dzho> They are dependent on cars, for one thing,00:15
dzhoI honestly think that was written unironically.00:15
cmaloneyI've ordered from these folks. I like their pluck00:30
cmaloneyGood morning12:03
brousch_Not good. I think I have to cancel Day of Coding because my kid has The Pink Eye13:02
DrDaemonEyebrousch_: no fun.  :(13:07
DrDaemonEyemorning cmaloney13:07
cmaloneybrousch_: Ouch13:11
brousch_Oh, it's hour of Code, but I volunteered for the whole day13:15
cmaloneyI swear there should be an electric shock for any idiot that doesn't mute their phone on a conference call15:27
brousch_make it so15:28
cmaloneyI'd have to retrofit all the phones15:29
greg-gbrousch_: how's the little dude doing with the pink eye?16:18
brousch_He doesn't care now that he knows the eye drops don't hurt16:19
brousch_Hard part is getting him to wash his hands every time he touches his eye16:22
greg-gguess what the hashtag is for this storm that is (actually decently) drenching the bay area is?16:26
cmaloneygreg-g: BTW: Happy Birthday Rowan. :)16:40
greg-gcmaloney: well done, sir16:46
greg-gI probably will have to not make a big deal out of it with Rowan today, since his party is on Sunday and he'll want to open all of his presents now16:52
brousch_cmaloney: I submit this game as proof you should never surrender http://www.dragongoserver.net/game.php?gid=94923717:21
cmaloneyWEll, no, you're winning. ;)17:22
brousch_cmaloney: I thought I was finished at move 29. He had good structures on top and lower right. I had 3 territory and dead stones17:53
greg-gso, ann arbor-ish people ( jrwren, jcastro who else?): I'll be in town for ~30 hours Mon night -> Tues evening: where should I cowork with you or someone?19:31
jrwrenmy basement?19:34
jrwrenWolverine Brew co?19:34
greg-gI have one call at.... noon michigan time, other than that I can go anywhere19:34
greg-gs/call/google hangout/19:35
jrwrengreg-g: where are you staying?19:38
greg-gChelsea on Monday night, but I have an appt in Ann Arbor Tues morning19:39
jrwrenyou could probably rent for a day at Workentile Exchange if you really want a desk, inet and to work.19:40
jrwrenme, I'd probably do sweetwaters for bfast, work from tehre until ABC opens adn work from there :)19:40
greg-gjrwren: I think you're right19:43
jcastrogreg-g, I got fullblown office here for you if you want19:53
jcastroand an entire bedroom if you need a place to stay of course19:53
greg-gI'll probably stay at the MIL's :)19:56
greg-gjcastro: what do you think of me showing up in the morning, doing my call at noon (to 1), then going to ABC/whatever for afternoon work/beer?19:56
greg-gwhere "morning" == 10ish19:56
jcastrolet me check my calls19:57
greg-gDec 16th19:58
jcastroyeah I can probably do that19:59
jcastrojill will kill me if she can't see you20:00
jcastroso we'll need to work something out if possible20:00
greg-gstill at 258-blah-1006?20:00
jcastrohey you got wheels or need transpo?20:00
greg-gI'll probably rent a car20:00
jcastrodaily standup bbl20:00
greg-gmakes things so much easier20:00
jcastrobut yeah, count me in!20:00
greg-gcool, will call ya20:01
cmaloneyADding events to the loco calendar22:38
rick_h_surgery sucks as does one handed typing :P23:54
rick_h_greg-g: dude i can't drive while you're here!23:55

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