OvenWerksI notice that xubuntu no longer ships with a second panel on the bottom. I know more than one panel is still possible, but I think the idea is that with wisker's favourites, the second panel is not needed. There are still two workspaces, but no workspace applet for changing from one to the other. I am guessing that is left to the "secret keystroke" or that there is only supposed to be one workspace.00:01
OvenWerkszequence: personally I have found that even though I have set up the second panel to my own liking, I hardly use it. So I am not against following xubuntu in removing it.00:04
OvenWerksIn the end, to be really workable with almost every DE, a menu for just Studio stuff in the systray may be the best answer.00:06
OvenWerksI may personally _like_ the classic style menu, but UbuntuStudio is not about my likes so much as where the rest of the computing world is going00:12
DalekSecOvenWerks: Hi.  Yes whisker is default, but as I at least use the applications menu, that one will be kept maintained as well.  You get the cake, the second panel was removed as whisker generally preformes the same tasks that used to provide.  The workspace applet was removed as we removed the second workspace.  The idea behind that is generally that's more of an advanced user option, and can 00:16
DalekSeccause confusion with newer users (or, ...00:16
DalekSec... advanced users know how to add it, so they can do so.)  Ctrl+Alt+arrow and I believe the mousewheel work to change still.00:16
OvenWerksDalekSec: My uxbuntu 14.04 still seemed to have the second workspace just not the applet00:17
OvenWerksWhen I went to set it up the default was two work spaces (I changed to 4)00:17
DalekSecAh, can't remember what 14.04 had, 14.10 is what I was talking about.00:18
OvenWerksAs I said, I may like the application menu, but for Studios default I will be happy with whatever.00:19
OvenWerksI thihk both zequence and I want something that requires as little work to keep going as we can. Being able to use xubuntu base and add would be nice.00:20
OvenWerksWe also want things to work with any DE, not just xfce lxde and KDE...00:20
OvenWerksThere have been a number of people who want studio with unity or gnome session.... and who am I to argue?00:21
OvenWerksButI would like something that works enough the same on all of them that it can be documented only once.00:22
DalekSecOvenWerks: Feel free to ping me in here or in x-devel, too.01:03

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