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stochasticHey, holstein (or anyone else) I'm troubleshooting firewire jack startup on my new 14.10 install (ubuntu gnome with the uStudio audio metas).  I've found when qjackctl runs as root it starts no problem, so obviously it's a permissions problem but I can't for the life of me recall how to sort that out - not sure if it's a groups thing or a config file.  Anyone care to jog my memory?21:29
holsteinstochastic: hey!22:28
stochasticHey holstein22:28
holsteinstochastic: try the video group..22:28
holsteinthough, that is interesting.. at least it works as root.. i havent had a chance to try it myself ye22:28
stochasticas in: sudo usermod -a -G video stochastic ?22:29
stochastic^^ did that, still no dice.22:30
stochasticIt may be a dbus permission problem22:31
holsteinstochastic: hmmm.. maybe22:31
holsteini used to just do "sudo adduser holstein video" but, AFAIK, both should do the trick22:31
holsteini mean, it *has* to be permissions, right?!.. sure seems that way22:32
holsteinstochastic: question.. is this with the alsa firewire driver?22:32
stochasticit's the only logical conclusion if root can do it, then all the config stuff should be there22:32
stochasticyes - though I thought "firewire" was just the new name for ffado22:32
holsteinthats what i understand.. "Firewire" is the new ffado.. but, im not sure how to use the alsa drivers for firewire22:33
holsteini thought they were in 14.10, but i could be mistaken22:33
stochasticoh, yeah, this is through qjackctl while selecting "firewire" nothing to do with alsa22:33
stochasticI'm trying to load RoomEQWizard and it actually lists my firepod now so maybe that's the alsa firewire drivers (RoomEQWizard also runs into permissions errors - but even when run as root)22:35
stochasticI'm not concerned with local security, so I wonder if there's a place where I can give full read/write permissions to the 1394 socket?22:36
stochasticholstein, here's my jackd attempt and ffado diagnostics if you care to peruse: http://pastebin.com/RWH4dnpG22:43
holsteinstochastic: i do.. i need to actually check it out here, as well22:44
holsteinstochastic: i think i might go to 15.04, though.. have you tried it? or 14.04?22:44
stochasticholstein: Have tried 14.04 but not with firewire thoroughly (it failed initially and I moved on).  Have not tried 15.04 - don't have time to develop right now and I trust 15 is still highly unstable.22:45
holsteini know 14.04 works.. worked out of the box, for me..22:46
holsteinstochastic: now, i could have updated, and not tried what was actually released on the iso22:46
stochasticahhh, yeah, I'm pretty sure some config is always needed for firewire22:47
holsteinfor 14.04, i didnt have to do anything..22:47
holsteinstochastic: question.. do you have a firewire hard drive? or any other firewire device?22:48
stochasticnope, just the soundcard holstein22:49
holsteinstochastic: ok.. one more question.. 32? 64bit?22:49
holsteinok.. i have the 64bit 15.04 daily, and 14.10 coming in.. i'l try the live ISO's and see how i do, and know more next time i see you, stochastic22:50
stochasticsounds good, I'm off to build cut some plywood, ttys holstein22:51
holsteinstochastic: suggestion22:51
holsteinstochastic: you can also, try adding the lowlatency kernel, though, i dont think that will "help" since you can run as root22:51
* holstein also needs to play with some wood before it gets dark22:52
stochasticholstein, I'd rather not.  It's clearly a permissions stack issue and my kernel is running fine now.22:52
holsteini usually just basically dual boot kernels...22:53

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