OvenWerkszequence: no reason to be different I think. If it means we can use more of xubuntu's stuff that way it would help.23:48
OvenWerks... Ya I know a few days ago now. We have been living in a hotel while work was being done on the house.23:49
OvenWerksThe boys bedrooms are back but my studio is at least another week before I have access, let alone time to put things together again.23:50
OvenWerksI still don't like wisker (xubuntu's menu) I installed xubuntu LTS on my netbook USB drive (the internal is dying) and have been using it this week.23:53
OvenWerksIt needs clicks over hoovering to get to submenus. But whatever people like is fine, I think I tried our menu stub with it and that worked ok too.23:55
OvenWerksNobody seems to want to fix the system menu files, so I have given up on that.23:57

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