savantgardeI'm getting internal compiler error trying to compile Emscripten on Ubuntu 14.04 https://github.com/kripken/emscripten/issues/307800:01
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: what graphics card? ("lspci")00:01
savantgardethis a know problem?00:01
garrettkajmowiczdaftykins: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 [GeForce GT 630] (rev a1)00:01
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: is this a laptop, or?00:01
garrettkajmowiczThis worked fine (for months+) until I performed an update and rebooted.00:01
garrettkajmowiczdaftykins: Desktop machine.00:02
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: "dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia | pastebinit"00:02
garrettkajmowiczdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9508635/00:02
garrettkajmowiczI try to run only OSS where practical.00:02
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: ah ok, nouveau seems upset though00:02
daftykinsyou appear to have nvidia-prime installed00:03
garrettkajmowiczdaftykins: That's new. (Pun vaguely intended).00:03
garrettkajmowiczdaftykins: Uninstall it and see what happened?00:04
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* "00:04
daftykinsgarrettkajmowicz: do you have a xorg.conf ?00:04
daftykins(you shouldn't really)00:04
daftykins3.13.0-32 doesn't seem like the newest trusty kernel either 0o i might be going mad though00:05
garrettkajmowiczI don't believe so. Last time I looked at it I think I just deleted it (months/years ago).00:05
garrettkajmowiczUntil now graphics stuff mostly Just Worked.00:05
* garrettkajmowicz is rebooting to see what happens.00:05
savantgardeI guess I better file a bug with Ubuntu due this GCC internal error?00:06
ikoniait's not an ubuntu issue savantgarde00:06
savantgardeikonia: so you're saying I should file a bug with gcc?00:06
savantgardewhat then?00:06
ikoniasavantgarde: with Emscripten00:06
ikoniait shouldn't be calling cc1plus directly00:07
savantgardeikonia: I did, but later I figured is a tool problem00:07
savantgardeit is00:07
ikoniahow did you figure it out as a tool problem00:07
ikoniaand what do you mean by a tool problem00:07
savantgardeikonia: well, I figure it ought to be a gcc bug since there's an internal error00:07
ikoniayou figured wrong00:07
savantgardecould be00:07
ikoniait's a problem with Emscripten00:08
ikoniathe build process should not be calling cc1plus directly00:08
savantgardeikonia: how do you see that it's calling cc1plus directly?00:08
ikoniasavantgarde: an assumption looking at that output00:09
ikoniasavantgarde: the error also states "Please submit a full bug report"00:09
ikoniasavantgarde: so file a bug report to the project00:09
savantgardeikonia: I don't think that the error indicates that cc1plus is called directly00:10
ikoniasavantgarde: thats fine, you're welcome to disagree,00:10
garrrettkajmowicdaftykins: Thanks! I'm now looking at my desktop in full glory! You are awesome!00:10
savantgardethe error message starts with 'c++' for one00:10
ikoniasavantgarde: you're welcome to disagree, I'm making assumptions based on what I'm reading, I may not be right00:10
savantgardewhich is synonymous with g++  I believe00:11
ikoniasavantgarde: I don't think so00:11
savantgardewhat exactly?00:11
savantgardesince the error starts with 'c++:', it looks as if the invoked command is c++, which in turn runs cc1plus (wherein the ICE occurs)00:12
ikoniasavantgarde: you could be right, or it could be the function within the makefile based on the make -j1 at the bottom00:12
savantgardeI would guess the command is 'c++'; Emscripten uses CMake, so I'm guessing CMake figures out the right compiler command to use00:13
savantgardeas much as I loathe CMake, I do trust it'll deduce the right compiler00:14
mRManshello I am trying to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04.  I changed my sources list and everything was going great until it trys to upgrade the kernel.  This is due to the fact thta it can not write to /tmp because it is full/;.  So i backed it up then I removed what was in it (/tmp) then remounted the /tmp  but it still runs out of space what can I do to work around this ?00:20
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ikoniamRMans: you shouldn't change your sources.list00:21
ikoniathat is not how you upgrade00:21
mRMansSorry Coming from debian and that is how I do it in debian00:21
ikoniathats not how you do it in ubuntu00:21
ikoniayou've probably put your machine into quite a bad way00:22
mRManstried the do-release-upgrade thingy that I looked at.  but it was not installed and neither and could not find it with apt-cache00:22
ikoniamRMans: do-release-upgrade probably didn't work as it's in a limbo state between releases (from what you've said)00:23
mRMansI am sure the system is fine I just need to make it so tmp is bigger or something like that.00:23
ikoniahow are you sure the system is fine ?00:23
ikoniawhat is your basis on that ?00:23
mRMansikonia,  because I can test certian things and they work Ijust need to finish up the upgrade,  Easy as that.  it is just that tmp is only assigned 1 M00:24
=== enko_ is now known as enko1
ikoniamRMans: I can test certain things ????00:25
ikoniasorry thats not a valid test and no real reason to class a partial upgrade as "working fine"00:25
enko1Hello everyone. I am trying to install a DNS updater on my server running 14.04 - when trying to download the package ddclient AND/OR inadyn I get "E: Unable to lcoate package" - Can anyone please assist00:25
ikoniaenko1: what is the package ?00:25
enko1ikonia: "inadyn curl" or "ddclient00:26
ikoniaenko1: what is the actual name of the package00:26
enko1ikonia: I am not sure? these are commands that I was told to type from numerous tutorials00:26
Zebra111enko1 can you post the link to the tutorial?00:26
ikoniaenko1: how are you installing it if you don't know the name of the package00:26
enko1ikonia: they say the package name is "ddclient"00:27
ikonia!info ddclient00:27
ubottuddclient (source: ddclient): address updating utility for dynamic DNS services. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.8.1-1ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 70 kB, installed size 330 kB00:27
enko1I get unable to locate package "ddclient"00:27
Zebra111Installing "ddclient" works on my machine00:27
ikoniaenko1: what is the exact command you are running00:27
enko1ikonia: sudo apt-get install ddclient00:27
ikoniaenko1: what version of ubuntu is this ?00:27
Zebra111Are you behind a proxy enko1?00:27
enko1ikonia: also tried sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ddclient00:27
enko1Zebra111: nope00:28
Shadow}}I can't get my SD Card (Micro SD Adapter Card) to be recognized or mounted.00:28
enko1ikonia: 14.04 server00:28
ikoniaenko1: check you have the universe repo enabled00:28
daftykinsShadow}}: plug it in and run "dmesg | tail | pastebinit" after installing pastebinit00:28
Shadow}}"apt-get install pastebinit -y"?00:29
Zebra111Shadow}} yes00:29
daftykinsyes, althouh this -y nonsense is foolish00:29
Shadow}}How so?00:30
daftykinschop chop00:30
Shadow}}Certainly makes updating/upgrading quicker. :P00:30
daftykinsone whole keypress down, damn00:30
nuhuxiCan anyone help me with a keyboard question on 14.04?00:31
enko1ikonia: that solved it. can you tell me why these repos are not included in the sources by default?00:31
ikoniaenko1: because they are not normally needed on server installs00:31
Zebra111nuhuxi what do you need help with00:31
enko1ikonia: my first time messing with a server - thanks for the help00:31
nuhuxiI am trying to start using Ubuntu (which I really like) but my keyboard works intermittently00:31
Shadow}}Zebra111: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9508837/00:32
nuhuxiIt is the same keyboard and mouse that worked flawlessly on the same PC when it was running windows 700:32
daftykinsShadow}}: i'm sure Zebra111 appreciates that, but then it was me asking :P looks pretty upset to me00:32
nuhuxiI dont know where to find an answer to fic it00:32
Shadow}}I thought I said the wrong helper's name. Hah00:33
Zebra111Shadow}} does the card work on a different computer?00:33
Shadow}}Well, Would it help if I took out the Micro SD thats in it?00:33
Zebra111You could try that00:33
daftykinsno because then there'd be nothing to read00:33
Shadow}}I don't know Zebra111, No way to test currently either.00:33
Zebra111Yeah I'm not sure00:34
daftykins1.3TB for a card doesn't sound good either00:34
daftykinsi mean if we were in 2025, maybe00:34
Zebra111Oh jeez00:34
daftykinsShadow}}: did you read the paste? :)00:34
Shadow}}TB is Terrabyte i now but TiB is?00:35
daftykinstibibytes / tebibytes00:35
daftykinsyou have base 10 and you have base 200:35
Shadow}}Well, I have a differen't adapter card but it doesn't do anything either.00:35
daftykinstera binary bytes = base 10, so 1,000,000,000,000 bytes00:35
Shadow}}Oh...So...Rounded bytes?..00:36
daftykinsalright, plug that in and re-run the command to see what that one does00:36
daftykinsput it this way, 1MB = 1,048,576 bytes. 1MiB = 1,000,000 bytes.00:36
daftykinsor have i gone and got that one backwards again00:37
Shadow}}No seems right.00:37
=== jonah is now known as Guest54516
dasjoeNo, it's backwards00:37
daftykinsyeah i had 'em swapped00:37
Zebra111what is the output Shadow}}?00:38
h82or8how do i find out which app/daemon is requesting a dhcp address for the wrong network (logged by the dhcp server)?00:38
dasjoe1 TiB = 2^40 bytes, whereas 1 TB = 10^12 bytes00:38
Guest54516hi all, I'm having trouble installing android adb and fastboot via the three commands at 2.1 minimal here: http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/245-ubuntu-android-tools-adb-fastboot-qtadb I get the error package has no installation candidate.00:38
daftykinsShadow}}: well that looks better, although 30MB card?00:39
daftykinsShadow}}: oh just a sec - are you using a USB 3.0 port instead of a 2.0? experiment.00:39
Shadow}}Its a 2G Micro SD in it...00:39
Zebra111ut oh00:40
dasjoeGuest54516: adb and fastboot are part of the official repositories00:40
Shadow}}I'm using the only SD slot I have o.o;00:40
Guest54516dasjoe: can you show me where I can find instructions to install from the "official repos". I'm using 14.10.00:40
Zebra111daftykins do you think Shadow}} could repair the sectors?00:40
Shadow}}SD,MS,xD All the slot says.00:41
Zebra111Shadow}} is the sd's lock off?00:41
Shadow}}Whats odd is I can use a basic SD card.00:41
Shadow}}I can just use the basic mounting lines for one. But Idk bout this adapter..00:42
Zebra111Do you have an micro-sd to sd card adaptor?00:42
Zebra111Maybe it's the adaptor's fault00:42
Shadow}}Thats what these are.00:42
Zebra111Do any other micro sd's work with that adaptor?00:42
daftykinsZebra111: when a reader thinks the first card is 1.3TiB and another that one is 30MB when it's 2GB, i'm a bit more concerned than the idea of bad sectors :D00:42
Zebra111Right right00:42
Shadow}}-Nods- Thats ...Concerning.00:42
Guest54516dasjoe: where do I find the command to install them from Official repositories?00:42
dasjoeGuest54516: a simple "apt-get update", followed by "apt-get install android-tools-adb" should help00:43
dasjoeGuest54516: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto for a short intro to apt-get00:43
Shadow}}Perhaps if I formatted the Micro to Fat16 then tried?00:44
aaaswhy would 'sudo gem' say 'command not found' while gem runs the command....$PATH for both the user and root has the directory with 'gem' in it and i've restarted my terminal....but only the user can run the command with sudo i cant00:44
dasjoeGuest54516: also, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/378558/unable-to-locate-package-while-trying-to-install-packages-by-apt and check whether you enabled the "universe" repository00:44
Shadow}}These Micros came from old phones so perhaps its the formatting of the micros not the adapter's fault?00:44
Guest54516dasjoe: when I run the install  "apt-get install android-tools-adb" I still get "no installation candidate, might this be being caused by the fact I am using it as a live cd atm?00:45
daftykinsaaas: ownership/permissions ?00:45
aaasdaftykins thanks for the help...but root owns ese files..if anything the user should have the problem not root00:45
dasjoeGuest54516: look at "apt-cache policy android-tools-adb" and throw it in a pastebin00:46
dasjoeGuest54516: also, check whether universe is enabled00:46
daftykinsaaas: ok just checking :>00:46
Zebra111Guest54516 using ubutnu as a live cd?00:46
Guest54516Zebra111: YES, because ubuntu / linux / mac didn't have to worry about drivers for rooting my nexus 5 (where windows did) , (I want to flash it) but the tools require it to be rooted first. So I booted into ubuntu via live cd.00:48
wolflarson_Guest54516, good call I installed ubuntu in a VM for the same reason00:49
=== wolflarson_ is now known as wolflarson
Zebra111Guest 54516 I think that's your problem00:49
Guest54516wolflarson: did you also have troubles installing adb and fastboot from the repos?00:50
Guest54516Zebra111: sorry, what00:50
Guest54516* is the problem?00:50
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wolflarsonworked for me the first time00:50
Guest54516wolflarson: I am following: http://rootnexus5.com/nexus-5-root/how-to-root-nexus-5/00:51
wolflarsonGuest54516, does the software center have the package?00:51
j4sonaaas: double check the shebang in `gem` and that root can find it?00:51
prutois there a way to reboot a comptuer without actually physically rebooting it00:51
dasjoeGuest54516: I'd just install Ubuntu in a VM and pass through the USB device00:51
j4sonaaas: i.e.; if the shebang for gem is `env ruby` with no path/etc00:51
prutoi've ran the updates but i don't want to restart the computer00:51
prutoj4son: let's not she-bang anything you asshole00:52
aaasj4son this isn't in a script it's from the command line....and root can find it IF i log in with sudo su00:52
Guest54516dasjoe, ok i'll try that. Thanks dasjoe Zebra111 and wolflarson00:52
prutoj4son !ops sexist prick00:52
daftykinsaaas: i hope you don't mean 'sudo su'00:52
aaasdaftykins why not00:52
daftykinsaaas: because that's bad practice and should never be used with ubuntu00:52
daftykinshere be dragons, etc.00:52
Zebra111Guest54516 booting from the live cd00:52
aaasdaftykins i dont ...only to check root path00:52
Zebra111is the problem sorry00:52
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Guest54516Zebra111: thanks, I'll try installing it via a virtual machine.00:53
j4sonaaas: gem is indeed a script00:53
wolflarsonGuest54516, I can tell you that USB passthrough works on the mac as that is what I did no idea if it works on winblows tho00:53
j4sonaaas: "head -1 `which gem`"00:53
grarI'm having a problem with Wine on Xubuntu 14.0400:54
grarActually 2 problems00:54
dasjoepruto: you're looking for Ksplice/Kgraft/Kpatch00:54
Zebra111What is your problem grar?00:54
explodingmango1Hi, I'm the one who was asking about Gnumeric-Excel compatibility and which format to use (.xlsx vs .gnumeric vs .ods). After some testing, it turns out:00:54
explodingmango11. MSOffice 2011 for Mac doesn't even support Gnumeric's Opendocument .ods files, so I can't use that;00:54
explodingmango12. Gnumeric will, under some conditions, mess up a chart's size when re-importing even its own .xlsx files. Nothing unfixable, but enough to make me shy away from working natively in .xlsx format;00:54
explodingmango13. MSOffice 2011 for Mac will choke on charts no matter what format I save in. Nothing I can do but work around it, but I'm glad I found out now instead of later.00:54
explodingmango1So with that in mind, I'll be saving my stuff as .gnumeric files.00:54
Guest54516Zebra111: another question: If I have locked myself out of my user account on ubuntu by changing the password (and fogetting said password) is it possible to create a new account via guest, and change the password for my user account so I can login again?00:54
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:55
aaasj4son well the command is that it cant find gem...not ruby..but actually it happens to everything in that directory...so 'command not found' with ruby, gem, autotest etc00:55
grarFirst is when trying to play any game from the Stronghold series, keyboard input doesn't work, and when exiting the game,  the custom cursor is stuck animating, and the computer is completely unresponsive to input except for switching TTYs00:55
daftykinsexplodingmango1: new mac office soon. should change that result00:55
Zebra111Guest54516 no but you can reset your password00:55
j4sonaaas: right because that "command not gound" can be infact, the shebang00:55
explodingmango1(whoops. Sorry, guess I learned something about line breaks in Pidgin today)00:55
Zebra111Guest54516 just a sec00:55
aaasj4son ok well then ignore the 'gem' case...it says the same thing with 'ruby'00:55
j4sonaaas: which is why im asking you to double check it00:55
j4sonare they in root's $PATH?00:56
Guest54516Zebra111: thanks - take yoru time.00:56
Zebra111Guest54516 http://linuxconfig.org/ubuntu-14-04-lost-password-recovery00:56
mAxX--This is really weird but i moved to 14.04 i i started having issues with my wifi as i got disconnected every 5, 10 minutes. Since i didnt find any solution i decided to reinstall and im still experiencing the same issue!00:57
mAxX--This is driving me nuts00:57
Zebra111mAxX-- did you check if there is a driver update for your wifi adaptor?00:58
mAxX--Zebra111, how can i check for the driver specifically?00:59
grarI'm having some problems with wine on Xubuntu 14.04. First is when trying to play any game from the Stronghold series, keyboard input doesn't work. The second is when exiting the game,  the custom cursor is stuck animating, and the computer is completely unresponsive to input except for switching TTYs, requiring a restart to be usable. The first might just be a Wine problem, but the second is a critical bug with xorg, no application00:59
grarmAxX Would it by any chance be a wireless g card?00:59
Zebra111mAxX-- type in "drivers and updates" in the unity search box then open it00:59
daftykins!wine | grar00:59
ubottugrar: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:59
Guest54516Zebra111: thanks for the link, but i don't see anywhere that the name of the user is specified, when the password is changed, how does ubuntu know for which user the password should be changed?01:00
Zebra111Guest54516 when it tells you to enter "passwd" enter your username at the end like "passwd USERNAME"01:00
Guest54516Zebra111: Thanks !01:01
aaasanyone know why 'sudo ruby' would say 'command not found' while 'ruby'  runs the command....$PATH for both the user and root has the directory with 'ruby' in it and i've restarted my terminal....i can run the command with the user, as root, but not with sudo01:02
wheresmypaaantsHas hedgework been on lately?01:02
mAxX--Zebra111,  once there should i check in the updates tab?01:03
DarkAceZwhy do I get "Scanning for btrfs filesystems" at every boot? it takes about 20 seconds01:03
Vadim_Hi all. I install ubuntu server 14.04.1 LTS and install mc programm (midnight-commander), but i try edit file via "mcedit" and want use "subshell" (ctrl+o), mcedit show error : Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled. , env show : TERM=linux and SHELL=/bin/bash   ..01:03
DarkAceZand for a linux system, that's very bad01:03
Zebra111mAxX-- yeah01:03
Vadim_why i get this error in mcedit ? i connect to pc via ssh01:04
jhelblingHello, i have written a programm and created a PPA. My Question: How can i submit my programm to the Ubuntu-Repos?01:04
Zebra111jhelbling try http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/get-started/01:05
grarI'm having some problems with wine on Xubuntu 14.04. First is when trying to play any game from the Stronghold series, keyboard input doesn't work. The second is when exiting the game,  the custom cursor is stuck animating, and the computer is completely unresponsive to input except for switching TTYs, requiring a restart to be usable. The first might just be a Wine problem, but the second is a critical bug with xorg, no application01:05
Zebra111grar did you try https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1251 yet?01:06
grarZebra111 Yes. It also worked just fine on Mint 1701:06
Zebra111grar try typing in "winetricks directplay"01:06
Zebra111What wine version are you using grar?01:07
grarI've tried 1.7.22, 1.7.29, and 1.7.32 which is why I think this is an Xorg bug and nto a WIne bug01:08
grarZebra111 The second problem is especially worrying as that is without a doubt an Xorg bug, and a critical one at that.01:09
Zebra111grar: yeah01:09
Zebra111I'm not really sure how to fix it01:09
Mike5kti wanna try kde on ubuntu 14.04 what's the pakage to install?01:11
EriC^^!find kubuntu01:11
ubottuFound: unity-scope-home, kubuntu-restricted-addons, kubuntu-restricted-extras, kubuntu-active, kubuntu-debug-installer, kubuntu-debug-installer-dbg, kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-docs, kubuntu-driver-manager, kubuntu-driver-manager-dbg (and 15 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=kubuntu&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all01:11
Mike5ktsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop?01:12
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Vadim_Hi all. I install ubuntu server 14.04.1 LTS and install mc programm (midnight-commander), but i try edit file via "mcedit" and want use "subshell" (ctrl+o), mcedit show error : Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled. , env show : TERM=linux and SHELL=/bin/bash why i get this error in mcedit ? i connect to pc via ssh01:14
victorvectorshi, what X-windows does Ubuntu use?01:15
victorvectorsGUI i mean01:15
Zebra111victorvectors usually unity01:15
victorvectorsunity is based on what though01:15
victorvectorsi've been living under a rock...01:15
victorvectorswhat have you done to GNOME?!01:15
victorvectorsknow what my New Year's resoluation is?01:17
grarvictorvectors Thank Red Hat for that01:17
daftykinsvictorvectors: drop that language right now and take this crap elsewhere.01:17
grarThey destroyed the best DE ever01:17
daftykinsthis is NOT a channel for general commentary, support only thanks01:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:17
victorvectorsto learn linux.  i'm going to destroy my windows partition01:17
Mike5ktthanks. I have tried to install a desktop environment on debian, when I have removed it because it wasn't pleasant to me, i realize that was very hard to remove all the packages that came with it. Does happen the same with ubuntu? whjat to do in case i wanna remove the kubuntu desktop in an easy and complete way?01:17
grarMate just isn't the same, but Xfce is really close01:17
victorvectorsokay what's the ubuntu offtopic/social channel then?01:17
EriC^^Mike5kt: pretty much the same, yes01:18
victorvectorsokay what's the ubuntu offtopic/social channel then?01:18
daftykinsvictorvectors: i just told you via ubottu. try and pay attention01:18
Zebra111Mike5kt are you trying to turn ubuntu into like ubuntu server?01:19
Mike5ktEriC^^, there's not a command or a good GUI to remove all the dependendences and packages that came with it? come on I can't believe it01:19
explodingmango1victorvectors: "#ubuntu-offtopic: Community related non-support discussion" on freenode, more channels listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:20
victorvectorsoh sorry daftykins... my brain literally has its own adblock01:20
EriC^^Mike5kt: me neither, apparently not01:20
victorvectorsi just glossed over it01:20
wolflarsonMike5kt, sudo apt-get autoremove will do it01:20
victorvectorswait the guidelines here apply to the offtopic channel?01:20
explodingmango1victorvectors: Whoops, so did I01:20
EriC^^wolflarson: Mike5kt autoremove will remove some packages, but not all01:20
victorvectorswhat's the point of an offtopic channel then you fucking retarded gay niggers?!01:20
victorvectorswhat's the point of an offtopic channel then you fucking retarded gay niggerFAGGOTS?!01:21
daftykins!ops | victorvectors01:21
ubottuvictorvectors: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang01:21
EriC^^wolflarson: Mike5kt like if you install lxde you'll still have pcmanfm once you autoremove01:21
victorvectors!ops | daftykins isn't an op why is he on a power trip01:21
ubottudaftykins isn't an op why is he on a power trip: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang01:21
victorvectorsoh yea it looks like for a few seconds01:21
victorvectorsi can do whatever i want01:21
* victorvectors slaps her pussy for FREEDOM!01:21
EriC^^Mike5kt: i'm writing a tiny script that recursively gets all the dependencies and checks if other packages depend on them, but i've been pretty lazy about it01:21
victorvectorsNOBODY'S HERE01:21
* victorvectors slaps her pussy one inch away from daftykins' face01:22
victorvectorsCHOLBY RULES01:22
Mike5ktwolflarson, look I have tryed  apt-get purge on debian and didn't worked I have been helped from 2 irc users and guess what's happened?? I have lost all the OS01:22
wolflarsonlol nice01:23
explodingmango1Hm, if my system says it supports hardware gfx acceleration but it says it's resorting to swrast and driconf fails to create a render screen, does that mean hardware acceleration isn't really happening?01:23
Mike5ktEriC^^, yes thanks01:23
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
EriC^^Mike5kt: you can use apt-cache depends kubuntu-desktop | grep Depends to get the dependencies01:24
daftykinsexplodingmango1: seems a fair bet01:25
Mike5ktEriC^^, please write the command between the " " I don't get it01:25
Vadim_Hi, Ubuntu Server 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O)...01:25
EriC^^Mike5kt: "apt-cache depends kubuntu-desktop | grep Depends"01:26
EriC^^Mike5kt: it will list all the packages it depends on that get installed with it01:27
Mike5ktEriC^^, yes thanks01:27
grarZebra111 I filed a bug report01:28
daftykinsphunyguy: this cholby is becoming a regular hassle01:28
Zebra111grar that's a good idea01:29
Mike5ktI like the synaptic package manager, If I install a pakage from there instead to open the terminal is the SAME exactly thing?01:29
Zebra111Mike5kt it should be01:30
squintyMike5kt:  fwiw, a person can also view the depends via the properties sub menu in Synaptic package manager too01:30
squintyMike5kt:  right click on kunbuntu-desktop in synaptic and then select Properties > Dependancies tab01:31
Mike5ktsquinty, very good! thx01:32
squintyMike5kt:  after installing a package, synaptic will also displayed all the files and which directories they were installed in etc via the Installed Files tab on that same menu01:33
explodingmango1Mike5kt: And synaptic keeps a history of your update history, I fully expect that to save my butt someday01:33
EriC^^explodingmango1: they're in /var/log/apt/history.log01:34
EriC^^( synaptic or not i think )01:34
explodingmango1EriC^^: ah, good to know01:34
Mike5ktubuntu is based on debian testing this means that all updates on debian come on ubuntu automatically?01:36
Zebra111Mike5kt ubuntu is based on debain's "unstable" packages so yeah01:38
mememehey guys is anyone here familiar with openvpn?01:39
mememeI'm getting a really strange behaviour here01:39
mememeI can connect thru the terminal and have internet but thru the gui it connects but no internet01:40
Zebra111mememe I'm not familar with openvpn but I could try to help01:40
mememeanyone has any ideias?01:40
Zebra111mememe is the gui version the same as the terminal version?01:41
squintymememe: there is an openvpn channel here on freenode  #openvpn01:41
Mike5kt..i tought it was based on testing, the unstable version is just a bunch of things waiting to be tested: zero safety and stability01:41
Zebra111Mike5kt yeah I think you're right about that oops I got those mixed up01:41
mememeyes its the same Zebra111 but  I'll try the openvpn channel01:42
mememethanks for the help01:42
mememelinux isnt really easy sometimes and I'm a tiny bit unpatient :)01:43
Mike5ktmememe, then buy a Mac01:43
daftykinsmememe: compare whether your DNS or default gateway changes with each method.01:43
mrblakCiao a Tutto il Canale!!!01:48
enko1is there some kind of RDP software that can be used without X running? I use ssh now, but I am trying to get my X to work and I would like to be able to use the command "startx" and actually see something instead of having to goto the server PC to see anything01:49
daftykinsenko1: shouldn't use startx on ubuntu01:50
enko1daftykins: what should I use? I am having problems getting my radeon 3000 to work. I keep getting no screens error01:51
daftykinsugh not that card again01:51
=== batbird is now known as linustordvalds
enko1great... lol01:51
daftykinsenko1: have you been in here before talking about it?01:51
enko1I just bought a cheap slimline hp on craigslist for $35 to run a simple server on01:52
daftykinsso you installed... server?01:53
daftykinsand now want X?01:53
enko1daftykins: just wanted to mess around with it, just going to run a samba and teamspeak server on it01:53
=== james is now known as Guest38064
daftykinsdon't need X for that.01:54
enko1daftykins: well it goes like this: I couldn't get any ubuntu to boot from usb on this PC. there is barely any bios options on it, no secureboot etc... so I had to install ubuntu from within windows, server just so happend to be the one I chose. windows is gone now and I have no way of installing ubuntu again since USB wont boot01:55
daftykinsenko1: WUBI? oh dear lord01:55
daftykinsyou're on your own. WUBI is the devil.01:55
skldont use wubi dude01:55
enko1daftykins: not wubi actually.01:55
skldid u prepare the usb bootable correctly?01:56
enko1I used unetbootin to write the iso to c:\ was able to boot from there, overwrote windows insalled ubuntu but still can't get it to boot from usb01:56
skljust use dd or if u're in windows, use pendrive linux software01:56
daftykinsthat's probably not a good question to ask someone that couldn't get it to boot01:56
enko1skl: yes i am sure. tried multiple different softwares including that one.01:56
=== WizardGed is now known as WizardGed_
sklmaybe u should change boot priority to ur usb to boot from usb01:57
sklif not, it will directly boot ur hard drive01:57
daftykinschanging boot priority is a newbie mistake01:58
enko1skl: I understand that. and believe me. I did :)01:58
enko1skl: I can even manually select the USB but it just boots to drive as if it's uefi but i highly doubt this board even supports that, especially with the lack of options in BIOS01:58
Vadim_Hi, Ubuntu Server 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O)... please help01:59
enko1any way to upgrade from server to desktop within ubuntu? like net install02:00
daftykinsit's not an upgrade02:00
daftykinsenko1: just install the desktop package02:00
squintyVadim_:  might want to try #ubuntu-server channel02:00
enko1daftykins: did that.02:00
Vadim_squinty: thank you02:00
Killin/ #hi02:00
enko1daftykins: and here i am :)02:00
Killin/ //02:01
Killin                    02:01
daftykinsenko1: you're kinda explaining things in the most useless undetailed way possible02:01
daftykinsenko1: so surely when it boots you already have a full GUI now... yes or no?02:02
enko1i've basically been answering questions02:02
enko1daftykins: negative.02:02
daftykinswhat *does* happen?02:02
enko1sits at login02:03
daftykinsa console login? as in white text black background?02:03
enko1I think it's because when I was downloading ubuntu-desktop I had a brown out. came back and couldn't install that package without aptitude02:03
enko1daftykins: yes sir, console login.02:03
daftykinsoh dear lord so now we're SLOWLY getting the actual story.02:03
daftykinsis there anything else you care to add rather than make me guess?02:03
enko1it was overcast today02:04
daftykinsso if it was stuck unfinished what does "sudo apt-get -f install" do?02:04
daftykinsuse http://paste.ubuntu.com to share02:04
enko1daftykins: I didn't think of that being an issue till right now since it installed02:04
Zebra111what about sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a02:05
sklhey guys, anyone know of blackarch linux channel?02:05
enko1-f result was 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.02:05
enko1dpkg: error: unknown option --reconfigure02:06
daftykinsskl: no and this isn't freenode's directory.02:06
daftykins!alis | skl02:06
ubottuskl: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:06
enko1daftykins: i have also tried radeon.modeset=0, nomodeset, i985modeset=0 to no avail02:07
daftykinsenko1: are you using it over SSH still? what does "sudo service lightdm restart" do?02:08
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
enko1lightdm: unrecognized service02:09
enko1yes, SSH02:09
daftykinsyeah ubuntu-desktop didn't install right then02:09
sklthanks daftykins02:09
enko1daftykins: E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.02:10
enko1when i try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop02:10
daftykinsenko1: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?02:11
enko1daftykins: downloading some packages now.02:11
daftykinsi love the way we got from "RDP" -> broken packages02:11
enko1well it's because i was still attempting to fix it myself02:12
enko1i really try to do this stuff on my own before I ask for help02:12
enko1still getting E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.02:12
daftykinsright but it should give some details as to WHAT02:12
enko1can I message you it so I do not flood?02:13
daftykinslol, i can appreciate that... but not telling us what broke :( anyway nevermind02:13
daftykinsenko1: PM'ing still floods02:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:13
daftykinsi referred to this site already02:13
enko16 lines.. but ok.. let me go pastie it02:13
enko1oh crap, do I have to use paste.ubuntu.come ?02:14
daftykinsso run "sudo apt-get install lightdm" and see what it's complaining about02:15
daftykinsand give me full pastebins instead of executive summaries :>02:15
enko1I have 3 mirrors setup right now so I can actually see the screen on the server pc02:15
daftykinsdo you have an elaborate pulley system to poke the power and reset buttons too? ;)02:16
enko1daftykins: i wish02:17
enko1daftykins: and my german sheppard is not responding to the commands either.02:17
trisshey all.02:17
enko1daftykins: is this what you wanted? http://pastie.org/977924802:17
trissI'm having issues with a fancy soundcard and my laptop suspending02:18
noideaDoes it make sense to have an anonymous user for vsftpd and specific user accounts?02:18
trissis it possible to stop a couple a couple of services before going to sleep?02:18
daftykinsnoidea: doesn't make sense to run FTP at all in 2014, no02:18
trissand then have them come back after suspend?02:18
trissI'm running 14.10 btw02:19
daftykinsenko1: no let me give it to you one more time, you must be tired or something: run "sudo apt-get install lightdm" and see what it's complaining about02:19
noideadaftykins: what would you suggest for downloading remotely from my server?02:19
enko1daftykins: http://pastie.org/977925302:20
enko1daftykins: sorry, using a stupid web based irc, the font is crap and hard to seperate chat lines from joins/parts etc02:20
daftykinsnoidea: SFTP, which runs over SSH. built in.02:20
daftykinsenko1: install what it's missing02:21
noideaSFTP > FTPES?02:21
enko1daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9509858/02:22
BUSYhowdy guys! i just bought a basic $8 mouse, but ubuntu isn't reacting to the mousewheel02:22
BUSYit clicks correctly but not scrolls. in fact it locks up the mouse to use the scroll wheel02:23
jeffrey_ftriss: what sound driver are you using??02:23
enko1daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9509874/02:23
daftykinserk package hell02:24
trissoh I'd like to stop the jack service I think....02:25
trissnot neccesarily nload modules.02:25
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
daftykinsenko1: try a "sudo dpkg -r libglib2.0-bin"02:26
trissat least not until I've just tried stopping jack02:26
daftykinsi'm not sure it's even on though02:26
jeffrey_ftriss: http://askubuntu.com/questions/190146/no-sound-after-suspend-resume02:26
=== NotANick[BDC] is now known as NotANick
enko1sudo dpkg -r libglib2.0-bin                  dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove libglib2.0-bin which isn't installed02:27
daftykinsah ok that's about as fair enough as you can get02:27
daftykinsyour machine is in a real terrible mess :/02:27
daftykinswhat version was this again? "cat /etc/issue"02:28
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
=== Synchunk` is now known as Synchunk
enko1daftykins:  Ubuntu 14.10 \n \l02:29
daftykinsenko1: lets do a simple operation that should hopefully function, just to see if it doesn't cry with errors there too. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit"02:30
enko1daftykins: I have a couple repos that 404 that I installed trying to fix graphics02:32
daftykinsuuuuuuugh PPAs?02:32
daftykinsthat's what's ruining your day02:32
enko1daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9509960/02:32
daftykinsec2.archive 0o02:33
enko1was trying to get faster speeds :/02:33
biclyHello I have a usb printer connected to an Ubuntu box. I have installed samba and cups, installed USB printer, choosen my default settings as high quality, grayscale. In Windows, when I add the network printer, choose the driver, when I print from Windows will it print on the high quality, grayscale if Windows setting is default (normal quality, color)? Or will it always print what I choosen02:33
biclyin CUPS?02:33
daftykinsenko1: for the love of... by using amazon ec2 mirrors you've trashed this whole thing02:33
enko1daftykins: can you pastebin your sources ?02:34
daftykinsit's not going to be that simple02:34
enko1daftykins: sorry, i just googled fast sources and it came up, didn't know it was bad.02:34
daftykinsenko1: i can't help you until you resolve reinstalling with a base normal install without whatever's gone on02:34
daftykinsi just don't have the patience to pick apart what's going on there i'm afraid02:34
enko1lol no worries :)02:34
enko1thanks for the attempt.02:35
daftykinsnp, i just can't unravel that one. a power cut is definitely not great during package management processes02:35
enko1any way to re-install with what I have ? or do I need to boot from something to install fresh ?02:36
daftykinsmmm, do you still have the ISO on the system you're on now?02:37
daftykins14.10 server 64-bit presumably02:37
enko1it's on a flash drive02:37
enko1that had to be plugged in and ubuntu treated it as a cdrom to do the original install02:38
daftykinsyeah i was more thinking about scp'ing the ISO to the target system then dd'ing it onto the flash drive in there02:38
daftykinsto be sure it's being written properly02:38
enko1it's not in ISO, it's extracted to the USB atm.02:39
daftykinsok but you don't still have that ISO sat on the machine you're typing from?02:39
daftykinsthat's what i'm trying to get at02:39
enko1sure do.02:39
enko1im going to attempt to install desktop version again, see if I can find a blank DVD somewhere02:40
enko1might have to run to the store :/02:40
daftykinsenko1: plug the flash drive into the server on a motherboard port and run "dmesg | tail" and pastebin it02:40
squintyenko1:  might also want to check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot02:40
attraperevesHi, I am getting very choppy .MOV videos in VLC and Parole. All other formats play fine. Any ideas as to the problem?02:40
daftykinsattrapereves: yeah those are Apple videos, 'nough said.02:42
LoadingPleaseW81is silc supported in the Pidgin build which is in the software center?02:42
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: whats the resolution of that .Mov video?02:42
D3Vapple videos :D02:42
attrapereveslotuspsychje, I am trying to play my dashcam videos. The dashcam records at 720p 60fps02:43
reisioattrapereves: what's the problem?02:44
=== Lilith_D3amon is now known as LilithD3amon
attraperevesWhen I upload to youtube an play, they work fine.02:44
=== LilithD3amon is now known as Lilith_D3amon
=== n is now known as Guest46919
reisioattrapereves: when don't they?02:44
D3Vtried VLC? plays any filetype known to man :P02:44
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: other 720p or higher play fine on your vlc?02:44
attrapereveslotuspsychje, 1080p mkv files play fine in VLC. Just these MOV files that cause problems.02:45
reisiowhat kind of problems?02:45
=== Lilith_D3amon is now known as LilithD3amon
attraperevesreisio, the videos are choppy. Audio is fine.02:45
enko1daftykins: You think if I was able to get a fresh install of dekstop on there my radeon 3000 will work out of box?02:46
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?02:46
=== LilithD3amon is now known as Lilith_D3amon
attrapereveslotuspsychje, yes02:46
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: its weird indeed, that it plays fine on youtube..02:46
biclyHI, I have a ubuntu server with attached usb printer. Which settings are higher hierarchy when printing from Windows? Windows or CUPS?02:46
D3Vnot sure if this would work but would handbreak convert it well enough to fix the issue?02:47
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: any errors if you start vlc from terminal and play the .mov?02:47
daftykinsenko1: should do, it's so old and crap it can only use the open source driver 'radeon'02:48
attrapereveslotuspsychje, I get "Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_i965.so" but the video still plays, just choppy02:48
reisiodoes 720p ordinarily play without any trouble on his box?02:48
lotuspsychjereisio: he just said other 1080p formats play well on vlc02:48
=== D3V is now known as Dr|Craig
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: ubuntu version and grafix driver loaded?02:50
Dr|Craigcan the dash cam convert to any other formats?02:50
attraperevesDr|Craig, unfortunately not. MOV only.02:51
attraperevesI am currently using handbrake to convert to MKV. This will be interesting to see.02:51
enko1daftykins: its so annoying that my system sees this USB and I select it but it just boots into existing ubuntu... I have tried different programs to burn the iso to the usb and different versions of ubuntu02:52
reisiolotuspsychje: other than 720p, what?02:52
reisioattrapereves: you might start with ffmpeg -i foo.mov -c:v copy -c:a copy bar.mp402:52
reisioas it'd save a million years of work, if it works02:53
reisioheck if it's just the container that's the problem, you could even try mkvmerge -o bar.mkv foo.mov02:53
lotuspsychje!info libvdpau-va-gl02:53
ubottuPackage libvdpau-va-gl does not exist in utopic02:53
daftykinsenko1: isn't there a boot menu key displayed on the POST screen saying something like F8, F10, F11 or F12 to display a one time boot menu?02:53
enko1daftykins: if I hit ESC I can select to boot the USB02:54
enko1but does nothing :/02:54
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: im reading bugs on your issue, whats your ubuntu version + graphics card/driver please?02:54
Webonautehi. how do I list all file and directory in specific directory like ls -al without all the information.02:55
reisioWebonaute: -102:56
reisioWebonaute: or just 'ls', depending on what you mean02:56
daftykinsenko1: ok, as mentioned i'd like you to download the ISO to the server and write it onto the flash drive in that machine02:56
attrapereveslotuspsychje, I am running 14.10 using Intel graphics drivers02:56
enko1daftykins: ok bud.02:56
daftykinsenko1: so boot it back up with the flash drive out, plug it in and show me a paste of "dmesg | tail"02:56
enko1daftykins: i will let you know when its downloaded02:56
Webonautereisio: ls is not listing one file by line02:56
reisioWebonaute: ls -102:57
daftykinsenko1: then in the meantime get cracking on downloading the ISO, you can grab a direct link and use wget to download it on the server direct.02:57
lotuspsychjeattrapereves: sounds like this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvdpau/+bug/130021502:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1300215 in libvdpau (Ubuntu) "Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_i965.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" [Medium,Triaged]02:57
Webonauteand ls -l display file information. I just want the name02:57
enko1daftykins: roger02:57
enko1daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9510184/02:59
enko1daftykins: 2 minutes left on download.02:59
daftykinsenko1: and pastebin of "mount"02:59
enko1daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9510191/03:00
daftykinsalright looking good so far03:00
enko1download speeds dropped to 2MB/s :(03:01
mindless_chaosOkay, now I am stumped03:01
daftykinsmindless_chaos: you may wanna start with a question ;)03:01
mindless_chaosI had an update, then today I can only start in shell03:01
mindless_chaosno display03:01
reisioWebonaute: -1 I said, not -l03:01
mindless_chaosso... what the heck03:01
enko1daftykins: download complete03:01
mindless_chaossorry was getting to that03:01
reisioWebonaute: your font might be awful if you can't distinguish between a number and latter :)03:01
reisioand... a... letter03:02
reisiothat was an odd one03:02
mindless_chaosit updated the kernel as well03:02
daftykinsenko1: "sudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded.ISO of=/dev/sdc bs=2M"03:02
Webonauteahhh reisio lol! l and 1 are identical in my irc03:02
mindless_chaosso where do I start?03:02
reisioWebonaute: get a new font :)03:02
daftykinsmindless_chaos: graphics card type?03:02
reisioalso if you grep ls output, it's automatically interpretted as one-file-per-line03:02
enko1daftykins: it's "hanging" so i assume it's writing.03:02
mindless_chaosradeon and I had already installed catalyst drive03:03
reisioenko1: that'd be normal, yup03:03
reisiohopefully /dev/sdc is something you want overwritten :)03:03
daftykinsenko1: correctamondo, shouldn't take long03:03
mindless_chaosi suppose I can try reinsatalling the catalyst03:03
daftykinsmindless_chaos: install pastebinit from command line and run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"03:03
daftykinslove how everyone's got broken X today.03:04
daftykins'tis the season to be command happy ~03:04
mindless_chaosokay, hold on03:04
lotuspsychjedaftykins: grafix issues surely top1 errors here lately :p03:05
daftykinslotuspsychje: yep :D03:06
enko1daftykins: finished.03:06
daftykinsyou mean i gotta manually copy and paste that, then finish out the URL?03:06
daftykinsc'mon you can do better than that, mindless_chaos03:06
lotuspsychjedaftykins: tab pastebin :p:p03:07
mindless_chaosi am on shell right now03:07
enko1daftykins: try to boot from the usb now?03:07
daftykinsenko1: yip03:07
enko1daftykins: wtf that worked....... why wouldnt the apps that work for everyone else work for me? lol03:08
mindless_chaoswant me to try to  boot from USB?03:09
mindless_chaosI know it will03:09
daftykinsenko1: I WILLED IT TO BE!03:09
daftykinsmindless_chaos: looks like your kernel is missing the fglrx module, give it a reinstall from command line or boot an older kernel03:09
daftykinsshould be just dandy.03:09
mindless_chaosi tired old kernel03:09
daftykinsso, the other thing then? :)03:10
enko1daftykins: quick question. With dd could that be used to pull the info from a NTFS drive (including partitions) into an iso (mainly just to data backup of drives)03:12
mindless_chaosinstalling now03:13
enko1daftykins: guess i gotta learn clonezilla then :)03:13
reisioenko1: yeah, but use ntfsclone instead03:13
reisiodd is good for copying the bootloader area03:13
enko1reisio: ok, i will give that a look03:13
reisiosgdisk for copying the partition layout03:13
daftykinscopy the data, don't keep disk images03:13
reisiontfsclone for copying NTFS FSes03:13
jak2000hi all, why the command 'make' not work: http://pastie.org/9779307  (line 2) any advice how to install? thanks03:13
jak2000hi all, why the command 'make' not work: http://pastie.org/9779307  (line 2) any advice how to install? thanks/j ubuntu-server03:14
daftykinsjak2000: sudo apt-get install build-essential03:14
reisiojak2000: perhaps a larger interval than that03:14
jak2000sorry for second post..03:14
daftykinsreisio: we must sharpen the knives once more03:14
zaxxii am about to buy a motherboard with the Atheros AR8151 NIC. Will there be any problems, how can i look for bugs or compatibility? I remember having all sorts of headaches with a certain realtek chipset so i would like to check first.03:14
reisioquick, name that anime03:16
daftykinserr, no clue03:17
jakesylhey I'm trying to configure mailman on my server and none of the web administration is working03:17
daftykinsjakesyl: #ubuntu-server03:17
daftykinsjak2000: pretty sure the noip updater doesn't need to be installed that way. i'm sure it or a substitute is in the repos.03:18
jak2000daftykins thanks03:18
chokiIs there a tutorial to install drivers for GTX 750 Ti? I  tried to use ppa/xorg edgers and installed nvidia-340 but still nothing works. THIS IS FUCKING SHIT03:18
chokiAlso nvidia settings look different, there are only 2 menu items in there instead of them before03:19
mindless_chaosseems to have a no go03:19
mindless_chaosi had an error while trying to install it03:19
daftykinschoki: using caps and swearing in here is a sure fire way to get me not to care.03:19
daftykinsnow either grow up or leave please.03:19
mindless_chaoswrong screen03:21
Dr|Craighow is it not working :|03:21
jak2000daftykins https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/mysql/mysql-5-6-ubuntu-12-04/03:21
Dr|Craigchoki with your gfx card03:21
daftykins!ops | choki03:21
ubottuchoki: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang03:21
chokiDr|Craig: My second screen is still off, my first one only has 1024x768. I dont know where to start03:21
jak2000i follow this guide...03:21
daftykinsjak2000: installing debian packages on ubuntu? no. just no.03:22
LanMangood evening03:24
jak2000i use ubuntu 14.04 :)03:24
Dr|Craigmaybe http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/03/install-nvidia-driver-334-21-ubuntu-linux/ choki03:24
auscompgeekchoki: you need to restart after installing nvidia drivers, in case you haven't done that yet03:24
Webonautersync -avz --delete --stats --progress --exclude-from /home/username/exclude.txt -e ssh /home/username/ username@example.com:/home/username  anyone can tell me what is wrong. it sync all file and ignore exclude stuff I put in my exclude.txt03:24
reisioWebonaute: what?03:24
reisioWebonaute: you mean it's ignoring the things you've told it to ignore? :)03:25
chokiDr|Craig: why 334 and not 340? Those versioning scheme of NVIDIA IS SHIT!03:25
Webonauteno it ignore the exclude list to ignore so file are transfered03:25
lotuspsychje!language | choki03:25
ubottuchoki: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:25
rwwchoki: calm it with the language, please. I understand you're frustrated, but it isn't going to help you.03:25
reisioWebonaute: isn't the syntax --exclude-from= ?03:25
chokisorry but IM JUST FRUSTRATED AS HELL.03:26
reisioWebonaute: you might also need --delete-something03:26
reisioWebonaute: --delete-before, --delete-excluded, or something03:26
daftykinschoki: drop the caps i said.03:26
reisioWebonaute: or even -after, I forget03:26
rwwchoki: We know. Getting yourself kicked out the channel for being problematic would probably not improve that frustration, so yeah.03:26
chokiERROR: Unable to find the development tool `cc` in your path; please make sure that you have the package 'gcc' installed.  If gcc is installed on your system, then please check that `cc` is in your PATH.03:26
chokiWhat now?03:27
Dr|Craigtry gcc then in terminal03:27
Dr|Craigis it installed?03:27
Dr|Craigif not 'sudo-apt get install gcc'03:28
daftykins"sudo apt-get install build-essential"03:28
Dr|Craigsorry never know which to use03:28
daftykinsdidn't think you needed any of that junk just to install nvidia's own though 0o03:29
daftykinsbut eh it's been a while03:29
chokiit is all installed:     apt-get install build-essential gcc g++ make binutils linux-headers-`uname -r`03:29
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
chokii ll restart now just to do another ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff restart because i dont know what to do.03:29
decciI want to install apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and need repository for it. I am using Ubuntu precise03:30
daftykinsdecci: it's in the default repos, you don't need to add any.03:30
deccidaftykins: The above is only the entries for my apt repo03:30
Webonautereisio: thank. —exclude= work03:30
daftykinsdecci: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/03:31
chokkkkkkkiOMG IT IS WORKING NOW!!!03:31
* Dr|Craig facepalms03:31
reisiochokkkkkkki: gj03:31
chokkkkkkkibut i still dont know why are there so many of them? which one to choose? 340, 343, 346??03:32
chokkkkkkkiwhy not 341 , 342??03:32
daftykinsgraphics card makers make new drivers occasionally03:32
Dr|Craigand I always hated tech report telling me to restart my PC :|03:32
daftykinsyou need newer versions sometimes to support newer cards.03:32
Dr|Craigwhichever is latest would be best?03:32
daftykinsalso, as time moves on, game fixes or graphics issue fixes are put into newer versions.03:32
daftykinsyou use what works.03:32
jeffrey_fFirst thing I tell anyone......restart, then we'll proceed from there03:32
chokkkkkkkiwhich one do you use?03:33
daftykinsjeffrey_f: then they never come back and sit at a broken computer, good job! ;)03:33
daftykinschokkkkkkki: just be happy it's working now. go enjoy.03:33
chokkkkkkkidaftykins: no, i would like the best performance03:33
daftykinsi'm sure you would03:33
chokkkkkkkiwhat happens if i just install a newer one?03:34
daftykinsi would like the best users asking for help03:34
daftykinsbut i generally don't get :(03:34
chokkkkkkkidaftykins: what do you work?03:34
daftykinsyou have a working driver. go and test it.03:34
deccidaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9510460/03:35
chokkkkkkkidaftykins: i need to rest before i get again in trouble with steam installlation and some ...s hshh... missing things or whatever i know from last time03:35
deccidaftykins: W: GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 16126D3A3E5C11903:35
daftykinsdecci: comment out the extras.03:35
daftykinschokkkkkkki: that's terrible english.03:35
Dr|Craigmaybe hes typing while intoxicated03:38
sunnithere should be a law against intoxicated coming online03:38
Dr|Craigive been banned before while drunk typing03:38
Dr|Craiggot a wole irc to hate me03:38
deccidaftykins: Great..03:39
chokkkkkkkiHow do I know which version of nvidia driver i have installed? I already forgot :(03:39
jeffrey_fdaftykins: repeat problems are problems, transient issues are fixed on reboot.03:39
daftykinsjeffrey_f: yes i, believe i was born a little >1 day ago, thank you03:39
deccidaftykins: Now its going ahead and install ubuntu-desktop packages03:39
deccidaftykins: Any idea how shall I be able to access the GUI..I mean I bought this machine through ssdnodes.com03:39
reisiochokkkkkkki: nvidia-settings -h | head -203:39
daftykins!ot | Dr|Craig I'm beginning to now as well ;)03:39
ubottuDr|Craig I'm beginning to now as well ;): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:39
deccidaftykins: Can I access it remotely through web browser03:39
daftykinsdecci: ugh you're installing X on a VPS?03:39
Dr|Craigsorry daftykins03:39
deccidaftykins: yes03:39
chokkkkkkkireisio: good boy :303:39
* reisio wags tail03:39
daftykinsdecci: you're on your own, that's a crime of logic in my world03:39
deccidaftykins: Actually i want to use Wine..03:39
daftykinsWINE on a VPS? what on earth are you doing?03:40
chokkkkkkkithere is "version 346.22" O_o03:40
sunnithere should be monetary penalties03:40
deccidaftykins: I want to get few Windows application running on Ubuntu03:40
daftykinssunni: drop the off topic chat now please03:40
SchrodingersScatwine on a vps? better to start considering where your life went wrong03:40
daftykinsreisio: well if you're offering03:40
deccireisio: Wine correct03:40
sunnidaftykins: you made linux leave03:42
daftykinssunni: would you leave too?03:42
daftykinsperhaps we could get back on topic then03:42
reisiodaftykins: :)03:43
chokkkkkkkiCan I change my .steam path after installation? For example if my steam library gets bigger to move to a bigger hard drive?03:43
daftykinsthat would be a Steam support question03:43
sunniirc kaln rules the webs03:44
chokkkkkkkijoin steamsupport03:44
chokkkkkkkijoin stem03:44
sunniwere do you live chokkkkkkki?03:45
decciHow shall I enable remote desktop on Ubuntu?03:45
daftykinskitten_: nooo! save yourself!03:46
sunnidaftykins: cant you plase keep on topic?03:46
tinkerbotthere's literally nothing wrong with wine on a vps, or any machine for that matter. don't spread cancer.03:47
=== CyberSix_ is now known as CyberSix
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
Dr|Craigoh my got03:47
Dr|Craigam i still alive?03:49
daftykinsDr|Craig: please don't use this channel to blab03:49
Dr|Craigwas checking03:49
Dr|Craigwhat if ubuntu off topic channel  called?03:50
daftykinsi linked you to it earlier.03:50
sunniare you intoxicated Dr|Craig03:50
Dr|Craigno sunni03:50
sunniso it wont stop even when your sober?03:51
jeffrey_fchokkki: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/882965239721861812/?l=english#p203:52
Dr|Craigplasma5 use sddm or lightdm03:52
chokkkijeffrey_f: thanks bro/pro!03:54
tuxCan someone Eli5 Ubuntu make?03:55
reisiotux: quoi?03:55
sunniyou dont need steam to play chokkki egg03:55
=== tux is now known as Guest43137
=== Stu|[A] is now known as Stu|
chokkkisunni: i need for csgo and such games03:56
Guest43137can someone explain what make is?03:56
daftykinsGuest43137: it's a sign you're about to install some software incorrectly :)03:57
sunnithhis new games dont need players all the game play is automated03:57
forceonefala galera03:57
forceoneiniciando no xchat03:57
daftykinsyou should attempt to find packages before giving in and using other methods03:57
Guest43137no no, I mean Ubuntu make03:58
Guest43137For devs?03:58
forceone_ruben fala camarada03:58
daftykinsGuest43137: you're referring to the command 'make' ?03:58
daftykins"MATE" ?03:59
Guest43137no hags03:59
Guest43137Sorry mobile03:59
daftykinsgive us a clue as to what you're talking about specifically, i'm really not sure03:59
Guest43137Ubuntu make, I heard its a new tool for devs03:59
Guest43137and I didn't know if it was a new distro or just a bunch of packages or what04:00
chokkkido you know where i can find a working pentadactyl extension for current FF?04:00
xanguaGuest43137: no, it's just renamed http://www.webupd8.org/2014/12/ubuntu-developer-tools-center-renamed.html04:00
sunnidaftykins: is eager to help hasnt filled up its boyscout quota yet04:01
=== export is now known as Guest38223
Guest43137Oh.   Could you Eli5 that?04:01
=== krs is now known as Guest81242
xanguaGuest43137: can you use full words?04:02
Guest43137Explain like I am 5 haha04:02
Guest43137Sorry mates04:02
daftykinsi believe it's one of reddit's retardation phrases.04:02
xanguaGuest43137: read the link I just send you04:02
Guest43137Okay thanks for the help!04:02
reisiocould you explain 'Eli5' like you aren't 5? :p04:02
Guest43137Haha sorry once again04:03
reisioGuest43137: /nick edgar04:03
reisioexplain what?04:03
sunnia friend of mine tells me windows has learned alot from linux mainly how to profile the users04:05
reisiosunni: good story04:07
chokkkiFinally I found the guy again! https://gitlab.com/r004/dactyl/tree/master/pentadactyl04:07
chokkkiboys, im IN PENTADACTYL MODE again!04:08
chokkkiim so happy sunni :D04:09
sunniuse a tampooon04:09
reisiosamurai champloo?04:09
reisiochokkki: gj04:09
chokkkireisio: wtf04:09
chokkkinow i only talk to you till RC is downloaded from steam :D04:10
sunnisteam is a trojan04:11
chokkkii know but i play04:11
sunnithey are after your crewdit card details04:11
chokkkithey have lot of free beer! :D04:12
sunniim a smoler04:12
=== Guest68343 is now known as infamy
sunnithey have nice chat rooms on steam04:14
sunnimainlly german klans04:14
chokkkisunni: chat rooms? i only know of single user chat04:14
sunniyet its like chatrooms but slower04:16
=== christopher is now known as Guest51202
ryt_anyone can help me ?04:19
zykotick9!ask | ryt_04:19
ubotturyt_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:19
ryt_some question about g++04:20
daftykinsideally if you could put it all on one line that'd be great.04:20
dts|pokeballryt_, whats your question?04:21
ryt___libc_start_main (main=0x8048c5d <main()>, argc=1, argv=0xbffff1f4, init=0x80498b0 <__libc_csu_init>, fini=0x8049920 <__libc_csu_fini>,04:21
ryt_rtld_fini=0xb7fed180 <_dl_fini>, stack_end=0xbffff1ec) at libc-start.c:32104:21
ryt_321 libc-start.c: no such dir04:21
dts|pokeballa) thats not a question04:22
dts|pokeballb) use a pastebin04:22
ryt_i use gdb debugging programe04:22
dts|pokeballwhats your question?04:23
zykotick9c) see if there is a g++ channel  ("/msg ubottu alis" for help finding channels)04:23
dts|pokeballzykotick9, it would be gcc04:23
=== mike is now known as M1keHoax
dts|pokeballalso, its #gcc04:23
enko1daftykins: thanks for the help bud, im all up and running :)04:25
dts|pokeballryt_, you still havent asked a question04:25
=== mike is now known as m1keHoax
=== andrewjs18- is now known as andrewjs18
dbziyehello ryt04:27
enko1daftykins: can you suggest faster speed sources so I don't get myself into trouble again? :)04:29
enko1I have a 300Mbps connection that I would love to use when downloading large files04:29
daftykinsenko1: 300 at home? wat04:30
enko1daftykins: oh yea!04:30
daftykinsenko1: look up how to pick a nearby mirror.04:30
enko1daftykins: FIOS ftw :)04:31
=== D3V is now known as Dr|Craig
sunnia 300Mbps connection could download the internet in 1 week and make a mirror of it all04:39
orangerobothello. i run 13.04 and i just opened /etc/apt/sources.list and all lines end in pair.com, for example http://ubuntu.mirrors.pair.com/archive raring main restricted04:41
orangerobotis this ok? most websites i see say that these should be something like foo.archive.ubuntu.com04:42
l2ksolkovorangerobot, it's fine.04:44
l2ksolkovokay, i mean.04:44
orangerobotl2ksolkov: ok. right now I want to access the old repositories so I need to replace all urls(those that end in pair.com) with http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ ?04:45
kostkonorangerobot, y04:45
orangerobotok thank you kostkon04:45
enko1xrdp isn't bad... too bad you cant get the unity environment04:46
sunnitry fedora04:51
sunniits the best lan distro04:52
xorgdany tool I can know for sure what kind of partition table I have? I have a 4TB partition, and parted, gdisk tell me that it's MBR. Ty04:54
sunnia friend of mine tells me linux folks are working a gpu aimed distro04:55
sunnithat you only need a grafics card to run on04:55
=== tweak is now known as Tweak_
=== Tweak_ is now known as Tweak__
Tweak__hi. When i start Ubuntu i get a screen with the following error message.  the disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present. I have a partition formatted to linux-swap and selected it at boot time. I chose to encrypt as well; not sure if this has something to do with it.05:13
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Yukitteru
asimovsunni 184TB?05:33
asimovhow long would it take a brain to cat all of that?05:37
=== mz` is now known as 77CAAYR2P
asimovWhat was that a netsplit?05:41
=== DefectiveUser is now known as Guest71059
daftykinsasimov: feel free to enquire in #freenode05:43
=== motaka2_ is now known as motaka2
=== Jon3345 is now known as Jon9012
=== Maser is now known as Guest66177
asimovdaftykins: still there?05:50
=== grubles_ is now known as grubles
daftykinsasimov: yes, why?05:52
DilloYodaand speaking of...05:53
DilloYodaoops, wrong channel05:54
asimovdaftykins: the connection reset05:57
scragnothwow havent been on irc since the late 90's05:58
daftykinsasimov: ask. in #freenode. this is NOT IRC support.05:58
asimovdaftykins: are you on the bridge?05:59
=== administrator is now known as Guest81063
daftykinsasimov: yes, i pushed you off06:03
asimovdaftykins: the bridge to the internet06:04
daftykinsasimov: oh shut up06:05
asimovdaftykins: do you like crackers?06:05
SchrodingersScat!ot | asimov06:08
ubottuasimov: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:08
asimovok SchrodingersScat no more cheesypoofs chat06:10
alex_ManUtdGood morning, can anyone help a noob with a Zorin 9 bug?06:12
asimovalex_ManUtd: What is Zorin 9 bug?06:14
daftykinsalex_ManUtd: zorin is NOT supported here.06:14
alex_ManUtdhard to explain.  I tried 32bit and 64 bit core.  Sometimes when I am using Thurderbird or gedit earlier the content of the screen will flicker and change in harmony with my mouse movements.06:15
alex_ManUtdTo the point where I cannot read or click what is behind the pointer.06:15
daftykinsalex_ManUtd: go in ##zorinos06:15
daftykinsyou're off topic here i'm afraid, ubuntu only.06:16
alex_ManUtdI'm using a Phenom II processor on an Asus M4a78 Pro with Nvidia GeForce 500 series06:16
alex_ManUtdThanks dafty - which is why I asked permission first.06:16
daftykinswhy do you keep explaining when i said no?06:16
alex_ManUtdThere are 2 people in zorin right now neither talking.06:16
=== Whiskey- is now known as Whiskey
daftykinsinstall ubuntu then you can ask :)06:17
alex_ManUtdnice guy.  thanks for the help.06:17
daftykinsrules are rules06:17
alex_ManUtdsuper friendly. loser.06:17
daftykinsso butthurt06:18
asimovtoo tired06:20
asimovsleep is not required06:22
asimovit was the netsplit06:22
=== cope- is now known as opt1
asimovis this a conference now?06:24
asimovthe funny thing is that you can say in my dreams "in your dreams" and it can be true06:25
MichaelHabibjoin #vmware06:25
asimovWhat are you going to run some new software MichaelHabib06:26
MichaelHabibasimov: playing arounf with VMs , want to truen my PC into a vmware server and run few VMs at the same time06:27
asimovin Los Angeles?06:27
MichaelHabibat home, in australia06:27
asimovDo you have access to the AOL records of ages past? in AU06:29
MichaelHabibasimov: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=free-esxi506:29
MichaelHabibAOL records ?06:29
punkunityi need some install help06:30
cfhowlett!details | punkunity,06:30
ubottupunkunity,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:30
punkunityok, sorry i was texting him06:31
punkunityhes got a newer laptop with an SSD and no optical drive06:31
punkunityhe has the installation setup on a usb drive06:31
punkunityhe sets up the installer06:31
daftykinsso you want us to assist your friend via text through you?06:32
cfhowlettpunkunity, might be better your friend joins this channel, yes?06:32
punkunityand the installer asks him to selct a drive hdd/sdd to install the os to06:32
punkunitybut theres no choices to choose form, it doesnt see the ssd drive... and i think wubi was abandoned long ago06:33
asimovMichaelHabib: why use vmware06:33
daftykinscorrect we do not touch WUBI06:33
daftykinsit is the devil06:33
cfhowlettpunkunity, do not THINK wubi06:33
punkunityim getting him to, hes not able to join irc atm06:33
=== Guest66177 is now known as SheepShagger
daftykinspunkunity: existing OS windows 8? keeping it?06:33
punkunityi dont06:33
punkunityi dunno06:33
=== liquid is now known as VoidMainFunction
cfhowlettpunkunity, really, this is going to be exponentially less painful for all if he finds a way to jump on this channel.  If he can text, he can IRC.06:34
punkunityhe said he'll just borrow a dvd drive form work and do it the easy way06:34
cfhowlettpunkunity, smooth.06:35
punkunityi never have issues like that06:35
daftykinsthat sunds like quitter talk to me06:35
punkunityi usually go out of my way to break installs....eh em...arch lol06:35
punkunitywell it is pretty anoying over text06:35
* daftykins holds up two fingers crossed06:35
daftykinsdon't speak of that here!06:36
punkunityand hes very impatient sometimes06:36
daftykinspunkunity: get this person to boot the live session, get online if this is the only computer, and join freenode web chat.06:36
MichaelHabibasimov: why Vmware ? what else do u recomend ;)06:38
punkunityim in the middle of building a rom, and hes go an idea or two he wants to try06:38
punkunityhes not a oob06:38
cfhowlett!test | JBudz06:38
ubottuJBudz: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )06:38
MichaelHabibpunkunity: I think I had a similar problem, make sure the BIOS is set to  detect SATA as IDE or something like that06:39
JBudzjust trying to figure out coloured nicknames on xchat :)06:39
cfhowlettpunkunity, eh, he's texting you to relay IRC assistance?  Seems rather nooby to me, but that's just, like, my opinion, man.06:39
daftykinscfhowlett: +106:40
BsimsJBudz: settings > preferences > appearence06:40
punkunitywell bhu bye06:43
=== guest677 is now known as DSM
=== jack is now known as Guest1698
enko1how can I run a specific sudo command at system startup ?06:55
BUSYsimilar to the above, how can i start a service at system startup?06:56
SpaceAceHow do I connect to my internet without a mouse, hopefully using the terminal?06:56
daftykinsSpaceAce: wifi?06:59
SpaceAceyes, wifi06:59
SpaceAceI cannot use my mouse and I can't click on anything06:59
SpaceAceso I need terminal comands07:00
BsimsSpaceAce: install links or w3m07:00
MrChrisSpaceAce, alt-ctrl-f4 terminal07:00
MrChrisSpaceAce, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14119446/iwconfig-connect-network-via-wifi-on-terminal07:00
BsimsSpaceAce: both are terminal based web browser07:00
daftykinsBsims: that's not going to connect to wifi :P07:01
daftykinsalso one needs a connection to install packages, pretty terrible advice!07:01
Bsimsdoh sorry07:01
SpaceAcegreat, now I'm on a new screen that I can't get off of I guess07:01
SpaceAceI thought I could just open up the normal terminal07:02
SpaceAcethat's not just a black screen07:02
MrChris"normal" terminal ?07:02
SpaceAceyes, the normal terminal that doesn't take me off ubuntu07:02
SpaceAceit is in its own little window07:02
MrChrisSure you can.07:03
SpaceAceso now we need to wait a 3rd time07:03
Wacky386SpaceAce, use Ctrl-Alt-T for a windowed terminal07:03
MrChrisWacky386, Already has one open I think...07:04
SpaceAceit takes a while for me to restart to get out of the terminal07:04
enko1how would I be able to run this command everytime ubuntu boots up "screen -d -m -S ts3bot java -jar JTS3ServerMod.jar"07:04
MrChrisAdd the command to /etc/rc.local enko107:05
MrChrisThat's bad advise tho..07:05
enko1why is it bad?07:05
MrChrisThere's other more appropriate ways to add it to startup.07:06
MrChrisHowever that will work!07:06
enko1MrChris: hmm... doesn't seem to be launching it.07:08
Kamuelaanyone know why both chrome and chromium tend to somehow corrupt their profiles often?07:08
aixnrQuestion about Ubuntu Core here. Does anyone know whether it has adopted the rolling release model instead of software versioning like Ubuntu currently does?07:08
enko1MrChris: maybe it will help if I put it before exit07:10
SpaceAceMore problems: when I enter in #ifconfig wlan0 it gives me actual information, which I don't think it's supposed to do if I'm turning it on, and then if I do #iwconfig wlan essid etc. it gives me an error "SET failed on device wlan0; Operation not permitted"07:11
MichaelHabibSpaceAce: u use sudo  for the "Operation not permitted" ?/07:13
SpaceAceDo you want me to use #sudo Operation not permitted07:14
SpaceAceor sudo before the iwconfig?07:14
SpaceAceohp,  did #sudo iwconfig07:17
SpaceAceand it gave me information that I think means it's working07:17
SpaceAcebut it said "lo no wireless extensions"07:18
SpaceAcewhich tells me it needs the key07:18
daftykinsit had to have said a lot more than that about an interface other than lo07:18
Ricky_discI have an old version of ubunutu installed that doesen't work07:19
Ricky_discand I downloaded a new version onto a disc, will it automatically update ?07:19
SpaceAceit said IEEE 802.11abgn ESSID:"CPWS4"07:20
cfhowlettRicky_disc, automatically?  no.  you have to actually INSTALL from the disc to update.07:20
SpaceAceMode:Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx-power=16 dBm07:20
Ricky_discI mean will installing the disc replace the old ubuntu cfhowlett ?07:21
cfhowlettRicky_disc, yes07:21
SpaceAceRetry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off07:21
SpaceAceEncryption key:off07:21
SpaceAceand then lo no wirless extensions07:21
SpaceAcedoes that help, dafty07:22
daftykinshmm i don't really understand why you're mouseless07:23
fancyfetusI switched to fedora for a while and now I'm back.07:23
jimmy_hola gente07:24
SpaceAceI'm mouseless because I installed ChrUbuntu07:24
cfhowlett!es | jimmy_07:24
ubottujimmy_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:24
daftykinsoh so it's a chromebook07:24
SpaceAceit works if I get an update07:24
daftykinsooooooh dear.07:24
SpaceAceshoulda specified07:24
daftykinsthat's more of a hack than an actual supported version of ubuntu07:24
SpaceAcedoes it run the same?07:25
daftykinsdid the links you were given not help?07:25
daftykinsnot even vaguely07:25
cfhowlettSpaceAce, definitely not supported here but they DO have their own support channel.  RIGHT?07:25
SpaceAceI hope so ;_;07:25
SpaceAceI got crouton also way back07:25
SpaceAcebut that also had a mouse issue07:25
cfhowlett!flavors | SpaceAce these are supported, official canonical/ubuntu flavors.  Others ... are not.07:26
ubottuSpaceAce these are supported, official canonical/ubuntu flavors.  Others ... are not.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.07:26
SpaceAceand the fucking thing died after one update07:26
daftykinsso again... you were given links, what's the problem?07:27
SpaceAceI told you, what's the problem?07:28
=== liquid is now known as VoidMainFunction
SpaceAcerecursive thought won't get us anywhere07:28
SpaceAceI put in ifconfig wlan007:29
daftykinsSpaceAce: no you didn't say why you can't follow the links.07:29
daftykinstbh nevermind, unsupported release, bad  entitled attitude07:29
SpaceAceI did follow the links07:29
SpaceAceand I follwed the instructions07:30
cfhowlettSpaceAce, we can't help you.  chrubuntu is NOT supported here.  nope, not even a litt.e07:30
SpaceAceand then I said to you what happened when I followed that07:30
SpaceAcethanks for nothing hogwart07:30
daftykinslol hogwart, that's a new one07:30
daftykinscfhowlett: my my we meet such unpleasant folk07:30
* cfhowlett feels insulted ... vaguely.07:31
cfhowlettdaftykins, indeed.07:31
Ricky_I tried my installation disk,when I press install and tell it to replace my windows with ubuntu it goes to an error and tells me to remove my disk07:42
Ricky_then restarts my computer07:42
Ricky_sorry I meant install windows alongside ubunut07:42
cfhowlettRicky_, "an error"  pretty sure it tells you EXACTLY what error ...07:43
daftykinscfhowlett: nn, have a good one07:43
Ricky_I diden't memorize it or write it done07:43
Ricky_should I reboot and try again and write it down this time?07:43
cfhowlettRicky_, plz.  always.  complete info >>> good advice.  But first: you HAVE ubuntu and you want to install windows???07:44
Ricky_I have an old version on downloaded but it dosen't work07:44
cfhowlettRicky_, old version of WHAT?!07:45
Ricky_I'm trying to replace that with the new one I burned on the desk07:45
Ricky_10. something07:45
cfhowlettRicky_, plz.  always.  complete info >>> good advice.  But first: AGAIN:  you HAVE ubuntu and you want to install windows???  To be clear ...07:45
Ricky_No I have ubuntu and windows, I'm trying to replace my old ubuntu thats damaged with the new version \07:46
cfhowlettRicky_, right.  OK.  try again, note the error.07:46
FormicOh dear, it seems I didn't move the entirety of my .Private folder over to my new drive before a new OS install.08:04
FormicI gave it a cp *, but it seems when I went to mount it using criptfs-recover-private, the files remain unchanged.08:05
FormicIs there any way I can get my data back, or do I just have to live with the fact that it's lost forever, now?08:05
tweakhi. having issues with my swap space. i see the message "dev/mapper/cryptswap1 not ready" on startup. Have tried a few fixes i found on forums but nothing has worked. any ideas?08:11
FormicThat sounds familiar, give me a moment.08:13
=== no_mu is now known as Nothing_Much
tweakFormic: Thank You.08:16
TechHysteriahello good people of the ubuntu community, i am trying to update me flash player plugin for firefox, i already figured out how to update to the latest firefox so that's all squared away..08:16
tweakTechHysteria: You should be able to do that by typing "flash" into the software center08:16
TechHysteriai did that, yet, it doesn't say upgrade, it just says to remove08:17
oussamahaw i can install the soft of backtrack in my ubuntu 14.0408:17
cfhowlettoussama, backtrack is not supported here.08:17
cfhowlett!backtrack | oussama08:17
ubottuoussama: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)08:17
oussamait is the same soft08:18
cfhowlettoussama, #backtrack-linux is your channel.08:18
oussamaok sorry08:18
tweakbr right back, rebboting08:36
Snowman23I can't find where the pidgin settings are or anything like that. I want to enable the OTR plugin, but every guide says "click tools, settings". I can't see any settings08:37
Snowman23Rather, I can't see a place ot click "tools" in the first place08:37
Snowman23Is there a super secret place where settings are?08:37
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=== rwp_ is now known as rwp
theruequick question, i had a linux/win7 dual boot... but i just reinstalled my windows... so now at boot loader, when i pick my linux os to boot into, it doesn't seem to work anymore for some reason08:49
theruei know it's better to install windows first THEN linux.. but i just reinstalled windows and it seems to have affected my linux loader at the moment08:49
cfhowlett!grub2 | therue, as expected.  reinstall grub08:49
ubottutherue, as expected.  reinstall grub: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:49
grarAnyone have any idea how to work around this bug: https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/8331 ?08:53
grarIt most definitely has not been fixed...08:53
Ben64sounds like something you should ask the virtualbox people08:53
cfhowlett!vbox | grar08:53
ubottugrar: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:53
grarany clue where their IRC is?08:54
tweakevening.. having a problem mounting swap. i get this message at boot. “the disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present”08:54
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youyouproblem with my laptop: the core is at 90C and the fan runs like a crazy09:19
youyouhow can i fix that?09:20
Ben64youyou: sounds like a hardware issue, open it up and clean it out? for specifics, ask in ##hardware09:21
cfhowlettyouyou, stop smoking.  banish cats, dogs, long-haired lovers from you laptop.  clean vents.09:22
youyouBen64: ok thx, i will give it to a friend for a cleaning and come back of the problem remains09:22
youyoucfhowlett: even weed? :(09:23
lionrougehi !09:23
lionrougeis there any special Ubuntu Touch channel ?09:23
=== someon is now known as someone
cfhowlett!touch | lionrouge09:24
ubottulionrouge: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:24
lionrougecfhowlett, thanks ))09:24
cfhowlettlionrouge, happy2help09:24
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brentanyone know how i could get x11vnc server to start on reboot09:32
systi'm on awesome it's terrible09:34
andyfiedbrent: you should be able to pop it into start up apps09:35
andyfiedsearch for startup applications and then you can add it with whatever flags you would like to use09:36
systis anybody know the way to install corona sdk on ubuntu14.10 ?09:38
john__Corona SDK is available for Mac OS-X and Microsoft Windows.  We do not support any Linux builds.09:40
systyes i know but with 13.10 i have installed with wine and it's works 90%09:40
Ben6413.10 is dead, not supported09:41
cfhowlett!wine | syst09:41
ubottusyst: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:41
systok thanks i go to this channel good day09:41
john__what's the problem on ubuntu v14?09:41
Ben64john__: use the whole version. there is no v14, there is 14.04 and 14.10, and wine works on both09:42
john__yes. that was syts ques09:42
Ben64john__: whoops09:43
john__how's going Ben6409:43
afflictoHello, can someone tell me where I can find info on the ~/config/monitors.xml file?09:45
afflicto_trullo: thanks09:49
privilegedhey there guys, i just installed the latest ubuntu and i need a little help, ive nvidia graphics card(780ti) where do I find compatible driver on ubuntu? thanks09:55
Kamuelahow do I change grub options like what loads by default and how long the screen waits?09:58
michal__@Kamuela You can use grub2 customizer10:00
michal__It's the most basic way to solved your problem10:01
michal__or you can put in google "GRUB 2 bootloader - Full tutorial - Dedoimedo"10:02
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Kamuelamichal__: thank you10:04
youyouproblem with my laptop: the core is at 90C and the fan runs like a crazy10:09
youyououps sry bat copy/past10:10
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afflicto_Guys I need help. I just woke up, booted ubuntu and the monitors were all messed up (I have a triple-screen setup) I deleted my xorg.conf file as well as the monitors.xml file, now displays look OK, but I can't login to any desktop environment.10:11
ubottuvincenzo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:14
m000gleI'm planning to update my kernel from 3.13.0-43-generic to a newer version, using the ~kernel-ppa/mainline/ .DEB files.  I've done this many times before, and am well aware of the risks and also how to roll back, if necessary.  However, this will be the first time using this method on a computer with UEFI.10:16
m000gleAre there any additional considerations, additional steps required etc when attempting to install a newer kernel build, using the Kernel/Mainlin .DEB files, when Ubuntu is installed in EFI mode?10:16
ikoniam000gle: no10:17
m000gleikonia: Thanks :)10:17
=== afflicto_ is now known as afflicto
afflictoGuys I need help. I just woke up, booted ubuntu and the monitors were all messed up (I have a triple-screen setup) I deleted my xorg.conf file as well as the monitors.xml file, now displays look OK, but I can't login to any desktop environment.10:18
ikoniaafflicto: define "cannot login"10:18
afflictoikonia: At the login screen, I type my password and click enter. Then the login screen changes to show only a wallpaper with "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS" on the lower left. I can also move my cursor. That's all.10:19
ikoniaafflicto: create a new user and see if you have the same problem with the new user10:20
mehdi_how can i add secondary IP with a speciafied dns?10:20
theshit123hello, anyone here use vim-airline and has installed powerline fonts in ubuntu?, i am following the steps but still not working10:20
ikoniamehdi_: could you explain fully what you want please10:21
m000glemehdi_: You can separate multiple DNS servers by placing a comma between each address10:21
m000glemehdi_: For example, for Google DNS, you would list something like ","10:22
mehdi_ikonia, well since the file in /etc/resolv.conf will be overwritten i cant add anything there, i try to do it via network manager but it wont work10:22
ikoniamehdi_:  that doesn't explain what you are actually trying to do10:22
ikoniaresolv.conf has nothing to do with a second IP address10:22
ikoniamehdi_: could you please explain fully what your end goal is10:23
afflictoikonia: Same thing with a new user.10:23
ikoniaafflicto: how did you create the new user ?10:23
mehdi_m000gle, i already added my search domain and used "," to seprate but it doesn't work10:24
afflictoikonia: "sudo adduser test"10:24
afflicto(and followed the instructions) full name, pw etc10:24
ikoniaafflicto: ok, so that suggests its not user settings, more a system issue, I'd suggest next dropping back to a single monitor and restting your display driver to vesa (fallback) and see if the desktop loads10:25
ikoniaafflicto: all the time useing the new user to test10:25
afflictoikonia: right, ok.10:26
ikoniaafflicto: sorry, just needs to be methodical to work it through10:26
afflictoikonia: sure, I gotcha. I'll google how to uninstall amd drivers and get back to default ones10:27
ikoniaafflicto: don't need to uninstall10:27
ikoniaafflicto: just tell xorg to use vesa instead10:27
ikoniaafflicto: and disable the 3 monitors, go to a 1 monitor standard configuration10:28
ikoniaafflicto: copy your xorg.conf out to a backup, then change the one thats there (I assume you're using nvidia/amd graphics)10:28
ikoniavincenzo: no warez here10:29
gry!list > vincenzo10:29
ubottuvincenzo, please see my private message10:29
gryWhat package is Qsound.h in? I already have libqt4-dev, but I still get a "qtsound: no such file or directory" when I #include Qtsound.h10:29
EriC^^!find qtsound.h10:30
ikoniagry: is it actually on the file system or just not in a valid include location10:30
ubottuPackage/file qtsound.h does not exist in utopic10:30
ikoniagry: I like you would have assumed libqt4-dev10:30
afflictoikonia: ok10:30
gryI think it's not actually on the file system, I think I'm missing a package.10:30
ikoniagry: worth checking do a quick find - 5, 10 minutes10:31
ikoniagry: I would have assumed the same package as you10:31
afflictoikonia: So, all I do is remove the xorg.conf file?10:31
ikoniaafflicto: no no no no,10:31
ikoniaafflicto: what did I say to do10:31
afflictoikonia: ok, I was reading on ubuntuforums someone suggested to delete it and it will use vesa. (which I did, I only have a backup file now)10:32
ikoniaafflicto: I'm going to stop helping you now as I've just given you detailed information, you've ignored it and you're telling me what a forum post says10:33
ikoniaafflicto: if you're not interested in my help - don't ask for it, but don't ask for it, ignore it and then tell me what a random forum post says10:33
ximingis there any one familiar with mysql ?10:34
ikoniaximing: whats up10:34
mehdi_how can i edit resolv.conf permanently?10:34
ximingcan i modify a database's character set after tables have been created?10:34
ikoniamehdi_: you don't10:35
mehdi_cmon , we used to do it10:35
ikoniaximing: ooh a good question, I thought it had to be set at creation time, but that seems limiting, maybe worth asking the #mysql channel10:35
ikoniamehdi_: that is not how the config works in a modern linux desktop10:35
ikoniamehdi_: thats why it doesn't work now - so "cmon we used to" isn't really going to solve your problem10:36
mehdi_i wanna add 2line in my dns10:36
ximingikonia: tried that channel, but it's keep saying that cant send to channel?10:36
mehdi_ikonia, so can i can i do it?10:36
ikoniaximing: you need to register on freenode to get an account10:36
ikonia!register > ximing10:36
ubottuximing, please see my private message10:36
ikoniamehdi_: you shouldn't edit resolv.conf10:36
ikoniamehdi_: you've still not explained your end goal, as "adding a second dns server" is very different than "I want a second IP to use a specific dns server" original question10:37
ikoniamehdi_: if you can clarify what you want we can help you get to a solution10:37
ikoniaximing: looks like you can do it http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/alter-table.html10:37
afflictoikonia: was just trying not to ask for too much, sorry :\10:38
=== ximing is now known as ximing__
ikoniaafflicto: your forum post tells you to do totally different things what I advised you to do, so either follow the forum post (which you can of course do) or follow my advice, but you can't mix them when the say to do different things10:38
afflictoikona: alright, how do you change xorg.conf to use vesa then?10:40
ikoniaafflicto: edit the line that says "Driver" "nvidia" (or whatever your driver is) to "Driver" "Vesa"10:40
ikoniaafflicto: then remove the monitor definitions for 3 monitor setup (if it's configured in xorg.conf)10:41
ikoniaafflicto: make sure you backed up the xorg.conf before editing10:41
ximing__ikonia: I was following this http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/charset-database.html , but get no luck,case there are to many tables in the datebase, alter them one by one is a painfully job10:41
mehdi_ikonia,  i want to have this two line in my resolv.conf permanently search [mydns], nameserver [myip]10:41
ikoniaximing__: ok, so your question isn't "can you do it" you know you can, your question is "how do I do it bulk for the whole database"10:42
mehdi_how can i do it in a modern way?10:42
ikoniaximing__: #mysql is the right channel10:42
ikoniamehdi_: dns is controlled by dnsmasq now, is your dhcp being served by dhcp ?10:42
ximing__ikonia: yes that's right, sorry if any mis leading.10:42
afflictoikonia: so remove the section "Monitor" parts, then set "Driver" (under section "Device") from "fglrx" to "vesa"?10:42
ikoniaximing__: not a problem10:42
ikoniaafflicto: %50 correct10:42
mehdi_ikonia, its static10:43
ikoniaafflicto: the change of fglrx to vesa is correct, but don't remove the whole monitor section, just the parts that defines the 3 monitor layout10:43
ikoniamehdi_: how are you setting it static ?10:43
ximing__ikonia: ok, thanks a lot, i will register myself and try that channel.10:43
mehdi_ikonia, to be more specific get ip by dhcp  and i set it manually10:43
ikoniamehdi_: how do you set it manually ?10:43
rustyraptorI am having problems with NetworkManager10:44
afflictoikonia: So that would be the three "Option    "Monitor-DFP.." "0-DFP.." lines under Section "Device"?10:45
ikoniaafflicto: you've backed up the file yes ?10:46
rustyraptor"/usr/local/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf" is missing.10:46
afflictoikonia: yeah10:46
ikoniarustyraptor: it shouldn't be in that location10:46
ikoniaafflicto: ok, just remove the monitor section totally then10:46
ikoniaafflicto: let xorg work it out10:46
ikoniarustyraptor: that is the wrong location10:46
rustyraptorikonia well when i try to start NetworkManager it says that it is looking for it there :/10:46
ikoniarustyraptor: how are you trying to start it ?10:47
ikoniarustyraptor: (it's started by default at boot)10:47
afflictoikonia: k10:47
mehdi_ikonia, in edit connection -->edit --> ipv4 setting -->add10:47
rustyraptorsudo NetworkManager10:47
ikoniarustyraptor: where are you seeing that warning ?10:48
ikoniarustyraptor: it should look in multiple places, are you sure thats not just one of them10:48
rustyraptoroh maybe it found it because NetworkManager is running.10:48
rustyraptorbut I thought it might be the cause of this as well10:49
rustyraptor"No config file found or given; using /usr/local/etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf"10:49
ikoniarustyraptor: /etc/NetworkManager in ubuntu by default I think10:49
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
rustyraptorwhen i try to add a network.10:49
rustyraptoroh yeah it is there then the problem might be different :/10:49
ikoniamehdi_: just trying to find the doc for you as I don't have an ubuntu box here to hand to get the exact location10:50
ikoniamehdi_: the first easy answer would be to fix your dhcp server10:50
ikoniamehdi_: that way you get given the correct dns server, but hang on10:50
afflictoikonia: done, shall I just reboot and try to login with the new user?10:51
ikoniaafflicto: go for it10:51
mehdi_if i need those to line in my resolv.conf everything works just fine10:52
ikoniamehdi_: stop trying to use resolv.conf10:52
ikoniamehdi_: solution 1.) fix your dhcp server - make it give you the right dns servers so you don't have to update them. Solution 2.) update /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base to include the dns servers you want10:53
rustyraptoroh woops sorry I pasted th wrong error that second time10:53
rustyraptor"No session found for uid 1000 (Error statting file /var/run/ConsoleKit/database: No such file or directory)"10:53
rustyraptorthat is the error I get when i try to add a new connection10:53
ikoniarustyraptor: lets step back10:53
ikoniarustyraptor: why are you manually stopping/starting network manager, it's configured to run at boot time10:53
ikoniarustyraptor: lets step back10:54
ikoniarustyraptor: why are you manually stopping/starting network manager, it's configured to run at boot time10:54
rustyraptorwell i was having issues with it so I thought I would debug it.10:54
rustyraptordid you get the messages I said a few secs ago? My Internet keeps reseting for some reason.10:55
ikoniarustyraptor: reboot - when you boot into the desktop network manager will be runing - don't stop/start it - configure it there and report your issues to the channel10:55
ikoniarustyraptor: you're confusing matters by stopping/starting it10:55
ikonianope what ?10:55
rustyraptorMy original issue is ""No session found for uid 1000 (Error statting file /var/run/ConsoleKit/database: No such file or directory)"10:55
rustyraptorwhen I add a connection.10:56
afflictoikonia: same thing10:56
ikoniaafflicto: thats worrying10:56
ikoniaafflicto: have a look at the xorg logs and the Xsession-errors in your users home directory10:56
rustyraptorbrb gonna try rebooting.10:57
afflictoikonia: k10:57
ikonianeed to step away for a short while10:57
ikoniaafflicto: work the errors/warnings though10:57
ikoniaafflicto: something has up set it from your good config10:57
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MichaelHabibhi, i'm trying to find a distro that uses KDE with ONLY the core and no additional software .. any ideas ?11:22
xanguayou can set up a minimal install and just install kde if ubuntu is what you want MichaelHabib11:24
MichaelHabibxangua: ty, just looked up the minimal install for ubuntu  and I got  a ~30 MB file iso !  I wonder what's in this iso and will I be able to select all the options I want, like  installing kde-core or lxde instead of the default Unity ?11:28
cfhowlettMichaelHabib, yes you can make selections11:28
MichaelHabibcfhowlett: ty , will download and test now .11:29
OY1Ri need some help with a cpu stuck on 1ghz !11:33
OY1Ri switch the cpu to on performance11:33
OY1Ri cannot switch the cpu to performance11:34
OY1Rxchat and firefox use up all the cpu power.11:34
OY1Rintel core 2 @ 2.33GHz running at 1mhz.11:35
flux242what does 'cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor' tells you?11:36
MichaelHabiband is it possible to use "search" in grub to find the disk/partition name  by UUID  ?11:37
MichaelHabibRight now i'm re organizing my HDD's , making backups and replacing some , I want to be able to boot my OS without having to worry about editing GRUB menuentries by using  partition UUID11:38
OY1Rflux242, performance, ondemand11:39
Ben64OY1R: pastebin the output of "cat /proc/cpuinfo"11:39
flux242try - 'for g in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor; do echo performance > $g; done'11:40
GerowenAnybody online right now?11:42
flux242Anybody has just left11:42
OY1RBen64, http://pastebin.com/cjQcrTF011:42
GerowenI "think" I just got my Darkice/Icecast2 audio stream up and running, and I was wondering if somebody outside my own LAN could check it out for me.11:43
pers3usjoin #go-nuts11:43
GerowenIt's a stream of audio from my CB radio, so you'll hear people talking about whatever over coffee.11:43
MichaelHabibin this line       linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz.efi boot=casper iso-scan/filename=$isofile noprompt noeject      what are other options for the "boot" param ? where can I find more info about it ?11:43
GerowenThere's an M3U link on the top right, I'd appreciate it if somebody could check it out and see if it's working.11:43
Ben64OY1R: yeah, that looks like 1ghz, if you actually have one core set to performance that shouldn't happen11:43
Ben64Gerowen: not in this channel11:43
OY1Rcpu freq scaling monitor does not respond to what i do.11:45
Ben64OY1R: you might want to check to see if something is wrong in the bios settings that would stop scaling from working properly11:45
OY1Rfreq stepping is enabled11:46
Ben64OY1R: ok.. pastebin "grep . /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/*"11:47
OY1RBen64, http://pastebin.com/gmXk8qfq11:49
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Ben64OY1R: its set to userspace, not performance11:50
MichaelHabibTrying to boot and Ubuntu ISO with Grub2, at this line  "   linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz.efi boot=casper iso-scan/filename=$isofile noprompt noeject  "  the boot option is bassed on with the value of "casper" but according to the guys at #grub  this is distro spesific , and tips / info regarding this please ? (like what other available options .... )11:50
Ben64OY1R: normally you'd want it set to "ondemand" so it will scale based on need11:50
MichaelHabibpassed **11:50
OY1Runable to set anything11:50
Ben64OY1R: cpufreq-selector -c {0,1} -g ondemand11:51
flux242OY1R: there's a bios limit set to min_freq. Should be max_freq imho11:54
OY1RError calling SetGovernor: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.11:54
Ben64ooh, didn't notice that, good catch flux24211:54
OY1Rbios can only be set to frequency stepping off or enable11:54
OY1Ri'll check it again to be sure brb11:56
clavierscreen goes black but computer not off after update my computer (ubuntu 14.04) any ideas ?11:59
OY1Rdual core and frew stepping enabled12:00
clavierOY1R: i don't understand ?12:00
OY1Rclavier, that's not for you mate.12:01
OY1RBen64, flux24212:01
clavierYeah, so for me ? :p12:01
wheatthinclavier, can you get into terminal?12:02
clavierwheatthin: Yope12:03
clavierwheatthin: Yes i can, why ?12:05
wheatthinclavier, because you'll need to in order to resolve your issue.12:06
clavierwheatthin: you can help me ?12:06
wheatthinclavier, what graphics card do you have?12:06
clavierIntel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (primary) (rev 0c)12:07
clavierKernel driver in use: i91512:07
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wheatthinclavier, you'll have to boot into nomodeset12:09
wheatthinin grub212:10
clavierwheatthin: why ?12:11
wheatthinclavier, http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu12:11
wheatthinbecause You gotta be able to install the intel drivers later, this is just to get you into your GUI12:12
clavierwheatthin: i have this: http://pastebin.com/5Wc9Z3Bm12:12
clavierwheatthin: i'am in my GUI12:12
wheatthinclavier, again, I'd try the nomodeset, and then reinstall your intel drivers..12:13
clavierwheatthin: but when i do something hard like open 5 or 6 firefox my screen switch off but the rest are ok12:13
wheatthinclavier, so you're already in the GUI?12:14
clavierwheatthin: yeah12:14
wheatthinand not stuck at a black screen?12:14
clavierwheatthin: not but if i do something so hard for my cpu my screen switch off12:14
clavierwheatthin: i have this problem after update12:14
wheatthinclavier, What are the computer temps at? within reasonable range?12:15
clavierwheatthin: how i can now it ? and how to reinstall my inter drivers ?12:16
wheatthinclavier, does your windows stutter when you drag them?12:16
clavierwheatthin: non12:16
clavierwheatthin: it's normal12:17
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clavierwheatthin: how to reinstall my interl drivers ?12:19
subashanbe vaa uyire vaa12:19
wheatthinclavier, 32bit or 64?12:20
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Nathan_What does -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 920788 Mar 28 2013 bash Mean12:20
=== Guest68196 is now known as Romtam
clavierwheatthin: 3212:20
clavierNathan_: linuxcommand.org/images/permissions_diagram.gif12:21
wheatthinclavier, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-video-intel:i38612:22
rustyraptorikonia I tried rebooting. Could it be that I have wicd installed?12:22
Nathan_What does -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 920788 Mar 28 2013 bash Mean12:22
wheatthinnathon, the first part is the group12:23
clavierNathan_: see the image i send to you12:23
wheatthinnathan second is owner, and 3rd part is guest12:23
Ben64wheatthin: user group other12:24
clavierwheatthin: i have this after command: Traitement déclenché pour  libc-bin (2.19-0ubuntu6.4) ...12:24
clavierit's all ?12:24
wheatthinI'm all buttbackwards this morning12:24
wheatthinclavier, then either 'sudo lightdm restart' or reboot12:25
Nathan_cant geet on to the image12:25
clavierwheatthin: i go to test12:25
Ben64Nathan_: what part of it are you actually asking about?12:26
Ben64Nathan_: and what are you trying to accomplish? and why can't you view an image on the internet?12:26
Nathan_it says it cannot connect to the server12:26
Ben64Nathan_: you only answered 1/3 of the questions i asked12:27
Ben64ok, that was productive12:27
reddogfishI think ubuntu has cornered the mom and pop Linux distros.12:31
OY1RBen64, i just rebooted, all seemed fine for about 2 minutes then the scaling went back down to 1ghz12:32
Okitainreddogfish: i wonder what distros you mean.12:33
reddogfishOY1R: they disabled CPU scaling. It was not saving anything.12:33
Okitainreddogfish: because it seems that "lonely hacker" distroes have only multiplied because of ubuntu.12:33
reddogfishOkitain: most seem based on ubuntu now.12:34
OY1Rreddogfish, ?12:34
reddogfishOY1R: they let the motherboard bios or EFI handle cpu scaling now. Even with laptops.12:35
OY1Ri'm stuck at 1ghz at the moment.12:36
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Guest2307ubuntu desktop has disappeared,how it can be recovered12:40
OY1RGuest2307, try startx12:40
Guest2307i can login into root but it doesn't show icons or anythink. screen remain blank after that.12:43
Guest2307only backgroud appears.12:43
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kongle_apt-get —purge remove btsync leaves me with BTsync still running. Any pointers?12:49
laserskongle_: You can't kill/stop the service/proceess?12:54
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kongle_I can stop the service, but it restarts on login/reboot12:54
Guest27771hi i did fresh xubuntu install with encryption bu i dont have linux swap  why is that?12:54
kongle_lasers: I can stop the service, but it restarts on login/reboot12:55
laserskongle_: You could try 'dpkg -L $packagename' to see if it's really gone.12:56
kongle_lasers: “dpkg-query: package ‘btsync’ is not installed”12:58
laserskongle_: I checked. btsync isn't even on Ubuntu repo....?13:00
laserskongle_: I checked. btsync isn't even on Ubuntu repo....?13:00
cfhowlett!swap | Guest27771, /swap is optional.  you don't choose, you don't get.  you *can* configure /swap now if you choose13:01
ubottuGuest27771, /swap is optional.  you don't choose, you don't get.  you *can* configure /swap now if you choose: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:01
kongle_lasers: It’s not open source and is in beta. Maintained by Bittorrent.13:01
BluesKaj_Howdy folks13:02
clavierwheatthin: that's don't work ! i see my screen become black just when i start chromium, firefox also after the update13:03
wheatthinclavier, hmm that's very odd. Have you tried to install the proprietary drivers?13:04
wheatthinclavier, which intel gpu did you have?13:05
topandany ubuntu 12.00 user here13:06
cfhowletttopand, no 12.00 as there IS no 12.00 ... confirm your information13:08
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nomnomsuhi guys can someone help me with really basic thing?  i have folders like this video/movies, video/tvshows, video/animation and users like [usergroup] derp1, [mediagroup] derp2 Now what i want is to give them permissions. I want derp 1 to have access only to tv shows and derp 2 to have access to movies only. How to do so from terminal?13:30
crushcringnomnomsu: sudo chown 'derp 1' folder.13:33
nomnomsuok  but will it work if i would want to grant access to user from other group in near futute too?13:34
crushcringnomnomsu: sudo chown derp1 folder.13:34
nomnomsubecause this makes derp 1 an owner of this folder if i think correctly13:35
crushcringnomnomsu: You can add multiple users to that command13:35
nomnomsuso there can be more than 1 owner for folder?13:35
nomnomsucrushcring: ok and what if i want derp 1 read only access? should it be chown 640 derp1 video/tvshows ?13:37
crushcringnomnomsu: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man1/chown.1.html13:40
guest-7ZtWknhi, nothing appear on desktop after login in administrator account.13:40
crushcringnomnomsu: You can look up CHOWN CHGRP CHMOD13:41
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:41
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guest-7ZtWkn!!ubuntu | startx13:41
ubottustartx: please see above13:41
guest-7ZtWkn!!ubuntu | nvidia13:42
ubottunvidia: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:42
crushcringnomnomsu: You can install gnome system tools.13:42
cfhowlettguest-7ZtWkn, use /msg ubottu !TRIGGERGOESHERE        to send yourself pm's13:43
nomnomsucrushcring: ok will check thanks :)13:44
guest-7ZtWkncrushcring | will that solve problem!!13:44
guest-7ZtWknCoz, i'm currently logged in on same ubuntu with guest account.13:45
michael_pNeed assistance installing epsxe.  Private mssg me if you can help.13:45
guest-7ZtWknhow i can bring terminal or relative option on blank desktop, so i can try to troubleshoot.13:47
elichai2hey, need help with updating bios13:49
elichai2i found this: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds04038413:49
elichai2but it's for windows only13:49
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nbusronenewbie here , how do I change xorg brightness on my desktop to - 30 ? using nvidia driver 33`13:59
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p3_i have probleme in network14:06
p3_i need help14:10
Seveasp3_: it's kinda hard to help you if you don't say what the problem is.14:12
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MasterPiecein this page, http://www.ubuntu.com/management , Says the Ubuntu Landscape is not free, is it true? And the what is it about the source code? is it close? or an OpenSource as FOSS ?14:14
p3_<Seveas> http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-13950614:15
udevdhey! Why can't I find few graphics drivers packages in Trusty repositories? They were back in Precise...14:15
udevdthere are cedarview-drm and such14:15
Sonny__Hi guys, help me please14:16
Sonny__i have intel+nvidea video on notebook, how i can install new drivers ?14:16
SeveasMasterPiece: I believe the client's source is available, but the service is completely proprietary14:17
Vadim_Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .. please help14:17
MasterPieceSeveas, Hello man :) Thanks for your great answers here :)14:17
Seveasp3_: looks like your router isn't letting you through.14:18
Seveasthat's not an Ubuntu problem, your internet connection is malfunctioning.14:18
p3_yes may be the router14:18
SeveasVadim_: try with TERM=xterm14:19
Sonny__Someone have nvidia videocard on ur notebook?14:19
Vadim_Seveas: if use TERM=xterm, i get black windows and no warning, but no subshell too...14:20
SeveasVadim_: which terminal emulator are you using?14:20
Vadim_i'm try it use from ssh (i connect to pc)14:21
SeveasVadim_: and on your local machine?14:21
Vadim_no, i'm connect from other pc14:22
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Seveasyes, what terminal emulator do you use on that one?14:22
Parameziushello. the headphones doesn't work in my ubuntu 14.04.14:22
SeveasParamezius: that's to protect your ears :-) (try poking at the alsamixer command in the terminal)14:23
sonnymoreHelp me please, how install drivers for nvidea on notebook?14:23
Seveas!repeat | sonnymore14:23
ubottusonnymore: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:23
Seveas!nvidia | sonnymore14:23
ubottusonnymore: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:23
p3_ok i have probleme in network http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-13950414:23
p3_ping ip and www.google.com14:24
ParameziusSeveas, :) that's a great security patch14:24
Seveasp3_: your internet connection or router seems to be malfunctioning. Call your ISP.14:25
ParameziusI tryed to tweak alsamixer in the terminal but didn't succeed14:25
SeveasParamezius: ok, pavucontrol maybe14:25
Parameziuslet's try14:26
Vadim_Seveas: i try connect from securecrt programm, emulator "linux" + Ansi Color14:26
SeveasVadim_: ah, you're connecting from windows.14:27
SeveasTry putty, it tends to works better than securecrt14:27
nbusronenewbie here , how do I change xorg brightness on my desktop to -0.25 ? using nvidia driver 331 at color correction and it get reset everytime I restart.Using 14.0414:27
elichai2need help with updating bios14:28
Vadim_Seveas: wait, try it14:29
MasterPieceIs it possible to I have the Ubuntu Landspace without any limitation and without support for myself as free?14:29
AlexPortableHow do I enable wifi?14:32
MasterPieceCan I have Ubuntu Landscape without any limitation ( & || without support ) for myself  as free ?14:32
BluesKaj_AlexPortable, open network manager icon, you'll see wifi options there14:33
MasterPieceAlexPortable, Check your Hardware and Go to the top menu bar, Check Network-Manager and Turn it on14:33
Vadim_Seveas: SHELL=/bin/bash TERM=xterm - its use putty, but if i press Ctrl+o i can't get access to subshell , but no notify about this error,    in mcview and mc - all works correct, only not work in mcedit14:34
MasterPieceVadim_, What is your client type? Linux or Windows?14:36
Vadim_MasterPiece: client in windows14:37
lasdam1how do I make a rule in iptables for log everything except tcp port 80?14:37
MasterPieceVadim_, What is your program whom you are trying to the Linux Host with it?14:37
MasterPiecelasdam1, join in #iptables14:38
lasdam1MasterPiece: thanks14:38
MasterPiecelasdam1, iptables -A CHAIN -j LOG --log-prefix "PREFIX" --log-level LEVEL14:38
MasterPiecelasdam1, be lucky ;)14:38
Vadim_MasterPiece: SecureCRT or Putty try connect to my work PC where ubuntu via ssh and i want edit file & use subshell.14:39
MasterPieceVadim_, Use putty in order to I can assume it please ;)14:40
lasdam1MasterPiece: that doesn't help - I need to log everything Except tcp port 8014:40
MasterPiecelasdam1, So accept the 80 port before log rule ;)14:40
lasdam1MasterPiece: oh, that's right, lol.14:40
MasterPieceVadim_, Do you have your work P.C IP  and a route to that ?14:40
MasterPiecelasdam1, Your welcome ;)14:41
Vadim_MasterPiece: Yes, i have IP and i can get access to my pc14:41
MasterPieceVadim_, open a cmd and try to ping your remote P.C , tell me the ping answer :)14:42
MasterPieceVadim_, R U an admin ? or I'm in speaking with a user ?14:42
MasterPieceVadim_, My default : user14:42
MasterPieceVadim_, Since if you are an admin, you can handle it right and easy ;)14:43
Vadim_MasterPiece: you try trolling me ? ;)14:43
Vadim_MasterPiece: yes, i admin and my pc is answer14:43
p3_i have failed by network manager14:43
lasdam1MasterPiece: yeah, thanks again14:43
Vadim_MasterPiece: if need i can show you via teamviewer14:44
MasterPieceVadim_, No No, I just want to know who is audience;)14:44
MasterPiecelasdam1, your welcome again ;)14:44
Vadim_MasterPiece: :) ah, okey :) yes, i'm admin this pc.14:44
MasterPieceVadim_, OK, tell me what is exactly your problem with an remote ssh ?14:45
MasterPieceVadim_, :)14:45
QueensMelonsguys please help me this keeps showing up on my screen http://goo.gl/Fthku114:45
AlexPortableMasterPiece: BluesKaj_ 'Enable wifi' is checked, but it says wifi is disabled14:46
Vadim_MasterPiece: yes, its my problem, i'm can't use MCEDIT in SUBSHELL14:46
MasterPieceVadim_, How many bandwidth do you have for that tunnel ?14:47
SchrodingersScatQueensMelons: that is a short url to a youtube video/playlist, are you sure this isn't !spam ?14:47
MasterPieceAlexPortable, Do you checked your hardware properly ?14:47
AlexPortableMasterPiece: yes, on windows wifi works14:47
Vadim_MasterPiece: but where does the speed?14:47
MasterPieceAlexPortable, Linux is not windows ;) What is your wireless driver ? Google it ;) ( Search about your wireless card model and Ubuntu ;) )14:48
MasterPieceVadim_, If you connection is too small, You can't work with remote easily ;)14:48
MasterPieceIf your*14:49
AlexPortableMasterPiece: it worked before, but it's now down due to rfkill14:49
Vadim_MasterPiece: 1Gb/s to world & both pc14:49
MasterPieceVadim_, R U in a D.C ?!!!14:49
MasterPieceVadim_, Do you know what you tell above ?!14:49
cfhowlettQueensMelons, pro-tip: don't click random links on your computer.  pro-tip 2, don't share/spam random links on IRC14:49
QueensMelonswow guys so srs14:50
Vadim_MasterPiece: yes, i know what you tell14:50
MasterPieceAlexPortable, Do you know how to work with wireless drivers and installation processes?14:50
AlexPortableMasterPiece: drivers are already installed.14:51
AlexPortableMasterPiece: it's rfkill i cannot undo14:51
MasterPieceVadim_, 1Gbps is for an Data Center Bandwidth! Its very expensive for an Home user! or Home admin!14:51
MasterPieceAlexPortable, Do you google it?14:52
MasterPieceVadim_, for a* data center ..14:52
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Vadim_MasterPiece: its standart connection in my country (Latvia)14:52
MasterPieceVadim_, Uhh! Congrats!14:52
SeveasMasterPiece: gbit ethernet is pretty common in house these days (not the connection to the isp though :))14:53
jp_hranicePlease help I can't start ubuntu. http://pastebin.com/NJ2QACg714:53
AlexPortableMasterPiece: yes14:53
BluesKaj_AlexPortable, open a terminal and run, sudo dhclient wlan014:53
MasterPieceSeveas, I don't think so before this time! :D ha ha :)))14:53
AlexPortableBluesKaj_: RTNETLINK answers: Operation not possible to due RF-kill14:54
Seveasjp_hranice: ooh, segfault in X, that's not very nice at all :(14:54
nullyAlexPortable: sudo rfkill list14:54
nullyif it says the hardkill is on, you have to press the phsyical switch to turn your wifi on.14:54
AlexPortablehci0 bluetooth, soft blocked: yes, hard blocked: no14:54
AlexPortablephy0 wireless lan, soft blocked: no, hard blocked: yes14:54
Seveasjp_hranice: you'll need to file a bug14:54
nullyAlexPortable: there you hvae it, your wifi button is turned off14:55
AlexPortableacer-wireless: wireless lan, soft blocked: yes, hard blocked: no14:55
Vadim_MasterPiece: so, its my speed not help for find why "mcedit" can't work "subshell", where "mc" & "mcview" work perfect "subshell"14:55
nullycould be the Fn+FKey button14:55
AlexPortablewell if I press it nothing happens14:55
AlexPortableI have fn + f11 = airplane mode button14:55
nullyoh i see14:55
MasterPieceVadim_, yes :D my own guess has been failed ;)14:55
MasterPieceVadim_, I don't know what is the problem :)14:55
nullyAlexPortable: try sudo rfkill unblock 314:55
BluesKaj_AlexPortable, makje sure airplane mode is disabled14:56
AlexPortablenully: still softblocked14:56
AlexPortableBluesKaj_: in ubuntu or on my hardware button?14:56
nullyAlexPortable: try 214:56
Vadim_MasterPiece: =) in your work mcedit ?14:56
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
AlexPortablenully: same result14:56
AlexPortable2 stays hard blocked14:56
jp_hraniceSeveas,  I can get acces by ssh14:56
BluesKaj_ok nm , too many cooks ...this getting us nowhere14:56
MasterPieceVadim_, yes, in working with mcedit in your Env ;)14:57
Vadim_MasterPiece: and subshell too work ? in mcedit ?14:57
p3_i can not acces to net14:57
Vadim_MasterPiece: run "mcedit" and try press "ctrl+o"14:57
MasterPieceVadim_, I don't use mecedit, First : VIM, Second : VIM-Tiny, Third : Nano ;)14:58
jp_hraniceOK i try to file a bug14:58
Vadim_MasterPiece: you can install for check, please14:58
mindless_chaosokay, so my system recieved an update and an updated kernel, and now there is no X. I tried fixing it last night but i was tired and gave up. can some one give me a direction14:58
MasterPieceVadim_, LOL14:58
lolcatHow can I check what GPU I am using?14:58
MasterPieceVadim_, No, I can't ;)14:58
Seveaswin 10014:58
Vadim_MasterPiece: you are user ?14:59
Vadim_MasterPiece: not admin ?14:59
MasterPieceVadim_, :))) :D Whats is the difference to you? I'm developer ;)14:59
Vadim_MasterPiece: you developer , strange, why you can't download "mc" for check "mcedit", maybe you speed connection is very very slow ?15:00
ghostlineshi, I'm trying to configure smokeping according to this ubuntu doc http://goo.gl/SHbRpK but don't understand what they mean by  'Edit the smokeping.fcgi script to point to your smokeping_cgi script.'15:00
bodhi_zazenlolcat, lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 1215:00
mindless_chaosno one?15:00
PetazzHow often do these bugs usually get resolved? I'm suffering at this exact bug and it seems like its been around for quite some time https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/120359215:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1203592 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Keyboard backlight does not work in Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C" [Medium,Confirmed]15:01
mindless_chaosi wish I could remember what I was told wasn't installed15:01
mindless_chaosxfglr I think??15:01
bibi234I'm using a software that creates a virtual machine, I've only configured the private ip "" for this virtual machine, I've just figured out that when I'm connected in ssh into that virtual machine, I can reach the host machine by using the ip "", what is that rule?15:01
MasterPieceSeveas, be lucky , I'll back here to ask about ubuntu landscape license and Source code tomorrow :)15:01
bodhi_zazenPetazz, depends on the bug, the complexity, and the time the developer has available. Some bugs are resolved in 24 hours, others take longer. Feel free to submit a patch =)15:02
MasterPieceVadim_, haha :D toggling me to install it? :D I don't like mcedit, Since its very cheap ;)15:02
lolcatbodhi_zazen: it lits both15:02
MasterPieceVadim_, be lucky15:02
MasterPieceVadim_, bye15:02
AlexPortablenully: BluesKaj_ ?15:02
SeveasMasterPiece: I think you'd better ask Canonical.15:02
Vadim_MasterPiece: bye, user =)15:03
flux242i need a keyword for 'recording' a window content. Not video grabbing and not screenshooting. How do you call it?15:03
MasterPieceSeveas, yes, its a good Idea, I'll Mail them ASAP :)15:03
mindless_chaosno one?fglrx15:03
mindless_chaosthats the one15:03
mindless_chaosOkay, my fglrx module is not installed15:03
=== greenmon2 is now known as greenmon
mindless_chaoswhen I try to install I get an error15:03
Petazzbodhi_zazen: Would most def be interested, don't have the experience though to really dig in :)15:04
bodhi_zazenlolcat, you can also grep LoadModule /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:04
mindless_chaosdpkg --configure -a doesnt fix it15:04
MasterPieceVadim_, Think whatever you like ;) I'm for myself and you can't change my own quiddity :)15:04
MasterPiecebye all15:04
Petazzbodhi_zazen: Anyways, who do actually develop the thing and how do the bugs get assigned?15:04
mindless_chaosnor does apt-get install -f15:05
mindless_chaosI am at a brick wall15:05
lolcatbodhi_zazen: it loads a ton of modules15:05
mindless_chaosno X, if anyone can give me a clue15:05
bodhi_zazenPetazz, unless it is a problem with packaging or some ubuntu specific feature, it is sent upstream to gnome15:05
lolcatbodhi_zazen: I just want to know if I use discrete or normal gpu15:05
bodhi_zazenYou can ask on the gnome mailing list15:05
bodhi_zazenlolcat, pastebin the output of those commands, otherwise how do you expect us to tell you ?15:06
bodhi_zazenlolcat - guess what GPU I am using =)15:06
Vadim_Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .., if use "mcview" & "mc" - subshell is work (ctrl+o),  please help15:07
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Mr_Unknownsup ubuntu lovers !15:12
billy-hi all15:16
Mr_Unknownhey :)15:16
Mr_Unknownhow are you doing ?15:16
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michbexxxby the way15:19
billy-where can i find some music?15:19
cfhowlettbilly-, wrong channel - this is ubuntu support15:19
michbexxxyoutube haha15:19
BluesKaj_AlexPortable, try this in the terminal , and if you connected to the 'net by cable/ethernet then this command won't start your wifi, you willneed to disconnect the ethernet cable, sudo dhclient wlan0 ,then, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart15:23
foxnethi all, I am having trouble with my unity. I just did a fresh install of 14.04 and my hardware acceleration is disable I came across a tool/cmd (usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test) and it showed that all the features are supported except Unity 3D supported is "no". I was using 14.10 yesterday and it was silky smooth I am assuming the hardware acceleration was working then. Could some one please tell me how to enable it.15:23
Saleemhow to mount network share from ubuntu 12.04 to window 715:26
cfhowlett!samba | Saleem,15:26
ubottuSaleem,: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html15:26
AlexPortableBluesKaj_: dhclient wlan0 gives operation not permitted due to rfkill15:27
Saleemlike i have server ip address i want to use this and should show in ubuntu 12.04 forever15:27
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Chuck_NorrisAlexPortable: sudo rfkill unblock wifi15:27
Saleemthe link u give will it last forever even the system restart15:29
AlexPortableChuck_Norris: done, still blocked15:29
Chuck_NorrisAlexPortable: rfkill unblock all  -.-15:30
AlexPortableChuck_Norris: done, still blocked15:31
Chuck_Norrisidk, but... it is a notebook/netbook?15:32
dmoyneI have QWERTY keyboard set when entering my password to open a kde session where I need AZERTY. How can this get fixed?15:33
AlexPortablea reboot and your command solved it15:33
AlexPortablethanks Chuck_Norris15:33
Chuck_NorrisAlexPortable: see if it has a "key" to enable en disable wifi (sometimes it is a combination of keys like FN + wifi key)15:33
Chuck_NorrisAlexPortable: np15:33
foxnet I am having trouble with my unity. I just did a fresh install of 14.04 and my hardware acceleration is disable I came across a tool/cmd (usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test) and it showed that all the features are supported except Unity 3D supported is "no". I was using 14.10 yesterday and it was silky smooth I am assuming the hardware acceleration was working then. Could some one please tell me how to enable it.15:34
BluesKaj_!cookie | Chuck_Norris15:36
ubottuChuck_Norris: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!15:36
foxnetI guess no one knows an answer to my question15:38
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cfhowlett!cn | Guest5357415:44
ubottuGuest53574: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:44
Guest53574anybody here15:44
cfhowlettGuest53574, english only.15:44
Guest53574ok, thx15:45
ralfrPretty new to Ubuntu (14.04): Configuring network via Unity. Where do I find the settings on the command line? /etc/network/interfaces does not seem to be the place.15:47
remymartin9is ubuntu and lubuntu the same?15:48
cfhowlett!lubuntu | remymartin9,15:49
ubotturemymartin9,: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:49
cfhowlett!ubuntu | remymartin915:49
ubotturemymartin9: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com15:49
remymartin9so i can ask lubuntu questions here15:49
cfhowlettremymartin9, read ... carefully.  the !lubuntu link gives specifies the channel15:50
remymartin9ok so i just installed lubuntu but it isn't recognizing my secondary storage harddrive15:50
remymartin9your sentence tells me that it's ubuntu15:50
Saleemis there any screenshot step by step  guide to mount network share15:51
cfhowlettremymartin9, there's a dedicated lubuntu channel.  or use this one.  note they're are different channels15:51
remymartin9cfhowlett:  i arleady figured that much15:51
cfhowlettremymartin9, secondary storage not seen?  I take it that's a USB hdd or similar15:52
remymartin9with my desktop15:53
remymartin9ssd as primary and i have a secondary15:53
cfhowlettremymartin9, ah yes.  doable and done before but not by me.  ask again in channel.  someone will know.15:53
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etwarriorI am looking for some support in installing.15:54
cfhowlett!details | etwarrior,15:54
ubottuetwarrior,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:54
etwarriorThe partition menu, I would like to keep my original partition, and I know what I'm doing with that, but I'm getting a "Mount Checklist", which is Root (/), and EFI (/boot/efi)15:54
remymartin9cfhowlett:  it's actually pretty complicated15:55
mirakI just want a command line ubuntu.15:55
remymartin9i found the directions and i dont even get it15:55
mirakis there something to handle network interfaces ?15:55
cfhowlettetwarrior, I believe that's the common UEFI arrangement ... http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2014/02/05/gpt-disk-partitioning-guide-for-ubuntu-13-10-on-a-pc-with-uefi-firmware/15:55
mirakautomatically ?15:55
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cfhowlettremymartin9, those more ... exotic ... configurations do require more care and feeding.15:56
remymartin9I can do it but it would take my a whole day to comprehend it15:56
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imyerrowhow do i resolve w: failed to fetch error messages when doing a sudo apt-get update?15:58
cfhowlettimyerrow, depends on the reason for the error ...15:58
EriC^^imyerrow: sudo apt-get update | nc termbin.com 999915:59
imyerrowhere is the specific message: W: Failed to fetch http://linux.dropbox.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Bad header line15:59
cfhowlettEriC^^, what does that command do?15:59
EriC^^cfhowlett: it's like pastebinit15:59
cfhowlettimyerrow, try switching to the main mirrors.15:59
cfhowlettEriC^^, got it.15:59
imyerrowcfhowlett dunno that means sorry haha16:00
imyerrowor how do i do that?16:00
cfhowlettimyerrow, software center > settings > software sources >16:01
cfhowlettimyerrow, *** download from ***16:01
imyerrowi already have successfully installed dropbox so not sure why im getting that error in the first place16:01
=== floown_ is now known as floown
EriC^^imyerrow: can you paste the error?16:02
imyerrowi did already up above16:03
EriC^^the full error16:03
EriC^^oh sorry16:03
EriC^^i missed it16:03
EriC^^imyerrow: seems like they have an error that the ppa maintainers have to fix16:04
cfhowlettimyerrow, ah, PPA!  contact the maintainers16:04
imyerrowok i fixed by just going to synaptics manager --> settings > other software sources and unchecked the dropbox source16:05
EriC^^imyerrow: yeah, you removed the ppa16:05
imyerrowbut do i need it? like i said dropbox is installed an seems to be working ok16:06
imyerrowmaybe i need it to update my dropbox version?16:06
EriC^^imyerrow: well i think it would be better, cause there might be updates16:06
etwarriorcfhowlett, figured it out... thanks!16:06
EriC^^imyerrow: give it a shot later to see if it works16:06
etwarriorcfhowlett, that article didn't necessarily help, but thanks again.16:06
imyerrowyeah that is what i thought, ok thanks16:06
cfhowlettetwarrior, that there is some good detective work, Lou!16:06
EriC^^cfhowlett: are you familiar with lubuntu/old pc's?16:08
tuxdnaI was installing flash player on my machine using  - apt-get install flashplugin-installer16:08
cfhowlettEriC^^, somewhat.  I know that lubuntu is specically optimized for "legacy" and low specification hardware16:09
tuxdnaApparently, it failed: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.411.orig.tar.gz  404  Not Found16:09
cfhowlett!flash | tuxdna16:09
ubottutuxdna: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash16:09
lord4163Does anybody know about 10Gbit public iperf servers?16:09
tuxdnaubottu: that doesn't  work16:10
ubottutuxdna: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:10
EriC^^cfhowlett: my friend has an old pc with amd athelon .. 2.0ghz with 1GB of ram, he has winxp right now but it needs formatting, though he could maybe install lubuntu, do you think it would work better?16:10
OerHekstuxdna, current version is
tuxdnathe link is 404 Not Found16:10
cfhowlettEriC^^, I'd start with lubuntu!  MAYBE xubuntu could also be an option.16:10
OerHekstuxdna, i guess you neet to run sudo apt-get update first16:10
tuxdnawell, I am using Ubuntu 14.10 and flashplugin-installer is picking that version16:10
tuxdnaI did apt-get update16:11
tuxdnaOerHeks: already updated16:11
EriC^^cfhowlett: ok thanks16:11
tuxdnaOerHeks: let me check once again16:11
cfhowlettEriC^^, happy2help16:11
OerHeks!info  flashplugin-installer16:11
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 7 kB, installed size 137 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:11
nullyI think there is no more new versions of Flash for gnu/linux16:13
OerHekstuxdna, try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:13
tuxdnaOerHeks: its working now. Thanks :-)16:13
Vadim_Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .., if use "mcview" & "mc" - subshell is work (ctrl+o),  please help16:14
OerHekstuxdna, have fun16:14
adam_ddddHow can I run my programs in desktop? (this is the error: Untrusted application launcher)16:15
* cfhowlett remembers running "apt-get update" for years in the belief that it would keep his system updated ...16:15
ikoniaadam_dddd: what are you trying to run and how ?16:16
adam_ddddI have the shortcuts of some of the programs (in /usr/share/applications/) on my computer there. but I can't run them.16:18
Ricky_dethey, I'm trying install ubuntu onto my computer but I keep getting this error : https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/10845929_428636770620623_6438938889569220089_n.jpg?oh=29a1d9974d1085a9cd206adff87beca7&oe=54FA1A89&__gda__=1425904319_42a963f5a005ac6b03eccc15b035138016:21
guig33khi want to know if actually ubuntu has released the last amd proprietary driver 14.12 of 09/12/2014 ? i use fglrx-update but i m not sure is the last16:21
cfhowlettRick_SDR, www.tinyurl.com16:22
guig33kon ubuntu 14.1016:22
Ricky_detcfhowlett: hey man, I was talking to you yesterday to16:23
cfhowlettRicky_det, welcome back16:23
OerHeksRicky_det, go into softwarecenter > edit > sources and remove the cd from sources.16:23
guig33khow i can know the fglrx version of my driver ?16:24
Ricky_detcfhowlett: : http://i.imgsafe.org/a63ae0c.jpg16:24
Ricky_detOerHeks: I'm on windows right now16:24
Ricky_detI don't know how to get into software centre from the cd ?16:24
EriC^^Ricky_det: did you checksum the iso?16:25
Ricky_detEriC^^: sorry man I have no idea what that means16:25
cfhowlett!md5sum | Ricky_det16:26
ubottuRicky_det: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:26
tetzhey guys, i have a pc with 2 gpu s and 3 mon s ... plymouth is shown on every mon but xserver only on 2, how to fix this?16:27
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Ricky_detcfhowlett: what does "cd \path\to\cddir" mean ?16:31
Ricky_detI downloaded the md5sum.exe16:31
Ricky_detwhere does it want a path to ?16:31
EriC^^Ricky_det: the iso i guess16:32
Ricky_detthe disc or md5 folder?16:32
cfhowlettRicky_det, cd = change directory         /path = to the location of the the .iso16:32
andrcmdrI just installed Ubuntu along side of a windows partition. When the machine boots it goes to a windows boot selection, I select Ubuntu it takes me straight to a grub prompt. When I type boot is says error no kernel loaded.16:32
cfhowlettRicky_det, easy way on linux is to drag/drop the .iso into the terminal.  haven't used windows in so long, IDK if this works there16:32
andrcmdrEverything I’v searched so far isn’t working.16:33
JustPieHey all. I have a rather strange situation. I am using a mdadm raid5 (sdc1,sdd1,sde1). I had everything setup fine for a few days. I rebooted my box and now all my disks are out of order. sdc1, is now sda1, etc. So my raid is broken. Does anyone know why this happened?16:33
EriC^^andrcmdr: boot a live usb and type sudo parted -l , paste in paste.ubuntu.com please16:33
JustPieandrcmdr: did you install windows before or after linux?16:34
andrcmdrYes. Thanks EriC^^16:34
andrcmdrJustPie: before16:34
Ricky_detcfhowlett: I'm not getting how to do this unfortunatly -_-16:37
cfhowlettRicky_det, do you still have .iso?16:37
andrcmdr@EriC^^ paste.ubuntu.com/951734316:37
Ricky_detcfhowlett: yeah16:38
cfhowlettRicky_det, boot the usb.  then go to your stored .iso and md5sum16:38
Ricky_detwhats det mean?16:38
EriC^^andrcmdr: ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi16:40
EriC^^andrcmdr: and paste here16:40
prius-Cwhat powersaver options do we have for ubuntu on laptops?16:41
prius-Ci get really poor battery life16:41
ikoniapoor battery life is normally caused by poor power management support in linux16:41
=== ra21vi_ is now known as ra21vi
ikoniaas in compatibility16:42
=== kyle is now known as Guest99435
prius-Cso what can i do? install windows?!16:42
ikoniaif that works better for you16:42
ikoniaI'd certainly look at the hardware I'd got and check it's linux support status16:42
andrcmdr@EriC^^ ls: cannot access /sys/firmware/efi/: No such file or directory16:42
ikoniato understand what parts are/are not supported16:42
ikoniayou could find great support and I'm mistaken16:42
EriC^^andrcmdr: you're not booted in uefi?16:42
prius-Cmsi ghost 444 laptop16:43
ikoniaI'm stating a common cause with no investigation16:43
prius-Cthat is my computer16:43
ikoniaprius-C: ok, so research it's linux compatibility16:43
andrcmdrI’m in the demo cd16:43
andrcmdruefi is off in bios16:43
EriC^^andrcmdr: i think you installed ubuntu in legacy mode, you have a 1024kb partition which i think is the bios-boot for gpt to work16:43
prius-Cikonia: how would i do that?16:43
EriC^^andrcmdr: why?16:43
Chuck_Norrisprius-C: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/10/advanced-power-management-tool-tlp-06.html16:43
EriC^^andrcmdr: you have gpt and an efi partition..16:43
ikoniaprius-C: research, the web, the vendor, the individual chipsets16:43
andrcmdrI don’t know. I just booted form the dvd and installed to the best I could.16:44
EriC^^andrcmdr: did you disable uefi?16:45
andrcmdrYes, in the bios16:45
prius-Cthank you Chuck_Norris you always kick serious ass!16:45
Vadim_Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .., if use "mcview" & "mc" - subshell is work (ctrl+o),  please help16:45
Saleemi got the message as unable to mount Windows Mount Only root can mount it16:45
prius-Ci now have a 2 hour battery life instead of the usual 45 minutes16:46
Saleemhot to fix this issue16:46
EriC^^andrcmdr: when did you disable it?16:46
ikoniaprius-C: I advise against blindly installing that16:46
Saleemanyone tell this issue how to fix t16:46
prius-Cikonia: well, your method is way too advanced for me i can barely install an operating system16:47
ikoniaprius-C: installing 3rd party software blindly is even more advanced and dangerous16:47
andrcmdrI don’t know. It’s been a blur trying to get this to work.16:48
andrcmdrProbably before I installed Ubuntu.16:49
EriC^^andrcmdr: ok, why did you disable it?16:50
EriC^^andrcmdr: win8 was running with uefi, you disabled it, then installed ubuntu?16:50
andrcmdrI’m running win7. No uefi.16:50
EriC^^so you disabled uefi before, and then installed win7?16:51
andrcmdrI have win7 installed and uefi disabled.16:51
EriC^^andrcmdr: ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt16:52
andrcmdrSorry for the confusion. I appreciate your help.16:53
EriC^^andrcmdr: no problem16:55
EriC^^andrcmdr: did you mount the filesystem?16:55
andrcmdrI’m booting back into the live cd16:55
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andrcmdrI mounted the filesystem16:58
andrcmdrthat’s the windows one16:59
ph88i have ubuntu gnome 14.10 and i try to enable hibernate with    sudo pm-hibernate    but it can not be found  on my system. I had hibernate working before i upgraded form 14.04 .. what can i do about this ?17:01
EriC^^andrcmdr: sda5? it's ext417:01
andrcmdrMy bad, GUI Icon confused me. It’s linux.17:02
EriC^^andrcmdr: type for i in /dev /dev/pts /sys /proc /run; sudo mount --bind /mnt$i; done17:03
EriC^^andrcmdr: sorry, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /sys /proc /run; sudo mount --bind $i /mnt$i; done17:03
x-oshello all! not sure if this is the best place to ask but would anyone happen to know a good ready-made proxy solution or script (preferably in PHP) that can be used like...https://example.com/proxy/browse.php?whatismyip.com. my goal is to have these sort of links up on a local html page at the office to provide some what of a private 'http proxy portal' for users at work to be able to seemlesly login to accounts that have to be accessed through17:04
x-osspecific IPs without making mistakes when changing proxy info on the browser itself. all our servers run Ubuntu 14.0417:04
andrcmdrEriC^^: I’m getting bash: syntax error near unexpected token `sudo’17:06
EriC^^andrcmdr: my bad17:06
SchrodingersScatmissing a do17:06
EriC^^andrcmdr: sorry, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /sys /proc /run; do sudo mount --bind $i /mnt$i; done17:06
squintyph88:  http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=pm-hibernate&mode=exactfilename&suite=trusty&arch=any17:07
andrcmdrI did that.17:08
EriC^^andrcmdr: sudo chroot /mnt17:08
andrcmdrchroot: failed to run command `bin/bash`: No such file or directry17:09
Ricky_detcfhowlett: by boot the cd you mean run it ?17:09
cfhowlettRicky_det, yes.17:10
EriC^^andrcmdr: type ls -l /mnt17:10
EriC^^andrcmdr: do you see your installation?17:10
Ricky_detcfhowlett: okay, do I run wubi.exe ? or go to file folders and get the md5 hash ?17:10
andrcmdrI see files. not a linux filesystem17:11
cfhowlettRicky_det, never say "wubi" again.  never.  it's the forbidden term.17:11
EriC^^andrcmdr: odd17:11
EriC^^andrcmdr: what files?17:11
Ricky_deterks , sorry!17:11
EriC^^andrcmdr: can you type sudo parted -l and make sure sda5 is the ext4 partition?17:11
cfhowlettRicky_det, you said you had the .iso.  find.  boot ubuntu.  open file manager.  go to .iso location.  start terminal.  md5sum the .iso17:12
Ricky_detis the ISO location going to be the same on ubuntu as it is on windows17:13
Ricky_detand how do I ms5sum the iso17:13
andrcmdrparted shows number 5 is my ext417:13
andrcmdrhere’s the files17:14
cfhowlettRicky_det, start terminal  md5sum foo.iso17:15
Ricky_detfoo = folder ?17:15
Vadim_Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .., if use "mcview" & "mc" - subshell is work (ctrl+o),  please help17:15
cfhowlettRicky_det, NAMEOFISO.iso17:15
pepewhats app men?17:19
javier_Hi Pepe17:19
ikoniapepe: ?17:19
SchrodingersScatpepe: application, software, program17:19
cfhowlettRicky_det, note the command structure and response    http://fpaste.org/159635/17:19
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ricky_ubim on cfhowlett17:22
ricky_ubnow I can give you live feed :p17:22
cfhowlettricky_ub, do your thing!17:23
_jay112.04: anyone know the location of the application folder? (I'm actually having a hard time compiling a program because it can't find libboost-locale, which is installed, but I think it's in the wrong place.)17:23
EriC^^_jay1: whereis libboost-locale17:23
pepei  can help you _jay117:24
SchrodingersScat_jay1: also, you got the -dev package, yeah?17:24
compdocsudo updatedb, then:   locate libboost17:24
_jay1I will check on the dev package17:25
EriC^^_jay1: dpkg -L <package> | grep libboost17:25
pepe_jay1 /usr/share/lintian/overrides17:25
pepe_jay1 thats the answers17:26
pepe_jay1 thats the answer17:26
_jay1there are many answers here :)17:26
Chuck_Norris_jay1: sudo apt-get install libboost-locale-dev17:26
azizLIGHTCan I install ubuntu server 14.04 which is x64 on a 64 bit cpu and 64 bit Windows 7 with vmware workstation 1117:27
_jay1if I go to install lib boost-dev it wants to remove a lot of other boost libs17:27
_jay1unable to locate libboost-locale-dev17:28
OerHeksazizLIGHT, sure, if you have  licences for vmware workstation 11 and windows17:29
azizLIGHTI mean do I get 32bit server or 64 bit server in this scenario17:29
azizLIGHTDo not want to commit to the wrong download on my connection17:29
BluesKaj_azizLIGHT, depends which server architecture you choose to install, both 32 and 64bit should be available17:30
OerHeksazizLIGHT, if you click the right button, you don't get 32 bit17:30
azizLIGHTWhich will work: 64 bit or 32 bit17:31
BluesKaj_both will, if your sytem is 64 bit17:32
squintyazizLIGHT:   have you checked to see if vmware supports 64 bit installs.  that should tell you if applicable or not17:32
ricky_ubcfhowlett: hey I can't access any folders on the trial of ubuntu ?17:32
ricky_ubI'm on the trial version through my cd right now17:32
cfhowlettricky_ub, where is the .iso?17:32
Vadim_====Help request :      Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .., if use "mcview" & "mc" - subshell is work (ctrl+o),  please help17:32
ricky_ubcfhowlett: its in the downloads folder in windows17:33
ricky_uband on the disc I'd assu,e17:33
_jay1I would like to be able to just symlink the boost-locale lib to the proper folder, but "application/x-sharelib is buried somewhere...17:33
cfhowlettricky_ub, stop assuming.  where did you *store* the .iso?17:33
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ricky_ubi messed up17:34
squintyricky_ub:   start  Disks   from the main menu and see if your windows partition is mounted.  if not you should be able to mount it from there17:34
ricky_ubim ganna reboot and double check where its stored I cant find it atm17:35
enko_I am having trouble wtih grub auto selecting Ubuntu - I have to select it myself to boot, Can someone please assist? here is my grub:17:40
ricky_ubcfhowlett: I'm rebooting, wrote down exact dir this time17:42
enko_from what I understand "GRUB_DEFAULT=0" auto selects the first one in the list which is "Ubuntu" but grub literally just sits there17:42
hemliswhat is the version of kernel on Trusty ?17:44
cfhowletthemlis, depends on what you've upgraded to ...17:45
amarihemlis: 3.13 (with 3.16 available from the official repository)17:45
squintyhemlis: 3.13.0-43 after updating here17:45
hemliscurrent default ?17:45
hemlisthis could not build for me17:46
azizLIGHTWell I downloaded 64 bit server and vmware says no I cannot do it17:47
He4dShOthow can I change the programs that open when I click  a irc:// link on the browser?17:47
azizLIGHTWaste of time17:47
reisioazizLIGHT: :)17:47
reisiovirtualbox is less annoying frequently17:47
reisiobeing open source17:47
reisioand more annoying other times, being from Sun :p17:47
jmaderois there a way for me to completely silence my subwoofer?17:47
jmaderoI thought changing pulse to 5.0 vs. 5.1 would do it, did not17:48
reisiounplug it17:48
reisiobut yeah you can no doubt disable it from pulse, too17:48
jmaderoit's an all in one setup - the speakers run through the sub17:48
reisioor alsa17:48
squintyoracle now... sun origin17:48
reisiooracle would only make it worse, of course :)17:49
enko_Any linux guru's on to help with my Grub situation?17:50
reisioenko_: #gurus17:52
enko_lol i went there :/17:52
jmaderoenko_: #linux maybe17:52
squintyenko_:  I have noticed that happening on a couple of occasions where the system has been shutdown improperly (ie power outage).  you might want to try  fsck'ing your drives to see it reports anything amiss.17:53
enko_squinty, ok, will do.17:53
zoommy screen is flickering, is that just the computer being old?17:53
jmaderozoom: how old is your computer?17:54
zoom2.75 years17:54
reisiohi roz17:55
ricky_ubcfhowlett: hey man, I booted my ubuntu CD and on that I found the location where .iso is17:57
ricky_ubnow what do I do sir ?17:57
cfhowlettricky_ub, file manager: open a terminal in the .iso location.17:57
ricky_ubhow do I do that?17:57
ricky_ubcfhowlett: how do i do that?17:59
ricky_ubopen a terminal in the .iso location17:59
cfhowlettricky_ub, right click: open terminal17:59
applepiHi all..  I was having some trouble with my rc.local script being run twice when I discovered ALL rcN scripts seem to be running twice18:00
applepiI can't seem to track down why this is happening18:00
ricky_ubcfhowlett: all I see it new folder, newdocument, orgnize desktop by name, keep aligned and change desktop backround18:00
ricky_ubcfhowlett: but I opened a terminal by just searching it how do I cd to the iso location?>18:00
cfhowlettricky_ub, open a terminal.  type md5sum    leave a space.  drag and drop the .iso in the terminal18:01
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applepidoes anyone have an experience in this / know why this is happening?18:01
reisioapplepi: maybe your init system is running twice18:02
applepireisio: but why would it be doing that?  I can't find any reason it would be..18:03
ricky_ubcfhowlett: okay I did it18:04
cfhowlettricky_ub, so your terminal now has: md5sum stuffgoeshere.iso18:04
reisioapplepi: right, that's the point, to find it :)18:04
ricky_ubcfhowlett: yeah18:04
cfhowlettricky_ub, <enter>18:04
=== N is now known as Guest79748
ricky_ubcfhowlett: okay I did it18:05
ricky_ubnothing happend I don't think18:05
cfhowlettricky_ub, fpaste.org    let's see18:06
applepireisio: it's bizarre, I can only find one call to init.d/rcS...  maybe I just need to take it out and see what complains or something.18:06
ricky_ubcfhowlett: fpaste.org/159641/18580476/18:08
cfhowlettricky_ub, there you go.  compare that LOOOONG number against the hashsum from the download site18:09
ricky_ubcfhowlett: I found out on the page18:12
cfhowlettricky_ub, they should match18:12
ricky_ubyes they do perfectly, cfhowlett18:12
cfhowlettricky_ub, then you have a good .iso.  now you need only verify the USB.  read the wiki18:13
ricky_ubI got a DVD/CD18:13
cfhowlettricky_ub, same same18:13
cfhowlett!md5sum | ricky_ub18:13
ubotturicky_ub: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows18:13
jetrohey all, I'm on ubuntu 14.04 and I just updated the system (via system monitor). After the update my computer restarts and I try to log in using my password. Once I enter my password all I see is the background and nothing else18:13
jetroI can move the mouse around and that's about it18:13
jetroI don't see my apps, and pressing ctrl-alt-t does not open terminal18:14
squintyricky_ub:  fwiw and for possible future reference, you might want to checkout  winmd5sum  (freebie) for your windows install (gui and automatically does a comparision of the md5sum results)  a little user friendly than just the commandline md5sum imho18:14
jetrothe graphics also look blurry, so I think there may be an issue with my nvidia driver18:14
cfhowlettricky_ub, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#Check_the_CD18:14
ricky_ubcfhowlett: okay, great is it ok if I rename the file to something shorter so this is easier to do?18:16
ricky_ubthe .iso file18:16
cfhowlettricky_ub, of course!  you are using the terminal ... come to the dark side!18:16
squintyjetro:  if you installed a newer kernel as part of the update, you should be able to select the previous kernel from the grub boot menu.  that should get you into a working desktop again18:16
jetrosquinty, when ubuntu boots up it does not go through the boot menu (it was like this even before the update)18:17
jetroso it just directly goes to the login screen18:18
squintyjetro:   you can access the boot menu by pressing down on your shift key after the initial boot screen18:18
ricky_ubcfhowlett: this is so fricken hard. lol18:18
cfhowlettricky_ub, only the first time18:18
jetrosquinty, let me try that18:19
squintyricky_ub:  doesn't have to be... copy the iso to your linux partition and then use your file manager to rename the iso.  forget about doing it in terminal18:19
ricky_ubsquinty: oh yeah I renamed it in my file manager, I meant verifying the CD was really difficult18:21
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cfhowlettricky_ub, bad downloads happen.  bad cd/dvd's happen.  a few minutes to verify your media can save a lot of confusion and heartache18:22
nimbioticshello everyone. I was Trying to install xampp and it didnt seem to work, but the most annoying part is that I firefox is nhot behaving the same: I cannot see my history and it doesnt keep any of my7 previous tabs open. Is there a way to fix that?18:22
squintyricky_ub:  if you boot up the dvd, isn't there an option to verify the dvd medium integrity?  (most live iso's seem to included that as part of the boot up options iirc)18:22
clavieri find the source of my problème, when i open something i relation with flash like a youtube video my screen go be black18:23
cfhowlettsquinty, that only verifies that the internal filesystem of the cd/dvd.  doesn't compare the actual OS against the hash18:23
squintynimbiotics:  look in firefox's options > general > show my tabs from last time18:24
jetrosquinty, I tried pressing shift at various times during the booting process (pressing and holding shift as well), but was not able to get the boot menu up18:25
nimbioticssquinty: I did that, yet, everytime I start firefox its almost like I just installed, except firefox has all my addons (with the default settings)18:27
squintyjetro: should work. you can also edit the grub file to make it automatically display. see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Command_Line_and_Rescue_Mode for details18:27
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squintynimbiotics:  try disabling your addons to see if one off them is causing a problem.  firefox --help   in terminal for options.   #firefox channel on freenode too18:28
jetrosquinty, I am not able to access terminal or tty mode, basically the login screen comes up, and after I enter my password everything freezes, let me try shift a few more times18:29
nimbioticssquinty: thanks18:29
ricky_ubsquinty: I don't see one18:30
ricky_ubcfhowlett: alright. I think the DVD is bad since it does not work in the installation part, I'll just get a new one18:30
cfhowlettricky_ub, STOP!18:30
ricky_ubverifying will take alot of time I don't have atm18:30
squintyricky_ub:  if burning a new dvd, burn at a low value (ie 4X)  high burn values is a common source of burn errors18:31
ricky_ubcfhowlett: okay stopped whats up:P18:31
cfhowlettricky_ub, you have to read the links we send.  those hash sums WILL be different.  that's why I sent you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#Check_the_CD18:31
darkneoHello everyone from darkneo18:31
ki7rwis their an HCL somewhere that has a list of hotspot devices that are compatible with linux?18:31
ricky_ubcfhowlett: I did, I can't figure out what it all means I mean ls "-l ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso -rw-r--r-- 1 jsmith jsmith 732766208 2008-10-28 23:24 ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso"18:31
cfhowlettricky_ub, use the current information not those placeholders18:32
ricky_ubI don't get how to make my version of that like where to input my information etc18:32
cfhowlettricky_ub, ls -l is the command.  the iso is YOUR iso18:33
ricky_ubcfhowlett: I'm getting command not found18:34
jetrosquinty, so yeah shift doesnt seem to bring the menu up and I can't seem to access terminal or tty in any way to change grub settings18:35
ricky_ubwhen I type in 1s -1 ubun.iso , cfhowlett18:35
jetroI am screwed?18:35
cfhowlettricky_ub, drag and drop the ubun.iso18:35
jetrosquinty, I think this has to do with my nvidia graphics card and it's driver, which I manually installed since there was no package for it. Should I take out the graphics card and try the onboard graphics?18:36
ricky_ubcfhowlett: I'm getting the same thing cammond not found18:37
cfhowlettricky_ub, paste18:37
squintyjetro:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting   see "Normal" heading information.  might be able to access grub via pressing Esc18:38
dash_A normal 'apt-get dist-upgrade' seemed to have broken my X setup (I ony get a black screen with a mouse cursor instead of the login screen) for me yesterday, or so. Is this a known problem? I'm on 14.10.18:38
jetrosquinty, actually the only dvi port I see is on my graphics card18:38
ricky_151http://fpaste.org/159644/85823171/,  cfhowlett18:38
ricky_ubcfhowlett: ricky_151 is me on my desktop with ubuntu18:38
cfhowlettricky_ub, letters only: no numbers; ls+one space+l18:39
squintyjetro:  you could also try reinstalling grub via the livedvd (via chroot) the information should also be on that last page I posted18:40
christophe_hello everyone18:40
christophe_there are many thing that do not work out fine here for me18:41
christophe_probleme with firefow crashing18:42
squintydash_:  nvidia graphics?  seems to be common the last couple of days.  tried rebooting and selecting a previous kernel from the grub boot menu?  worth a try...18:42
jazzzuHi, I have a weird error trying to reinstall nginx (or atleast I dont understand it :p). When I purge and reinstall using apt-get. it only installs the empty folders and none of the files in /etc/nginx/. I think it probably has something to do with me running "rm -rf /etc/nginx" while the service was still installed (oops). Is there a way to fix this? How did I manage to do this? Thanks18:42
christophe_squinty,  are you talking to me ??18:42
exoyds_guys does anyone know how to properly confiugre postfix and dovecot18:42
jetrosquinty, thanks I'll try the live cd18:43
christophe_firefox is already running but is not responding.....18:43
christophe_first close the existing firefox process18:43
christophe_grrr ...18:44
jmaderochristophe_: you need to kill it from terminal18:44
kostkonchristophe_, pkill firefox18:44
christophe_anyone know about firefox issues ?18:44
jmaderothat happens to my wife all the time on her system18:44
jmaderono clue why18:44
jmaderoreport a bug with firefox18:44
ricky_151cfhowlett. http://fpaste.org/159645/85826601/18:44
squintychrislol:  no but try running firefox without any addons. see if the stability improves.  also try starting firefox in terminal to see if error messages are displayed.  firefox --help for options.  might also want to check in the #firefox channel here on freenode18:44
jmaderowith firefox moving to yahoo - I'm moving explicitly to Chromium18:44
cfhowlettricky_151, good. refer to the wiki link18:45
squintyjmadero:  you can change the default search enging18:45
jmaderoI know - I just think it's the third mistake in a row that Mozilla has made18:45
jmaderoChromium works fine18:45
christophe_kostkon,  so "sudo pkill firefox"??18:45
squintyjmadero: chromium/chrome have their own issues too. :P18:45
jmaderoindeed ;)18:46
kostkonchristophe_, no, just pkill firefox18:46
jmaderojust not quite so terrible from a PR standpoint haha18:46
dash_squinty: Nvidia allright, so that could be it. I'll look into that. Thanks!18:46
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ricky_151cfhowlett: okay, http://fpaste.org/159646/82862141/ look ok?18:47
ricky_151I think it is taking a while to load like it said it would18:47
cfhowlettricky_151, command correct.  wait for the feedback18:48
darkblue_bQ. Can you tell me what this does ??!    sudo apt-get upgrade anjuta anjuta-extras18:49
christophe_squinty, how to run firefox from terminal ??18:49
theadminchristophe_: firefox18:49
jmaderochristophe_: in terminal just put "firefox"18:49
jmaderono quotes18:49
* darkblue_b tab completion makes the terminal useable to me18:50
cfhowlettdarkblue_b, that upgrades to most current package available in repos18:50
darkblue_bcfhowlett: upgrades *what* ?18:50
darkblue_bonly anjuta ?18:50
cfhowlettdarkblue_b, the listed package; anjuta and anjuta-extras18:51
squintydarkblue_b:  try  sudo apt-get -s   (to simulate the upgrade)  see what happens18:51
darkblue_bthings that do not seem related are being upgraded, and I got a sick feeling it was trying to do more18:51
darkblue_b.. but ok18:51
squintydarkblue_b:  if it looks ok then do a real update18:51
jazzzunvm my question (about nginx conf).. found the solution18:52
theadmindarkblue_b: You're doing it wrong18:52
cfhowlettdarkblue_b, actually apt-get -s NO SUDO will do18:52
darkblue_btheadmin: how do I do it ?18:52
theadmindarkblue_b: To upgrade a partciular app, use "sudo apt-get install", not "upgrade"18:52
theadmindarkblue_b: "upgrade" upgrades everything I think18:52
darkblue_bthats what I am worried about, ad that is what the other droogs said18:52
theadminCan't hurt to be up-to-date18:52
darkblue_b..was not happening18:52
darkblue_bguys we have contradictory info here18:53
theadmindarkblue_b: "upgrade is used to install the newest versions of all packages currently installed on the system from the sources enumerated in18:53
theadmin /etc/apt/sources.list." -- apt-get manual.18:53
squintydarkblue_b:  simulate first... then *you* know what is happening :P18:53
theadminall packages.18:53
darkblue_bcfhowlett: you are WRONG then18:54
darkblue_bI would like to know what that line does, please18:54
cfhowlettdarkblue_b, my bad.  sorry for the intel.  I had hoped to complete 2014 with zero errors ...18:54
squintydarkbasic_:  or forget the commandline and use synaptic package manager18:54
squintytaking a break...........18:54
darkblue_bpeople are human of course, but a direct answer to a direct question..18:55
darkblue_bso if I say   sudo apt-get upgrade wtf one two three18:55
theadmindarkblue_b: To install the latest version of particular packages, use "sudo apt-get install package1 package2 package3" etc18:55
darkblue_bI am upgrading my whole OS ?18:56
ZAKhanmy cd card is giving problems and i am unable to create a partition table18:56
theadmindarkblue_b: Basically, yeah18:56
darkblue_btheadmin: that is my question18:56
bekksdarkblue_b: you are updating packages to the atest version for your specific release.18:56
ZAKhan*sd card18:56
darkblue_bbekks: the *whole systems* packages ??!?18:56
bekksdarkblue_b: Yes.18:56
bubbasauresZAKhan, This a uefi computer, and how are you doing this?18:57
jetrosquinty, I am on the live cd, which part of the instructions am I following (forgive me, I am new to all ths)18:57
theadmindarkblue_b: What's wrong with upgrading everything? It's a good thing to do every once in a while.18:57
bekksdarkblue_b: If you are just updating specific packages, the answer is no, obviously.18:57
darkblue_bbekks: nothing at all about this is obvious18:57
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bekksdarkblue_b: If you have lets say, three packages: A, B and C, and you are updating A only - then you are not updating all packages. Do you agree?18:58
darkblue_btheadmin: "whats wrong with this" is not the same question as "does command line A do this"18:58
cfhowlettdarkblue_b, can you clarify your end goal?18:58
jetrosqunity, I am following this: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd18:58
theadmindarkblue_b: I know, you just seem kinda scared, I was wondering if you were afraid that upgrading everything would break something.18:58
darkblue_bI am not afraid actually18:59
jetrosquinty, I am following this: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd18:59
theadmindarkblue_b: Anyway, digging in the manual, it seems that "upgrade" completely ignores extra arguments, so it will upgrade anything regardless of whether or not you supply package names. "install", on the other hand, will eat the package names appropriately.18:59
darkblue_btheadmin: that is what I am asking, exactly..19:00
theadmindarkblue_b: Okay, please state an exact question then, sorry, I missed it19:00
darkblue_bok now I know.. I appreciate the tips19:00
theadminAh alright.19:00
cfhowletttheadmin, eh, I thought *dist-upgrade* was the global upgrade command.  upgrade can be target package specific no?19:00
seryphpossibly dumb question, but trying to connect with a pl serial-usb converter to a device via ubuntu with screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600 and it just terminates. Looks like the driver is loaded from lsmod | grep pl though.19:01
theadmincfhowlett: No. The difference between dist-upgrade and upgrade is that the first one also pulls in new dependencies.19:01
seryphAny ideas?19:01
cfhowletttheadmin, OK19:01
darkblue_bclever use of current repos in  /etc/apt/sources*  can control the behaviour I suspect19:01
theadmincfhowlett: And the second one will hold back packages that have new dependencies, instead. So for example, a kernel upgrade will need you to use "dist-upgrade" and not just "upgrade".19:02
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theadmindarkblue_b: If there's a particular package you don't want to upgrade, you can tell APT to ignore it, like this: echo "hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections19:02
cfhowletttheadmin, THERE'S the crucial difference!  Thank you for a comprehensible explanation!19:03
darkblue_btheadmin: yeah I have seen that done.. I am not that dialed in atm but I have heard of it19:03
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exoyds_Guys can anyone help me with postfix and dovecot config?19:06
bekksexoyds_: Do you have a specific question?19:07
theadmincfhowlett: APT's weird, takes forever to figure those things out.19:08
exoyds_Well a specific problem19:08
exoyds_i get the mysql:/etc/postfix/mysql-virtual-alias-maps.cf lookup error for "root@mydomain.com"19:08
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exoyds_-- message not accepted, try again19:09
bekksexoyds_: "the lookup error"? Which lookup error in detail?19:10
jetroI have chrooted into my hard drive from a live cd, can I back up my files by copying them to my dropbox folder?19:11
exoyds_there's no more info in the logs sadly :(19:11
exoyds_that's all i get19:11
jetroor will trying to move around files while I am chrooted into the hard drive cause data loss?19:12
theadminjetro: If you just want to back up files, it's not necessary to chroot19:12
theadminjetro: Just open the file manager and find your HD there19:12
bekksjetro: you cannot backup an entire system to dropbox, but just your personal data files.19:12
jetrobekks: I just want to save my important files, can I simply copy the files to my dropbox directory or an external usb, or would that mess up the hard drive?19:13
bekksjetro: It will not even affect the harddrive.19:14
jetrobekks, thanks!19:14
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DrAwesomeClawshey folks.  Anyone who's using a trackpad... have you noticed the setting for "disable trackpad while typing" doesn't do anything?  Is this a known issue?  I'm assuming the trackpad drivers that get loaded for a macbook pro aren't open source... ?19:19
HexagonDrAwesomeClaws I've also noticed that issue on my macbook19:20
HexagonI don't have a solution, though :(19:20
DrAwesomeClawsif there are some open drivers i'd be willing to maybe go in and take a look.  Doesn't seem like it'd be the hardest thing to implement19:20
DrAwesomeClawsbut i don't really know much about driver development, so figured i'd ask.  Thanks for the info Hexagon19:20
DrAwesomeClawsit's especially annoying because the trackpad is sensitive enough to register my palms hovering over it.  So when typing it selects and clicks things randomly, haha19:22
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ubottuTrixie: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:24
lucidohi, I'm trying to force a custom resolution on xorg due to a bad edid19:27
lucidobut I get:19:27
lucidoxrandr --newmode Modeline "1280x768_60.00"  80.14  1280 1344 1480 1680  768 769 772 795 -HSync +VSync xrandr: unrecognized option '-HSync'19:27
lucidothen when I leave the flags out:19:27
lucidoxrandr --newmode Modeline "1280x768_60.00"  80.14  1280 1344 1480 1680  768 769 772 795  X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)   Major opcode of failed request:  140 (RANDR)   Minor opcode of failed request:  16 (RRCreateMode)   Serial number of failed request:  29   Current serial number in output stream:  2919:27
lucidoxrandr output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9519160/19:28
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ricky_ubchristophe_: I'm back19:35
ricky_151I have downloaded ubuntu onto a disk, verified cd & the image file both have valid hashes19:40
ricky_151yet when I try to install ubuntu onto my computer it gives me an error19:40
EriC^^ricky_151: did you disable secure boot?19:40
ricky_151EriC^^:  no, what is that ?19:40
EriC^^it should be in the bios if you have it19:41
EriC^^ubuntu should be on the list of safe os's but it's worth a shot19:41
ricky_ubEriC^^: okay, I don't think it is there because I installed ubuntu in the past on the same computer without any problems before19:41
christophe_how to install chromonium?19:46
xanguasudo apt-get install chromium-browser19:46
desperate_joehello, hp laptop - ubuntu 14.04 - for some reason my ubuntu changes my keyboard from azerty into qwerty sometimes on starting up pcm sometimes during use19:46
christophe_chromonium and google chrome are the same ?....???19:46
christophe_what do you think about that ?19:46
xanguachristophe_: google chrome is based on chromium19:46
bynariechristophe_, yea basically19:47
bynariejust like iceweasel and firefox19:47
christophe_xangua, k19:47
christophe_which is better ? then ...19:47
JavaJoshis there a way to change ubuntu's 'organge' color scheme?19:47
christophe_xangua, bynarie  chromonium versus chrome19:48
christophe_bynarie,  ?,19:48
Chuck_Norrischristophe_: http://www.howtogeek.com/202825/what%E2%80%99s-the-difference-between-chromium-and-chrome/19:48
xanguaJavaJosh: gnome-look.org19:48
JavaJoshxangua: thanks, checking it out19:48
solikulhello some body19:49
solikulnewbi here19:49
bynariechristophe_, chrome19:49
bynariemore features19:49
desperate_joehello, hp laptop - ubuntu 14.04 - for some reason my ubuntu changes my keyboard from azerty into qwerty sometimes on starting up pcm sometimes during use19:50
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christophe_firefox crashes19:51
christophe_and firefox usually says there are already a firfox process in the back ground ??19:52
christophe_how annoying19:52
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desperate_joehello, hp laptop - ubuntu 14.04 - for some reason my ubuntu changes my keyboard from azerty into qwerty sometimes on starting up pcm sometimes during use19:55
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desperate_joei really could use some help - rather urgently - i need to start writing my thesis and with a messed up keyboard it is hard19:58
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: As a thought, have you tried resetting your keyboard from the task bars's icon ?19:59
SchrodingersScator removing the keyboard layout you don't wish to use?20:00
desperate_joehow to do that20:01
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: I do not run unity, so can not be explicit. But right click the emblem and see what the options are .20:02
desperate_joewhich emblem20:03
xanguayour keyboard icon in the statusbar desperate_joe20:04
desperate_joei have found it, and the layout was correct20:04
desperate_joebut i have deleted the excess one, and it suddenly now is ok!20:05
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: At the right of the top task bar (unity/14.04) is a keyboard emblem/icon. That can reset the keyboard to different configuration.20:05
desperate_joei think it is solved now - have to wait a reboot later on20:05
desperate_joethank you to help with this problem20:06
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: :) all is well that ends well .20:06
krishnaghchaitanis there any way to find keysm of of some external keys i have tried xkeyevent command but no gains20:06
desperate_joeone more issue though - something completely different20:06
Bashing-omkrishnaghchaitan: Try terminal command -> xev <- .20:07
Bashing-om!ask | desperate_joe20:07
ubottudesperate_joe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:07
krishnaghchaitanyup tried...i have dell n5110 and i tried a method given in ubuntu forums! i even tried xev and i only there is luck with 1 key and the rest two appear to be unlucky20:08
desperate_joesoftware updater:  can not update because of "requires installation of untrusted packages"20:08
PenagwinHello, is this the correct place to ask about mouse bindings?20:09
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: 3rd party software that you installed and did not get the signing key(s) for ?20:09
desperate_joei have no idea what you mean by that20:09
desperate_joei'm kind of a noob (if you haven't noticed by now)20:09
krishnaghchaitan<desperate_joe> you may find this useful http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/20:10
lionrougehi !20:11
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: We were all new at one time, to be new is not a sin .. OK show the channel the error you are getting. -> sudo apt-get install pastebinit , sudo apt-get update | pastebinit , sudo apt-get upgrade | pastebinit .20:11
lionrougei updated my 14.04 to 14.10 and now it hangs after showing the background image of the login manager and doesn't show any of it's controls20:12
lionrougei still can go to console mode20:12
lionrougemaybe i should delete my fglrx-update ?20:12
desperate_joe@krishnaghchaitan... i have no clue what that page you linked me supposes to mean? :o20:12
desperate_joe@bashing - ok, will try to look on terminal - i actually only use software updater, not used of terminal20:13
PenagwinAnyone? I seem to be having weird things happening with binding the back button on the mouse to "xdotool key ctrl+alt+Down"20:13
Bashing-omkrishnaghchaitan: Thus external device with the keybinding isssue, is it external and how is it connectd ? .. USB ? What do the log files reflect ?20:14
krishnaghchaitandesperate_joe did you try to add any repo before getting this error??20:14
desperate_joe@krish? i have no idea20:15
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: We will get ya through the fright over the terminal. The terminal is your froend .. and is best to relay info .20:15
desperate_joeafter installing 14.04, i installed the software that i needed/wanted, using forum and step by step guides, but i have no idea about the actual names20:16
desperate_joehow to pastebinit?20:16
krishnaghchaitanBashing-om i have 3 keys and only 1 key i press shows some logs in system logs and the rest dont show any logs and the same buttons in windows are working fine thats the problem20:16
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: The results in the "apt-get" commands will indicate the what and whewre . we take it from there when we see those results .20:17
krishnaghchaitanokay desperate_joe give the link from where you tried to install softwares?20:17
desperate_joe@krish that is already such a long time ago... i do not keep track of that, once installed and working i do not keep them logged20:18
desperate_joehow to pastebinit?20:18
=== sireedweeb is now known as sireebob
HexagonCOMMAND | pastebinit20:19
Bashing-om!pastebin | desperate_joe20:19
ubottudesperate_joe: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:19
krishnaghchaitandesperate_joe run "sudo apt-get update" and paste them as ubottu said20:19
krishnaghchaitanpaste them means paste the output you got20:20
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Great ! look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/9519641/ .20:21
desperate_joei'm doing the update as we speak20:22
desperate_joeit's a wonder to my as how you can look at that amount of lines and find what's wrong! :o impressive!20:23
desperate_joestill updating20:23
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Let;s get rid of the duplicate entry, when the 'update' completes; show the channel -> cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit , tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit <- .20:24
desperate_joeit still is updating20:25
=== varun_ is now known as Guest13193
PenagwinDoes anyone have experience with binding keys?20:25
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: No hurry, we have lot's of time to do this right .20:25
Guest13193What NickServ-?20:25
geoffmcc /ignore -channels #ubuntu * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS20:26
Guest13193You failed to identify in time for the nickname varun_20:26
Guest13193* You are now known as Guest13193  @-NickServ-?20:26
Bashing-omGuest13193:  #freenode.net20:26
j4s0nmchr1st0sIs there a program to show memory usage in detail?20:28
desperate_joeok... updatee is done, however, there are so many lines, the terminal is not allowing me to scroll back to the absolute beginning20:28
desperate_joethis is the partial update20:31
k1l_j4s0nmchr1st0s: system monitor20:32
=== foundcat is now known as lostcat
k1l_j4s0nmchr1st0s: or (h)top in cli20:32
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Do terminal command -> sudo apt-get update | pastebinit <- this will redirect the output to a file @ /paste.ubuntu.com/ , You will not have to copy paste anything. Just pass the resulting URL back to us .20:32
desperate_joedo i still do the upgrade now or go directly to that other one cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list?20:32
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Small steps is all my little mond can cope with. So far there is " W: GPG error: https://download.01.org trusty InRelease: " We will get to that now. So yes, let's see what is in "sources.list And sources.list.d " as per my last . We fix and go on .20:36
desperate_joei tried your command (with the pastebin) but terminal says i have not installed it... do i need to install first?20:37
krishnaghchaitandesperate_joe: go to this website copy the key and paste it in a file and run this command "sudo apt-key add key1" where key1 is the name of the file where you have copied the public key and the website is http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&fingerprint=on&search=0xA902DDA375E5236620:37
krishnaghchaitandesperate_joe i think you tried to install some intel packages and you weren't able to20:38
desperate_joe@krish: i tried to link to your page, but it says it does not exist, i am being redirected to a page from my provider20:40
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: I assure you the link is valid . copy and paste the link for best results .20:41
desperate_joeok now i got through, first it was a page from my provider saying that it didn't exist :s20:43
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: In my IRC client (irssi) I double click on the link ( that highlights and copies to clipboard ) and in the adress bar of my web browser a middle click of the mouse copies the link .20:44
=== enko_ is now known as enkoDude
krishnaghchaitani use chatzilla and the links are highlighted when i click the link it automatically loads...20:45
desperate_joeok, hold on - i'm still a bit behind - http://paste.ubuntu.com/9519931/20:45
=== doge- is now known as doge
desperate_joeand what exactly do i copy from that page? title as well, or only the block with letters and numbers?20:45
krishnaghchaitanyou are using apt-get on two terminals as one is using this program the others cant check if running any apt-get commands or updating apps20:47
j4s0nmchr1st0sk1l_: Is there something with a better gui like color coded blocks used in disk defragment?20:47
desperate_joei have copied it into a textfile onto my desktop... would you be so kind as to write down how to write down the command so that the terminal can find it20:48
yaknowwhat is the italin help channel?20:48
k1l_!it | yaknow20:48
ubottuyaknow: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:48
k1l_j4s0nmchr1st0s: cli or gui?20:48
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: ^^, I assure you the command " sudo apt-get update | pastebinit " is valid for your reassurance see mine : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9519957/ .20:48
j4s0nmchr1st0sk1l_: it doesn't have to be built on X deps to make a GUI20:49
desperate_joe@bash: did you look at my pastebin? i don't know why, but it didn't do anything20:49
yaknowis there a kernel fixer?20:49
j4s0nmchr1st0sI want to see a map of what is reserved space and what is used and which chips it is located on etc.20:50
desperate_joei even copied the command for you to verify if i entered it correctly20:50
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Yes I looked at your link, and krishnaghchaitan ^^ did explain the cirumstances .20:50
johncarperHello, I recently had a triple boot on my Laptop. Ubuntu, Mint and Windows 7. I recently removed the Mint partition (while I used the grub from mint). What would be the best way to recover to Ubuntu grub with mint removed now20:50
krishnaghchaitandesperate_joe first cd into your desktop directory and afterwards fire this command "sudo apt-key add key1" where key1 is the name of the file on your desktop20:51
privilegedhey guys, somebody could help me? im trying to make bootable windows on usb via Ubuntu, how can I do it?20:51
krishnaghchaitanjohncarper use ubuntu live usb20:51
desperate_joei am sorry to test your patience ... how to cd into desktop? or shoud i place the file in an easier directory?20:52
johncarperkrishnaghchaitan: ok, thank you20:52
guntbertdesperate_joe:  type     cd Desktop20:52
desperate_joebash: cd: desktop: No such file or directory20:53
desperate_joethat's what i get in the terminal20:53
gener1cif i want ubuntu server to use a localntpd20:53
krishnaghchaitandesperate_joe no please its my pleasure and do it as guntbert said20:53
privilegedanyone please?  somebody could help me? im trying to make bootable windows on usb via Ubuntu, how can I do it?20:53
lionrougeplease, help me. I updated 14.04 to 14.10 and after i enter my password the interface just doesn't show up !20:53
=== jeremy_ is now known as Jerm
desperate_joeHP-Pavilion-dv6-Notebook-PC:~$ cd desktop20:54
desperate_joebash: cd: desktop: No such file or directory20:54
=== Jerm is now known as Isa4031
guntbertdesperate_joe: linux is case sensitive - so desktop is not the same as Desktop20:54
desperate_joeah, ok20:54
krishnaghchaitandesparate_joe its Desktop not desktop20:54
gener1cif i want ubuntu server to use a local ntpd , do i install on that server another ntpd and insert a server entry with the appropriate address in the /etc/ntp.conf or do i use ntupdate in crontab?20:54
Isa4031Hello - I wanted to know what to do to get my quicktime videos on full screen20:54
Isa4031the videos are clear but will not allow full screen20:54
gener1clocal == in the same network as me20:55
gener1clocal == in the same network as my server20:55
desperate_joeno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory20:55
desperate_joethat's the terminal message20:55
krishnaghchaitando "sudo apt-get update" now20:55
desperate_joeit's running20:56
jattI'm getting the following on boot, how can this avoided?20:59
desperate_joestill running .... but it seems taking longer now - is that a good or a bad sign? :o21:00
krishnaghchaitanits a good sign21:00
lionrougewhat should i do ?21:02
JavaJoshIs anyone familiar with the monitors.xml file?21:02
JavaJoshI have had trouble getting my computer to remember which monitor is the primary, I checked the monitors.xml, and to my surprise there are 2 configuration tags21:02
JavaJoshi'm certain there should only be one21:03
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Chuck_Norrisjatt: did you see this?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221810021:03
Isa4031Hello - I wanted to know what to do to get my quicktime videos on full screen21:05
Ricky_ubunCan someone help me out, please21:06
squintylionrouge:  might want to try booting a previous kernel from the Grub boot menu...  see if that gets you into your regular desktop.21:06
desperate_joewhile it is till running, i have a general question: does anyone have experience with running Netflix in Ubuntu 14.04?21:06
xanguadesperate_joe: you can officially get netflix to work, you just need a system up to date and Google Chrome, not chromium browser21:08
lionrougesquinty: thanks for your advice, but all previous kernels were deleted while update21:09
desperate_joei may have read something about a glitch in the system and that it was possible to get netflix for free using ubuntu: is that true or just an urban legend, or is what i am talking about illegal, and can not be discussed here therefor?21:10
malgorathIs there anything special I need to do to install 14.04.1 LTS in a dual boot with windows 7?21:10
squintylionrouge:  did you delete them?  if no, then afaik they should still be there21:10
lionrougesquinty: i was asked if i want to delete some packages and old kernels among them I accepted.21:11
desperate_joebashing? still there?21:11
guntbertlionrouge: yes, but one should still be kept21:12
squintymalgorath:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI  for a start to see if anything is applicable to your situation21:12
squintylionrouge:  might want to check anyways. seems funny that all older would get deleted.21:13
desperate_joe@bash: still some problems21:13
Ricky_ubun_hey I'm having problems installing Ubuntu21:14
squintydesperate_joe:  the legality issues would be OT here for sure21:14
Ricky_ubun_can someone help me please21:14
=== soee_ is now known as soee
squintyRicky_ubun:  just state your problem and if someone can help they will reply21:14
Chuck_Norris!ask | Ricky_ubun_21:16
ubottuRicky_ubun_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:16
Ricky_ubun_Chuck_Norris: https://askubuntu.com/questions/561409/im-having-trouble-installing-ubuntu21:16
desperate_joe@bash... have a look at this after i updated again, like you advised21:18
k1l_Ricky_ubun_: not everyone will click on links in here. if you state your issue with informations more people can try to help21:18
malgorathRicky_ubun_: Most people want to have to do as little as possible to figure out your problem, asking them to do things like look at links or guess at your issue before you even state the problem is just asking for more problems.21:19
pers3usRicky_ubun_: I don't see any error in the link you posted. Explain in detail21:19
Ricky_ubun_I'm trying to install Ubuntu. The disk loads up fine , I click install go through 3-4 steps it asks me if I want to install Ubuntu alongside my windows I say yes. Then an error come which looks like: http://i.imgsafe.org/4199a37.jpg I've checked my ios image hash, and my cd hash both are fine. Also tried loading the image onto another CD it is giving me the exact same problem. Next steps? This is the latest version with LTS.21:19
Ricky_ubun_pers3us: well nothing gets downloaded that message just pops up and the disk ejects then the system reboots21:20
squintydesperate_joe:  first you have a precise repo included with the normal trusty repo's (not a good idea)21:20
mindless_chaosWell I don't know why it happened, but for what ever reason updating the kernel killed X. Seems something happened to fglrx module for the catalyst. I finally got it back. So if anyone has the same issues, this is how I got it back.21:21
jetrosquinty, I was able to fix grub, but when I go to a previous version of the kernel (I went to 'Advanced Options for Ubuntu' and selected 3.13.0-40) I still get the same issue unfortunately, any ideas?21:21
mindless_chaosI forced installed the catalyst driver over top21:21
mindless_chaosthen I did atp-get -f install21:21
desperate_joe@squinty... have no idea what you mean by that21:21
squintyRicky_ubun_:  you need to expand on "nothing gets downloaded..."  do you mean installed?21:21
mindless_chaosand it seemed to fix it21:21
Ricky_ubun_squinty: yes that message pops up the disk ejects and the system reboots21:22
pers3usRicky_ubun_: Which cd/mode of installation did you choose? The image is after something has already happened.21:22
squintyRicky_ubun_:  reboots to what?21:22
pmp6nlHello, I just logged into my Ubuntu 12.10 install (old I know) and all of the passwords saved under "passwords and keys" are gone... just disappeared. Any idea how to get them back? Thanks21:23
pers3ussquinty: Looks like something went wrong in boot up for Ricky_ubun_ .. what do you think?21:23
Ricky_ubun_squinty: to the normal process of starting up..the whole system restarts and windows opens back up21:23
Ricky_ubun_pers3us: I choose to download it alongside windows21:24
squintydesperate_joe:  are you in the desktop where you are having problems?  if so start Software and Updates > Other Software > and disable both google and steampowered entries.  if two list you can also delete one of each.  you should really delete the precise entery imho too21:25
pers3usRicky_ubun_: You put ubuntu CD while running windows, and you chose to install alongside windows?21:26
desperate_joe@squinty: ok i see a steam and a same line but saying source code, which one should i click?21:27
Ricky_ubun_pers3us: sorry, no, I restarted my computer booted up the trial pressed install went through the steps (install updates, 3rd party software and all that) then I clicked install alongside windows and continue then that black screen showed up21:27
squintyRicky_ubun_:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting   see if boot-repair solves the problem.  if you install went ok (which afaict it did) then maybe the grub got overlooked or misinstalled21:27
squintydesperate_joe:  unless you are doing programming/compiling your own you don't need the source code21:28
desperate_joeand actually looking at that list, i see i have duplicates21:28
pers3ussquinty: Won't it say there is an error while installing, if there is one?21:28
squintydesperate_joe:  personally i would delete or disable them both21:29
pers3ussquinty: I mean grub?21:29
squintypers3us: not necessarily.   ie   /dev/sda   verses  /dev/sda1   both are valid but the second may cause problems21:29
desperate_joeif i per your advice disable such a line, what does that mean? the program does not work anymore, or is it more on the updating side of things that i am looking at?21:31
squintyRicky_ubun_:  btw, including the 3rd party/updates when installing seems to make some problems for installers.  recommended is not to include them but update etc after the main installation has finished21:31
gino_call of duty21:31
streulmaLenovo, is it good for Ubuntu ?21:32
Ricky_ubun_okay squinty21:32
Ricky_ubun_for some reason my tray is now jammed to21:32
squintydesperate_joe:  all it does is stop those urls being included when you run sudo apt-get update (which downloads a listing of all the files that can be installed or updated)21:32
jetrohey guys, I updated ubuntu 14.04 and now after logging in everything just freezes, I tried loading a previous kernel same thing, any one experience this problem with a recent 14.04 upgrade?21:33
desperate_joeso you suggested deleting the steam ones, and what is your opinion about the ones i have in double? delete just one of them, or even the double ones have a function?21:33
jetroI think it might have to do with my nvidia graphics driver since graphics became low quality at the login screen after the update21:33
squintydesperate_joe:  if you delete/disable those entries and then in terminal run  sudo apt-get update   the output should not include those references any longer.21:34
desperate_joeok, that i understood, so there is no harm in disabling all the ones i have i double?21:34
streulmamaybe daftykins knows more ?21:35
squintydesperate_joe:  as mentioned before if not programming or compiling programs yourself, then the "source" repo's are needed.  I will have to scroll back to see your link again...21:35
daftykinswhat do i know?21:36
streulmadaftykins: we said before that HP was bad computer for Ubuntu and Macbook was experimental21:37
streulmadaftykins I would know if Lenovo is good21:38
squintydesperate_joe:  hmmm... you seem to have both amd64 and i386 both (not sure if that is normal for google chrome or not)  maybe someone else knows21:38
daftykinsstreulma: pick a model and look it up online. i think the main mistake is trying to get something 'too new' - or if you really love Linux, why not try one of the brands that sell Linux compatible systems direct?21:38
desperate_joesquinty> desperate_joe:  hmmm... you seem to have both amd64 and i386 both (not sure if that is normal for google chrome or not)  maybe someone else knows21:39
Bashing-omsquinty: desperate_joe I run google-chrome on a 64 bit AMD board . What file would you, squinty, like to see ?21:39
squintyBashing-om:  he has both i386 and amd64 listed in his sources list (output in one of his pastes)  doesn't seem normal  or is that normal for google chrome21:41
desperate_joei am in the software&updates\ other software, but i am not seeing any 386 nor amd64 listed in this list21:41
squintydesperate_joe:  what I was refering to is your paste showing the output of sudo apt-get update21:43
Bashing-omsquinty: Beats me as of this time .. This " deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main " is all that is required for a source .21:43
desperate_joeah, ok21:43
desperate_joeshould i run it again?21:43
squintyBashing-om:  forgot I had chrome installed and yes same here in mine.  thanks :)21:44
squintydesperate_joe: are you using 64bit (amd64) or 32 bit (i386) ubuntu installation?  disable the version you don't have installed.21:45
ricky_ubunnnsquinty: hey, I just tried to install again w/o 3rd party stuff, same issue21:45
ricky_ubunnnsquinty: should I try 32 bit?21:45
desperate_joeand how to disable?21:46
ponAhey guys, i tried to setup a raid5 array of 5 disks, now all the disks are present in the "disks" gui but it says the raid is degraded, one disk is missing21:47
adrian_1908I have a folder /media/root that I never noticed before. Does anyone know if this is normal? When I click it i get "permission denied".21:47
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Remove all our doubts and post back the result of terminal command -> uname -a <- which will show the kernel you are booting .21:47
ponAthe array should also be encrypted, but i cant unlock it21:49
desperate_joeHP-Pavilion-dv6-Notebook-PC:~/Desktop$ uname -a21:49
desperate_joeLinux HP-Pavilion-dv6-Notebook-PC 3.13.0-37-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 22 21:28:38 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:49
ricky_ubunnnsquinty: I think you were grub might be broken21:49
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Yepper, that is 64 bits, no doubt . squinty .21:49
squintyricky_ubunnn:  might want to try boot repair then21:50
andrew_Can anyone help me with something21:50
andrew_Can anyone help me with something21:50
xangua!ask | andrew_21:50
ubottuandrew_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:50
squinty!ask | andrew_21:50
compdocyou need cash?21:51
andrew_k thx21:51
malgorathSeems more like an impatient 9 year old ... maybe he needs help with his letter to santa21:51
compdocsanta already knows what you want21:52
malgorathwhy do I think that made santa sound naughty21:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:52
andrew_im trying to open an xbox file and it says permission denied any idas  ?21:53
malgorathandrew_: thats OT here21:53
andrew_malgorath, what is OT?21:54
malgorathOff-Topic, aka not allowed here.21:55
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest57408
squintydesperate_joe:  did a bit more checking and it would appear that apt-get does indeed check both i386 and amd64 repo's for google chrome.... so you should be good to go on that matter.21:56
desperate_joeok, so i unmark all my doubles and the steam ones then?21:57
ricky_ubunnnsquinty: I get invaid option --y when i do sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)21:58
squintydesperate_joe:  see my output  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9520670/   both are included21:58
squintydesperate_joe:  only need to do the steam ones.  check to see if there is a trusty repo for it21:59
ricky_ubunnnsquinty: repairedit, hopefully it works now !!22:02
squintyricky_ubunnn:  ok good luck :)22:03
andrew_I tried to open an xbox file and it says permission denied any ideas  ?22:03
desperate_joehttp://repo.steampowered.com/steam/ , http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/ (twice the same, and binary) and then http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/ (source) only steam i have22:03
desperate_joeso, unmark all three?22:04
malgorath!ot | andrew_22:04
ubottuandrew_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:04
desperate_joesorry to ask so many times to confirm, it's because i'm not that secure and can't afford a non working pc the next comming weeks22:04
bekksSuperEddy: Stop spamming please.22:05
SuperEddy!ops | ban me!22:05
pmp6nlHello, I just logged into my Ubuntu 12.10 install (old I know) and all of the passwords saved under "passwords and keys" are gone... just disappeared. Any idea how to get them back? Thanks22:05
Ben64desperate_joe: only if you don't want steam anymore i suppose22:05
andrew_I tried to open an file and it says permission denied any ideas  ?22:05
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Ben64andrew_: pastebin the output of "ls -l /path/to/file; file /path/to/file"22:06
SuperEddyandrew_, go away22:06
squintydesperate_joe: (source) means to download the source files for either programming studies or compiling oneself etc etc... you don't really need that if you are not involved in that area.  you should disable any reference to steam though until you have check to see if the is a trusty repository (you are using a precise repository right now)22:06
Ben64pmp6nl: 12.10 is long since unsupported in this channel22:06
andrew_Ben64, thx22:06
pmp6nlBen64, ok, but I can't upgrade until I find the passwords. Where are they saved?22:07
SuperEddyandrew_, so please go away and upgrade your ubuntu version to a supported one and dont fucking come back until you do22:07
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang22:07
desperate_joeok, there goes the steam entries22:07
Ben64SuperEddy: you're the AT&T of people22:07
desperate_joethank you all for your endless patience22:08
SuperEddyBen64, your going to hell unless you repent22:08
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SuperEddynooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa22:08
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Now, does " sudo apt-get update " run clean ?22:09
* squinty muses "guess everyone has to have a hobby no matter how infantile it is"22:09
desperate_joefirst line: no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory"22:10
malgorathpmp6nl: you just need to back up your data that you don't have stored in a cloud and reinstall22:10
squintydesperate_joe:  might be good to pastebin the command and output on that error22:11
pmp6nlmalgorath, planning on doing that once I can figure out where key files are saved so I can make sure I have a backup of them before upgrading. seems odd they randomly disappeared22:11
desperate_joeand still ign at many lines instead of hit and also: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9520825/22:12
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Humm .. We best look and see what the source(s) are . 1) cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit . Then we look at 2) .22:12
malgorathpmp6nl: easiest way is just tar your entire /home/username/ file up and put it on a usb or a dvd if you can22:12
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desperate_joeand that's the complete list22:13
pmp6nlmalgorath, I have many backups, just trying to find server keys so I dont run into any problems after a fresh install22:14
desperate_joehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9520842/ and this is your command22:14
squintydesperate_joe:  or see if you have duplicate chrome entries in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list and /etc/apt/sources.list    use your file manager to open them22:14
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Chuck_Norrisdesperate_joe: uname -m22:16
desperate_joei didn't see any doubles, but the same name ***.list and then ***.list.save22:16
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desperate_joeuname -m gives x86_6422:17
someone117can anyone help open a locked file it says that permission denied22:17
Chuck_Norrisdesperate_joe: sudo rm -f /var/lib/apt/lists/dl.google.com_linux_chrome_deb_dists_stable_main_binary-i386_Packages && sudo apt-get update22:18
bekkssomeone117: Which file exactly?22:18
squintydesperate_joe:  you need to click on the file names (which are in different directories) so that their contents are displayed in your text editor.22:18
someone117the file is data000122:18
bekkssomeone117: And whats the full path to it?22:19
bekkssomeone117: Wnad what do you want to do with it?22:19
desperate_joeok @squinty ... and also what do i have to do: @chuck or @squinty or both?22:19
someone117wont let me paste it ?22:20
someone117i want to edit it22:20
bekkssomeone117: And whats the full path to it?22:20
squintydesperate_joe:  not sure why he posted that.  might want to ask him.  personally I would check for *duplicate* entries (as stated in error message)22:21
someone117the path way is '/media/andrew/42A1-23CE/Xbox360'22:21
desperate_joeaccording to the program meld dif viewer: all files are duplicates (or at least the names) - don't know about content22:21
bekkssomeone117: How do you try to access it?22:21
desperate_joeall the files in one directory i have also in the other, and none other22:22
motddi looking for vps cpanel alternative22:22
someone117right click and open with text editor22:22
desperate_joe@chuck: gratefull for the tips, but can you tell me what it does... ?22:22
Ben64someone:  pastebin the output of "ls -l /path/to/file; file /path/to/file"22:23
Ben64someone117: ^22:23
bekkssomeone117: And what exactly do you want to do with it?22:23
desperate_joeforgot to say for whom: @squit: according to the program meld dif viewer: all files are duplicates (or at least the names) - don't know about content22:24
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Guest67819Hi all. I am using a live CD: What is the best way to cp my /home/USER to an external HD located at /media/HARDDRIVE?22:24
acmeraptorhey gents, i was a dumb dumb and didn't look at the defaults.  i tried to open up the firewall for something i was testing/toying with but if anyone knows the defaults, that'd be super..22:24
nullydesperate_joe: the command chuck showed you deletes the cached apt-get update page. Probably where your issue is22:24
squintydesperate_joe:  from a quick google it would appear that "no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory" is not related directly to apt-get (could be a Samba buglet or...)22:24
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acmeraptorrkeeling@rsk-udt01:/srv/files/ftp$ sudo iptables -X22:25
acmeraptorrkeeling@rsk-udt01:/srv/files/ftp$ sudo iptables -t nat -F22:25
acmeraptorrkeeling@rsk-udt01:/srv/files/ftp$ sudo iptables -t nat -X22:25
acmeraptorrkeeling@rsk-udt01:/srv/files/ftp$ sudo iptables -t mangle -F22:25
acmeraptorrkeeling@rsk-udt01:/srv/files/ftp$ sudo iptables -t mangle -X22:25
acmeraptorrkeeling@rsk-udt01:/srv/files/ftp$ sudo iptables -p INPUT ACCEPT22:25
unopasteacmeraptor you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:25
desperate_joe@nully/chuck/squit: so deleting that chached apt-get will hopefully resolve? is it possible to cause greater problems?22:26
Bashing-omGuest67819: How bout the file manager ? Open two windows and drag and drop files between them ?22:26
Ben64desperate_joe: are you doing "sudo apt-get update" after messing around with sources?22:26
Chuck_NorrisGuest67819: cp -rp /home/USER/ /media/HARDDRIVE/backup_folder/22:26
Guest67819Bashing-om, I tried that, it said some pictures weren't allowed to be moveed.22:27
acmeraptorcan i type now mr. roBOTo?22:27
desperate_joe@ben64 i have no idea if i was "messing around" with sources22:27
Guest67819Chuck_Norris, it told me /media/HARDDRIVE wasn't a directory22:27
someone117Ben64, how do i pastebin22:27
Ben64desperate_joe: thats all you've been doing and wanting to do since you joined the channel22:27
bekks!pastebin | someone11722:27
ubottusomeone117: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:27
Chuck_NorrisGuest67819: you gotta replace HARDDRIVE by your acual hardrive, and backup_folder by an existing folder inside that hard drive22:28
Chuck_Norrisactual*, Guest67819, paste:  ls /media/22:29
Guest67819Chuck_Norris, I did. The problem is it's actually /media/ TOSHIBA EXT/folder22:29
squintydesperate_joe:  cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep -i chrome    see if that returns anything22:29
Guest67819Chuck_Norris, it's getting confused with the space in the name.22:29
Guest6781919eb229a-cf7a-42ed-b11b-5adab1eea420  cdrom  TOSHIBA EXT22:29
Angeles4fourubuntu won't boot.  here is my analysis of my dmesg and what i've tried to fix my broken package tool: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2256774&p=13187409#post1318740922:29
Angeles4fourthoughts anyone?22:30
Chuck_NorrisGuest67819: mkdir /media/TOSHIBA\ EXT/chuck22:30
Guest67819what does the "\" part do?22:30
bekkssomeone117: And what exactly do you want to do with it?22:31
Chuck_Norrisscapes the space22:31
someone117bekks, i want to edit it22:31
Guest67819Chuck_Norris, could I do cp /home/USER /Media/TOSHIBA\ EXT/chuck22:32
desperate_joe@squint: copy/pasted it, but it just did nothing... no text, no error, nothing22:32
bekkssomeone117: You said that before. What exactly do you want to edit in a 500MB sized file?22:32
squintydesperate_joe:  cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list  should only list deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main  in it's output.22:32
desperate_joeit listed absolutely nothing22:33
someone117bekks,  I wanted to edit the 270 kb22:33
desperate_joeHP-Pavilion-dv6-Notebook-PC:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep -i chrome22:33
Chuck_NorrisGuest67819: best way is with "r" and "p" flags that "r" will cp folders recurvibely and "p" will keep files permisions and metadata intact22:33
bekkssomeone117: Can you please tell us WHAT you want to edit in that file?22:33
bekksdesperate_joe: grep -i chrome /etc/apt/sources.list :)22:34
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squintydesperate_joe:  yes ok  but try the other command too22:34
squintybekks:  the way i posted works fine22:34
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Check your spelling syntax, My output: cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list >> deb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main . Yours should be similar ( duplicated ? )22:35
bekkssquinty: It works fine, but it is a redundant use of cat.22:35
someone117bekks, i want to paste other information in it22:35
bekkssomeone117: So you actually want to hack your Xbox game, dont you?22:35
desperate_joei did the grep -i now and same nothing22:35
Guest67819Chuck_Norris, sudo cp -rp /media/19eb229a-cf7a-42ed-b11b-5adab1eea420/home/matt /media/TOSHIBA\ EXT/chuck seems to be working!22:36
squintydesperate_joe:  pastebin the output of  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list  please22:36
Guest67819Chuck_Norris, well it looked like it was. Now it appears to be not copying anything. No erros from Terminal either22:37
desperate_joeok, i copy pasted the @bash one, and it gave me a list22:37
someone117bekks, no i want to modify it ..22:38
Chuck_NorrisGuest67819: sudo apt-get install gcp22:38
desperate_joe@bekks,squint, bash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9521057/22:38
bekkssomeone117: This is not the right place for "modifying" xbox games.22:38
someone117bekks, can you point me in the direction?22:39
Ricky_musquinty: hey man, I repaired grub that was not the issue ether22:39
bekkssomeone117: No, it is just illegal to do so.22:39
malgorathsomeone117: as you are asking somene to help you break a software package which is illegal in many countries, I'd suggest you end talking about it right now.22:40
Ricky_musquinty: so far I repaired gurb. checked the md5 for cd & image , tried installing w/o 3rd party stuff and tried it with another disc22:40
Angeles4fourubuntu won't boot.  here is my analysis of my dmesg and what i've tried to fix my broken package tool: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2256774&p=13187409#post1318740922:40
Chuck_NorrisGuest67819: Guest67819 put a slash at the end of chuck, so it will be:   /media/TOSHIBA\ EXT/chuck/22:40
desperate_joe@bekks: if you are helping someone117 in cracking his Xbox, what about helping me hacking my bankaccount and putting on some money that i can afford an Xbox? ;) joking ;)22:40
bekksdesperate_joe: Did you read what I wrote? Obviously you didnt. I am actively refusing to help him breaking his xbox game. So please stop those irrational accusations right now.22:41
Ricky_mucan someone help me please22:42
someone117bekks, oh i did not know22:42
malgorath!ask | Ricky_mu22:43
ubottuRicky_mu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:43
someone117bekks, well can you help me install a program then22:43
bekkssomeone117: Which program?22:43
someone117bekks, horizon22:43
bekkssomeone117: Whats that?22:43
desperate_joe @squint, bash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9521057/22:44
someone117bekks, i want to use it so i can post MC maps up22:45
Angeles4four!patience | Angeles4four22:45
ubottuAngeles4four, please see my private message22:45
bekkssomeone117: And what is it?22:46
bekkssomeone117: What are "MC maps"? And from where do you get that program?22:46
Ben64bekks: its a program used to mod xbox stuff, MC is probably minecraft22:47
malgorathsounds very OT to me22:47
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someone117malgorath, whats OT22:50
bekkssomeone117: offtopic.22:50
tnkhanhhi I want to uninstall everything related to qt on my machine22:51
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Wow, a lot of 3rd parry stuff ! .. I see a lot of duplications beside just google-chrome. All the sources I have checked are still valid in 14.04 - that is a good thing. Time to get familiar with a text editor and fix these sources.22:51
malgorathsomeone117: its the same thing I told you 1 hour ago when you were in here under another name asking the same OT things22:51
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desperate_joeso, @bash what do you suggest?22:52
someone117bekks, how is helping someone to installing a program OT22:52
bekkssomeone117: Read what malgorath just told you, please.22:53
mlchi, is there an apache king to explain the conf-available vs sites-available?22:53
ikoniamlc: what do you mean explain it22:53
Ben64mlc: kind of self explanatory... one is for conf files... other is for sites22:53
ikoniamlc: one are configuration varibles, one configures indibidual virtual hosts (sites)22:53
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: Prior to a editor ( rather in this instance) let's remove files . Let me have a bit more time to review what we are going to do .22:53
someone117bekks, i read it now what22:54
bekkssomeone117: Now I am resting your case.22:54
mlchi, thanks, just understand the difference beetween these two ways of accessing to a ressource22:55
Ben64mlc: one is for sites... the other is not sites. what are you trying to do?22:55
ValFHi there, I'm trying to PXE boot ubuntu 12.04 image. I got it to work with CentOs but I am using Mellanox network cards and for Ubuntu, driver is not included in the initrd. Tried to add it but no luck so far and so , i can't get any network to proceed with the installation. Any initrd / kernel expert around here ? :)22:57
ikoniayou need to add it to the initrd to get it post the pxe boot22:58
ikoniait's that simple22:58
mlcfor example i'm using owncloud, i can access it by "owncloud.my-domain" with sites enabled of access by "my-domain/owncloud" with conf-enabled22:58
ikoniamlc: ??? what are yo on about22:58
mlcsorry, not clear22:58
ikoniamlc: what are you actually asking ?22:59
mlcnot sure... ;-)22:59
ValFYeah, I guess I need to find some Mellanox support then, Ubuntu loads my modules but doesn't recognise those cards as NICs23:00
ikoniaValF: what part of the process does it fail at23:00
ikoniathat will tell you where the problem sits23:00
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mlcthanks for trying to answer, i'll try to explain23:01
ValFIt does not fail, that's my problem. I see my devices (lspci) but not as network cards.. If I install the OS completely, I can bring up those interfaces, but from the initrd with the same modules I can't..23:02
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: I bet the "duplicates" I see are from backup files. I will peovide a different command to see what we are working with.23:02
ikoniaValF: if it doesn't fail, what's the problem23:02
ValFCan't bring up my interfaces from busybox in the installer23:02
ikoniaValF: so it fails23:02
ikoniaValF: what point i nthe process does it fail23:03
ValFnothing in syslog, it just fails to get network, which is normal because it only finds eth0 which isnt plugged to anything23:03
ikoniaValF: at what point in the process does it fail23:03
Bashing-omdesperate_joe: I understand from the PM that you need to continue this at a later time. We can do that, I am on here - Lord willing - each evening .23:04
desperate_joei will try a later day this week to continue this conversation then ... thanks already for all the patience to all who helped out ;)23:05
desperate_joegood night!23:05
bekksValF: Did you try the Ubuntu server ISO?23:05
tnkhanhHi I want to uninstall Qt from my machine23:07
ikoniatnkhanh: ok, what's the problem23:07
tnkhanhhow to get rid of Qt libs in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu23:07
ValFServer boots > gets dhcp for pxe boot > load initrd > load modules > installer tries to configure network > no interface available besides eth0 so it tries on that interface but dhclient fails to get an IP since it's not the right interface. At that stage, using CLI, I can see my modules loaded, I can see that my mellanox cards went up in the syslog, but "ip link" doesn't list my infiniband interfaces23:07
ikoniatnkhanh: open the package manager, search for QT and click uninstall/remove23:07
tnkhanhikonia: thanks. I'll try23:07
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ikoniaValF: ok that sounds like it's the kernel, not initrd, as at that point the kernel should have booted23:08
ValFand bekks , yep I tried the server iso as it is the version I want to install anyway but I only tried 12.04, not trusty23:08
bekksValF: So try 14.04 then.23:08
ValFbekks, will give it a go but unfortunately, I will have to get 12.04 working as my application runs on 12.04 only at the moment. That wouldn't be a bad thing to work on upgrading it to trusty  instead. I will let you know how it went if you want ;)23:10
tweakhi everyone. having several problems since install; i've changed the login screen with ubuntu tweak but it doesnt actually change, my swap does not mount on startup, i have other drives set to mount at startup and they never automount despite being clicked on, etc, etc. I'm wondering if this is all due to encrypting my home folder or what i am doing wrong23:13
ikoniatweak: how are you checking if your swap is mounted23:14
tweakikonia: swapon -s23:14
ikoniatweak: and what happens whan you maunally swap it on23:14
tweakikonia: it seems to work once i do it manually23:15
ikoniatweak: is swap encypted23:15
tweakikonia: it is, or at least it is supposed to be.23:15
ikoniathats going to be a factor23:15
tweakikonia: well it is called cryptswap1 once mounted23:16
ikoniaso it sounds to me from what you've said your not getting your disks decrypted at the right time before boot23:16
tweakikonia: ahhh ok. it's not necessarily manditory that encryption be on, i just thought i would try it but if it causes all these issues, how would i remove encryption?23:17
ikoniatweak: an argumentative topic - personally, I'd just re-install23:17
tweakikonia: okay i probably will just do that then. does it sound like the encryption is the cause of my issues >_>23:18
tnkhanhHi there! What happens if I mount a disk to a working folder?23:18
ikoniait mounts over the top of it23:19
tnkhanhso anything in my old folder will be lost?23:19
ikoniait will be hidden while the disk is mounted23:19
tnkhanhikonia: ok thanks :D23:20
tweakikonia: so does it sound like encryption is the cause of all my issues? should fix if i just re-install?23:20
tweak(without encryption of course)23:20
ikoniatweak: based on what you've said yes, but we've not really done any investigation,23:21
ikoniaif you don't need encryption, it adds an element of complexity for no reason23:21
tnkhanhikonia: wow you're right. I just freaked out!23:21
tweakikonia: okay. this install is fairly vanilla anyway. i shall try a reinstall and see how that fares~ if not i'll pop back in later. thank you very much for your time & patience xD23:22
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eddyis there a program to run windows exe on linux xubuntu?.23:39
k1l_!wine | eddy23:39
ubottueddy: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:39
Vadim_====Help request :      Ubuntu 14.04.1,  "mcedit" write error "Not an xterm or Linux console; the panels cannot be toggled.", i can't use subshell (CTRL+O).  TERM=linux .., if use "mcview" & "mc" - subshell is work (ctrl+o),  please help23:42
eddy2packs Wine Windows-programmalader  end Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package)23:43
tnkhanheddy: u can use virtualbox which create a virtual machine on your computer23:49
tnkhanheddy: I think you need a windows installation disk tho23:49
xpro256i like a lot the unity window manager, it is very similar to aqua mac os x23:50
tnkhanhxpro256: have u tried gnome or kde?23:54
agent_whiteI enjoy the i3 window manager, it is similar to nothing I had experienced before.23:54
xpro256tnkhanh: yes i've tried23:55
xpro256i like gnome too23:55
xpro256i have to see the i323:55
xpro256kde4 i think it is a bit heavy, i liked more kde323:56
explodingmangoHi, I've got a wondering about unofficial/untrusted PPAs. So yeah, I know you should avoid them when possible and update manually from the software's official website instead. Problem is, then you aren't notified about new versions. My question is, is there some way to use an untrusted PPA to merely notify you about new versions of your installed software instead of actually updating them?23:59

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