Mirvsitter: it doesn't sound bad (like, 56kB .deb), but I'm not really on #ubuntu-desktop. by 16.04 LTS Ubuntu/Unity would not use qt4 anymore anywy so I can't think of why sni-qt on 15.04/15.10 images would be a problem06:06
kubotufeed branches had 11 updates, showing the latest 608:28
bukaiRiddell: ping08:41
bukaisoee: ping08:46
soeebukai: pong08:47
bukaisoee: I have converted the site to wordpress but the index page is all ruined, the slider is not working while the other pages are fine any idea how to fix it?08:51
soeecheck javascript errors in brwoser Console08:52
macstarguys a question... i have uploaded a .deb package on kde-apps.org any possibility to have it included in that installation window which opens when i chose "install services" in dolphin?09:05
bukai_soee:  My header file is-> https://paste.kde.org/pmt8i9yg1  are the stylesheets properly linked? this is how the slider on my index page looks-> http://wstaw.org/w/35Sc/, this is how the latest articlelooks ->   http://wstaw.org/w/35Sd/ . How do I fix it?09:12
Riddellhi bukai_ 09:13
bukai_Riddell: I have finished converting the site to wp, and the news feed is also over. But there are 2 problems09:15
Riddellbut a good start09:15
bukai_Riddell: 1. Index page design is somehow not what it use to look.09:16
soeebukai_: first why sometimes you adds slash afte <?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?> and sometimnems not? see queries and bootstrap.min.css09:17
soeethan you are missing some images probably (paths are wrong?) - are you sure thats not the reason why slider fails ?09:18
soeedo you run it already on wordpress ?09:18
bukaisoee: how do i include this -> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js"></script>09:33
bukaisoee: I tried using get_template_directory_uri() but it did not work09:34
soeebukai: just put it into <head></head>09:35
soeeno need for any dynamic paths, its static url09:35
bukaiI did , but did not work09:35
soeedefine "did not work"09:36
bukaithe index page was not fixed. 09:37
AshishLaI've just installed Kubuntu 13.04 (32 bit) and ive full internet connection but its showing "Unable to find package git" when typing sudo apt-get install git . PLease help . its urgent :)09:45
Riddelloh well09:47
sitterRiddell: noci...10:41
Riddellhmm, I feel that needs a change in the script10:43
sitterthe way you merged also was wrong again10:45
sitteryou need to merge from a specific date as unstable would be ahead of the release already if you simply merge unstable HEAD10:45
Riddellmm, right10:46
_Groo_hi/2 all11:11
_Groo_for some weeks now parley and kanagram are broken in kubuntu-ci, could some take a look at it?11:11
_Groo_also apt-get complains that kross and libs arent needed anymore but at every update it reinstalls it anyway11:12
_Groo_see above11:12
sitternot brokent hey are11:20
_Groo_sitter: can you elaborate? :)11:40
sitterthe question really is can you elaborate11:40
_Groo_sitter: elaborate can you? confused i am11:40
_Groo_The following packages have been kept back:11:41
_Groo_  kanagram parley11:41
_Groo_has been like that for maybe 2 weeks now11:41
_Groo_see the pastebin11:42
_Groo_its missing a 4 i believe in the version11:42
_Groo_it should be 1:
_Groo_not 4:14.11.97+git20141211.0013+14.10-0ubuntu011:43
yofel_Groo_: no, the version numbers are right, what does apt say on dist-upgrade? Just keep them back?12:05
Riddellgrr debian git being rubbish again12:07
shadeslayerRiddell: whats the problem?12:08
Riddellit's slow when I push, sometimes hangs12:09
Riddellif I wanted slow I'd use bzr :)12:09
Riddellbut seems to be getting there now12:10
_Groo_yofel: yep12:18
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yofel_Groo_: please pastebin the result of sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -o 'Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true' 12:50
_Groo_can i mix kubuntu-ppa/ppa with kubuntu-ci to install calligra updates? or will it break due to conflicting libraries?12:52
yofelI don't think calligra should break..12:53
_Groo_let me try, and see what it gives12:53
yofeland I really should've added a transitional package for libkeedu-data -.12:53
_Groo_yofel: dont mention it :P12:53
_Groo_yofel: im the only one that eats the dog food around here :P12:53
_Groo_i would rather get the calligra 2.9,x series though12:54
_Groo_cutting edge for cutting edge12:54
yofelhm, yeah. We should update vivid to that12:56
Riddellit hasn't been released12:56
yofelthe beta post says january12:57
Riddellah it been released, I'm a day behind calligra news12:58
Riddellit could be a code-in task I suppose12:58
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Riddellweird e-mail du jour https://paste.kde.org/pitxybhqt14:05
soee_why ? :) lost soul needs help 14:11
Riddellhi vinay_ ever heard of this guy? https://paste.kde.org/pitxybhqt  he says he purchased support14:15
Riddellnot sure if that means from you guys or not14:15
Riddellhola sgclark 14:16
soee_Riddell: i was thinking about 2 small  things to pun on the website im working on, oe would ba s small sticker in windew corner that would link to download page (current release) and second a bit smaller sticker to donate, what do you think ?14:17
Riddellsgclark: I'm going to upload applications shortly14:17
soee_hiho sgclark14:17
Riddellsoee_: both good things, how do you expect your website to fit in with www.kubuntu.org ?14:17
soee_my keyboard or my fingers are broken.. every second word is wrong :/14:18
soee_Riddell: define "fit in with"14:18
Riddellsoee_: will you want it under a different domain? how will they link?14:19
soee_Riddell: the official website will use kubuntu.org so im thinking about promo.kubuntu.org or something as a subdomain14:19
soee_also my first idea was to have as a first section on homepage some text with screen about Kubuntu but now im thinking about some cool video that will present system14:24
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yofelRiddell: do you remember why we turned off the systemd support in sddm?14:43
Riddellyofel: I did it because I was hoping it would help give it logging output14:43
Sick_RimmitHi folks14:44
Riddelland let me debug why ubiquity-dm didn't transition to sddm/full session14:44
Sick_RimmitI have feedback on the kwin_x11 command..14:44
Riddellyofel: but in the end I ran out of time14:44
Riddellyofel: turn it back on if you want14:44
Sick_RimmitThis bug gives lots of problem when I am using G+ Hangouts. I ran the provided command, prior to a hang out.14:45
yofelI'll do that for vivid then. I switched to systemd over the weekend and sddm runs rather badly without its systemd integration14:45
Sick_RimmitIt certainly seemed to change the behaviour, although there were still problems with Windows etc...14:45
Sick_RimmitHowever, I got loads of output, that makes not one bit of sense to me14:45
Sick_RimmitHere it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/9529300/14:45
RiddellSick_Rimmit: I think it's not a problem with g+ hangouts but with lots of stuff being sent to the screen, videos also make it more common14:47
Sick_RimmitRiddell:Oh sure I agree, but the Video wndow in G+ hangouts seems to help make the problem happen more frequent;y14:47
RiddellSick_Rimmit: mFOOgraesslin is on IRC if you want to try to catch him14:48
Sick_RimmitSo what I am saying is I can use it to test, because I can be sure that if its going to freeze it will when I am running a Hangout14:48
Riddellsgclark: no ktux in kubuntu-ninjas!  that's the most important package!14:48
RiddellSick_Rimmit: I tried running kwin_x11 in gdb then trying to get a bt when it freezes but you're working blind so it's hard14:49
RiddellSick_Rimmit: and in pausing kwin_x11 I then need to switch to a linux console and start a new window manager14:49
RiddellSick_Rimmit: anyway you're saying you still get the problem with KWIN_USE_BUFFER_AGE=0 ?14:49
yofelRiddell: would you please upload sddm 0.11.0-0ubuntu3 from git? For some reason it's not in the packageset14:52
kfunkSick_Rimmit: what's the issue with kwin_x11? also getting 100% CPU spikes with it sometimes?14:53
RiddellSick_Rimmit: we get display freezes at times, seems to affect kubuntu and intel, alt-tab unfreezes14:53
Riddellkfunk: ↑14:53
kfunkRiddell: sgclark: btw, I tried using sddm with systemd support and I horribly failed. most of the times I'm getting blank screens from sddm when starting it up via systemd.14:53
kfunk(I have *no* clue what's going on)14:54
yofelkfunk: seems to work fine here14:54
yofelI think I did get a blank screen once.. but I think that was when something deleted /etc/X11/default-display-manager14:54
kfunkRiddell: yep. also seeing display freezes. alt+tab doesn't help then, though. kwin_x11 is at 100% CPU and I need to restart the whole session.14:54
yofelstill need to figure out how that happens14:54
kfunk(can't even recover with a 'DISPLAY=:0 kwin_x11 --replace' from another VT)14:55
sgclarkI have enough problems with my nvidia card, I have not attempted systemd yet14:55
kfunkand stupid powerdevil/polkit still not working properly for me either14:55
kfunk(after some resumes I cannot suspend anymore, nor logout, etc.)14:56
kfunkI might have too many old config/stuff lying around, so I might have to try a fresh install at some point.14:56
sgclarkyeah same here14:57
* mamarley is glad he hasn14:57
Riddellyofel: sddm uploaded14:58
* mamarley is glad he hasn't upgraded his primary systems to KDE 5 yet.14:58
sgclarkRiddell: seems it is MIA on applications list14:58
Riddellsgclark: should be complete now, I added a script to regenerate that list14:58
kfunksgclark: Nvidia here as well. you think it adds problems?14:59
sgclarkkfunk: yes, I cannot use the *buntu drivers at all, always blackscreen14:59
mamarleyThat sounds like you might still have bits of the driver left over from the .run installs causing problems.15:00
kfunksgclark: hm, works *for me*. 15:00
kfunkkwin_x11 freeze and polkit issues are the biggest leftover issues for me atm.15:00
kfunkrest works fine15:01
sgclarkit doesnt work for me lol15:01
mamarleysgclark: I would recommend that if you reinstall at some point, try the deb-packaged NVIDIA drivers before installing with .run.15:02
kfunkbut indeed. debugging X11/video driver issues is still a PITA, even in 2014. I'm happy that it's working for me.15:02
sgclarkbut again, this is an upgrade of upgrade piled with unstable and lingering lightdm brining in all of unity and gnome, so I have many gremlins about, so I need a fresh install, but no time15:02
sgclarkright I know I need new install15:02
sgclarkbut no time >.<15:03
yofelRiddell: thanks15:03
mamarley-ENOTIME :(15:03
sgclarkRiddell: err looks like ktux was not doen on the first round.. aka no debain merge etc, gojnna be a few15:04
kfunkheh. just noticed that I had multiple kded5 instances running again (where the hell do they come from?) => killing them solved the powerdevil issue again.15:04
Riddellsgclark: however could we forget it, poor little tux15:06
BluesKaj_Hey folks15:08
_Groo_the kwin_x11 freezes with intel might be mitigated with latest git15:08
_Groo_at least im not seeing them as frequently15:08
_Groo_try my ppa and see if it fixes it15:08
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:21
sgclarkRiddell: ktux uploaded to ninjas15:23
Riddellalthough I wasn't being serious when I said it was the most important bit :)15:24
sitteryofel: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/VS0IbnFl.raw I feel like there is a transitional package needed15:24
sitterRiddell: I am reasonable certain the noci trigger only works if it is on its own line15:25
Riddellsitter: fooey15:34
sitterfeel free to tweak the serverside hook though15:34
* sitter couldn't be bothered to bash more involved scenarios15:34
sitterMirv: have you pushed qtscript packaging somewhere yet?15:37
Mirvsitter: not really, since a) I plan to sync it from Debian experimental when available and b) it's one of the modules that doesn't see any changes on average. it compiled fine with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9529821/15:41
sitterfails to generate source for me http://kci.pangea.pub/job/utopic_unstable_qtscript-opensource-src/6/console15:42
sitterthen again15:42
sittermaybe the scriptery is crap15:42
* sitter investigates file system15:42
sitterMirv: nevermind, I am too stupid to use tar :)15:43
* Mirv ignores sitter :)15:44
mamarleyFor that, you deserve to be tarred and feathered ;)15:44
sittersuch word play15:45
mamarleymuch bad pun15:45
* sitter wonders how Riddell managed to cause 2 CI builds with one commit Oo15:47
sitterit's not right I say!15:47
yofelsitter: I added one earlier15:56
sitter_Groo_: ^15:57
_Groo_whatzup sitter 15:58
mgraesslinsitter: is Qt 5.4 already on the CI?15:58
sittermgraesslin: WIP15:58
sitter_Groo_: yofel says he fixed edu-data15:58
mgraesslinsitter: as I just thought about it: please remember to rebuild frameworksintegration once 5.4 is in, otherwise the platform theme is broken15:59
_Groo_sitter: yep just confirmed it15:59
yofelfixed in git, dunno if it's in CI15:59
_Groo_it is, just updated my system15:59
_Groo_kanagram and parley upgraded fine now15:59
_Groo_anyone knows if ci has any option for another desktop settings besides desktop layout?16:01
sittermgraesslin: yeah I noticed earlier that the Qt packaging is actually so smart that when linking against private bits it will inject a version dependent ABI pseudo package in the dependency, so one *must* rebuild to get the package to install ^^16:01
_Groo_its greyed out to me16:01
_Groo_maybe folder or something16:01
sitterbreeze for example also links against privates16:01
_Groo_breezing into privates cant be a good thing16:01
mgraesslinalso please recompile kwin as it has some ifdefs16:01
Mirvmgraesslin: sitter: yes I'll rebuild frameworkintegration and plasma-framework in the 5.4.0 landing silo today/tomorrow precisely since they are on the list that currently depend on this 'qtbase-abi-5-3-2' so require a rebuild16:01
sittermgraesslin: mh, I plan to force a rebuild of everything once it's landed. IIRC some frameworks also have ifdef bugfixes16:02
* sitter wonders why launchpad refuses to list suitable sources when querying for the correct version16:03
Mirvalthough hmm I guess you're in a middle of some transition16:04
sitterMirv: I don't think you need to bother with our bits to be honest16:05
sitterI am about to wire 5.4 into our CI, so we should be on top of things in due time16:05
mgraesslinmakes sense the complete rebuild16:06
mamarleyIs there going to be a PPA for Qt 5.4?  I know about the qt5-edgers beta2 PPA, but that one still has Qt 5.4 RC in it.16:07
Mirvsitter: I need to eventually anyway since those two packages need to land with 5.416:09
Mirvmamarley: always refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting instead of the PPA of the day16:09
MirvI tried to keep PPA descriptions up-to-date for a year or two but it's easier to have that wiki url to point to16:09
Mirvso, I've switched from that beta2 PPA to a CI Train landing silo16:09
mamarleyCool, thanks!16:09
Mirvsitter: plus, I want to be able to test KDE5 myself too with the latest Qt, from my own PPA :)16:10
sitterMirv: hehe, also fine by me ^^16:12
sitterI am a bit perplexed by the launchpad api ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/9530112/ I am doing a GET to query a published source but launchpad returns an empty collection, accessing the same url through the browser works fine...16:19
sitterinterestingly setting exact_match=false will make it work Oo16:21
sitterand it will start working without problems once the binaries are built16:26
sitterwgrant: any thoughts on why this might happen?16:30
sitterMirv: qtwebkit already somewhere?16:33
Mirvsitter: no, it's ftbfs which would need tinkering bug #1395661. for other archs it does build by the current packaging with the only change being dropping / commenting out the LLIntCLoop32BigEndian.patch applying16:38
ubottubug 1395661 in qtwebkit-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "Qt Webkit fails to build against Qt 5.4.0 on amd64 and powerpc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139566116:38
Mirvsitter: now pushed to normal ~kubuntu-packagers branch what I had16:39
sitterthank you :)16:40
sittershadeslayer, Riddell: thoughts on rolling out stable CI in early january?16:41
shadeslayerwhats stable CI?16:41
sitterplasma stable branch CI16:41
shadeslayeryeah sure16:41
sitterthen Riddell also has less reason to complain when he has to do work for stable releases (:16:42
Riddellsitter: I still need to run various scripts, all of which ideally would be automated16:42
sitterthat's the endgame, yeah16:43
sitteras a matter of fact getting Qt landed in utopic CI made me write parts of the tech needed even though I only wanted to dive into that next year :S16:44
Riddellsitter: when you ask about rolling out stable CI in early january what's the blocker there? isn't it just you writing the bits it needs?16:46
sitterthat's the blocker16:46
sitteralso processes should be pretty solid before we go there16:47
sitterRiddell: libkscreen merge broken btw16:47
Riddellsomething changed in the symbols there but not in the source16:49
sitterno, the symbol file was removed because the soname is different16:49
sitterqtwebkit build blocking everything16:52
sitterI think I can call it a day now xD16:52
Riddellhave a nice evening sitter, thank you for your hard work16:58
sitterbut but I am still here ^^17:08
sitterhere and hating qmake :@17:08
sgclarkheh fighting with qmake as well17:21
Riddellport qt to cmake?17:22
RiddellI wonder which would be more bother, the porting or the qmake maintainer17:22
sitterI think someone at some point even had a proof of concept of minimal qt built with cmake17:29
sitteruh ah eh17:47
sittershadeslayer: didn't we have problems with qtwebkit building in neon times way back?17:47
shadeslayerpath issues IIRC17:48
yofelwhat character was that again?17:48
shadeslayermake sure your path doesn't have spaces or hyphens17:48
shadeslayerone of those two17:48
sitterGod I hate building webkit17:55
sitterMirv: WRT webkit... maybe pch should just be switched off. appears to me even the upstream 5.4.0 integration CI builds on linux all ran with -no-pch which seems a bit dodgy, all the more reason not to use pch though :S18:57
sitteralso I can't put my finger on why exactly it is failing, so I am no help 18:57
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BluesKajhmm,no printer install options in system settings plasma 5...what gives?19:31
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