Guest72536i checked firewall addons cookies00:00
EriC^^kokut: it might be an empty .desktop00:01
kokutEriC^^: yea i thought so too,00:01
EriC^^kokut: type grep Name=$ /usr/share/applications/*.desktop00:01
geniiGuest72536: Apparently you're not the only one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225630700:02
Guest72536everythings working expect hotmail page00:02
OerHeksGuest72536, what browser?00:02
k1lping works?00:03
kokutEriC^^: nothing happens00:03
Jordan_Ujost: For future reference, "export LANG=C" in a terminal window will make all commands in that terminal window output in English.00:03
Glitch1I'm having a problem with video playback on Xubuntu 14.04 32 bit, anything with a resolution over ~360x240 drops frames and stutters00:04
Glitch1That's with VLC, Parole, and mplayer, and there is not any performance difference with any of them00:05
Jordan_UGlitch1: Please pastebin the output of "lspic -k".00:05
Guest72536im having problems with hotmail page not opening on firefox00:06
EriC^^Glitch1: i think Jordan_U meant to type lspci -k00:06
Glitch1Jordan_U http://pastebin.com/JaYKgvQT00:06
Glitch1EriC^^ I figured as much00:07
k1lGuest72536: <k1l> ping works?00:07
Guest72536guys im having problems with opening hotmail page on firefox how can i fix00:10
k1lGuest72536: if you dont read the answers stop asking :/00:11
daftykinsGuest72536: probably by responding to people that are helping you.00:11
Guest72536ping works00:11
Jordan_UGlitch1: Does the "Additional Drivers" tool offer to install proprietary drivers for your graphics card?00:11
k1lworks the private mode?00:12
asimovWhere do I find the ncurses devlopement package?00:12
k1lso its a addon or user setting?00:13
Glitch1Jordan_U Nope. I'm not surprised since they haven't offered binary drivers for this card in six or seven years00:13
EriC^^!find ncurses00:13
ubottuFound: libcunit1-ncurses, libcunit1-ncurses-dev, libncurses5, libncurses5-dbg, libncurses5-dev, libncursesw5, libncursesw5-dbg, libncursesw5-dev, libx32ncurses5, libx32ncurses5-dev (and 24 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ncurses&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all00:13
creatorbhello all00:13
Guest72536i checekd addons also00:13
Guest72536its not working today00:14
Guest72536i reinstalled os eventhough not working00:15
daftykinsGuest72536: but kept the same /home ?00:15
k1land its working in private mode from firefox?00:15
Guest72536im so fedup i couldnt fix the problems00:17
daftykinsGuest72536: you know it's outlook.com now right?00:18
one_roOtcan someone explain what the "curl" line does in this shell script? https://gist.github.com/L3viathan/4bb4a9f2efc6e94fc3a200:18
daftykinsGuest72536: so what happens when you try to visit outlook.com - with your cache completely cleared... and firefox restarted?00:19
Guest72536so what can i do00:20
daftykinsGuest72536: i just asked you to do something. do it please.00:20
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squintyGuest72536:  might want to try checking out commandline options too.  > Profile (make a new test one) and Safe-mode.  also there is a #firefox channel here on freenode00:21
k1lGuest72536: are you willing to look for the cause and solve the issue or do you just want to hear "do that and all is solved"? because we can do the first only since we dont know the solution yet00:21
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delta9can someone help me fix ubuntu displaying at a lower resolution?00:22
nabeel_Good morning00:22
daftykinsask a support question if you have one please, new joiners.00:23
delta9can someone help me fix ubuntu displaying at a lower resolution?00:24
creatorbdelta9: try to go additional driver on dash home00:24
daftykinsdelta9: as creatorb says - but can you tell us what your graphics card / device is?00:25
delta9creatorb, no additional drivers available00:25
rahdukecan anyone explain to me why I just lost permissions to read/write to my internal mounted storage drive? I set this up years ago and have never had an issue, all my permissions are correct. I'm not sure what happen to ubuntu but its a complete mess lately00:25
delta9daftykins, radeon 300000:26
Glitch1I'm having a problem with video playback on Xubuntu 14.04 32 bit, anything with a resolution over ~360x240 drops frames and stutters and the CPU maxes out00:26
k1lrahduke: see "dmesg" if the hardware is failing and is mounted ro00:26
squintyGuest72536:  sorry just realized I didn't include   type  firefox --help  in a terminal to see commandline options00:26
Jordan_Urahduke: How are you mounting the filesystem? How are you trying to read from or write to it? What error messages are you seeing exactly?00:26
daftykinsdelta9: ah. unsupported legacy card then. can you install the package "pastebinit" then run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" ?00:27
rahdukeshit "EXT4-fs (sdc1): error count since last fsck: 300:27
rahduke[  305.093151] EXT4-fs (sdc1): initial error at time 1418425364: ext4_mb_generat"00:27
rahdukeJordan_U: I'm mounting in fstab, all the typical read/write permissions00:27
delta9daftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9495674/00:28
rahdukek1l: do you think my drive is failing?00:28
k1lrahduke: yes.see smart info for more detail but i would look out for backing my important data00:29
DarkcoinsHi, I got a VPS-provider which offers me to add several ips for each instance. I was wondering how I can go about using a different ip for each user running their own programs. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, and that all users have access to all ips? Also I guess I would need to configure iptables somehow? Any help would be greatly appretiated :)00:29
bekksDarkcoins: you cant.00:30
rahdukek1l: according to smart data, says disk is "OK" i do see some intermittent errors though due to "old age"00:30
delta9daftykins, it was displaying fine until i tried to install atmel-firmware00:30
Darkcoinsbekks: Would u care to elaborate? :P00:30
bekksDarkcoins: IPs do not depend on the users using them.00:30
rahdukek1l: Spin time is "Pre fail" I imagine this is bad00:31
daftykinsdelta9: great, now you tell us :P tried undoing your action?00:31
Darkcoinsok, so say I got a server with several ips. Would I need to configure iptables or do the rules already apply for all ips?00:31
delta9daftykins, i thought i did, should i try again?00:32
daftykinsdelta9: do you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?00:32
bekksDarkcoins: you cannot configure IPs on a per-user basis.00:33
creatorbdaftykins delta9 how about this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120343700:33
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Darkcoinsbekks: Ok, I understand, but is there a way to say a program should use a certain ip for traffic? If not; what's the point of having several ips on a server?00:34
daftykinscreatorb: no00:34
rahduke" 4.213020] EXT4-fs warning (device sdc1): ext4_clear_journal_err:4606: Filesystem error recorded from previous mount: IO failure00:35
rahduke[    4.213027] EXT4-fs warning (device sdc1): ext4_clear_journal_err:4607: Marking fs in need of filesystem check.00:35
rahdukeis that bad?00:35
delta9daftykins, no i do not00:35
daftykinscreatorb: AMD 4xxx and before have moved to legacy status and can't work at all on newer than 12.04.100:35
bekksrahduke: Yes, yu need to run a full fsck (fsck -f) on the affected filesystems00:35
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: A webserver like apache2 can have virtualhosts configured to route differing sites to different NICs (seperate ips)00:36
bekksAvengerLives: Thats not exactly what he wants to do ;)00:36
rahdukebekks: drive wont even umount00:36
bekksrahduke: why not?00:36
daftykinsdelta9: for some reason the VESA driver is being selected, if you read the file i asked you to pastebin. can you confirm the device line by pasting into here just the single one from "lspci" ?00:36
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: I'm late to the convo, so I appologize, however one of the key reasons for having multiple NICS is load balancing00:37
rahdukebekks: volume busy, think its trying to empty the trash00:37
rahdukeguess i can reboot to shell and do it there00:37
delta9daftykins, come again?00:37
bekksrahduke: I think you are trying to unmount your / filesystem.00:37
rahdukena just my mount00:37
bekksrahduke: And the trash is never emptied upon umount.00:37
rahdukeoh maybe u were right00:37
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: What I wanted to do was running the same program on several users and routing the traffic from each program through separate ips.00:37
bekksDarkcoins: Thats not possible.00:38
Glitch1I'm having a problem with video playback on Xubuntu 14.04 32 bit, anything with a resolution over ~360x240 drops frames and stutters00:38
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: That isn't possible and it wouldn't net you any benefit anyhow00:39
delta9daftykins, i'm unclear as to what you want me to do00:40
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: depending upon the program and your vision, you can absolutely use the logged traffic across multiple INBOUND ips to differentiate users' traffic.00:40
daftykinsdelta9: confirm your device entry from 'lspci' - am i talking swahili again? :P00:40
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: multiple ips on the same system accomplishes a different goal (namely duplication, load-balancing, and backup/failover)00:41
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: It actually would net me a benefit as it is crucial the programs are accessible through only their separate ips :P Kinda wanted to tie a program running on one user to a certain ip. Sucks if it is impossible :(00:41
AvengerLiveswhy not route differing ports per user...?00:42
delta9daftykins, are you asking me to put up a pastebin for that command? i'm sorry but i just don't get what you mean by confirm device entry00:42
rahdukebekks: Ok tried that, now I'm beyond my depth http://pastebin.com/LfsPg6DM any ideas?00:42
daftykinsdelta9: as in confirm it to me... it's a device entry because it's an entry in 'lspci' 's output for a device, :/00:42
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: I must use a certain port for the program, and they need to have different ips00:42
DarkcoinsI guess it just isn't doable then :-/00:42
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: You could conceivably have the same program listen on multiple ports, depending upon the robustness of the configurability of said program.00:43
rahdukebad superblock is bad!00:43
EriC^^delta9: type lspci and check what VGA device you have00:43
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: hmmm, I'm stumped then.00:43
delta9Eric^^, thank you00:43
delta9daftykins, VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RS780L [Radeon 3000]00:44
rahdukegnubie thats kinda clever00:44
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: The programs are part of a decentralized network and require the use of separate ips and ports in order to not get rejected by the rest of the network. Was just wondering if I could cut my costs using only one instance instead of several.00:44
daftykinsdelta9: this firmware you put on, was it in a package?00:45
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: does the VPS offer virtualization? that would consolidate the instances and allow for several NICS00:46
delta9daftykins, i just punched in sudo apt-get install atmel-firmware00:46
daftykins!info atmel-firmware trusty00:46
ubottuatmel-firmware (source: atmel-firmware): Firmware for Atmel at76c50x wireless networking chips.. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3-4 (trusty), package size 449 kB, installed size 860 kB00:46
delta9was trying to get a usb wireless antenna working00:47
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: hmm, I don't think so, I'm using Vultr. I guess they want me to pay for several instances if I need several instances.. makes sense for them not to offer that :P00:49
daftykinsdelta9: just for fun, try booting an older kernel00:49
delta9daftykins, how?00:49
delta9daftykins, and i have confirmed that atmel-firmware is gone00:50
daftykinsdelta9: just before your OS boots, hold left shift, then go to advanced options and pick an older kernel00:50
daftykinsvia what method?00:50
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: Honestly, virtualization sounds exactly like your solution. Not to mention it is a robust failover as well as simple and snappy.  The spool up of similar instances on a single or a few machines is a breeze00:51
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: Migration also allows for seemless hardware upgrades.00:51
EriC^^delta9: which driver were you using for VGA?00:51
delta9daftykins, sudo apt-get remove atmel-firmware and then sudo apt-get purge atmel-firmware00:51
delta9Eric^^, no clue00:51
EriC^^delta9: type lshw -C video | grep driver00:52
AvengerLivesDarkcoins: I wish you the best of luck... I have to get back to work.00:52
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: So I would have an instance where I run VMs that have each their own ip? Sounds like the same problem all over again :P00:52
daftykinsEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9495674/ <-- delta9's - line 423 doesn't look good00:52
daftykinsi've no idea what's causing it though00:52
DarkcoinsAvengerLives: Ok, thank you! I guess it isn't as easy a s I first thought. At least I learned a little more! ^^00:53
EriC^^daftykins: i saw an error about a missing fglrx module dont know if it's relevant00:53
daftykinsnah, unsupported card00:53
EriC^^or it always tries to load it whether it's installed or not00:53
EriC^^oh ok00:53
daftykinsunless delta9 tried to install fglrx and isn't letting us know ;)00:53
delta9daftykins, install what?00:54
daftykinsnevermind, you tried that kernel yet?00:54
delta9daftykins, i don't know how00:54
daftykinsi just told you how00:54
daftykinsdelta9: just before your OS boots, hold left shift, then go to advanced options and pick an older kernel00:55
delta9yep, just saw it00:55
cryptodandaftykins: the 5xxx from ATI are also legacy00:55
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daftykinscryptodan: oh? recent change?00:57
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cryptodandaftykins: never mind I could have sworn that the HD5xxx were legacy00:59
vend0anybody have problems with laptop battery on linux. just switched from windows 7 and its only filling to 50% of the batteries capacity01:01
delta9daftykins, all is well with the kernel ending in .3501:03
delta9daftykins, including atmel-firmware01:03
daftykinsdelta9: err, but you got rid of it? how is it still there? :D01:07
delta9daftykins, on a hunch i reinstalled it. and now everything's happy01:07
daftykinswinnar \o/01:08
delta9daftykins, so how do i get it to constantly boot to the kernel ending in .35?01:09
daftykinsdelta9: read up on changing the default grub kernel01:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:11
delta9daftykins, ya can't give me a quick summary?01:11
daftykinsdelta9: i don't remember offhand. do some work for yourself, you'll be surprised at how satisfying it is.01:13
gr1zzly_be4rhas anyone ever run into the problem of Ubuntu not finding the root folder (/) after running Wubi.exe?01:18
daftykinsnever use WUBI, it is an abomination01:18
sebastiancan someone assist me changing the password of my linksys cisco router? I had done this before with a windows cd but both windows and the cd are gone and I need to modify my password from the terminal somehow01:19
gr1zzly_be4ris there an alternative way to install ubuntu then?01:19
gr1zzly_be4ri'm trying to do it from XP01:19
gr1zzly_be4ri've got the ISO downloaded.01:19
daftykinsburn a DVD or make up a flash drive01:19
gr1zzly_be4rflash drive as in booting from an external hard drive?01:22
bazhangusb stick01:22
daftykinsa hard disk is not a flash drive01:23
arun_hi all01:23
arun_has anyone here used mintconstructor ?01:23
bazhangarun_, from MINT?01:23
gr1zzly_be4rcould i find instructions for doing this on the Ubuntu page?01:24
creatorbowh ya, can i flash my android app using linux, i think i wanna run flashtool etc by wine, what is that runnning perfectly?01:24
bazhang!usb | gr1zzly_be4r01:24
ubottugr1zzly_be4r: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:24
daftykinsgr1zzly_be4r: download universal USB installer from www.pendrivelinux.com01:24
bazhangcreatorb, check the appdb01:25
bazhang!appdb | creatorb01:25
ubottucreatorb: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:25
bazhangcreatorb, then /join #winehq01:25
samthewildoneis chromium recommended over chrome ?01:26
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samthewildoneI've been getting quite a few of crashes and errors in the past couple of days with chromium.01:27
samthewildoneJust purged it...01:27
arun_bazhang: naa, for ubuntu01:27
arun_using mintconstructor for ubuntu01:27
bazhang!info mintconstructor01:27
ubottuPackage mintconstructor does not exist in utopic01:27
bazhangarun_, from where01:28
Guest46751Hey I was looking for help with shell scripting is there a good channel for that?01:30
Ben64#bash perhaps01:30
Guest46751thanks ben01:30
arun_bazhang: I mean, mintconstructor to respin ubuntu01:32
marioxccHi. How can I connect a USB flash memory and restrict it to behave as such (Rather than as a keyboard, etc...)?01:33
daftykinsmarioxcc: you have a flash drive with an identity crisis?01:35
marioxccdaftykins: No.01:37
marioxccThe question is: How can I connect a USB flash memory and restrict it to behave as such (Rather than as a keyboard, etc...)? It's about security01:38
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daftykinsmarioxcc: yeah i read it the first time but you don't make any sense. connecting a "USB flash memory" which = a flash drive?01:40
marioxccdaftykins: It's possible for any USB device to act as a keyboard an input arbitrary keystrokes. It open a security keyboard for arbitrary privileged shell code execution.01:41
marioxcc(In the worst case).01:41
daftykinsyeah you're in the wrong place. try ##linux01:41
marioxccI don't think it's the wrong place, but thanks anyway.01:42
daftykinsit is.01:43
creatorbbazhang ubottu good one sir... (y)01:45
thekeyI am trying to change ulimit for open files for a process. I changed in /etc/security/limits.conf for the user running the process, killed the process, logged out, later confirmed that ulimit -n return the number i specified.01:45
catacostMy usb flash drive is read only despite reformatting a couple of different ways. dmesg says write protect is off. Anyone know how to fix it?01:46
thekeyBut I still get the old number in /etc/<pid>/limits01:46
thekeyAny ideas?01:46
marioxccHow can I connect a USB flash memory and restrict it to behave as such (Rather than as a keyboard, etc...) to close the possible security hole of allowing it to input arbitrary keystrokes as a keyboard?01:46
sebastianhow do i check my ubuntu version?01:49
sebastianthe console command01:49
daftykinscat /etc/issue01:49
daftykinsor lsb_release -a01:49
dodohackerdodohacker is here01:57
daftykinsdodohacker: i wouldn't recommend trying to hack dodos, they're extinct. got an ubuntu question?01:58
JavaJoshI'm back for round two. Ubuntu is booting to a black screen after GRUB. nomodeset only boots to a blackscreen with a mouse cursor01:59
JavaJoshCan anyone help?01:59
alesanapparently firefox says the flash plugin is vulnerable02:00
alesanis it true? what can I do? I want to watch some video.02:00
daftykinsyes. you can install chrome and pepperflash02:00
tewardalesan: Flash for Linux has been out of date for a while - chrome with its pepperflash are pretty useful and are superior (while this basically is us saying Firefox isn't useful here, it's still one solution... one which I actually use.)02:01
alesanno I use firefox as browser. for now the flash plugin should not be used?02:01
daftykinsalesan: it's going to be permanently dead soon.02:02
alesanso there is not even a foreseeable update to flash coming in?02:02
curiousxalesan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9492325/02:02
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daftykinsalesan: no, it got canned by Adobe. no more flash on Linux02:02
JavaJoshUbuntu is booting to black screen after grub, can anyone help? nomodeset is only getting me to a mouse cursor02:02
alesancurfont, will that work on firefox too, or not?02:03
norlanealesan: Flash for Linux has been out of date for a while - chrome with its pepperflash are02:03
JavaJoshversion 14.1002:03
norlane                pretty useful and are superior (while this basically is us saying Firefox isn't useful here,02:03
OerHeksfirefox does not nor will support PPAPI plugins, there is a ppa hack somewhere, but then you wouldn't be safe too.02:03
norlane                it's still one solution... one which I actually use.)02:03
teward!paste > norlane02:03
ubottunorlane, please see my private message02:03
daftykinsJavaJosh: hello again, can you give a little bit more story as to what happened before this? did things ever work?02:03
JavaJoshYes. Today I booted up (in quite an emergency) and after grub...it's black. I retried with nomodeset and I can get to a mouse cursor, but everything is black.02:04
alesandaftykins, well but even if outdated, what is exactly the problem, or the security hole, with the current flash?02:04
JavaJoshdaftykins: Nice to see you again02:04
thiAshi mhlds22102:04
carlos__che è02:05
daftykinsJavaJosh: when it's black do TTYs work? (ctrl+alt+F1 through F6)02:05
carlos__sta cosa??02:05
daftykinsJavaJosh: thanks ^_^02:05
JavaJoshdaftykins: TTYs work when I boot with nomodeset02:05
carlos__mi spiegate che cosa è questa chat?02:05
daftykinsJavaJosh: hmm, got a second computer to see if SSH is alive when it's blank - to try and pull some logs?02:06
dodohackeris another version02:06
dodohackerAstaraOS is the core02:06
arun_bazhang: I mean, mintconstructor to respin ubuntu02:06
daftykinsdodohacker: please go to #ubuntu-offtopic if you have no support questions then.02:06
alesancarlos__, vai a letto, e' tardi ;)02:06
dodohackerthere is aptpackage that covert rpm to apt02:07
alesancarlos__, e' una chat per il supporto di Ubuntu, in INGLESE02:07
dodohackerbut boring why needed anyway02:07
carlos__ah ok02:07
bazhangdodohacker, alien02:07
dodohackerAstaraOS yum is coded with perl02:07
carlos__notte anche a te02:07
OerHeks!es | carlos__02:07
ubottucarlos__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:07
alesanOerHeks, that was Italian...02:07
dodohackerso apt u need to recoded depencies02:07
OerHeksoh, my bad, carlos__02:08
OerHeksthere is a !it factoid, but he understands i think02:08
sebastianhow do I set up my cisco router02:10
sebastianfrom ubuntu02:10
OerHekssebastian, minicom, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CiscoConsole02:11
lucianso, i got ubuntu 14.04 i like it. but what version of wine works best for it?02:12
rypervenchelucian: I'd go with the version in your repos :)02:13
bazhanglucian, check #winehq for their repo02:13
OerHeks!info wine trusty02:13
lucianfrom market02:13
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:13
luciani heard of a new beta version02:14
bazhang /join #winehq lucian02:14
luciani have the 64 bit ubuntu02:14
OerHekslucian, sure, there are always PPA's with newer versions, but carefull, they are not supported here.02:15
turntogodnowFREENODE REPENT NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABiyWY38glg&feature=youtu.be&t=40m31s02:15
OerHeksturntogodnow, please don't spam on #freenode02:16
lucianok. thanks :D02:17
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Glitch1I'm having a problem with video playback on Xubuntu 14.04 32 bit, anything with a resolution over ~360x240 drops frames and stutters regardless of the video player used.02:32
GerowenGlitch1: Probably need proprietary graphics drivers.02:33
Glitch1Gerowen There is no such thing for a Radeon 750002:34
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GerowenGlitch1: If there's no proprietary driver available for your card on Linux, then my guess is you'll have to deal with the stuttering.  If you install the package "mesa-utils" then run the command "glxgears" and maximize the window, I'll bet you get some silly framerate, and maybe even some noticeable tearing.02:36
GerowenGlitch1: I got 60 fps on my ATI Radeon HD 4200 with open source driver, but I'm not having the issue you are with videos tearing.02:37
Glitch1Gerown Why does the driver even matter though? There's no VADPU (or whatever the acronym is) on this card, and the computer plays 480p full screen videos without dropping a single frame on windows, and 720p videos also work fine if encoded properly.02:37
Glitch1Anyone else have any ideas? I've run 480p youtube videos (downloaded of course) in VLC on an 800Mhz Athlon with a Radeon 7500 under FreeBSD. The CPU I'm using now is almost 3x as fast, so the hardware is more than plenty powerful enough.02:45
Chuck_NorrisGlitch1: sudo apt-get install mesa-vdpau-drivers mplayer02:47
Chuck_NorrisGlitch1: then open a video with mplayer, it will run smoother than vlc02:47
Glitch1Chuck_Norris This card doesn't have any vdpau hardware.02:47
Chuck_NorrisGlitch1: sry then, but... try mplayer, it's more lighweight than vlc -.-02:49
Glitch1I have tried mplayer, along with html5 in FIrefox&pale moon and parole, they all perform identically02:50
aep000Does anyone have any experience with setting up mail servers02:50
Glitch1Xubuntu is the only distro I have had this problem with.02:50
aep000I need help setting up my server to automatically setup a mail server on multiple domains02:52
cryptodanGlitch1: what version of Ubuntu?02:55
cryptodanGlitch1: go back to Ubuntu 12.04 and use FGLRX02:56
Glitch1cryptodan I can't really do that. This is for the moment my only computer, and what's more, it's installed to a 32GB USB drive, since I don't have an HDD for it. Also, IIRC fglrx hasn't supported this card since before 2010.02:57
daftykinsGlitch1: err, why are you using such a relic?02:59
daftykinsto be quite honest you just need to get with the times. hardware moves on03:00
cryptodanGlitch1: its supported in in Linux MInt 13 which is based off of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I use FGLRX on it03:00
Glitch1daftykins There is no reason to upgrade this hardware when it is more than capable of doing what I need it to do. It's more than capable of browsing the web and playing 480p video, which is what I use it for. That said, my desktop is a 4.4GHz 6 core monster, I have power when I need it.03:01
Glitch1cryptodan on a Radeon 7500?03:01
bynarieyea bro... get with the program dude!03:01
nahtnamHey! I have a small issue. The media keys on my keyboard arent working. They work for around 10 minutes after I reboot, but after I open a few apps, it stops working. Any know fix for this?03:01
cryptodanona Radeon 420003:02
daftykinsGlitch1: well good luck with that. i don't have the time to deal with those that want to use museum pieces.03:02
Glitch1cryptodan This card is about 10 years older than yours03:02
Glitch1daftykins thanks for the "help" then...03:02
daftykinsGlitch1: you get what you pay for. deal with it.03:03
Glitch1daftykins yes, what I paid almost $2000 for over 10 years ago. I don't need your "help."03:04
daftykinserr, right you paid so that in 10 years some volunteers could join IRC03:04
Glitch1daftykins I'm done with you. Your trolling is sub-par 0/1003:05
bynarienahtnam, what media keys are you refering to?03:06
daftykinsi do not troll, i call out people wasting the channel's time03:06
nahtnambynarie: Play/Pause, Skip, and Back.  Volume works fine no matter what.03:06
Glitch1And I call out trolls and people who are such douchebags that trolling is their normal mode of social interaction. Goodebye.03:06
daftykinsexcellent now we can get back to legitimate support03:08
Glitch1SO is there anyone here to help instead of making an ass of themselves?03:09
Ben64Glitch1: that attitude will not serve you well here03:09
Glitch1Ben64 I'm just trying to get some help with my Xubuntu install, not be told that I should go out and spend more money on something new when what I have now works. That said, the disrespect was targeted at a single user, not the rest of the IRC, sorry if you interpreted it that way, as it wasn't my intent.03:11
daftykinsunsupported card is unsupported.03:13
Chuck_NorrisGlitch1: for that old hardware (sigle core at 800 Mghz with no graphic acceleration support) use another desktop enviroment like "fluxbox" for instance, and/or use "Puppy Linux" which cames with an cut xorg server and it's very very lightweight03:14
Chuck_Norriswith a* cut xorg...03:15
SilverSlimerhey freedom fightes03:15
Glitch1Chuck_Norris I'm actually using Xubuntu 14.04, and the particular computer is a 1.8GHz Pentium M. The computer you are referencing is what I used as an example of what was sufficient to do what I need to do. Anyways, Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately my current situation precludes me from being able to switch distros at the moment.03:17
lucianif firefighter fight fire, crime fighters fight crime, what do freedom fighters fight? :))))03:17
Glitch1lucian Carlin is awesome03:19
lucianyeah :D03:20
AleksejsHomeHi. I have live usb with kubuntu 15.04 on Lenovo B590. Everything works - wifi, eth, sound, bt, touchpad... But when I install it on hdd, none of it works, even eth. Any help?03:20
lucianone of the best :D03:20
luciancarlin and bill hicks :D03:20
SilverSlimerAleksejsHome: Welcome to GNU/Linux03:21
AleksejsHomeSilverSlimer: thanks :)03:21
SilverSlimerAleksejsHome as for the problem, do you at least get to boot to desktop03:21
AleksejsHomeSilverSlimer: yes03:22
xanguaAleksejsHome: SilverSlimer 15.04 is not supported yet03:22
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142503:22
SilverSlimeroh i didn't even notice the version #03:22
AleksejsHomexangua: I see. Is it possible to install 14.* while I'm on 15.04 live?03:23
xmetali have just warmed up to KDE 4.x myself ... really i think 5.x (still not done yet anyway) is too buggy for "regular use"03:23
tewardAleksejsHome: no, you'll need a 14.x live to install 14.x03:23
xmetaljust my view03:24
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
AleksejsHometeward: yeah, but how can I get 14.x on usb if I boot from that usb? I guess I need the 2nd usb but I don't03:24
tewardAleksejsHome: you would have to format the disk as 14.x from a separate computer, or a 2nd usb stick.03:25
xmetaluh how did you make THAT usb? ... dont you have some OS installed ?03:25
tewardAleksejsHome: how did you make your USB then, though?03:25
xmetalor another PC ...yes thats another option03:26
nahtnamAnyone know a solution to the problem I have?03:26
AleksejsHomeI made it yesterday while I was on work. I launched unetbootin and there was "kubuntu daily build" or something, I decided to pick it, that was my mistake03:27
xmetalah ha ... "daily build" means alpha really ... not the latest "stable, supported version"03:28
xmetal(that goes for any distro03:28
AleksejsHomexmetal: yeah :(03:28
xmetala "test of the too-be-released" version so to speak03:28
tewardAleksejsHome: remake the USB with Kubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 on it later at work - might help.  Until then you're kind of stuck.03:29
xmetalbesides i think KDE 5 is "still in development" anyway03:29
quazimodoubuntu 14, why doesn't my cups install have the lpr command?03:30
AleksejsHomesome insane idea: if I use unetbootin to install arch on hdd, then I boot from it, install unetbootin and remake usb to 14.* ? Will it work?03:32
AleksejsHomeafaik, there's no difference in arch live and install images03:32
daftykinsAleksejsHome: why not just install what IS on the flash drive?03:32
botanickillcan anyone help me figure out which linux video driver i need to be using?03:32
daftykinsbotanickill: sure, what's your graphics card?03:33
AleksejsHomedaftykins: because nothing works then03:33
daftykins"nothing works" ?03:33
xmetalwhy arch? (i love arch, dont get me wrong) ... er ... if you can put arch on a usb  ..why not ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10?03:33
botanickillhow do i find that out via terminal03:33
daftykinsbotanickill: lspci03:33
AleksejsHomedaftykins: touchpad, wifi, eth, sound, bt - almost nothing03:33
xmetaldaft ... it is a nightly build of Kubuntu 15.0403:33
botanickillsudo lspci?03:33
xmetalhe/she has on usb03:33
daftykinsxmetal: yeah i read that.03:33
botanickillVGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G96M [GeForce 9600M GT] (rev a1)03:34
daftykinsbotanickill: hmm, what kind of computer is this?03:35
daftykinsbotanickill: definitely no other entries such as intel?03:35
daftykins(intel graphics)03:35
botanickillit is a dell  xps all in one mtg 24 i think03:36
daftykinsbotanickill: so which ubuntu is installed on it?03:37
botanickillits on xubuntu03:37
botanickill14.04 ubuntu03:38
daftykinsbotanickill: run the hardware drivers program and you should be offered different nvidia drivers03:38
AleksejsHomeIt seems that it's possible to write 14.* over 15.* on usb while I'm booted from it03:38
botanickillya thers like six different ones03:38
xmetalyou can reformat the flash drive your booted into while your on it03:39
daftykinsbotanickill: doesn't matter, that device is pretty old. 304 would be ok probably03:40
daftykinsxmetal: no you can't03:40
botanickillit says the 331 is installed but ill switch it the 30403:40
daftykinsbotanickill: well if it's working now, no point changing03:41
daftykinswhat are you after exactly?03:41
botanickillone of the 304 says updates03:41
botanickilli was having minor mishaps with the pc overheating03:41
botanickillshutting off and rebooting03:42
daftykinsthat might be more of a cooling issue than anything to do with the driver used :)03:42
botanickillthats kinda what i figured03:42
daftykinsthen why are you here?03:42
botanickillill tear it apart next and clean it out03:42
daftykinsgood stuff03:42
botanickilljust to check with the experts like yourself03:42
botanickillthanks daftykins!03:43
daftykinslet me give you a piece of advice, never pass off someone elses suggestion as your own thinking03:43
daftykinsit instantly ruins your credibility03:43
daftykinsgood luck on the surgery03:43
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest29079
agravathi all04:06
daftykinsagravat: got a question?04:07
agravatis that safe to update to lxqt lubuntu ?04:07
daftykinserr, come again in English?04:07
agravathave you tried lxqt desktop on lubuntu?04:08
daftykinsnever heard of it04:09
agravatgoogle it04:10
daftykinsagravat: no thanks, no point me learning about something you're using :)04:10
daftykinsor intending to try04:10
xmetallxqt  is the LXDE and RazorQT merging04:10
xmetalthe two projects merged and are making a "combined" DE04:11
agravathave you tried it ?04:11
xmetali have used it before, yes04:12
agravatI heard, its cute environment and very light weight modern DE04:12
agravatand Lubuntu right moving toward lxqt rather than lxde04:13
DeezlAny reccommendations for a good, lightweight file manager?04:20
vizhonaryQuery: Any free (I'm broke) virtual machines that could be used to run Windows off a HD it's already installed on? Got a dual OS machine I want to be able to VM each OS in the other. Free VMware can do it from the Windows side. Don't know one from the Ubuntu side, and VMware on LINUX I find much more limited than the Windows versions.04:20
daftykinsthunar, pcmanfm04:20
slainrwhat do you think about Mate?04:21
shaklakyI need help04:41
shaklakyanyone there?04:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:42
shaklakyI have had an issue with screen brightness on my Acer aspire 7741z-4433. I read an online help guide to fix which had me create a xorg.conf file and edit it then save. I logged out and back in and my screen just goes blank after bios screen. can anyone help? also tried recovery mode by holding shift key and can't get there04:46
daftykinsshaklaky: boot a live session from USB/DVD04:47
shaklakyreinstall Ubuntu or would I be able to fix from there?04:48
daftykinsshaklaky: investigation + fix yeah04:51
quazimodowow just had a 10 minute nap05:14
quazimodofelt like 17 minutes05:14
=== Termana is now known as Guest89690
aarobcHi! So, I updated, and it updated the colonel, and now if I use the new colonel, it doesn't boot :(05:24
linuxuz3rits kernel05:25
daftykinshaha, kernel.05:25
daftykinshowever i hope the chicken is good05:25
xmetali could go for some fried chicken now05:27
xmetalthats the thing i like about kernel upgrades ...IF IT GOES wrong, you can just boot into the old one05:27
ShdwKnghthey there :)05:38
daftykinsShdwKnght: got a question? (to do with ubuntu)05:39
ShdwKnghtwhat is the easiest freeware os to edit? or enhance05:40
ShdwKnghtnote* I only know c++ and basic of java, python and visual basic :)05:41
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:42
daftykinsShdwKnght: this is not a developer channel. this is an ubuntu Linux support channel.05:42
ShdwKnghtoh.. thanks then05:43
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest49566
Guest49566anyone there?05:47
lotuspsychjeGuest49566: as your question mate05:47
Guest49566i want to install ubuntu into a seperate partition that I( have partitioned.  i've tried a couple of times, gone through the whole install, can't boot ubuntu. The only way I can run it is from a live dvd without installing. I have an HP Notebook with win 8.105:52
LoshkiShdwKnght: try #linux05:53
lotuspsychje!uefi | Guest4956605:53
ubottuGuest49566: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:53
lotuspsychjeGuest49566: it would make your life easier if you install ubuntu on your whole HD05:54
andrew__whats ttttthe commanline ofind out what ideo card i have ?05:55
andrew__omg my pc scks05:55
lotuspsychjeandrew__: sudo lshw -C video05:55
lotuspsychjeandrew__: there is always an ubuntu flavor that will suit your pc05:56
andrew__lotuspsychje, thanks05:57
lotuspsychjeandrew__: also check the driver loaded, you can see after driver=05:57
andrew__lotuspsychje, i cant even type fast pc wont keep up skips letters05:58
lotuspsychjeandrew__: what are your system specs?05:59
andrew__just built it out of a bunch of parts no to sure yet i ha 6 towers an used whatve worked06:00
lotuspsychjeandrew__: whats the version of ubuntu you are trying now?06:00
lotuspsychje!details | andrew__06:01
ubottuandrew__: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:01
andrew__i think           4006:01
lotuspsychjeandrew__: 14.04? and what video card / driver?06:01
Guest49566I want to, but I am a bit suspicious about it, I've never run a linux system. I don't want to make my computer unusable. The only flash drive I have is 16 gigs, and my pc tells me I need 19.6 to create recovery media, tried to create recovery media with several dvd's, and it told me I could not use re-writable dvds. I've been very interested in ubuntu, and I want to get microsoft off of my ass. Just can't get it to run on the har06:03
Guest49566ddrive. I've tried installing to an unformatted partition, aand to a nfts formatted partion. My bios won't let me select a boot partion, so I'm not quite sure were all these install files went. But I cannont boot from the hardrive. I am an ameteur.06:03
andrew__lotuspsychje, nouveau driver06:04
lotuspsychjeandrew__: video card chipset? just gave you the command for it06:04
lotuspsychjeGuest49566: thats why it would make your life easy, to install ubuntu on whole hd we will help you find ubuntu software to replace windows06:05
andrew__geforce 6200 le06:05
=== jack is now known as Guest82529
lotuspsychjeandrew__: is unity workable for you (speed?)?06:06
lotuspsychjeandrew__: your ubuntu desktop06:07
lotuspsychjeandrew__: does it lag, or can you work smooth?06:07
andrew__lotuspsychje, lags06:08
lotuspsychjeandrew__: ok, you might wanna check 'additional drivers' icon to test out other grafix drivers06:08
lotuspsychjeandrew__: if that doesnt work out, try xubuntu or lubuntu06:08
andrew__lotuspsychje, not sur if its graphics or system06:09
Guest49566Tell me how to replace windows with ubuntu. The only recordable;e media I have right now is an 8 gig flash drive and a bunch of 4.7 gig dvd rw. I misplaced my 16 g flash drive.06:09
lotuspsychjeandrew__: thats why i asked if your overall system lags, if you click around06:09
cfhowlettGuest49566, download ubuntu .iso, use 8 GB drive to make a boot USB, boot and install06:09
andrew__lotuspsychje, seems ok but if im downloadng andtyping fast letters dont show up06:10
lotuspsychjeandrew__: ok try switching drivers first, see if that improves or not06:10
andrew__or spaces so on06:10
sangahow to resize zfs pool by add freespace available on the same disk ?06:16
sangainitialy i created a 30gb zfs pool, but now i want to expand it with more space available on the same disk.06:16
daftykinspretty sure ZFS isn't officially supported 0o06:18
rawlklol, nope06:19
hellyeahhey is there a way to install ubuntu with online feature?06:19
hellyeahmy usb is broken and i dont have other usb06:20
bubbasaures!mini | hellyeah06:20
ubottuhellyeah: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:20
cfhowlett!install | hellyeah06:20
ubottuhellyeah: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:20
bubbasauresboot it from grub06:20
lotuspsychje!zfs | sanga06:20
ubottusanga: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS06:20
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: cool trigger, didnt know that1 yet tnx06:21
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, happy2help06:21
=== dodohacker is now known as skraito-0x71
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest85250
Guest85250anyone there?06:46
cfhowlettGuest85250, only a few thousand.  just ask your ubuntu questions06:47
akishi all. my last lubuntu system update requires installation of untrusted packages. how can i manage this? should i proceed or not?06:50
Guest85250anyone there? I've been trying to installl ubuntu to my hardrive. I get stuck when I have to select the partiiton, it always tells me "no root system identified." something like that. something about no root. I'm running Ubuntu now from a dvd without install.06:51
daftykinsakis: untrusted? you must be using PPAs06:52
daftykins!ppa | akis06:52
ubottuakis: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:52
daftykinsthus that one is all on you!06:52
daftykinsGuest85250: open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"06:53
akisdaftykins: i am not using any ppa except those have been installed by default during the main first installation.06:54
daftykinsakis: ok, well at least give us some kind of evidence of this message and what it's suggesting it's going to install - so we don't have to guess06:55
akisdaftykins: ok. i will do that. i am now installing the security updates and the base lubuntu systemupdates and i left the "other" updates to isolate which update asks me for untrusted packages to be installed.06:57
=== mitt3ns is now known as agent_white
Guest85250daftykins, I ran the commands. Nothing is happening. I'm not sure what to do. I'm knew to all this, please excuse my ignorance. Do I need to run the commands during install?  If so, how do I open up the command line during install?07:06
metaphysicianHow can I virtualize a 64 bit OS on 14.04 32bit host? By using 64bit host kernel?07:07
daftykinsGuest85250: did you boot with 'try' or 'install' ?07:07
daftykinsmetaphysician: your CPU needs to support hardware VT07:08
metaphysiciandaftykins: it does.07:08
akisdaftykins: i procceeded step by step on the installation and no message for untrusted packages was shown. strange?07:08
daftykinsmetaphysician: then you ought to consult a channel for your virtualisation technology07:08
daftykinsakis: *shrug*07:08
Guest85250daftykins, I've tried install several times, and it doesnt' work, so I have booted try a few times, just to experience Ubuntu. That is how I am here now. I just cannot install.07:10
daftykinsGuest85250: right so you can type those commands into a terminal if you run it. it should give you a URL to paste back here07:10
akisdaftykins: well, who knows. thenk you for your time today.07:10
fanderalmetaphysician: 64bit host can virtualize 32bit and 64bit OSs... 32bit host can only virtualize 32bit OSs07:11
s0nyCan anyone help me with dependencies installing these programs? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9498878/07:14
daftykinsGuest85250: sec, just had to try and coax a cat into the house :P07:19
daftykinsGuest85250: hrmm, things look a bit odd there. your best bet is to share a screenshot once you reach the partitioning stage07:21
vbvbvbhey! how do i open a port in ubuntu  such that i can telnet onto it on localhost?07:22
daftykinstelnet... to localhost...07:23
s0nyCan anyone help me with dependencies installing these programs? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9498878/07:24
vbvbvbdaftykins: I am trying to open a socket , but i get a connection refused error07:24
daftykinsopen a socket? lol.07:25
daftykinsi think you've been watching 24 too much07:25
daftykinsvbvbvb: what are you *actually* trying to do?07:25
vbvbvbdaftykins: A python application is trying to connect to that port. I basically need to test it. So when I run the application its giving connection refused.07:28
daftykinsis anything even listening on that port?07:28
daftykins"netstat -tuln"07:28
vbvbvbThe port isn't present in /etc/services at all. So netstat doesn't display it.07:29
daftykinsyou need something to be running at the other end, you don't just 'open' a port07:30
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
Guest85250I have already partitioned my drive. I have a blank, unformatted partition as well as a nfst formatted partition that I have tried to install to07:35
daftykinsthe output from parted before there does not seem to agree07:36
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest75041
Guest85250The efi file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed.07:40
daftykinsGuest85250: so you're definitely trying to wipe Windows entirely?07:41
Guest85250No, I would rather install ubuntu in a seperate partition. I'm just getting frustrated.07:42
vbvbvbdaftykins: The python application is communicating using the same port on another server.07:42
daftykinsvbvbvb: so why does it need another local port?07:44
daftykinsi think you could explain this a hell of a lot better.07:44
daftykinsGuest85250: it doesn't look like you have Windows anymore.07:45
Guest85250So do I have to use this dvd to boot? I'm won't be too concerned if I I lost Windows07:47
MrSavageanyone here play dota 2 on ubuntu?07:49
daftykinsGuest85250: might be worth going to see if your system even has Windows still07:50
daftykinsi suspect not07:50
Tex_Nicktime for this old coot to hit the sack ... nite everyone ... have fun !!! ;-)07:50
Guest85250Ill try to boot Windows again just too see07:50
Tex_Nickwhoops wrong challel sorry07:50
MrSavagedaftykins, does the ubuntu kernel need to be updated you think? I installed the 14.04 version first07:51
daftykinsMrSavage: a kernel updated to run a game? highly unlikely07:51
MrSavagei've been getting network lag spikes non stop07:51
MrSavageand the ping doesn't jump07:51
daftykinssorry i don't care about games. ask in #ubuntu-steam07:51
MrSavagedaftykins, why would you not care? :(07:52
daftykinsbecause it's not important07:53
MrSavageit's important to me :(07:53
MrSavagedaftykins, what is mainline and all these directories with no version number? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/07:53
=== Jam_Jar is now known as JamJar
MrSavagedaftykins, should I get the one at the bottom? v3.18-vivid07:54
daftykinsMrSavage: i'm sorry your approach is not a sane one to me and i can't help you.07:54
daftykinsi've told you were to ask07:54
MrSavageyeah i asked there i'm waiting07:54
xanguaMrSavage: mainline is no ubuntu modifications kernel,  unsuported kernel here07:54
daftykinsthis isn't Windows, you don't just go with the biggest numbers you can find to hope it'll magically fix everything07:54
MrSavagei think though i'm dropping packets07:55
MrSavagebut i'm not sure how to check07:55
daftykinsvery bold claim07:56
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
MMukherjeeUbuntu (using minimal ISO file) refuses to install08:23
ZombieChickenIs there a sane way to install ubuntu into a chroot?08:23
MMukherjeeIt complains that it can't download some pkg. named 'dh-python'08:23
MMukherjeeNow it complains that it can't install libpython3-stdlib08:30
MMukherjeeWhy? Why? WHY?!08:30
daftykinsbad mirror / bad ISO / bad RAM / bad many things.08:31
MMukherjeeUsing in.archive.ubuntu.com08:32
MMukherjeeminimal ISO from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:33
MMukherjeeRAM is VMware vRAM08:33
MMukherjeeAnything more?08:33
daftykinsyou kinda just told me things instead of actually checking alternatives08:33
MMukherjeeNow it can't download python308:34
daftykins14.10 or 14.04?08:34
daftykinsthat's another thing to try08:34
daftykinsbut yeah, try another mirror08:34
MMukherjeeIt just failed and the installer is crying..08:35
MMukherjee'K, let's try08:35
rigeli just transferred a bunch of files with scp, didnt use the right flags, and now on the remote site they all have the wrong timestamp08:46
rigelis there any way to correct that without transferring everything again?08:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:48
MMukherjeeThanks, it works..08:49
AuvHiya! I am having trouble installing icedtea.08:49
AuvThe error message seems to be related to the fact that IcedTea commands already exist on my computer.08:49
AuvThe only Java-related installation I have done is sudo apt-get install default-jdk08:50
=== jack is now known as Guest45117
mosez_hum... what is a valid value for openssl req -subj to define the contact email?09:01
lug201lug204 à vous09:03
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:03
jakesylHey I'm trying to setup an automated mail service for multiple domains for sending emails   So like mail server on my server (or something) I set domains mx records to my domain and then i can send emails from tere09:06
alterdrewdaftykins.... Windows is gone. Ubuntu is now installed.09:06
alterdrewI was formerly guest 82_____ something09:07
daftykinsjakesyl: not a relevant topic for here.09:08
mosez_do i understand correctly that Subject: C=DE, ST=Bavaria, L=Nuremberg, O=Foo, OU=Administration, CN=www.foo.de/emailAddress=hostmaster@foo.de is a valid entry for www.foo.de?09:08
jakesylubuntu server?09:08
vbgunzdoes ubuntu server 14.04 support btrfs from installation?09:10
daftykinspretty sure it's still experimental, that09:11
vbgunzor do I have to format and partition the disk to btrfs then install ubuntu server?09:11
daftykinsfind the release notes.09:11
mosez_vbgunz: on opensuse btrfs is default xD09:16
daftykinsthat is not an answer.09:16
vbgunzyeah I heard something like that. I'd like to stick with Ubuntu server though, I'm just curious if the 14.04 installer provides a btrfs option or if I should format and partition the disk prior to installation09:17
daftykinsvbgunz: yeah so dig up the release notes09:22
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ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:58
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parsnip¿Is this correct:10:01
parsnipUbuntu flavors of Emacs lack full documentation10:02
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sgo11where can I upload an image? pasteall.org keeps reporting errors: "File could not be moved".10:05
cfhowlettsgo11, imgur imagechilli the list goes on.  choose one10:05
sgo11cfhowlett, thanks a lot.10:06
cfhowlettsgo11, happy2help10:06
sgo11imgur.com does not look like a pastebin. :)10:06
cfhowlettsgo11, pastebin is for posting text images.  pictures go elsewhere.10:07
auscompgeekcfhowlett: "text images"?10:07
auscompgeekwhy hello picassoo, you spambot.10:07
cfhowlettauscompgeek, like this:  http://fpaste.org/159402/10:08
auscompgeekcfhowlett: ah, of course.10:09
sgo11now, the problem: I am running lxde. setup two monitors with xrandr/arandr. everything looks OK except the bottom panel. it doesn't have the right part. xrandr output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9500234/  arandr capture: http://imgur.com/LxOZTWm10:09
sgo11two monitors both are 1920x1080. I tried 1366x768 and 1920x1080 (left rotation), it works fine. but when both are 1920x1080, I got this problem.10:10
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laserssgo11: Did you try moving mouse around in that misconfigured monitor? Sometimes it just need to pan down/up/left/up to its correct place and it'll lock in.10:19
lasersops:   picassoo is a spambot.10:19
sgo11arandr shows the width of the "background" is bigger than the sum of two monitors' width somehow. this doesn't happen with 1366x768 and 1920x1080 combination.10:19
sgo11lasers, i did that. nothing happened.10:20
laserssgo11: Ah okay. I figure it was worth a shot. I had same thing (left rotation on right monitor).10:21
laserssgo11: Could it be that you have a weak graphic card?   # lspci | grep -i vga10:22
lasers(no need for root ; just a comment symbol looking like a root)10:23
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sgo11lasers, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9500397/10:23
sgo11I am using intel driver only. nvidia driver doesn't work with optimus card. (last time I tried)10:24
laserssgo11: I would like suggest you to try NVIDIA Corporation GT218M [GeForce 310M] -- but yeah.10:26
sgo11lasers, I tried nvidia driver half year ago and it didn't work with my optimus card. maybe I can give a try now. :)10:28
laserssgo11: I use nvidia-304 driver for my card because it's not a new machine with new graphic card -- but it works just fine.10:30
sgo11lasers, do you have two graphic cards in your PC/laptop? I tried all the drivers half year ago. none of them works because I have builtin intel card.10:32
laserssgo11: It looks like you might want nvidia-340 instead of latest nvidia driver.10:32
EriC^^sgo11: try the nvidia bumblebee maybe10:32
laserssgo11: No. :)10:33
sgo11actually, I don't want my intel card. I want to disable it totally. but there is no way to do that. BIOS doesn't provide a way.10:37
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mbcx2Hello, I am trying to dual boot ubuntu on my windows pc. I do not have option to run ubuntu alongside with windows 8, I had that option before formatting my whole pc.10:45
dns53mbcx2 the installer tries to detect if an os is installed, install windows first then ubuntu10:47
mbcx2windows is installed dns5310:47
cfhowlettmbcx2, http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/dual-boot-windows-8-ubuntu.html10:47
mbcx2I have sda1 2 3 4 already used, does that prevent the grub loader from installing?10:49
EriC^^mbcx2: no10:49
EriC^^mbcx2: how'd you format your pc?10:50
bekksmbcx2: Using sda1-4 is the reason for not being able to install Ubuntu alongside of windows. You cant create any more partitions, since you already created four primary ones10:51
mbcx2I cleared all the partition and installed windows10:51
mbcx2yes I have 4 primary10:51
unkn0wn_ngHello room10:51
mbcx2do you want to see the windows partition manager?10:51
bekksmbcx2: No.10:51
unkn0wn_ngI am trying to setup a smtp server on my ubundu digital ocean10:51
unkn0wn_ngWho can guide me ?10:51
cfhowlett!server | unkn0wn_ng,10:52
ubottuunkn0wn_ng,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server10:52
atopHi, I'm having a problem with Xubuntu booting to a blank screen. It boots to a black screen with a text cursor in the upper left corner, and the keyboard is unresponsive, I can't even switch to a different TTY.10:52
EriC^^mbcx2: you mean you don't have any unallocated space?10:52
mbcx2any solution for my problem?10:52
mbcx2no currently10:52
bekksEriC^^: HE cynt even use that space. Four primary partitions are already used.10:52
EriC^^bekks: he's using gpt most likely10:52
bekksEriC^^: Why?10:53
mbcx2yes gpt10:53
cfhowlettmbcx2, did you even read the link I sent you?  full description of how to achieve your goal.10:53
mbcx2I am reading it :)10:53
mbcx2going to jump on the live cd ubuntu and continue the tutorial from there10:54
bekksmbcx2: You dont need a live cd for following the link :)10:55
mbcx23. Boot into Ubuntu live session  :P10:55
mbcx2I appreciate your help Ubuntu community :)10:56
mbcx2I wish you good luck!10:56
atopCan someone help me? Xubuntu boots to a black screen with a text cursor in the top left corner. Booting to single user mode and looking at the xorg log, it says that DRI initialization failed because fglrx.ko is missing or incomplete. It was working fine until this last update.10:57
EriC^^atop: try an older kernel10:57
atopEriC^^ All 3 entries in GRUB produce the same result10:58
EriC^^atop: type dpkg -l | grep fglrx10:58
RakoHow can I delete all .o files in a folder?10:59
atopEriC^^ It didn't print anything. I didn't install it through the repos since the version there is out of date.10:59
EriC^^Rako: rm *.o10:59
EriC^^Rako: do that while in the directory11:00
Rakoalright eric11:00
EriC^^atop: it should still show up11:00
EriC^^atop: try to reinstall it11:00
EriC^^how did you install it? dpkg -i ?11:01
atopHow do I reinstall it from the terminal?11:01
EriC^^atop: how'd you install it the first time?11:01
atopNo, I used the installer with the driver from their website11:01
bekksatop: Ouch, that will break upon EVERY kernel update.11:01
Seveasatop: then you'll need to switch back to the non-fglrx driver and rerun it. After every kernel update.11:02
atopIs there a guide to switching it back?11:02
bekksatop: Uninstall all traces of your manual installation. Hopefully the .run from the website has an uninstall option.11:02
bekksThen, install the driver from the repos.11:02
Seveasatop: good luck :)11:03
atopHopefully this works11:03
Seveasatop: just moving xorg.conf out of the way should make Ubuntu use the default driver, which may not be as performant but will at least give you a gui.11:04
atopSeveas, thanks for the tip, as it seems the uninstaller isn't gonna happen11:06
EriC^^atop: did you try ./installer.run --uninstall ?11:06
atopNothing is gonna happen because the filesystem is in read-only mode... wtf11:06
Seveasrecovery mode does that :) mount -o remount,rw /11:06
foxnetHey everyone, I am trying to install Family Farm from ubuntu software center. But it says "not available for current version". I purchased it when I was using 12.10 and I am currently running 14.10. is there a way to install the older version repository11:09
foxnet*from the repository11:10
cfhowlettfoxnet, get the source and compile11:10
foxnetI dont think it is open source11:11
Seveasfoxnet: you could try installing the deb for 12.10 on 14.10, but there's no guarantee at all that that will work.11:11
atopSeveas removing the xorg config didn't do it11:11
atopI guess I'll try manually removing it11:12
foxnetSeveas, can you tell me how make ubuntu software center get me the 12.10 version instead of giving me the message11:12
kobidrifterHow about getting it straight from their site, there's a .tar.gz available.11:13
bekksfoxnet: you cant.11:13
bekksfoxnet: you have to download it from the website and try installing (or even better: packaging) it for your current release.11:14
foxnetbekks, the .tgz is the demo version I have purchased the full version on USC11:16
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atopSeveas Running the --uninstall switch on their installer did the trick11:16
atopthank you very much11:16
kobidrifterfoxnet, if you've purchased it perhaps they can supply an updated package or the full version as a tarball11:16
cfhowlettfoxnet, 14.10?  9 months of support?  Install LTS 14.04 for 3 years of support and test install your game there.11:16
kobidrifteralso if you download the demo, it'll prove if it works on the new version11:17
cfhowlettfoxnet, or ask the game publisher to pretty please package their game for the 9 month lifespan of 14.10 ... good luck with that11:17
kobidrifterOne of the reason I stick with LTS ;-)11:17
cfhowlettkobidrifter, exactomundo!11:18
atopIs there a PPA that packages the most recent stable MESA? Like oibaf, but for stable branches only11:20
bekksatop: "most recent" and "stable" are pretty much contradictory :)11:20
atopbekks The most recent stable branch11:21
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foxnetThe 12.10 demo works brilliantly now I just have to mail the devs to make the full version available for 14+11:25
bekksfoxnet: The devs of that game - it is originally designed for 10.10 :)11:25
giusyl amore bugiardo11:26
atopNevermind, I managed to get the fglrx package generator to work11:26
atopThanks for the help everyone11:26
atophave a good morning11:26
foxnetI just don't understand why USC tries to stop the user from installing older version of the games and let them test it for themselves.11:29
CokeZeroHello, I'm attempting to get assistance for an issue I'm having trying to get files from a USB drive11:31
kobidrifterfoxnet, this is the safest way as it stops users breaking things when the dependencies.  There are aways to force it if you know what you're doing.11:32
CokeZeroI'm attempting to get the files from a USB drive that is FAT32 using Ubuntu 14 from a flash drive instance.11:32
lustici'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to get dev/video0  to show my desktop instead of webcam11:32
kobidrifter*when the dependencies are untested - sorry11:32
Carbon_MonoxideHi! I haven't been using Ubuntu for some years. Now, I have to prepare my application to a user on his Ubuntu desktop. It needs Qt 5.3 for latest UI components.11:41
Carbon_MonoxideSince official package on Trusty repo is.... old... I asked and got this URL from #Qt channel. https://launchpad.net/~beineri/+ppa-packages11:42
Carbon_MonoxideI'm wondering. Is this a backport hosted on Launchpad platform?11:43
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kobidrifterHow about htis: http://www.sysads.co.uk/2014/05/install-qt-5-3-ubuntu-14-04/11:44
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ikoniaCarbon_Monoxide: that package is in a PPA, (personal package archive) it has no promise of working/stability and is maintained by the individual that owns the PPA11:46
cfhowlettCarbon_Monoxide, in other words; you break it, you fix it ...11:47
Carbon_MonoxideThanks kobidrifter! I've read this before. But this is not what I need. I need to install a package for the whole system.11:50
Carbon_MonoxideThanks ikonia & cfhowlett! Is that same as backport package?11:51
cfhowlettCarbon_Monoxide, absolutely not11:51
ikoniait means someone/a group has built a package11:51
cfhowlett!backport | Carbon_Monoxide,11:51
ubottuCarbon_Monoxide,: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging11:51
ikoniait's nothing to do with ubuntu/backports/fixes11:51
ikoniaCarbon_Monoxide: the people who make that package could be amazingly skilled and make a fantastic package, or they could be technically weak and build something that breaks your system11:52
developinTalking about_11:52
Carbon_MonoxideI see11:53
Carbon_MonoxideThanks again to ikonia and cfhowlett11:53
cfhowlettCarbon_Monoxide, happy2help11:53
Carbon_MonoxideI think I got a poor concept on Ubuntu backport11:54
ikoniaCarbon_Monoxide: if you want to use that package, try to actually contact the people who maintain the PPA - get an idea of what they are about and what they are doing any why11:54
Carbon_MonoxideI used to add 3rd party "backport" which was not official11:54
ikoniaCarbon_Monoxide: too few people actually research the PPA's they want to use, it could be fantastic, it could be poor - reach out to the PPA owner11:54
Carbon_MonoxideUbuntu was my favourite distro.   ;)11:56
Carbon_MonoxideBut I like rolling more11:56
thoonaihey, I'd like to mirror some webpage. I tried "lynx -crawl -traversal" but it put out unusable .dat files. "wget -r -np -nc" works but I really can't use it if I'd like to connect it with a cronjob because -nc just checks if the file exists and not if the new file differs from the old one. any idea how I can mirror a webpage and actualize my mirror with a cronjob?11:56
ikoniathoonai: use wget and diff the old/new11:57
grarI'm having a problem install playonlinux on Ubuntu 14.04, it seems I have descended into dependancy hell11:57
ikoniaprobably because it's coming from a 3rd party repo that is poor11:58
ikoniaor it conflicts with other 3rd party repos you have enabled11:58
grarI have no 3rd party repos enabled11:58
ikoniathat is the most common situation11:58
thoonaiikonia: this is not very usable becausw11:58
ikoniagrar: what is the package name you are installing11:58
ikonia!info playonlinux11:58
ubottuplayonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.3-1 (utopic), package size 1103 kB, installed size 4227 kB11:58
ikoniagrar: ok, so thats pulling from multiverse, can you pastebin the problem in detail please11:59
ikoniaeg: the dependencies that are conflicting11:59
thoonaiikonia: its like ~4GB and 4 million files11:59
ikoniathoonai: ok11:59
grarikonia http://pastebin.com/ikgQyycx12:02
thoonaiikonia: gtg thx12:02
grarAT the end of the chain it wants me to remove a ton of completely unrelated packages12:03
ikoniagrar: can youpastebi the whole thing please12:03
grarIncluding a ton that I know for a fact that I use12:03
grarThat is the whole thing12:03
grarall the way down the dependancy chain12:03
ikoniagrar: then where is it saying about removing things ?12:03
grarat the bottom12:03
tirengarfiohow to to startup applications when booting linux? I know thereis an app that manages this, but I would like to do it by hand12:03
ikoniagrar: sorry pastebin didn't fully load12:04
ikonia!info wine12:04
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu6 (utopic), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)12:04
ikoniagrar: what version of ubuntu is this ?12:04
ikonia!info wine trusty12:04
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)12:05
ikoniagrar: ok - so lets just check something12:05
ikoniagrar: can you do "sudo apt-get update" please12:05
grarI've done this several times already, but I'll do so again12:06
grarchain is still broken12:06
ikoniagrar: can you pastebin the ouptut of sudo apt-get update please12:06
grarikonia http://pastebin.com/ei1PiFwN12:07
ikoniagrar: ok, so lets follow the dependency tree12:08
ikoniagrar: can you try to install http://pastebin.com/ei1PiFwN12:08
ikoniagrar: can you try to install libgphoto2-6 please12:08
grarikonia libgphoto2-6 is already the newest version.12:09
ikoniagrar: is your OS 32bit or 64bit12:09
grarikonia 64 bit12:09
ikoniagrar: you need the 32bit package12:10
bibi234when I use "md5sum" command for a file, why does it return the filename in the output?12:10
ikoniagrar: did you install the 32bit package12:10
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bibi234I'd like to only get the checksum12:10
cfhowlettbibi234, fpaste.org         show us12:10
grarikonia libgphoto2-6:i386 : Depends: libgd3:i386 (>= 2.1.0~alpha~) but it is not going to be installed12:10
ikoniaok, so try libgd312:11
ikoniagrar: follow the chain through12:11
grarikonia I'll follow the dep chain and make a new pastebin12:11
ikoniagrar: super12:11
someone235Today, When I've tried to browse pages with flash, I got this message "firefox has prevented the outdated plugin adobe flash from running". I've checked here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/ , and saw that the plugin is up to date. Someone knows how to fix this?12:11
ikoniasomeone235: flash is dead on linux and is very out of date compared to flash on the web12:11
someone235Please don't suggest me to install pepper, because it significantly slowed my browser and PC12:12
ikoniasomeone235: I'm suggest that at all12:12
someone235ikonia, so what should I do?12:13
grarikonia http://pastebin.com/iZB9q2rx12:13
bekkssomeone235: Your only alternative is using PEpperFlash.12:13
ikoniasomeone235: my personal opinion is stop using flash12:13
bibi234cfhowlett: http://ur1.ca/j3tsa12:13
ikoniagrar: did you do the auto-remove ?12:13
someone235bekks, I've just used it for a day, and my PC got stuck anytime I've used flash12:13
grarikonia it wants to remove packages that I know for a fact will break my system if removed12:14
ikoniagrar: wuch as ?12:14
ikoniagrar: such as ?12:14
cfhowlettbibi234, the hash code - ca0de ...12:14
bekkssomeone235: Which doesnt change the fact that Flash is dead on Linux, besides PepperFlash.12:14
grarikonia AT the very least removing vlc-data will break VLC, and I find it hard to beleive removing all those libs won't give me an unbootable system if it's telling me to remove something that VLC depends on12:15
someone235bekks, So if I can't use PepperFlash I just can't use flash on linux?12:15
ikoniagrar: are you sure, remember this is 32bit packages12:15
bekkssomeone235: Thats it, yes.12:15
ikoniagrar: are you sure you are not using the 64bit versions and thus the 32bit ones will not be used any more as they are part of a dependency install that is now osbolete ?12:16
bibi234cfhowlett: yes I know but I'd like to get ride of the filename, is there an option to not display it? or maybe I can chain another command to only grab the first part?12:16
grarit doesn't say that any of those are 32 bit, anwyays, I don't have 32 bit VLC stuff12:16
ikoniagrar: personally - I'd remove them, you can always add them back12:16
ikoniagrar: it's clearly locked in a dependcy issue because of these packages12:16
ikoniagrar: my personal view is don't use play on linux - it's worthless, it's just a front end to wine12:16
cfhowlettbibi234, pretty sure that option exists.  read man md5sum12:16
Ben64grar: what ikonia said, also, the wine in the winehq ppa is much better/newer12:17
grarikonia Not having to install ~30 different wine versions is convenient beyond measure12:17
Foxnetmy system has been freezing at random times. Everything just stops and i hear audio looping (if any playing). I tried reinstalling but the issue persists. I read something called a kernal panic is this one those.12:17
Ben64one of the only times i actually recommend using a PPA12:17
ikoniagrar: I agree, you only need one12:17
ikoniagrar: play on linux doesn't change the wine dependency12:17
ikoniainfact, I don't think people should be using wine - but that is only personal view12:17
grarikonia Witht eh amount of regressions wine has I need several12:17
bekksFoxnet: Do you have keyboard LEDs?12:17
ikoniagrar: I do'nt believe that is realistic12:18
felon_if you use wine might as well have windows.12:18
grarikonia it did remove VLC and Clementine12:18
grarikonia I need one for Steam and 2 games on there, and 2 different version each for 2 older games that I play12:18
bibi234cfhowlett: I don't see such option, they say "The default mode is to print a line with checksum, a character  indicating  type  (`*'  for binary, ` ' for text), and name for each FILE."12:19
ikoniagrar: thats your call, I don't believe that is a realistic way to use your machine especially with wine and its dependencies12:19
cfhowlettbibi234, well, that's the official word then ...12:19
Foxnet you mean backlit of my keyboard. Yes it does but they are not on. They have not been on since I switched to ubuntu12:19
grarikonia Unfortunately Wine tends to have tons of regressions every release, so I'm kind of stuck with it12:20
bekksFoxnet: No. I mean keyboard LED, not backlight :)12:20
bibi234cfhowlett: is it possible to chain a command then?12:20
ikoniagrar: this is one of the reasons I don't think people should use wine12:20
cfhowlettbibi234, of course!  my bash fu isn't up to the task but ##bash would know12:20
grarikonia I would rather everything be native as well, unfortunately most developers would rather die in a car crash than either open source their decade old games, or port their newer ones to Linux12:21
grarikonia anyways it seems removign all of those packages fixed the dependancy chain, and I've reinstalled VLC, so let's just hope my system boots at the enxt restart...12:21
ikoniagrar: I understand your pain, thats why I see a dual boot system as the realistic option for the situation you are describing12:21
ekikWhy can12:22
bibi234cfhowlett: ok thx I'll go there12:22
ekikwhy cant I install finnish language http://pastebin.com/yUcRUgzp12:22
jatt{Uptime} [13:22:37 up 1:51, 3 users] {Load average} [0,36, 0,71, 0,66]12:22
ikoniaekik: what version of ubuntu12:23
ikoniajatt: please disable that script in here12:23
Foxnetbekks, Do you mean the led indicating numlock on?12:23
bekksFoxnet: Yeah :)12:23
ekik14.04 LTS12:23
grarikonia Unfortunately I don't trust Windows/Intel CPUs at all on any of my computers, as I use the same network for highly sensitive work, albeit that goes on on a segregated portion.12:23
ikoniaekik: run sudo apt-get update first then try again and report back12:23
ikoniagrar sorry, you don't trust windows, but you do trust wine.....12:23
ikoniagrar: I'll leave you to work out your own solutions,12:24
grarikonia wine isn't a dozen gigabytes of code with thousands of backdoors that are claimed to be "bugs" every time one gets exploited12:24
ikoniagrar: yes it is12:24
ikoniait's maintained by a group of people that are no more/less trustable than microsoft12:25
Foxnetbekks, y does it matter?12:25
bekksFoxnet: Yes. When your system hangs - do they blink?12:25
grarikonia I trust them more than a company that has already proven it will do anything it takes to make a buck no matter the cost of computer users, and works quite closely with alphabet soup agencies. Also, the attack surface is a tiny fraction of what WIndow's has.12:26
ikoniagrar: up to you12:26
=== Mish|sleep is now known as Mish|Fruehstueck
Foxnetbekks, I haven't noticed that. Is it linux signalling me that it is screwed .12:27
grarikonia If I can't trust Wine, chances are I can't trust Canonical either, but if you don't draw the line somewhere, then you're stuck using your own assembly programs on a 486 with 8MB of RAM12:28
ikoniagrar: up to you12:28
bekksFoxnet: If they are blinking, you are seeing a kernel panic. If they dont blink, you dont :)12:28
grarikonia Well playonlinux has installed, so hopefully I don't have any more dep chain problems and hopefully my system boots next time. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it a ton.12:29
ikoniagrar: you fixed it yourself, so thank yourself12:29
FoxnetThanks for the info bekks, I didn't know that.12:29
k1l_Foxnet: if they blink its broken. so there is something going really bad. named "kernel panic"12:29
hemlishow to add a new standard user from cli ?12:30
cfhowletthemlis, adduser12:31
cfhowletthemlis, well, sudo adduser12:31
hemliscfhowlett: would it give all the standard permission only ?12:32
hemlisor would it create an admin account ?12:32
cfhowletthemlis, man adduser        will tell you all12:32
hemliscfhowlett: ok thanks12:32
White_CatI have a number of users using outlook for their email service12:33
ikoniaoutlook ?12:33
White_Catcan I create a local email address where emails would arrive to?12:33
ikoniaon ubuntu ?12:33
White_Catno not on ubuntu12:34
White_CatI dont care what others use12:34
ikoniaok, so this channel is for ubuntu support12:34
White_CatI need one independent email account on ubuntu12:34
White_Catsimething like admin@mycompaby.com12:34
ikoniaWhite_Cat: ubuntu doesn't impact your email account12:34
White_CatI know that12:34
=== motaka2__ is now known as motaka2
ikoniayour email account is held at your domain12:34
White_CatI am asking for the best practice to set this up12:34
ikoniasetup what ?12:35
White_Catbasically I want existing emails to be delivered to outlook while newly created one(s) to the ubuntu server12:35
kotelhello all i have a problem..when i try to update my os and software from the ubuntu auto update client i get an error that there is not enough freee space in the boot dir and that i should delete some contents to make free space...but in the boot dir i don't know what i should delete...it has varius files named generic..could somebody give me a solution?12:35
ikoniaexisting emails won't get delivered....12:35
ikoniaexplosive: as they have already been delivered12:35
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you're not making sense12:36
White_CatI dont think you are understanding me12:36
ikoniaWhite_Cat: existing emails will already be delivered,12:36
White_CatI have some people using outlook12:36
ikoniaWhite_Cat: outlook is just a mail client,12:36
White_Catgot that?12:36
White_Catthey have their own world. and I dont care about that12:36
ikoniaI understand you have people using outlook mail client on a non-ubuntu platform12:36
KobiDrifterWhite_cat: you could setup ubuntu as a mail relay which thren forwards the old emails to exchange server.12:36
ikoniaKobiDrifter: it won't forward old emails12:36
ikoniaKobiDrifter: it doesn't know about old emails12:37
ikoniathey have already been delivered12:37
White_CatI dont care about old emails12:37
k1l_kotel: please put a "ls -al /boot" into a pastebin please12:37
KobiDrifterMeant old email addresses12:37
KobiDrifterIs outlook talking native exchange or imap?12:37
White_Catis it possible to set it up so that part of the emails are delivered to outlook while select others are delivered to the ubuntu server?12:37
ekikI managed to install finnish language after apt-get update, thank you!12:37
ikoniahow do you know it's even talking to exchange ???12:38
White_Catwell it handles calendars and such12:38
White_Catits the web service12:38
White_Catas in outlook.com12:38
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you'd need secondary MX routing, which is not trivial12:38
White_Catnot the outlook program12:38
bekksWhite_Cat: Either exchange handles all mails for that domain, or it doesnt.12:38
kotelhttp://pastebin.com/ukWtbJjD      here you are mate12:38
White_CatI feared as much12:38
KobiDrifterThats hosted not a Local client so you have no control12:38
bekksWhite_Cat: And you cannot make outlook.com deliver mails to your own mailserver acting as outlook.com. You dont own outlook.com12:39
White_Catbekks, not yet ;)12:39
k1l_kotel: ok so you have 4 kernel installed. you can remove at least 2 of them (the old ones) if you remove the kernel packages with apt-get12:39
bekksWhite_Cat: It never will :P12:39
White_Catwhat? you are saying I cant own microsoft in the near future? What is this sorcery :D12:40
KobiDrifterAgree with bekks will never happen. Need to have local server for this level of control12:40
k1l_kotel: so go with "sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.13.........." you need to fill the .... with the actually package name you can let fullfill with the tab key12:40
=== sjefskoder is now known as Guest50011
bekksKobiDrifter: No. He needs to own that domain. That will never happen. :)12:40
White_Catso one possibility is having all mail arrive locally and then be forwarded to outlook.com?12:40
White_Catbekks no I own the company.com domain12:40
KobiDrifterWhy dont u just get ubuntu clients to talk to outlook.com via imap.12:41
White_Catwell not me but you get the idea12:41
bekksWhite_Cat: But you dont own outlook.com12:41
White_Catuser@company.com is delivered to outlook.com12:41
bekksWhite_Cat: Then where's the problem?12:41
White_Catso I have like 10 user@company.com emails that are delivered to outlook.com12:41
White_CatI want to create 2-3 of them that would be delivered to my local ubuntu server12:42
White_CatI have never done anything like this so I am unsure if it can be done :/12:42
=== Caroga_afk is now known as Caroga
KobiDrifterNope because it is not locL12:42
ikoniaWhite_Cat: it's not going to work12:42
bekksWhite_Cat: I guess the outlook.com setup is that all company mails for al accounts are delivered to the outlook.com servers?12:42
k1l_kotel: support please only in here12:42
White_Catyeah but they are all user@company.com12:43
k1l_kotel: dont delete stuff manually. remove the kernel packages so the system gets not spoiled12:43
KobiDrifterJusy checked and you can talk to imap-mail.outlook.com with fetchmail12:43
bekksWhite_Cat: And outlook.com works the way that you cant specify "usera should be on outlook.com, but userb should be elsewhere".12:43
k1l_kotel: see my message where i explained how you can remove old kernels12:43
White_Cathmm okay12:44
bekksWhite_Cat: So the answer is a clear no. You have to deliver all mails to outlook.com, and you can then use fetchmail to fetch them to your local server.12:44
KobiDrifterBut it sounds like white_cat needs to understand how SMTP works.12:44
White_Catbekks any new account on outlook.com costs money12:44
White_Catlocally it would be free12:44
Ben64White_Cat: its not gonna happen12:44
* KobiDrifter nods12:45
bekksWhite_Cat: And?12:45
Ben64White_Cat: you keep trying to ask the same question in different ways, the answer is always going to be no12:45
bekksWhite_Cat: Thats how they earn money. They arent the Red Cross :)12:45
White_Catbekks red cross also earns money12:45
bekksWhite_Cat: Red Cross doesnt charge your for helping you ;)12:45
ikoniathis has moved away from anything ubuntu related, so I think we should end it12:46
White_Catbekks they charge 0$ :p12:46
White_Catwell yes12:46
bekksWhite_Cat: If you dont want to pay outlook.com, setup your own mailserver for company.com and quit the usage of outlook.com12:46
ikoniaWhite_Cat: you have your answer, your stuck with outlook.com unless you change your provider12:46
KobiDrifterHeres a suggestion, what about a subdomain for those users? I did this for a support team obcr.12:46
kotel@k1l_  so to delete the two old kernels i have to sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.13.0-32-generic + linux-image-3.13.0-37-generic?12:46
White_Catlike user@subdomain.mycompany.com?12:46
White_Catthat would do the trick12:47
KobiDrifterIf ur in control of the dns you can setup different MX records.12:47
ikoniaWhite_Cat: do you control the companies DNS ?12:47
k1l_kotel: yes. you can remove the + and it will delete both packages at once12:47
KobiDrifterI specifically keep dns away from our mail providers so we can stay in control ;-)12:48
bekksWhite_Cat: You'd still have to setup your own mailserver - and then it would be easy to migrate the 7 remaining users as well, which would safe you from administering different subdomains dor your users.12:48
k1l_kotel: and you can remove the linux-headers-.... files ,too12:49
Foxnetbekks, My system just froze and the numlock led didn't blink so it is not a kernel panic. Any idea what might have cause these freezes?12:54
=== user22 is now known as userhtp222
hemlisis gufw is a good gui for Firewall ?12:55
cfhowletthemlis, What IS "good"?  How do you define "good"?12:56
hemliscfhowlett: user friendly ?12:56
cfhowletthemlis, most users would say "yes" IMHO12:57
userhtp222hi guys..i had some problem with my Netgear wifi card..can some one please help..12:57
hemliscfhowlett: ok12:59
lastrodamoon ubuntu 14.04 with GUI additionals drivers i have install the nvidia-331 driver if i switch and install the nvidia-331-updates the nvidia-331driver will be removed ?13:01
bekkslastrodamo: Yes.13:03
szujaHi. I've problem with my sound card, analog output dissapeard, only digital left, http://nopaste.info/bf28662986.html any ideas?13:03
bekkslastrodamo: Because technically, both are different packages.13:03
lastrodamothank you bekks13:06
FoxnetIs anyone here using  A6 based laptops or specifically Lenovo G50-45.13:09
PrezidentHello, how can i unrar a "Dir/alot_rar_files_here" to example /home/prezident?13:09
theadminPrezident: cd /home/prezident and then unrar /path/to/dir/*.rar13:11
theadminI think13:11
theadminIf that fails, use a for loop: for i in /path/to/dir/*.rar ; do unrar $i ; done13:11
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nbusroneDoes anyone know how to remote connection with my Android phone using Ubuntu ? which apps to install since it was connected with USB only ?13:16
cfhowlettnbusrone, airdroid13:17
k1l_nbusrone: sharing network?13:17
PrezidentDidnt work theadmin13:18
nbusronecfhowlett  k1l_ : looking at airdroid , nope not network .Using USB to remote connection.Does it work ?13:18
nbusronecfhowlett  k1l_ : phone is rooted13:18
k1l_nbusrone: what do you want to do remote? share the internet? or load files from/to phone?13:18
theadminPrezident: for i in /path/to/dir/*.rar ; do unrar x "$i" ; done13:19
theadminPrezident: There you go. What an odd syntax for a command :/13:19
nbusronek1l_ : Wanted to fully control the phone displaying my action .Using mouse and keyboard for typing13:19
k1l_nbusrone: oh, ok. then idk13:20
nbusronek1l_ : like an emulator , typing , messaging connected remotely using USB rather than wireless.13:21
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MMukherjeeI broke my sources.list... What to do?13:33
cfhowlettMMukherjee, rebuild copy and paste   http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php13:34
MMukherjeepaste that in my soures.list?13:35
cfhowlettMMukherjee, yep13:35
ZaitzevThat's a nice tool to have. *bookmarked*13:36
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Arriah-ruпривет народ13:40
Arriah-ruесть убунта сервер, 6.06. Никаких иксов не поднято. Сервак стартует и работает, доступ по ссш есть. Но при подключении монитора черный экран. Куда копнуть?13:41
bekks!ru | Arriah-ru13:41
ubottuArriah-ru: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:41
theadminArriah-ru: Пожалуйста, подключитесь к #ubuntu-ru. Также следует заметить, что 6.06 уже не поддерживается, вам там скорее всего просто скажут "обновитесь".13:43
Arriah-rutheadmin: спасибо - обновление не катит. Если и буду то на фрю. Дело в том что там вмваре крутится, а в ней винда 2003 с АД..так что никак обновление не катит13:44
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:52
Thomasloldksup guys13:53
sgo11hi, my laptop has optimus support, one intel card and nvidia card. After installing nvidia driver, I met three problems. if I use only the builtin monitor, everything works fine. but with external monitors: 1, my VGA can not rotate anymore. it works with intel driver before. 2, my UGA (displaylink usb graphic adapter) is no longer listed in xrandr -q output. By running its own test programm "make check", the test passes fine and monitor shows test images. 313:58
sgo11, I can not setup mulitple monitors in nvidia-settings, because it only shows X Screen 0 instead of LVDS/VGA etc...13:58
sgo11PS: I can enable VGA by xrandr command instead of using nvidia-settings.14:00
SilencedCould some one tell me how to adjust brightness of my screen in ubuntu14:00
Silencedubuntu 14.0414:00
Silencedlaptop function keys are not usefull14:01
sgo11actually, there is 4th problem. the fonts become too small to be read. but that is fine for now, compared to the last 3 issues.14:04
=== vyn is now known as Guest16215
_RadioHeadcan i install ubuntu in usb stick?14:10
_RadioHeadbekks: thx14:10
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest31081
lusticnone of the screencasting programs I have seem to caputre the audio playign on my computer : /14:20
sgo11I added "Option "RandRRotation" "on"" to Section "Device" in xorg.conf and then reboot, it doesn't work.14:24
fa7adHello people I don't know where exactly to report this, I have a strong feeling this is a X.org bug. Please take a look at this: http://pastebin.com/DK3vLFcM (near line 828)14:24
fa7admaybe a fglrx bug or I screwed something up (?). Those are from xdiagnose btw14:25
ikoniafa7ad: why is line 80 of interest to you ?14:25
ikoniawhy does this show an Xorg bug ?14:25
fa7adikonia: 828 not 8014:25
White_Catubuntu server 14.10 is beta or stable?14:25
ikoniaWhite_Cat: stable14:26
ikoniafa7ad: thats fine, thats just the lack of systemd14:26
ikoniathats nothing to do with xorg14:26
White_CatHmm I just used sudo apt-get update | sudo apt-get upgrade14:26
ikoniaand ?14:26
White_Catand sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to update my ubuntu from 14.0414:26
White_Catit didnt do that I think14:26
ikoniaWhite_Cat: thats not how you upgrade14:27
White_Catits just 14.04.114:27
White_Catoh? sorry I am new ot this14:27
ikoniaWhite_Cat: I suggest you don't upgrade, I suggest you learn the basics of how the system works14:27
ikoniarather than focusing on upgrades14:27
White_Catthe thing is I have 5 vps and one is 14.10 for whatever the reason14:27
White_CatI'd rather have all of them on the same version14:28
ikoniathen logically you should re-install the 14.10 one to 14.0414:28
fa7adikonia: yesterday i was unable to use my built in keyboard (due to my last apt upgrade). it got fixed after I ran apt upgrade today (in the morning). i noticed xorg being upgraded, maybe the problem was related to xorg?14:28
ikoniafa7ad: a keyboard problem in X could be an xorg problem,14:28
White_Catikonia um not really14:30
White_CatI dont enjoy loosing data :)14:30
ikoniaWhite_Cat: why not really ?14:30
ikoniaWhite_Cat: then back it up14:30
White_CatI just want to upgrade to 14.1014:30
ikoniawhy ?14:31
White_Catany reason why I shouldnt?14:31
ikoniayes, because it's not an LTS release14:31
ikoniaand if you're running 5 VPS (why 5 if you're new to this?) you don't want to be in a position of 9 months of support14:31
White_Catwell, why didnt you say so :)14:31
fa7adWhite_Cat trrust me on this one trusty is far more stable than utopic. I'm on utopic and i kinda miss trusty14:31
White_Cat5 vps because they are dirt cheap and each one is to test something else14:32
fa7adWhite_Cat, I run a huge vps and test hundreds of projects on it, running 14.04. So far suits me fine. but hey to each his own14:33
White_CatI have 5 independent systems in the real world14:33
White_Cateach with their archeic settings14:34
fa7adWhite_cat: okay then :)14:34
White_CatI have the option on testing on the live production system or vpn14:34
White_CatI chose vpn :p14:34
orlockyou mean vps14:34
White_Catah yes14:34
fa7adWhite_cat: offtopic channel ?14:35
orlockany sane person goes LTS for anything important14:35
White_Catfa7ad fine, I got my answer14:35
White_CatI was mainly answering your inquery14:35
fa7adWhite_cat: no i wanna discuss more on this on the other channel :)14:36
lusticHow can I force de/video0  to show my desktop instead of webcam ?14:37
ikonialustic: depends on the app you are using14:37
lusticWell Im trying to steam my desktop on a website/videochatroom,    it only gives me the option to choose my webcam which is dev/video014:38
ikonialustic: so what do you want to stream it ?14:38
lusticI mean, I can stream my desktop with vlc and such,  but this website uses flash player which only allows me to choose my "hp true vision"  webcam14:39
ikonialustic: so what do you want us to do ?14:39
lusticgive me advice on how to do it ?14:40
ikoniait's going to be locked to what flash is doing14:40
lustichmmm... On blasted windows you could use something like manycam,  then flash would let me choose between manycam or my webcam, and manycam would let me show either my desktop or my webcam,  but I cannot figure out how to do this on linux14:41
asarchWhat's wrong with Adobe's flash plugin?14:42
asarchIs it a "massive attack"?14:42
ikoniaparsifal: please don't spam that14:42
ikoniaasarch: an attack ?14:42
asarchJK, I mean, what's wrong?14:43
lusticnothing?  I want to steam my desktop instead of my webcam on a chatroom site,   but it only gives me an option to choose my webcam14:43
ikoniaasarch: what do you mean what's wrong ?14:43
asarchFirefox says it is no safe to use a vulnerable plugin and it should updated14:43
=== konder is now known as Qorak
=== Qorak is now known as Qoray
asarchHowever, it is already updated14:43
ikoniaasarch: flash is dead on linux, so it's very out of date14:43
=== tcpman is now known as Guest48969
asarchOh, it seems to be a problem of Firefox only14:45
momomoIs there a way to control the page down and page up scroll size in ubuntu??14:45
wjdpHi, need some help, I've just scanned a load of documents using the Ubuntu Simple Scan app and have come to save and the button is greyed out, menu items for save are too. Is there anything to be done?14:45
ikoniaasarch: no, flash is dead on linux totally14:45
High-rise_9999Hello. I am using Xubuntu 14.10 (though I installed it from standard Ubuntu) with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti. After restarting, I noticed that my screen resolution is off, so I am guessing that it is no longer being used. I have the correct driver selected in "Additional Drivers" in the Software Updater settings, and again, I only noticed problems after I restarted just now.14:45
asarchWhat do you use instead of Adobe's plugin ikonia?14:46
High-rise_9999Actually, I'm not even sure if my card is being used. Perhaps it is?14:49
High-rise_9999actually never mind my monitor is plugged into the graphics card directly. must be something with the resolution. straneg14:50
tewardasarch: Chrome ships with pepperflash, and is a little more usable - while it doesn't help the Firefox problem, it does allow Flash...14:50
xanguaasarch: I see no warnings like the one you are describing in Firefox, have you run the update manager recently¿14:51
tewardasakura: (alternatively, you can go the very LONG and PAINFUL method of installing Firefox in Wine, installing Windows Flash Plugin into that Wine prefix, and then MAYBE make that Firefox work - i say Painful because there's error issues reported in several of those cases.14:51
tewardxangua: i see the error when you actively run into sites that check the version - it's an issue I believe that has become a lot more recent14:52
asarchYes I did xangua14:53
asarchActually, that was the first thing I did immediately when I saw the warning message14:53
xanguateward: what sites¿ I have the plugin as always active but don't really see flash videos or anything with flash14:53
tewardxangua: been a while since i tested - I use Chrome almost exclusively now14:54
asarchAnd the update from the Firefox itself says that the current version of the installed flash plugin is ok14:54
tewardsince pepperflash14:54
jkbbwrIm on ubuntu server, I got a mobile nvidia graphics card and an embedded intel card, do I want bumblebee ?14:54
asarchThat's the funny thing about this14:54
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
xanguaasarch: I mean the Ubuntu Update Manager14:54
asarchYeah, I also did that14:54
asarchsudo apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade14:55
sybrekhi, my hp laptop is running 14.04 on a intel core 2 duo. unfortunately the latest bios from hp is several years old, so i want give microcodes a try. do i have to do more than installing the package intel-microdata ?14:56
sybrekin other words: how to update microcode ?14:57
asarchAnyway, it seems to be an isolate problem of Firefox because in Google Chrome everything is ok14:59
asarchThank you guys14:59
asarchThank you very much :-)14:59
parmiggianoasarch: have you run dist-upgrade?15:00
asarchNot recently15:01
asarchIs there a new release?15:01
asarchWhat's today?....15:01
parmiggianodist-upgrade is not changing the release version.15:01
ikonianor should it15:01
parmiggianoasarch: in general, you may rather want to use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade than sudo apt-get upgrade.15:03
asarchI see15:03
SkyriderHey golks15:08
quatroxHello Skyrider15:08
SkyriderI'm rather curious.. Is there anyway to launch / open applications through shell (remote connect from another pc) so it launches on the desktop, without share screening?15:09
quatroxssh -X15:09
SkyriderSo far, trying screen sharing.. but it's not properly working..15:09
SkyriderSometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.. quite annoying15:09
quatroxssh -X remote.host cmd15:10
SkyriderI'll try it out, thanks :)15:10
quatroxI use that a lot, since my laptop is very slow (but light weight)15:10
venicci_I need help. I've installed ubuntu to my old xp laptop (1.6ghz 1gb ram) but ubuntu keeps freezing...15:16
tewardvenicci_: try using lubuntu - those specs are kinda low for Ubuntu (which can be pretty heftyish on resources sometimes)15:16
tewardlubuntu or xubuntu15:17
Skyriderhdmi is no longer working15:17
venicci_teward: ah...I thought Ubunty didn't require that much... guess I was wrong again :(15:17
tewardvenicci_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/333795/what-are-the-system-requirements-for-each-flavour-of-ubuntu-desktop15:18
SkyriderHow does ssh -x work exactly?15:18
SkyriderI keep getting could not resolve hostname XXX <- with xxx being the command I used.15:18
Skyridername os service not known.15:18
tewardvenicci_: 'minimum' vs 'recommended', but... even then thats no guarantee - for low spec systems Xubuntu (XFCE) or Lubuntu (LXDE) are a little better, in my opinion15:18
venicci_teward: Allrighty then, I will try anything :)15:19
quatroxssh -X your.remote.host the_cmd_to_execute15:19
tewardSkyrider: -X enables X forwarding - -x disables it15:19
SkyriderI see15:20
parmiggianovenicci_: just as teward said, go with xubuntu or lubuntu. the former is a bit more convenient for the average user. a fresh install would be best... if that's complicated for you, you can install the package xubuntu-desktop (or lubuntu-desktop).15:20
venicci_parmiggiano: downloading it now. one other question... how do I create a boot usb stick in linux... (I'm in mint now on my desktop)15:21
cfhowlettvenicci, unetbootin15:22
quatroxvenicci_ install and use unetbootin15:22
venicci_ah thank you all :)15:22
cfhowlettvenicci, happy2help15:23
Samurairmthe icons on my desktop as I move to leave them as I put them?15:27
Skyrider:-\ great..15:28
Skyriderafter I installed 122mb of updates of a new xubuntu installation..15:28
Skyriderrebooted a few times, and now it hangs.15:28
quatroxSkyrider: any info on the screen?15:28
Skyriderjust the xubuntu logo15:28
Skyriderand the half circle spinning has stopped.15:29
SkyriderI can connect to shell just fine though.15:29
quatroxconnect how?15:30
quatroxvia ssh?15:30
Samurairmwhich the site where to see the pictures?15:30
SkyriderWell this sucks..15:31
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest39492
quatroxSkyrider: without more information it is pretty hard to know what is going on.  What happens if you press and hold <Alt> and then press <F2> ?15:33
=== Guest39492 is now known as Ubuntu-user32
quatroxSkyrider: If you see a login promt, then it is only problems with X15:33
SkyriderTried using those key combinations.. nothing is happening15:34
quatroxI dislike that Ubuntu is not more verbose by default15:34
Skyridersorry that I can't be more specific.15:36
SkyriderBut unsure where to find the logs at start15:36
quatroxI am off (have to catch an air plane)...   see you guys later15:37
Skyrider.have fun catching it15:37
Skyridertry not to die15:37
quatroxSkyrider: good luck15:37
Skyriderwhy would want to catch an airplane these days..15:37
quatroxSkyrider: I will try!!!15:37
elichai2EriC^^, here?15:38
EriC^^elichai2: hey15:41
elichai2I'm just continue working on my laptop :/15:42
elichai2Looking for more ideas15:42
EriC^^elichai2: ok, cool15:43
Skyridernow it appears to work? ..15:44
elichai2What do you say about coping the working Ubuntu from my HDD to the SSD and then puting symlinks in the HDD?15:44
Skyriderand when I close the laptop..15:45
Skyriderand open it again, screen stays black.15:45
SkyriderI see a few error messages disappearing within a second before the splash screen.15:45
SkyriderWhen I enter safe mode, screen seems to work.. but displays a error that needs to be submitted.15:45
SkyriderSomething about header and kernel?15:45
Ubuntu-user32i installed skype on ubuntu 12.04 and it didn't log into  the internet,  always giving me that  unable to log into  the internet15:46
EriC^^elichai2: didn't you install last time?15:47
EriC^^elichai2: it wasn't booting the ssd drive in uefi mode right?15:47
SkyriderI assume this is ATI driver related?..15:47
SkyriderBefore the update, nothing was wrong...15:47
Skyridereverything was working perfectly.15:47
elichai2And not from legacy either15:47
elichai2And I even tried using a /boot/EFI partition on my old hdd15:48
EriC^^elichai2: after you setup the efi on the hdd15:51
EriC^^elichai2: did you boot a live usb, chroot and install the grub package?15:52
sgo11I have both intel and nvidia cards in my laptop. Before installing nvidia driver, it uses intel driver. after installing nvidia driver, it uses nvidia. They all have some problems. How can I use the open source Nouveau driver?15:52
elichai2EriC^^ I runed 'grub-install:15:53
EriC^^elichai2: on the hdd>15:53
EriC^^what happened when you booted?15:54
elichai2I mounted the SSD and the HDD boot partition15:54
elichai2Got grub minimal instalation15:54
elichai2*minimal shell15:54
EriC^^elichai2: ok15:55
EriC^^elichai2: could you see the sdd from there>15:55
elichai2I think not15:55
EriC^^elichai2: i think you should give it a shot again16:03
elichai2Give what a shot?16:03
EriC^^elichai2: install the grub package after you mount /boot/efi , so it installs the necessary files in the efi partition16:03
EriC^^efi on hdd16:03
elichai2Mount both SSD and /boot/EFI, right?16:04
elichai2OK, although I'm thinking that my bios has some problems reading the SSD itself16:04
EriC^^well i think so16:04
elichai2(I checked and there are no badblocks)16:04
EriC^^but you booted grub16:04
EriC^^so it might be able to see the ssd16:04
elichai2Yeah, but grub on the HDD /boot16:04
EriC^^since it loads the gpt and msdos modules16:05
EriC^^yes grub might see it16:05
elichai2And I think I installed the grub on the hdd16:05
sgo11hi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9500234/ in xrandr output, my "Screen 0" is incorrect. it should be 3000 (1920 + 1080) instead of 3840 (11920*2) because I rotate VGA1 left. how to fix the Screen 0 value? thanks.16:10
elichai2EriC^^: now i'm connected from the live usb16:10
elichai2so first i'll format my SSD and reinstall Ubuntu (with /boot/efi on the HDD)16:10
elichai2then i'll try chrooting16:10
elichai2(and we'll check all the other things (i don't even remember what you saw missing last time lol))16:11
elichai2let's hope for good :)16:12
elichai2EriC^^: "Device for boot loader installtion" = HDD or SSD?16:14
elichai2ohh, ok16:14
asarchHow can I know all the details of my current connection (mask, gateway, etc)?16:17
elichai2EriC^^: while it's installing, i found this: http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/16:17
elichai2ever saw that?16:17
elichai2ohh, forget this link lol16:17
asarchifconfig only shows partial information16:17
elichai2i thought it's a software16:17
elichai2not a manual16:17
elichai2EriC^^: there is any chance it's because of the GPT?!16:19
a_random_dudeSsh and tmux is awesome sharing screen.😁16:19
EriC^^elichai2: nope, you need gpt with efi16:20
elichai2ohh, ok16:20
elichai2and i must have /boot/efi partition? (maybe i'll try without one...)16:20
elichai2EriC^^: what this is about?! http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2014/02/05/gpt-disk-partitioning-guide-for-ubuntu-13-10-on-a-pc-with-uefi-firmware/16:21
elichai2"reserved bios boot area 1MB"?!16:21
EriC^^elichai2: no you need a /boot/efi16:22
elichai2EriC^^: just finished installing. now i'm chrooting16:22
elichai2ok, what should i run?16:23
John___i have a problem with ubuntu, firefox and sometime all the session close alone16:23
SkyriderWho is familiar with ssh -X?16:24
Skyriderit says no terminal available and no password (askpass) program submitted.16:24
SkyriderRough translation from my language to english16:24
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=== williamtdr is now known as Guest13351
elichai2EriC^^: here?16:24
elichai2EriC^^: install grub or grub2?16:25
elichai2which one?16:25
=== Guest13351 is now known as williamtdr
elichai2ohh, wait i forgot mounting proc/sys etc.16:25
EriC^^elichai2: 64bit?16:26
EriC^^sudo apt-get install grub-amd64-efi-signed16:26
EriC^^add --reinstall16:27
elichai2EriC^^: E: Unable to locate package grub-amd64-efi-signed16:27
elichai2EriC^^: maybe `grub-efi-amd64-signed`?16:27
EriC^^elichai2: yeah16:27
elichai2or `grub-efi-amd64`?16:27
EriC^^no add signed16:27
llllllllllllllli am new user16:27
llllllllllllllli need some help install game16:27
EriC^^lllllllllllllll: your nickname is obnoxious16:28
elichai2i have no internet in the chroot :\16:28
betaJohn___ perhaps you can install Pale Moon as one browser more?16:28
lllllllllllllllno reic16:28
elichai2i need to copy resolv.conf :)16:28
elichai2forgot that16:28
=== EriC^^ is now known as llll
llll/nick llll or something16:28
=== llll is now known as EriC^^
lllllllllllllllyou know greek?16:29
elichai2EriC^^: ok, finished reinstalling16:29
EriC^^elichai2: ok16:29
EriC^^check efibootmgr -v16:29
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504083/16:30
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
EriC^^elichai2: looks good16:31
EriC^^elichai2: try update grub16:31
elichai2just a sec, i'm installing this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/100232/how-do-i-change-the-grub-boot-order to see what my grub have in it :)16:31
elichai2ohh, i forgot that chroot got no X window16:31
EriC^^elichai2: update-grub and it should mention what it picks up16:32
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504100/16:32
elichai2haven't picked it up :\16:32
l3dxwhat will happen when running out of RAM if not using a swap partition?16:32
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504102/16:32
EriC^^elichai2: sudo parted -l please16:32
submanAfter an upgrade yesterday, I can no longer control my monitors.  They are mirrored and when I try to change them with the nvidia-settings program, it just crashes and the changes do not apply.  Ideas16:33
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504104/16:33
elichai2EriC^^: what?16:33
userhi guys, is there any a good alternative mail client for thunderbird?16:34
elichai2EriC^^: ?16:34
EriC^^nothing you're giving me the links before i mention them16:35
EriC^^it looks great16:35
elichai2lol hahah16:35
EriC^^give it a shot..16:35
elichai2EriC^^: what do you mean? the update-grub show me /dev/sda2. but i installed in /dev/sdb116:35
EriC^^yeah it found an installation on the hdd16:35
EriC^^it also found the kernels on sdb though16:35
EriC^^so it's ok16:36
elichai2EriC^^: ok, i'll try :)16:36
elichai2let's pray :{16:36
elichai2* :P16:36
userhello i am lalalalalalalala16:36
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=== erry_ is now known as erry
elichai2EriC^^: "error: failure reading sector 0xdf94b00 from `hd` error: failure reading sector 0x0 from `hd1`"16:52
elichai2(hd1 is the SSD)16:52
IanWizardI'm on a fresh install of 14.10 with crypted home and swap.  /etc/crypttab has the cryptswap mapped to a uuid, but... it doesn't exist.  blkid gives a PARTUUID for the cryptswap partition (/dev/sda6), but no UUID.  As well, the UUID in cryptswap, is not in /dev/disk/by-uuid/16:53
elichai2EriC^^: here?16:54
IanWizardI can recreate the swap and give it a UUID, but to my knowledge, I can't assign a UUID to a partition that isn't formatted.16:54
IanWizardI tried using the PARTUUID from blkid, but it is in by-partuuid/ and not by-uuid/ so cryptsetup doesn't find it (obviously).16:55
EriC^^elichai2: yeah16:56
elichai2EriC^^: the weird thing, is sector 0xdf94b00 = 234441472. and it dosen't seem my disk have that sector: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504310/16:56
IanWizardI've found many results for this issue on google from various versions, but none that resolve it in such a way that it will actually be automapped and activated.16:56
elichai2EriC^^: wait, i was wrong. last useable sector is: 234441614. ( 234441614 )16:58
elichai2* ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504335/ )16:58
EriC^^elichai2: try fsck -f maybe16:58
elichai2EriC^^: fsck from util-linux 2.25.116:58
elichai2ohh, on /dev/sdb? lol16:59
EriC^^elichai2: try fixparts /dev/sdb17:01
logical_Hello guys, can anyone help me with Evolution the email client like thunderbird it seems like i cant set it up properly17:01
EriC^^elichai2: also try fsck -r /dev/sdb17:01
elichai2EriC^^: This disk appears to be a GPT disk. Use GNU Parted or GPT fdisk on it!17:01
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504429/17:02
elichai2EriC^^: try this? http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/surviving-a-linux-filesystem-failures.html17:02
elichai2EriC^^: to try run alternative superblock? (e2fsck)17:03
EriC^^try what;s in the guide17:03
EriC^^this is a continuation http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=124553617:04
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504473/17:05
elichai2ops, sorry17:05
elichai2EriC^^: found nothing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504483/17:06
Skyriderscreen / freeze issues solved by installing Catalyst Control Center17:07
Skyriderand its drivers.17:07
keithclarkI tried an experiment by installing bumbebee but it did not work.  Now I removed it but I cannot boot up into a gui any more.  Any ideas on how to repair?  It is an nvidia card.17:10
elichai2EriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504572/17:12
logical_Hello guys, can anyone help me with Evolution the email client like thunderbird it seems like i cant set it up properly17:12
keithclarkOk, how to install the nvidia drivers from the command line?17:13
vertebraeBad magic number in super-block17:13
vertebraenever right 666 as super user17:13
bazhangwrong place for that vertebrae17:13
hydrajumphi anyone know how to pop up a notification bubble/message when the network connection is up? network-manager is not installed17:14
EriC^^elichai2: that's fine17:14
elichai2EriC^^: what's fine?!17:14
vertebraesatanic ubuntu is no more17:14
EriC^^cause sdb2 is swap17:14
bazhang!ot | vertebrae17:14
ubottuvertebrae: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:14
elichai2EriC^^: ohh17:15
elichai2EriC^^: so why i got that reading sector error?17:15
EriC^^no idea17:15
compdocelichai2, what does smartctl -a   show?17:16
elichai2compdoc: wait, installing smartmontools17:18
elichai2compdoc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504647/17:18
compdocelichai2, drive looks fine17:19
compdocno bad sectors17:19
elichai2compdoc: so why i get this reading sector error?17:20
yellabs-r2hello all17:20
compdocis it on a raid controller?17:20
thurstylark2Sda is partitioned into 3 partitions: sda1 for OS: 135GB, sda3 for home(s): 100GB, and sda5 swap: 4.3GB. Is there a way to reduce sda1 to 10GB, and expand sda3 to the freed space without formatting sda3 in the process?17:20
elichai2compdoc: i think it has that feature but i don't know if i enabled it17:21
keithclarkanyone with ideas on how to repair a broken video driver?17:21
yellabs-r2there is an option on the live cd in syslinux.cfg  : quiet splash , if i remove the "splash" , will that disable the splash and show the boot code ?17:21
bubbasauresthurstylark2, Yes with gparted on a live media.17:22
squintyyellabs-r2:  remove both17:22
yellabs-r2ok thanks ..17:22
thurstylark2bubbasaures awesome! Is the process or something close to it detailed somewhere?17:23
bubbasauresthurstylark2, chances are you will have to reload grub unless you change the uuid in fstab to a /dev/sda3 before resizing17:23
squintythurstylark2:  gparted web site has a good rundown17:23
PopulusHey. I'm using Ubuntu Gnome and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of / alter / make transparent window title bars when Compiz is not an option. - http://i.imgur.com/GWCFH0G.png - I'm talking about Quassel + the bottom end of Guake terminal.17:24
squintythurstylark2:  http://gparted.sourceforge.net/display-doc.php?name=help-manual17:24
bubbasauresthurstylark2, I would boot the live and take a screen shot of gparted, post it and get the help here.17:24
keithclarkI have an nvidia card, but all I boot into is the command line.  Any ideas on how to repair?17:24
thurstylark2bubbasaures Cool. Thanks!17:24
elichai2EriC^^: how in theory can i boot manually from grub shell?17:25
squinty!nomodeset | keithclark17:25
ubottukeithclark: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:25
solsTiCethurstylark2: it's as simple as click on partition, resize, and wait17:26
thurstylark2bubbasaures Well, this is in prep for a reinstall, so grub should be happy afterwords.17:26
EriC^^elichai2: hold on17:26
yellabs-r2hmm ,can the live cd ( usb ) use nomodeset too ?17:28
bubbasauresthurstylark2, Any resize you want to be sure runs before installing if you can.17:28
yellabs-r2quiet splash nomodeset17:28
EriC^^elichai2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9504741/17:28
EriC^^elichai2: that's my ubuntu entry, use those commands17:28
bubbasauresyellabs-r2, yes, f6 at the forst gui17:28
elichai2EriC^^: to use the if or else?17:29
EriC^^elichai2: no skip all that after set root17:29
elichai2or i'll just check it myself :)17:29
EriC^^just type linux ..... then initrd ....17:29
elichai2if you say so...17:29
elichai2and i need to write down my uuid :\17:29
EriC^^elichai2: you can use set root= /dev/sdb1 i think17:30
elichai2EriC^^: and i don't need to get anything from my /boot/efi partition?17:30
EriC^^no i dont think so17:30
EriC^^try to see if you can ls the ssd17:31
SteelGolemi want to make a folder link to my coding folder on another drive in my home folder17:31
SteelGolemdo i use mount or something else?17:31
ikoniaSteelGolem: right click17:31
ikoniathats all you need17:31
elichai2EriC^^: ok, brb17:32
elichai2EriC^^: i'll try17:32
elichai2wait, i tried it already17:32
elichai2and i got those reading sector error17:33
SteelGolemoh that was easy enough. ikonia, thanks!17:33
SteelGolemi thought i had to do it from a ..command prompt thing17:33
=== LazyO is now known as LazyO|off
keithclarkok guys, I'm really in trouble here.  I have no idea how to fix my ubuntu installation.  I just boot into the command line.  It is nvidia.17:39
nagromltwhat is nvidia?17:39
ikoniaa video card vendor17:39
nagromltI meant... your installing ubuntu on your vc?17:40
ikoniakeithclark: use X failsafe to get the gui up17:40
=== Caroga is now known as Caroga_afk
nagromltor you computer?17:40
ikonianagromlt: computer17:40
keithclarkikonia, how?17:40
ikonianagromlt: the nvidia graphics drivers are a common cause of problems to newer users17:40
nagromltyeah I had issues with it back with ~10.0417:41
nagromlta lot had to do with X(?)17:41
ikoniaX is the display server17:41
keithclarkikonia, how to use x failsafe?17:42
ikoniakeithclark: normally a boot menu option17:42
keithclarkikonia, I get no boot menu17:42
ikoniakeithclark: you can also just move /etc/X11/xorg.conf to your home directory and let ubuntu detect it17:42
ikoniawhich should fall back for you17:42
nagromltWhat VC you have?  vrsion?17:43
nagromltthere is a compatibility list for nvidia cards somewhere with the linux (nvidia) drivers17:44
nagromltand howtos are included17:45
keithclarkikonia, ok, booting into failsafe mode, but now a menu appears.  Run in low graphics, reconfigure graphics,troubleshoot, exit to console.  What should I try?17:47
ikoniakeithclark: run in low graphicas17:47
ikoniakeithclark: now you get a desktop and can take time to fix it properly17:47
=== theadmin|ghost is now known as theadmin
keithclarkikonia, just goes back to the text recovery menu17:48
ikoniakeithclark: you need to review the xorg logs then17:48
keithclarkikonia, wow, I think I'm toast here.17:49
ikoniawhy ?17:49
=== mhhh is now known as mhh
keithclarkikonia, I have no idea what to do here17:50
ikoniakeithclark: ok, so read the xorg log to get an idea, see if there is any errors or warnings that jump out there17:51
HikaruBGhi guys17:52
HikaruBGIs there any tutorial how can I setup VPS ?17:52
ikoniain what way set it up ?17:52
ikoniawhat do you want to do on it ?17:52
HikaruBGikonia, I need few things: I need Web Server, Redmine Server + GIT17:53
jhutchinsHikaruBG: Where will it be hosted?17:53
keithclarkikonia, 'Filed to initialize the nvidia kernel module.  please see the system's kernel....'17:53
HikaruBGit will be hosted on my business server.17:53
ikoniakeithclark: ok - so if you do "lsmod | grep -i nvidia" do you get any results17:53
HikaruBGI need Phalcon PHP, and Java Server17:54
HikaruBGto suppoer multiple web sites17:54
ikoniaHikaruBG: so this is basic stuff, however things like a git server should not be setup without understanding it, if you want your code to be trusted/true17:54
ikonia"java server" what is "java server" ?17:54
keithclarkikonia, nothing17:54
ikoniakeithclark: ok, so there is your problem17:54
ikoniakeithclark: the nvidia kernel module is not loaded17:55
ikoniakeithclark: "sudo modprobe nvidia"17:55
ikoniakeithclark: what happens17:55
keithclarkikonia, nothing17:55
jhutchinsHikaruBG: A VPS implies remote hosting, it makes a big difference what provider you're using.17:55
ikoniakeithclark: no do "lsmod | grep -i nvidia" again, do you get any results17:55
keithclarkikonia, nothing17:55
ikoniakeithclark: ok, so can you do "uname -a" and please show me the output17:56
jhutchinsmodprobe has a verbose option.17:56
HikaruBGjhutchins, Thanks for the explanation17:57
keithclarkikonia, Linux keith 3.13.0-43-generic #72-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 8 19:35:06 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:58
ikoniakeithclark: how did you install the nvidia drivers ?17:58
keithclarkIt has been a long time....17:58
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:58
ikoniakeithclark: ok do "sudo insmod nvidia" what output do you get17:58
sgo11hi, http://hastebin.com/aleqacavif.vbs in xrandr output, my "Screen 0" width is incorrect. it should be 3000 (1920 + 1080) instead of 3840 (1920*2) because I rotate VGA1 left. how to fix the Screen 0 width value? thanks.17:59
keithclarkikonia, could not load module nvidia:  No such file....17:59
ikoniakeithclark: so it looks like you don't have the nvidia module installed17:59
ikoniakeithclark: I would suggest following the guide jhutchins just linked to, to get them installed18:00
jhutchinsikonia: again, use the -v option so insmod/modprobe show what they're (not) doing.18:00
ikoniajhutchins: personally I'm not bothered, I was just doing a dumb test18:00
keithclarkikonia, I am here, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia, but I don't know what to select here.  Very confusing18:05
Wh1tebirdBuilding a router, bridged eth0 and wlan0 network and eth1 is wan network; I don't know how to enable internet traffic to the bridged network besides setting /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to 118:06
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
bazhangtry ##networking Wh1tebird18:08
keithclarkikonia, and how to install from command line?  Completely lost here.18:08
ikoniakeithclark: check the guide jhutchins gave you18:09
keithclarkikonia, I am.18:09
ikoniakeithclark: move /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of that directory and reboot and you'll get a basic Vesa drive desktop18:09
ikoniakeithclark: then you can use the gui tools18:09
hemlisanyone has ppd for CanonLBP2900B ?18:10
keithclarkikonia, there is no X11 directory18:10
ikoniakeithclark: /etc/X1118:10
venicciHello all thanks for the tips. It worked, I have succesfully installed lubuntu and am now on my laptop!18:10
keithclarkThere is no /etc/X11 directory18:10
venicciProblem occurred..: I cannot get my wireless to work (eventhough I have the drivers)18:10
keithclarkikonia, oh wait18:11
=== liquid is now known as VoidMainFunction
keithclarkikonia, there is no file xorg.conf.  There are a few xorg.conf.xxxx18:12
ikoniakeithclark that seems unlikley if you have ever used the nvidia packages, there should be an xorg.conf18:12
keithclarkikonia, I don't know what to say.  It is not there18:13
ikoniakeithclark: what are the names of the xorg files that are there18:13
=== christmascookie is now known as sireedweeb
keithclarkikonia, xorg.cong.04302014 xorg.conf.backup xorg.conf.failsafe xorg.cong.dist-upgrade-xxxxx18:14
keithclarkLike that18:14
ikoniakeithclark: copy xorg.cong.04302014 to xorg.conf and lets use that as a template18:14
venicciI cannot get my wireless to work on my laptop, any ideas?18:14
keithclarkikonia, done18:15
ikoniakeithclark: open that file in a text editor you are happy to use18:15
keithclarkikonia, done18:15
ikoniakeithclark: there should be a line in there that says "Driver"    "Nvidia"18:16
ikoniakeithclark: find that line18:16
keithclarkikonia, found18:16
ikoniakeithclark: replace the word Nvidia with vesa18:17
keithclarkikonia, case sensitive?18:17
ikoniakeithclark: `use lowercase, but it really shouldn't matter18:17
keithclarkikonia, done18:18
ikoniakeithclark: save the file and reboot18:18
keithclarkikonia, rebooting18:18
ikoniakeithclark: to confirm the file should be saved as xorg.conf18:18
keithclarkikonia, It was saved as xorg.conf18:20
ikoniakeithclark: perfect18:20
keithclarkikonia, hmm, just a black screen18:21
ikoniakeithclark: give it a minute18:21
keithclarkikonia, (biting nails and waiting.)18:21
keithclarkikonia, nope, no hd activity and just black screen18:23
ikoniakeithclark: that suggests to me your problem is before X18:23
ikonia!nomodeset | keithclark18:23
ubottukeithclark: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:23
keithclarkikonia, I am so tempted to just throw this machine in the bin and go buy a new one.18:24
keithclarkikonia, how to do those changes when I have a black screen???18:26
ikoniakeithclark: you boot into the recovery shell18:26
fitnessAny good commercial books to learn Bash scripting?18:26
bazhang!abs | fitness18:26
ubottufitness: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/18:26
bazhangfitness, try in #bash as well18:27
fitnessthanks bazhang18:27
venicciI cant get my wireless to work on my laptop, any takers?18:29
jhutchins!tell venicci about wifi18:29
ubottuvenicci, please see my private message18:29
keithclarkikonia, ok, trying to reboot yet again.18:30
venicciah, so even with installed drivers and trying the fwcutter thingy and it not working... I should not look here for help?18:30
keithclarkikonia, black screen yet again18:31
keithclarkikonia, I guess this machine is done, yes?18:35
HZunwhere are the 256 colors for 256 color xterm specified? I know that 16 of the colors are specified in Xresources, but i cant find the location for the rest... ?18:37
keithclarkikonia, I can boot into a live usb stick if this helps any18:40
Chuck_NorrisHZun: for code in {0..255}; do echo -e "\e[38;05;${code}m $code: test"; done18:47
keithclarkikonia, is there any way to install another version of ubuntu to help the repair?18:48
Chuck_NorrisHZun: showrgb18:49
keithclarkikonia, or how can I get my data out and restore this machine?  I guess I could just by a new machine with Wjndows and be done with all this crap18:50
keithclarkikonia, ok, no worries, I've decided to just scrap this machine and buy a new Windows machine.  I've never encountered video drivers in those machines before like this one.18:54
squintykeithclark:  might want to try booting from a previous kernel (if you upgraded to a newer one) from the grub boot menu to see if there is a potential problem with an updated kernel. also try renaming the xorg.conf to something else and reboot (could also try nomodeset again)  just a thought....18:55
keithclarkthanks squinty but I tried that stuff.  I just lost tax data from three years as well.  I hope my backups work!18:56
Chuck_Norriskeithclark: hey! take it easy, your data still there, you can get it back using a live usb or cd18:57
parsnipkeithclark: to backup data, my first thought is always to boot from a live Linux on a flash dirve.18:57
parsnipthough, hoepfully you didin't buy a peice of crap that doesn't boot from USB (windows store hint)18:58
parsnipor i think i've seen dell machines that don't bakc up from usb too18:58
parsnip*boot from18:58
squintyplop boot manager for non usb booting machines18:58
parsnipwhat is plop?18:59
Chuck_Norrisparsnip: http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html18:59
parsnipcan you install that on the most stubborn machines?19:00
parsnipbecause i'm talking about machines that the BIOS would not take priority19:00
squintyparsnip:  cd or dvd   use that to boot which will give usb boot selection as one of it's options19:01
=== JR is now known as Guest69235
parsnipok. cd or dvd should always work?19:02
squintyparsnip:  only one way to find out for sure.  has worked for me over the years ok19:03
parsnipokay, will try it out next time i encounter such a horrible machine as won't boot to usb even after BIOS is informed as such.19:04
parsnipi am getting private spam from Guest38472 re: #cooldude how to report19:05
parsnipor block19:05
paulus68I have a strange behaviour on 14.04 whenever the latest kernel update arrives I get the error that my drive cannot be found19:06
squinty!ops Guest38472 spamming19:06
ubottusquinty: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:06
paulus68this is the error message ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxx does not exist. Dropping to a shell initramfs19:06
paulus68I found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2241460 but that didn't solve the issue either19:07
paulus68parsnip: you are not alone I get the same spammer19:08
carlosman123como entro a un canal hispano?19:08
Chuck_Norris!es | carlosman12319:09
ubottucarlosman123: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:09
carlosman123 /join #ubuntu-es19:10
Chuck_Norriscarlosman123: proba tambien ubuntu-ar o -ve o lo que sea, ubuntu-es esta casi muerto -.-19:10
colmackwondering if someone can help me with a noob problem19:10
Chuck_Norriscolmack: let it go19:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:11
Chuck_Norrisi like noobs question, makes me feel an important people whan i can solve those out :p  -.-  xD19:11
kylefHello world kylef kulh kyle kyle kylef herb kylef marve teward tep19:11
colmacki'm installing ubuntu server 14.10 and during the setup, i hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 and switched to a console.  how do I get back to the installer?19:11
kylefoops, sorry about that* accidentally hit return19:12
Bashing-ompaulus68: encryped file system a factor ? Did you (RE-)install grub per the referenced thread ?19:12
useringsWhat is this simple, minimalistic weather widget (icon)? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-WaImAo_w9Ss/U7Uj0zlXsoI/AAAAAAAATac/t5AfECTc5Ng/s1600/xubuntu1404-dropbox-thunar.png19:12
colmackI checked all the terminals with ctrl-alt-f1 through f12 and none of those seemed to get me back19:12
Chuck_Norriscolmack: try Ctrl-Alt-F#  where # culd be a numbre and 7 it is by defaul a grafical interface19:12
daftykinscolmack: just a heads up, using a non-LTS release for a server is a pretty bad move19:13
paulus68Bashing-om: no encrypted file system and did reinstall grub but no such luck during install of 14.04 I get kernel version ending with .24 (don't recall the complete kernel version19:13
paulus68Bashing-om: however when I upgrade to a more recent version it generates this error message19:14
colmack@Chuck Norris - I tried all of the Ctrl-Alt-F#s with no luck.  Since it's a server install, there's no GUI to revert to on F7.19:14
Bashing-ompaulus68: Can you boot to the grub boot menu, and from there boot to a terminal ( edit the boot parameter line)  ?19:14
paulus68Bashing-om: at this point busy again to reinstall ubuntu and see if my external drives are causing a problem19:15
Node_032Hi. I wonder if I can unplug my USB memory stick after the installation has started? I assume that everything is loaded into RAM or am I wrong? Thanks19:15
colmack@daftykins it's just a personal minecraft server so not too concerned with long term support.  no important data on here.19:15
Bashing-ompaulus68: Roger, we await the outcome. Here to assist.19:15
Chuck_Norriscolmack: then maybe the installer finish its job19:15
daftykinscolmack: righty-o, you'll still get to upgrade fun19:16
paulus68Bashing-om: also checked the drives for failes none found( both HD's are SSD's19:16
useringsNode_302, no, it still will need all files that should be copied on the HDD.19:16
paulus68Bashing-om: failures19:16
DakHi Folks. Is there a terminal command or program I can download with functions similar to Ccleaner?19:17
Bashing-ompaulus68: Good, always a good thing to check the drive's health on occassion .19:17
bekksWhats "ccleaner"?19:17
daftykinsa windows program19:17
paulus68bekks: a windows program that's able to clean registry and a lot of other stuff19:17
bekksI dont think people not using Windows actually know it :)19:18
squintyDak:  bleachbit   in repo's19:18
bekkspaulus68: There is no registry in Ubuntu :)19:18
DakThanks Squinty19:18
paulus68bekks: I know that but you asked what it was so I explained19:18
Node_032userings, thanks for the help.19:18
paulus68bekks: ubuntu tweaks might do the trick I Guess19:19
colmackChuck_Norris:  looks like you were right - I waited until HD activity was done and rebooted the machine and it seems to have finished and all is well.  thanks for the help!19:19
RPesschat to irc is the best19:19
Chuck_Norriscolmack: np19:19
bekkspaulus68: for doing what?19:20
paulus68bekks: cleanup19:20
bekkspaulus68: Cleanup of what?19:21
Chuck_NorrisDak: just a note, ubuntu is not like windows, i meant, those kind of software aren't needed in ubuntu, i meant, your distro will keep performing at the same speed19:21
paulus68bekks: unused packages remove old kernel versions to name a couple19:21
bekkspaulus68: thats what apt-get is for.19:21
DakChuck_Norris: I'm mainly concerned about cookies and other such internet history gremlins that allow advertising profiles to be built.19:23
RPessola pessoal19:23
RPesswhat the channels brazilians19:23
Chuck_NorrisDak: ok nvm19:23
Chuck_Norris!br | RPess19:24
ubottuRPess: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.19:24
RPess#ubuntu -br19:24
paulus68Bashing-om: running the first series of updates19:24
Chuck_Norris!fr | gopal19:25
ubottugopal: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:25
paulus68Bashing-om: running the first series of updates19:26
Bashing-ompaulus68: K. just need to know when done, and the result when install completes .19:26
paulus68Bashing-om: sorry double  however I'm running a seperate homedrive can that cause a problem by any chance19:27
Bashing-ompaulus68: Not if you told the installer ( something else) where /home is .19:27
paulus68Bashing-om: I mean that ubuntu is storing data on the seperate homedrive when installing updates19:28
paulus68Bashing-om: I know that for example firefox has an hidden config folder that stores the most important data can this be the case when upgrading the kernels?19:29
Bashing-ompaulus68: All depends on what you told the installer, and if what you said is the truth .19:29
High-rise_9999It appears a recent update broke my nvidia drivers. My screen resolution is fixed at something around 600x400, and I keep getting system error reports that something with nvidia-uvm is broken. I tried reinstalling nvidia-current to no avail.19:30
paulus68Bashing-om: I instructed the installer to connect to my second sdd and call it /home19:30
paulus68Bashing-om: and I'm not here to lie about the problem that I'm encountering now I try to solve it :)19:32
Bashing-ompaulus68: And /home does exist on that 2nd SSD drive ? Should have been set up prior to the (RE-)install .19:32
High-rise_9999I usually use xfce, but when I switched to my unity desktop nothing happened when I logged in.19:32
High-rise_9999I don't know of any way to change my screen resolution, or what's wrong.19:33
paulus68Bashing-om: was an existing homedrive that was there prior to the reinstall19:33
High-rise_9999My graphics card is doing **something**, as my monitor is plugged into it directly.19:33
High-rise_9999(using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti)19:33
Bashing-ompaulus68: Should be good to go . I expect no problems .19:33
paulus68Bashing-om: rebooting to kernel version 3.13.0-4319:33
High-rise_9999I was not experiencing problems before the recent kernel update.19:34
High-rise_9999I tried reinstalling the old linux-headers and linux-headers-generic packages, but I got an error.19:34
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999: are you using xfce ?19:35
Bashing-ompaulus68: That is the latest kernel -> sysop@1404mini:~$ uname -r >> 3.13.0-43-generic . Looking good !19:35
High-rise_9999Chuck_Norris: yes19:35
High-rise_9999Chuck_Norris: I installed the xubuntu-desktop package a few weeks ago.19:35
rawfodogI cant get virtual box guest additions to work in my ubuntu VM. Has anyone else run into this problem ?19:36
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999: swith to a TTY19:36
SchrodingersScatrawfodog: what have you done?  the ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run ?19:37
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999: you still using lightdm right?19:37
paulus68Bashing-om: sofar so good but did everything without use of external HD's19:37
rawfodogSchrodingersScat, yes19:37
High-rise_9999Chuck_Norris: yes19:37
sl4ppyQuick question:  Windows share drive's I navigate too via Caja and bookmark have a write to speed of about 60MB/s.  Drives mounted with CIFS in my fstab only write at about 10MB/s.  What can I do to bring fstab mounted shares write speeds up?19:37
rawfodogIve installed the build essentials and linux headers, but when I restart it still doesnt fit my host resolution correctly.19:37
kronos-i have a meeting about free software at https://plus.google.com/events/cdctm6gr9s2fe2jplajaqal36uk19:37
High-rise_9999Chuck_Norris: hold on for a minute, going to install irssi and switch into tty19:38
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999: ok19:38
fmoohey all, is there any way to keep ubuntu from installing nvidia drivers that are unsupported by my card?19:38
dougielanyone do any embroidery digitizing with linux?19:38
Bashing-ompaulus68: External hard drives will not be a factor . Other systems are in place to pick up external hard drives .19:39
SchrodingersScatrawfodog: I just had a kernel update, I only ran that and restarted, then it was back to normal :?19:39
julianvbI would like to know if it's feasible to use free Microsoft Natural Voices SAPi in Linux.19:39
bekksjulianvb: Thats a Windows API, isnt it?19:40
High-rise_9999__Chuck_Norris: okay, in tty19:40
rawfodogSchrodingersScat, it's the latest version of ubuntu, 1419:40
rawfodogMaybe I should try ubuntu 1319:41
bekksrawfodog: No, you shouldnt. Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 are out of support already.19:41
julianvbYes. I thought perhaaps one could use it via Wine.  This is just a random thought on my part.19:42
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999__: move nvidia's .run installer into your home folder19:43
=== gian is now known as Guest73022
rawfodogI dont get it. Im using the same version of vbox and ubuntu as everyone else.19:43
High-rise_9999__Chuck_Norris: I'm not sure I have that. I installed the drivers from atp19:44
High-rise_9999__Chuck_Norris: i.e. nvidia-current19:44
_radhi, i have setup a bunch of laptops for family and friends and installed xubuntu. I was wondering how I can start a program either on startup or when a specific program has been clicked?19:45
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999__: well, let try nvidia's binary, are you agreed?19:47
High-rise_9999__Chuck_Norris: Sure. I presume I need to uninstall the atp one?19:48
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999__: well, but you just said that you tried to reinstall it and nothing happend, so, that's why i would try the binary19:49
Chuck_NorrisHigh-rise_9999__: sry brotha, a friend just come, i will be back in... who knows19:51
squintyrawfodog:  fwiw, there is a virtualbox channel (#vbox) here on freenode.  iirc, the extension pack needs to be installed for setting screen resolutions....might want to double check that in #vbox though19:54
rawfodogthanks squinty  !19:54
mcphailHi. When Ubuntu One shut down we were promised the server code as per http://blog.canonical.com/2014/04/02/shutting-down-ubuntu-one-file-services/ . Any news on the release?19:58
daftykinsmcphail: this isn't a channel with official Canonical staffers so the likelihood of an answer is pretty minimal19:59
k3rnellol in my truck, this channel is displayed on my dashboard lcd, so exicted ahhh20:00
daftykins!ot | k3rnel20:00
ubottuk3rnel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:00
mcphaildaftykins: yes - I know but sometimes the community is more responsive20:01
SteelGolemdo you accept vim questions, or should i go somewhere else for that?20:16
daftykinsSteelGolem: a specific channel would be better20:19
SteelGolemyeah, probably. thanks though.20:20
halpmewhat linux compatible webcams should I star looking for?20:27
abadayhi, how do I unzip multipart archives using unzip command? I have a folder with files like "legaly.downloaded.movie.r00 legaly.downloaded.movie.r01 legaly.downloaded.movie.r02"20:27
abadayon windows I just right click one of the files and click "extract here" and it will extract from all the files20:28
bonhoefferi’m on a mac, ssh’d into terminal — any options for the meta key20:31
daftykinsabaday: you install unrar or something, then open the *first* file20:31
daftykinshalpme: most cameras support UVC these days which should work fine. just look online for hardware compatibility.20:31
abadaydaftykins: aha not unzip20:33
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LorcatarHi :) I installed freeglut, If I want to compile a program using this library where are the .h files stored? and the .o files? I used the ubuntu repositories :)20:39
Lorcatarbtw I am a girl coder20:39
EriC^^Lorcatar: dpkg -L freeglut20:39
daftykinsLorcatar: gender is irrelevant20:40
EriC^^Lorcatar: oh in that case whereis freeglut20:40
EriC^^( j/k )20:40
SeveasLorcatar: .h files come in -dev packages20:40
SeveasLorcatar: so in your case: sudo apt-get install fleeglut3-dev20:41
Lorcataroh, okay let me try20:41
dougielgirl coders are supposed to use mac20:41
Seveasdougiel: behave like a human being please.20:41
dougielSeveas, ?20:42
EriC^^i was simply trying to point out the ludacriousness of the request btw20:42
daftykinsdougiel: we mean keep the comments to yourself20:42
Seveasdougiel: you're behaving like a jackass, try behaving like a human.20:42
dougielbeg to differ my gf rather a mac... but if no one cares that is fine, no need to call names or profanity PG please :)20:43
mdogenothing wrong with osx or girls20:44
daftykinsyou're all off topic, take it elsewhere20:44
agent_whiteAfternoon folks20:44
mdogenothing wrong with osx or girls or ubuntu*20:44
mdogedaftykins: :)20:45
Seveashello agent_white, what can we help you with?20:45
kongle_I am failing hard in SFTP-land… I don’t understand why I can log in to my Ubuntu box even when i’ve removed vsftpd completely from the system?20:46
agent_whiteSeveas: Nothin! Here to listen in and help where I can.20:46
dougielSo I am a member of my mom's quilting club and was wondering if anyone has any experience with digitizing images for use with embroidery machines under linux?20:47
dougielagent_white, you never asked for help?20:48
dougieloh I see nm20:48
Seveasdougiel: just scanning them isn't enough?20:49
dougielSeveas, no... there is some software that turns them into one of 3 different file formats that the embroidery machine can use to stich the pattern20:50
dougieldepending on your machine20:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest30786
kongle_Why can I remotely SFTP in to my home folder, even after purge remove vsftpd?20:51
EriC^^kongle_: is it still running?20:52
EriC^^service --status-all20:52
=== arjun is now known as Guest55053
EriC^^kongle_: try pkill vsftp20:53
Seveasdougiel: some quick googling turned up http://libregraphicsworld.org/blog/entry/embroidery-design-on-linux-now-possible-with-thred and https://userbase.kde.org/KXStitch20:54
Seveaskongle_: vsftpd does ftp. sftp isn't ftp, but an ssh channel.20:55
kongle_EriC^^: Still able to authenticate and download files…20:55
kongle_Seveas: SSH File Transfer Protocol20:56
RalfRjoin #i320:56
Seveaskongle_: exactly. SSH.20:56
dougielSeveas, thanks - I found thred32 and kxstich looks promising got no browser at the moment but I am on my way20:57
kongle_So… I can log in since SSH is enabled and working? Dammit. Thanks, though! :)20:57
Seveaskongle_: you can disable sftp :)20:57
Seveaskongle_: comment out the Subsystem sftp line in /etc/ssh/sshd_config to do so20:58
kongle_If it’s secure-ish, I’ll keep it enabled. However, I would like to access another path by default (not home, but a mounted md0). Any pointers?20:58
daftykinskongle_: yeah you browse to it...20:59
daftykins(to where it's mounted)20:59
Seveaskongle_: man sftp-server, search for the -d option. I think you need to add that to the sftp line in sshd_config but never tried this.21:00
=== Guest45172 is now known as vahl
kongle_shit, I can dir backwards from /home/ ? This is very… open.. Sorry for being such a newb21:00
bonhoefferis there a terminal command that shows all the uri’s that apache httpd is ready to service with a virtual host?21:00
daftykinskongle_: do not use non-family-friendly language in here please.21:00
Seveaskongle_: it's as open as ssh. Both can be made less 'open' with chroot options.21:01
daftykinskongle_: it's only as open as knowing your username and password.21:01
daftykinskongle_: if you're trying to set up some kind of shared file access system, you're going about it the wrong way21:01
Seveasbonhoeffer: no, as that can be an intractable problem21:01
solsTiCehi. I wanted to play music from phone to pc via bluetooth. I found something online with d-feet and executing connect on audiosource in d-feet. then the the phone comes up in sound manager preference input. is there a more user friendly way to do that ? i mean instead of using d-feet21:01
philuk2000I'm looking for NFC applications for ubuntu (like I have for Android) to read and write NFC tags.  All I seem to be able to find are libraries and python scripts. Are there any good GUI applications I can use?21:01
kongle_daftykins: Ok. Thanks.21:02
bonhoefferSeveas: apachectl fullstatus gets close21:02
Seveasbonhoeffer: not at all.21:02
kongle_Seveas: Ok, thanks. I’ll check the conf21:02
bonhoefferfor me it is working well, sorry it doesn’t help you21:02
kongle_daftykins: I’m trying to set up a secure way to upload files to my home Ubuntu desktop21:03
daftykinskongle_: for what users from where?21:05
MrSassyPantswtf just happened to nvidia-driver. I updated stuffs, rebooted, now nvidia-driver stopped working.21:05
kongle_For me, from WAN (using noip, already set up for LAMP)21:05
CharlieTheCabbieEvening guys.  Anyone around to possibly lend me a ladder to dig myself out from a huge hole?21:06
kongle_daftykins: For me, from WAN (using noip, already set up for LAMP)21:06
daftykinskongle_: ok, so configure SSHd to run on a non-standard port #, forward it... have a decent password or look into key auth... then also consider installing fail2ban to firewall out repeated access attempts.21:06
DecodeAlright ao whe I type really quickly this should sort21:06
philuk2000are there any NFC frontend Linux applications?21:06
MrSassyPantsIs this a thing? nvidia not working all of a sudden? are there details? anything?21:06
daftykinsMrSassyPants: if you installed it by downloading manually from the nvidia site then this is kinda your own fault21:07
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, well, good thing I did not21:07
daftykinsMrSassyPants: official repo package version then huh? good stuff. so, what's going wrong? looked at the relevant logs?21:07
bonhoefferSeveas: but apache2ctl -S is exactly what i wanted21:08
CharlieTheCabbieI have Ubuntu installed, using the Kubuntu desktop.  I switched from using lightdm to kdm today, and all unholy hell has broken loose.  My desktop is all over the place - and all of my windows in plasma are so squashed I can't read them.  I have more artifacts on my display than the Smithsonian. Help :)21:08
kongle_daftykins: Ok, thanks. I’ll look into that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers21:08
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, just rebooted. am in X, but the driver is wrong. haven't had a problem with this in so long... gimme a second I'll check the x log21:08
daftykinsMrSassyPants: pastebin it for us21:08
OerHeks!info nfctool21:08
daftykinsMrSassyPants: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:09
ubottuPackage nfctool does not exist in utopic21:09
MrSassyPants(EE) NVIDIA: Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module. (EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory21:09
daftykinsMrSassyPants: sounds like it wasn't generated for your running kernel, presuming an upgrade occurred. "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" ?21:09
daftykins(don't paste here)21:09
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, well part of the update was kernel and I remember seeing the driver pop up21:09
daftykinsshould've regenerated a module for it really21:09
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, loads21:10
OerHeksphiluk2000, maybe this page with ppa is any help http://nfc-tools.org/index.php?title=Libnfc21:10
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I remember the driver popping up in aptitudes log21:10
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, didn't pay close attention though21:10
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, guess that was the attempt to rebuild it after the kernel upgrade21:10
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: do you want to reinstall lightdm?21:10
CharlieTheCabbieI have done, but I want to use KDM and with lightdm running, I can't seem to figure out what the hell is wrong with kdm21:11
MrSavageHow can I change my file manager and make it default for firefox too? Do I have to use a different window manager?21:11
MrSavageI tried installing nemo and making it my default file manager but it was so much trouble21:11
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: what do you mean use KDM with lightdm running?21:11
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: you mean KDE?21:12
philuk2000OerHeks: Yes, I have installed that, I can see my nfc reader but cannot find a command to read tags21:12
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver -> E: Package 'nvidia-driver' has no installation candidate21:12
CharlieTheCabbieI want to use KDM as the display manager rather than lightdm21:12
daftykinsMrSassyPants: it was never called that. can you just pastebin the output of the dpkg command i asked for please. http://paste.ubuntu.com21:12
MrSassyPantsalrigh alright21:12
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, btw it must have been called that way because it finds references21:13
MrSassyPantsand worries about obsoletion21:13
daftykinsnever seen a package with that name.21:13
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9507042/21:13
daftykinsMrSassyPants: "sudo apt-get purge nvidia*" wait until that's done, then "sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331"21:14
daftykins(note the * at the end of my first command)21:14
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I would have used the kde driver thingy to switch from nvidia-331 to nvidia-331-updates21:14
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, want me to do your thing for debug purposes anyways?21:14
daftykinsok well you can use the first purge command, then use your method to pick another21:15
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm21:15
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, also, its the lowlatency kernel and kubuntu, in case that matters21:15
gamzera_hi guys, I need some timer that count seconds until some date..21:16
CharlieTheCabbieThat's worth a shot EriC^^ - it's been so long since I used linux, I forgot most of what I learned...21:16
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, now installing -updates thingy now via driver thingy. will be back after reboot to provide status update.21:17
SchrodingersScat!info alarmclock | gamzera_21:18
ubottugamzera_: Package alarmclock does not exist in utopic21:18
SchrodingersScat!info alarm-clock | gamzera_21:18
ubottugamzera_: alarm-clock (source: alarm-clock): Alarm Clock for GTK Environments. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.5-1.2ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 597 kB, installed size 1664 kB21:18
OerHeksMrSassyPants, daftykins, i notice that nvidia-settings is for 331.20, not for 331.38 ?21:18
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, the -updates thing is .3821:18
daftykinsOerHeks: 331.38 appeared to be 'rc'21:19
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, what does that mean?21:19
daftykinsremoved, configured21:19
daftykinsit means the package has been removed but config is still present21:19
gamzera_ubottu: I installed alarm-clock, but I Don't have idea how to find it..21:19
ubottugamzera_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:19
daftykinssince you seem to have tried every version under the sun ;)21:19
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I don't think I did. I think it just does that automagically.21:20
SchrodingersScatgamzera_: should be in your application menu somewhere, but you can also run it with 'alarmclock' in the terminal, or launch it via that in any way you like.  the difference of package name being alarm-clock and the binary being alarmclock always throws me off, as you can see above.21:20
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, what's the proper procedure? install nvidia-common and then that just has the current driver as a prereq?21:21
MrSassyPantshmm, the driver thingy doesn't ask me to reboot. which is unsettling.21:22
daftykinsMrSassyPants: no... what does it matter if you're using the GUI installer? :)21:22
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I don't trust guis ._.21:23
MrSassyPantswell, modprobe / lsmod | grep did find it21:23
MrSassyPantsso will brb, rebooting21:23
gamzera_SchrodingersScat: this is pure....21:23
gamzera_SchrodingersScat: I can't set it up..21:24
MrSassyPantsok, works, wine'd dx9 game works too21:26
SchrodingersScatgamzera_: should just go to 'edit' and create new alarm, or counter if you need a set time in the future, like 15 minutes, etc.21:26
gamzera_SchrodingersScat: I've done it, but I need something that is more like widget I can put on desktop.21:26
SchrodingersScatI don't have anything to recommend then, I don't widgets :?21:27
MrSassyPantsso daftykins, any idea what caused this?21:27
daftykinsMrSassyPants: sorry i only deal with making results - not the detective work on 'why' :)21:28
MrSassyPantsI just think that it might be happening to a lot of people right now21:29
daftykinsMrSassyPants: that's a bold claim.21:30
=== pumbaway is now known as pumba
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I didn't screw around on this system much. the list of nvidia stuff is mostly just accumulated over like 3 years21:31
MrSassyPantsand I din do nuffin21:31
daftykinsyeah alright, anyway problem resolved. i'm moving on now21:31
MrSassyPantshmm tho. it did install linux-generic as well as linux-lowlatency. kinda has problems with that. Maybe it built the driver for -generic, or something.21:32
MrSassyPantsit's the first time this has happend and am surprised, is all21:32
OerHeksMrSassyPants, this seems te be your bug, maybe you can confirm it, to help out? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates/+bug/140202221:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1402022 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates (Ubuntu) "nvidia-331-updates-uvm 331.113-0ubuntu0.1: nvidia-331-updates-uvm kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New]21:32
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, thanks anyways21:32
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, well I just fixed it, let me look tho21:33
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, that is the exact kernel and driver version that I just updated to21:34
OerHeksor this one, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates/+bug/126825721:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1268257 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates (Ubuntu) "nvidia-331-updates 331.38-0ubuntu3: nvidia-331-updates kernel module failed to build, with only error: "objdump: '... .tmp_nv.o': No such file"" [High,Triaged]21:34
daftykinsMrSassyPants: nothing nvidia will install a lowlatency kernel, that's totally wrong21:35
MrSassyPantsI didn't pay close attention to aptitudes log... it was a lot of stuff... I don't think it reported an error prominently though21:35
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, err21:35
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I am using lowlatency right now. intentionally.21:35
daftykinslol, are you some kinda ubuntu ricer?21:35
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, just, apt occasionally installs -generic for no reason21:35
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, totally. pre-emptible kernels ftw21:36
* daftykins shakes his head21:36
MrSassyPantseh, it's an experiment that's been going on for like a month now.21:36
daftykinsyou're 100% on your own now.21:36
hydrajumpi have an odd problem with PAM. I need to add the following `auth    required        pam_exec.so expose_authtok /usr/share/lightdm/freerdp-auth21:37
hydrajumpto /etc/pam.d/common-auth21:37
daftykinsMrSassyPants: one last thing though, you keep referring to aptitude when the default is apt-get.21:37
hydrajumpbut when I add it to the end of the file and reboot I can't login any longer.21:37
hydrajumpOddly enough the same thing works fine on an older ubuntu version 13.04. I'm currently trying to make it work on 14.04.21:37
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, eh, close enough21:38
hydrajumpI had a look at the 13.04 common-auth and compared it to my 14.04 file and they are identical so I don't understand why this is happening21:38
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, I'll install the -331 (non-updates) version and see if it fails21:38
superherointjI've just updated Ubuntu using Ubuntu Own Update tool. And now I can't open my computer anymore.21:39
CharlieTheCabbieEriC^^: Just to check - when I use dpkg-reconfigure, that will switch from lightdm to kdm - but how do I fix the display?  I've tried from 640x480 to 1024x768 and all available refresh rates, but the display looks atrocious.21:40
OerHekssuperherointj, did you have any nvidia-331 updates by any chance?21:40
MrSassyPantssuperherointj, is the laptop lid welded shut? or what do you mean with "can't open no more"21:40
CharlieTheCabbieImagine looking at the display through 2 crossed open venetian blinds21:40
CharlieTheCabbiethat's pretty similar21:40
MrSassyPantssuperherointj, also, what OerHeks asks21:40
superherointjWhen Ubuntu starts. It opens the dialog "Enter password for keyring 'default'to unlock. And background is BLACK. I have a Nvidia GTX 780 Ti video card and I have its proprietary drivers installed. Im not sure it can influence it. But when I enter the password. Nothing happens.21:41
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, mind you, I had nouveau installed so it just loaded that as a backup21:41
CharlieTheCabbieIs there any text file where I can configure the display manually without using the GUI to do so?21:41
superherointjOerHeks: yes!!!!21:41
superherointjI mean, I know I have a nvidia video card. But I'm not sure which version driver I have.21:41
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, we're on to something here21:41
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: which driver are you using? lshw -C video | grep driver21:42
OerHeksMrSassyPants, jups, as it affected me too yesterday.21:42
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, you thought it was you?21:42
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: there's xrandr for setting resolutions and such, and there might be a /etc/X11/xorg.conf depending on what you're using21:42
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, HAAA21:42
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, confirmed! -331 doesn't build properly!21:43
CharlieTheCabbieI'm gonna have to do some digging.  I'll take my terminal with me.21:43
CharlieTheCabbieI've got to get back to my unit21:43
CharlieTheCabbieone mo21:43
superherointjJust more a sec. I`m trying to use command.21:45
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, userdel: user nvidia-persistenced is currently used by process 188121:45
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: ok, if lightdm is working and kdm isn't i suppose maybe it's loading a wrong configuration or something, you could maybe check the logs and see what's going on21:45
superherointjIt is not showing anything that command. And I did run as superuser.21:45
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: they are in /var/log/kdm/ most likely21:46
turntogodnow!ops | repent21:46
dougielI am getting a 404 error from a ppa how do I delete that source?21:46
Seveasdougiel: remove the relevant file from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/21:47
Ben64!ppa-purge | dougiel21:47
ubottudougiel: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:47
superherointjnvidia-xconfig version 340.5821:47
dougielthanks Ben64 Seveas :)21:47
OerHekssuperherointj, did you add any ppa?21:48
CharlieTheCabbieok EriC^^ I'm back at my terminal now.  Give me a few moments while I go through what you sent me21:48
superherointjI can check.21:48
superherointjBut I did download driver from nvidia website once.21:48
OerHekssuperherointj, oh, then you have to reinstall them after a recent kernel update, i guess21:49
CharlieTheCabbieOk, EriC^^  - the lshw -C command you gave me returns:  configuration: driver=nouveau latency=021:50
superherointjThat command doesn`t return anything to me.21:50
MrSassyPantsOerHeks, does superherointj have the same problem? (nvidia driver not building properly)21:51
hydrajumpi fixed my pam issue21:51
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: ok, type lspci | grep VGA21:52
turntogodnow  21:52
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turntogodnow<turntogodnow>         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/21:52
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teward!ops | turntogodnow21:52
ubottuturntogodnow: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:52
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: also type cat /var/log/kdm/kdm.log | nc termbin.com 999921:53
Hypergrapheso lame21:53
superherointj01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK110B [GeForce GTX 780 Ti] (rev a1)21:53
dfzxhwhat is happening21:53
CharlieTheCabbieEriC^^: 01:00.0 VGA Compatibele controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200 TurboCache] (rev a1)21:53
EriC^^superherointj: don't type random commands you are seeing here!21:53
baordogI am here, because apparently the people who run the mint room cannot provide support for their own distro21:54
popeybaordog: sorry, we don't support Mint here.21:54
tewardbaordog: but we don't support Mint here - it's not a supported derivative.21:54
baordogSimple question: When I drop to terminal with ctrl-alt-F1 I get a blank screen and not a prompt.21:54
baordogI am in software rendering mode.21:54
baordogI just want to know where I might investigate why this happening.21:55
dfzxhbaordog: try ctl+alt+F221:55
dfzxhbaordog: i think systemd leaves the first tty blank but i have no idea what im talking about21:55
baordogdfzxh: Did that. All of my terminals are just blank screens except F721:55
OerHeksbaordog, try ctrl alt f221:55
CharlieTheCabbieNo such file or directory on the kdm.log thing, EriC^^21:55
EriC^^baordog: /etc/init/tty1.conf21:56
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: type ls /var/log/kdm and see if there are any interesting logs21:56
baordogEriC^^: Thanks I'll take a look at that.21:56
CharlieTheCabbiecannot access: no such file or directory, EriC^^21:57
CharlieTheCabbiethis is bloody annoying now :(21:57
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: try ls /var/log21:57
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: i don't have kdm so i don't know where the files are21:57
tewardbaordog: keep in mind - Mint is offtopic here - we can't really help support Mint's breakage, that might be a Mint specific thing.21:57
CharlieTheCabbiethere is a kdm.log there21:57
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: ok, type cat /var/log/kdm.log | nc termbin.com 999921:58
CharlieTheCabbieEriC^^ - http://termbin.com/shxo21:59
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: type cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager22:01
tewardis it sane to set up SpamAssassin on an endpoint machine to filter incoming spam for non-localnet email accounts?22:01
CharlieTheCabbieEriC^^: /usr/bin/kdm22:01
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: ok22:01
superherointjSo every time Ubuntu updates I have to reinstall nvidia drivers. That is pretty silly.22:05
MrSassyPantssuperherointj, normally, no.22:06
MrSassyPantssuperherointj, this is the first time in 3 years I've had this problem22:06
MrSassyPantssuperherointj, I think it's just a bug in that specific version of the driver22:06
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: this error seems to stand out klauncher(1638) kdemain: No DBUS session-bus found. Check if you have started the DBUS server.22:07
daftykinssuperherointj: your card is just too new at the moment.22:07
CharlieTheCabbieEric^^:  Isn't the DBUS service supposed to start when you login?22:08
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, it's not that22:10
daftykinsnot for your card perhaps no22:10
daftykinsbut you don't know what i'm getting at i think22:10
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: ok, did you try to dpkg-reconfigure?22:10
superherointjThe nvidia driver I am using is: NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.58.run22:12
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: type whereis startkde22:12
daftykinssuperherointj: yeah, these are the risks of using a manual download.22:12
daftykinsMrSassyPants: see the difference?22:12
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, ah, he downloaded it from the site.22:12
CharlieTheCabbieshould mention firefox is working fine, should i take this to kde?  looks to be plasma maybe is culprit...22:12
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, yea I get it.22:12
daftykinsMrSassyPants: i don't think the repo packages support superherointj's card right now22:13
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, still, 700 series isn't new! did he try the default ones? Theres 800s and 900s out now22:13
daftykinsso a manual download is the only option -> leading to issues22:13
daftykinsMrSassyPants: you might want to do some card history research in your own time ;)22:13
OerHeksthe 780 is suported from 3.19 and up22:13
CharlieTheCabbieEriC^^: startkde: /usr/bin/startkde  /usr/bin/X11/startkde  /usr/share/man/man1/startkde.1.gz22:14
superherointjMy computer was unstable before going after the nvidia proprietary drivers and it improved after I installed it.22:14
CharlieTheCabbiejust going to reboot, give me a moment22:14
superherointjNow I am just trying to figure out how to solve it.22:14
EriC^^CharlieTheCabbie: ok22:15
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, I'm not sure you are right in your analysis. because the regular 331 thats in apt right now would totally support the 780!22:15
CharlieTheCabbieI just ran apt-cache search nouveau and found the nouveau-firmware file, which it seems I didn't have :/22:15
daftykinsMrSassyPants: Ti edition too? meh maybe it was another model. either way this conversation has gone on too long and i'm done with it \o/22:16
CharlieTheCabbieI've installed and rebooted, let's see the destruction :)22:16
superherointjI just want a driver that works. How can I have current driver from repository?22:16
daftykinssuperherointj: just reinstall yours, no biggy.22:16
mehdaftykins, you rang?22:19
daftykinswow that's a terrible nickname for IRC22:19
daftykinsyou might as well be called 'lol'22:19
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, the 780 is about the oldest 700 series... the lower numbers (730) are actually newer because they're typically mobile devices.22:19
MrSassyPants780 has been supported since march, from what I can tell22:19
daftykinsMrSassyPants: i don't want to hear anymore about it now. also, i disagree22:20
MrSassyPantsdaftykins, alright alright22:20
* DilloYoda is away: Off to find a shrubbery...22:22
MrSassyPantssuperherointj, there should be drivers that work for you in the repository, just make sure *not* to use 'nouveau', because nouveau is the open source driver that won't work well for you22:22
Bashing-omsuperherointj: My thoughts As Nvidia 750 ti version 334.xx or later, and it's not in the Trusty repo ; is not yout 780 ti an even later card ? such that perhaps https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/nvidia is a viable option ?22:22
CharlieTheCabbieMrSassyPants: Is there another Nvidia driver to use instead of nouveau?  Nouveau is not working right on here, everything is tits up and sinking like a holed ocean liner22:23
MrSassyPantsCharlieTheCabbie, yes. Nouveau is the Open Source driver. The proprietary, current one would be nvidia-331-updates22:24
CharlieTheCabbienice.  Do I need any new repos to pull that?22:24
MrSassyPantsI don't think so22:24
MrSassyPantsunless you want the bleeding edge, super current drivers22:25
CharlieTheCabbiegetting them now.  How do I swap from nouveau to this one?  lsmod is showing nouveau for the video driver22:26
daftykinsyou reboot.22:26
CharlieTheCabbiethe easier the better22:26
CharlieTheCabbieback in a tick22:26
haagendazsgood luck CharlieTheCabbie22:27
MrSassyPantsthere's a front end for selecting the driver22:27
MrSassyPantsbut you can try just installing the nvidia drivers and then after a restart run nvidia-settings to see if they're actually being used22:28
superherointjRight. I will test nvidia-settings. I happened to open UBuntu desktop but without left side menu bar.22:30
daftykinssounds bad22:30
ikoniakick picassoo no pm spam please - you've already been klined for this22:31
CharlieTheCabbiedkms is running now, it's building the module for my kernel22:32
uhelpGREETINGS.  How do I set the keyboard repeat rate in 14.04.1?22:34
superherointjI will test that PPA.22:34
OerHeksuhelp, system settings > keyboard - repeat keys22:35
uhelphow do you access system settings?  ccsm?22:35
superherointjRight now Ubuntu is opening when I restart but it doesn`t show the left side panel that hold icons.22:35
zermannoHi is it possible to list the files not installed by apt?22:36
OerHeksuhelp, systemsettings is a standard icon on the unity panel22:36
EriC^^zermanno: can you reiterate?22:36
uhelpI do not have the unity panel.  What would I type?22:36
Bashing-omsuperherointj: That "might" be a dconf issue ??22:36
superherointjHow do I check it?22:36
uhelpsudo shutdown -h now22:37
zermannoEriC^^, I'd like to know which parts of the file system have been modified by users22:37
OerHeksuhelp,  what ubuntu/desktop ?22:37
uhelpOerHeks, it is the default desktop but I uninstalled the panel22:38
uhelpmaybe not uninstalled, it is still there when boots for a second .. then hides and is gone22:38
CharlieTheCabbieIt was the nouveau driver that was screwing things up.  I'm on the proprietary driver, Eric^^, MrSassyPants & daftykins - and kde is crystal clear!22:38
MrSassyPantsCharlieTheCabbie, congrats22:39
CharlieTheCabbieThanks for all your help, it's been a pain in the arse to fix, but it's there :)22:39
uhelpI don't want it back -- just need to know how to access from command line.22:39
Bashing-omsuperherointj: Try , from terminal -> sudo apt-get install dconf-tools , export DISPLAY=:0 , dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ , unity --reset-icons . Reboot to see if any effect .22:39
uhelpFOUND IT: uniity-control-center22:40
uhelpunity-control-center*  -- Thank you OerHeks :)22:40
OerHeksuhelp, nice, you found it quicker than me :-D22:40
superherointjI don`t have this /org/compiz/ folder.22:41
uhelpOerHeks, ugh.  There is still a problem.  Someone needs to be shot.  The slide bar only lets you choose between slow and slower.  I cannot increase the repeat speed.22:41
Bashing-omsuperherointj: Unity as the Desktop Environment ?22:41
=== ark is now known as Guest67653
superherointjI use standard Ubuntu.22:42
EriC^^superherointj: it's not a folder, it's a key22:42
uhelpOerHeks, so now I am back to my original problem.  I know where I can access some gui control to change it but the gui control is useless.22:43
superherointjerror: Error spawning command line 'dbus-launch'22:43
darkblue_bhi - I have an LUbuntu 14.04 VM, and the ethernet isnt connecting.. there was no eth0 entry in /etc/network/interfaces, so I added one for DHCP, and sudo service network restart.. but no connection.. what to look at tnext?22:43
ikoniadarkblue_b: the network is controlled by network manager22:44
ikoniadarkblue_b: remove the info you put in the interfaces file and configure it with network manager22:44
bekksdarkblue_b: Look at "sudo ifconfig -a" to find out your device name. Then, follow ikonia's advice :)22:44
OerHeksuhelp, might be worth a bugreport, in ubuntu/unity it is adjustable as you expect it to.22:45
Guest67653hello, I've bought a new computer (no previous OS) and am trying to get drivers installed for my 750 ti. I've been trying for days now to get this working, to no avail. I just get a purple screen when I boot into Ubuntu. I try booting into recovery mode with networking but I get the error: "mountall: fsck /boot [879] terminated with status" 122:45
Guest67653What should I do?22:45
ikoniaGuest67653: what drivers do you need ?22:45
superherointjThe command "dconf reset -f /org/compiz/" returns "error: Error spawning command line 'dbus-launch'". What should I do then?22:45
uhelpOerHeks, what URL do I file it at?22:45
CharlieTheCabbieright guys, with many thanks, i have got to go get one with some work.  I'll drop in on you again tomorrow night probably, hopefully should be all quiet on the western front by then22:46
Bashing-omsuperherointj: I think you need to tell it about the X session else it tries to spawn its own dbus instance by activating a console from key combo ctl+alt+F2 .22:46
Guest67653not sure exactly which drivers. I can't get networking to work so I've not even gotten that far22:46
darkblue_bare you suggesting System Tools -> Network ?  or Preferences -> Network Connections   ??22:46
CharlieTheCabbiegood night, sleep well :_22:46
ikoniaGuest67653: how have you configured networking22:46
=== philipballew is now known as Guest51876
darkblue_bikonia: are you talking to me ?22:47
ikoniadarkblue_b: when ?22:47
OerHeksuhelp, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting22:47
darkblue_b"how have you configured networking"22:47
ikoniadarkblue_b: no, that was Guest6765322:47
darkblue_boh he did say networking at the end.. ok22:47
Guest67653Not even sure what you're asking. When I boot into recovery I choose the option that says enable networking22:47
uhelpOerHeks, kubuntu instead of ubuntu?22:48
Bashing-omGuest67653: Have a look : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2252908 <- Simple steps to install GeForce GTX 750Ti on Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 .22:48
ikoniaBashing-om: is he using a GTX750 ?22:48
OerHeksuhelp, oops, mixed you up22:48
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:48
darkblue_b!Network Manager22:48
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager22:48
uhelpOerHeks -- looks like I file it using ubuntu-bug and not online I suppose?22:49
Guest67653Bashing: I've seen that page but can't get to a point where I can download/install anything. I run those commands but am not connected to internet in recovery mode and networking option seems to crash...err...something22:49
darkblue_bGuest67653: can you connect to the problem computer with ssh ?22:50
darkblue_b.. with linux sometimes the computer is available even when there are terrible display problems22:50
OerHeksuhelp, yes, this goes online, except if you mark the bug as security risc, then it goes internal.22:50
Bashing-omikonia: So far as I know  there is no driver availabale for the 750 ti and above to this time in our repo. There is a PPA . ( or go direct to Nvidia ) ??22:51
ikoniaBashing-om: I didn't see him say he was using a 75022:51
uhelpOerHeks, ok, I will take it from here.  Thank you.22:51
Bashing-omikonia: I often get my wires croosed for sure . But I see " I've bought a new computer (no previous OS) and am trying to get drivers installed for my 750 ti " .22:52
Guest67653yes 750 ti22:52
ikoniaBashing-om: I just totally missed it, hence why I was asking22:53
Bashing-omikonia: It is good that you watch our backs ! Guest67653 : see the link and see what you think ( I have seen the PPA as preferred ) .22:54
ikoniaBashing-om: totally missed that he said 75022:54
Guest67653this is very difficult to follow...Bashing-om: I've seen that page but can't get to a point where I can download/install anything. I run those commands but am not connected to internet in recovery mode and networking option seems to crash...err...something22:55
darkblue_bGuest67653: it helps to have a working computer next to the one you are startin22:55
seinthebearquestion, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04LTS (64-bit) and I upgraded my kernel, what should I do with the extra vmlinuz* and etc boot files? http://s17.postimg.org/i5od7fgyn/Screenshot_12132014_03_55_28_PM.png22:56
Guest67653I do22:56
darkblue_bwhen your new computer starts, and it gets to the point where it stabilizes, can you see the new computer on the network, or connect with ssh ?22:57
bekksseinthebear: Uninstall the old kernels, leave the two latest installed.22:57
darkblue_b.. I am here for help myself but I do setup machines...22:57
darkblue_bit sounds like there may not be a stock driver for this new video card, but perhaps you can get a nonfree one.. I am just reading the comments here now22:57
Bashing-omGuest67653: May I suggest ya try and boot to a terminal from grub's boot menu ? -> @ grub press 'e' key for edit, in the next boot paramaeters screen arrow down and across to the line starting with linux, and arrow acroos to the terms "quiet splash" replace these terms with "text" - withoout the quotes. Key combo ctl+x to continue the bopot process to TTY1. Log in here with username and password ( NO repsonse to screen when passsword is entered ) .23:01
Guest67653darkblue_b: I wouldn't know how to connect via ssh but I *think* I see it connected to router23:04
Guest67653Bashing-om: ok, trying that now23:05
SteelGolemi see alot of different sites saying that '\n' is all you need for a newline in *nix, but i'm sure i heard recently that it was supposed to be '\l\r' or '\r\n' or something like that. can i just stick to \n and be just fine?23:05
darkblue_bif there is a convenient way for you to see the names/numbers of machines on your local network, then next time you shut down the new machine.. look at all the names/numbers, make a note, then start your new machine.. then look again23:05
daftykinsSteelGolem: #bash might be more relevant depending on what you're up to23:05
SteelGolemhmm, maybe eh. i'm just considering what i should output in printf/etc23:06
SteelGolemthanks, i'll ask there23:06
superherointjI am having a hard time fixing this thing. I`ve got lost so many times. Ubuntu isn`t ready for average users. :(23:07
darkblue_bno one is born knowing computers..23:07
daftykinssuperherointj: i would have to disagree there. if you want help you're going to have to share some more details23:07
superherointjI believe the video card driver is right. Problem is something related to unity.23:08
darkblue_bI use LUbuntu or XUbuntu to escape Unity23:08
superherointjSorry. I can open ubuntu desktop, but I can`t see the left side bar.23:08
daftykinssuperherointj: test the guest session.23:08
Bashing-omsuperherointj: Consider that you have a new graphics card that linux has not had the availability from the vendor to catch up to .23:08
superherointjI don`t know how to choose guest session it opens automatically to desktop.23:08
Guest67653Bashing-om: I tried this and it just gives me a purple screen...used F10 to make it go instead of ctrl-x since that just entered x as text23:09
Bashing-omGuest67653: Then You are not doing something right. This proceedure works on any release. Do you boot to the grub boot menu ?23:10
daftykinssuperherointj: can you use TTY's ? (ctrl+alt+F1 through F6 would give console logins)23:10
superherointjYes. I can.23:10
daftykinssuperherointj: this is going to be drastic, but temporary. run "mv ~/.config ~/.configold" then run "sudo service lightdm restart"23:11
superherointjRight now at F7 I have Ubuntu Desktop. And at F1 I have terminal.23:11
daftykinssuperherointj: yeah type as above23:12
superherointjDone. It opens Desktop window.23:12
Guest67653Bashing-om: it says GNU GRUB at the top, I have options for "Ubuntu", "advanced options for Ubuntu" and some others. Should I be doing this on the first option?23:12
superherointjBut without left sidebar.23:12
Bashing-omGuest67653: We are working from the install of ubuntu, correct ? Not the liveDVD(USB) .23:12
superherointjShould I reboot PC?23:14
Bashing-omGuest67653: At that top option that has an asterisk to the left side .. now press the 'e' key for edit mode .23:14
daftykinssuperherointj: run what i said23:14
superherointjI did run.23:14
Guest67653yep, done23:14
daftykinssuperherointj: so now switch back to ctrl+alt+F7 and see if things look ok23:15
superherointjIt restarted Ubuntu and asked for my password again. (Enter password for keyring 'default' to unlock)23:15
Bashing-omGuest67653: Now you see a line similar " linux    /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-24-generic root=UUID=217ed9a7-e11a-4e32-8c05-992e8c8932b6 ro  quiet splash $vt_handoff " , yes ?23:15
superherointjIt did not fix it.23:15
superherointjI still don`t have a side bar.23:16
superherointjI can only see desktop and icons.23:16
Guest67653yes, replace "quiet splash" with "text", correct?23:16
superherointjAnd Icons on desktop are working.23:16
daftykinssuperherointj: sounds like you have a bigger problem. "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" and "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:16
Bashing-omGuest67653: Correct . key combo ctl+x to continue to terminal TTY1 .23:17
Guest67653I press ctrl-x and it just inputs an actual text "x" onscreen23:17
Guest67653F10 does same?23:18
physixerhow to install "standard firefox" in place of "firefox for ubuntu"?23:18
Bashing-omGuest67653: That is a combo -- hold the 'ctl' key and also press the x key while holding the ctl key .23:18
daftykinsphysixer: what's the point?23:19
Bashing-omGuest67653: Yes, key F10 is supposed to do the same .23:19
superherointjEnjoyed this pastebinit. :)23:19
Guest67653Bashing-om: I hold control button and while holding it I press "x" button. It just inputs an x onscreen. should I just press F10? Does it do the same thing?23:20
Guest67653ok F10...23:20
Bashing-omGuest67653: Yes, the F10 Key is supposed to do the same .. try it and advise results .23:21
Guest67653just a purple screen23:21
daftykinssuperherointj: run "sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf" - see the "autologin-user=" Line? put a # at the very start of the line to comment it out, then save with ctrl+x hitting yes/enter to confirm23:21
physixerdaftykins: because "firefox for ubuntu" for the life of me, would not let me change default file manager from Gnome-Nautilus to Thunar23:21
Bashing-omGuest67653: something stinks here .. gimme a bit to consider .23:22
daftykinsphysixer: firefox has nothing to do with choosing a default file manager O_O23:22
Guest67653no problem, thanks for your help.23:22
daftykinssuperherointj: after that, re-run "sudo service lightdm restart" and try the guest session23:22
physixerdaftykins: I have changed xdg-mime, I have manually changed /usr/share/applications/defaults.list ... chromium is working, xdg-open is working, gvfs-open is working (they all open inode/directory with thunar as I specified) but not firefox23:23
daftykinsphysixer: i have no experience with that23:23
superherointjcool. it removed my user as auto-login.23:24
superherointjAs guest it showed the side bar!23:25
daftykinssuperherointj: huzzah23:25
daftykinsso there's something wrong with your account for sure23:25
daftykinsare you sure you moved .config to .configold for sure?23:25
Bashing-omGuest67653: Let's try this. in addition to text also add "nomodeset" as boot parameters .23:25
superherointjI typed the command. I can try again.23:25
daftykinssuperherointj: tell you what give me a "ls -al ~ | pastebinit"23:26
Guest67653Bashing-om: give me a minute23:26
daftykinssuperherointj: wait, are you root right now?23:27
daftykinswhy on earth23:27
superherointjusers :(23:27
daftykinswhy are you root? why aren't you your user?23:28
Guest67653so, I deleted "quiet splash" and input "text nomodeset"23:28
daftykinssuperherointj: can you see why it didn't work now? ;) you renamed the .config of root - not your user23:28
Guest67653still just purple screen23:28
superherointjIT works!!!23:29
superherointjThank you very much.23:29
daftykinssuperherointj: no problemo. just to check, i hope you switched to root@ with "sudo -i" and didn't log in with root - if you have a password for root you're doing ubuntu wrong :)23:29
superherointjI can`t login with root doesn`t work.23:30
daftykinssuperherointj: good, so you just switched with 'sudo -i' or something then.23:30
superherointjI use "sudo su".23:31
daftykinssuperherointj: ok that's also really bad practice, don't do that again. "sudo -i"23:31
Guest67653Bashing-om: was that correct?23:32
superherointjThanks. :)23:32
Bashing-omGuest67653: At this point, I must consider a bad install . Did you check the md5sum of the .iso file ? and did you "check disk for defects" when you burned the image ?23:33
uhelpI filed a boog:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/140230223:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1402302 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Cannot Increase Keyboard Repeat Rate" [Undecided,New]23:33
* superherointj is happy.23:33
uhelpOerHeks, do you think it is a unity-control-center problem after all or perhaps the problem is whatever the control center modifies?23:34
Guest67653I didn't. Could my mobo or cpu be effecting anything?23:36
Bashing-omGuest67653: Highly unlikely tht the CPU or main board is at fault .. less this is something very out of the norm . What system did you use to download the .iso file . and we check that file's integrity .23:38
Guest67653Torrented the .iso on my windows 7 machine. Not sure what the rest of what you wrote means23:40
=== mienski_ is now known as mienski
Guest67653I'll try and figure out how to check the md5 sum and do the "check disk..." thing and come back. Thanks for your help23:41
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:42
daftykinsGuest67653: pretty safe to say a torrent will've downloaded properly unless you have a bad disk / kept your client running when dealing with it23:42
Bashing-omGuest67653: Torrent is generally reliable, but I do suggest that we take the time and effort to verify the .iso . Just to make sure the foundation for troubleshooting is firm. see : http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows for the instructions. and then we check that "disk for defects" .23:42
tweakhi. been away from ubuntu for a while, need some refreshers.. first off im trying to use a program called unity tweak tool and it tells me i am missing a schema com.canonical.unity.webapps. how can i satisfy this dependance?23:43
Guest67653Thanks everyone. I'll come back when the kids aren't running around like madmen and making this more difficult than it already is. Thanks again.23:44
OerHeksuhelp, i am not sure if the detected keyboard is the bottleneck23:44
OerHekstweak, reinstall the package?23:45
tweakoerheks: i really don't know what package to reinstall.. i searched software center but didnt come up with anything exact23:46
Bashing-omGuest67653: K, should not be that tuff to get a driver installed for that 750 ti . Just there is no driver available in 'buntu's software repository . And we need to make sure you have a good install. Booting to purple from geub is not a good sign .23:46
OerHekstweak, here is find install unity-webapps-service >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/449943/com-canonical-unity-webapps-schema-is-missing-what-does-this-mean23:47
MrSavagewhat's a good package for opening rar files in ubuntu?23:47
OerHeks!info unrar23:47
ubottuunrar (source: unrar-nonfree): Unarchiver for .rar files (non-free version). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:5.0.10-1 (utopic), package size 133 kB, installed size 298 kB23:47
tweakOerHeks: thank you23:47
MrSavagethanks OerHeks23:48
OerHeksunrar e /path/to/file.rar /path/to/destination23:49
explodingmango1Hey, gnumeric question. Given the choice, should I be saving my spreadsheets as Excel's .xlsx format or Gnumeric's native .gnumeric format? It says Excel it natively supported, but it doesn't go into detail and the message feels kind of mixed.23:50
darkblue_bexplodingmango1: how much do you use excel ?  do you need to send the files to Excel users?23:50
LauritA_99[someone] to talk?23:51
LauritA_99im laura?23:51
darkblue_bignore LauritA_9923:52
explodingmango1darkblue_b: Hmm, I don't do a lot of work with Excel users but I can anticipate a future need. I guess my question is (continued)23:52
OerHeksexplodingmango1, do both?23:52
explodingmango1As far as gnumeric-xlsx compatibility goes, is there any feature which could be saved in gnumeric but not .xlsx?23:53
explodingmango1Because that's the only problem I can see with saving as .gnumeric by default, running into a "gotcha" the one time I need to export as xlsx23:53
=== ian is now known as Guest55099
daftykinsexplodingmango1: why don't you do your due-diligence by saving as the program's native format, then try conversion and see if all things you use work.23:55
explodingmango1daftykins: Yeah, sounds like a plan. Even given my laziness, it takes like 3 clicks to save as excel every so often and see if the program complains about anything.23:57
garrettkajmowiczHello! I just performed an update through Aptitude, rebooted, and now my system is showing the wrong resolution. It's displaying 1280x1024 instead of 1920x1080. How do I fix?23:57
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: sudo apt-get install pastebinit ; pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:58
explodingmango1Or I guess I could go with Open Document Format :P23:58
garrettkajmowiczdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9508616/23:59

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