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X-RobOK, This IS CRAZY. How have people even written this code, and, more importantly, HOW ARE THESE TESTS PASSING?07:55
X-Robthat is NOT the syntax for SSH commands.07:55
X-Robit's 'option=var'07:55
X-Robit's all throughout the code, and, unsurprisingly, it doesn't work07:55
X-RobNow I'd love to go 'you guys are all on drugs, how did you even write that'07:56
X-Robbut before I do, I want to try to figure out if _I_ am the one on drugs.07:56
X-RobOh, man, they're quoting it08:05
danialbehzadiHey all,11:33
danialbehzadiI have a VPS and want to run some services like Open-VPN on it and access them remotely, and I want to rn them via juju. Which method should I choose to bootstrap? local(lxc) or Maas?11:33
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lazyPowerdannf: you dont want to use local(lxc)21:17
lazyPowersorry dannf, misping21:18
skaylazyPower: hey, do you know any juju devs who would like to come and give a talk to my linux user group in Chicago?22:43
skayI've been learning it, and would like to talk to people about it, but it would be cooler if an experienced person gave a talk22:43
lazyPowerskay: i would ping the list with that question. Chicago is a bit of a drive for me but there are a few team members in the midwest that could probably make that trip :)22:44
skaylazyPower: oh, right. I'll try the mailing list22:45
skaywe are going through topics we'd like to hear about in the coming months, and I'm making a case for juju, among other things22:52
* skay is in the tail end of the meeting at the moment22:53
lazyPowerskay: when are you looking at having the talk?22:53
lazyPoweri can bring it up next week at our standup22:53
lazyPowerand make sure someone at bare minimum responds to the mailing list post22:53
skaylazyPower: we meet about once a month. The next meeting might be at the end of january (depends)22:54
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lazyPoweryeah, for sure that wont work for me, i'll be giving back ot back talks here in teh burgh and headed to brussels22:54
lazyPowerskay: but yeah - hit the mailing list, and i'll circle back on it after i've spoken to my team.22:54
skayokiedokie. just mailed22:54
skayI could try to see if some companies here might be willing to cover travel costs22:55
skayprobably not enough for overseas flights though22:55
lazyPowerwell, we'd be sending someone close to local23:32
lazyPowermbruzek lives in minnesota and jcastro is from michigan, both of which are close enough :)23:32
mbruzeklazyPower: what are you talking about?23:32
lazyPowermbruzek: skay was asking about local's we could send for a meetup - he's posted to the list about it.23:33
lazyPoweri gave myself a todo to follow up on it on monday23:33
mbruzeklazyPower: Be happy to meet up with other Juju users23:34

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