fermulatorHey everyone; I'm trialing Ubuntu phone on an older Galaxy Nexus (I understand this isn't really fully supported anymore) -- by default, it fails (no "tuna" device found) - then I tried to trick with "maguro" (same issue...) -- now it's flashing with "mako" ... is this bad? -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/9470007/02:02
fermulator(I'm really just wanting to test out Ubuntu phone before i buy a newer phone that is properly supported)02:02
fermulator[ updated paste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9470012/ ]02:03
Elleofermulator: probably not a good idea to flash with an image for a different device02:07
Elleofermulator: as it'll be trying to use drivers that are inappropriate, so probably won't boot02:07
RAOFHighly unlikely to work, yeah.02:07
fermulatorI see. (makes sense) - and yeah it failed.02:08
fermulatoris there any chance of me hacking this up w/ this device? o no02:08
fermulatoror no*02:08
RAOFYou probably could; you'd just need to prepare the various tarballs.02:10
fermulatorI'm comfortable w/ Linux; just looking for some reference reading to prepare the images/tgz files for this device then.02:11
Elleofermulator: you might be best waiting until the new porting guide is ready02:11
Elleofermulator: until then there's the old (complicated) guide: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DeprecatedPorting02:11
fermulatorah yes, OK thanks. I was there but wasn't 100% sure it was right; I'll give it a read02:13
fermulatorOne other question; it shows that maguro is "deprecated" ; but there must be images kicking around somewhere on an older server wouldn't there be? (it seems strange that I should need to port images for this device, since it's already been done)02:26
EuaDwhere are the current ubuntu touch apps stored?03:34
EuaDis there a way to run ubuntu touch in a VM or some emulator?03:36
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fermulatorEuaD: I actually just figured out the emulator thing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Emulator03:40
fermulatorit works OK; (gives you the basic feel, and if you want to contribute, a mechanism for testing new apps etc.)03:40
EuaDfermulator, ok thanks. so that would emulate an ubuntu touch device? i03:41
EuaDfermulator, i'll be able to see what all apps are developed03:41
fermulatorEuaD ; correct, it runs ARM or X86 emulation, you run it on your Linux desktop, and it boots a little window that emulates a real phone device (several things don't work though like sound)03:41
fermulatorapps available are loosely documented I guess here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps03:42
EuaDfermulator, so there's no apps like youtube, facebook, etc etc03:43
fermulatorthere are apps like that (I saw facebook for example)03:44
EuaDfermulator, ok, cool03:45
fermulator(not sure where to find "online" what's currently in the Ubuntu Store for ubuntu-touch devices...)03:46
EuaDfermulator, do you know if ubuntu touch has a voice activation system like siri?03:47
fermulatorEuaD: sorry not sure about voice activation system (TBH; based on what I see so far, I'd be surprised if it existed already -- I did a quick search online, as well as in Ubuntu Store on the emulated ubuntu-device and nothing came up ... so guessing not)03:49
fermulatorthis website hinted that Ubuntu has big plans: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Why-cant-Google-Now-Siri-and-Cortana-offer-full-voice-control_id5765703:52
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saidinesh5Elleo: wrong link btw. yesterday.. i committed a different set of files https://github.com/saidinesh5/framework/compare/maliit:master...master04:36
saidinesh5here .. im updating this commit04:36
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UTLGood evening! I need to go to bed, because I've been working hard all day, but I've got a question (maybe two) I want answered: Can I put Ubuntu Touch on an external SD card? I want to keep Cyanogenmod on my device and boot Ubuntu Touch from a 32 microSD card.05:00
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UTLI've tried the dual-boot app multiple times, and it doesn't work, so I thought that I could put it on a SD card. I can't figure out how to partition the card just so it will work, or whether it NEEDS partitioning. I've tried extracting the tarballs and zips to the root of the SD card, but it didn't boot.05:03
* UTL yawns. The screen starts to look blurry. He adjusts the sharpness, but then he realizes that the blur is not coming from the screen...05:10
UTLWell, it's way past my bedtime. Anyone who receives these messages let me know next time I get on IRC. Good night!05:11
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dholbachgood morning08:03
JamesTaitGood morning all, and happy birthday UNICEF! :-D09:16
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jcbjoe_JamesTait: you there ?09:58
JamesTaitjcbjoe_, o/09:58
jcbjoe_JamesTait: i got my nexus 4 installed ubuntu-touch .. i like it but its so diffrent o_O09:58
jcbjoe_JamesTait: does it take a while to get used to ? .. also how does it do on battery ?09:58
JamesTaitjcbjoe_, different to Android?09:58
jcbjoe_yes diffrent to android JamesTait09:59
ogra_once you got used toi it android feels incapable in many areas09:59
jcbjoe_ogra_: for that reason i will try it again .. i actually felt lost with it on o_O09:59
JamesTaitjcbjoe_, well, yes. :) But it doesn't take long to get used to, and going back to Android, for me at least, feels awkward now.09:59
jcbjoe_ok .. maybe cause i was on it for 30 mins .. and didn't give it a real try .. i will have to force myself to use it10:00
jcbjoe_like a new game or something10:00
jcbjoe_JamesTait: how about battery ?10:00
jcbjoe_or anyone for that matter10:01
JamesTaitjcbjoe_, difficult for me to say, tbh, since I put my phone on charge every night, and often have it connected to my laptop during the day to test stuff.10:02
JamesTaitjcbjoe_, but at the weekends, when I'm away from my computer (and admittedly probably not using my phone as much), I rarely need to charge it during the day.10:03
JamesTaitjcbjoe_, if I've been using maps or something like that, I might need to give it a boost.10:04
jcbjoe_cool thanks10:06
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jcbjoe_is there a  keyboard with a sype function ? .. i think i have become to dependant on that now .. i can't type anymore o_O10:37
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ogra_oSoMoN, i have a local webpage for my heating control, there i can change the css (for mobile, desktop etc). that works fine in firefox and chrome, on the phone the reload i have to do seems to come back with the cached old images though ... is there something like "shift+reload" like i can use in FF or chrome to flush the cache when reloading ?10:58
oSoMoNogra_, no, we don’t have that sort of option in oxide10:59
oSoMoNogra_, feel free to file a bug to request it10:59
ogra_yeah, not sure thats acutally a typical mainstream requirement :)11:00
saidinesh5jcbjoe_: its currently being written :P11:03
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jcbjoe_is there a  guide or a faq on the actual ubuntu-touch once i install it .. i want to learn to navigate .. this up arrow at the bottom is getting the best of me11:38
saidinesh5Elleo: did you take a look at it?12:16
Elleosaidinesh5: haven't yet, will do once I'm done fixing a couple of other things12:21
saidinesh5Elleo: Ah the thing is it is creating the plugin but it isnt getting any incoming connections from mir12:25
saidinesh5all i know is the mirplatform plugin is being created and then it sits idle12:27
saidinesh5no clue where to look either12:27
Elleoyeah, I'll have to dig into the code to see what's happening, this stuff was implemented before I started working on the keyboard so can't give any suggestions off the top of my head12:30
jgdxseb128, haaay, this fixes mac on mako and krillin: https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/about-bad-mac-fix-1399723/+merge/24399612:31
jgdxtest failure is unrelated (vibrate failure)12:31
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seb128jgdx, hey12:33
seb128jgdx, saw that, any reason why you use dbus rather than libnm or qt apis?12:33
saidinesh5Ahh okay12:34
jgdxseb128, qt apis?12:35
saidinesh5also there is some mir/ubuntu specific stuff in passthroughserver/main.cpp , which i think can be moved to mirplatform btw.12:36
seb128jgdx, http://qt.developpez.com/doc/5.0-snapshot/qnetworkinfo/#macaddress12:36
seb128jgdx, for example12:36
jgdxseb128, how would you get to the wifi using that module?12:38
jgdxoh right, maybe you could using interfaceformode.12:39
seb128jgdx, maybe you don't, I was not doing concrete suggestion of api to use, but it feels like "raw dbus" isn't safe, that's sometime not a stable api12:39
seb128jgdx, would feel safer to use a library which wraps that and garanty api/abi12:39
seb128like libm12:39
jgdxseb128, other than consistency (we use dbus everywhere else when talking to nm), I have no other pro arguments for dbus+nm.12:40
seb128jgdx, I didn't realize we used the dbus api in other places, I didn't look much at the network code12:41
seb128jgdx, but in this case +1 from me, we can change/refactor later if wanted12:41
jgdxseb128, you mind me checking out qtnetworkinfo? I we can not use more dbus+nm I'd be happy.12:42
seb128jgdx, sure, feel free :-)12:43
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elopiojgdx: ping. I need some help with the sim pin.13:33
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Wellarkcjwatson: would you be able to ACK the packaging changes for these two:13:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1401157 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "indicator should specify the device when activating connection with NM" [Undecided,New]13:37
Wellarkoh, sorry, first one was a wrong link13:38
Wellarkthis is the second MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/indicator-network/packaging-modifications-15.04/+merge/24442513:38
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cjwatsonWellark: ack13:40
Wellarkcjwatson: thanks!13:42
jgdxelopio, pong13:57
elopiojgdx: hey, what does the LockedPins property in SimManager mean?13:57
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jgdxelopio, hi, isn't that a callable [1] ? Think it locks the given pin. [1] https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/blob/master/doc/sim-api.txt#L4613:59
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elopiojgdx: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntu_system_settings/tests/ofono.py#L10314:02
jgdxelopio, hey you are right. So yeah, contains the currently locked pins — https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/blob/master/doc/sim-api.txt#L15814:04
elopioso much fun today, I now have my sim locked :(14:05
jgdxelopio, :| locked locked?14:06
elopiojgdx: asking for puk. Which I don't know.14:07
jgdxseb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/about-bad-mac-fix-1399723/+merge/243996 much better :p14:07
seb128jgdx, indeed ;-)14:08
jgdxelopio, been there!14:08
mardyjdstrand: hi! Could you please give me some pointers on how to test account plugin confinement (bug 1219644)?14:11
ubot5bug 1219644 in Online Accounts setup for Ubuntu Touch "Account plugins should be made confinable by apparmor" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121964414:11
mardyjdstrand: I would just like to be able to create a policy so that the account plugin is confined with the rules I wrote on the bug; I don't need the complete solution, just some commandline hackery14:13
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cwayne_hm, im having issues trying to automate stuff with SUDO_ASKPASS14:49
ogra_whats your issue ?14:54
cwayne_ogra_, that I'm an idiot and forgot to do sudo -A :P14:54
ogra_heh, k14:54
CimiWellark, hey could you pls remind me the dbus action to check?15:22
cwayne_hm, seeing this whenever I try to install a click on vivd: GLib.Error: click_hooks_error-quark: Hook command '/usr/bin/aa-clickhook' failed: Child process exited with code 1 (6)15:30
cwayne_and further up, this: ImportError: /usr/lib/python3.4/lib-dynload/_ctypes.cpython-34m-arm-linux-gnueabihf.so: undefined symbol: _PyTraceback_Add15:41
mardymarcustomlinson: I added a comment to bug 1352251, it seems that the QPA trick doesn't work15:48
ubot5bug 1352251 in Canonical System Image "Reverse trust prompt hosting" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135225115:48
marcustomlinsonmardy: damn :(15:48
mandelkenvandine, hello! I updated the mem leak fix for the system settings update page, please let me know if it gets in a silo15:49
mandelkenvandine, it should also fix the cannot pause bug15:49
kenvandinemandel, great!15:49
mandelatm fixing that network.h/cpp file which is TERRIBLE and has mem leaks and bad usages15:49
kenvandinewill do15:49
kenvandinemandel, thank you!15:49
mandelkenvandine, I'll probably ping with a new branch with a cleanup15:49
mandelkenvandine, no problem :)15:50
mandelkenvandine, any idea what is done with that head request that is performed?15:56
mandelkenvandine, the code is using the same slot for a get request and a head request.. god that HUGE if is something to kill for15:56
kenvandinemandel, no idea15:58
mandelkenvandine, no worries, lets use a little of spanish for this situation "me cago en su madre"15:58
mandelkenvandine, I'll fix this mess..15:58
kenvandinemandel, that code scared me :)16:00
mandelkenvandine, how do you feel if I added gmock as a dep for system settings to simplify the testing?16:23
didrocksrsalveti: hey! I was wondering if you have anything to do kernel-related for bluez5 support in the end (you had WI to check with apw in the bluez5 blueprint)16:25
didrocksrsalveti: it's working well without any additional patch on the desktop16:25
mandelkenvandine, I'd like to mock the network access for the updates and test all possible cases and errors16:26
mandelkenvandine, by the way, if the json is malformed we would crash with no info :-/16:27
WellarkCimi: sorry in a meeting16:27
rsalvetididrocks: we need that with the kernels used by touch16:34
rsalvetiworks fine on the desktop because you're using a recent kernel16:34
rsalvetifor kernel older than 3.10 you need additional patches16:34
didrocksrsalveti: ah ok, I didn't capture the "touch" part in the blueprint, do you have that on your radar? We think shipping it early 201516:36
didrocksbluez5 support only miss the indicator work to finish as well as u-c-c16:37
rsalvetididrocks: well, it's not that trivial, but under the radar16:37
rsalvetiright, but we shouldn't push that into vivid that early16:37
didrocksok, keep me posted :)16:37
rsalvetiwe still need to validate touch16:37
didrocksrsalveti: hence the ppa for testing on both desktop + touch16:37
rsalvetiotherwise vivid will be completely broken with it (on the bt level)16:37
rsalvetibut will raise the priority to check that on the next following weeks16:37
didrockswe'll be ready on the desktop side near end of year16:38
dobeymandel: ugh. +1 for gmock -1 for qtnetwork is such a horrible pain to mock16:40
mandeldobey, yes, it is horrible16:40
mandeldobey, I have refactored the code so that the json parsin is done in a protected method that can be tested, so in a sense is not THAT bad now16:41
mandeldobey, I really want to know who review this code...16:41
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dobeymandel: well, json parsing should be testable without any craziness as it's all local in-memory stuff. but qtnetwork is a pain because of signals and protected/privaete methods and ctors for some types16:42
mandelyes, I agree16:42
dobeyi started adding gmock to pay-ui for testing, and then hit a giant wall made of insanely hard bricks, called qtnetowrk :-/16:43
dobeyand thus, matter and anti-matter met one another, and the universe was destroyed16:44
dobeycripes why do i still have so many kernel images installed :(16:45
jcbjoe_its probably been said before but on the nexus 4 ubuntu-touch rtm 14.09 someimes touch dosen't work and you have to reboot just fyi .. i only been on it 1 day .. im a n00b so don't mind me16:48
kenvandinemandel, +117:01
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* UTL waves to everybody.17:34
UTLAnybody get my messages last night?17:36
Chipacatedg: you know what would be cool? letting url-dispatcher (the commandline tool) do the checking thing. That way people can test their urldispatcher registration directly.17:39
* UTL leaves for coffee.17:39
tedgChipaca, Yeah, might be better as a new tool.17:42
Chipacatedg: or the *same* tool, hardlinked and caring about argv[0], just to mess with people17:43
Chipacatedg: you got a second to poke at something strange on the phone, related to url-dispatcher?17:47
tedgChipaca, Hmm, trying to decide :-)17:49
tedgChipaca, What's up?17:49
Chipacatedg: it's not seeing the twitter and gmail webapp bits17:49
Chipacaalex-abreu was digging at the click hooks, but not sure from which end; the url-dispatcher files are there, seem sane, but url-dispatcher doesn't url-dispatch17:50
* Chipaca subtly pulls alex-abreu into the conversation17:50
alex-abreutedg, yeah, the click hooks are fine,17:50
* alex-abreu recognizes the subtle move17:50
Chipacaalex-abreu: when you say the click hooks you mean in the manifest? or the output of the hook scripts?17:50
tedgChipaca, Dump the db: sqlite3 ~/.cache/url-dispatcher/urls-1.db "select * from urls;"17:51
Chipaca(that's what i meant about 'dunno from what end' :) )17:51
alex-abreuChipaca, I mean the data files that the url dispatcher uses to keep to state about the installed url click hooks in ~/.cache/url-disapatcher17:51
tedgsqlite3 ~/.cache/url-dispatcher/urls-1.db "select * from configfiles;"17:51
alex-abreutedg, yup17:51
alex-abreutedg, I did and it looks fine17:51
alex-abreutedg, same for the configfiles dB17:51
alex-abreuright, pretty much same as me except for the idex17:52
tedgHmm, okay, that's odd17:52
Chipacano, no, 14 is even17:52
* Chipaca hides17:52
alex-abreuoh my17:52
Chipacaok guys, i've got to go throw together a risotto. I'll read up when i get back :)17:54
Chipacaalso, need to pry kids away from computer and into bath. always fun.17:54
tedgstop url-dispatcher ; G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all /usr/lib/*/url-dispatcher/url-dispatcher17:54
tedgIt should print out the URLs then17:54
alex-abreutedg, seems that webbbrowser app is taking over in all17:57
alex-abreutedg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9478545/17:59
* tedg looks at code18:00
tedgalex-abreu, Can you pastebin your urls table please?18:03
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alex-abreutedg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9478584/18:07
Elleosaidinesh5: had a bit of a look at the maliit stuff, one thing you might be missing if you're just building it straight from your repo is the patches we apply to change the plugin name to maliitphablet (so it doesn't conflict with qt's embedded maliit stuff)18:19
Elleosaidinesh5: the other thing that it looks like you'll need to do is set the window role18:19
Elleosaidinesh5: I suspect you might be able to do that in something like the setupInputPanel method or similar18:20
Elleosaidinesh5: haven't had time to investigate in detail beyond that, but I'll investigate more in the morning18:21
tedgalex-abreu, Something is wrong in the regex :-/18:23
tedgalex-abreu, ** (process:8962): DEBUG: Protocol 'http' for domain '' resulting in app id 'webbrowser-app'18:24
tedgalex-abreu, It's checking for the null domain18:24
alex-abreutedg, has it changed recently?18:26
tedgalex-abreu, Yeah, to accommodate for tel:18:26
alex-abreuom26er, dbarth ^18:27
jgdxkenvandine, upower landed? Congrats18:28
om26ertedg, was it the one where url-dispatcher was bundled with dialer-app ?18:29
om26erthe silo I mean18:29
tedgom26er, Correct18:29
tedgWriting a test to verify now, but I'm pretty sure.18:30
jcbjoe_is there anyway to make the sound louder on my nexus 4 with ubuntu touch on it ?18:30
jcbjoe_it seems very low / tiny sound18:30
om26erI am confused are we talking about bug 1401612 ?18:31
ubot5bug 1401612 in account-polld (Ubuntu) "No notifications displayed for Twitter and Gmail" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140161218:31
om26eralex-abreu, ^18:31
alex-abreuom26er, yes18:31
alex-abreuom26er, the loops goes to the url dispatcher18:32
om26eralex-abreu, tedg ironically, I tested that silo, we need to enhance the TestPlan for url-dispatcher :/18:33
tedgom26er, Eh, no, this is a unit test thing.18:33
tedgBut yes, I've got one now.18:33
om26ertedg, does you test verify it to be a regression ?18:35
tedgom26er, Not sure what you mean by that, this test fails: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ted/url-dispatcher/regex-domain-fix/revision/8318:36
om26ertedg, meant: downgrade to previous version and check if the test passes. I can try that.18:37
kenvandinejgdx, yeah, i had to rebuild silo 2 again because of that landing18:37
jgdxkenvandine, right, need me to test it again?18:54
kenvandinejgdx, nah19:00
tedgalex-abreu, dbarth, MR up and reviewed. I added the system image project, we'll have to wait to see if it gets allowed there.19:07
alex-abreutedg, cool thx19:08
alex-abreutedg, that is a sneaky regex19:08
tedgalex-abreu, Oh, yes. I dislike it very much :-)19:09
alex-abreutedg, wondering why you dont use a tel:// specific one?19:09
tedgalex-abreu, Long story short, there's more than tel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/url-dispatcher/+bug/135122219:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1351222 in url-dispatcher (Ubuntu RTM) "URL parsing doesn't comply with RFC 3986" [High,Fix released]19:10
tedgalex-abreu, We can do things like market: URLs in the future as well.19:11
alex-abreutedg, yeah, but I meant why you dont have tel://  specific urls (since they are slightly orthogonal to the usual ones) w/ a fallback on the generic url parsing bits, ... since the issue came apparently from handlin tel specific bits19:13
alex-abreuand makes the regex a bit more complex19:13
tedgEh, sure, it's whether the complexity exists in the C code or in the regular expression.19:14
alex-abreuregex being harder to decipher19:15
om26ertedg, want me to test a fix ?19:15
tedgI know some people would say that about C ;-)19:15
tedgSo, yeah, see both ways. Not sure one is decisively better.19:15
tedgFor instance the regex is going to be much more performant.19:16
tedgom26er, If you'd like, the test passes though.19:16
tedgWe already test the subdomain stuff in the DB, we just weren't testing it in the dispatcher.19:16
om26erhmm don't have the armfh chroot to build. Should test it onces its in a silo19:18
tedgYeah, have to wait for it to get approved for system image first.19:21
ybonit's just me or since a few builds hitting the top-right button takes ages to wake up the phone when idle?19:24
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Chipacadobey: could you confirm bug 1389875 is fixed by tedg's branch above?20:05
ubot5bug 1389875 in account-polld (Ubuntu) "Opening Twitter from the messages indicator opens Browser, not Twitter app" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138987520:05
dobeyChipaca: i see it's merged, is it in an image yet?20:08
Chipacadobey: no, not merged, just approved. that is, the branch i meant was this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/url-dispatcher/+bug/140161220:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1401612 in url-dispatcher (Ubuntu RTM) "No notifications displayed for Twitter and Gmail" [High,In progress]20:09
Chipacathe branches hanging off that one :)20:09
ChipacaAIUI your bug is a dupe of this bug, but wanted to confirm20:09
dobeyi was looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/url-dispatcher/+bug/135122220:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1351222 in url-dispatcher (Ubuntu RTM) "URL parsing doesn't comply with RFC 3986" [High,Fix released]20:10
Chipacadobey: right, that's the thing that broke the other thing20:10
Chipacadobey: it's things all the way down20:10
tedgdobey, vivid silo 920:11
Chipacadobey: that is: your bug should not happen. Either it was broken before, we fixed it, and tedg's tel: handling regex change broke it, or you tested after the regex change :)20:11
dobeytedg: i am not installing a vivid built package on my phone running rtm :)20:12
Chipacadobey: where's your sense of adventure?20:12
tedgdobey, wimp20:12
Chipacadobey: i want to point out that it is not often that tedg and i agree without arguing for a while20:12
tedgdobey, DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!20:13
dobeytedg: does ps-jenkins not monitor the rtm-14.09 branches for url-dispatcher?20:13
* tedg changes topic: "Ubuntu Touch Support & Discussion & Peer Pressure"20:13
tedgdobey, No, it doesn't20:13
dobeyChipaca: well "tested" is a strong word there :P20:15
dobeyChipaca: i simply used the feature at some point and it was broken so i filed the bug :)20:15
Chipacadobey: if it's pre-release, every use is testing20:15
Chipacadobey: billable hours!20:15
Chipacaoh wait20:16
* dobey files an expense report for his nexus 520:17
dobey"Chipaca said i could bill this"20:18
Chipacadobey: i think you're ready to start contracting20:18
dobeyanyway, i'm happy to try it when it lands in an rtm image20:18
dobeyeh, contracting sucks. did enough of that already :-/20:19
dobeytedg: also, bug ci to enable ps-jenkins MP runs for your rtm-14.09 branches :)20:19
dobeythat reminds me20:19
dobeyChipaca: or, do you know how to force a fake twitter notification from directly on the phone?20:30
Chipacadobey: the url goes through too many layers to be sure; I know how to test each layer, but don't know for sure at what layer the bug you saw happened (that is: i'm pretty sure i do, but wouldn't want to test just that)20:32
Chipacadobey: polld -> push -> urldispatcher20:32
Chipacadobey: actually polld -> push -> push helper -> postal -> notification centre -> urldispatcher20:33
Chipacadobey: actually polld -> push -> push helper -> postal -> notification centre -> postal -> urldispatcher20:33
Chipacadobey: so ... yeah :) no20:33
Chipacadobey: also could've made it significantly longer by listing all the dbus bits :)20:34
dobeya thing that lets you fake push notifications directly on the phone with no network would be so useful for testing20:35
dobey/usr/lib/arm<tab>/push-client/show-push-notification /tmp/fake-twitter-notification.json20:37
dobeyoh well20:37
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jcbjoe_hi all .. as a regular user of ubuntu-touch rtm 14.09 and non programmer how can i file bugs ? its stable but lot of stuff going on  .. there a fix to the volume ? the speaker and regular volume are the same there is no change ?21:37
jcbjoe_should i reflash  ?21:37
jcbjoe_also my battery is dying very quick on the nexus 4 with ubuntu touch .. are there how tos or guides i don't know about with the ubuntu touch rtm 14.09 i don't know about ?21:39
jcbjoe_anyone around ?21:44
jcbjoe_screen is freezing i need to reboot21:44
dobeyi don't know if there's a good "i just want to report a bug against ubuntu on my phone and don't know what component to report it against" link to use21:49
dobeyi'm not sure what your complaint about the volume is exactly. if i play music on my nexus 4 here it's quite loud, though almost now low frequency sound. it is much quieter when it's sitting on my desk though, than if i'm holding it in the air, due to the speaker placement on that phone21:51
dobeyso if it's sitting face-up on something, it won't sound as loud as it would face-down.21:51
jcbjoe_dobey: when i get a call and i want to put it on speaker the volume seems the same as if its not on speaker22:00
jcbjoe_speaker and regular volume shouldn't be the same22:00
dobeythey aren't22:00
dobeyat least, on my nexus 5, the audio is definitely switched to external speakers from the phone speaker, if i put a call on speaker mode22:01
dobeyhowever, on the nexus 4, the placement of the external speaker may be problematic in that respect22:01
jcbjoe_thats probably what it is dobey22:02
jcbjoe_dobey: are there a lot of tricks i don't know about the ubuntu touch os .. i just know how to turn it on and get messages and use the phone22:03
dobeyi don't know. i'm probably the wrong person to answer that22:03
dobeyi'm deeply involved in some core parts of the system, so i do a lot of nonstandard things. and my brain thinks about problems in fairly nonstandard ways quite often22:05
dobeyjcbjoe_: i can say though, that sometimes, rum helps22:08
jcbjoe_i really want to use this as a primary os it rocks seriosly just being on this thing i don't want to go back to android but just the stuff i've run into i don't like it22:12
jcbjoe_maybe i need a nexus 522:12
dobeyno, the nexus 5 is not officially supported22:13
dobeythere are plenty of people using ubuntu on n4 as their only phone22:14
jcbjoe_oh i see what you mean22:14
dobeynot sure why you are having issues with the lock screen freezing22:14
jcbjoe_dobey: and they are using it as a daily driver ?22:14
jcbjoe_oh wow22:14
dobeyi am as well, on my nexus 522:14
dobeybut there is a lot less support for things on n522:14
jcbjoe_how if your using a nexus 5 ?22:14
jcbjoe_dobey: have you heard of any sound issues ?22:15
jcbjoe_maybe i should just re flash it22:15
jcbjoe_that could probably fix it22:15
jcbjoe_dobey: how baout battery issues from anyone here ?22:15
jcbjoe_dobey: i got to go pick up my kid there is a storm here22:15
jcbjoe_i will research22:15
dobeyno, i don't know of any specific sound issues22:15
jcbjoe_dobey: where should i look though22:15
jcbjoe_is there a website22:16
jcbjoe_or a place i can brows / forms or something ?22:16
dobeybattery usage is not very good on n5, but i don't know about n422:16
dobeymy n4 doesn't have horrible battery usage, but i don't have a SIM in it either22:16
dobeyit's in airplane mode with wifi enabled22:16
keithzgYeah, my Nexus 4 has had great battery life but also has no SIM, which is definitely cheatmode=enabled ;)22:29
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UTLHey, all! So, in order to put Ubuntu Touch on my SD card through Ubuntu Desktop, I'm having to use the terminal command fsck to try to diagnose and fix problems because Ubuntu is having problems writing to it (even though under Windows 7, it works just fine). If fsck doesn't work, what else can I use?23:50
UTLIf nobody can help me here, I'm going to ask the same question under #ubuntu.23:51

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