katastro63hello people I want to know if we can for example run with an intel gpu but in the same time sometimes choose to run juste a program with nvidia ?00:46
xubuntu45wI downloaded and saved on a dvd, xubundu remix 14.04.iso. I would like to install on my new laptop over windows 8. Is there anything I need to know before I start01:59
aynrand420man xubuntu keeps doing a disk check then restarting then freezing01:59
drcxubuntu45w: define "saved"02:01
xubuntu45wdownloaded the full program and copied on the DVD to use for installing.02:05
bazhangcopied how02:05
drcnope, won't work... see  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-windows02:05
drcassuming you mean simply copied the iso to the dvd (see bazhang :)02:06
xubuntu45wso nero burner wouldnt work, "question mark". sorry, i bought this in colombia, it came spanish, and when they changed it to english for me, just windows is english, and the keys don't correspond correctly, so i don't know where the question mark is,02:10
xubuntu45wso how do i install xubundu remix02:11
bazhangxubunDu with a D?02:11
drcfrom a windows machine?02:11
xubuntu45wsorry, new to this02:11
xubuntu45wwindows 802:12
bazhangT or D02:12
drcXubuntu or XubunDu ?02:12
drc http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-windows02:12
xubuntu45wis there a d02:12
bazhanggive us the link02:12
bazhangwhere did you get this iso02:12
xanguaxubuntu45w: you can download xubuntu from http://xubuntu.org/02:15
drcxubuntu45w: No idea what this remix is...wouldn't trust it...get the official iso from the link xangua gave you02:17
xubuntu45wthis one is a remix with added apps and look etc...02:17
drcwouldn't trust it, don't know the project, dont know the person.02:17
bazhangnot supported here, get the real deal02:18
xubuntu45wokay, thanks02:18
drcnot only not supported, actively discouraged.02:18
bazhangit's trivial to add the other stuff later02:18
xubuntu45wjust thought it would same me time figureing it all out, lol02:19
xubuntu45wand i liked the look02:19
bazhangjust a few commands, and you have nearly all of it02:19
xubuntu45wif you have time, take a look02:19
bazhangI just did02:19
xubuntu45wreally, okay, thanks02:19
bazhangplus you get the never sleeping support here02:20
xubuntu45wthanks again02:20
xubuntu45wis this ubuntu or xubuntu02:21
xubuntu45wthe link you gave me02:21
drcxubuntu is ubuntu+XFCE...it's all the same underneath.02:21
drcthe like will say ubuntu, just replace with xubuntu02:22
xubuntu45wis there any danger in installing over windows802:23
xubuntu45wi thought so,,,,what do i need to know02:23
drcI thought you said install "over windows"...you want to keep windows AND install xubuntu?02:24
xubuntu45wif i install windows 7 and use that would it be better. i just bought this and they said they could install windows 7 but loose the 8 licence02:24
xubuntu45wthats fine, i can keep windows 8 but the keyboad is messed up when they change from spanish to english02:25
xubuntu45wits a spanish keyboard\02:25
drcthe question remains, do you want Xubuntu or Windows + Xubuntu?02:25
drcthen don't worry, the install program will take care of all partitioning and formatting...just select the autoinstall feature.02:26
xubuntu45wgreat, thanks02:26
drcBut it WILL get rid of windows on that machine.02:26
xubuntu45wthats fine, as long as xubuntu works02:27
drcAnd you don't want to install Xubuntu/linux and THEN windows (causes big problems)02:27
xubuntu45wokay, no windows, i am sold on linux02:27
drcIt Xubuntu works from the live DVD, the chances are great that it will work after an install02:28
xubuntu45wnot familiar with this. how does it work with live DVD02:29
xubuntu45wthats okay, i will try to figure it out02:30
xubuntu45wso copy from here... http://xubuntu.org/02:30
drcWHen you burn the iso to a DVD you get what is called a Live DVD...boot the DVD and you can both install and Run Xubuntu itself, prior to installing02:30
xubuntu45wdo i save it, or download it with free torrent helper02:34
drcactually http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/ will get you closer to DL the iso.  Make sure you know which version you want 14.04 LTS (long term support) or 14.10 the most recent version.  The make sure you get which ever architecture you computer is 32 or 64 bit02:34
xubuntu45wits 6402:34
drcIf in doubt, go for the 14.04 64 bit version.02:35
drcer...how much RAM?02:37
bazhangmore than enough02:38
drcyup 14.04 64 bit.02:38
xubuntu45wso do i save or open with torrent02:38
drcI use torrents02:39
bazhang .torrent is open with utorrent or whatever02:39
bazhang .iso is just straight dl02:40
xubuntu45wso once i start, it will erase windows02:40
xubuntu45wokay, thanks02:41
bazhangis that what you want?02:41
xubuntu45wyes, if it is easy is that02:44
bazhangit's certainly possible, but you might consider first running it as a dual boot02:44
xubuntu45whow do i do that02:45
bazhangthe installer will walk you through it, and you can connect to this irc channel as you go02:45
xubuntu45wsounds good02:46
xubuntu45wsounds great even02:46
xubuntu45wis there any real issues with windows802:47
bazhangapart from you'll want to use it less and less?02:48
xubuntu45wlol, awesome02:48
bazhangagain, any problems/issues *during * install, ask here02:48
bazhangof course, back up any important things beforehand, as well as you can02:49
xubuntu45wokay, thanks,,,,new computer so nothing to loose02:52
drcxubuntu45w: Since this is a new computer, I'd run Xubuntu from the Live DVD for a little while before installing, just to make sure all your hardware works.  If it does, you can install Xubuntu driectly  from the running Live DVD without rebooting.02:55
DeezlWhat is a good lightweight graphical file browser?  Dolphin?04:19
perfaratorDeezl, obviouly, thunar06:48
Gotoleijust upgraded to 14.10, and I'm having a difficult time with the power manager07:47
GotoleiI'm trying to set it to only lock and power off the screen when I close the lid, but it ignores the settings I set and suspends07:48
Gotoleiin 14.04 it could be changed by hacking around some obscure config file, but not even that works anymore07:48
Gotoleihow does a person actually change the settings?07:48
Gotoleialso while I'm at it, is there a way to change how lightlocker handles transparent wallpapers08:15
Gotoleion the desktop, it draws gradients etc behind it like it's supposed to08:15
Gotoleibut on the lockscreen it's a glitchfest08:15
Poisoned_Dragontransparent wallpapers?08:19
Poisoned_DragonIs this something that requires the compositor to be enabled? If so, lightlocker may not benefit from this, since the compositor for the desktop environment may not extend to lightlocker.08:20
Poisoned_DragonSo, if lightlocker doesn't have a compositor, you're going to have a bad time.08:21
Gotoleiit's definitely displaying something behind the image08:21
Gotoleimostly solid white, but if profiles are switched around it gets all sorts of seams and what looks like buffer leaks08:21
Gotoleianyway it's definitely not the bluish-green gradient i have set08:23
Poisoned_DragonIs the background just a standard picture file?08:24
Poisoned_DragonAnd, are you using compiz?08:24
Gotoleiit's a semitransparent image with a gradient background08:27
Gotoleiit works in both compiz and xfwm4, even with compositing disabled08:28
Gotoleiand this is the *lockscreen*08:28
Poisoned_DragonBut, it's still just a standard format. Like, jpg, or gif, or png.08:28
Gotoleiyes, semitransparent png08:28
Poisoned_DragonSo, compiz can be off and the background is still fine, on the desktop?08:28
Poisoned_DragonHmm... Starting to sound more like a gpu issue.08:29
Poisoned_DragonWhat is your gpu?08:29
Gotoleiintel integrated08:29
Poisoned_Dragonwhat model?08:30
Gotoleii think 3000? the cpu is i3-2330m08:30
Poisoned_Dragonhmm.... can't say it's too old. :)08:30
Gotoleiif it's capable of running compiz then i'd hope it'd be capable of overlaying a simple transparent image :p08:31
Poisoned_DragonIt might be possible that the issue can be fixed with a conf file in an xorg.conf.d directory. You may have to enable a display option to clean that up.08:32
Poisoned_DragonCould be something with the acceleration method.08:32
Gotoleiwhy is everything in xubuntu some obscure config file or another :I08:32
Gotoleifirst power manager, now this08:33
Gotoleiit didn't work in 14.04 either, but it wasn't this bad08:33
Poisoned_DragonWell, newer intel gpus have a newer acceleration method. It's possible that it's not enabled in xorg by default. So, you make one to change the default behavior of xorg, governing that gpu.08:34
Poisoned_DragonIt's not a mile long thing you have to write. Just gotta add the lines you want to affect.08:35
Gotoleii'd messed around with xorg before, and nothing good has come out of it08:35
Gotolei14.10 is broken enough as it is lol08:35
Poisoned_Dragonarch wiki has a great page on the subject of writing xorg conf files, and where they should go.08:36
Gotoleimore trouble than it's worth, it seems :/08:36
Poisoned_Dragonlol... I've had to mess with it for older intel chips.08:36
Poisoned_DragonEspecially i865 laptop chips.08:36
Gotoleiif i'm going to pour a bunch of time into troubleshooting something and trial and error08:37
Gotoleii'd rather spend it trying to figure out wth is with the lid close behavior08:37
Poisoned_DragonOh... that's a systemd thing.08:38
Gotoleii've changed the settings in a logind.conf but that doesn't work anymore08:38
Gotoleii was under the impression the systemd problems were supposed to be fixed after 14.0408:38
Poisoned_DragonOh, I thought I was the only one.08:39
Gotolei^ worked in 14.04, but not anymore08:40
Poisoned_DragonOne day, it did exactly what I wanted. After an update, it ignored me.08:40
Gotoleiisn't it fun :308:40
Poisoned_DragonOh, a barrel of monkeys. XD08:40
Poisoned_DragonI use to use the LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=08:41
Gotoleii'd like to give 14.10 a bit of a chance because i've been running it all of five hours08:41
Gotoleibut not a good first impression08:42
Poisoned_DragonIt worked perfectly, until it didn't.08:42
Gotoleiyeah, i changed that and HandleLidSwitch08:42
Poisoned_DragonThat line allowed the power manager to control everything about the lid switch. Now, meh...08:42
Poisoned_DragonWhen it was working, I didn't even use light locker.08:43
Poisoned_DragonI used gnome-screensaver.08:44
Poisoned_DragonI found lightlocker gave me issues.08:44
Gotoleii like to have it when i close the lid it a) locks and b) powers off the lid08:44
Gotoleiand c) actually turn the screen back on after unlock08:44
Gotoleiyeah idk about lightlocker08:44
Poisoned_DragonWhich is a shame because, I like the premise of lightlocker as being a compliment to xfce.08:45
Poisoned_Dragonor rather to lightdm.08:45
Poisoned_Dragongnome-screensaver feels a little out of place. But, it always worked as expected.08:45
Gotoleidoes it handle lid closing properly? or is that an underlying systemd issue08:47
Poisoned_DragonIt seemed to help. with lightlocker, it felt as though it didn't respect user settings in power manager..08:47
Gotoleiindeed it doesn't08:48
Poisoned_DragonBut, have the updates to systemd it's not as cooperative.08:48
Gotoleihm, does it pull in a ton of deps?08:48
Poisoned_DragonI don't remember off hand, but I don't believe it pulls in too much.08:48
Poisoned_Dragonxfce is gtk2, so no extras there.08:49
Poisoned_Dragonand it's not like it pulls in an entirely new de.08:49
Poisoned_Dragonapt-get will tell you better, when it confirms install.08:49
Gotolei..welp synaptic's broken as well now08:49
Gotoleiyeah it doesn't look like it pulls in anything extra08:50
Poisoned_DragonReally? When did that happen?08:50
Gotoleijust now, it froze for like half an hour while installing wine08:50
Poisoned_DragonIt might be an issue with installing wine. You may have to get apt-get to fix it, or install from there.08:51
Poisoned_DragonOnce upon a time, there was a prompt you had to answer, and it didn't show up in synaptic. so, it just sat there.08:51
Poisoned_Dragonyeah, it's that stupid EULA.08:52
Gotoleifunny how one random thing is enough to cripple a system08:52
Poisoned_DragonThey had fixed it, at one point. But, who knows.08:52
Poisoned_Dragonregressions can happen.08:52
Gotoleihow does one recover from it08:53
Gotoleiit never geve me any prompt08:53
Poisoned_Dragonif you kill synaptic, and try to run apt-get in terminal, it'll tell you that it can't because an install was interupted. Then, it'll give you the command you need to use.08:55
Gotoleiit's giving me nothing08:55
Gotoleitrying something found on ubuntuforums anyways08:55
Gotoleiterminals whining about libssl now :?08:56
Poisoned_Dragonsudo dpkg -a --configure08:56
Poisoned_DragonI think that's the command to fix an interupted install.08:57
Poisoned_Dragonwhat's the error for that?08:57
Gotoleizero output08:57
Gotoleiscrew it, i'll just try a reboot08:57
Gotoleireinstalled without hassle09:01
Gotoleithere we go, only now does it do the popup :|09:02
Poisoned_Dragonlinux life.09:02
Poisoned_DragonStill better than windows.09:02
Gotoleiso for gnome-screensaver, do you set it to run at startup and replace lightlocker or something?09:03
Gotolei--replace ?09:03
Poisoned_DragonWell, I dunno.09:03
Poisoned_DragonI just installed it, changed it in startup, rebooted, tested it, and then remove the other on success.09:04
Poisoned_DragonA bit lengthy but, effective.09:04
Gotolei..and now synaptic's running through ttfjunk-installer again09:05
Gotoleiand yup, got gnome-screensaver working09:05
Gotoleidoesn't fix lid close causing suspend though09:06
Gotoleibut at least it doesn't look like a giant swathe of bird poop]09:06
Poisoned_DragonWell, once gnome-screensaver is installed, logind.conf options should be more compliant.09:07
Gotoleiso reboot again?09:07
Poisoned_DragonWith gnome-screensaver installed, the ignore inhibited option should work better. Then the power manager should be more compliant.09:07
Poisoned_DragonIt's a PITA, all the way around.09:08
Poisoned_DragonBut, when it was working, it worked great.09:08
Gotolei..ok, just realized another dumb09:08
Gotoleieverysingle line is commented09:08
Poisoned_DragonYes. lol09:08
Poisoned_DragonCommented lines show you the default behavior09:08
GotoleiHandleLidSwitch=ignore  and  LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=no to have it not suspend?09:08
Poisoned_DragonI like to write a new line to preserve the information.09:09
Poisoned_DragonJust leave the Handlelidswitch alone09:09
Gotoleiit's set to suspend by default09:09
Gotoleiwhich is exactly the opposite of what i want it to do09:09
Poisoned_DragonIgnore Inhibited should be yes, if I remember correctly.09:10
Gotolei..which is the default behavior it's currently set to09:10
Poisoned_DragonOh, then it's no09:10
Poisoned_DragonThanks. I always get that backwards.09:11
Poisoned_DragonBy using the the inhibited line, systemd should fall into lockstep with power manager settigs.09:11
Gotoleixfce's or what gnome-screensaver uses?09:11
Gotoleior are they one and the same09:11
Poisoned_Dragongnome-screensaver shouldn't have pulled any gnome power manager.09:12
Gotoleiok so xfce's09:12
Gotoleirebooting again09:12
Gotoleistill suspends ._.09:17
Poisoned_DragonWell, one out of 2 ain't the worst.09:17
Poisoned_DragonAs I said, after a specific update, it hasn't been the same.09:18
Gotoleitrying handlelidswitch=ignore because can't be too sure09:18
Poisoned_DragonAt least you don't have a freaky display with gnome-screensaver.09:18
Gotoleistill a no09:21
Gotoleiguessing 14.10 is a lost cause at this point09:21
Poisoned_DragonWell, that's a problem with 14.04 too.09:21
Gotoleisynaptic still throwing errors09:21
Gotoleiyeah but at least the fix worked09:21
Gotolei"failure to download extra data files"09:22
Poisoned_DragonI guess I'm glad I didn't upgrade.09:22
Poisoned_DragonUsually, I chase after the newest versions. Didn't help that the only way to get something better than xfce 4.8 was to not use 12.04.09:23
Poisoned_DragonBut, with no major upgrades to 4.1x, It's not as neccessary to move.09:23
Gotoleiah, 12.04. last i had a distro that actually handled backlights properly09:24
Gotoleinow it glitches around if set under 15% or so09:24
brainwashGotolei: I did not read the whole backlog, but I suggest that you report the greeter wallpaper glitch on launchpad -> run "ubuntu-bug lightdm-gtk-gteeter"09:24
Poisoned_DragonI don't think it's lightdm itself, brainwash. It's coupled with the use of lightlocker09:25
Gotoleiwell it's the initial login as well09:25
Poisoned_DragonOh, then report it.09:25
brainwashalso, bug 130754509:26
ubottubug 1307545 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Power Manager settings are ignored when closing laptop lid" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130754509:26
Poisoned_DragonOh gosh. It's been a bug for some time.09:27
Gotoleia typical ubuntu bug, then09:27
Gotolei"this is a big problem. let's ignore it"09:27
brainwashit's a strange bug, it was initially fixed in 13.10.. and some people still report, that it's not working properly09:27
brainwash_got disconnected09:30
Gotoleiwonder what changed from trusty to utopic to break it again09:31
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
Gotoleihm does upower ring any bells09:32
Poisoned_DragonI never messed with it. It's the first I've heard of it.09:33
Gotoleicomments in linked bug mention it09:33
brainwashthere were no changes in upower in 14.1009:34
Poisoned_DragonWith that said, they're having issues with a blank screen on resume.I haven't had that in a while.09:34
Poisoned_DragonI just can't get the behavior to jive.09:34
Gotoleii get that semi-randomly09:34
Gotoleii think it has to do with the interval between ctrl+alt+l and the lid being closed or something09:35
Gotoleibecause that's totally something and end user should have to worry about09:35
brainwashbug 137483009:35
ubottubug 1374830 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Closing laptop lid before system can suspend causes black screen upon login after resume" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137483009:35
Gotoleithis keyboard doesn't have a suspend key09:36
Gotoleictrl+alt+L is supposed to just lock the screen09:37
brainwashyes, there is some sort of timing issue09:38
brainwashwhich is bad in the first place, it should work whatever the user does09:38
brainwashthe suspend key triggers obviously the suspend sequence which triggers the lock screen09:39
brainwashwhich is similar to pressing ctrl+alt+l and then closing the lid "too early"09:40
Gotoleictrl+alt+l isn't for the express purpose of triggering suspend, though09:40
Gotoleibut yeah probably some similarities at least09:41
brainwashwe got quite few reports, tons of bug comments.. but no one was able to debug this problem completely yet09:42
brainwashbecause it's a tricky one09:42
Gotoleitbh at the moment i'm more concerned about the undesired behavior that occurs every single time than the undesired behavior that's easily bypassed09:43
brainwashyou mean the glitched wallpaper?09:44
brainwashor ignored power settings?09:44
Gotoleialso the power manager applet is a bit clumsy now but that's a minor thing09:44
brainwashmake sure that you file a bug report for the first one :)09:44
brainwashthe classic power manager tray icon has been replaced by a new panel plugin in 14.1009:45
brainwashsadly, you cannot fall back to the old tray icon09:45
Gotoleihttps://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=9282 yeah09:45
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11054 in General "Please bring back the tray icon" [Normal,New]09:46
Poisoned_Dragonlol, interesting title/09:47
brainwashagain, I recommend that you file a bug report, so the devs are informed about the breakage in the new panel plugin09:48
brainwashfiled on the Xfce bug tracker ^09:48
Gotoleispecifically xfce bug tracker?09:50
Gotoleithe command from before took me to launchpad09:50
Gotoleii'm thinking of reverting to 14.04 anyways because upgrading to 14.10 just made things worse09:51
brainwashyes, lightdm-gtk-greeter bugs are filed there, the project is hosted on launchpad09:51
brainwashyou can file Xfce bugs on launchpad too, but it's always better to forward them directly to the Xfce bug tracker09:52
Gotoleithis is the first i've heard of an xfce bug tracker09:52
Gotoleinever done this before09:52
Poisoned_Dragonwhere did you think xfce came from? wasn't an ubuntu invention. :)09:53
Gotoleilet's just say that 99% of the time i try to get support from anywhere, nothing happens09:53
Poisoned_DragonThat's the only drawback with a coalition of projects. Support can be fragmented and weak.09:54
Gotoleiand yeah good riddance it's not from canonical09:54
Gotoleibetter off because of that09:54
brainwashgoing back to 14.04 could be the right choice, 14.10 is only supported for 9 months, then you will have to upgrade to 15.04 (9 months of support also)09:54
Gotoleihttp://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=173622 about sums up my experiences with various support sites09:55
cfhowlettMy machine eats LTS only since 10.04.  No regrets, way fewer problems.09:55
Gotoleiaright, i think i have 14.04 flash drive still floating around somewhere09:56
Gotolei14.04.1 is still most recent, right? no new point releases09:59
Gotoleimost recent of trusty specifically09:59
brainwashthat's right09:59
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Xubuntu will be supported for 3 years. The current LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)10:00
Gotoleimmk, i've already got it then10:00
Gotoleiwelp guess i'll go do that10:01
Gotoleithanks for the help anyways, all \o10:01
brainwashyou're welcome :)10:01
Gotoleican't say it's been fun, but at least it hasn't made me want to rip my hair out like the linux mint channel did :p10:02
athlonis there anyone here using voyager?11:22
athlonperhaps the voyager 14.04.03?11:22
bekksWhats voyager?11:23
cfhowlettathlon, rephrase.  what do you REALLY need to know?  or are you counting voyager users?11:23
athlonvoyager linux11:23
athlonno, I have problem with it not loading at all11:23
bekksI'd ask the voyager linux community instead.11:23
cfhowlettathlon, as this channel is for XUBUNTU ... I'm going to guess "no"11:23
athlonso I'd take it "ubuntu" and "ubuntu-french" are different?11:46
cfhowlettathlon, oui.11:46
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:47
athlonthanks, ubottu.11:47
athlonI don't understand French at all but thanks.11:48
athlonsince I only understand and write in English, would it be okay to use English in that #ubuntu-fr channel?11:50
bazhangfor voyager support?11:59
cfhowlettathlon, you're going to ask for support in ENGLISH on a FRENCH language site ... ?12:00
bazhang!alis | athlon search here for voyager irc12:00
ubottuathlon search here for voyager irc: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:00
Alexfrenchthere is xchat on ubuntu or xubuntu working12:01
bazhangtry hexchat12:02
athlonyeah, for voyager support.12:02
bazhang!info hexchat | Alexfrench12:02
ubottuAlexfrench: hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.0-1build1 (utopic), package size 348 kB, installed size 1059 kB12:02
bazhangathlon, none of the ubuntu/xubuntu channels are for voyager support12:03
cfhowlettAlexfrench, +1 for hexchat12:03
Alexfrenchi don't know it, thanks12:03
bazhangathlon, /msg alis list *voyager*12:03
cfhowlett!flavors | Alexfrench these are the ONLY official Ubuntu versions.  If it's not on this list, it's on Ubuntu and it's not supported here.12:04
ubottuAlexfrench these are the ONLY official Ubuntu versions.  If it's not on this list, it's on Ubuntu and it's not supported here.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.12:04
bazhangathlon ^12:04
athloncfhowlett: that doesn't allowed?12:05
cfhowlettathlon, note: no voyager linux = NOT ubuntu = NOT supported here.12:06
bazhangathlon, no voyager support nope12:06
bazhangathlon, I just told you how to search using alis12:06
athloncfhowlett: I know, I was referring to your question " you're going to ask for support in ENGLISH on a FRENCH language site ... ?"12:16
bazhangathlon, its for french Ubuntu support, not english, not voyager12:17
athlonI guess I mistaken "http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/" for ubuntu-fr12:19
cfhowlettathlon, if you want support, install xubuntu.  otherwise search the voyager site for support options.  no voyager support in ubuntu irc/forums/mail lists.12:22
athlonwell, sorry for the trouble then.12:24
athlonwhy would then "voyagerlive" site listed the "http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/" there?12:33
cfhowlettathlon, you'd have to ask them.12:34
Unit193Indeed, but as it's somewhat French based, likely just tried to piggy back off the Ubuntu French community.12:34
cfhowlettunfortunate.  a distro that can't/won't support their own distro is a distro I wouldn't even touch12:35
Alexfrenchathlon are you french ??12:42
athlonno. i'm from Asia.12:49
cfhowlettathlon, "Asia" meaning exactly ... ???12:50
athlonthat wouldn't help too.12:53
cfhowlettathlon what language do you speak at home?12:54
athlonwhat would that question for?12:55
cfhowlettathlon, nvm.  done here.12:56
PeterRJGanyone here that can help me with something?13:28
cfhowlett!ask | PeterRJG13:28
ubottuPeterRJG: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:28
PeterRJGalrighty, I have a failed download in apt-get that pop up every time I use it for something else. How do I clear it?13:29
cfhowlettPeterRJG, paste the exact message please.  paste.ubuntu.com13:29
Alexfrenchmaybe i am wrong but you miss java stuff like jre ???13:38
Alexfrenchso every time one call is done for things in java, bam error message13:39
PeterRJGI downloaded the icedtea 7 and it works. Everything in java works, but every time I use apt-get or synaptic, I get this message and I want to get rid of it13:39
Alexfrenchah sorry13:41
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halpmeme again18:21
drcWelcome back...what is it this time :)18:21
drcplease notice the smilie face and don't take it the wrong way.18:22
halpmeso at college I get 3 working wifi networks, at home, 20 cm away from the router, I get nothing. Is there something like a memory effect (in this case it would mean my machine recognizes 3 networks just ecause sometime in the past I used them, but in reality my chipset is no longer recognized by the actual version of xubuntu?18:22
halpmewhat do I have to write in a search engine to buy a compatible wifi app?18:23
halpmei dont know how those things aare called18:23
halpmeusb wifi card?18:23
halpmesmartcard wifi card?18:24
drcI don't think an "app"is the solution (if they even exist)18:24
drcmaybe a usb wifi card is a solution.18:24
drcForgive if this was covered yesterday, are you sure the home wifi router is really working?18:25
holsteinhalpme: may i suggest, since you literally *just* discovered that this issue is *drastically* different that what you thought it was, maybe just relax, and spend some time with it18:25
holsteinotherwise, test my working with the access point18:26
* drc (meaning the geek daughter) just replace our old router because it was not funtioning properly anymore.18:26
halpmehome router works via ethernet cable. I was 20 cm away from the router, the wireless app with big letters "networks activated" but not a single wifi network listed18:26
holstein*if* you can connect to other access points, then, you *know* its not a problem with the wifi device in the machine.. but, either a compatility issue, or something where the ssid is hidden, or something with configuration, et18:26
drchalpme: The same here, it was just the wifi part that was going.18:26
halpmeholstein:  test my working with the access point << donot udnerstand18:27
holsteinhalpme: test *by* working with the access point, since thats the issue18:28
holsteinhalpme: does *anything* connect to your wifi access point? of so? what are the settings? have you tried disabling encryption? do you have the ssid hidden? or wps push to connect? or MAC address filtering, or *any* other automatically configured setup that can be causing you to not be able to connect?18:29
holsteindo you have another wifi router handy to plug in and test? i'll just power one on, without hooking it up, that doesnt have any encryption on it.. i'll see that the unit connects to that, and move on from there18:30
holsteini have seen issues where, one machine requires something the others dont.. wpa vs wpa2..18:31
drcholstein: Wouldn't <all> available access points within the geographic area show up even if one can't connect to them (I an see all sort of neighboring access points on my machine, even though I can't connect to them)?18:32
holsteindrc: not sure what the case is here..18:32
drcIt sounds like <nothing> is showing up atwhen he's at home.18:32
holsteindrc: i read this as, at school, wifi access points are showing, and at home, not.. i dont see any other details about if anything can ever connect at home, or if the router is configured, etc18:33
drcTrue, but here at least, when the daughter plugged the new, out of the box, router in it showed up in the listings.18:34
drca misconfigured router might not but it's hard to see why it wouldn't al least show up in the listings.18:35
holsteinyup.. but, we dont know anything about that home access point.. could be hidden ssid, or whatever that "push to connect" is/does that i always manually disable18:35
drcTrue, I was just about to say that it looks like its been narrowed down to the router itself :)18:36
halpmeim toot ired now, ill try what you suggest in 30 minutes18:36
drcThe laptop appears to function properly (see school)18:36
drchalpme:  My next step would be to have a friend (with a known good computer re: wifi) come over. If s/he can't connect, that pretty much defines the problem as in the router.  Where you go from there, no help from here (I turned all that stuff over to the geek daughter years ago and have forgotten most of what I knew, which is probable out of date also)18:41
halpmehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWzRd2vtnIs suggests I need propietary drivers19:01
halpmeif I edit my environmetal variables file, do I habe to reboot for it to take efect?19:20
halpmegot access to internet after editing said file, but its a pain!!!!!!19:21
drchalpme: Do you have to re-edit it everytime you re-boot?19:22
halpmeno, I saved the changes, but still, not how I want to connect...19:22
drcand it could be you need p-drivers, I never have (works out of the box for me), but I've seen some folks say they do.19:23
halpmewhat is a p driver?19:23
drc"propietary drivers"...I was lazy19:23
drcBut, iirc, needing a driver is usually a thing for the NIC, not the router.19:24
halpmeadditional drivers lists x.org and 4 nvidia drivers, 2 legacy binaries and 2 binaries19:25
halpmenone of the nvidia drivers are for the wifi, right?19:25
drcnope, video19:25
halpmeapparently college doesnt like the tor network19:26
drcx.org is usually for the display, mouse, etc.19:26
halpmea good reason to get your own provider19:26
drca lott of them don't...you might be doing something terrile :)19:26
holsteinhalpme: again, i say, relax, and take your time.. nothing about proprietary graphics drivers help with your wifi19:43
holsteinand, if that is an older machine, you are likely not going to be doing any gaming on it, anyways19:43
halpmeholstein: i need a month off19:43
holsteinnot that thats the only reason to get proprietary drivers, but, thats the main reason.. if you are not having any issues with the graphics19:43
holsteinhalpme: sure.. *or* buy with linux support in mind19:43
halpmeholstein: is 5 years "old"19:43
holsteinhalpme: you have to ask who creats the game you are trying to run.. typically, for computer gaming, yes, 5 years *is* old19:44
halpmei dont need gaming19:44
holsteini use machines older than that for audio production work.. but, i dont expect 3d from it19:44
holsteinhalpme: then, do you *need* the proprietary graphics driver?19:44
halpmeare you talkking about x now?19:45
drcThe only reason I use the nvidia driver on my laptop is it runs about 10C cooler with the driver than without...have no need for 2D playing Zork :)19:45
holsteinhalpme: im talking about you stating a youtube video suggests you need a proprietary graphics driver.. do *you* need a proprietary graphics driver?19:46
halpmei think not, the nvidia driver under 14.04 created a lot of prblems of broken packages19:47
holsteinhalpme: doenst here19:48
* drc thinks that was becasue of the install, I've have never had any problems install nvidia driver, either thu the binary for nvidia or the repos.19:48
holsteinhalpme: *no* packages are broken for me in 14.04 with any proprietary drivers. though, i try and avoid them, when possible, when i dont need/want 3d, and you can as well19:48
halpmenon issue as long as im in college, i cannot download anything here, just use firefox19:50
halpmeeven if I use my laptop19:51
halpme16mbits/s for one person, is that enough?19:53
halpmesay im gonna torrent 50GBof data19:53
drchalpme: The bottleneck in Torrents is usually not the pipe, but what each node contributing to the torrent gives.  Normally I'm happy if the torrent DL runs !2M/S, far slower than my pipe.19:55
halpmedrc: even so, I get higher speeds if the advertised mbits/s of my provider are 50 instead of 16...19:56
halpmeam I wrong?19:56
drchalpme: Your totall pipe is faster, boesn't mean any particular DL/torrent is faster.19:56
drcThe really big question for me (re: pipes) is Are you streaming?, if so the bigest pipe is best.19:57
halpme16 Mbits/s costs 15, 50 MBits/s costs 20...19:57
drcgo for 50 :)19:57
halpmeall I do is watching videos, movies and listen to the radio19:58
drcthe cost diff is minimal (unless you're a poor college student :)19:58
halpmei AM a poor college student19:58
drcI know, I saw the uni-mainz :)19:58
halpmeprivacy ftw!!!19:58
perfarator256kbps ADSL for 25$! Unlimited plan! Only in my country!19:59
drchalpme:  It sometimes pays to know a bit about a person when trying to help.  For example, the .de in the address says you are from germany, that way I know thet English is probably not your mother tongue and one can make adjustments accordingly.20:00
halpmecan you paste a link with instructions regarding editing splash screens?20:01
drcAnd if you are worried about privacy on freenode, you can always register and ask for a "cloak".  Right click on your nick and mine and see the difference in the USER: data.20:01
holsteinhalpme: what splash screen? and why?20:01
halpmeholstein: not to see a blank screen every time I turn on the machine20:02
holsteinhalpme: thats the machine.. so, you ask the creator of the hardware for that info.. though, i can save you the trouble..20:02
holsteinotherwise, you can look at messing about with grub..20:03
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub220:03
halpmewhat linux compatible webcams should I star looking for?20:16
drchalpme: You might be better off to ask this in a webcam channel (if there is one) or on #ubuntu (bigger user base and if it works on ubuntu, it'll probably work on Xubuntu)20:26
halpmeok dr20:27
holsteinhalpme: what do i do? as i said before, i shop looking for *specific* linux support stated from the manufacturer.. if not that, then, i go and plug the thing into my laptop, or i buy, and make certain i can return it20:42
holsteinlinux/ubuntu/xubuntu does nothing to prevent *any* webcam from working20:43
drcholstein's correct (again, as always :)...If it says it supports "linux", *buntu support is almost a given.20:45
holsteindrc: i actually have found a few USB cams that didnt work, as well.. :/20:46
drcbut some support is more equal than other.20:46
* drc hedged his bet..."almost" :)20:46
* drc had to look at the back of his laptop to see if it indeed had a serial and parallel port.20:53
xubuntu08wquien habla español?21:11
krytarik!es | xubuntu08w21:11
ubottuxubuntu08w: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:11
Lucky___anyone here :) ?21:54
drcNope, we've closed up shop and went to the pub.21:55
drcThis is a recording.21:56
krytarikLucky___: Just ask.22:05
Lucky___Ok, I have a problem with Xubuntu/Lubuntu. My screen just freezes when I launch the "Try Xubuntu" or when I click on "Install Xubuntu". here's a picture : http://imgur.com/kLUG3XR22:07
Lucky___I need help !22:07
krytarik!nomodeset | Lucky___22:09
ubottuLucky___: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:09
Lucky___thanks :D22:09

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