superm1ochosi: we had a black background too yes01:07
superm1but i'm not hard pressed to stick to that01:07
ochosisuperm1: right. maybe it has to do with the defunct state that xfsettingsd is in01:07
superm1yeah i'd not be too surprised if that was the cause01:07
ochosibut frankly, i don't know ubiquity's codebase well enough to say how it really sets the background with xfwm401:08
superm1ochosi: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/view/head:/bin/ubiquity-dm01:09
superm1line 383 onward is how background is set01:09
superm1feh can be used to do it now, that was added later01:09
ochosibluesabre has a patch for that ready01:10
ochosibut i wonder whether it's just symptom treatment01:10
ochosisorta covering up the defunct xfsettingsd01:10
ochosior whether it's a real solution01:10
cnjjI just upgraded from 12.04 (Mythbuntu) and Myth 0.25 to 14.04 and Myth 0.27.4 (whatever's in the repo the Mythbuntu control center added)04:39
cnjjAt the same time, my machien started crashing when it tries to start recording using the Ceton InfiniTV4 now.04:39
cnjjIt sounds remarkably like: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/57535104:39
cnjjAlthough it looks like that should be in the 0.27 package; or am I off the mark?04:40
cnjj"crashing" in this case is a hard lock-up immediately after printing:04:41
cnjjmythbackend: mythbackend[3159]: I CetonStreamHandler recorders/cetonrtsp.cpp:413 (Setup) CetonRTSP: Transport: RTP/AVP;unicast;client_port=43700-4370104:41
cnjjContinuing to look, that doesn't seem like the issue anyway.  Downloading their python control program, that also locks it up.05:19
solarshi, my nm-applet notification icon is not visible.. can anyone tell me how to display it so I can access the network manager?19:04
achianghi, is this where the mythbuntu devs hang out or is this more a user channel?21:49
achiangassuming devs are here, has anyone given thought to packaging newest lirc (0.9.1)?21:49
* achiang is hoping someone here has already done so before embarking down this path...21:49
superm1achiang: we have a #ubuntu-mythtv-dev, but lately a lot of us have been rather busy with IRL stuff, and fallen quite behind21:53
achiangoh hey superm1, long time no talk :)21:54
superm1heyo :)21:54
achiangsuperm1: anything tricky i should know before grabbing latest lirc upstream and attempting to repackage it?21:55
superm1the postinst we have is crazy long21:55
superm1handles configuration21:55
superm1not all of it made it up to debian yet21:55
achiang... and actually, i think i'll just go for 0.9.1 and not latest 0.9.2, since there seems to be a *lot* of change upstream for 0.9.221:55
superm1so if there will be breakage, i'd expect it to be there21:56
superm1solars: we're missing an indicator package in the default install21:56
superm1the exact one we're missing slips my mind; but that's the problem21:56
achiangok, my target is ubuntu 14.04 anyway; i don't really have bandwidth to do it properly for debian :(21:56
superm1ah okay, then probably shouldn't hit too many road blocks21:57
achiangi'll see how it turns out21:58
superm1if things go well feel free to push to the latest ubuntu devel release too21:59
superm1probably not worth the trouble for an official backport to 14.04 though21:59
* achiang isn't a motu22:00
superm1wow, really?22:02
superm1okay well if you want me or tgm4883 to review when you've got it together, hopefully one of us can scrounge up some time22:02
* achiang never had enough "community contributions" to be considered 22:06
achiangbut ok, thanks! :)22:06
qwebirc98147hey guys, I live in Panama, Central america. my cable tv provider is cableonda and the only schedule I was able to find for them is on rovi. (https://partner.rovicorp.com/take3/CableOnda/tvlistings.aspx). Is it possible to use this guide with mythbuntu or any other free dvr solution?22:07
superm1anything else you find and want to dig into, we're always looking for help from people who know technical stuff about how the innards of *buntu work22:08
* achiang nods22:08
superm1qwebirc98147: you might be better off checking with the guys in #mythtv-users22:08
superm1not sure anyone in here will be able to comment22:08
qwebirc98147thank you guys, will do.22:11

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