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deltabout mouse cursor themes.... does anyone else have the bug/limitation of X11 that when you set the cursor theme, it only applies to apps that were started AFTER you set it?04:40
deltthis can be annoying when, at login, you have the default theme set, then your window manager / desktop environment sets your cursor theme to whatever you selected....04:40
deltBUT since the desktop background, launchers, panels, etc.... were create BEFORE that happened, when you have your mouse over them, it displays the old (defualt) cursors04:40
holsteinthe bug limitation?04:42
holsteinyou'll need to, at best, restart the applications for the themes to change, AFAIK04:43
holstein i just logout and back in.. is that not acceptable?04:43
holsteinmaybe one of the other DE's do it that way.. unity, or the newer gnome04:43
holsteindelt: anyways, it'll be just like xubuntu, and xfce.. i would go upstream and ask, since, that functionality is not addressed at all in ubuntustuduio04:44
deltyeah, just thought of that.04:46
deltanyway, not very important. just a small detail i noticed.04:46
darkadHi I installed ubuntustudio on a macbook, with two partitions , one for ubuntu and other for data14:44
darkadI can't write on data partition14:44
darkadany help ?14:45
deltdarkad: what filesystem type is your data partition?14:49
darkadresolved thanks15:08
darkadsee you all!15:08

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