29
apwso that sru-release would be essentially an unblocka dd11:30
xnoxapw: yeah that would be cool.11:30
apwxnox, but overall i think you are saying we need d-i tracking for it somehow ... and i think just saying that to bjf might make you cry less, than trying to read the code11:43
xnoxapw: i think one simply needs a task open against ubuntu->d-i->series with indication that kernel version needs to be bumped11:44
xnoxbjf: ^11:44
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AlbertoSNHello, my friends13:24
AlbertoSNIt seems that, after a regular upgrade, the kernel no longer works with Radeon Evergreen graphics processors13:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1397553 in linux (Ubuntu) "The Linux kernel is no longer able to page the control register 2 in the Radeon Evergreen graphics processors, making the system to boot with a blank screen" [Critical,Triaged]13:25
bjfxnox, apw, you'd like another task on the tracking bugs?15:12
xnoxbjf: yes. the task is "Upload d-i with kernel version bump" and is applicable for the default kernel flavour on all arches.15:13
xnoxon all releases, both development and SRU.15:13
bjfxnox, if inifinity is ok with that then i'll add that to my todo list for shankbot & tracking bugs15:14
xnoxbjf: in terms of ordering it should happen before kernels are migrated from -proposed -> -updates, as d-i should be promoted together with the kernel.15:14
xnoxbjf: not sure about security uploads... probably d-i will be build and published /after/ security update is unembargoed.15:14
bjfxnox, ack15:14
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apwinfinity, yo ... where does the output of casper go, if it pukes errors on stderr, etc17:33
infinityapw: Not sure.18:04
apwi guess i get to try, if i can figure out how to test18:04
simplifyGood afternoon everyone--where I am it is 15:37. I am attempting to compile a custom Ubuntu kernel the Debian way, but I get the same error every time. I even get this error when I compile the same kernel in a Ubuntu server VM.--and with the .config untouched! Every there I get this error! I don't understand this. I'll paste the error. It is four lines. BTW, I don't know how to set it so that the error messages are more verbose. *Also, I compiled the 20:37
simplifykernel by following the directions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel* The "fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic" command starts the compile. [I am pasting the four line error momentarily.]20:37
simplify>   LD      fs/built-in.o20:38
simplify> make[1]: *** [sub-make] Error 220:38
simplify> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-3.13.0'20:38
simplify> make: *** [/usr/src/linux-3.13.0/debian/stamps/stamp-build-generic] Error 220:38
simplifyI could use some help soon.20:40
apwsimplify (N,BFTL), there would be a string starting "error:" some way before that which is the real error22:24

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