alex-abreurobru, ping01:19
robrualex-abreu: hey, what's up?01:28
robrualex-abreu: if you want silo 2 published, you gotta approve these merges https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-002-2-publish/74/console01:30
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alex-abreurobru, hey, why the ppa are built against qt 5.4?03:24
robrualex-abreu: that's a good question... Maybe Mirv knows?03:27
alex-abreurobru, it destyroyed my desktop while testing for silos03:27
robrualex-abreu: which silo?03:27
alex-abreuand I think some other do too03:28
robrualex-abreu: i don't understand. In what way did they destroy your desktop? Wouldn't they just fall to install without qt 5.4?03:29
alex-abreurobru, they pulled the qt 5.4 runtimes03:30
robrualex-abreu: but 5.4 isn't even out yet? Sorry i don't know much about qt03:30
alex-abreurobru, I know hence my surprise03:30
alex-abreurobru, the thing is that I citrain host-upgraded this afternoon to test a silo (4), and ended w/ all sorts of weird segfaults, ... I gdb'd them and realized that I had qt 5.4 all over the place, which was apt-cache policied from some silo ppas03:32
alex-abreuhence my surprise03:32
alex-abreurobru, e.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9497219/03:35
robrualex-abreu: well the build log indicates that it built against 5.3, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/192479637/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.ubuntu-html5-theme_0.1.2%2B15.04.20141212.1-0ubuntu1_UPLOADING.txt.gz03:36
alex-abreummh weird03:36
robrualex-abreu: if i had i guess, it sounds to be like you host-upgraded silo 5 instead of 4 ;-)03:37
alex-abreurobru, mmmh yes, I just looked at thecontent of silo 5 :/ ... I must have done both ...03:38
robrualex-abreu: you should be able to just ppa-purge that03:38
alex-abreurobru, grrr, ... sorry :)03:38
robrualex-abreu: no worries!03:38
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