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buddhaxubuntuHey can anyone help me get a AWU-2000B 11 mbps usb adapter working in Xubuntu like it used to on Ubuntu One?02:43
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: like it used to on ubuntu one? what does that mean?02:49
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: oh, you mean, a device worked in ubuntu and not in xubuntu? its more likely you are comparing ubuntu 14.04 and xubuntu 14.10, or different versions02:49
buddhaxubuntuholstein: oh, yeah, sorry.02:51
buddhaxubuntuholstein: you have any idea, why? i have the linux drivers for the device but dont know how to install them02:52
holsteinxubuntu *is* ubuntu, and has the sam kernel, and access to the same firmware packages in the repos02:52
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: you typically *dont* need to install any drivers.. where did you get what drivers?02:52
buddhaxubuntuthis device is a decade old, this usb 11mbps wlan device02:53
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: great!.. maybe nail that down a bit, and tell me *exactly* where you aquired the driver you are talking about02:53
buddhaxubuntui forget, but i remember it was very, very hard to find them.02:53
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: since its so old, it could be broken,a nd you are assuming you are having a driver issue02:53
buddhaxubuntuit lights up when plugged in, but you may be right.02:54
buddhaxubuntuit has a green light on it.02:54
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: let me put it this way, xubuntu isnt preventing that, or any device from working.. typically, drivers are just in the kernel, and the kernel is "modular"02:54
buddhaxubuntuholstein: understood.02:54
buddhaxubuntuholstein: but this device, it lights up its light when plugged in. still might not work?02:54
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: but, i remember, from personal experience, fighting for hours with a device like that.. and trying different drivers.. *Then*, i tested in the officially supported operating system, windows, and discovered the device was broken02:55
buddhaxubuntutheres no windows 8.1 or windows 7 drivers for this device02:55
buddhaxubuntuand i only have windows computers running 7 or 8.102:55
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: i understand that friend, but *none* of that means the device isnt broken02:56
buddhaxubuntuand i dont feel like installing a virtual os of windows xp02:56
buddhaxubuntuholstein: i understand.02:56
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: i have a pile of older 11mps gear, and *none* of it works anymore02:56
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: im not saying yours is broken, im just saying, that its plausible that it could be, and you are assuming a driver issue, and troubleshooting that way02:56
buddhaxubuntuholstein: gotcha02:57
holsteinyou can swap drivers *forever* on a broken device like that.. wont help02:57
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: what would i do? put the device in the machine, and, *if* its a usb device, i run "lsusb" in the terminal.. i then (if i see the device in lsusb) i run ifconfig02:57
buddhaxubuntubut windows detects it02:57
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: detects? or uses it?02:57
holstein"detects" also doesnt mean its functional..02:58
buddhaxubuntuholstein: just detects but ill take ur advice02:58
holsteinand, these days, you can get devices 10 times faster than that, that are supported "out of the box" in linux, for under $10 US02:58
holsteinor, free, if you are in the right place at the right time..02:58
buddhaxubuntuholstein: you mean dumpster diving? lol. yeah i'd buy one but i have a wedding coming up with a pregnant fiancee and so on02:59
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: sure.. but its literally the price of a few cups of coffee, for *way* "better" gear..03:00
buddhaxubuntuholstein: when i boot it has a black screen that talks about problems with vga, then a usb device and recommends developer.berlios.de/(something)03:01
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: it?03:02
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: you are referencing other issues with the same hardware?03:02
buddhaxubuntuyes. it doesnt like this old big block vga monitor i have. its been doing it ever since i switched the old machine to an older monitor. anyways, lsusb shows the usb 802.11b adapter but ifconfig doesnt show the wireless adapter03:04
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: it just "showing" in lsusb doesnt mean its not broken, either..03:05
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: what chipset does it say it is?03:05
buddhaxubuntuholstein: one sec, brb03:05
buddhaxubuntuholstein: Just says AIN Comm. Co, and AWU2000-B03:07
buddhaxubuntuerr AWU2000B 802.11b Stick03:07
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: you can run "lspci -vv" and share the line about the wireless device03:07
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: im talking about the chipset.. not the model03:07
holstein!Paste | buddhaxubuntu03:07
ubottubuddhaxubuntu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:07
buddhaxubuntucant find the wireless device in lspci -vv03:09
buddhaxubuntuubottu: i dont have internet on the computer in question03:10
ubottubuddhaxubuntu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:10
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: ubottu is just me talking to you03:10
buddhaxubuntuholstein: lol i see that now03:10
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: should be "lsusb" instead of "lspci"..03:10
holsteinso, try "lsusb -vv"03:10
buddhaxubuntuholstein: lsusb -vv doesnt show anychipsets for any of the devices, not even the mouse that works. says for all device could not be opened.03:13
buddhaxubuntuholstein: i mean lspci -vv showed two chipsets but that was it03:14
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: sure, and i still think, either, that device is broken, or, doesnt support linux well03:14
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: you can share that output with me i a pastebin03:15
buddhaxubuntuwill do03:15
buddhaxubuntubut how do i get that machine online?03:15
holsteini plug a wire in the side03:15
holsteinbut, you can output to a file and a USB stick.. but, at best, you will fiddle with this for a *long* time, and get kind of a mediocre old device to probably work03:16
xubuntu777Im new to linux... I am reinstalling linux because my last setup wouldn't let me login to the root... I never set a password on the Setup but I will this time. Was that the problem before?03:23
holsteinxubuntu777: there is no root anymore like that03:23
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:23
holsteinxubuntu777: you dont need it..03:23
xanguawhy would you log in as root¿ xubuntu77703:23
holsteinyou *can* set that up, but, shouldnt, and shouldnt need to03:23
buddhaxubuntuholstein: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9470773/03:25
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: if i wanted to use that device, and, there would be *many* other things i would do before doing that, i would use the windows xp driver in ndiswrapper03:27
buddhaxubuntuThank  you03:27
holstein!Info ndisgtk03:28
holstein^if ndisgtk is still in the repos, its an easy GUI for doing that03:28
xubuntu72wHello. I have reinstalled Linux Xubuntu because I wasn't able to login to root via Ctrl + Alt + F1 to install my Graphics Card (Geforce GT 640).03:30
xubuntu72wDid I do somthing wrong before?03:31
holsteinxubuntu72w: there is no "root"03:31
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:31
holsteinxubuntu72w: you dont need root, or TTY to install your graphics drivers03:31
holsteinxubuntu72w: you can use "sudo" to install whatever packages you need03:31
xubuntu72wSo how should I install this - http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-295.53-driver03:33
holsteinxubuntu72w: i would install the driver in the repos03:33
buddhaxubuntuThe .inf files are not working with ndisgtk03:35
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: well, they are not advertised, or promised to03:35
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: i try *all* the drivers i can find.. i found a driver from a dell site that made one work once. but, that was literally have trying about 4003:35
holsteinafter trying*03:36
buddhaxubuntuIf it says invalid driver does that guarentee that it does not work?03:36
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: does for me, but, the only guarantee you have is for windows support.. the rest is up to you and trial and error03:37
xubuntu72wI have the DVD from the box, is it any help at all?03:37
buddhaxubuntuThere is a Mac driver too, should I try it on my Mac?03:37
holsteinxubuntu72w: i dont know what "box" you are referencing, but, the nvidia driver is in the repos. you can search with the package manager of your choice, or use the GUI03:38
holsteinbuddhaxubuntu: i would. *if* i see it working somewhere im promised its supposed to work then i know the device is functioning03:38
xubuntu72wEVGA Dispay Driver Installation Disk v 13-690-99-303:39
holsteinxubuntu72w: unless the box states "we support xubuntu 14.04", or whatever operating system you are using, i wouldnt use that03:39
holsteinxubuntu72w: i would install the driver that works with your hardware that is in the default repos, if there is one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia03:39
xubuntu72wJust installed it...03:44
xubuntu72wSeems to have worked...03:44
holsteinxubuntu72w: cheers.. enjoy03:44
AgAuand you only had to tell him 3 times!03:46
xubuntu07wJust checking to see what the md5 hash is for 14.04.1 i38605:06
xubuntu07wawesome thanks05:10
Wacky386Im getting a prob here when installing nvidia drivers (xubuntu 14.04)09:56
ObrienDaveokay, what sort of problem09:57
Wacky386it says cant find version.h when I run the driver installation file09:58
ObrienDaveare you installing the repo version?09:59
Wacky386nope downloaded drivers from the website09:59
Wacky386.run file09:59
ObrienDavehave you tried the repo versions?10:00
Wacky386um no10:00
ObrienDavewell, not knowing anything about nvidia, i would start there. once you get a good install, then try the website version10:01
ObrienDavethere's like 6 versions in the repos10:03
Wacky386trying it now10:04
ObrienDaveand this site might be of use, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/12/install-nvidia-340-65-ubuntu-1504/10:04
Wacky386thank you10:04
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darkadHi I installed ubuntustudio on a macbook, with two partitions , one for ubuntu and other one for data, I can't write on data partition, any help?14:47
GrinchCubedarkad: is it mounted?14:50
darkadif I tye mount: /dev/sda3 on /media/darkad/archivio type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)14:51
GrinchCubewhat does "sudo fdisk -l" says?14:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:51
darkad/dev/sda3  330688608 656307201 325618594 155,3G Linux filesystem14:52
GrinchCubeit should work14:52
GrinchCubemmm maybe its on error and its remounte as ro14:54
GrinchCubetry to umount it and remount it14:54
darkadll says: drwxrwxr-t  3 root   80 4096 dic 11 11:39 archivio/14:54
darkadI did it and I tried mkdir inside : denied permission14:56
GrinchCubetry sudo mkdir14:56
darkadit works and result is ll : drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 dic 11 15:56 prova/14:57
GrinchCubei wonder whats that t on the first ll14:57
darkadI just have copied same line of ssytem partition for the newer ext4 partition14:58
darkadon fstab14:58
GrinchCubei don't knowmore14:59
darkadfstab: UUID=20c36abc-83b4-44ff-b3fe-9ff2748b1240 /media/darkad/archivio/               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       114:59
darkadthanks anyway14:59
GrinchCubedarkad: all i can think about is taht its owned by root15:01
GrinchCubemaybe the folder you made inside the device can be changed of ownership15:02
GrinchCubebut i don't know15:02
darkadGrinch I tried it and it's all right!15:07
darkadsee you!15:07
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synksI have to say, xubuntu is amazing. Been hopping between distros and this one outperforms others in speed, looks and simplicity by FAR. Very glad I stumbled on xubuntu.15:21
* ochosi bows on behalf of the xubuntu team15:23
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azizsince my update to 14.10 some apps aren't styled properly any more, like vlc, keepassx etc.15:43
azizwhere can I find the settings for that? the settings manager doesn't help...15:44
xanguaare those qt apps¿ if they are not following the gtk them you can install qt4-qtconfig to change it15:49
xangua!info qt4-qtconfig15:49
ubottuqt4-qtconfig (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 configuration tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.8.6+git49-gbc62005+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 100 kB, installed size 593 kB15:49
amdciao a tt16:05
amdchi mi può aiutare?16:05
slickymasterWork!it | amd16:06
ubottuamd: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:06
amdok grazie16:07
halpmehi, please paste the wireless information link to try to solve a wireless connection problem17:31
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:31
holsteinhalpme: ^17:31
halpmethe thing with following the instructions is i fear I may break something in my laptop. Now is stable, only problme is, no wireless17:31
halpmei still havent found the usb stick to try the fresh install17:32
holsteinhalpme: have no fear.. have a proper backup, or clone, since *all* hard drives fail.. or experiement with a live iso17:32
drchalpme: But if you're that worried about not being able to follow the guides/instructions, I'd wait until I found my install media.17:34
drcThen backup and try it.17:35
halpmeinstall media?17:35
drcIn this case, your USB stick.17:35
halpmeso, to state the obvious, if neither lspci nor lshw -C network dont detect any wireless device it means that the device is broken or I somehow hit the laptop and its nos diconnected17:39
halpmedrop the "dont"17:40
halpmecan anyone with a wireless connection paste the result for both commands?17:44
xubuntu19whey. i'm a relative greenhorn. its my first try to have linux as mainsystem.17:45
cfhowlett!manual | xubuntu19w17:45
ubottuxubuntu19w: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:45
holsteinhalpme: for me, i will look at all hardware switches.. i have seen 2 cases, where, a switch was controlled from inside windows. look at the keyboard controls, and the side of the machine..17:46
xubuntu19wyes of corse. but my problem is a bit more advanced17:46
halpmeill have to open the unit17:46
xubuntu19wi have searched for a while in the inet to find a solution for my problem: i try to get my chromium cache to my ram disk at xubuntu 14.1017:46
holsteinhalpme: also, test in the officially supported operating system.. if, on "the box", the company states they support windows, and the device doesnt work in windows, then, there is a chance the device is broken17:46
holsteinhalpme: nothing i describe so far states to "open the unit"17:47
halpmethx holsteion17:47
halpmeok, apparently I cannot do anything untill i use a live cd17:47
holsteinhalpme: why?17:47
halpmeholstein: didnt you suggest this approach? Also, to avoid misunderstandings, I dont need to plug in a wireless card, its embedded inside the laptop. The laptop was able to detect and connect to wireless connections17:48
halpmethats why I said "open the unit -laptop-17:48
holsteinhalpme: i suggested the live iso because you said you were "afraid" of losing your installation.. but, you *will* lost that when the hard drive fails17:48
halpmedo you believe this is hard drive failure related?17:49
holsteinhalpme: you should have a proper backup in place, not out of fear of your testing and troubleshooting here, but, because *all* hard drives fail.. taking steps for that factual occurance, and having a proper safe guard will *also* allow you to experiment without fear17:49
holsteinhalpme: no.. i dont believe this is hard drive failure17:50
holsteinhalpme: im saying, since you stated "im afraid to experiment becuase i dont want to lose my installation".. that means you have no backup..17:50
holsteinhalpme: make a backup, and experiment, knowing that you can recover17:50
halpmeholstein: ok, under settings Backups, enable automatic backups? can I do backups using this GUI or should I go termminal mode only?17:51
holsteinhalpme: i cant tell you what to back up, or how you want to back up.. i can tell you how i backup, which may or may not meet your needs17:51
halpmebackup failed: ubuntu one has shut down...#17:52
holsteinhalpme: basically, what you need to do is, imagine you hit the power button on that machine, and *nothing* happens.. you *never* get back into that hard drive *ever* again.. wht data do you want from it? back that up17:52
cfhowletthalpme, OLD news.  shut down months ago after several alerts and warnings17:52
halpmebut I mean, does it make sense to back up in your local folder, or anywhere in your hdd?17:53
holsteinhalpme: ill use http://clonezilla.org/ to make an exact clone of my OS, a "snapshot" basically, that i can revert to17:53
holsteinhalpme: only *you* know what "makes sense" for you, and what you need17:53
holsteinhalpme: do what i suggested.. imagine that hard drive *never* works *ever* again, which *will* happen, and backup the data you would wish you still had..17:53
halpmeholstein: where? online? another hdd?17:54
halpmewould you suggest*17:54
holsteinhalpme: again, friend, i can only tell you what i do, which fits my needs17:54
holsteinhalpme: i personally do a mixture.. but, i already suggested a tool i use that makes a clone of the os17:54
holsteinhalpme: also, *none* of this "fixes" your wifi, so, dont overthink it17:55
halpmeholstein: how often do you bakup?18:01
holsteinhalpme: its, again, personal.. its a matter of how often you create new content that you cant lose..18:05
Hedgeworkhalpme: How often to back up is generally a trade-off between when you can afford the cycles and connection (e.g. laptops are usually less often than desktops because they aren't always on a sane connection, servers don't do large backup operations during peak hours because that would impact responsiveness for users), the cost of losing new data, the space and transfer available on the backup target, and the18:27
Hedgeworkrate at which data is changed/added/removed.18:27
Hedgeworkhalpme: If you would find it helpful, I can give some examples.18:28
halpmexserver question: my screensaver runs slower than when I had the nvidia drivers installed. any tip to try and solve it?18:29
cfhowletthalpme, don' t run screensaver18:29
Hedgeworkhalpme: I'm not a fan of screensavers, personally.  Each one renders a bit differently, so you probably have one that's using some specific 3d instruction set provided by a driver you don't have.  They usually aren't worth trying to bend your system around to accomodate.18:30
drcUnless you are using an old CRT, they are just cycle wasters (unless you like staring at pretty pictures).18:31
HedgeworkThey can be useful for mesmirizing infants.18:34
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drcAnd puppies18:35
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halpmehi, whats the name of the loading masque*, blue masque* you see when loading xubuntu?21:22
halpmenow I dont see any and Im wondering if you can put a picture instead, or your own animation21:22
irgendwer4711hi, ich bin etwas ratlos, updatedb mag den paramter "--localpaths" nicht, dabei steht er doch in der manpage21:41
slickymaster!de | irgendwer471121:42
ubottuirgendwer4711: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!21:42
irgendwer4711I tried to use updatedb, but it didnt like paramter "--localpaths".21:42
halpmehi again21:45
halpmeim a college student and sometimes I find it a good idea to own an ipad (is that what they call it? a small internet connectable device to check bus timetables or your college mail)21:46
halpmething is I wont get anything propietary21:46
halpmeare there any linux options?21:46
nomicdevice = linux21:49
drchalpme: ipad as in tablet...sure...see android (as nomic suggests)21:50
halpmeaint android propietary?21:51
halpmecurrently developed by Google? that kills it21:52
drchalpme: Nope.  According to wikipedia "Android's source code is released by Google under open source licenses, although most Android devices ultimately ship with a combination of open source and proprietary software"21:53
mallHello, often or everytime the computer goes to sleep after being idle for a while, it comes back up with the message (I am translating from spanish): "power manager not authorized"22:01
mallI am on an asus eeepc , with latest xubuntu LTS22:01
mallcan someone help trouble shoot this please?22:01
mallthank you22:01
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